Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, August 09, 1890, Page 3, Image 3

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Alice Isaacs
Very Low:st Prices.
(In the Hloro of llcynmn A. Dutches,
1518-20 Famam Street
That hiiH ever used the
Yost Writing Machine
Gives It I ho distinction of IsMng, tlio Peer
among Typewriters.
lwi-ai N St.
Courier lliillilliig
The so-called 'Webstor's Un
abridged Dictionary" 'which is
belntfbuwked about tbo country
und oNitlmI for snlo in Dry Goods
Stores at 11 low price, and also
offered jih a premium in a low
oases, for subscriptions to pa
pers, is substantially tlu; book of
The body of tho work, from A to Z, is a
cheap reprint, page for page, of the odition
of 1847, reproduced, broken type, errors
and all, by phototype process.
Get the Best! w,,.!.rfnt. ",""
Helile m:nyotliennlimUo feature, ltconirle
A Dictionary of the Language
containing 118,000 words nml.Tnoo i:ti;nivliiK,
A Dictionary of Biography
giving filets nloiit nrnily 10,0m) Noted rcrpuiin,
A Dictionary of Geography
looming nml briefly do'crlblm; VtjuM I'Jacee,
A Dictionary of Fiction
fotiml only In WiOihier rnatriilged,
All in One Book.
The New York Tribuno.iy itmreeoi?nimi
m tlio inort ileui cltlti; "wnnl-ltook" of
tlio Kngllh laiijituK nil over tlio vtnrM.
Sold liy nil Ilonkfollor. Pamphlet free
C. A C. MERRIAM & CO., Iiil'r,Pirin6nclil, Mms.
With Mimtir lliintl IlnlMctiirc tin-Hnurci
nun Pitfalls Tluit i:ntlr Unwary IVet
DurliiK tin- Period Thnt Should tin llo
yntctl Iti-nt.
HitooKLYN, Aug. a. Como yo yourselves
port Into a desert plnco, nnd rest awhile.
Mark vl, ni
Ilrro Christ advises his apostles to tnko
ft vncntloii. They hnvo Ix-on living nn ex
clteil an well ris a liHcful lift, nml ho ml
vises thnt they get otit Into tho country.
I am glad that for longer or shorter tlmo
multitudes of our pooplo will linvu sum
incr vacation. Tho rullwny trains nro be
ing Inden with passenger and luggage on
their wny to tlio inotttitnlns ami tho sea
shore. Multitudes of our citizens nro pack
ing their trunks for a restorative nbscnco.
Tlio city hviiU nro pursuing tho pooplo
with torcli und fear of sunstroke. Tho long
silent hulls of sumptuous hotel nro nil
nbuzr. with excited arrivals. Tho crystal
line surface of Wluuiplscogco Is shattered
with tho stroke of steamer, laden with ex
cursionists, Tho antlers of Adlroiidnck
deer rattle under tho shot of eltysports
nicn. Tho trout make fatal snaps at tho
hook of ndrolt sporUtmon and toss their
slotted hrilllnuco into tho gnmu luuskut.
Already tho baton of tho orchestral leader
taps tho music Htand on tho hotel green
and American llfo puts on festal array,
and tho rumbling of tho teuplu alley, ami
tho crack of tho ivory balls on tho green
buizo billiard tables, and tho jolting of
tho bar room goblets, and tho cxploslvo
uncorking of champagne bottles, nml tho
whirl and tho rustle, of tho ball room
danco and thoclnttcrlug hoofs of the race
courses nttest thnt tho season for tho great
American watering places is fairly inaug
urated. Music lluto nml drum nml cor-net-n-piston
nml clapping cymbals will
wako tho echoes of the mountains.
Glnd I am that fagged out American llfo
for tho most part will liuva nn opportunity
to rest, and that nerves racked nml de
stroyed will find n Hethesda. I belluvo In
watering places. Let not tho commerchil
llrm begrudge tho clerk, or tho employer
tho Journeymnn, or the patient the phys
ician, or the church its pastor a scuhoii of
Inoccupation. Luther used to sport with
his children; Edmund Hurko used to caress
his favorite horse; Thomas Chalmers, in
tho dark hours of tho church's disruption,
played klto for recreation as I was told by
his own daughter and tho busy Christ said
to tho busy npostles, "Como yo yourselves
npnrt into a desert place, and rest awhile."
