Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, July 12, 1890, Page 2, Image 2

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for thi; l'uirn
Life Made Easy
More Comfortable
liver sold In Lincoln. To try tlicin on l
to buy. These good to be (omul only nl
Webster & Roger's
io.3 O Street.
Kino Hunt (.'nhlnots $1 iht ilunuii. Special
rates tit student. Call and seo our work.
Studio, 1314 O Street.
0)cu from 10 a. in, to I p. in. Huuila) .
Physician and Surgeon
Olllce 116 S. ISIcvcnth St.
Telephone! Olllce 0S5 Residence jfu.
( Sftriaiut.
1'rnotlco Limited to Discuses of tliu
Nervous System, Heart and Blood
Hon, Win. Leeso, Attorney (lone-nil.
linn, T. I.. Norvnl. Associate Justice.
Jones' National Hunk, Howard.
Ultireuv nuuuni nanx, Ulysses.
OrnOKi Wii O (street, LINCOLN, NKII.
Principal Points
- AT
1044 O STREET.
City Passenger Agent
Grand Drawing
Loteria de la Beneflcencia Publlca !
ok Titr.
State of Zacatecas, Mexico.
AsyniUruto of capitalists have Msnireil tho
concession lor operation till
mul will extend Its hiutucs throughout tlio
United Hlntcs and llrllltli Cotuinhln.
llolow will bo found 11 list of tlio prizes which
Mill bo drawn on
July 23, 1890,
and continue monthly thereafter.
lOO.OOO Tickets at IO.OO. Halve.,
wn.OO. Truth, Sl.OO. American
I 1MU7.LVOK IK,Oftl U I.'io.uw
1 1UU7.K OK fAftH) U
iiuii:ok ttvwu..,
a P1U 7. K8 O K in.uuo aro
I'ltl.KHOK Muiuro
2.UM aro
10 I'ltl.KSOK
aui'HI.KHOP,... .
1,0)0 are.,
JO are , -in.ux)
imaro 4vuu
lOuare .,,.,., ftJ.UX)
150 IMtlZEH OK ,. IIW am KiJM
1M) l'ltlKH OK I IX) are
ISO HltlKS OK .... ft) ure ?,Siu
OW Terminal PrUeaor SO are , ,fttO
Ul.lllt KATESi tl Tickl for 50.0(l.
city lu United States and UrliUh America.
Tlio payment or Prlxesi Ktianinted by a
special deposit of flvo hundred thoiuaud dol
lar ((SOU,(H). with tho Btato (loverniueut,
and npprqvod by Jesus Areohlgu, Governor
Drawing under tlio peronul supervision or
Ue. HermlDlo Arteaa, who Is appointed by
the Government a Interventor.
"iCichtikv that with tho Btato Treasurer
all iieccesutry utinmntoesurodeposltod iissur-
tnic full pay mentor all prUesortldsdrawlUK.
, HjSttnlNIo Aktkaoa, Interventor.
' f '.INfOltTANT.
' "'"lloinlttunce must bo cither by New York
Draft Kxpress or itogUtorotl lAitter, American
" Money. Collection scan be made by Kxpress
'.' Companies or Banks. Ticket sent dlro.'t to
inauiiiteiuwit will to pnld by draltson New
' York, Montreftl, Ht. Paul, Chtej(0, Han Fran-
elK-oorClty of Mexico. Kor furthor Infor-
JUAN ri3SAI. Manager,
Zftcater, Mexico.
A pnrlado tU
Among tlio l.llicolnltos who went to tlio K
l encampment nt Milwaukee were (iciicinl
and Mrs. XV, L. Dayton, Col, and Mm. K. It,
HUcr,Jrlm Morrison, Captain XV II, Merger,
Meut. II. i:. Clmppel. I.leut II V. Hotiicuus,
XV XV, Clark, M. I), Cliiuy, T XV Proper, J.
0. Davis, Hold, llromi, T. .1 llonIiv, Frank
Ilensley, Iloltert Williams, H (J. Ynte and
sister, Henry Webb, K (J Merger. O XV
Vnmlevrr, (I K Vniiilever, .1 K llnyden, L,
1. (lay lord, XV. (J Jon?, .1 Crlstopher, II.
1'ylt, V Lcedoin, A. H. Ilmvuiuii, II. M.
PehiH'MVi.U. XV, Until, Mr. anil Mm. (I II.
Crnuibill, .1. M. Doubt, U. It. .MocMt, 0. C
Itlee, .1. It, Carder, Johu Krnnklln, II. H.
