Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, September 06, 1890, Image 1

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ififiirf ' - w- ii iip I, ii iniri
Vob. G No GO
There is nt present going
the round'! of the ladles'
Journals nn Item which
snys. "It Ii stylish to
show n gotsl 'I cul of neck
this summer." 1 haven't
wen any fnslilou noto
which snys w)j but It
must bo equally fiolilcm
nblo to show ii good dmtl
of "cheek" "tliln stuns
mkt." Certain It Intlmt
thoo who an? In tho swim
nru neck and neck In a
general endeavor to show
a "good deal" of eheek.
And It must lie nilinltted
that with the majority of tlio ik1 who
constitute what we delight to call polite
society, the display of a good deal of cheek
conies just ns easily and naturally nsdoes
the exhibition by tlio ladles of a "good deal
of neck." There is altogether too niueh of
lioth cheek and neck wen nowadays.
Tlio "Hheridnu Guard Swing" In very pop
ular in society further east. In this peculiar
twist when you "swing pai titers" you swing
your girl to the full extent of both arms.
Homo of the. girls don't like It at ilrst, but
they soon gut lists) to it, and tunny of them
nfter one trial "never use any other." When
scientifically done a real tight queoo ac
companies the swing.
One hears from easterners so often tlio
complaint, "you don't do anything but
ilnnce and piny curds out here." The auth
ors of these walls are, of course, greatly mis
taken when thoy suppose that our amuse
ments consltt entirely of thso two things;
but it must lie admitted thnt there Is a pretty
fair sprinkling of truth tu the nsiertion
nfter all.
It muy not be the intention to crowd out
everything else; but In the winter mouths,
during society's mnd whirl, there Is little In
the way of entertainment suvo cards, dune
lug, receptions nnd lunches. Thee lire nil
very good in their way; but it does seem that
time might l found for something heavier.
In many cities one of society's most popular
instltutlous'is a well organized and proerly
maintained dramatic club, and whh the
know talent of many of our people, such mi
organization might liecome with us an ex
ceedingly Interesting form of nmuscment
mid instruction.
Western culture or rather tho so-called lack
of western culture is tho subject of much
ridiculous comment In tho east, where the
jieople know us much about our social life us
they do of the habits of the Cannibal
Inlanders. It Is said thnt wo have no man
ners; that wo uro boot ish, nnd that wo have
no such thing as "society" as the term Is un
derstood in the east, (where a McAllister is a
bigger man than the president of the United
States). Any one who knows anything of
western life and civilization ktiowshut there,
is no justice iu such statements. There is in
the west genuine culture and it is widely dis
seminated. Western manners may Ikj frank
nnd hearty, and therein in their great chnrni;
but they are not boorish ; uud ns for society,
while we ure deficient in McAllisters, Derry
Walls and Mrs. Astors, qulto as much dig
nity and refinement pervade our social llfo
ns In most ol tho effete social circles of the
oust. Hecouse western men uud women rue
more enthusiastic than their eastern cousins
it does not follow thnt they ure less decorous.
Hccuuse their hospitality Is generous and
free, it cannot lie said that they uro lacking
in n proper appreciation of the niceties of re
llned soclul intercourse. There Is u differ
ence in tlio social customs of the great geo
graphical divisions of our country; but It is
not so great us some uninformed easterners
would huvo people belluve. Tho cast is not
a sy non j in for cultuie; neither is the west
for barbarism.
However, there uro come things in our
social life thut might bu improved Ukjii.
For iustuuee art, literature und music are
much neglected. In art und music Lincoln
has an advantage over most western cities.
In the llterury field but little progress has
been inude. True culture euilirnces ull these
People everywhere like to see a young man
succeed. How tho civilized nations of the
world havo wntched with incrensing Interest
tho triumphs of Geriniiny's young ruler,
William II! At ilrst ho hud very little
sympathy ;but ills forceful character soon won
almost universal uduiitatlon and now his
brilliant career is the talk of tlio world.
From the monarch of Genuuny ho bus lie
come tlio muster of oil Kurope nnd without
tho help of lilsmurck. Ho has triumphed
over tremendous Obstacles und Oermuuy Is
learning that it is bettor to Iw ruled by its
sovereign than by u vicarious uutocraey.
