Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, February 15, 1890, Page 2, Image 2

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' firri
Owns ntiil operates 5.600 miles (if tliiirnitllj
nulpptvt ro,u! Ill Illinois. Wlseonslll, Iiiwn,
Missouri, Minnesota nnd liuKotii.
It In tliv Most Direct Knuli) tetw..n nil the
lrlnoliil Points In tlio Northwest, Southwest
ml HnrWest. .
r'or maps, tlmo tables, niton of ihishoko mill
freight, etc., apply to nearest station intent ol
wav, or to iiny ltiillruiul Auont nnywhero In
lOlu'bKlt. A. V. II. OAUPKNTKU,
(lenrml MVr. Ocu'l Pas. A Vict Ant.
Vs.tleu Mitr. Asst. l. P.AT. Aul
Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
ttt'Vnt Inforiimtlon In roterenre to '.amis
hiiU Towns owncii uy mo i ihciikii, .'iiiwuu.
nd To
kc A Ht. nun ltanwny i-uiupnny.wnu m u.
O. Hauoan, Until eoiniullnner,Mlllwnulcee
AtchUon, Leavenworth, St. Joscph,Knnsn
City, St. LouU and nil I'olnU South,
East and Went.
The direct line to Ft. Scott, Parsons
Wlchltn, Hutchinson and nU pilnclpnl
point In Kansas,
The only roiul to the Great Hot Springs
of Arkansas. Pullman Sleeper and Free
Reclining Chair Can on all trains.
City Ticket Agt. Gcn'l Agent
Cor. O and !3th Street.
Principal Points
1044 O STREET.
City Passenger Agent.
Al Kalrhrother get '"" tlio following In the
HWif fniii'n eolreo )oti "A Hastings
mhtUi1iii outhorlty for thin remarkable
sinteincnti 'Hftmtor Timgurt announces that
ho will positively Iki n I'linilldiitii before tlm
t-fiiuhllcau cotiviintlou for lo-cloctlou to tlm
statu senate,' Ah there will bo no siibmMon
ipiestlon next year, Mr. Tuggart, If
elected, would not lo obliged to go to Hunt
lug nml I1I1I0 In nil Ice house wIhmi tlm ma
chine registered two d-igreo lieloiv rtro."
Mr. nml Mm. J. W. Taylor of Philadelphia
were Kiiniliiy gtnst of J, II. Ma.M 111-try. They
ntopiM-il In Miicolu 011 their way out fiom
t'olitiniln Hprlugs, whom limy visited Mm.
nml .Miss Mo.M ill ly. Mr Taylor In business
malinger of tlic Plillitih Iphla Time. Monday
uminhig lin vllted tlm Ileal Estate Exchange,
nml In 11 nlioit pcccligiiMi n Muttering opinion
of Lincoln
I.. Wciwol, Jr., 11 young innn who linn Hindu
lii lunik InuoMiru Jmiinnlmn nn ulltnr of
tint Capital I Itv CmmiKUnt Lincoln, Nth. ,
mnl 11 former rcHlthut of Philadelphia, In vis
Mug curly boyhood scene In this city, lln
guil of IiIm uncle, (I Goldsmith, mill North
.Sovmtcon street. Philadelphia Call.
Tlio HtMiimoiH lici-oio dull linn cloctiHl tlm
following nuw olllii-rn: W. J, Hohlunini, liou
nnililo pi(xilittnti 'I. N. King, pnnt picililont;
Tlinmiin Tt'iimlnli, proflilunl; Hon Hnwln,
trciHiiriT, (I. W. Covt-it, NH'intnry. Mr.
Hi'iiuuonn linn iinnoiiiu-oil hln inti'iitloii of put
ting up 11 cli'iniplonnlilp cup.
".linlgo" H V. IColloy, now n ntuilont In O.
M Uuiilivrtnoii'n (illk-o, wi-ut to Onmlia .Mon
ilny toget tlmnlKUiiturnf (lrniini llmrown to
I If Ht ltion for 11 writ of Imlioixt corpnn tlint
Mr. IitimlHirtmm hn nlnco enrriod to vah
Tlio ) (mug ImiIIch' lilnli-llvr eluh will tmot
thin uvcnliig tlth MIkn Mmllm I'll like, lly a
M(lnlntii'tch of nwcpIucmm tlm liojn will hj
iillownl to h prrnout.