And I liavo observed that they who do not
know how to rest do not know how to work.
But I Imvo to declare this truth todny,
thnt some of our fashionable, watering
places nro tho temporal and eternal de
struction of "a multitude that no man can
number," nml ntnld tho congratulations of
this season and tlio prospect of tho depart
ure of many of you for the country I must
utter n note of warning plain, earnest
and unmistakable.
Tho first temptation that is apt to hover
in this direction is to leave your piety all
at home. You will fend tlio dog and cat
and canary bird to 1h well cared for some
whero else, but tho temptation will bo to
leave your religion in tho room with tho
blinds down and tho door bolted, ami then
you will como back in tho nutumu to Hud
that it is starved and suffocated, lying
stretched on tho rug stnrk dead. There is
no surplus of piety at tho watering places.
I nover knew any one to grow very rapidly
in grace at tlio fashionable summer resort.
It is generally tho case that tlio Sabbath is
moro of a carousal than any other day, and
there nro Sunday walks and Sunday rides
ami Sunday excursions.
TIANS. Elders and deacons and ministers of re
ligion who nro entirely consistent at homo
sometimes when tho Sabbath dawns on
them at Niagara Falls or tho Whito moun
tains tako tho day to themselves. If they
go to tho church, it is apt to bo a snered
pnrnde, nml tho discourse, instead of lielug
a plain talk about tho soul, is npt to lo
what is called n crack sermon that is,
sonio discourse picked out of tho effusions
of tho year as tho ono most adapted to ex
cite admiration; and in those churches,
from the way the ladies hold their fans,
you know that they uru not so much im
pressed with tho heat ns with tho plctur
csqueiiess of half disclosed features, Four
puny souls stand in tlio organ loft nml
squall a tuno that nobody knows, anil wor
shipers, with two thousands dollars' worth
of diamonds on tho right hand, drop n
cent into the poor box, nml then tho bene
diction is pronounced and tho farco is ended.
Tlio air is iKiwitched with "tho world,
tho llesh and tho devil." There aro Chris
tinas who in three or four week in such a
place have had such terrible rents made In
their Christian robe that they had to keep
darning it until Christmas to get it mend
ed I Tlio health of a great many people
makes an annual visit to some mineral
spring an absolute necessity; but tnko
your Hlhlo along with you nml tnko an
hour for secret prayer every day, though
you bo surrounded by guffaw and satur
nalia, Keep holy tho Sabbath, though
they denounce, you as a bigoted Puritan.
Stand oil from these Institutions which
propose to imitate on this side the water
tho iniquities of olden time, linden-Baden.
Let your moral and your immortal health
keep pneo with your physical recuperation,
and remember that all tho waters of Ha
thorno nudsulphur ami chalybeate springs
cannot do you so much good as tho min
eral, healing, perennial Hood that breaks
forth from tho "Hock of Ages." This may
bo your last summer. If so, make it a lit
vestibule of heaven.
Another temptation around nearly all
our watering places Is tho horse racing
business. Wo all admire tho horse. There
needs to lie u redistribution of coronets
among the brute creation. For ages the
lion has been called tho king of beasts. I
knock oir its coronet ami put the crown
upon tlio linrso, in every way nobler,
whether In shape or spirit or sagacity or
intelligence or direction or usefulness. Ho
is semi-human, and knows how to reason
on u small scale. Tlio centaur of olden
times, putt horse and part man, seems to
bo u suggestion of the fact that tho hnrso
is something more than a beast.
Job sets forth his strength, his beauty,
his majesty, thopinitlugof his nostrils, tho
pawing of Ids hoof, ami his enthusiasm for
tho battle. What Itosn iionheur did for
tlio cattle, ami what Lundscor did for thu
dog, Job, with mightier pencil, does for tho
horse. Eighty-eight times does the lllblo
speak of him. He comes Into every kingly
procession, nml into every grent occasion,
and into every triumph. It is very evident
that Job and David and Isaiah and Ezuklcl
and Jeremiah ami John were very fond of
tlio horso. Ho rutuo into much of their
imagery. A red horse thnt meant war; a
black horse that meayt famine; a pale
horse that mount death; a white horse
thnt meant victory.