Tlio young emperor has become one of th
remarkuble men of the nineteenth century
at u jump, us it were.
A sensational urticle in the eastern pupers
u few duys ago was headed, "A Girl lirnves
a Hoar." There is nothing very remarkable
In that. Kvery girl must of necessity brave
a boro many times.
A New York paper the other .day t oil
twined tho following, and it Is mid thut when
young VniiUerbllt read it ho said.soinethlng
which sounded like "tho press bo damned!"
"Who are these Vunderbilts who ilnnce at
'Newport while their agent thrtutens to spend
two millions of their money to crush out
labor organizations! I hey are tho children
oflttboreis. Fifteen years ago they were
cut ut Surutiigu, und only iccently have they
been recognized in fushlonable society. Tlieir
grnndfuther was a Jeisey tavern keeier;
C. Iff
I . . . . .....
their graiiilmotlier a cook l heir ratuer was
a small fanner on Htaten Island. Their coal
of arms, according to true heraldry, until I
consist of a dunghill siippoibsl by a frying
pan and a bottle of applejack. If we are to
have mi aristocracy in this country let us
draw the line at the dependent of rum
sellers mid peddler." A retrospective view
Is not always pleasant eseeloHy when taken
by somebody else.
The latest lltvrnry lion, Ktidyard Kipling,
lias maintained a kind of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.
Hyde existence, and even now no one serins
to 1st able to answer satisfactorily the ques
tion, "Who is Klpllngl" Is Iltidynrd Kip
ling his real mime or Is It assumed I The In
defatigable newspaper mall has taken up the
case and he lias come to the conclusion that
the author of "I'lnln Tales From the illlls'Ms
a young American not an Kugllshiiinu as
popularly supixised and a recent graduate
of Harvard. Ills name Is Henry Goodnow
Ilruce nnd he Is the son of a Congregational
minister of Worcester, Mass. lirucu has a
cast in Ills eye, is an agnostic and Is "ipieer "
Whoever Kipling or ilruce Is, his tales of
Indian life are striking and original, ami his
fume will doubtless endure for a year, any
way. His principal worksare "I'lnln Tales,"
just issued, "the Phantom Kickshaw,"
"Soldiers Three," "In Illack ami White" anil
"Departmental Ditties."
Thcie is a novel suit now in pi ogress in the
Iowa law courts. A month or so ago a
meteor fell somewhere in the interior of the
tnU, nnd nu enterprising Iownn, finding it
piece of tlio starry visitor cmlcddcd three feet
under tlio earth s surface, sold II for fio.OO.
The owner of the laud from which the met
eorite was taken, hearing of the transaction,
claimed ownership and Immediately com
menced suit in replevin. The case is iioiv on.
This is said to lie the Ilrst case on record In
volving tlio ownership of a heavenly Itotly or
n part thereof.
The visit to the United Htatesof the Comte
tie Paris sometime next mouth will awaken
widespread Interest. In tho regular order of
tilings tho Cointo would today tie king of
Franco; but he will be honored in this country
for what he has been rather than for what he
might have lieeii. He rendered elllclent serv
ice in the war of the rebellion on tho stair of
General George 11. McClellan, then In com
mand of the army of the Potomac, uud his
history of tho great conflict, written fmpar-
t till V iitnl liit.tltlm.utlt Ij tii.t tin. timet it
I -"J ......... .,... ...j , .-. ..v. ...v- .i..n ... inn
'services to tho country so nobly aided by
I Franco's eurlierson, Lafayette Only society
I was interested in the visit of the Prince of
Wnles to KiiKlund's relielllous offspring. The
Comtode l'uris will Ikj welcomed seriously us
a man who has accomplished something.