Clmili-n 1. Joiich roliirm-il Monday from n
wirk'n vlxltnt Ctilnr ilnplds, Iown. Ho nn
ncvouii!iiiltil hy liln motlior, whoio lioinu In nt
Ohknh, WIkimiihIu.
John Knlilli'lil lift yt-ktenlny font vlnltnmr
llloouilui(tou, III. Tliln KiM)iinl linn Ihh'ii In
tyiHi niieu or twliv heforo, hut Juck wiyn It In
11 nui o go tliln 1 lino.
Tlio cinployra of tlio Lincoln Street tnllwny
iirovonteil Kx-Siipu K. L Wtwllny Inst Hntur-
day night with u xllvcr U:a xervico nnd n wolf
Kklu rug, -
J. 11. Ilnggnr him loculvod n gold homled
enno from Fnrrngiit iHwt, O, A. H for lilt
norvlco an chalrmnu of tlio relief coiumlltuo.
h Meyer U hi Now York on hln niinunl
nprlng purcliaslng trip. Hn will vMt Wiwli
lugtou on his wny Ixick.
O. M. ImbMtnon left Monday for Wash
ington to secure, n writ of IiiiIkhih ivrpun for
Grandpa lhirrown,
V. Morton Smith went to Omaha Monday
taneoJoo JoTemon mid Hilly Florenco In
Tho lawyorg will have their hunipiot nrter
nil. Tlm !3Ut 1ms lieuu llxil on for tho date.
Mrs. II. S. Doll lian been entertalul.ig MUi
Magglo Jonoi of Mendvillo, l'a.
Mhn Ilao l)urgiM of Fremont wan n Sun
il'iy guent of Mnttlo Mnrshall,
Mm. Wm, Sharploy of Denver has been
visiting Mm, John Halnliery.
Karph Winger drew tho small utovo left
over from tho O. A. H. fair.
Mm. Fred Funko left Monday for Lan Vo
gun, Now Mexico.
Mr. and Mm. Carl Funko aro visiting nt
Newoik, Ohio.
Mih. Mnson Gregg returned Satunlny from
Now Orleiuin,
Niaungor MclteynoliU tipeut Sunday In
ICuusas City.
lOthor Social News on Pago 8.
A lloy'n Knmiy on OlrU.
Girls is gruto on making bleovo. Sho wilt
bleovo u doll U a live Ixiby. She will nmko
bloovo sho is oi-full Huet on nuotlier girl or
feller. If they come to eo her, and whon thoy
aro gono sho will wy, "Horrid oldthlngl"
Olrln Is ohvnvs fooling n foller. Sim cnii't
lick yor, ho shu ceU tlio iK-st of yer that wny.
If ycr don't do wlmt n girl tells yer, hIio
nnj-n yer horrid. Pd rather ho horrid than ho
soft. If ycr d u hat a girl tells yer, yer will
do nil sorts or foollnii things.
Girls can lie good In school every day if thoy
feel Uko it, I tthud think they ould git tired
nnd have to do Hiiucthing wonco in n while;
1 know a feller tloes. Girls Kay fellem neU
nrfull, but whon a girl gltn n going it she nets
ortler than any feller dursL They don't care
for niithlng.
If a girl wants n feller to carry her Iwoks
home, sho nln't outlined unless sho Kits the
name feller the other girls want, whether sho
likes him or not.
Girls Is grate on having secrete. I mean,
telling secrets. Tliey mako a secret of nuth
ing at all, nnd thnn tell it round to r.U tint
other girls orfull ipilet, just nn If It wus sum
thing dredful. I bleeve n girl likes to innko
bleevo they aro doing hUuithiugdredful.
Glrl olwayn gli their joggvrfry lenviiis
better than n f -Her, but If they are going any
where thoy don't know their way n bit, and
they are sure to git lost,
If two folium ha- u lite, the clrln all co for
tho feller what Hex, no matter whether he Is
good for unythlug el-e or not.
If a girl don't leel like doing a tliluir, you
can't nmko her. no matter whether she hud
orter or not. If she won't she won't, and the
will git out of ItHomohow.