The engagement between a well know 11
JMiiiK limn nnd a young huly not now hi the
city ban Ih'uii declared oir by tlio latter Tho
tiiobnblllly li Hint If you try to guess the
parties to this uirslr y on will inaken mistake,
llrst, because tills ciiKngcment wiim not known
to exerylKidy, and, second, because them am
Nevetnl young ladles now out of ton 11 who 1110
known to hold that Interesting relation to
Lincoln gentlemen. It N not lair to these
ladle to mention their names, and therefore
you had better do your k1'hI'k In your
mind or In the secrecy of your own chamber.
Of the tovcrnl Fourth of July plenlo part
leu probably nouo iw Jollier tlimi Hint which
drovo out to Woodland. It watt composed of
Messrs. llobt Mulr, F XV, Meyer, Frank
Hnthiway, John T Dorgan, Lew Marshall,
K. O, Ilradley, C Y, Htnltli anil It M. Joyce.
Misses Lilly Hatlmwny, Nelllo Whlt., Kvn
Murphy of Grand Inland, Anna Funke Alleo
Cow dory, Kittle Cowdery, (lertrude Mnr
iiuettoniid Mb 1'oivors of Mississippi.
A. C. Cniixr, formeilyln Zleincr' ticket
olllce, wan lu tlieelty Monday on liU wny to
ColoiadoHptliiKH, width polni ho will
inakoa llyliiK Jump t the Hplill Like le
Rntta, He Ik now holdliiK down a xnltlon at
Ht. LnuUlii the ituieial Utlglit iIMch oftho
.St. IniN. Keokuk it Noithwi-ntorn railroad,
a dependency of thu Q
The follow lit); ladle hnvu Uen rcvlocted
prlnclpnU of their novum! nclioots: Mm.
lloweii, Kveret nclinul; Ml Scliuckuinn,
Ilrjant IiuIIiIIiik: Mb llutuoll, llnncrott
building; Mm. Hani, l'reeott fchool; Mm.
IMnnnN, KUIntt ncliool: Mr. TIITany, Cnpb
tnl hcIiooI: MIm Hardy, I'aik.
Among the teacher who went to thoblg
convention at Ht. I'aulwero Huierliitendent
F. 1). McClunky, I'rof. and Mm. (I. II. Line,
F. F. llcixo. Ml. 8. K. lUttckHh-e, Jlle
Jennlo nnd Kntlo lluncher, Mr. and Mm. L.
Front, I'rof. nnd Mm. dvoige K. Howard.
Quite a nuinber of Lincoln people know
Mlfttf (lllllllfl. Pnlllllll llf nmnlin ilmiirltt.. .f
exBheillTCnbiirii. ninlllini' wllllui
In the nuiioiiuceiuent of her eugagetuent to
Handy OrUwold, the xporting inlltor of the
Mr. and Mm. Bainuel Weel loturned
Saturdny from their wedding tour, which ox
tended to I'ortlnud and Included two ntn
voyage between that city and San Fran-
Mr. and Mm. Frank M. Hall nnd I'rof.
nnd Mm. F. F. Home are enjoy lug n trip over
tlio Northern rnedle.t nough tlio Yellowstone
Park and the great northwest.
XV, J. Ilrynn bus n letter lu tho Dfinomif
of Centinlla, III., telling all about Nebraska
pontic rrom a Democratic tnndpolnt.
C. E. Montgomery, who recently returned
from n trip through tho southwest, 1 nald to
litivo ma lo f i-J,oO(l while gone.
O. XV, Webster and family have gono to
Itotton, where Mr. XV, will buy now goods.
Mm. Dr. Manning and Mist Lulu Clark left
Monday for Wnhlngton, D, C.
Mm. Cnpt. J. H. Hill ha gone to Maultou,
probably for tho summer.
L. O. M. Baldwin and family left Monday
for Colorado.
ltov. F. 8. Stein left Monday for Alexand
ria, Minn.
An old soldier's story; In the late- war I
wnsnvoldler hi tho First Maryland Volun
teem, company O. During my term of nerv
Ice I contracted chronic dlarihiia, since then
I have used it great ntuouut of ineillclne, but
when I round any that would give uio relief
they would Injure my stomach, until Cham,
berlnln's colic, eholeia nnd dlarrhiea remedy
w ns brought to my notice. I use It and will
say It I the only remedy that gave me iktiiiii
nent relief and no bad result follow. I take
pleasure in recommending this preparation to
all of my old comrades, who, while giving
their service to their country, contracted
this dreadful disease as I did, from eating un
wholesome and uncooked food. Youm truly
A. K, Hending, Hnlsey, Ore. For Falo by A.
L. Slimier.
Morn I'liolo l'rom Fiilk,
Falk, the famous New York photographer,
has sent us another lot of nt tbtio photo, and
among them are bandsomo likene4 of the
Junior and senior Bnlvinl, Pnttl, Stuoit Itob.
