Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, August 09, 1890, Page 4, Image 4

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    m ltd mii WaaZTrt m ttmuMmtttrnm, .cm J a
ki-SAJLJL. .A-i-LU-lVlX. iV . ...,1.,0U.UUVJjmvj,
H.l.l ,.K ! jl i3n
nJMi.lMT.ff IliS aM
atfi -art iMH mWmwliWi h,, ,iwt m ,fa. . ,
- . -nrtirtu i -t- -in- ii. .1-1 ". ., , .,.,.. w rt-w J.lllJfSBfi ir" -
JL A:m I
Gasoline Stoves.
White Mountain '
Screen Doors,
Screen Windows,
Screen Wire
Frank E. Lachr,
936QP Street.
North Side Postollice Square
Cushman Park
On tho now coursing track laid out for this
express purpose, AH dog entered free Tor
the race. Race begin nt 4:90.
Prizes, $500
Ktrat appcarnnoo of South Lincoln Hand,
Full orchestra for nil day freo.
Train leave atU;) p. m.nnit h'X p. in. Re
turn after tho races or before 8 p. in.
Admission to rnces nml nil cntortalnuienta
23 cents per person, children lOeentM.
Sunday, Aug. 10.
King Holoman'a favorlts iporl, tho great
Jack Itabblt ltacc. The Military JJnud.
Train ul 10:3) a. in., 2 p. in., ;l:30 p. m. ami
5:!p. in. llotnriu at 3 p. in., a p. in., a p.
ro.nntSp. in.
Wednesday Aug. 13,
Grocers' Outing
Train at 10:30 a. in., 2 p. in., t:2J p. in., anil
7 p. in. lleturna nt S p. m., 7:30 p.m. ami II
p. nr
Lincoln Trunk Factory
Where we will be glad to see all old
friends and customer and as many new
ones as can get Into the store.
avd Msrrnn or rumsiiur.
Sbortbsvi!, anil Typewriting. U the brt and Itrvrat
Culltge In Um Wnt. ) Htudents In altemUiu lui
year. Ssujtnts prepared tor butlucw In from J lot
snoots. Kiprrlonced faculty. lrroaallnlnicllon,
HMawul Miitmtt cataloiie. oollrce JournaU, and
apoliMsa;f pcamatublp, sonl tn by adamulnc
Ws' ' 5y
Fs,'!itf'IUBjdKB H
fjfrf? ( Js MM
l Munim' liiter of .Vixfrni Timts.
Huimciitnio.M Ono Year by Mall or Curried
fid); Hlx Months, fl.00Tlirco Month", Mc.
Ono inontli 80 Cents Invnrably In Advance,
AovcnTiRKMKKTm Itntc I iirnMied on application
At the office. Hieelal rate on Time Contracts.
OoNTninuTloNm Bhort spicy skelclio, povm ami
atorie solicited. Personal nnd Hoclal note am
especially desirable,
PniMTito: We tunkn a specialty of Kino Printing
In nil II branches. Hoelety work a specialty.
Published Suturdny
Addre nil eoiiiiiiiitucalluns direct to the olllce.
Courier Building, ll.TJ N Htrect.
T ki.kphomc iVi
Ii. Wkhmkl, Jit., Editor nnd 8olo Piuprletor.
FllKt) llKMZIKOKtl, .tMOClnto Killtor,
Oil, Lincoln I Retting there I Tho Ilopiili
Ik'Mi ntnto committee has decided tolocnto IU
hcndipinrtcrH here, ami Oiimlin mourn ltd
lo. Thl In tho proper thing to do, for Lin
coln I tlni imlltlcnl center of tho Btnto.
TllK drought In tho went linn been of great
dnmngo to tho fnrmcr, lint tnnny "peculator
linvo ninde money out of It. Ono Lincoln
young nmn him rnkod In 300 during tho past
week, operating througli two local firm.
