Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, July 12, 1890, Page 8, Image 8

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Saturday Evening, July 1 2, '00
Crnr loth and P Street.
-ii:ai.i:rh in-
Amcricnn, French, British
and German,
Dry Goods
"Tlm Courier" I"ir Hwle 111 Omitliii.
Copies limy 1 found nt Keith's newsstand,
310 Routh Fifteenth street, Boyd's cient house
Herpolsheimer & Go.
Exposition Building.
Ttio Courier Cim bo Found At
Windsor Hotel Now Htnml,
Capital Hotel Nows Htunil.
Exposition DlnltiK Hull Nows Hliiml.
The Ootlmm Nuws Htmul, 118 Houtli llth Ht.
Bert Uufthor, 111 North llth Htrrut.
K.l. Young, 1020 () Mreet.
Plotchor A Co., 1120 U Htreot.
Llttlo Hiort Ulnar Htoro, 113 North 12th HU
pT"An extra supply of papers In always lort
t the Oothnui, In ease other Newsdealer
supplies run short.
1137 O STREET.
"Wiuit" Ail for the Journal.
In order to ne the convenience of lu
patrons who niny with to use the "want" col
umn of the Jnuntil the Couhikh ofilce will
receive such advertisement nt the regular
rates mul transmit thorn to the .on nui.
l.ccal mul Personal.
YVhitebreast Coal iuhI Lime Company.
Lincoln Ice Co., 10 10 O St. Telephone 118.
Take Turkish at 101(1 0 street.
Mineral water used ror bathing, 1010 O st.
Don Cameron serve the finest coffee In the
Belts & Weaver, coal and wood, 105 O
street. Phone 440. tf
Canon City Coal at the Whltebreait
Coal and Lime Co.
Far flno watch rehiring goto J.M. Mnrkell
A: Bon's 1235 U street.
Doctor Bailey & Goodell, ofilce 1347 Ij
street. Telephone, 017,
Improved shower for Turkish baths at 1010
O street, basement Union block.
Only place in Lincoln that use mineral
water in Iwths la at 1010 O street.
' Dr. R, L. Moore, olllce IW-Kl Lattrt block.
Residence 1(01 Washington st. Telephone !58l.
A second-hand Remington tyjiewrlter In
good condition for salo cheap at the Couhikh
All the best Batteens worth SO, Stt and 40
cents at 10 cents at Herpolsheimer & Co's,
Exposition Department Store.
Prompt service, pure and wholesome focKl
and the belt of everything Is always found at
Don Cameron's.
Ladles, misses und children's hats bleached,
dyed and reshaped in all latest styles.
6-14-St 133 South Thirteenth street,
China firing at the studio every Monday.
Edith Russell, room 10, The Bond, corner
Twelfth and U. streets, tf
Dr. C. B. Manning, ofilce rooms 00 07-&
Burr block. Telephone Sail. Residence Cor,
20th and F. Telephone 830.
Ladies will find a complete line of line shoes
and all the latest stylos nt the proper prices at
Sberwin's Boston Shoe Store.
All the bot Batteens worth ISO, 5 and 40
cents at 10 cents at Ucrpolsheimer & Co's.
Exposition Department Store.
Instructions given and orders received in
china and oil painting, pastel and water col
ors. Minnie Kramer, 831 J street.
Scott Bros, make a specialty of prtscrlti
tion work, and having one of the most compe
tent prescription clerks, with fifteen years
experience, can assure all patrons accuracy
and prompt filling of all orders. We use none
but the purest drugs and make charges rea
sonable, Whm you use engraved cards or invita
tions, you have the finest work of the kind
that can be produced. Even her royal high
I), Queen Victoria, ues Just such engraved
cards as are sold at the Couhikh otllce, but
instead of I.lueolulu pitying 13.60 to $5.00
per hundred for them, which is the price in
London, New York and Chicago, they pay
but 8.50 iwr hundred. And this price does
not change the quality of material or work
raaiutiip, for in the large cltiea you pay for
style,' while in Uncoln in order to create a d
Rwad we mutt get down close to cost price.
Call asd we our work.
