Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, July 05, 1890, Image 1

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OTHtho lLfcM. mul
(JkT I railroads nru
gcncraus with 1 passes,
whloh accounts fur the,
ftict Unit most I Lincoln
people innkn their summer
trlw westward, There
'must bo :euany,ihowcvrr,
who have to pay railroad
fait, mid itlio wonder Is
that more -of them lo not
visit lake truserts, Mest
of (Ih-m) are at a consider
able distunue mul lucon
vvtiieiitof ,(ift.s, butt hole
isonci right nb the door of
NeU-uska tlmt naturally
might to attract 11 big
patronage from thin ttate. I rWur ta spirit
I.nko, Iowa. It has no many Ix'nuUofiaixI nt
trat'tlons for ji Kiinuncr vacation tlmtanyonu
who linn viniVil it Is qalto nuns to Intromit en
thiihlastic ovir Its morlU. IVI1U0 ntdiiyNc-
hraskatiM miky Imvu hi-unl of tin; vo I
IiiwikIiiu niOKt-qf tlii'in think Itnildiiuanvfiis
Jent point to ittach. I know from i;Miorirs
nuiilu by Linutiln pvoplo that rrnj owliimv
how to no there. And yet it lx one f thy
cuxk'st triiM iiuajcinahle in the Miinmur
The Northwi-sUxn railroad ttysh'in ruin a
leeior hetweea lOtnaha and Hjilrit lake
wlUiout change, i.011 get Into tlm carat
Onmlm after Mipiter, and when you awako in
the uioruiiiK you are iJdetrneked ut the Uloj
within a few fivt ot Uiu ilotel OrJoa;).
HeturjiinK 'n leave the hotel late in the
evellltiK after the hop, iind luvakfast in Oiim
lia. J'liHKiigi'rH from Lincoln can take the
afternoon train on the KlkXiorn and catch the
hIm'Iht ut Hlnlr, and 11m iciuru liythoMimu
route. 'o doubt George, Koreeuuin and his
DMlMimt at the Klkhoru oJllro me loiuled
with exact infot mution and anxiotii to give
it out. You can see very rudily that with
the uervk'e the Northwenteru nyntcni otrers
Spirit Iiku Ih eny of ncccw, and very little
tiuio Ih loHt getting to and from it. That is
ijultu an item for busy jieople.
The Lincoln people who went up last
yenr wero delighted with the place, and a
lurger number will visit It this year. There
is a chain of lakes, you know, lined with
caiupn, cottagcH, lodge, hotels and groves
You can get all ort of accommodations
from the hunter's lodge to tho mammoth
ami magnlllcent Hotel Orlenus. IhU is man
aged by one of the famous Leland family,
and compares with tho best summer hotels
In the country. You can have linn ilshing,
good hunting and pleutlng of Milling. There
are hundreds of hummer sojourners about
the lakes and a number of titeamers constant
ly running, so that it is not u lonesome place.
There aro many forms of amusement: yucht
iug, boating, bathing, baso ball, tennis, Ilsh
ing nud gunning. Numerous gatherings
give variety to life. Ilegatta week is one of
tho events of the season. The Iowa om-f men
w 111 meet this year on July ir and 1(1, and n
number of Lincolnitcs aro already planning
for It.
Up In Omaha tho republicans are having
a family row over u candidate from that city
for tho gubernatorial nomination. Ex-Mayor
Ilroatch and Dr. .Mercer aro tho rivals.
To a man outside the town that looks like
fool play. Omaha has a United Htates Renn
tor and a congrtRHuau, and it Is not likely
ishu will bo allowed to lmvo tho governorship
also. There is 11 bitter feeling throughout
Nebraska against a city which Is hoggish In
moro ways than one, and it Isotily now and
then that Omaha can bring forth u mini who
can command tho good will of tho rest of the
state In matters of tolitlcx. If Omaha wants
11 man on the Republican ticket she should
turn In and work for IMchard Berlin for the
lieutenant governorship. Our Dick became
a great favorite while in tho last legislature,
and has friends all over the state who will
work for him. With Douglas county at his
bock he will very likely have 11 walk over in
tho convention, pick ought to stay In the
field, at any rate. After the convention has
sat down on Omaha's candidate for governor,
it will lie likely to turn In and nominate Dick
on his own account.
