Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, July 12, 1890, Page 3, Image 3

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Copyright by Anvrlcnti I'rcM AMoclAtlon.
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"What Is tho reason," exclaimed a do
spomlcut young man, "that tho more
money a girl has tho uglier she is?"
This seems to bo a common impression, i
but in sail Francisco tho facts do not hear
it out. Even tho rich girls aro pretty there,
and as for tho penniless lovers they aro
simply distracting, but that is a way tho
penniless lovers have tho world over, much
to tho disgust of mercenary and match
making mammas. Hero Is a group of
beauties, however, of which each and every
one was born with a solid silver spoon in
her rosy mouth.
This stately girl with tho willowy figure
and haughty carrlago is Miss Graco Mc
Donough and is the heiress toi cool three
millions. Sho is tho daughter of Mrs. Kate
McDonough, who built the California tho-
ntre, ami a cousin of Mrs. Fred Muy and
Mrs. Henry Moss, who are so well known
In New York. Sho has an exceptionally
sweet face and is attractive enough to play
tho rolo of Cophctua with signal success if
sho needed.
Tills dainty little creature, a regular
Queen Mab of girls, Is Miss Carrolao. Sho
Is round and dimpled and sunny haired
aud has a complexion like a Dresden shep
herdess. Sho is as good as silo is pretty
and spends no end of money in charity.
Sho Is immensely rich, aud life is full of
zest and enjoyment for her. Sho Is tho
very Hfo of charades and no new "fad" is
started without her npprovul.
Miss Ella Good is ten times prettier than
a picture. Sho is one of a trio of lovely
girls, daughters of V. F. Good, tho rich
banker. She and her sisters aro ex
tremely beautiful and impassably ex
clusive Miss Good's stylo Is very classic.
MIS3 KI.I.A (!(K)l).
She has waving musses of bronze hair,
which foils owoy from her low forehead In
crinkling strands; a complexion like ala
baster or, rather, like tho puro dead white
of a magnolia. Her eyes aro of that pe
culiar, clear, steel gray, with dilating pupils
which give a brilliancy never to bo ac
quired by belladonna or even by that
modern uecromaucer, tho beauty doctor,
charm she never so wixcly.
Tho Good residence at 'Washington and
Hough btreets is a magnificent structure,
It took about UOO.OOU of Papa Good's
dollars to build it. He expended muny
thousands mo.e in the purchase of furni
ture, pictures, statuary, etc,, and has made
Ills house a palace. Miss Good inherits
her father's amlablllt). They are south
erners, Ansa .Jennie Dumphy It hrowu haired and
ftoft eyed. Her elder sister married an
actor, much to the amazement and horror
of her family. It was a genuine love
match, and there is a touch of rvmaiicii
about it that appeals to every Imagination.
She was deeply attached to her handsome
bohetnlau huhband and was very happy
with him, but nlio only 1 1 veil n short tttno
after her marriage. Her husband wan com
pletely prostrated by her midden death,
and in two weeks ho followed her to t ho
grave. IIo wiw Htrong and In tliti very
prime of life, and the doctor could llnd no
urtma for the malady which killed him.
Old faihlotied people nay it was u broken
heart that killed ldm. Her Muter' death
left Miss Dllmpliy the polo hclren.i to over
$3,000,000. Shu 'Is a charming brunette,
with npnrkliiig eyea and perfectly molded and bust.
Ml Dumphy'H father la among the limit
extensive land owner. In California. In
I Nevada he hits 100,000 acres which are tle
i voteil to cattle raising, as It another enor
I mous tract In Tesas. Near Soledad, Oil.,
ho owns u farm of 15,000 acres, a magulll
ceut property and one of the llnest In the
; Htato. At the topof tho WashltiKtou street
hill, tho highest point in Sin KriincNeo, is
tho homo of tlio Dumphys. It commands
a vluw of tho wholu city and tho bay, and
1 Is surrounded by a splendid deer park.
Mr, Dumphy was born In Ireland, while
his wife Is a native of Miuny Spain. This
perhaps accounts In a measure for Miss
j Dumphy's dark rich beauty and for her
I wonderful musical taste. Sho lias a splcu-
did soprano voice, and Is an expert pcr
; former on the piano, giitur and mandolin.
I Among her many other accomplishments
may bo noted a thorough knowledge of
German, Spanish and French, 'icrfect free
dom in tho water and a firm seat on horse
' hack It is even said in the latter connec
tion that she went with her father to one
of the cattle round ups at Soledad, and
that she distinguished herself there both
as a horsewoman and a thrower of the
i lariat.
i Miss Kmlly llagar Is the daughter of the
Into Senator llagar, of California. Her
mother was a fatuous St. Imis belle in
antu-lclluni days, and Miss Hagar inherits
her glorious Issauty and exqulMto grace of
manner, Her eyes are dark ami melting,
anil her luxuriant hair is of a rich brown.