II, (loldttulth, for tliu iHift twenty years it
resident nud merchant of Philadelphia, I
linvlnir l.ltmdii n vlalt llila wwli ultli n view
of locating, lie Is so well pleased with tint
cny limine thinks or imyiiig it, nmi in ciiao
his olTcr to the council Is not accepted ho ill
manage to secure local Intercuts nnd excts
to rat his lot with lis In thn fnll Mr. (lold.
smith's son, who rninu to Lincoln several
tuoniiis Ago, im noon writing homo In such
praise of this city that the "old man" nr
rived on tho sjsit to see for himself nud with
the results above stnteil. They will oH'ii nn
extensive house furnishing goods store hero
nltout ReptemlHr flrst,at which tlnm the fnm
lly will Iw removed to Lincoln from the
Quaker City. The Couhikh is plenwd to
roiigrntulato Messrs, (loliUtulth t Son on
their choice, for nfter visiting various other
K)lnts Lincoln seems to hnvo real I ted tholr
Idenl view,
Jus. Lewis, the rustler nud one of the tnnn
nglng jwirtners of tho Iwls Hnrdwure and
Implement Co., left for tho riiht yestenlny.
Ho will stop nt Kreeiwrt nnd see tho Henry
Rt'KKJ' Co. to arrange for n line buggy ex.
hlblt nt the coming Stntu Fair, nfter which
ho will do Uhlcngo, He excet to return
noxt week with his estimable lndy, whohns
U-en visiting nt Klklmrt nnd uufortunntely
tK)k sU-k w hllu there, but is now considered
sulllcleutly recovered to le nblo to Journey
Prof. Ollwntilt sends the Couhikh n pro
griini of thu Theo. Thomns orchestra oteiilng
in Chicago Monday evening nt theExHltIon
building. The llt shows somo of Thomns'
most exiiulilto selections together with u nuiu
Iter of uownrlns. Prof. Olbenult wrlts tho
Couhikh thnt he has ln-en Invltwl to render
11 nUmtMr nt It I7rnll.l linl'lni imnrwirt ,, lu.
given at Mine. BehwerU's beautiful home
next Mondny evening, nfter which he will
iimiu uiu trip in uio iiiouxnuu Jslnliils.
A plensnnt outing party ut Uuslimnii
U ediirodny uvi-nlng wns coiuiiosed of Mr.
nnd Mrs. 11. II. Patrick, .Mr. nud Mrs. Minou
(Iregg, Mr. nud Mrs. Geo. Clarke, Mr. and
Mrs. Stlrej, Mr. nnd Mrs. George Brown,
l)r. nnd Mrs. Iittu, Mrs. Espy, Mr Htull,
Mr. MohiiMistcher, Mr. Thompson, Sir. Hall,
MIssBabln of Ileatilce, MIsih Mlniilo and
Olive Latin.
J. W. Clltrlsht will fnka liiirtr.. .if tl, ..I.,.
department of the .niiriiuf tomorrow. Ills
work while In Omnlin nttrncted the ntteution
of the lit nnd brought n linndsoiue offer from
thntNiier, but tlio.oiirnnf very wisely con
cludetl that It could not nlrord to lose him
audit llindtl thu lliCihsnrv nrnuii'..iii..iit m
kivp hlm.
Miss MnV Burr, lifter n livn lii
Onmhn with the fnmlly of Judge Dundy, hns
returned. While nt tho inetroK)lis Mlsallurr
m-elvisl instructions in swimming nt tho
mnviiaiiHoriuiinuin such excellent remit h
thnt sho hns btcoiiiu miltn mnut..r nt ii...
Charles W. Krankle. tlm liiiiwlunmn un.1
courteous gentleman nt Semmons' store, Is
I'miiuiiiK ii inp io uoiwnoo, nnd it is hinted
that one of the fnlr sex out there will lie
mnde hnnnv bv the visit it . .mu,n.u.i
that his nirwtions were centered In New York
Jesse J. Rooks fell out of n llilnl ilnru !..
low at the Uslwlth block Tuesday morning
linn mm oi ins injuries shortly nfterwnrd.
He wns sitting m the window and is supposed
to lmve fallen nslcep. At one time he was In
the grain business with Win. Coombs.