An tho lllblo uinkes u favorite of the
horse, tho patriarch, ami tho prophet, nml
tho evangelist, nml tlio apostle stroking
Ids sleek hide, ami patting his rounded
neck, and tenderly llfttng his exquisitely
formed hoof, ami listening with a thrill to
tho champ of his bit, so all great natures
lu all ages have spoken of him In oneoinl
astlo terms. Virgil in his (Jeorgles al
most seems to plagiarize from tho descrip
tion of Job. Tho Duko of Wellington
would not nllow nny one Irreverently to
touch his old war homo Copenhagen, on
whom 1m had ridden fifteen hours without,
dismounting at Waterloo, nml when old
Copenhagen died his muster ordered a mil
itary salute llred over his grave. John
Howard showed that ho did not. exhaust
till Ids sympathies lu pitying tlio human
race, for when sick ho write home, "Has
my old chulso horso lieconio sick or spoilodr
Hut wo do not think that tho speed of
tlio horsa should bo cultured at tho e::
(hmiso of human degradation, Horse races
in olden times were under tho ban of
Christian people, and In our day tho siiino
Institution lias come up under fictitious
names, and it Is culled a "summer meet
ing," nlutost suggestive of positive relig
ious exorcises. And it is called un "ugri
culturnl fair," suggestive of everything
that Is Improving In tho art of farming.
Hut under these deceptive titles aro tho
samo cheating and the same betting, tlio
sninu drunkenness and tho samo vagabond
age, and the same ubomlnat ions that were
to Is found under tho old horso racing sys
tem. I never knew it man yet who could give
himself to thu pleasures of thu turf for a
long reach of time and not lx) battered lu
morals. They hook up their spanking
team, and put on their sporting cap, anil
light their cigar, and tnko tho reins, and
dash down tho road to perdition. The great
day at S.iratoun ami Iiug brunch ami
Capo May, ami nearly all tho other water
ing places, Is tho day of tlio races. Tho
hotels aro thronged, nearly ever" kind of
equipage Is taken up at an almost fabulous
price, ami there aro many respectable poo
plo mingling with Jockeys ami gamblers
and libertines mid foul mouthed men ami
llashy women. Tho bartender sUrs up tho
brandy smash. Tlio liets run fjigh. The
greenhorns, supposing all Is fair, put lu
their money soon enough to lose it. Three
weeks K-foro thu race takes place tho strug
glo Is decided, ami tlio men in the secret
know on which steed to let their money.
Thu two men on tho horses riding around
long before arranged who shall beat.
leaning from the stand or from tho car
riage are men and women so absorbed in
tho struggle of bono and intisclo and met
tie that they mako a grand harvest for tho
pickiKJckets, who curry oir tho pocketbooks
ami portmnuuaios. Men looking on see
only two horses with two rldors Hying
around thu ring, but there is many a man
on that stand whoso honor and domestic
happiness and fortune wlilto inane, white
foot, white Hank aro in the ring, racing
with Inebriety, anil with fraud, and with
profanity, and with ruin black neck, black
foot, block Hank. Neck and neck they go
in that moral Epsom.
Ah, my friends, hava nothing to do with
horso racing dissipations this summer.
Long ugo tho English government got
through looking to thu turf for tho dragoon
and light cavalry horse. They found tho
turf depreciates tho stock, and It is yet
worse for men. Thomas Hughes, thu mom
br of parliament ami tho author, known
all thu world over, heirlng that a now turf
enterprise was being started in this coun
try, wroto a letter In which ho suld:
"Heaven help you, then; for of nil thu
cankers of our old civilization there Is
nothing in this country npnrouchluu in
unblushing meiune.s.s, in rascality holding
its he-id high, to this belauded Institution
of tho Urltish turf."
Another famous sportsman writes: "How
many fine donuins luvu been shared
among these hosts of rapacious sharks dur
ing tho last two hundred years; and unless
tho system bo filtered, how many more are
doomed to full into tho same gulfl" Tho
Duko of Hamilton, through his horso rac
ing proclivities, in three years got through
Ills entire fortune of $:0,000, and I will say
that some of you aro lulug undermined by
it. With tho bull lights of Spain nml tho
bear baitings of tho pit nny tho Lord God
uuuililluto tho Infamous and ucourscd
horso racing of England ami America!