Perhas tho r.-mk-is of tho CouuiKii would
llko to know In wlmt respect Chamberlain's
Cough Ilemotiy in lietter tlmn miy other. Wo
Will toll you: When thin reimdy Is tiifcui as
directed, ns soon an cold hnn Uvu coutructed,
and before It hi lH.-eoinoKvttlediutliesHioiii,
it will counterant tho ellect of tho cold, and
greatly leson lu wvorlty, it not effectually
cuie tho cold in twodayn time nnd it is the
only remedy that will do thin. It ncU lu r
fect harmony It It uaturu and aids nnturo in
relieving the lungs, opening tlio secretions,
liipiefying tho mucous and causing iU expul
sion from the air cells of the lungs and rector
Inulhe system to a strong nnd healthy condi
tion. No other remedy in tho m irkot He
h the) romnrkable picperties. No other
lll cure a cotd a quickly or leave thevybtem
In us sound a condition. 60 cent nnd il Ixit
tles for bale by A. L. Bliuder.
Dr. C. U. Manning, olllco rooms t)0-07-0s
llurr block. Telephone 3!I0. Hesldence Cor.
30th and F. Telephone iSIO.
The nobbiest turnouts that are seen on ou
thoroughfares aro from tho 1'aliico bUibles.
Telephone No. 4155. Stables on M street o
pohlteMfibonlo temple.
Hook i.rdom ahead for Sunday livery In
order to get a rig at the Pahco Stables.
Tho best place lu tho city of Lincoln to get
good Uxird is at Brown's cafe. You have a
great vmlety to select from and the prices are
A I'rrlty Woiimii' Trlok.
Can you Imagluo n woman becoming an in
Tollil to bo economical! Thoro is n bright
woman hero lu Now York who has put her
self on tho sick lint thin winter to navo money.
HIio In really not very strong looking, mid alio
wild sho could not lienr tho strain of worrying
as to how sho should get now gowns for tho
Patriarchs' nnd tlm Aw-oinhly nnd tho 1 liter
cut private hnlln. Hho hail a great many
hnuilnomo dinner dniwn, velvets, sliks nnd
hrocmlm, mid with tho help of n clovor Ilttlo
French woman mid tlm iimiof nlotof Inconud
fur Irlii'iulngn, thoy linvo all been nltered
into tlm iwwt (dclilng of tea gowns She no
longer linn u dny "ut home," lint every ovon
lug liotHci'ti A nnd Cher frlondn drop hi mid
wo her to cheer her up a blU She iiinkea n
lovely picture. HIio rente on n lonngo with
live or six soft satin pillows behind her, so
that really she In half Mtling up. Homo ono
of her girl friends nerve tho tea, and tlio
plm-o of honor In -i low stool iM-nldo tlio In
vnlid's couch, where, over tho fragrant cup,
her nyuiptomn aio detnlltxl to thosyiiiHitlietlo
listener. HIik iill tell you that she can't go
out i illiiliei-H, or to dances, or the omrn, hut
tho doctor iK-rmlte her to go to tho thentro,
Ik-oiuivi there she In mutined without making
exertion or wenrjlng hermilf.
If you nrti ii mmi mid haven't a bricklint
wlieio your heart ought to ho, you volunteer
to get up n theatre party, mnl you give a
lovely supier iiflurHiird. Hlioeujoyn It lot
ineiiM'ly, ami you fulrly blunli with delight
wheiislm tells you Hint It's tlm Ih-st time sho
hnn been able to eat anything with any plonn
ll re the entire whiter, but sho hnn enjoyed this
supper, It's k) well cIiohoii, To snvo yoursoul
you can't help bending her a basket of fruit
tho next day. You don't know exactly w lint's
the matter with her, but you think It's kohio
thing connected with her heart, Tho funny
part of the whole thing is that tho Ilttlo wo
man It such a natural actroMiMliols legiuuiug
to bollovo her own story, Now York Hun.
lutnrent In IViulnliio AtliliitU-n.
lo show tnkon by Now Yorkers
in feminine athletics it Is only iiccoKsnry to
state that 1,2-VJ ooplo by netuul count parsed
Into the Uerkeley Iullen' Athletic club,
which wnn formally ojieuetl recently. Most
of these jieoplo were well known soeiuty folks.