"Is there such u tiling ns genuine friend
between men uud women l'1 This subject wns
discussed ut some length ut a gathering of
I Lincoln K'opIo the other day, and singularly
I enough, the men present weie almost a unit
on the negative side of tho proHsitlou, while
the ladles held that it Is not only possible tor
two jHjrsons of opposite sex to lie sincere
friends; but that such iiistaucesare very com
mon. V
Under ordinary circumstances true friend
ship, pure uud simple, between mini uud
woman, Is not of very ft equont occurrence,
but the best friend of many a mauls u woman
and vice versa. Iu tho relation of man to
woman, there must be something lietwecn
mere acquaintance nnd love and this some
thing Is friendship, lly the way, how dllll
cult it Is to define the difference between love
and friendship! Kven Webster and Worcester
are not conspicuously clour on this jiolnt
Nolxsly s-ems to lie ublo to tell Just what It
Is that differentiates the one from the other
Puffed up by his success In running theuf
fairs of Germany the young emperor isulMiut
to turn his nitration to t task iuflnitely more
dilllcult Cnmmi'iu-iiiK Oct 1 William II
will run ii lien spaper, bili will, it is an
nounced, "1 inspired dlrcttly by himself,
iitwi villi 1st the official expwnt of his views
on all subjects, iiillitHO, i'iiiI and political "
Aleuviges -if condolence urr in order.
And another year has rolled around with
must of us still here. The state fair has
opened und the guy Capitol City lieglus to
liven up again with increased vigor and
beauty. Many of our visitors in past years
uro with us again and thus we renew old ac
quaintances nt the same time extending tho
hand of welcome to the stranger within our
gates. Thooxhibit this year is already larger
than lust year, uud the fair bus really only
oHnod iu fact the first two days are now
considered us preparatory days, nnd not for
exhibition. Monday tho ojieuing proper will
occur; then look out for the crowd.
Oh' what a muss. And still some ieoplo
say house cleaning is a pleasure. TllK
Col'Hikii has had a full uud sutllcient oxier
lence during tlio pust week and is not overly
anxious for any rextltlon. Witli carietH
all torn up, paper hangers nnd decorators
making amuss, and the painters daubblug the
holy sanctum, tho ordeal has been a trying
one, not altogether fraught witli any great
amount of pleasure. Hut like the gentle
housewlse wo abide ourtlmo with fond nutlc
iHktlons that tho improvements after the
work will more than repay ull trouble and
turmoil. Then next comes tho grand open
ing uud then we shall huvo cause to feel
proud of our handsome quarters. It will
taken week yet until we will bo entirely
"dressed In our new suit of clothes," und
then we want all our trluuds, Ciiuuikii read
ers and patrons to come in to see us. Comu
in early and often come iu nt every time
mid in f net if you ure waiting and wish to
while away a few moments, come in and
visit us. Nice easy chairs, lots of nice things
to admire, photoi of distinguished actors
and actresses, new- tilings iu lino stationery,
etc. ou will always bo welcome.
Lincoln Ice Co., 1010 O St. Telephone 118.
Lincoln, Nichkaska, Satuwdav, Sup'i'ijmuicn U,
Join Dillon,
the eminent com
ullan, opened u
five night's en
gagement at tlie
Funko last een
lug In the old
fa oi ite," Want
ed the Knrth," to
a good sired au
dience This Hat
til day evening,
he will be st ell III
the popular play,
"Hint's Attor
ney This is
one of Dillon's
best, thecomedy
ermlttitig the
star tin u sua I
scope for his own
peculiar and ar
tistic methods.
Monday evening
"A Colossal
tit Liar" will be pre
sented, This may
not be as familiar to Lincoln play goeisus
the other.-, but it Is piotiouui-cd equally as
good. Tuesday evening there will lie u repe
tition of "Wanted the Kartli," and "State's
Attorney" will lie put on fur the second time
Wedneslay evening, Dillon is now at his
I test and Is particularly fortunate In his
support this season, the company embracing
many well known and talented people. He
has long Ih-oii a favorite with lovers of
comedy and his success last year demonstrat
ed his increasing K)pularity. Dillon every
night at the Ftiuke until and including
The Compton, Franklin Hi West Mlnlstiel
company Is liooked for Funko's opera house
Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings of
next week. This organization embraces a
largo number of burnt cork artists, ami Is
one of the strongest minstrel companies on
the road. An Interesting and varied pro
gram is promised, Introducing new fun and
new sketches. S31110 excellent singers are in
cluded in the company, nnd the musical
features of the show ure unrivalled. Min
strels at the Funko Thursday, Friday and
Saturday evenings.