I go further and speak of another temp
tation thathoversover the watering places,
ami this is tho temptation to sacrifice phys
ical strength. Tho modern Hathesda was
meant to recuperate tlio physical health,
und yet how many como from tho water
ing places, their health absolutely de
stroyed! New York and Hrooklyn Idiots
boasting of having imbibed twenty glosses
of congress water before breakfast. Fam
ilies accustomed to going to bed at 10
o'clock at night gossiping until 1 or -o'clock
in tho morning. Dyspeptics, usu
ally vivy cautious about their health,
mingling I eo creams and lemons ami lob
ster salads ami cocouuuts until thu gastric
Juices lift ui all their voices of lamenta
tion ami protest Delicate women and
brainless young men chassuin them
selves into vertigo and catalepsy. Thou
sands of men and women coming buck
from our watering places in the autumn
with thu foundations laid for ailments that
will lost them all their life long. You
know ns well ns I do that this is tho simple
In the summer you say to your good
henlthi "Good-by; I am going to have it
good time for u little while. I will bo very
glad to seo you again iu tho autumn."
Then in tho autumn, when you are hard at
work iu your ollico or shop or counting
room, Good Health will come and say,
"Good-by; 1 am going." You say, "Where
aro you going)1" "Oh," says Good Health
"I am going to tako a vacation"' It Is a
poor rule that will not work both ways,
and your good health will leave you
choleric! mid splenetic und exhausted You
coquetted with your good health in tho
summer time, nml your good health is
coquetting with you iu tho wintertime.
A fragment of Paul's charge to the jailer
would Imi an appropriate inscription for
the hotel register iu every watering place,
"Do thyself no harm."
Another temptation hovering around
the watering place is to the formation of
hasty and lifelong ulliiinces. The water
ing places are responsible for more of the
domestic infelicities of this country thou
all thu other things combined. Society is
eo artificial there that no sum judgment
of churuiter can !. formed. Those who
form ('ompanionslilpi amid such eliciim
stauces go Into a lottery where there are
twenty blanks to ono prize. In the'severo
tug of life you want moro than glitter and
splash. Life Is not a ballroom where the
music decides the stup, and Isiwaml prance
ami graceful swing of long trail run make
up for strong c iiumon sense. You may us
will go among tho g tyly painted j adits uf
iv Rimmcr regatta to Hud war vessels us t
go among tho light spray of the summer
watering placo to Hud character that can
stand the test of tho great struggle of hu
man life Ah, iu tho battle of life you
watitastiouger weapon than a hue fan or
a croquet mallet t Tho loud of life Is so
heavy that In order to draw It you want a
team stronger than one made up of a mas
culine grasshopper and a feminine butter-
If there is auy man In tho community
that excites my contempt, and that ex
cites tho contempt of every man and wo
man, It Is tho soft handed, soft headed fop
who, perfumed until the air is actually
sick, spends his summer In taking killing
attitudes and waving sentimental adieus
nml talking Infinitesimal nothings, and
finding his heaven III the set of a lavender
kid glove Hoots as tight as an Inquisi
tion, two hours of consummate skill ox
hlblted lu tho He of a llainlng cravat, his
conversation made up of "All's" and
"Oh's" and "He-heo's," It would tako five
hundred of them stewed down to mako a
teaspoonful of calves' foot Jelly. There Is
only one counterpart to such a man us
that, ami that Is the frothy young woman
at tlio watering place, her ceiiversutlou
made up of French moonshine; what she
bus on her head only equaled by whit she
has on her back; useless over since she was
Imrn, und to lie useless until she Is dead;
and what they will do with her lu the next
world I do not know, except to set her
upon the banks of thu ltlver of Llfo for all
eternity to look sweet I God Intends us to
admire music ami fair faces nml graceful
step, but amid tho heartlessiiess and the
Inflation ami thu fantastic Influences of
our modern watering plniw lsiwaro how
you mako life long covenants!
Another temptation that will hover over
tho watering place 1st hut of baneful litera
ture. Almost every ono starting oir for
tho summer takes sumo ivadlng matter.