Joint debute are tho fnshfounblo tiling In
political clrcloi thl year. A. O. Wolfeubar
gcrof till city nml A. C. Heed of Omaha
will havo n wrestle of word ovor prohibition
at Boyd' opera liouw In Omaha August 31st.
Tiik CouiiiKH'ri mention of a chumo to
turn tho unit basin into n lake ha Mtirred up
n lively Intercut In tho matter, nud tho dnllle
of the past week havo hnd many article on
the subject. Lending citizen nro quoted a
fnvorlng tho scheme, nml it really ought to
lo n go.
Ah tho hanks of u city nro mi index to tho
volume of it business It i right to the oiut
to note that two new banking concern nro
Mug organized in Lincoln. The Lombard
Investment company Is back of one, and it
will occupy the rcom recently vacated by
Poehltr, the baker.
Tiik school building of the city nre a pret
ty good Index of tho growth mid prosperity
of tho place. Lincoln is not afraid to coin
pnro licra with those of nny city of its lzo,
nml It la Blgnllknnt that the bonnl of educa
tion contemplate erecting two more build
ing, ono nt Kintt nud K street and the other
nt Tenth nml Z.
The Omahn lire ha iimde a cnuvns of tho
ftnto and 11 ml that last year there were 850,
licensed liquor establishments: saloons, brew
eries and distilleries. The state derived n
revenue of $750,818 from them. The report
caiuo from 231 Incorporated town nud cities
(there nro but 2X1 in tho state) nud soveuty
elght of them nlout ono In every threore
ort no saloon.
The Joiimnf has an Omaha correspondent
with a lively imaginative. Every few day ho
has n new guess about the Omaha lleimbli-
can. The latest U that W. Morton Smith
will start n new prohibition daily on the re
mains, but that gentleman has no such inten
tions. The old i ; ii W (Villi plant is plastered
with mortgage and attachments beyond
A veiiy unusual demand has been mado on
the city, tho Lincoln Knitting Mill company
having put in a claim for $40,000 damages on
account of the recent burning of its property.
The company charges that the lira depart
ment were an hour and three-quarters In re
sponding to tho call, and claims that if they
had turned out promptly with the steamer
they could havo saved the main building.
The city council has appointed a committee
to investigate the charge against Chief New
berry. The "wild west" business has received a
knock dowu blow from tho government. The
Indian commissioner at Wusnlugtoii has de
cided that no more permits will be issued for
Indiana to leave their reservations to join
such troup. The Ogallalla Sioux who wen
to Europe with Dr. Carver have been malt
treated, and there is some complaint from
llulTalo Bill's camp. It is said some of then)
poor devils have been halt starved as well as
cruelly treated. They have also been allow
ed to consort with the lowest classes of
Kuropcnnd become diseased.
The execution of Kemuiler by electricity
is likely o Hood th uonspapers with discus
slon about tho pulnfulneas and the pain
lessness of the operation. To make an inter
esting account of the execution the press re
porters used their lively imaginations, and
the so-called horror of the affair, probably,
was largely in their mind's eye. Uut why
Insist ou legal murder as au expiation for
crime Would not all purpose be served
fully as well by Imprisonment for life? Tho
world Is beomlng more humane in every
thing but Its punishment of murderers. Why
retain that blot In our civilization!
At the City Council meeting Tuesday,
Frank Caldwell, paving lniector, was re
lieved from duty. It was charged that he
hired other mentodohls work and divided
the salary with them. The various commit
tees were instrui ted to mnko up n lilt of sup
plies netdod for the ensuing year, and here
after they will bo furnished by tho lowest
bidder, The long contest over avlng was
ended. The brick paving was awarded to
Fitzgerald, Lanunm & McClay; tho block
paving to Mas3n and McDonald, nud tho'
curbing to J, A. HuckstafT. Lincoln will now
resume Its old gait on public improvements.
A of I.tneolulte Abriuiil unit Wlmrn
They are .SiimmerliiK.