The Kdeu Museedid a phenomenally large
business this, the opening week, for so early
Iu the season. Upstairs the wax figures of
KiiroH.''s sovereigns, tlio representation of the
Pitiney fill 111 murder, Prof. Zntizlc, etc., held
the attention of the crowds, while iu the
theutoritiiu "Fun Ii. a Chinese Laundry"
proved a taking attraction. The character
comedians also gave some Interesting sketch
es. For the week commencing Septeiulicr b,
Annie Nelson, the midget soubrette, will ap
pear with the three musical Tarr children,
Deiiioulo, the contortionist, etc. The Hew
letUs Iu "Fun 011 11 Clothes Line" will give 11
unique entertainment, lutiodiiciug some
startling novelties. Kvery department will
Ik filled during the week, and there will he it
Cuslimaii Park was well filled Monday,
IalKjr day, and an interesting program was
given. There was a large crowd iu the after
noon and tho basket picnic was tlio occusion
of many nleusunt family reunions uud gath
erings. The Odd Fellows, Dutigliteisof Ho-
Isikah, witli their friends held u picnic at tlio
jutrk Wtslnesdoy, and despite the rain an en
joyable day wns spent. The young tsople
danced and tho older ones amused themselves
in various ways. Tomorrow, Sunday, Col.
C. S, Ellsworth will deliver nu address nt
Minn m . 011 the snhfect. "I'nrt vu. ltlnir "
At 4 o'clock the Wyoming Cow Hoy show
tvlll (ity.ll 11 MlI-llllllLr (IX llltlltllill mill .. hum.
interesting iK-rformance is Tho 1
" , .. - o - , .. ....-.-,.
cow boys guarantee to rldo uny horse offered.
Allen, Welch and Williams, the tuinouis lar-
latifts, and six reckles riders are the piomi
nent features of the show. The Military
baud will discourse music all tlay
Trnlns will leave for the pink Tuesday,
goon progn.,., on iKiin uoors. ,iurlug the rvi prlze-llghters, and a couple ot reu
flreek hoMuseew-il be open U day und tl,I-es.. or. tho stKo, n Herlln nmnnger I
evening tho morning show commencing t Kno ll8 ono ,,etu,r melodrama
10 o clock. The semi-weekly change of pro- (.aIle.l "The Kxecutloner of Herlln "for 0
pram glyes much satisfaction and will be title role of which ho engngod the real gov-
contiuued by the management. ,rnmtMlt ,.x,cutl()I1(,r. KlH,ror W,Ik. ,.
Wistnesduy, Thursday nnd Friday of next three new plays will lie, produced, Mr. Itoh
week nt -1 :'.'() aud IS-.itQ p. m , returning ut 7 ' sm recelveil last week from Vlctorlen Sar
nnd 1 1 o'clock . A good atti action is prom-1 1I011. the Ilrst draft of 11 coined v which tlm
jsed for every evening
The following attractions appeared Iu New
York this week; "Francis Wilson in "The
Merry Monurch" ut the Hroadway theatre,
"Mine. Angot" at the Cnsmn, McKee Hank
In In "The Canuck" nt the Hijou theatre.
Mario Teuiiest iu "The Ued Hussai" at Pal
mer's; Sol Smith Hussoll In "The Tall of a
Coat" ut Dnly's; Cora Tinnier
'..,.. In "(In. I.'r-
ror" nt the Hfth Avenue
;,.,;.. !.. ... .... '
.... ' .
Minstrels at the Fourteenth Street thtatre
"The Halloon" at the Star theatre, Rlchmd
Mansfield in "Heuti Hrtimmul"nt the Mad
ison Square theatre; Hose Osboiu ill "Satan"
nt tho Windsor, German Opera nt Terrace
Garden; Vaudeville ut Tony Pastor's, Tho
International Vaudeville company ut the
Union Squat e theatre, John L. Sullivan at
Niblo's.Tho Nelson Vaudeville company at
Jacob's Thiid Avenue theatre, Strauss'
orchestra and grand ballets at the Madison
Square Garden; "The ijottom of the Sen" at
the Peoples theatre, The lliinlon Volta-Mar-tluutti
1'nntoinlmo company at tlio Academy
of Music, Kdwiud Sot hern in "The Malster
of WcxHlliatrow" ut the Lyceum theatre, I
Hobby Gay lo In "Tho Irish Aiab"attlie'
Grand 0H'-a House.