She Is full of esprit ami a daring wit.
.ii:xnik iii'Mriir.
"Kmlly llagar can sa the most auda
cious thlnu's in the most gutless way I ever
saw," said a gilded youth, who was be
wildered by a sharp retort, delivered ill the
soft voice and sweet maimer peculiar to
MIkh Hngar,
Miss llagar is also a highly accomplished
young woman. She is a thorough mind
clan, an expert equestrienne, an amateur
artist of ability and speaks several lan
guages. She Is said to bo the host dancer
in San Francisco.
Miss Hlsscll is a vivacious, light hearted,
merry eyed girl, with red gold hair, a rose
leaf skin, a pair of megnltlcent shoulders
and a glance that works untold havoc in
tho hearts of susceptible youths. Shu is
young and graceful and gracious. Sho Is a
Midas in petticoats as fur as money goes,
and she enjoys life immensely. Sho says
sho has such a good time that sho cannot
make up her mind to give up single blessed
ness, and sho horrifies her friends by in
istlng that it is her fixed determination to
die an old maid, The melancholy swains
who are always In her train look desperate
at this announcement, but sho only smiles
at their discomfiture and goes on laughing
her way through the world. All these
girls are native born Callforiilans, and de
votedly attached to the land of sunshine
which gave them birth.
Annik Laukik.
Tho Kmporor William Is about to send
the sultan a magnificent Saracen sword of
j on or which has lieru made at Uerliu.
The blade, which Is of the lluest steel. Is
heavily Inlaid with gold, and the handle is
a lion's head, with gold oririmontatlau,
tho eyes lietng made of rubies. Tho hilt
bears tho monograms of tho emperor and
tho sultan.
Vi t- MEmm i
-C5,' - c3 .- Mr
frfr Y
A UlntuLo bouitinlirrn.
Tho myr.teriti of time and npncit mp
hard for llttlo minds to grasp, and tho
questions of children on these subjects are
natural, although they often sound odd
enough. Llttlo Hote, whoso fourth birth
day came around not long ago, rottld not
get her small mind clear alsmt the extent
to which that anniversary extended.
"Mamma," sho said, "this Is truly mv
birthday, isn't ltr"
"Yes, dear."
"Hut Is it my birthday all over tho
world V
"Then does everybody in tho whole
world know that It Is my blrlhdayr"
"Why, no; I am afraid, my dear, that
there aro very few people who know It."
"Then," Hose said, with an air of con
viction, "you may think, mamma, that it
is my birthday all over tho world, but you
must Ins mistaken, or folks would have to
know It." Hostou Courier.
A Ili'fci'tl'i' Ui'pnrl.
Managing Kdltor- Look here, this report
of tho railroad accident Is very defective,
and 1 am surprised that an experienced
man like you should have written it.
lteporter Why, what's the matter with
ltf Doesn't it give all the facts?
"Oh, yes, the facts are all straight. Hut
In describing tho burning of tho mall car
you don't say anything about a 'holocaust. '
You neglect to say that tho day coaches
were broken into 'kindling wood,' and you
never once referred to tho 'miraculous es
cape' of tho pussongo-s who survived. No
account of a railroad accident Is complete
without theso features." New York Trl
Tln-y t'uy for the Lurk of Hiiinxi.
"I'm after gittlng titer house Insure fur
1B0, Hridgct."
"Arrahl an whero'a thcr money, 1'atr"
"False, they won't pay that till ther house
Is burnt down."
"Och, yer fule, ef they won't give It to
ye, now, dlvll a cent will they glv whin
there's" Harper's Weekly
I'lrcp by IVcci..
There Is a member of Congress who,
though always erudite In his remarks, has
a good deal of fondness for long words.
"Ho wems to weigh every word ho uses,"
said an admiring constituent In speaking
of him.
"If he does," wus the response, "ho takes
them in sections." Washington Host.
Only llcuHonulitt'.
Citizen How Is it that you are charging
such tremendous prices for lei? I under
stand that there is plenty of it, after all.
Ice Dealer Yes; hut bee how wo had to
worry iilsjtit it all last winter, when wo
thought there would be none. You don't
suppose we can worry like that and not
charge for itf Light.
Ton Hovcro.
Wife Wilbur, you haven't said a word
alsmt tho biscuits. I them all my
Husband You aru so forgetful, dear.
Do you not remember that tho doctor cau
tioned me to tall; of nothing at tho table,
but things light aud plcasingf Yonkcrs
MlntuUi-it Irf'iilriiry.
Magistrate Now, Scups, as tho gooso you
have stolen happened to be mine, I will lie
lenient for once and let you go unpunished,
but mind you are not caught again com
mitting the same oll'cuso!