Min, William Crane, James O'Neill as tho
"Monte Crltto," in the various costumes,
Aguei Ilooth In her latest Mndlwn 8iuare
suecitf, "Aunt Jack," W. J. Florence, HIch
nrd Maiulleld, Hobert Mautellin "Monbam,"
Hnra Jnwett and others.
Impiirtiint 1'iilnt anil Hucuvstloii.
I am now supplied w Ith a full line of finely
illustrated pamphlets descriptive of the lead
ing summer reworts of our country and rnn
offer manner valuable suggestions to those
contemplating a trip during the heated tpell
Special attention Is called to the celebrated
Ashing resorts of northern Michigan nnd tho
upper lake region, tho charming and diverts!
lied tceuery of tho Alteghenles nnd the beau
tiful Lehigh valley, tho Thousand islands of
tho St. Lawrence, the imlct haunts of tlio
Adirondack the surf battling or the Jersey
ooast, the health giving resorts of the grand
out "itocKies," tLe Hot Springs of Dakota,
with their attendant stage rides over kuperb
mountain roads and amid sceues of Indescrib
able grandeur, the boating and tUhing of
Spirit lake and Mlnnetonka, audtoSaiatoga,
the imeeii of tho fashionable resort.
Inquiries concerning tho above, either er
sonal or by letter, will receive prompt and
courteous attention.
A. C. Zlemer, C. P, & T. A.
He Out Ills IB, OOO.
Mr. Win. H. Shupo, tho gentleman who
recently won f 15,000 in the drawing of the
Louisiana Btato Lottery company, received
the money last Saturday. Mr. SIiuihj stated
that the lottery company was very prompt
111 auiiuui wu iiiviiujr mm lOOKeu Alter 1110
transportation with as keen un Interest ns he
would himself, for allot which he feels thank
ful He helJ the one-twentieth of ticket No.
a I, SOU, wleh drew the tint capital prize of
f.TW,uuo Aueipmn, ;uuio.j .f u, May JO.
Selling Honk It) SiiliM'rlilloii.
Tho inethixl of wiling hook by subscription
ba ninny ndvnntnge over any other, and I
dally (ti owing lu luiMitiinci' nnd opuliity
Ily this luetliod thenttentlonof the purchnser
I culled tn valuable hook of w blch he might
leiualu lu entire Iguoianco If they were sold
In nny other way Itl the mot itlrrrt mid
altogether thy m nt rroiiniiih'iif wny to buy
hook. Hooks purchased nt a rot it! look
Ktoie liiiie grneially pn'sed tluough the
hands ol from twoto our mlililleinrn, vnvU
of whom inn have u pi oil t,
The lilvn'nUlf I'tdilhhlnu Co., SI Limh,
Mo., oirem prolltnble employment to nil who
wlili toeugiiRo In tho ImslntH. KxHiietico
I not necessary, but nny lady or gentleman
with Intelligence nnd Industry can make a
success of tlio wm tli.
Their publication urn llmtvliiw, Just such
book nsour young Kophnnd our older h'o
pie should 1 end; I 00k that tend tn make In
telligent men unit women; hook Hint teach
people thing that they ought to know, such
book 1111 splendid Fiuiitlii Httitt; which N In
Itself n erfect cyclopedia of biblical knowl
edge. MMifi' IKnloru of the I'nllnl
Slot? I another rplciidld hook;uHaloofncr
:i(K),(HH) cnpliM seakH loudly lu favor of It
gient worth. Thr lYnplr'n Uiivtojiatltt of
( 'uirri'nol Knoii'lnlyi' I another woik that
ha carved II way to 11 wondeiflil niicccmv,
100,(XX)i-np!tH of this Hplcndld cycloHilla,
made mid edlletl (Npctially for tho mnieK,
hnv.t been sold, uud tho sale I still very
They also handle the llnl Mter Life of
the lleintlille Stanley Uxplorutlon lu Afiicn.