The voting of .10,000 to secure the Hock
Island railway may have a good effect hard
ly anticipated. A Union Pacific ofllclal tells
Ityc-the-Hye it may result In Lincoln's get
ting the main lino of that road. It will ho
recalled that an airangement was made
whereby the Union 1'aclllc is to huvo the use
of tho Hock Iilaud's lino between Omaha and
Lincoln, lty building a few miles westward
from Lincoln the Union l'aclfla can strike its
Kt. Joe and Grand Island line and reach tho
main lino at or near Grand Island. Several
big advantages are claimed for this route. A
glance at the map will show that the Union
I'aciflc makes a long sweep to the north in
following the bend of tho l'latte river be
tween Omaha and Grand Island. Tho official
in iiuestion says the route by way of Lincoln
can 1 made thirty inlhw shorter than the
present line. There are also points 011 tho
old route subject to washouts, causing much
deluy, it being necessaiy some times to run
Union I'Hcillc trains over tho II, &M. At
present tho Union I'aclllc is haiidicaped in
getting business from Lincoln, the second
largest city on Its line west of the Missouri.
The iucrtat ed business it would get from Lin
coln would alone Justify a heavy outlay in
making the suggested change. Tho olllclal
already quoted says this ichemo has lieeu un
der consideration in Union I'aciflc circles,
and ho thinks it will be carried nut ultimately.
If so the coutpuuy will not iiImiiuIoii tho old
line but run a split train, biiiiglng the two
parts together at tho junction points. The
more you think of this scheme the more
profitable It looks for the Union I'aclllc, and
it certainly will do Lincoln no harm to agi
tato it.
Mrs. Mary Holland Little, a lady whose
work with the jieu Jlyivthrjilyo has already
.- I . II ?
1 ll 'I
l iL-c
commended, Is at Crete reportinc tho Chau
tauqua assembly for her aor, the Omnha
Worhl-llrrttlil. She Is giving quite tho liest
retort sent out. and Is sprinkling It with
many artistic touched of humor and descrli
tlon, Hero ,1k n touch of Chautauqua life
that will Imj better amircclittiHl bv tluwui ulm
I have "been there," and as u blt'Of newspaper
wining im cioverness can lie enjoyed liy all:
It ln very pleasant thing when one gow to n
ChnutAiiqtM'iiwcinhly t find au old acquaint
ance already waiting to welcome one. After
tho baggaguinan has UeKslUd u trunk and n
satchel in. the middle of a tent nud nu oblig
ing young man has wheelbarrow ed a wire
cot.n fquaro table and 11 yellow chair to the
grassy space near tho entrance, there is al
ways amauvnls quutre heuro when the so
journer, who has decided lo try to Uvo near
nature's heal t for n week or two, feels as If
he would like to llee from the place where
there are tongues J11 trees and liooks In tho
running brooks. At this time, just as tho
Chautauqiian Is wondering what to do first,
tho obliging young man comes hack with his
old.rofo wheelbarrow and ays he Is sorry
Just ns sorry as a youug man with tho desire
for thecomfort of his fellow beings weighing
heavy on his heart could isisslhly lie ho is
sorry, but the pillows uro "all out" again,
Hy this remark he liuplhw that a pillow f lim
ine. ls.0110 of the regular Incidents of a session
and tho dubious Chautauquaii would ho im
mediately plunged Into a state of dciqioinl
cnuy.lf.the obliging .young man did not point
to waul tho wheelbarrow and say: "So I
brought you some extru quilts. You can
make 11 pillow out of one of them." It is at
this moment that the Chautuuquiin raises his
eyes and discovers his old friend the girl
with scant yellow draperies who is riding n
black and yellow butterfly all over tho red
quilts. There she is, looking just as theerlul
and uiitrammeleu by her petticouts as she
was a year ago. All the normal classes and
Woman'H Christian Temperance union meet
ings have failed to make her arrange an over
skirt that will conceal her knees. Hho still
refuses to do anything but come olf which
she does most conscientiously every time it
ruins. Hut ft is 11 comfort to see the butterfly
girl's familiar face. The Chautauquaii feels
quite cheered up mid stralghtwuy goes over
to see tho obliging young man who cheerfully
rents him a 4x0 mirror, which makes him
look gieeu and wriukley and homesick. Hut
when the tent is in order, tho Clmutauquaii
is glad ho came.