Tho CouiiiKit will uteem It n fnvnr it It
friend will n"lt In keeping the following
list of Rummer nbontee full nud correct.
Wo will bo Kind to mid iiiitue to tho list, but
iiIkivh nil let u know when theso tourist re
turn. Sidney Mis Alta Lantz.
Knvcnnn Mr. Duke Heall.
England Mm, K. A. Illun.
Montreal, Can. H. (loodrlch,
Topeka-MN Lillian Hterllni;.
Lovelaud, Oil. George Smith.
Momenco, III. I'liif, (llliemilt,
Atchison Mis Fanny lllniord.
Whitehall, III. Ii-. O. V. Ln.ld.
Whlto Jlotmtaln-i:, II. Well.
Orecloy, Col.-Mr. A. L. (Julie.
Elmwnod, III. Ml Maria lloio.
Pittsburg-Lieut T. W. (Irllllth.
rhllnihlihla-MrH, L. W. Ames.
Dorchester, Mush. S, II. Ilrown.
(Irntid Island Mi Nellie White.
Mndlwii, Neb. Mr, J. I). Hood.
Hcrniitoii,l'u. Mi. S. T. Daykiu.
Iluiralo, N. Y.-MIs Julia Smith.
Sltkn, Alnskn Illchnnl D. Miller.
Do Moines Mis Margaret Halnl.
Marsoillo, III. Mis Llzzlo Ilond.
City of Mexico Anion HuckstnlL
Sandwich, III Mr. C. S. Hopper.
(Irnham, W. a. Ml Ida Young.
Ilrok'Mi How Mis Almeua Parker,
lloehestvr, N. Y. Mi Cora Hardy.
Urlmim, Ohio Mis Alice Mnltlund.
Omalia Mr. E. Motz and children.
Nnnanlmo, Wnh, H. F. Southwell.
Cnstllo, N. Y. MIh Mary A. Smith.
Portland, Mo. 11. E. Iiowl and non.
Cleveland, O. Ml Lulu (Irunlnger.
IikeOoorge, N. Y, MNs Alice Orr.
Marietta, O. Mr. Dr. Charles Hart.
Jametown, N. I), Miss Lolllo Smith,
Pnlmer Lake, Col. Mr. A. M. Hnhil.
Idaho John rC. Stout, John Fairfield.
Pike, N. Y.,-Freil Willinm and wife.
Osage, Iown Mr. P. V, M. Hayinond.
Nantucket, It. I. E. Hnllett nud wife.
Aiincoudn, Montana Mrs. M. Harris.
Milwaukee Carl C. Iantr. and family.
Davenport, IouMIm Minnie Mnteer.
Minnesota A. E. Kennard nud wife.
Olenwood Spring, Col. John Zehnmg,
Onlcsburg, III. Mis Eleanor William,
lllalne, Knn. W. 11. Taylor and family.
Philadelphia Sam Herschlernuil family.
Evnnsvllle, Iml. K. 11. Nlilictt nml wife.
Allmny, N. Y. Mis Sarah Wool Moore.
Lyons, N. Y. Mr. H. M. Lyon nud niece.
Swinging round tho circle C. H. Hlchter.
Hrooklyn, N. Y. H II. JiolTntt and wife.
MawnclniMJtt 11. S. Gordon and wife.
Janesvllle, Wl. Mm. A. J. Hlnghaiu and
Chicago Mikh Edith Hussell, John C. Hon
null. Camping on Like Ctmmpluln Lew Mar
shall. With hunting pnrty in Wyoming L. C.
Hnmiltou, Canadn Jack Stoblm nud sister
Halifax, Nova Scotia J. II. Hurley nud
Huttlo Creek, Mich. Mrs. II. Zehiuug and
Iowa Mr. A. J. Caldwell, Mrs. I). P.
