Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, November 15, 1890, Image 4

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0smmwm- Afe.
For Hard Coal
For Soft Coal.
Most Powerful Heaters Made I
Most Economical on Fuel!
Smoking Jackets,
Fancy Yests,
Full Dress Suits,
Full Dress Yests,
Fine Furnishings,
Christy's London Hats,
' Big Bargains
in all qualities and prices. I Inndkerchlcls
25 cts. to $10.00.
Sale to Continue only a Few Day.
1 14 South Twelfth Street,
A Fine Crayon
1124 0 ST. l
Every pustomcr gets a he.'trf
and shoulder Crayon Pictiu
Free fri(l ny - and all . st.
This work is made direct from
any photo .you may want
copied. .Call and look into
this matter.
W--5 v r'
'. vi-CM--4'VfW
I MiyiuW iMr of Modem Time.
Publlwliocl Saturday.
Address nil cimiinunicAtlim direct lo thsnnice
Wicmhicl Puintino Co.
Courier IIiiIIiIIiik, li:u N HI root,
U H'khhki., .In., Kdltor nnd Hole Proprietor.
W. Morton Hhitii, Asoolntu Kdltor.
Huiihgiiiitioni Onu Your by Mull or Carried
fJOO; Mx MnntliK, ft OOjThreo Mouths, fioo.j
Ono nionlti ail LVula Irirnriklily In Ailrniicc.
,l)VKlrTIKMKNTHI lUles f limUlieil (Ml Application
At the ofllco, H-cUI rotes 011 Time Contracts,
OotrritinirriONslBhortsploy sketches, poems mul
stories solicited, lVnwuiftl and Hoclsl notes nro
nqiecUlly desirable,
I'sumscit We tnnko n specialty of Kino l'rliitlng
In nil Its limnalie. Hoelety work a sM-cl.lty,
filtered at Urn I'mlotllco of Lincoln, Nob.,
(in second clam iiintti r.
The Couhikh will not lie resKnlblo for
my debts made liy nuy ono In It iminu, tin--Ma
written order accompanies tlio same,
Olio of tlm latest addit
ions to tlio sociological
J'VErVA 1 I "c"on of hodny mlloloii
11. unriieiier s -'in mis
Your Hon, My Lord"
from tlio nress of tlio
tfh""-'fil Arena Publishing com
pany lloston. Thin now novi'lUono of tlio
most fearless attack tion hocIii! Inuuoiiillly
tlmt I I'nvo over rend. Tlio author under,
stands her subject thoroughly, mul nhu iIo.iIh
with tlio debauchery prevalent In what In
known an "good society" in n masterly way,
expo-dug without mercy thodcgredntlnu mul
moral rottenness of th most petted lenders
of fashion, HI10 linn studied university llfo
mul In paying her resects to tlio Ilmvurd
fast sot, sho evidence nu Incllniitlou to
nwrllio In 110 small measure tlio lowering of
Ihu standard of morality among men to tlio
dissipation nnil vleo Incident to college llfo
11 tlio present ago. In tlio blindness of ar
onU sho also sees u ronson for tlio emly
downfall of 10 ninny young inou. Those aw
fill truths which nn shudder nt; hut which
wo nre not accustomed to rend about, urn de
(ilctoil In tlio moat real 1st lo mnnnor. FiiImi
pnulory U alwelit in '! Thin Your Hon,
MyLonlf' but rt healthy tono orvadc tlio
tKKik mul thoro in uothliiR nt which the uiot
'iiBltlvo psmon can lake nlTeune. Tho Htory
l Hcullarly Intoix'wtliiR, dealing principally
with tluoo youiiR men mul two joting wo
men, typifying tho vnrloim component elc
inonti of HocletynH it exlnta today Tholiook
should Itoread by nil thinking people.
Drake' Mayozine for Novemler nlmun.U
with tho utuiil Htoro of good, proinlno it
among which may 1h moutloiUMl "Hunting
thIllg Horn In tho Hocklex," "An Eventful
Night In tho Dliwecllug lloom," "Tho Dread
Wlnnor," eto,
;;(iyJini(J for 1HH). With colored fi-ontU-plectt.
Cloth, l.OOj bonnU, 75 cents. Iloston;
I). liOthrop company. Tho bound volumo of
Htdiylnnd for 18(0 comes n a welcome vUl
toi to n hnjmy hoot of the weo xoplooftho
numory ns well im to thono thmimulii and
tensof tlioumindu of mothers and tdnteni who
II nil their enr-tnklu louMnel and llglitomsl
by the nppenrnnco of no acceptable n help.