Mrs, L. C. Burr und daughter. Mnv. ox-
liect to leave in n few days for a trip to tho
northwest, their objective point being Olyni-
pia, vt nun., me homo or .Mrs. Burr's niece,
Miss Loiui Giles, who visited here lust sum
Miss Katharine Bmford of Chicago will
make her llrst visit to Lincoln next week.
She will tie the guest of her cousin, Miss
rnuuie minora, i weniyviixin sireet,aii(I will
remain till early August.
Miss Tote McMurtry, according to u letter
from Colorado received Thui-fday, has been
Improving and Is considered out of danger,
for tho time, which will lie grateful news to
all friends of the family,
Walt Roberts Is now thu owner of a verj
line undertaker's wagon one of the (litest In
thu land. The Couhikh Is pleased to note the
prosperity ho is enjoying, made apparent by
such enterprise.
Judge Parsons, formerly Mllce Judge of
Uncoln, but now practicing law at Grant,
was in town Wednesday to deliver Perkins
county to John Stewart for attorney general.
While in New York tin Couhikh'h travel
ing representative met Elmer. Stepheiuou,
city treasurer, who was rushing around
Gotham to place some of Lincoln's tionds.
John Gross was very handsomely remem
bered Tuesday evening by n company of
friends, who presented n gold handled um
brella to commemorate his fortieth year.
The plcnlo of Holy Trinity Sunday nchool,
announced for Wednesday at Cushmiiu, was
IKwtpoued on account of the hot weather nnd
the sIcknehM of the superintendent.
L. Wefeel, Jr. the Couhikh's great Ameri
can traveler, returned home Tuesday alter
a three weeks Jaunt through New England
and the eastern states.
Mrn.Tbos.Bowelland daughter left Tues
day for St. Paul, whence they will go on a
li ng trip east that will keep them away from
home until September.
Eugene Heaton has" received a diploma
from the Oriental School of Embalming of
Boston, and Is one of thu youngest embalm-ersinthecc-intry.
E. W. Pitcher of Denver, a cousin of the
late C. D, Pitcher, passed through Lincoln
Tuesday enroute home after a month's vacn
tion trip east,
Mrs. W, E. G. Caldwell has gone for a
summer stay among Wisconsin lakes, accom
panied by her daughter, Mrs. Daniel Cropsey
of Falrbury.
Prof. Hartley has resigned his positlou as
uierintendeut of Lincoln's schools to give
his whole time to his private alfalrs.
Mrs. V. Abrahamson has returned from
her Illinois visit and is entertaining her sis
ter, Mrs. Don Anderson of Axtell.
Lincoln people going away for a summer
vacation should remember that they may
have tho Couhikh follow them.
Harry Dow us has Ueu appointed by Census
Superintendent Porter to gather statistical
information from Nebraska.
Miss Tillle Humphrey is visiting at Mons
mouth, III., and will make a trio through
Canada before returning.
Mr, and Mrs. Win. T. Duncan of the Musee
lett Thursday for Bt. Louis. They then take
a trip up tho Mississippi.
MIssEllnll wlesofQulucy, III., Is visiting
Ml Jennie Kruno nt HI5 north Eighteenth
street, Mls Bowles will snnd tho greater
ni t of thu summer In Lincoln.
Miss Kiln Bowles of Qulucy Is visiting Ml
Jennie KrtiM. I-ii'or in tho summer they
w II) nmku n trip among thu not tliern Inkes.
Mr llnnsfoid Little nnd Miss Iauru Day
ton were mnrrltil Monday evening, Rov. L,
P Ltiilden olllclntlng.
Krnnk Dorgnn, who Inn lioeu visiting lu
northern Iown, uliout tho old fnmlly home, Ir
expected bnck today.
Prof. II. H. Jones of Eilo, Pa,, hns been
elected superintendent of the city's schools, nt
n salary of f 2tJ0().
Mrs. W. 11. Brown will leave lu about n
week for Boston to visit her dnughter, Miss
Florence Brown.
Mr. nnd Mrs. II. S, Goidnn hnvugoue for
n summer visit among fnmlllnr old scenes in
George Covert returned 'Monday from n
1 1 In to Denver, Mnultou, Emiiorin, Topcka
nnd Atchison.