Heardstcwu, Iowa Mrs. Frank Mayo nud
Geneva, N. Y. Mrs. H. M. Simon anil
Olyiupln, Wnsh. Mr. L. C. Hurr nnd
Freeport, III. Mrs. J. W. Meulove and
New York Mrs. C. W. Pomfret nnd
Lake Chautauqua, N. Y., Miss Mnud
Mineral Point, Wis O. M. LnmbertKon
and family.
Tomuhawk Lakes, Wis.--Allwrt Wntkins
nnd family.
Wyoming, camping Mrs. C. 8. Clason
and family.
Long Pine Chautauqua Miss L. M. Todd,
Mrs. 8. Krull.
Canada Ho v. Gregory nnd aunt, Mrs.
Buck Ingham,
Portland, Oregon A. Mnnger, H. A. Hab-
cock nnd wife.
Nantasket Hoach Capt and Mrs. Hillings
ley, J. M. Knox.
Georgetown. Col. Mrs. C.G. Dawes, Rev.
and Mrs. Curtis.
Coldwater, Mich. Misses Louise Smith
and Alice Hlghter.
"louring Europe A. E. Hargreaves,W.W.
Wilson, T. Ewlug.
Nantasket Beach Mrs. H. W. Hrown and
daughter Florence ,
Asbury Park, N. Y. Mrs. E. K. Crlley
and family, H. 11. Krug.
Helena. Mont. M. D. Thurston, A. H. Bar
ber, J, F. Morris and family.
Wisconsin Mrs. T. J. Curtis and daught
er, Eil. Walton, M. F. Van Home.
JJayton, Ohio Mitres Jennto and Mary
Underwood, Mrs. A. G. Hlllmeyer.
Ashland, Wis. Fred Baldwin and family,
Mis, W. F. Huffman and children.
In British North America, bunting bear
Dr. O. F. Lambcrtson, Mark Woods.
In tho Rockies John P. Sutton, Jos. J,
Condon, Wm. O'Shen, jr., Thomns Meagher.
Touring tho northwest Frank M. Hall and
wife, Prof. F. F. Rooso nnd wife, Mis Gert
rude Marquett
Colorndo Geo. R. Tavlor, Mr. nnd Mrs.
Worthy Sterns, Frank T. Walton, Mrs. R.A.
Hnwley, Mrs. L. E. Stewart.
Mllfnrd, Neb., (In camp) J. T. and 8.T.
Cochran nnd families, F. Parks nud wife, C.
H. Rudgo nnd wife, Miss M, A. Parker,
Misses Alden.
Estes Park, Col. Carl Funke and v. Ife, L.
G. M, Baldwin and fmuily, Supt. Geo. B.
Lano and family, Mrs. H. P. Foster and
children, Mrs. Espey.
St Foul, Minn. Mrs. J. E. EdwanU. A. P.
Fair and wife, J. R. Conklin and chlleren,
Mrs. John Schmlttel, Mrs. John Fitzgerald
and children, Ed. Cagney.
Old Point Comfort, Vn. Mrs. A. S. Ray.
innnd nnd children, Miss Blanche Hargreaves,
Mrs. R. C. Outcnlt and children, Mrs. C. O.
Wheedon and children, Mrs. Prof. Little.
Boston Mrs. Adolf Weber, Prof Bognall,
Fred C. Howe, Gov. and Mr. Thayer, Mrs,
Mary Belt, Mrs. II. M, Ersklne and family,
Capt, Teeters, Mrs. II. W. KelUy, and Miss
Flora Moore.
Spirit Lake Miss Maggie English, Miss
Claia Carinody, II, P. Liu and family, I, M
Raymond nnd family, Mrs. George Ilossol
nmn, 8. M. Melick nnd wife, Ell Plumuier
and family.
Colorndo Spring I Run Brown, Mr. M.
C, Coleman, Ml Clnlr Link, J. II. Horton,
Mih.J. H, McMurtry nnd dnughter, Mis
Tote, T.J. Mlltonlx-rger nnd family, J. M.