There won Sirs, Whitney, small, plain, lady
like, lu dark green with n wlillovesU There
wan Mm. Cleveland, who looked rather palo,
In mi oxquMto ciirl gray cloth costume mid
bonnet. There was lusthutle Annlo Jennoss
Miller lu black, ami her cluirmhig sister,
whom pretty faco looked out from under an
enormous lint loaded with feather. There
wiu Dr. Mary Putnum Jacobl, small, Intel
lectual of face, the Mimrtent woman doctor
lu Now York. Theie wero Hu.wjll Hngo and
Mm. Hnge, Mr, and Mm. IjoxIh Tiirnny mid
score of otherx. Graceful girls, erect, lltho,
with the glow of health In their faces, re
ceived the gueote and (minted out tlm various
A committee of ladle receiveil the guests
at the door of the reception room and pushed
them on to these delightful guides. Trim,
dark eyed Mis. White, wlfu of tlm president
of tlio Herkeloy Lyceum : graceful MU Elliott,
the teacher of all thoxi wonderful ort; Dr.
Mury L. UiMell, the physical director, mid
Jolly, bustling Molly llnulilus, the na-rotary
of the club, mode every ono ut homo. The
reception room was beautifully decorated
Willi ferns and plants, mid Is furnished in
terra cottn nnd old i-omi. There In a splendid
swimming bnth done in English tiles. There
are bowling halls mid billiard rooms, and all
tho modern ntulctlc Improvement with which
tho snugger Now York girl will emulate, her
rothur or her admirer. Chicago Herald.
Golden Lump Worth 870,000.
Tho Interior of the grand cathedral In the
City of Mexico Is, even at tho present day,
after having been biiccossively plundered,
most mngnillceuU It conUilun live naves, six
altars mid fourteen chapels, which contain
the Iwnos of mjiiio of tho viceroys mid departed
great men of Mexico. "Tho Glory of tho
Caiwla," Virgin and revered sniuts were
(minted by celebrated artists. A balustrade
surrounds the choir of n metal so rich that
an offer to replace it with ono of equal weight
lu bolld silver was refused. This weighs
twenty-six tons, nnd canio from China in tho
old days of Spanish dominion, when tho
richly freighted gnlleon of Spain bent their
cargoes overland from Acapulco to Vera Crux
on the wny to the mother country.
The high altar was formerly the richest in
the world, and yet retains much of Its origi
nal glory. It contained candlesticks of gold
so heavy that alugloouo was more than a
man could lift, chalices, cruets and pyxes of
gold encrusted w 1th precious metal studded
with emeralds, mnethysts, rubies nnd sap
phires, Tho statue of the assumption (now uiMng)
was of gold, ornamented with diamonds, and
Is bald to have cost $1,000,000 There was a
golden lain), valued at $70,000, which it coot
ut ono tlmo $1,000 to clouu, but, according to
a French writer and tho Joke is his tho
Liberal troojw cleaned It for nothing, and it
has not been seen slnco. Exchange,
Ladles may order an thing lu the procory
Him by telephone (11)8) of the Gullck Hnkery
nml deieud ou netting the best nt iotonable
rices delivered at their door.
Ojs'eis are hervod at Hrown's cafe in
eeiy style. Onlem llllisl on fhort notice,
Slinkeqiem o i-ompletn nnd a j ear's sub-crlp-tlon
to tho C'ouniElt for only f 2.60. For par
llculnrs m u advel tlMinent on page eight.
Don't Let It i:eape, It Muy He Your Turn
With well known egulmlty tho SHJth grand
monthly drawing of the Louisiana State lot
tery ti-ok plnen at New Orleuns on Jan. 14th,
lb'.H), umUr tho uxual sii crvision of GeneraU
G. T. Iteauregard of Louisiana and Julml A.
Early of Virginia. Ticket No. OT.'itli drow
the first coiilUil prize of ftfOO.OOO. Ticket No.