Ml. Iiillo Curter will rehearse "The
Cgly Duckling," for live weeks lfoin its
puxlilctlon at the Hroadway theatie. Mcr
vyn Dullas who Is to play the CVieivuu Itujl,
uirlvtslfiom London Monday. Ho wasn
well known 11ctor.1t Drury Lane, and with I
Irving at the L)ccum, and sinned two
years Iu the KnglMi provinces, In his own
drama, "The House 011 the Marsh " list
reason he was with Miiuslleld, and made a
hit as the Wmitii iu Ibsen's "Doll's House."
Like Arthur Dacre Mrs. Carter's leading
man he was once 11 physician Iu Loudon,
and like him also, he has 11 lluesis'lal khI
tiou and peculiar distinction of manner
Dan Sully has made a hit In "Tho Million
nlre," which has been revised for hint by
tCniider Itlt'haidsou.
The second tour of die .lefferson-Floience
combination begins October III, Iu New Yoik
at Palmei's theatre.
"The Kdltor," under the management of
ICdw-ld Know les, will lie taken to California
this season. A splendid company has been
engaged and the prospects for a successful
season an- very good Indeed
Kven bets are offoicd in New Yoik that
Fay Templelou will not take "Hcndilk Hud
son" 011 the road, mid odd of two to one are
offered that Fay will "skip the game" lief ore
tho end of her two weeks' engagement iu
New York.
McKee Rankin's "The Canuck," which Is
oil the fifth week of 11 successful run at the
N. Y. IIIJ011 was slightly altered but greatly
Improved on Monday. Mr. W. II. Currle
has succeeded Mr. Wilton Laekaye iu the
character of .nil lloijun .
Warfare l Iu the nlr between Will Lykens
manager for Fay Templelou, ami his backer,
C II. Unverzagt. Knelt of the two men
seems determined to get tho otlu-r out of the
iiianageinent of the Fay Teinpleton company,
uud there Is no telling, Just now, wliero the
trouble will end.
Tho physicians say that George S. Knight
can live but 11 shot t time. He Is not insane
hut he has hut the Kiwer of speech, and one
side of his body Nat times almost useless
His mental powers are nearly gone at times
ho talks like a child. He fully lealleshls
sad state, uud seems to lie Waiting with leslg
nation for the end
Tlio IuiiIju Hrothurs have nenrl) com
pleted tlieir pieparatlons for the production
of a now and costly sectncle with tlionw
proprlnte title of "Supi 1 ba." They promise
to surprise the public with the inigiilllceiice
of the now piece which Is to Include ninny
novelties of scenery, costumes, magical tricks
and tramfoi million.
Holiert Muntell began his present and last
tour under the direction of Augustus I'Jtnu
Septoinlier J, in Duhith, Minn. Illssup
IKirtlng company Includes Murk Price. 11. T
HlnggoldH, Archie Lindsay, Guv Lindsay
James MeFtslrls, Klwln llurrou, V'. T. Vance,
.1. T. Olbln, C. A Hall, Khner Hynes, Char
lotte Ilehrens, Minnie Monk, Mnrle Sheldon
uud Kutherlno Perry, with W II (Jross ns
the acting inunager uud Max .oellnerus
business manager.
Stuart Itobson will take the road full of
"go" uud energy with at least three new-
comtslles iu his Kirtfolo Most of his orig
inal company remain with him. an.! !.,
two or three new jieoplu are strong additions
thereto, Tlio physical depression occnnlniii.,1
by his gieatloss has worn off, and though
inu mow was one irom w men there can never
lie complete recovery, Mr. Itobson looks for
ward to haul and h st woikas Its only
Kissilile alternation,
U bile we have in
however, nipped tho enterprise In the bud
before he stinted on his Norwegian trip, by
forbidding the cheerful olllclul from turning
Into a real actor Hccli'
Gen. John H Cm-son, of tho Cliicaco Co
luiubia theatre, Is said to lie out uliotit t 'M,hm
on tlio Jllxey eiiguginent. The Columbia,
by tlio way. Is a lieauty bright It cost J. II.