It is a book out of tho library or off tlio
hook stamU or Isiught of tho boy hawking
books through tho cars. I really bellovo
there Is more pestiferous trash read aiming
the intelligent classes Iu July and August
than lu nil tho other ton months of tho
year. Men ami women who at homo would
not Is) satisfied with a book that was not
really sensible I found sitting on hotel pt or under tho trees reading books the
index of which would mako them blush If
they know that you knew what tho book
"Oh," thuy svy, "you must hovo Intel
lectual recreation!" Yes. There is no
need that you tako along into a watering
place "Hamilton's Metaphysics" or some
thunderous discourse on tho eternal de
crees, or "Farudoy'n Philosophy." There
are many easy bisiks that aro good. You
might as well say, "I propose now to give
a little rest to my digestive organs, ami in
stead of eating heavy meat and vegetables
I will for a little while take lighter food a
little strychnine and a few grains of rats
bane." Literary poison lu August Is as
bad as literary poison iu Decemlier. Murk
that. Do not let thu frogs and the lice of
a corrupt printing press jump and crawl
Into your Saratoga trunk or White moun
tain valise.
Would it not be an awful thing for you
to lx) struck with light uiiigsomu day when
you hud lu your hand one of these paper
covered romances tho hero a Parisian
roue, the heroine an unprincipled lllrt
chapters in tho Isiok that you would not
read to your children at the rate of 100 a
line! Throw out that stuff from your sum
mer baggage. Aro there not good books
that nro easy to read Isioks of congenial
history, books of pure fun, books of poetry
ringing with merry canto, books of fine
engravings, lmoks that will rest thu mind
ns well us purify tho heart und elevate tho
.vholo llfuf My hearers, thero will not lsi
an hour ls'tween this and tho day of your
death when you can afford to read a Imok
lucking lu moral principle.
Another temptation hovering all around
our watering places is tho Intoxicating
lssverage. I am told that it is bccoiuliiK
moro mid more fashionable, for women to
drink. I cure not how well a woman limy
dress, if she bus taken enough of wine to
Hush her cheek und put glossiness on her
eyes she Is intoxicated. Hho may bo handed
into n &!,;oo carriage and have diamonds
enough to confound the TllTanys sho Is
intoxicated. She may Ihj a grudiiutu of u
great institute and thu daughter of somu
innn in danger of lsdng nominated for the
presidency sho is drunk. You may imvo
a larger vocabulary than I have, and you
may say iu regard to her that sho is "con
vivial," or sho Is "merry," or she Is
"festive," or she is "exhilarated," but you
cannot with all your garlands of verbiage
cover up the plain fact that it is un old
fashioned case of drunk.
Now, tho watering places aro full of
temptations to men und women to tipple.
At the closo of the teuplu or billiard game
they tipple. At tho closo of the cotillon
they tipple. Seatcsl on the phua cooling
themselves off they tipple. The t!n'cd
glasses como around with bright straws,
and they tipple. First they tnko "light
wines," us they call them; but "light
wines" are heavy enough to debase the ap
petite There Is not a very long rouil Im1
tween champagne at five dollars per Imt
tlo nml whisky at llvu cents a gloss.
Satan has three or four grndes down
which he takes men to destruction. Ono
man ho takes up, and through one spree
pitches him into eternal darkness. That is
u ruro case. Very seldom, Indeed, can you
find a man who will 1m- such a fool ns that.
When a man goes down to destruction
Satan brings him to a plane. It is almost
a level. The depression Is so slight that
you can hardly seo it. Tho man does not
actually know that ho is on tho down
grade, and it tips only a little toward
darkness Just a little. And tho first mile
it Is claret, und thu second inilolt is sherry,
and the third uitlu it is punch, and tho
fourth mile it is ale, and thu fifth mile it is
porter, ami the sixth mile it is brandy, and
then it gets steeper and steeper, and thu
man gets frightened and says, "Oh, let mo
get off!" "No," says tho conductor, "this
is an express train, ami It does not stop
until It gets to tho Grand Central depot of
Siniisliupton." Ah. "look not thou upon
tho wine when it is rod, when It glveth Its
color iu tho cup, when it moveth Itself
aright. At the last it blteth like a serpent
and stiugeth like an adder."
My friends, whether you tarry at homo
which will lie quite as safe and perhaps
quite at comfortable or go into thu coun
try, arm ourselves against temptation.
The gr ice of God Is the only safu shelter,
whether in town or country. There are
watering places accessible to all of us.
You ca.iuot open a book of the Hlhlo with
out ttuding out some such watering pluej
Fount!. Ins oMH for sin ami iincleaullu.s;
wells of salvation; streams from Lebanon;
a Hood struck out of the nck by Moses;
fountains in the wilderness discovered by
llagar; water to drink and water to bathe
in; the river of God, which is full of water:
water of which if u man drink ho shall
never thirst, wells of water lu tho Valley
of liaco, living fountains of water; a pure ,
river uf water us clear us crystal from tin
der thu throne of God.