Eilmlnston nnd wife,
Denver Mi. II. C. Youmnii, Mi. M. E.
Cnnfleld, Mi. Freil Fiinkn nml dnughter,
Mnrtlm, Mr I. M. Bond. Mi. W. W. Wirt,
Mi. Hook. .Mr. Ilo,MIIUiitn Alexander,
Mr. nud Mr. W. P. Stern.
Mnnttou Mr. L. B. Treeinnn and daught
er, Mr. T. P. FoNotu, Mrs, Mnry Givgg nud
dnughter, Mr. C. A. Wlr-kershnm, Maou
Gregg and family, Mr. O. E. Yates, .Mr. C.
Thompson, Mis. John B, Wright.
Hot Springs, S. D. R. M. Turner nnd wife,
Mrs. Nonl Humphrey, Mr. Paul Holm,
Mrs. Morris Tinner, A. C. White, J. Farmer
and wife, Capt. Bnx mid fninlly, John Steen
and wife.
Touring the ent J. A. Htnldlesoii nnd
wife, Rev. O. A. Wllllnms, Frank unit Oscnr
Eastenlay, M. I. Aitkin, Mr. Hard, Ml
Gertrude Aitkin, F. W. Helwlg, Mls Molllo
Ilelwlg, Mr. J. J ImhofT, T. It. Oadd, J. J.
Butler, E. Hallett nud family.
Snlt Ijike Geo. Spencer nud family, J. M.
Millspnugh and family, .Ins. Spencer mid
wife, FrniK Giegg mid wife, Ed. Church,
Mrs. J. I). Parish mid daughter. R. T. SyN
vniius nnd family, Mr. Jcuo I). Moore, Mrs.
Anna Miller, Ml Lonn Gillespie, Mrs. I). G.
Courtney, Miss Irenu Wntkln, Henry Ait
kin, Mis. N. C. Brock mid daughter.
Visiting In vnrioti ))art of state.
Many tieoplo linvo dllllculty liifliiillugshoe
narrow enough to lit their feet snugly. To
nil such It may lw or interest to know thnt
Briscoe tho Shoo Mun lu the Kxoiltlon store
mnkes a sH3clalty of carrying n full line of
narrow width. The attention of Indies Is
Invited to tho large and varied niortuicntof
shoe mnile by Orny Bros. These manufact
urers have au established reputation for mak
ing a superior nrticle. Briscoe ha their
shoe on common sense, opera nnd medium
0ern Inst. Ho hn welt nnd turned s' oe.
In width he cntrle from AA to E. Lndlcs
wanting flue nnd durable goods should not
fall to call ou Brlicoo.
The Lincoln Steam Laundry having re
cently chniigeil hands nud undergone many
Improvement I now better than ever pre
(Mired to execute work lu the very host man
ner, promptly mid nt popular price. Mr.
A. W. Day tho now proprietor ha adopted n
new nud iiupiovcd process for wuihingmid
handling garments, by which no blench'ug
or Injurious inatf rials nre used: the llueit
fabrics such a silks, laces, flounces, llauuel
or cotton goods nre lattudrleil in first das
manner, without the least damage. One trial
will convince the most skeptical that the Lin
coln Steam Laundry does thu finest work lu
the city. All good called for and delivered.
Telephone 1W.
On To lloston.
On account of the G. A. H. encampment to
lie held August IS to 10, tl.o Chicago & At
lantic will hell excursion tickets to Boston mid
Routes Passenger are given their choice
of either the following:
1. Vln Chlengo & Attnntlc, I). & H. C.
nnd Fitch burg Rys., through the Western
Reserve, nlongChnutnuqun hike, througli tho
oil nnd coal regions of Pennsylvania and
New Yoik, the great Uooac Tunnel, tho
cities of Akron, O., Klnilrn, Albany, N. Y.,
S. Via C. & A., Erie and N. Y. & N. E.
Ry., i-amu a route ono to Hlnghnmtnu, N.