Tlii Pioneer History of Ameiicn; People'
Farm nnd Stock Celoedln; Tho Physical
Llfoof Doth Hexes; Courtship, livo and
Wedlock, nnd History of the Ornnd Army of
the Itepnhllc.
Another splendid b(Mk,iiverngingat llfteen
hundred set n month, I ffiyidfi'd Cyclopi
rftu of Cnlvemul JIMori,n book that I
bound to bo roid by ten of thouwnnlNof
scholar, and by those who lay no claim to
scholarship, and who et love a cjear,
stiatghttorwuid, uiiderstiindnblo recoid of
tho gient event of the world's history. Tho
iwpularlty of this book Is something wonder
For further particular, circular, term to
agents, etc, nddrcsH,
Tho Hlvemldi) Publishing Co., 70-J Olivo
stteet, Ht. Louis, Mo, O-10-.'nn
(linilelil lleiuli 1111 (Irciit Nult l.ulie, Utiili.
The fatiiou lienlth and pleasure resoit,
Oat Held Ileticli, on Great Salt Iike, UUih, 18
miles f 1 0111 Salt Lnko City, nnd lenched only
by tho Union I'nclllo "Tho Overland Iloute,"
I now oiK'ii for tho season.
This Is the only real snnd liench on flrent
Salt Iake, and Uoneof thollnc.H b.itlilngnnd
pleasuro resort In tho west! Great Salt
I ike is not n sullen, listless, hot of water,
beating Idly on tho shore, but on tho contrary
is 11 beautiful n sheet of water ns can bo
found anywhere. It U SI per cent, salt while
tho ocean Is only ,i er cent, nnd the wnter is
ho bouyant that n erou is sustained on its
surface Indefinitely without tho least eiTort
on hi part. Exjierience has proven itsgrent
hygienic effects. Owing to thn stimulating
effect of tho brlno on tho skin, or tho snllno
air upon the lungs tho npiiellto is i-tliiiiiliiteil,
and nfter a bath, the bathem lire ready for 11
hearty meal, and feel greatly Invigorated.
Flue bath house accommodating -100 peo
ple, have been elected nt Uarlleld Hench, lu
connection with which there I n llrst class
restaurant and a hiigodanclugpavllllon built
out over tho lake, nil of these are 1 tin by the
Union Paclllc, who guarantee 11 llrst clais u
sort in every roeit.
The Union Paclllc bus iiiude low rates of
fure for thoe desli lug to visit Salt Lnko City
nnd Gniileld Ueach.
For complete description of Gnrllcld Heach
and (3 rent Salt Lake, send to K. L. Immx,
Ueni Pius Agent, Opiaha, for copies of
"Sights nnd Scenes ill Utah," or "A IHIiudsh
of Great Suit Lake," or
K. H. 8l.ossD,
Agent U. P. System,
l-7-St Lincoln, Neb.
IlillilliKtou Itoiitu Still Anollier New
Fust Train.
Thu 11, it M., keenly alive to tho want of
the traveling public, linvo placed in service 11
hew train whose superior appointment nro
sure to merit immediate recognition. This
train leaves Lincoln nt ,;'. p. m nrrlves at
Omaha at D o'clock and Chicago nt 1 p.m.,
the time being but slightly iu excess ot that
of our celebrated "Flyers." A through
sleeper accompanies this train, unci breakfast
nnd dinner nro served iu dining cars.
Tlio locnl service between Lincoln nnd
Oinnhn 1 now as near perfection ns can lie
desired, Including, ns it does, four dally trains
In each direction, the running time being only
eighty-live to ninety minutes.
As wo linvo frequently remarked hereto
fore, do not waste your money in making ex
perimental trips by other lines represented
ns being equally as good as the"Hurllngton.'
77irj ore not. A. C. Ziemer,
C. P. and T. A.
Several months ago, Mr. Henry Plummer,
ot Clements, Oil,, who Is subject to cramps,
was taken with a severe attack . He had been
accustomed to get relief by dosing with mor
phine, but the disagreeable effect Hint follow
ed would make him mleiahlo for bourn nfter
the cramp hnd leen lellovei,'. I persuaded
blni to try Chamberlain's colic, cholera nnd
dlarrluva remedy. Ho was much pleased
vv Ith It, ns its effect was almost Instantan
eous, nnd no disagreeable nfter effects ac
companied its use. Chan. Damert, manager
Farmer' Trade Union, Clements, Cal. For
sale by A. L. Shinier.