Stups Thanlis, your worship; I'll lw
more careful next tiniel Gcrichrszcltung.
Ti'lliptiltliin Id'sUti'il,
f -
First Hoy- Hi, Mickey, come here an
git'r good smell o' roust beef.
Second Hoy Not ter day, Sklnney; ills Is
Friday.- Scrihnor's Magazine.
I'lliuiirlully CrlppliMl.
Tramp (plteously) IMeasi help a jioor
Kind Old Gent (handing him some money)
Mess me! why, of course. How are you
crippled, my poor fellowf
Tramp (pocketing the money) Finan
cially crippled, sir. Tit Hits.
IIn Cuinc rruiiiptly.
"I wonder if Mr. Onodkatch will come
this evening)'" said Suulo tb her father
"I hope not," roplled her father.
"Why, father, what ean you mean'"
"I am not prepared to return that money
I borrowed of him yet. I want a few days
more." Yankee Blade.
Joilt'iT UitvoiiKi'.
Muggius Funniest thing happened the
other day Jones was trying to make his
mule drink out of a bucket, when the ani
mal kicked him.
Colli) All, then did Jones kick thomuluf
Muggins No, he kicked tho bucket.
The Itlglit Trail;.
"I always keep my Iwys on the right
"How do you manage to do ltr"
"Oh! by lots of Hwltchlng." Chicago
Oil tlm StUBf.
Servant Madam, tho marquis is with
out aud desires an audience.
Star Actress (surveying a nearly empty
house) So do I. America.
Her I'referi-iiri.,
They stool on tlio Ih-ocIi by tlio hlllnwy m,
And It neonusi tlmt the swift linui-M raciHl;
Fur liu uug In luiu nnil no vm ln
Anil Ills una ws-i nronml her tnlt
Tilt')' UllU'llls) till' MlIN III till' IIIIMillllKllI kI.iw
Ah tlio xlilM wriit sailing l) ,
Ami tilt)' Huttly t'onvi-Vsoil III t lil'itt low
Ami lth man) a IcmlvrM.'li
"Oil, how I uIkIi Hint unnwl u yacht,"
Hal I lit' In it Mlxtfiil 10
"Hotv happy wn'il bo, nl how hrluht our lot,
As w n nnlUl o'er tli" oftt iilono!"
It was time rilit tlit-ii, m It nouiuml to her.
Hit pn'o-iviiCH to iit.if
"For my uit " s.ild kli.-. "I think I d prvfi-r
A ivre lilllu mimok jnt nou."
SQiiifrttito Journal
.Ai ill P-
Slio Out 1'olntrr.
Two men woro pluyliiK it gnmo of
tuohro in it drawing room car on thoHrle
road, and a llttlo woman who had u seat
near by watched tho play with great In
terost. Finally, us n certain play was
liuido she askedt
"Did he titko that trick with tho king
of IteurtsV"
"IIo took your (jueeu with his klugV"
"Just so, ina'uiii."
"Hut a queen la higher than a king."
"Oh, no. nm'ain, tho queen ranks one
below the king."
"Is that so every whert'V"
"Can't lie no iiilstakeV"
"Not the slightest. Don't you play?"
"Not much. My husband set out to
learn me, but 1 took all his kings with
iiiyilue.Mis.audlioKxit mad, mid quarreled
about It, and, and"
"And you don't play any tnorer"
"N no. sir, but I'll telegraph him
within the next ten minutes that I was
wrong, mid that all Is forgiven, and that
I'll return and lot hlin even take tho
bowers with ten spots If ho wants tot"
Now York Hun.
lllai'init'iirtiMt at Hi" I'nrk.
Brogin I'hwero'H tho gl-ialTy?
Facetious Keeper Hight in front of
Hrogin Doan' tell Kelly Oi seen it,
Joanna. I laid him n live dolly bet lusht
night they hod no wings. Puck.
A lllliall'll lltlllllllll'f.
"Miss Clara," began tho young man,
"it becomes necessary for mo to speak
to you upon u subject which deeply con
cerns us both. I will tlrst ask you to re
call to mind tho last evening I was here.
Wo parted, If you will rememlier, upon
tho stops. Ah I proceeded slowly across
the lawn the full moon camo from be
hind it cloud, and envelops! me In n
flood of mellow glory. Suddenly, Miss
Clara, it sveuusl to mo without u note of
warning, I was overwhelmed"
"Ono moment, Mr. Smlthem," inter
rupted the lieautiful girl as she stuck in
an extra hairpin and turned down tho
gas threcjuuartcrrt of an Inch. Then
drawing her chair still closer, hIio Indi
cated by u wave of tho hand that ho
could proceed.