These aro watering places accessible to
all of us. Wo do not hnvoa laborious pack
ing up Isiforo wo start only tho throwing
away of our transgressions. No oxons!vo
hotel bills to pay; it Is "without money
ami wit) out price." No long ami dirty
travel ! fore wo get tlierv), it is only one
Htep awa;'. In California In five minutes I
walked nnniud and saw ten fountains, all
bubbling up, ami they were all different.
And lu live minutes I can go through this
lllblo parterre ami Hud von llfty bright,
sparkling fountains bubbling up into eter
nal life.
A chemist will go to ono of these sum
mer watering places and tako the water
ami aualyzelt,nml tell you thutltcontnlns
so much of Iron, nml so much of soda, nml
so much of lime, nml so much of magnesia,
I como In this Gospel well, this living
fountain, ami aualyxo the water, nml I llnd
that Its Ingredients ant pence, pardon, for
giveness, hope, comfort, life, heaven, "Ho,
every ono that thlrsteth, como yo" to this
watering place!
Crowd around this llethesda today I Oh,
you sick, you lame, you troubled, you dy
ing crowd around this Hethesdal Step lu
It! Oh, step In III Tho angel of tho cov
enant today stirs tho water Why do you
not step lu Itf Homo of you are too weak
to tako a step In that direction. Then we
tako you up lu tho arms of our closing
prayer nml plunge you clean under the
wave, hoping that tho cure may Imi us sud
den and as radical us with Cunt. Niiamau,
who, blotched ami cnrbiincled, stepped
into the Jordan, nml ufter tho seventh
dive came up, his skin roseate complex
loned its the llesh of a Utile child.
A. Hlnaldl, of Orlando, Flu,, has a twenty
five cent coin of a Spanish denomination
dated 1 77.1.
It is reported from China that during
storms iu tho Cheklang province hailstones
of such enormous size fell as to destroy
houses and animals.
The Maori women lu New Zealand aro
killing themselves In their efforts to wear
corsets since they have seen them on tho
missionary women.
Few ladles consider that they curry some
forty or fifty miles of liulrou their head;
the fair hailed may even have to dress sev
enty miles of threads of gold every morning.
About 70 per cent, of tho students a'.
Georgia's State university are pcsir boys,
who are lu their places through rigid econ
omy practised at home.
As soon as thu horse earn from Calm to
tho pyramids aro completed, and the work
is nearly done, an elevator will Imi made to
tho tops of the venerable piles, so that as
cent may 1st made quickly nml comfortably
to tho modern traveler.
Among thu centennial commemorations
of tho city of Odessa thero will lsj tho es
tablishment of a medical department nt
the Novorosslyskly university of that city,
nml the erection of new buildings for the
Judiciary departments, tho postal tele
granh olllccs, tho hospitals and tlio lusnno
asylum of tho place, nml nlso a now Jail.
Tlio family of tho Into Daniel .Manning
have given to the city of Albany the largo
photograph of tho treasury building at
Washington taken for the Into secretary
by the supervising architect's bureau. Tho
picture is 8 by 6J In size, ami is hand
somely framed In curved Irish oak.
Hythu English law heirlooms nroexeiupt
from probate duty, so the duko nt Hamil
ton paid nothing on the treasures of ids
palace when ho came into possession In
1HiI. Hut when ho sold them they ceased
to Imj heirlooms, it appears, and thu Isiard
of inland revenue has shocked hisgtuco
with a sudden demand for 18,000, or it per
cent, on thu fK)0,000 realized from thu
Hamilton palace Mile.
Tlio Idlest researches show that in Homo's
most flourishing period sho had 1,300,000
inhabitants; iu UUA A. D. sho had 1100,000;
in 11177, 17,000; under Io X, 40,000; in 1KI7,
about !U1,000; iu 1871 It rose to UH.OOO, In
1881, 300,000; In I88'J, moro than -110,000.
The Cravatesor Croatian soldiers (10)1)
wore a baud of stuff round their throats to
support an amulet they wore as a charm to
protect them from sulier cuts. Thus, what
Is'gnn iu superstition lu the Seventeenth
century ended in the fashion, which still nl
tnlns among thu gentlemen, mid bitterly
among tho ladles of wearing a cravat, or
rather a scarf or necktie.