The volumo U cronded with gwxl thing
little stories, ihyiuex mid Jlnglox, and a
wealth of UliiKtrat Ioiih that nerve to enipha
Ito mid make doubly Interesting tho text,
Ayer' Sintaprllle. Its record of forty
yoaro Is ono of triumph over blood d Incuse.
A Oreut KnlerprUe.
Those who hnvo not Ik en through the es
tnblUluue nt have no Idea of tho inagultudo
of the enterprise In which tho (Inn of Max
well, Shan10 & 11 'mve Jnst Mnburked nt
l&MM-StKU O street. This new firm, ntter
nn xxlstruco of only n few months, have
manifested their conlldenco In Lincoln's
growth by renting and stocking the largest
retail store in tho city. Their building Is n
mammoth double four story structure, and
theru tire few larger stores even In the larger
el tie. The proprietors' him is to make the
tore inconvenient ns possible to the letall
buyers of Lincoln, and to that end they hnvo
placed In n most complete stock of goods In
all tho standard lines. Hero everything
nocesMtry for housekeeping and dress can lie
obtained under one roof, tho combination of a
linlf dozen different stores under ono owner
ship nnd management, affording peculiar ad
vantages to tlio imyer in tlio way or greater
vui ioty of good and reduced prices. The
More has only been opeu a woclc; but already
the trade has txceeded tho expectation of the
linn. On tho first lloor lire ittuated tho dry
goods, notion, kid glove, fancy goods boot
and shoe, gents' furnishing, hardware, sport.
Ing goods mid grocery departments, oicli
complete by itself mid under the direction of
capable superintendents. The second lloor Is
devoted entirely to furniture nnd lamps, mid
tho Immense nrea hero i completely covered
wlih one of the llnest assortments of furniture
in Lincoln. And on tho third lloor nre lo
cated the stove nnd tinware departments and
tho fourth Is devoted to reparlng, storage,
etc It is tho Intention lo add a number of
additional lines in tho near future. The
store is supplied with elevators, and the first
lloor Is equipped with tlio llestedo cam ami
bundlo system. Tho appointments through'.
out are lint-class In overy respect. A force
of fifty employes will bo required to handle
the trade. Lincoln is to oo congratulated on
securing through tho enterprise of Maxwell,
HlmriH) & Iloss, h store that would bo i ciedlt
Ho Chicago or New Yoik. It Is a big thing
tor tho city. If you haven't visited thlsgreat
itoro you should do soutonco. Everybody
is made welcome.
A choice line of new cloaks and furs Just
opened at Horpolsheluier & Co..
Special wle on Tea Qowus Tuesday mid
Wtdnelay at J. II. Mauritius & Co.
Wood ill kinds prewired ready for tho
stove at Iktts & Weaver's. Phono No. M0.
Beautiful lino of Tea Uowiu just opened at
J. Mauritius & Co.
It Mm Mi-en Aurrrit Upon, nnd U Mulls,
Chlcngo nnd tlm United State Imvo coins
to terms nt hmt Tho treaty lias been
drawn, liimiili.,oii-ly ngreed tn by nil tint
Ixianls mul directors mul tho United Htntcs
cominlisloinTM, mid tho Kreitl Colitmbltiu
nblM W I
cf. U vm
It I tI
1 si wfiii
World'a fair Is to bo hold In tho parks
grouped ax tho South Pnrk ajHtem, but
separately known as Wnshlngtoii park and
Jnckaon park. Tho Inko front Is to bo n
so called annex.
Tho greatest dllllculty, at nny nuo tho
ono which caused tho longest delay, was
tlmt by tho original plnn tho situ would
really lmvo been ill vlilcd-thorowould havo
iK-en two fairs iitHoniodlstnnco apart. Tha
holders of the needed ground stood out for
along time, but (limlly gnvo consent ou
condition that certain Improvements
should be made, so that tho space Is now
nmplo mid thu locution very convenient.
When the last objection was withdrawn
I'rosldeut Palmer smilingly remarked to
tho commissioner!
"It appears that nil nro going ono way,
no I may say that npplnuso Is In order."
On thu Instant tho nssoinblcd negotiators
nnd all tho spectator broke Into u roar
which was long continued. And all tho
country will applaud, for tho South parks
mnko an admirable site. On the lake front
them will I h two, perhaps three, maguitl
conthtriietureM, of thu kind that show best
from the water, but tho main part of tho
exposition will Ihj to tho south, tho en
trance being in Jnckson park.
The Latent rorelgn Seeker fur Auim-l-nn
I'linie mul I'lirtiiue.