Mr. nud Mrs, Charles S. Brown of Spring
field, III., nru guests of Mrs. Mnry Reed.
1TM O street.
Mr, nnd Mrs, A. M. Bnird left Sunday for
Colorado, where Sirs, llnlrd may remain for
the summer.
Deputy Register John Fnwell returned
Tuesday from a tilp througJi northwestern
Mrs, Zehruug has been irtilto 111 for pnst
ten days, but was reported convalescent
J. M. Holfmnn returned Tuesday after it
two-month swing ntound tho circle In the
Carl C. l-nntz and family left Wednesday
for nn extended tilp to Mllwutikeo nnd the
C. Vun Roden left Monday for St. Paul,
Minn,, to oiguuUe it cntnp of Modern Wood
men, J. Baughmnn nud daughter Minnie return
ed Tumlny from n sojourn nt Idaho Springs,
Mrs. Austin Humphrov nud Mrs, O. M.
Humphrey hnvo gone to Hot Springs, S. 1).
Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred Baldwin nnd sou, Mutt,
are off for a summer Jaunt north nnd east,
Mr. niidMrr. E. E. Bennett nrenwny for n
mouth nmoug tho resorts of Wisconsin.
Mrs. L. C. Pnco nud dnughter, Clnrklu, left
TliumJay for a lslt to Salt Lake City.
Will Johnson of the First National Is visit
ing at his old home, Cumbildge, Ohio.
A tnrilf leform club hns been orguulrcd
with James R. Covert ns secretary.
Misses Myrtle Bohaunu ntul Mny Grnut nre
siendlug several weeks at Seward.
Mrs. James Partington nnd dnughter left
AVednesday for n trip to England.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Huddlesou nru on for n
trip through Canada and tho east.
Russell Brvdon returned Wednesday night
from it business trip to Chicago.
Miss Mary CnllKcr of West Grove, Iown,
Is visiting Mrs. B. F. Scott.
.Mrs. J. W. Menlovo nud daughter left
Thursday for Freeport, III.
Misses Jennie and May Underwood are
visiting nt Dayton, Olilo
Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Bell returned Monday
from tholr western Jaunt.
Mr. and Mr. R. H. Moffatt were in Wash
ington, D. C, this week.
Mrs. Cnrolluo Williams Is spending the va
cation ut Oswego, Kas.
Mr, nnd Mrs. John Sheedy left Wednesday
for it trip to New York.
Prof. Parks hns gone to Pennsylvania for
tho summer vacation.
Mrs. R. M. Simons nnd daughter nru visit
ing nt Geneva, N. Y.
Miss Belle Sablu or Beatrice Is visiting Mrs.
II. B. Putrick.
Lieut. Grinith left Sunday for Mllwaukeo
and Pittsburg.
The Misses Cook of Norfolk are guests of
Mrs. A. Bax.
W. O. Fletcher and daughter have gone to
J. 11. Lcmlit returned Tuesday from Chi
cago. I rank E. Lahr Is on it trip east.
Rov. E. S. Ralston Is home.
(.Other Social News on Page 2.
That tired feeling now so often hoard of, is
entirely overcome by Hood's Sarsaparillu,
which gives mental und bodily strength.
The attention wild by tradesmen to the
tatte and preferences of tho fair sex is one of
the features nfJmodernhusiness. Tills Is con
spicuous in no lino more than In tho shoo
trade, and the ladles of Lincoln have awak
ened to the fact that Briscoe the Shou Man Is
catering to their trade most successfully with
a big stock, a beautiful store, Kl!te salesmen
nnd courteous treatment. Special attention
Is invited to the lino of ladies' fine French
shoes with front lace and patent leather trim
mings, also to tho line of tine dongolas with
patent learner tips lor misses und children.
These nre but two line. There are many
others, und all tastes cull be suited.
The leading question now is; "Are you
provided with a bottle of Chamberlain's colic,
cholera and dlnrrluua remedy, as a safe-guard
against an attack of bowel complaint during
thu summer months l" No family can afford
to risk being without this Invaluable incdi
cuioiiuring tne not weaiuer. it is almost
certain to lie needed, and Is a friend' Indeed
when required, as it never falls and is pleas
ant anil safe to take, 25 and 50 cent liottles
for sale by A. L. Shader.