The new lino of cnnl cases Just received at
the CouuiKH ottlce nro worthy tho Inspection
of the most fashionable callers. Tho Hue cm
braces genuine seal, 0010 calf, Itussln leather
nnd numerous others, Including a nunis
ber of beautiful imported novelties. Wo linvo
them for both ladles and gentlemen.
H. P. Shervvin, 1121 O street, has a present
for ev ery 0110 of his customers thnt cannot
fall to be appreciated. Ho will give to every
customer n lino crayon picture mude from
nny photo thnt is desired and it will not cost
you 11 cent Call in nt hi drug and shoo
store and seo how it i done. 1134 O street,
111 1
J. H. O'Neill, tluo plumbing, hot water and
steam beating, flue gas fixtures and globes.
You can buy all grace of garden hose very
Scott tiro's, punriuacy recently located on
Twelfth street Is now located at IMO street.
Ladies will find this a desirable place to get
nil kinds of Toilet article, Soaps, Perfumes,
W. XV, Moore ot the Grand opera house
Den Moines, Is an early bottler In that part of
Iowa, and has hail a great deal of experience
Inhlitjiue. He says: "At various time I have
had acute attacks of bilious colllo and vio
lent pains In the stomach, nnd found nothing
that gave me relief like Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Dlnrrlueu Hemedy. Every per
son," ho says, "should have a bottle." For
silo by A. L. Shader,
Wanteds Gentleman well exeriruced In
handling tyewrltem to sell the Yost writing
machine in the city. Address or call on
Wesel Printing Co., II. W N St.
Provnl lo !! III Uuter mul fin
Promptly (lave It lbj Klmke.
Yesterday forenoon n UU, nllm mnn,
wearing n faded Greeley hat nnd well en
veloiH'd lu a Hncn duster of undent date,
entered tho Woodbrldgo street ntntlon nnd
nld to tlio ncrgennti
"I Just cniuo In on tho train. Look nt
1110 nnd nee If I resemblo Cpt. Kldil or
Chnrllo Ho."
"I can't we thnt yon do," replied thuscr
gentit. "Hut people nru nil looking at mo, nnd
grinning. Anything wrong In my dress?"
"Well, thnt that duster Is n llttlo off,
"Oh! It'a tlio ilustur. People don't vvenr
'em nny more, clip'
"Not thnt ntylo nnd color."
"Ineo. I'm n llttlo nnclonlr"
"A trifle."
"Well, off alio comtH. I bought It In this
town nix jenm ngo. Tho tnnii warranted
It to inu 1111 n combination of duster, linin
liock, llyltiK Jib, liver pad, lied blanket,
htirglnr nlarin, life preserver and certlllcate
of iiiornl character, nnd It has pulled mo
through iv Hteumboat exploolon, two rail
road Minnliups,ti hotel fl round hnlf iidoen
free fights. Kinder liato to go back on her,
but ntylu Is stylo. If the ntyle linn changed,
then Pvo got to change with It."
Ho pulled It off, rolled it Into n biindlo
mid liild It 011 11 tinilr nnd Haiti:
"Glvo It to Homo poor nnd disconsolate
mnn Homo one who hasn't n sensitive noul.
It lias kept, out. tlio files, warded off tlio
moths mul saved mo from rattlesnakes nnd
mad dogs, but tho tltno has come when wo
must part. When I strlku Detroit nnd hour
a Iwy cnll out 'Is that thing nllvoV I know
ho menus mo nnd that duster. Wlion I go
up street nnd it mnn culls out, 'Schooner
nlioyl' I know ho menus thutdttsterund me.
When I j;ct Into u car unit see tho women
look 1110 over mul then bitch uvvny I know
they nro wondering which of us Is who nnd
w hcthcr It will blto or not. I'm too sensi
tive by hnlf, but I can't help It. I leave her
In your hands. Good-by." Detroit Free
A Cold Weiithur 8 tori.
I huvo it story of cold vventher which
may servo instead of Ice. It vvns tlio cold
est day of Inst winter, nnd n trip ucross tho
Boston common wan 11 short Arctic Jour
ney. Around n big flro la n 1)3.12311 street
liouso vvero a Jolly lot of young people,
when to them entered ono of thu llulo boy
Edward Everett Hnlo's sons. Livvrenco
Steven's famous snylng vvns under discus
sion! "Tho Lord tempers tho wind to the
shorn lamb."
"Yes, I know tho saying," siild young
Hale, gravely, "nnd Pvo often thought of
having 11 shorn liim'j tethered out on tlio
common near Park square, to try nnd
mnke things Just 11 llttlo vvnrmor thero."
A Timely Job.