There is an Interesting schemu for estab
lishing a floating hotel nt Hong Kong.
Tlio vessel Is to have three decks, tho lower
ls'lng arranged for dining, billiard, smok
ing ami card rooms. Tho main deck will
contnln a drawing nxim, twenty-ono lssl
rooms, each with a full sized bath mid
dressing room, while the upper, or spat
deck, has Wen arranged as a promenade.
On tho Isidy of a suicide found iu tlio
street the other day was the usual letter of
explanation, containing this unusual state
incut, ofTcnsl apparently us a reason for
rushing out of life: "I have found out that
I liuvo had iv double nature for years. At
times I may Ihj tho lcst mini in tho world:
but lit others I um llublo to Injure my Is-st
An eminent physician of St. Petersburg
was culled to a patient, a young lady ot
goisl family, suffering with nervous pros
tratlou. On examination ho found that
tho young ludy hud taken pnrt in hypnotic
seances and hud lx-on hypnotized severnl
times. Ho reported tho facts to tlio mod
leal council. A commission of three emi
ueiit physicians examined the patient ami
substantiated the fact thut her ailment was
due to hypnotic practices
A ItullriiHil O III re In Summer.
A day or two after Chnuncey M. Depow
willed for Europe a stranger sauntered
Into the ollico of tho president of tho New
York Central railroad mid uskul to seo Mr.
"He lias gone to Europe," sold the colored
sentinel at tho door.
"Can I seo Mr. Du Vulr" said thu strati
ger. "lie's gone to Enrols), too," was tho re
ply. "Well, can I seo Mr. Cornullus Vander
1Ilt " was the next question.
"He is iu Newport."
"Can I sisi W. K. Vmiderblltr"
"He is iu Newport ulno."
"Where can I find Vice President
"Hi) has gone to Albany."
"Whero is Vice President Hiiydunr"
"Ho is out of town "
"And Vies President Webbf"
"He Is in Europe."
"Can I see Superintendent Touceyr
"He is up thu road."
"Well, where is General Passenger Agent
"He has gone to Capo May."
"Well, who in thunder Is running this,
ratirouitr e.xciuiuiea mo stranger lm
patiently. "I guess It do be ruunln' itself." replied
tho li:ipe'trlnblo sentinel Now York i
I'lirmitiriinl Mr. Coiitirml, Who U About
tin Yours Old.
On a farm about six miles from Manches
ter, In,, lives Christian Coonrad, a nntlvo
of CuntlHuluud county, l'u., who was born
Hept 21), 1780. Desplto his great ago hit
busies himself lu caring for his cat Ho and
hogs, cutting wood, and raising com and
Hut It Is not. for his yours alono Hint Mr.
Coonrad Is worthy of notice. He Is one of
the very few sur
viving vrtoruns of
tho war of lHl'J.
Ilu took part lu
thu assault on
Q u o o II s t o w n
Heights, was In
tho battle of Fort
Erie, witness oil
Ferry's great na
val victory, ami
received an honor-
lllllll l1lnftli,lftru itf.
Mr Coonrad uiiirrloil sixty years ago.
Ills wife still lives, ami tho couple hovo
eleven children, forty-two grandchildren,
and thirty four great-graiidchlldreii. Tlio
old gentleman lias used liquor and
tobacco ivjl his iluys, believes In personal
liberty, goes to bed at 3 a. m., gets tip nt
8 a. m, nml votes tho Democratlo ticket
whenever thero Is an election.
Tim Novel lliiiini to lln Provided for nn
Scattered throughout tho United States
at different times there have risen Ico pal
aces, crystal palaces, bliiegruss pnlneos.
corn palaces, summer palaces and mineral
induces, Now another ono Is building a
iiay palace.
Some tlmo ugo thu good people of Mo
uicnco, Ills., looked out upon thu vast
Kankakee mnrshes from which tho peopln
of tho vlcliiugo derive their chief Income,
and concluded that after hnrvesting and
,n ft a
ui a b a i
baling the wild grass thoy would use It to
build n buy palace iu which to hold an In
terstate exposition.