Wlmt Ones It Mean?
"100 Doses One Dollar" menus simply that
Hood's Haruxirilla is the most economical
medicine to buy, because it gives more for
tho money than any other preparation, Each
bottle contains 10(1 doses nud will nveingoto
last a month, while other preparations taken
according to directions, are gone in 11 week.
Therefore bo sure to get Hood's Harsaparillti,
the lest blood puriller.
Telephone at tho CouiilKit oillcc is VJ,
The CouuiKit's chief Illustration today Is a
copy of tho famous picture by K. Hniniiinn
entitled "Haydn Crossing the Kngllsh Chan
nel." Tlm ship that bore Haydn on his way
to Kugliind was iisHiilhsl by a furious storm,
It Is narrated that tho great composer sat on
the deck during tho progies ol the gale, mid
that this occasion furnished him the theme
of one of his grandest oratorios, it Is tills
episode that tho artist has placed -before our
eyes with tho pencil of a Gustavo Doro. He
transforms nil nature into suieruatura fnro
es In keeping with the weird scenery Invoked
by his fertile Imagination. In his own Held
for poworf conception, ho has few equals,
He grasps tho formative Ide.i, and shapes his
creation to express tho animating feeling,
It Is organic spirit oven moro than nature
that we see In his pictures, TIiosb who ad
mire strength of delineation an I 1 calls! Ic no
tion, will lliwl their ideal in tho works of this
Important 1'olnts uim HUBgfstlons.
I am now supplied with a full line of finely
illustrated pumphlcts decrlptlvo of tho lead
ing summer lesorts of our country ami ran
oiler manner valuable Migigcstioim tothoe
contemplating n trip dm lug tho heated sptll.
Special attention Is calltd to the celebrated
Ilshing renorts of northern Michigan and the
upper lake region, the thurming und diversi
fied scenery of the Alleghenies and the b du
tiful Lehigh valley, tho Thoutaiul islands of
the Ht. Ijjwreuce, the quiet haunts of the
Adironducks the surf lathing of the Jersey
coast, tho health giving resorts of tho gruml
out "Jtockles," tl.o Hot Springs of Dakota,
with their attendant stage rides over sueib
mountain roads und amid scenes of indescrili
able grandeur, the boating und llshlug of
Spirit hike und Mlunetonka, audtoSaintoga,
the queen of the fashionable resorts.
Inquiries concerning the above, either er
souiil or by letter, will lecelve prompt and
courteous attention.
A. C. Zleiuer, C. P & T. A.
Tho leading question now is. "Aro you
piovlded with a tmttloof hmubei Iain's colic,
cholei a tiu.l dlarrluea remedy, as u safe-guard
against tin attack or bowel complaint during
the summer months!" No family can alford
torisklielng without this Invaluable medi
cine during the hot weather. It is almost
certain to bo needed, and is a fi lend Indeed
when icqulrcd, as it never falls and is pleas
ant and safe to take. 'S"i and M) cent Unties
for sale by A. L. Slmder.
Remember that the Great Ten Cent Store
keeps one of the finest and U'st lines of ham
mocks in tho city and buying them lu large
quantities to toll at popular prices, can olfer
Letter Inducements thuii any other houe in
the city. Hammocks as low as 'M cents. Call
mid see them, US South Twelth Street
"Ihii List Wave-ship" is the lomautlo hut,,
finitely trim narrative In the July Seiilntrr
on 11 voyage n i slaver from New Ol leans to
the Congo and hack to the West Indies In
18.VI. Tho author, Geoi go Howe, M 1)., had
just Ih-oii graduated (it a medical school, nud
accepted 1111 opportunity to go with soiuo
freeilmen N Liberia. That pint of the voy
age Mocompllslicdf all disguise were aban
doned and ho vessel sailed to the Congo for
twelve hundred slaves. Dr. Howe's descrl
Hon of the vojnge Is frank, picturesque, and
exciting. It will undoubtedly ho wllely
read, as probably the list record of an eye
witness of -the slave trolllo as cnniisl on m
an American vessel.