13,132 diew tho cecond capital prize of 9100,
000, and was sold In fractional twentieths at
f I each, sent to M. A. Dauphin, New Orleans,
I a One was held by Kll Zone, Philadelphia ;
oi.o by Keherc T. Parker, St. James. Mo, ; ono
by Thos. Mmrlott, LcaveuwD.tli, Kan. j one
by John J. I'nnley, BoMon; one by Hans Lo
gon!, Dwlnht, III.; one by H. W. Cmter, Min
uonpolls, Minn, ; one by C. N. Ditros, Detroit;
ono by Nevada Iwnk, Snn Francisco; ono by
Second National bank, Jackson, Teiiu., etc.
Ticket No. IH.ilOl drow tho thii-d capital prlzo
of W,0)0, hIso sold in fractional i-arts, in like
milliner nt $1 each; one to Wm. E. Westlake,
ivoi la, 111. ; ono to Jucob Abbott. AUoulth
slnet, Haltliuore; onetoHourv Ottke, West
, nn,, ui-ei, idiicinuuii; one to u aeosiior
Union National bank, New Orleans; ono to
Hannah Lny & Co., Traverse City, Mlch.;ouo
to John Daly, 4152 Washington street, Now
i one city; ono to Clias. G. Lynch. Hoston.
etc., etc. The next drawing will take (dace
luesuuy, .Miircu nui, or wnicli all informa
tion will iw furnished en application to M. A.
Dauphin, New Orleans, La.
Tho attention of our readers U directed to
the ndvertlKOinent on jiage eight, announc
ing tho greatest mid most lilieral jirenilum
ever olfereil with nny wiekly pner. Just
think of It for f3..'i0 wo give you a year's
subscription to tlio CouuiKii and Uncomplete
work of BhakesK'are, IMJ pages bound in ono
volume, of cardinal cloth and gilt lettering.
Tho liook nloue sells readily and Is cheap nt
45,00; call uud see It,
No. S.'l. Niimrili'itl Kniuiiin.
The whole, coiiikimiI of 41 IctteM, Is an old
Tho 4, 6, !l, II I 1st,, defraud.
Tho 6, lis, 7, IKI, 0. 10 U to obstruct.
Tho 8, II, 17. 41. iV 3.1. Is a covering for
tl.o head,
Tlm 12, 14. 16, III, III, 18 is changeable.
The .H, 21, :t0, III, 31, 10 is n theme.
rim 30, 27, ;, III), !).', Ul in pushed.
Tim 40, 32 Is tlm Latin for Ihiiio.
Tlm 2(1. :I3, :i'.l, m In n IkxmI
No, yi. lllatni Irul AiiHKrHiun.
"fcu,oN wimi" hi rnnn mid Klory.
llciOKrenl of CiikIIhIi slory
Kor liliiiseir "MrrillMi was " Korliln land nil In
It Im HJirl fnim oppresloii, from IkiihIako and
'A ko.uik" he would Klve us If living tmlny,
I'or h" eoniiiensl nil nntloun thnt canto In his
"OnrirrTin: l'ATxn"of liln country who for It was
not nfrnlil
To lay iwl, In his rnnli ami title niul Iiicok, to lenrn
n triitlu
"Oiikat tiik Hum's" that ho conquered, stretch.
lug out from sea to sen
Kind hln heart, H10.17I1 strong his linml won, for
he set (lod's ,oilo free
No. 'JR. - i:iiIi;iiiii.
Alone, no life call bo without mo;
With C, I hold the wildest beast;
With G, I meiiMiru land and sea;
With !', I servo tho nohleuieu;
With It, I rave with ixisdon dread;
With H, I know the depth of wisdom;
With W, I ennt my dally bread.
No. '-'(I. Hour (lliwneii.
I. The central letters reading downward
will khOI the surname of a very famous
Amei lean.
Cross Words: 1. Vexing. 2. To dress for
how. !1. Single. 4. A letter In Publicola.
i. To bend. (I. A Hungarian dance. 7. Part
3f the day
II. Con train downward, tho name of n fa
linns Italian xet.
Cms Wonlsi I. A iH)iuNiuy of pilgrim
truiellng together. 3. Worth, it. Energy.
I. In I'ublicoln. 6. A small sereiiU 0. An
aquatic aulmnl. 7. A blgoU
Nn. 37. Cliiirmli'.