Tlio atructiire. whoso walls are to Is)
constructed of tho big bales, will hovo a
length of '-IH feet and a width of 170. Tho
display will Include collections of live na
tive fish, geological, Isitaulcal, ornithologi
cal and zoological exhibits, Indian and pre
historic relics and representations of thu
products of fnrins, factories, forests mid
mines, Tho exposition will lie opened by
Governors Flfer, of Illinois, mid Hovey, of
Indiana, and one or more piohilnent speak
ers will bo secunsl for each day of tho ex
position. Tho list will include ex-Governor
Palmer, Senators Allison, Voorhecs nnd
Ciillom, Congressmen Pnyson, Cannon
und probably Mason, ami Hob Hurdctto.
X l'iviniiii Yiiclitainiui's Hudileii Dmitli.
A prominent man lu yachting circles re
cently deceased Is George U'o Schuyler,
who passed away suddenly the other morn
ing iu Ids stateroom on the Electru, thu
lont nt tho tlmo being niiehored off New
Ioudou, Conn. Mr. Schuyler was Isiru iu
181 1, mid i 18(1, with others, founded tho
New York Yncht club, besides being tho
oldest, inemlierof that Inn l,..n.-ii
nlso the solo surviving owner of the fu-
tnuus mil sciiooner yncht America, which
won thu Hoyal Yacht Squadron cup now
known as tho America's cup atthoCowes
regatta of Aug. 23, 18.11, doVatlng eighteen
eiurk Ilrltlsb rrnft. In ilinl. triun.1,. i'i...
cup thus won Is-camu thu almoluto proper-
,.. ,,t I. ........... , .. l... .:... . i x
vj ... . ,,- w ,. iiL-ia vt. biiu ni-iimjiiurn t ,, .1.
C. Stevens, Hamilton Wilkes, Geoigo L.
Schuyler, James Hamilton, J. II, Flnlay
and Edwin A. Stevens. On July f, 18.17,
they transferred it to thu New York Yacht
club as a perpetual challenge cup, for
which any organized yncht club of any na
tion might compete. Iu December, 1883,
thu cup was returned to Mr, Schuyler by
thu club, who, iu lfs:i, returned it under
new conditions In the olnli In 1KU7 ,.
cup was uguiu returned to Mr, Schuyler,
wiiu iiiikiu out. a unru. neeii oi gut, under
which tho club now holds the cup. With
in tho hist few months Itliuil lx.ti Min.....ui-
ed that the run mIioiiIiI mini mnm lu, n,.
turned to Mr. Schuyler so thut another
ueisi oi gut migni is) drawn up, which
would satisfy every one. His dentil ends
this controversy, however, as thu English
must now nice lor tlio cup under the exist
ing conditions or not nt nil.
A Thu I'liiKureil Wmiiler.
A romurkublo young colored man Is ben
jamin Franklin Dixon, of St. Ixmls. He
bus but two fingers, yet with the ai( of
mechanical armngeinents ho enn piny on
eight musical Instruments at will thu
harp, horn, harmonica, brass and snare
drums, triangles,
Isillsnud pipes. A
brass und leather
con trl v a ii o e
around his neck
holds the wind in
struments, so that
by stooping for
wurd slightly he
win reach them
with bis mouth.
An electric button
under one foot
councils with the
snare drum ami
ihiiis. i ne ii ass
drum and the
cymbals he plays
11 1. DIXON.
fastened to his elbows.
liy means of u conl
The other elbow
operates the triangle. On his head is tusi
oned a friinio with Isils lu it, and while
arms, bend mid feet are busy he carries the
air he is playing on a harp.
Dixon lost the gienter part of his hands
two jears ago. Ho nnd another negro were
rivals for thu favor of the same girl. Dixon
won, and the jealous suitor put a dynamite
rocket In his IhsIi-ooiii. When it went off
It took with ft eight of Benjamin's fingers.
Tho crippled musician is accomplished
iu other thiuuH than instrument playing.
For example, ho can put his mouth over
the rim of a Is-er glass mid toss off the con
tents at one gulp.
Speculations in Virginia real estate nro
Mild tohavo mad- bertha von Hillorn rich.
She is a German woman, not yet old, who
trumped the tan bark iu walking mutches
for several years that sho might earn
tuouey to pn for a thorough couro of art
itudy. Now sho is quite a clever painter.
iVwi. k
kLu"vrTi it&ti n?sl? (ffiiTii
fi fi n . THO i7f" " '1
uumjti m hi 3 i mm i
--in ('I P" "i"""i