Haverly ?40,00(), (J. H. .McConnell clKMKM). J.
II. Hill, Dan HheeliyW,0(X.aiiiliiow,
with tlio loss of rent. pJ.'W.OOOj for two years,
20,000 cash paid to keep the hoiwt open, and
,1... OA mull ,(w ti.i. . . .
mi: ",""""- imi inxey, iiie general has
lost fl 13,000 Total ttropiKsl in tho Coluin
,'ln 'W-'.i"f). nnd the baud playisl
. t('iuilli'ii.
Stlllllt Kojison begins his season Sent -'-'
Ills company will bo ostensibly the same as
hist, with the addition of Mfks Olive May,
Mrs. Oeorgie Dickson nnd Mis Amy Htishby
Miss May Waldrou will continue as leading
limy, willing .Mr. itoiisons Chicago, Phlla
delphia, Hostou and New York eiiiiuueiuents.
great freiieh ilraiuatlst piomises for the sea
son of Ihlil-W
Oeorgie Parker, the cliurnilu.' Miubrette,
whocreattsl such a furore by hei wonderful
kick ns Venus, in "A Hag Haby," I- the chief
female attraction in the "U. S Mail." She
takes the pint of the daughter of John Wanu
mnker's proKityH iu that satirical farce-comedy
A trio of ctmediuns, each of whom is
r..l'M, UK lIMIililir.iiinluilil.. I. .....u. ......
. " .. " """ ' ......".",,,,,.
M,' w,u ".,,m Proiwly excruelntiiigfeatuus.
to that satire 011 the Pi
l'ot Olllce. the "I' S
Mall," which appropriately ok-iisii Plilluilel
phiu in HeptemlsT
"U'lid Mo Your Wife," a new comedy
which wiisadiiptsl for the Kngllsh stugo by
Justin McCaithy, and for this country by
Dion Houclcault, will Ui pnsltut ut the Ho
ton Museum next Monday night with Holand
Heed us Captain Aimer TuiInix, as mild a
niuuiiereil inanasever scutthsl a ship He
will have the assistance of Miss Isadoro Hush,
Mutid Mourno, Mary Meyers, Al I.lpman,
Geo I'. Nash, Julian Heed, Kriiest Hertraiu,
II. A. Smith, Wm C. Andrews, II Htsw
Davis, .Mux Fehimiin and Juinos Douglas.
All the latent sheet music, new stock, at
Cralicei 's Al t Mulc store, 'JI'J south Kleventh
Try Hrown's Suiiihiy dinners, only W cts.
Canon City
nt the Whltebreast
Coul nnd Lime
America real burilnr
IHpeelul CitMtli:uCiirrespoiideueo.
Nkw YtillK, SeplemlsT ii, IM1HI. When
Mother Kve Iu 11 its-kless craving for excite
ment uud novelty, ale the forbidden fruit
and so cuddled upon her ilesceudeuts the
necessity of clothing, she laid it heavy burden
upon the designers and producers of men's
uud women's nppnicl, und more pniticuhuly
ilHiu those who cater tothevulhsl require
ments of the gelitlei sex For them theie
comes 110 playtime, no summer "dolee fur
nlente," for scut cely have their pat ions ar
rayed themsehes hi summer finery beloio
they, thopiiro)ors, must go to wotk 011 full
designs and mulct luls.
Kspcclally Uthls the case Iu the gieat
Hedferu establishtuetit where therenre never
any Idle moments, never any bioak In the
designing of novelties
This sun r, ns usual,! theie has been
a grand consultation among thehendsof the
different brunches in New Yoik, Lindou
and Paris, nnd as 0110 of the results come
these sketches
The first is a very striking model In fawn
und brown cloths, the main pint of tho coat
lieing of tho lighter shade. Aiotitiil the arm
hole is nu Insertion of the brown cloth over
which the fawn color Inps In a series of saw
teeth Mlnts, each one fastened with a fancy
button. Inside of these iolnts Is a Isirdcr
lug of mixed gold uud brown cord nnd braid.