"I was about to observe, Miss Guru,"
continued tho young man, "that I was
overwhelmed by tho onslaught of your
father's dog Grip, who ato up threo
weeks of my salary in half u minute, and
unless your pa antes up for that wilt
there Is going to bo war."
"Say no more, Mr. Smithers," replied
tho young lady, rising slowly and pain
fully from tho Jeuuess Miller position
that sho had assumed but a moment be
fore, and pointing to the door, "Go. I
will have pa send you a check for nino
dollars by tho first mail." Clothier and
Ills 1'lrnt KiiurlciiL'.
There was a shooting party at Blank
Hall, and among the guests was Sir X.
7i u very bumptious and overbearing'
man. His next neighbor was a quiet,
1 inoffensive country pursou who had not
reached oven to tho dignity of a living.
Sir X. Z.'s manner to t': meek llttlo
' ciirato was about iw offensive as it could
be without leading to u breach of the
peace. The enrato Iwro it all with ox-
' cmplary patience, and showed no out
ward expression of his intmo irritation.
At tho dinner table at night Sir X. Z.
and tho curate sat opjHisito to each other,
and tho conversation turned on tho sizea
of guns and lengths of barrels. Tho
curato nhot with u hiiiiiII bore, and ex
pressed his belief In them. Sir X. Z.,
who had lntni in India big game shoot
ing, thought to crush his clerical oppo
nent by Maying: "I you shoot
with u really big bore'" "Not till to
day," replied tho meek one. Tho laugh
that went round tho table was balm to
tho curate's soul. Churchman.
I'rctiMit Aililri's Unknown.
Visitor Can I see Mr. Couikjii?
Clerk--! think not, sir.
Visitor Isn't ho in?
Clerk-No, sir.
Visitor Out of town?
Cleric I think bo, sir.
Visitor Can you tell mo where Mr.
Coupon is?
Clerk No. sir, I cannot. Ho died last
Monday. Munsey's Weekly.
A IVrtliimit llxiiuirk.
I Mr l.-.,,,,H.. Wl.'a .... .. ..,.... ..
.,. t.wiiiiii'wi. nun ju ii rillllll I
Gabe Hoobles'
Gabe i whose suspuions have been
arousedi I s'pose a cut can look at n
king, lie? Judge.
A tliinsliT.
Smart--What do you think, Wooden,
of a man that will beat a woman nearly
it wee." ?
Wooden Why, it'H horrible, simply
horrible! Who hn& done it?
Stuart George Francis Train. He has
lieaton Nellie Hlyover nix duvs. Boston
I .U!h J I J I' '
The Grand Oil Stoves,
Leonard Refrigerators,
Garland Stoves,
Builder's Hardware.
1 1 2 2 N Street.
Who has the Exclusive Use of Steauna's Anesthetic
No Chloroform! No Ether! No Gas!
A Pull Set of Teeth on Rubber for $5,00.
All Fillings at the Lowest Rates.
Rooms 9.1-9596 Burr Block. LINCOLN, N1B.
Notary Public and Real Estate Dealer in City and Farm Property
North German-Lloyd Steamship Co.,
Hamburg-American Packet Co., and Baltic Lines.
Also Uollroail Aent for the Different Companies Kaht ami Wet.
Southampton. Havre, Hamburg, SteMcn, London, Paris, Norwav, 1M; mouth, Ilremcn,
Sweden, and any point in Kurope.
i'oht Order, and Foreign Exchange
L. MEYER, 108
liavliiK larK" rncllitleH eaitt with the IiIvrcM lliinkH mill HiivIiikn Iiihi It lit Ioiin. I am nro
luiri'il to iimlUMill klnilH r UmiiNoii I'lrl llml IMiilu MiirtiiiiKex, city or I'lirni Property.
Iroin 1 to fi yearn, at the liiwvm Interent. I iiImi ileal In Bcliool IIoiiiIn, Htatu, County unit City
WarrinilM, nino In Htete. CoiiiilyiiiiU City CeilineilCliilinit, niitl will iiIwiijh tiny the lilitlieHt
market price. Call mul lee meort'orrenixiiiil with me.
-vitoi, ami iii:taii.i:ks or .
1 M.I. AX) .Sii or It --
Superb Line of Flannel vShirts !
Outing-,, Cloth Shirt., Cashmere Shlrth, Silk SlilrU A full line of Lincoln Knitting
Mill Co Goods at Special I-ilce. to the trade and coiiMiiiier Agent, for Lincoln
Knitting Mill Co, Lincoln Sii-pemler Co., Uockford Soik and Carter' .Slipper.
The Choicest line of Perfumes. I). M Ferry's Finest
Flower and Garden Seeds.
127 South Eleventh street.
1'OH Tin:
Urnied to all prominent point u Kurope.
North Tenth Street.
206 South nth St , Montgomery Block,