Housekeeping Made I'.U'y.
The torrid season has come upon us In
earnest, and after such n cool spi lug it Is se
verely felt among the large and estimable
class of women who do their own work it Is
a pressing problem how to lighten their work
and still not reduce the comforts of home.
On this head a few suggestions may not
come amiss. Cooking is of course the chief
labor, and it is surprising how much more of
it Is done than is really necessary. Few peo
pie know how completely a fumlly may lo
provided for froiji the .shelves of it good
grocery stock. Ill these' modern times there
are ready made soups, potted meats and
fowls, cooked vegetables, relishes, crackers,
cakes and other things that, If carefully se
lected, fix the meal almost ready to bo set ved
tho moment they are oiened. By steeping
tea cold and serving it iced the necessity for
a tiro is wholly avoided. And a three-minute
tiro will provide soup and warm such articles
as are preferred that way. I.. Meyer & Co.
advance these Ideas and present the stock
from which are to be procured tho articles
necessary to carry them out.
Furniture, carets and general merchan
dise, sold on easy weekly or monthly pay
ments. Address R. Goldsmith, rare drawer
03, City.
What is Scrofula
It li tlist Impurity In tho hlisxl, which, ncrutmi.
luting In tlm gUtuM l Hie neck, irolucoi uti
alfditly ltitiiMnrwvltliiK wblch mines julnful
rutmliiK tores on tlio nruii, lct!, or fecti which
loToln. ulcers In tlm ejci, cnri, or noie, often
canting- MlnihieitnrilonfneMi which U Hie origin
of iilinplci, cnticrrom urowlln, ur many other
inanlfettntlnn uiualljr nicrllieil to " humors "
It It ii more fiinnlilalilo rnemjr than coiimniptlou
or cancer Mono, for scrofula romlilncs tho wont
H)Mllilofriiturptof hotli, llcliiKtlio molt ancient,
It It tlm most Konrrsl of all illicniei or sffoctlout.
for very fow crniit nro entirely freo from It.
How csti It l)i rureil T lly taking Hood's flaria
pnrlllu.wMeli.liy the cures It lias scrompUilicil,
ottcu when other ineillclnes have failed, liai
proTf ii Itself tn lie s potent nud peculiar medicine
for tlilt illicain. For nil nlTrrtloni of the Mood
llood'a Sariaparlll t It unequalled, and ioino of tho
t urea It has effected aro really wondorf ul. It you
suffer from tcrof uU In any of Ha various formi,
be sura to em Hood's Rarispsrllls a trial.
Hood's Sartaparilla
Boldbyalldrugjiiu. ltUforJ. I'reparsdonly
by 0. 1. 1IOOU CO., Apotkacarlea, Lowell, Mast.
IOO Doses One Dollar
You cannot afford to
waste your money in ex
perimental trips by other
lines represented as being
equally as good as the
"Burlington." They are
General Passenger nnd Ticket
N6W in the Exposition !
Wall Paper Emporium
I3attei Tfte Waft t?aier Man.
American Unlit Hammer
Largest and Finest
Stock of
Pleasure Wheels":
in the city.
R. R.
Ideal Rambler,
H sfSll
tJJmi flsi Rkl I Oi sfifcfln
1204 and 1206 0'
Wheels for the Nation
All Kinds ! All Sizes !
American Champion,
1540 O STREET.
yi.iiTinxoou rqrijj'wsrri u.i u.i tu:oi.ijcT i.m 1 1 ixi fl rae
Street, Burr Block
Passenger nnd Ticket Agent,
( Will be found in the center isle, second iloor, at head
of the stairway. '..In Ills new quarters the stock will em
brace the finest line of Wall Paper and Decorations
ever shown in the west, Including
Imported Embossed Papers,,
Silk Decorations,
Artistic Ingrains, Etc.
And in fact all the latest productions of the Wall Paper
Industry will be shown by
American Itnmhler.
Every Style Known,
to the Trade
at Wholesale and '
&c CO.
.I'.iM imirfil dm Hi