Y. Beyond these croslngs tho Hudson river
at Nowburg, and traversing the stnte of
onnectlctit and Rhode Island by daylight
pasting through the cities of Hartford, Dan
bury and Waterbury, Conn., reaching Boston
in tlmo for supper.
U. Via Chicago mid Atlantic to New York
City, thence via either of the rail line to
Boston or (4) via New York and Sound line
Tickets will bo sold Aug. 8, 0 nud 10, good
going three days from date of sale and to re
turn at any time up to Sept. SO. Tho rate
for the round trip from Ohlcngo being $10.00
for the first two routes, fSI.IM) for the third,
and f.ii.00 for the fourth,
i Stop-overs will be allowed at certain
prominent points enroute. Both Pullman
Palaco nnd Pullman Tourist cms will be run
through to Boston without change.
For further Information uddrca F. C. Don
ald, G. P. A. Chicago & Atlantic, Chleago.Ill.
Notice of Hutu Under Chatlle Mortguge
Notleo Is hereby given that by virtue of a
chattlu mortKiiKO dated on the 3d day of Au
gust, ISA, and duly tiled and recorded lu the
ottlec of tho county clerk of Lancaster county.
Nebraska, on th Utli day of August, lHvl, and
executed by I'latt llaylcss to William Deerlng
it Co. to secure tho payment of the sum of
fR.fiO nnd upon which there Is now due the
sum and 8 I1- cont- from August :td,
lSWH. Ilol'ault having been made lu tho pay
ment of said sum, nnd no suit or other pro
ceeding nt law having boon Instituted to re
cover satd debt or any part thereof, therefore
I wilt sell tho property therein descrllied viz:
ouo six-foot UeeriugUlnnt mower, at public
auction nt the ware house of Wnlllugrord A
Ulianip, corner of Eighth nnd N streets, In the
city of Lincoln, In Lancaster County, on tho
2tlh day of August, 18U0, at 2 o'clock p. in., of
said day.
William Dkkrimo A Co..
' Mortgagee.
Dated August 7th. 1890.
8-'J-3t Sclleck A Lane, Attorneys.
A Fine Crayon
1124 0 ST.
Erery customer gets a head
and shoulder Crayon Picture
Free from any and all cost.
This work is made direct from
any photo you may want
copied. Call and look into
this matter.
A Beautiful
Tablet Form
Envelopes to Match.
Wessel Print. Co.
MoCONNIFF 11773 Way. '6 hands, 1200 weight, 3 years old. By Clielton by
the great PR1NCEPS by WOODFORD ISfAMBRINO :2itf.
Flsrt dam Flush by Mr. Manner's Kutbonrnt trial 2:26, own full brother to
AVuwi j:iS( nnd out of the dam of Mr. Uonurr's Maud S, a;oSi(
best on record to date. McConnlff unites the blood of seven of the
gieaicst mares ol the greatest families nnd every animal In ,
three generations Iniack of him is STANDARD. Bred nnd
reni lcauow farm, New York. He Is one of the Grandest
1 oung uorscs in me wnoie iount
.u,. .,. uiwi maiuun iuim,uuioi cruurc oy iiaroiu tne sire ot Mr.
Bonner's Mnud S, 2:08 J, best on record.
COL. GORE 10112 Chestnut, 16 hands, 1200 weight, 4 years old of extra bone
and sutlstancc and great power. By the Great Camainer, liobt. Mc
Gregor t:nyt the sire of Bonnie McGregor 2:1314 and about 14 other
in the 2:30 list. His SONS are producing nnd his GRAND SONS arc
performing. He Is the greatest Grand Sire living today, opportunities
considered. He has been in the Mud in Kentucky but 5 years. Hi
oldest get there now coming 4 years, and Ills get of two seasons In Rock
Island, Illinois, alrhady stamp him a Second George ll'ilhes; ills family is
already established and recognized as one of the greatest of the present
day. Ills fee In Kentucky U $500, and he himself was recently sold for
1st dam lied Rose by the great Sire Red Wilkes the sire of the great Campaigner
Princes Wilkes 2:14. She was fast at 2 years old doing a mile in 2:2
and at 3 years old a half In 1 :i 1 U .