Tho Impresslblu yountf men of New York
city who-nro possessed of wealth and un.
limited tlmo lmvo found a now divinity
wn.tliy their devotion, dollars and dinners.
Her tiamo Is Senorlta Carolina Otero, and
sho luui garueivd faniu mul ((old In Paris as
a dancer. Iloth of I beso she hopes to In
crenso by nn American tour She Is a nu.
tlvo of Spain, the thumhter of it general
and ni actress who married, quarreled mid
separated. Senorltn Otero owns to having
lived III years Her fate Is pretty and her
ugiiro ciegaut, hue lias Drown ejesanil
hair, and is said to be rather well educated.
Like many other women of thu stage she
possohswi.u. "history," tho principal Inci
dent of which Is told by her friends with
all tho embellishment of romance. Thoy
say that once "when sho was dancing near
Madrid sho was abducted by ngontH of Al
phouso XII and taken to his palace. Her
abductors left her ulouu In a room and
went olT to tell tho king that tho girl ho
wished to see was at hand While they
were gone sho Jumped through n window
Into tho garden and escaped to her hotel.
This adventure heled glvo her renown in
Paris, where sho became a sort of crazo."
This yarn will hardly bear the Inexo
rablo light thrown upon it by historical
fncts. Alphouso XII died In tho fall oi
1883 after u linger
lug llln-fHof sev
eral mouths, Ho
could not have fig
ured In nu esca
pedo of tho sort
hinted at later
than tho closing
days of IbJH. The1
natural conclu
sion must boclther
that S o u o r 1 1 a
Otero Is more than
10 tears nlil. nr
that tho advent, "KNoiiita otkiio."
tiro of which sho Is exploited m the hero
ine never occurred. It Is not In tho ordl
nary course of eventa for an Immature,
girl of 13 to bo at tho same tlmo famous on
tho stafo mid tho object of a monarch's
vagrant favor. It Is probably trua that
tho youni woman Is a good dancer nnd
handsome. Other reports abcut her for
which doubtless sho Is iu no way responsi
bleshould Ihj taken with tho proverbial
"grnln of tuilt,"
A IteniHrknltln Storm.
One night recently mi electric storm of
unusual vloleuco visited Oloap, N Y Tho
thunder won deafening, and thu black
sky was almost Incessantly cleft by
frightful (lashes of lightning Tho storm
was so terrific that nearly every one In tho
town got up nnd watched tho celestial fire
works with awe and terror. During the
storm Mr. II M. Kerr, a skillful amateur
photographer, did tho AJax act very suc
cessfully with his camera, and cecum! a
number of remarkable views, ono of which
la reproduced In this article
Inst curl of growing new uirlellc.sot roses
English f.i-rtlculturlsth have becomo floral
chemist, nnd dye ordinary white rose sr.r
shade .hu"r patrons may darii'i
If. "jYn
IHpcclnl Count Kit Correspondence.
New YiiiiK, Nov. 13, I85M). Intho mntlcrof
wrniisnhnottasuiuch nsiu gowns nnd bou
nets, Dame Fashion has been very kind to
the feminine world this season, for sho has
IcudiMril it HMtlblo to wear such a Variety of
styles and shapes, that each woman can find
something to her liking lfshuto young mid
tall, and slender, like It, though,
any longcr,iillowablotoquoto Ixmgfcllowl sho
may put hurtrlm, svelte flguto Into a New
luiuket, which will (It her almost as her iiui
brell'i fits Its case, and which completely hides
allvestageof thogovilllieneath, Hhouldshobo
iitriltnoliter and a mntroti,nud hor fancy alio
turns to the larger wraps, hero mo graceful
rnglnns or rcdlugotos of fancy flguieil stulTs,
or of lino cloth combined with velvet and
plush, with embroidery nnd feathers. For
dressy occnslous nnd especially for theatre
use, one tuny ludulgn lucharmliig little con
fections, short In the back, but with tab
frontsjor In tho stylish cnposwlthns much
elegant Jewelled trimming ns her purso will
airord. Then for all business purposes, for
morning and travelling use, there nro tho
ever popular short coats which tho English
tailor oi iglnnted years ngo. For these plain
er garments, Hcdforn is using mixed tweeds,
military and scouring cloths, mid tho bison
cloths. And thoy nro dead plnlu in effect, us
may bo seen from the following Illustrations.
Number one Is a three-quarter coat, tight
llttlug, and douhle-bicnsted, in tan col ore
envoi t coating. It IsciiughtonthoshoulduH,
collan-, cuff, nnd nt tho wnlst-llne, by but
toned stiiq s with jHilnted ends. The collar
stands up almost on a level with tho lobo
of the ear.