"The House of TomblnoU" In the July
.fvcWW' Is one of I ho Hi si. funis of Hobert
Louis Htevelisou's long voyaging among tho
Islatxls of the I'aclllc. It isthoHoug celebrat
ing his uirtlng from tho King of Aciiiniun,
and is full of bin hut Ic Imagery. Tho Illus
trations are from 01 Initial photographs of the
king and his subjects.
The disadvantage to tlie laUuvr of the
present wage-system Is iIIm:iisms1 from n
somewhat novel point of view by the Hov.
Dr. Lynmu Abbott lu the July AViiiim.
Neither as an employer nor as a lalsiir, hut
purely as 11 Christian student of the Indust
rial situation, Dr. Ablolt Wiiunn the wiige-
wii tier's Indictment against the present syt
teni, which ho thinks Is unjust and must
yield ns fast us (he forces of society will iiei
mlttn 11 more humane and generous system.
A visit to Curtilage and Tunis, by J. H.
Cowpet'thwult. fontjiln m iivi.i 1111,1 nriii-..
description of picturesque Tunis mid of tho
interesting social life ot the Tunisians. This
pajier fakes the readers of July Oiifiiq; to
one of tho most attractive skU left to tho
traveler who seeks romunce. It U ilehly
lllustratisl by engravings, excelling any work
ever dono lu Our iiq. This artlclii alone is
worth the price of the magazine.
Rev. Carlos Murtyn, I). ., contributes a
brilHunt and kugRvhtivu uper ti the slrrmi
for July 011 "Churchlunlty versus Christian
ity," Which will doubtless occasion nmrli
ooinineiitliiid criticism. The Mqwr Is render
ed nil the moie Interesting when It is reuiein-
neiwi mat Dr. Martyn IsunOithodox clergy
uimi as well at a Kpular author.
The ill nays interesting Mtwtutneuj .liinii
ciin History oens Its twenty-fourth volume
with a brilliant Julv IiiiuiIhm-. A tine not-
trait of Hlr Willlun Hlackstono serves as
froutisphH.'e, tti iH'rtiueuco apparent to who
soever reads the leading article, "The Golden
Age of Colonial New York." Mrs Lamb has
given a wonderfully vivid picture of the lit
tloiiietroH!Unf the piovlme under kingly
rule in 1IW, conducting the cm loin, tlirough
its strtvts, houses, public buildings and
chuicl,e, to the cnuiuiei.cciueiit exercises ot
Its college, to the founding of Its chandler of
ooniuurcc, to tho king's legislative halls In
Wall stieet with the governor, Hlr Henry
Mooie, presiding, to the chamber of the city
ooisratloii, mid to the court rooms, with
graphic personal descilptlousof tho men who
llgurod In those places-, while the nowspiiHr,
social iiiralrs, amusements, shows, and quaint
tires of the isiiplo me all painted with a
master hand.
The midsummer number of the eiiiii'xo
Mlllrr ,Uii((iiii is one of unusual Interest.
Tho Counteis Do Montalgu discusses In her
mest fascinating milliner the "Ktlquctte of
of Coriixpondence," and an article 011 "Kino
(!ems,"hy Charlss Ulnno, Is Itself a produc
tion which no lady who Is interested In Jewels
should fall to read. Other Interesting contri
butions aro"A Ulrl-Htuilont'sYearln l'aiis",
"Motheihood," "The Corporal Punishment
of Children," an Interesting story by Clara
biulse Iluruliam.and a freshly interesting in
Mnlhueiit of "The Philosopher of Driftwood,"
by Annie Jiniiess-Mlllr, "Voice Culture," Is
Interesting mid Instructive, nud the Fashion
Talk Is full of original mid artistic Ideas.
lu these days of numerous changes among
business houses It Is noticeable that 0110 llrni
appears to bo ns stable as the hills, and goes
on serving tho puhllu lu the same ovon-hnud
nl manner and In the same famllinr old stand
that It has for years past. Reference is had
to L. Msyer Si (Jo., whoso iiamejseems to Isj a
synonym In Lincoln for permanency. Mimv
a household lu the Capital City druws the
liuU of its family supplies from this establish
ment, which curries nu unusually variisl as
sortment of goods and provides them at
reasonable prices. Tho success of this firm Is
not accidental. It can lietrunsl to the hand
ling of good gissls at fair price and giving
the public prompt, courteous treatment. If
you want anything lu their lino drop in at
the store, I0! north Tenth street.