Mr.... n, Cl-nni rn.tni.. I.-..-...
2nd dam Bet fivj-ceby Corbean9S by Black
Full own sister to Hilly
on record to date in a race.
ting 2:29 and dam of Corbean Medium by Happy Medium.
3d dam McGinnis Mare Sally by Tom Hale bv Rraxton.
dam of Billy Boyce 2:19 Saddle '2: 14;.
" " Rose Standlsh 2:29.
" " Lady Gregory the dam of.
' " lercmlah 2:221
" " Konautz 2:29
" ' Sanforth Keith 2:32, and also dam of Martha who is the dam of
Charley P. trotting 2:25 Charley P. pacing 2:17.
Lady Gregory Is full sister to Blll'y Boyce 2:19 saddle 2:14' and also to
Rose Standlsh trotting 2:29
The McGinnis Marc Sallv and lier daughter Lady Gregory are both now In Wallaces
"GREAT UROOD MARE LIST" the most exclusive of all lists
Martha also takes high rank as a brood mare.
4th dam Daughter of Harlan's Eclipse by Potomac.
5U1 dam Daughter of Mountain Leader.
Major Edsall 211, record 2:29, winner of 15 Races outof 31 starts all
on half mile track. Grand Sire of Major Wonder 2:19'$, Grand Sire
of abous 15 In 2:30 list. Sire of Clavton Edsall the sire of Jewel 2:2914.
S re of Robt. McGregor 2:17. Major Edsall was Campaigned all his
in tss, otuui
CORBEAN 98, by Black Corbean.
Sire of Bill v S, 2:14;.
Sire of Billy Boyce, 2:19.
Sire of Billy Boyce Saddle 2:14, nd of 3 or 4 others In 2:30 list. Also
Sire of Lady Shcllbark the dam of
Bonnie Boy, 2:29X1.
J. K. 2:2214-.
Sire of the Dams of Valkyr 2:19, and of 8 othcrsMn 2:30 list.
Grand Sire of Frolic the dam of Gensc. 2:26V.
Great Grand Sire of Llbby S, 2:191.
wiitin.n,,iTw? Sn) wm'.01 4 n 2!3 :Ut- One Son Sire of Rosa
Ilklnson the dam of Wilkin, 2:27.
LADY SIIELLBARK dam of Two Pacers In the 2:30 list Is also one of the "Great
iSrooil Mares,
COL. GORE unites tw-o of the 1 greatest of Modern trotting families, and Robt. Mo
l.regor and Red Wilkes are recognized as two of the coming "Greatest
Sires of the day. Col. Gore through his frcxlucing dams, the wonderful
and extreme seed ollhe Corbean family, (the Pilot Junior of his day)
well backed up by throughbred nnd old Kentucky saddle stock Is one of
the strongest and most fashlohably bred Colts In the entire state-bar
none. He Is a lilghprlced and very valuable young horse. Is now in
training and quite speedy. Ills fee, and also McConnlff's, for 1801. w
probably be advanced of which due notice will be glvcn-both horses
however, after training will make a FALL SEASON this year at
present terms.
COL. GORE Is the sire of 2 foals owned by Geo. A Slneerlv Editor PhlladMnhi,
"Rccordand a crop of youngsters In KentuckyMSyfar ml 3 of wffil,
after inspection are pronounced really first class In every particular! Soour
advices state balance not vet heard from. Both colts the nrrm.rt f
James E. Smith Lincoln ebraska are located SFMrGiSunJ.XtrSlIni
vlstors whether Interested or not will be cheerfully shown the horse
av$ixiGs2rm """" r -& ss
6th August, 1890,
Line of Fine ' J
j' a;1
1 136 N STREET.
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