A triangular Insertion to match is 11 1 von the
hips, and the collar and cuffs are tilmmed to
Number two Is Iu ver different style, but
will doubtless find an equal iiuinlwr of ad
mirers. It is a golden brown clot Ii of the
shade known as innroouln. ami U cut win,
straight, loose fionts. The braiding which
pasM-i, around the slu ulders 111 the shnsi of a
lliv.ll CfltM, f'llllfir II, l.l fli.m in .. I... ...I
...,,-... j... .......,,..,... ..u ...l.v ,Kill(
down the front Is worked in gold and white
corns, a ouiiu ot 11 incircli-s tho sleeves,
several Indies from tlio edge, like a heading
10 me piaiiicuii.
At tin- .Sugar Palace,
A sugar nalace iscertaliilv uuitim nnv..liv
mid Gruud I-liind is nothltik' If not novel.
Tho idea was no Mum,' iiiiii.n't...1 tin... ,n.
- ..'..... ....... ... ,
into realization ami today Nebraska shows to
the World a beautiful Imilillinr i.nii-lrn,.l...l 1.,
promote interest iu the greatest modern ug-
iieiiiiwini ministry, unit 01 raising sugar
Us'tsnud miikliu: siil'iii- tlii'ii.trniii Ii uu.
tlie pleasure of a Cot'lllKIl leprese.itatlve on
TlU'hduV tO lh liresiMlt lit (III! KIIIIIiI niui.lm,
Ot this mnmiithviit eotrnil-i. nn.l 11,.. ,,,1.
dres-es made liy the mayor, his excellency
.nv. iiiayer nun oinern, were of universal
I lit.' rest mid ervenlnvnlil.i Tl, ,..,v.. p.. ..
address wns, to the writer's opinion, as Hue
and full of meat, us any he has ever heard
him deliver. He levlewod briefly the career
of the sugar lieet, sKike of the duty now on
la, II
&, ii,. wm,
Vv jssMi'y,8 wa iisa'1
l WlfWRtJlkm Mil
i ,1 f
Pmcie Kivic Cicnth
that product and luisd that for 11 few years
yet the duty would remain until our home
production would come Into the market
then we would have sugar ns towns four
cents, The governor bus 11 hupp) faculty of
keeping before the nsiplo the fact that we as
Nelirnskans ure milking wonderful progress
nud seem lo rejoice Iu making comparison.
He said Nebraska's sipulatlou Is more than
half of Massiieliuselts', uud the population It
took the old colonial state UTit years lo build
up, wclinvu attained In thuty-slx. The ail
diess wns very attentively listened to and
uiaiked Intel est was shown, deiiionslratisl by
fleqtient applause.
Grand Island has every leasou to feel
proud or her sugar palace It Is it great
novelty mid 11 novelty In these days Is more
valuable than gold Itself Gold Is but 11 cer
tain value, while 11 novelty such as the sugar
palace catiitol be estimated Its value If
ptosily managed (and wearo sine It will be)
will result hi 110 end of good It Is 11 great
adveitlseinent fur (I rand Island, a credit to
tlie city, nnd nil Nebraska feels proud of It
mid of Its orlglnatois, not only tis a success
ful exhibition, but because it Introduces n
new Held for the agriculturist. It Is the tint
plant or its kind In the union, and us sugar Is
at pi esoiii receiving so much attention from
cougi ess nud tlie country nt largo, Nebraska'
iiaiite comes prominently to the front every
time the subject Is discussed. The Interior
decorations are very artistic mid elalsirate,
the sugar IntI being observed Iu every do
flgn and place. Lor W.
I.lneiilii Cluli nt lliimit.