Old Gentlcmnn No, I can glvo you no
Mnnm. T .Innl, Itl.n ....,... .... I. If
Why don't you go to vvorkf.
n. -..... t , i:..i ...... 1. 1 .
iiiuiii 11. n i-iuij 111 niiy mill, Ulll. It 1SI1 6
) eiiHV til i?ct. n toll l'vn Iumiii trvllirr tn
get work nil tho year.
Old Gentleman What kind of a Job lmve
you looked forf
Tramp Winding nn sight day clock.
Ilo Knew by El perleucu.
Teacher John, of whnt nre your boots f
Hoy Of leather, sir.
Teacher Where docs leather cuuie from
Hoy From tho lildo of tho ox.
Teacher What uiiimul, therefore, sup-
plies you with Ixiuts nnd shoes and gives
yon meat to eutr
Hoy My father. Chatter.
At the Aniiumlto Theiitre.
Hero tlio female parts nro performed by
men in disguise. Ono evening tho piny
vvns slow iu commencing and the audience
grow impatient. At length tlio manager
nuvauceii to mo rootiignu unit snlil: "1
must nsk thn uiidleuco to excuse us n few
minutes; tvho queen Is uot yet Hhavall"
Gil Bias
A ConlrntiMl Cilrnt.
"I tell you what, lleymiimi. tho lawyer
Is n cute fellow, and no mistake! I ought
to know, for lie lately defended my son."
"How's that? I thought your son had
boon sentenced?"
"Yes, but only for u twelvemonth?'
l'oitnl Iti Nary Mutter.
Clnrn What do you tliink? Thnt young
nnvnl cadet Sibmoro sent men "trno lovcr'a
knot" in gold cord yestordny.
Mnud (nil sympathy) Whnt did you dor
Clnrn (scornfully) Sent him lvck n scarf
pin representing n pair of sister hooka.
Boston Past.
.uikliiK Alirail.
"No, my mnn, this 's not mine. It was
a twenty dollar bill I st."
"But It vvns a twlnty dollar bill lieforo I
got it chnnged, sir."
"What did you get It changed for?"
"Och, sure, so tlio owner could convny
nlently rewnnl me, sor." Puck.
Adolpli Why, Charlie, how Is It you
don't kiss your wealthy cousin Clnra?
Charlie Well, old chap, It would do mo
no good. Her mouth is so largo ono might
ns well throw open a window nnd kiss the
wide, wide world. Judge.
On Heeoml lliounlit.
Biggs Hair falling out, old mnn?
Baggs No.
Biggs What docs that bald spot mean?
Baggs Well, thoro was a llttlo falling
out up nt thu house Inst night, coino to
think. Chicago Times.
A Oooil IlcHMin.
Kicker (to editor) What tho deuce do
you put twenty-two col u mns of advertising
matter in n twenty-eight column paper forf
Editor (with sublime resignation) For
cash. New York Sun.
f)l Sic Omni.
"1 toll you, travel develops a man. II
he has anything in him it's bound to comt
out In travel."
"Particularly evun SrsvT." Puck.
Ladies will find a New Lot of them jit
1129 O STREET.
$2.00 $2.50 AND $3.00
A, li, C, D nnd E Widths.
Most Popular Resort in the City.
Exposition Dining Hall,
S. J. ODELL, Manaiii-.k.
-o--ii'9, ti2 1 and 1123 N Street. o-
Meals 25 els. $4.50 per Week.
Complete Works of Shakespeare
Comprising his Plays, Sonnots and Pooms, with tho noted
profaoo, by DR. JOHNSON.
sjBBr3yy'"iisto5Eitn'Mrsfcl" gjsa
to each sunsciunnu. of this paper (olo on nbw) upon tiik following
We will give each subscriber a copy of this $t,00 book and a vear's
subscription to the paper for $ 2. x in advance.
This is the greatest legitimate premium dffer ever made, and is possible only, be
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ma uuun. is .i nuuuu ui lyijugr.ipiiy. u is ucauniutiy Dounii in rich cloih,
;ra, with artistic stamp in gold on side and back. The book contains
926 PHGES,
Size, 8 inchos wide, I I inches long nnd 3 inches thick.
t It is embellished with a portrait of the author from the celebrated Chandos
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NotrlTtlie booli hna to be sent liy mall or expreHH, nild 5 rent
to the remittance to cover cost of traiiMportntlon.
Christ Collogo, Cambridge, England
subscription to our paper to any p
have already paid for their paper, and who
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any person
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