, The game of lacrosse mhortlswl for last
' Wednesday evening was postponed 011 acs
I ""' '" im-inn i-iiiiu-r nun 1110 aiwnce of
some of the plnyeis The game was 10 bo
1 played under the Canadian AsMxintlou rules.
ii win ne piiiyiii iiixnil the lytli of July
Due notice or tho other games for tho cham
pionship cup will Ihi given in tho piers
The game last Friday was a ell played and
tliOM who witnessed It weio well pleased mid
applauded It. The game w us short mul sharp
only lusting one hour and llfteen minutes.
The Llucolns made the lli-st goal in twenty
minutes, and the Independents took tho last
lu forty live minutes, when dm kncs stopped
the game, whlc 1 was declared a draw by tho
re fens'.
Try iiilinneratCaiueron's Lunch mul Hhoit
Older house. Served dally from 1 1 :IW u. m.
ill -'. p. 111. Everything lino mid juicy ami
cooked in a home-like manner.
Hpeclul CorrespondnncgofllieColiHlKii.)
Nkw Yoiik, Juno ill), mis) One of tho
most convenient and at the same time distin
gue garments of the season Is
which is adapted to such a val lety of ocean
Ions when some slight protection for chest
and shoillderN Is mssled, and yet when a coat
with sleeves would Im) burdensome and over
warm. The Jacket as pictured above may ho
used as 11 tenuU blaior, ns 11 driving cent, or
us a reefer mioard a yacht, ami lu either ca
pacity will be lound comfortable and becom
ing. The one here given is of wood-brown
serge, finished around armholes, iKickots,
lapels and edges with a heavy gold cord. Tho
rolled land collar Is faced with brown and
gold striped silk. A white linen shirt with
stripes of torqiiolse blue Is worn bciionthlt.
After so many siecialty costumes, If one
may so term the dresses designed by Hod
fern, for dlUVient sports and games, it Is
quite refreshing to get back to tho milliner
gown, "pur et simple." Hero it Is, upon 11
rather penslvo maldenof presumablyesthotio
tastes, that Is, If one may Judge by her
"over tho garden wall," suullower environ
ment. .
It Is a dark pniiu-coloreil grenadine, with
a profusion of ribbon trimming This ribbon,
which Is a two Inch gros grain, Is of light
hellotroiM?, and is carried dlmzonallv across
I the bodice from right to left, mid Is then
made into n girdle, ending in long loos and
lends above the right hip. Two straight
j lunula are also set down the front of the skirt,
j with n deep fall of fringe lietween them. The
pulfs 011 the sleeves are also banded with rils-
bon, and the pretty chip hat 1ms loops of it
mixed with largo velvet imnsiesof tho deeper
shade. A white lace Jabot is worn below the
frill lu the nrck, and the parasol has a fall of
luce coming from under lU turroted edge,
If ever any lady Io en a bargain mid what
woman does not f her desire may now lie
gratified by visiting tho store of llrlscoe the
Shoe Man at tho Exposition. He has just
0enod u Hue line of ladles' iougol.i shoes
witli patent leather tips lu all width from A
to E, mid they are tsslng olfered for .'I..VI.
Considering the quality and stylo this Is a
rare otrer, and the ladies will no doubt ap
preciate It. Certain manufucturersestabllsh
reputations for paitlculur lines of goods that
ure a guarantee of superior excellence and so
recognized among dealer. In Infants' mid
children's footwear that distimtloii falls to
Zlegler Hros., and Hrlscoo carries a full line
of their goals in nil widths from A A to E E.
A L. Shader the druggist, wishes tore
iniiid his patrons that It is a dur.gerous policy
to wult until taken sick before hii)iug a ImiW
tie of Chamberlain's colic, cholei a and dlar
1 hii'ii remedy. Every family should be pro
vided with some reliable remedy for Isiwel
complaints, leady for immediate hm, when
ever required, during summer months, and
this remedy is unquestionably fur siqK'rior to
any other. It can always lie depended upon,
and is pleasant and safe to take. It Is put up
ill 'St nud !U cent bottles.
J. M. Markell Sou Jiwolorr,'-..,iO stieet.