A gissl many people ure wondering why
the Lincoln base ball club lost every game on
tlieir recent trip, when tiny won wi easily nt
home this week It certnluly docs seem
strange. Monday's game was 11 walkover,
Lincoln scoring til and Denver II. Ourcluli's
heavy hatting did tills. Iu Tuesday's game
there was some very pretty work mixed with
11 gissl deal of bungling Denver rumbled
nud fell down badly iu Held work. The score
was 14 to tl in our favor. The Is-st gnlnn of
the Denver Lincoln scries was playisl Wed
nesday, when tlio home tivim wiih nimbi vie.
torlous by a score of ll to 4. Whitehead,
uenvers pitcher, was wild mid the vlnltoiM
wen, 1101. nine 10 piny together.
Hoover gives fnlrnttlsractlon ns umpire.
Tlie lust of tho Lincoln-Kansas City series .
will I m played today.
It is exK-ctisl that the Omnha.Llncoln
series will lie played In tlio morning.
Duvo Howe lumi't been particularly drippy
this week. Hut he never gets discouraged.
The state fair races will Imi a strong attrac
tion next week. Unusual attention has lieeu
given this department this year
There is us much dlffeiciico between Lin
coln nt homo nud Lincoln abroad as there Is
lietwecn Phillip ami Phillip sober.
The first of the Lliicolii-Kuusns City series
was playisl hem 011 Thursday Lincoln
sconsl t! mid the visitors 8 in a fairly good
game. Mulder's work iu the box showed
some improvement.
The Lincoln club will return Monday mid
will play tho Omaha club Monday, Tuesday
ami Wednesday. Thursday, Friday and Sat
urday the home dull will a oh hats with
Sioux City.
Tlio peculiar enervating effect of summer
weather is driven off by Hood's Sarsnparilln
which "makes the weak strong."
The new rail styles of kid gloves are very
handsome, Isith In shape ami colors, Alsmt
the newest ami most novel fitting is the
Suede glovt, 11 very pretty, dainty attire for
tlie band. 1 tulles will of course adopt tlio
new fad 011 sight Miller &, Pnlne ns tistin
show tho Ilrst of them in Lincoln.
it. A. It. Ilonki) Very Clienp.
Tho Wessel Printing Co. has several copies
of Col. Holiert II Henl's well known history
of the Grand Army of tlie Republic in lino
bindings which It will sell nt f.'i.OO per vol
utin! Original price, sold only 01. subscrip
tion, at i.YO" Them hooks are fully Illus
trated uud complete In every detail. Call
und sis) them.
A Itiillwny Innovation.
The Missouri Pacific railway's m,w Uv ,v
1 way of Coffey Hie and Wagoner, to Little
Hock and tlie Southeast, which has been osu
rir several months, will imiuguiute anew de-
' parture In train servheou August .list. A
, through daily msse:iger train, consisting of
i coaches and Pullman buffett sleeping cars,
will he established between Kansas City and
1 Little Hock, witli sleepers running through to
I Memphis. Going south, tlio train will leave
Kansas City about ( o'clock in tlie evening,
"onneaing at I.lttle Kock ror Mot Springs
id ull points touth uud east.
There Is Tide In tlie AfUIrs uf Mmi,,
Which Taken nt It FI0111I l.iiuit
1111 to I'lirtiuie "
And this tide is the tide of Immigration
which is now strongly setting In towanl
tlie upper southern states, Maryland, West
Virginia und far-famed und fertile Shenan
doah vnlley. This region has unsurpassed
udvanbigi-s for the farmer, the sttick-nilser,
the dairyman ami the inniiufacturer Here
ure found tho richest veins of the t,t coul
nnd Iron ore, und nn ubiiudnuce of the Huest
tlutlier, suitable for mainifacttiifng purK)Ws
with splendid water powers In hundreds at
places. Tlie Mill is nroductive and nil id..
cereals and vegetables know 11 to the teiiiter
ute zone yield uhunduntly llete is also the
rrult and wine licit The climate is delight
ful, and vital statistics show it to Is- one of
tlie healthiest regions In tlie world, springs
or pure water and running streams nlmuud.
Lands ure cheap nud convenient to market.
To the home seeker or persons seeking prolll.
able Investments this region cannot rail to lie
attractive. Come nud look it o er, and you
cannot full to see the many advantages pre
sented. For finther information call 011 or al.
If's. M. V. Kii'iiAUiisi.
.'jiihI and Immigration Agent,
H & O II. H. Haltlmore. Mil.