This second sketch Is reminiscent of a hunt
ing morning, for It Is of bright red rconring
cloth, (Hted smoothly to the figure, nnd mndo
with hip seams and very wide po.-ket lla to
match tho deep culTs. Tho collar Is the high
turned over kind known ns the Prussian, nnd
Is faxteneil with two buttons but not tightly
eu&iigh to constrict the throat.
Send n S-cent stamp to Dr. J. C. Ayers fz
Co,, Lowell, Mass., for a set of their album
Ten Gowns ranging iu prices fiom 10,00 to
J.V) 00 at J. II. Mauiitius & Co.
Tho employes of the Nebraska Planing
Mills hnut organized n brass band.
Is tho most miclcnt and most general of all
dUcasej. Scarcely a family Is entirely free
from It, while thousands everywhere are Its
suffering slaves. Hood's Sarsaparllla has
had remarkable success In curing every form
of scrofula. The most sevcro ami painful
running sore, swellings In the neck or
goitre, humor Iu the cjes, causing partial
or total Mlmlness yield to the powerful
effect of this meulcl-ie.
Bold bratldru'gUti. si six for J J. l'reprcdonlj
IOO Dosos Ono Dollar
We wish to call the attention nf tlw hulinc n( t ;.
coin and vicinity to our Superior line of Hlack Dress
Goods consisting of
All Wool Henriettas,
Silk Warp Henriettas,
Serges, Sebastapols, f
Surah Twills, Tricotincs, ' 1
Drap Dahnas, Mohairs,
Brilliantines. Habit Cloths,
Broad Cloths,
Stripes and Figures.
We feel safe in saying that no such line of goods arc
being shown by anv other house in the irv. nrwl wo xvrmU
like to have you call and
wiiium u.iimui ncip ou i piense you.
We Sell Dress Goods Cheaper than Anybody.
Maxwell, Sharps & Ross Co.
HW -
300 Charter
In our Stoe Department, besides nt least loo other makes,
that we must close out to mnke room for our regnlnr line.
This Is no ml vcitlslng dodge, but we nre nctunlly selling
Heaters ami n few Cooks for less than Cost.
Maxwell, Sharpe & Ross Co.
We Sell Stoves Cheaper than Ain'body;
57je vuaQt your
Pine Sffionr. : :
and In these wc have ceitnlnly established our-elves ns lenilcts. Our business In the
past five years has demonstrated that point.
Our fii) Uncir papers
comprise the largest line over shown in Lincoln, embracing over 40 VARIETIES
either In box, quire or tablet form. Wc nlwax s take pleasure In showing these goods
Erraued Jtatioiry,
In this department our work U too wull known to need any words of commenda
tion. The Elite Society people of Lincoln nil use our Engraved Calling Cards, while
the many prominent weddings, receptions nnd lending social events have nearly 'all
used our Invitations. We pride ourselves on this work and n peep at our samples will
convince the most skeptical nrt critic our engraving Is far superior to mix thing
heretofore seen In the west.
Fa-K'5 pipe photos
which we now show arc the finest works of Photographic nrt In the country. We
will hereafter keep a line of these beautiful gems. If )ou don't see the Photo you
want, nsk for It, and if not in stock It will be ordered for you. We aim to keep
Photos of all prominent actors and actresses of the world.
frt priiti)$.
Our 1890-91 Party Invitations, Hall Programs, Menus, Announcements, Heccp
tlon Cards, etc., are now In, nnd as in the past, our best efforts will be put forth to
execute the most artlUlc work In neat and original designs. Wc also do a large bust
ness In the line of commercial printing nnd can furnish promptly and on short notice
an thing from a small card to a niniiiinotli
IJ9eoli5 Sogty Jourgal.
Few residents of Lincoln have not seen or heard of Tub Capital City Courier
n journal of society, literature, sport, music
nnd scandal, pure In tone nnd refined In all
tinted paper, handsomely Illustrated and
Dollar. It's columns arc always open
prove clean readable matter for society In
social news, and such favors when pnoned
fully received. ou are cordially Invited to visit our office fiequently.
lVisssBf. PitiVrtva Co.ima'.,
1136 N STREET.
examine our Styles and Prices
Oak Stoves
size poster.
and the drama. It is free from sensation '
its departments. It Is printed on fine cream
Is sent to any address, six months for One
for anything that will Interest the family unll
general. We want all sorts of personal anil
over 253 or left at the office will he thanV
UnilillWrtflMtl inMlrfMt.-