A iiiemenKer, my whole, who ciirrli-n Rrlof and
My nholo In second, too: hut not a frolicsome
Of stone or wood my llrst: nml yet It Kpins tlio
With uiessai-s untold, for uil.ieo and nilolx)
No. 'JH. llluntrHted l'roverb.
This picture suggests an old saying which
probably expresses tho feelings of tho boy lu
regard to tho mishap of his Ilttlo companion.
No. SO. A l-nltlifiil Outdo.
A pleasuro party roaming
Now hither and now there
Found, when c.nmo on tho gloaming,
Thoy were, thoy know not where.
Then somo begun n-wnlllng,
Thoy woro so sore nffrisht,
Dut tears wero not availing,
And on apace camo night.
Thou ono produced a finger,
That any ono might own,
And bado them not to linger
While pointing to their homo.
This faithful Ilttlo trembler,
Thut tells tho truth alway,
Slinmes any falsn dissembler
Who leads tho lost astray.
No. 30. CompitrUnnn.
1. Posltlvo, an Innect; comparative, a bov
erago; superlative, an animal. 2. Posltlvo,
a coxcomb; comparative, an nnnoyanco; su
perlative, to vaunt. 3. Posltlvo, n rownrd;
comparative, nwo; MiH.-rlative, a banquet.
4. Positive, to travel: comparative, to stab;
superlative, n soeter. .V Posltlvo, a doer;
comparative, to bellow; Mqicrlatlvc, to parch.
No. 31. A yiierr Conceit.
Two patient creature and a pre)onltlon
Produce a monster worthy of (icrdltlou.
No. 3';. (leoumplilcul Amturunis.
1. I begin Il-A-T rot. 2. Date it sunset.
3. A rails at U 4. .Scold Nat. 6. 01 nino
mate. 0. Philip had alo.
No. 33. Conundrunin.
Why have domestio fowls no future stnto
of existence!
What Is the dllTercnco between u baby nnd
a pair of hoots I
Why U n plum cako llko tho ocean!
In what color khould a secret bo kept!
Appropriate Iiltaphs.
A good epitaph for a cricketer "Over."
For an auctioneer -"Gono."
For a billiard marker "Tho long rest."
For a drow nod boat's crow "Easy ull."
Key to tlm Punier.
No. 14. Easy Hehendlngs: Vacation. I.
Vales. 3. Await. !l. Clock. 4. Aware. 5.
Train, a Ideal. 7. Oplno. 8. Never.
No. 15.-A Pyrnmld:
1 8 E M P L O Y
A Noted Poem: Pojio'a "Essay on
No. 10.
Mnu." No. 17,-A Riddle: Dust.
No, 18. An Anagrams Commissariat.
No. Ill, Double Acrostic: Primals, Agas
si ij finals, Ie Couto. Cross Words I, An
vll. 2. GrncE. 3. AttlC. 4. BulvO. 6.
SlalN. 0. IngoT. 7. ZoclE.
No. CO. Cross Word: Coach.
No. SI. A Noted Unttle: Wavcr-aver,
Allen-lieu, Trnce-raco, Event-vent, Remit
omit, Lover-ovei, Overt'vert, Opiiio-pluoj
No. 22. Arithmetical: WW. 3 ducks.
Slielton & Smith's
Shclton & Smith's
Slielton & Smith's
Slielton & Smith's
Slielton & Smith's
Shclton & Smith's
Slielton & Smith's
Shclton & Smith's for Librar) Chairs.
Slielton & Smith's for Library Tables!
Slielton & Smith's for Bookcases.
Center Tables at Shclton & Smith's:
Children's Beds at Shclton & Smith's.
Folding Bed's at Shclton & Smith's.
Chamber Suits at Shclton & Smith's.
Music Cabinets at Shclton & Smith's.
Blacking Cases at Shclton & Smith's.
Sideboards at Shclton & Smith's. , ,
Dining Tables at Slielton & Smith's.
Dining Chairs at Shclton & Smith's.
Parlor Goods at Shclton & Smith's.
At the Very Lowest Prices.
234-238 South 11th Street,
Carpets and Draperies !
The bulk, of the Carpet trade for 1889 is now done. We
still have six weeks left in which time we propose to reduce
our stock as low as possible before purchasing for our Spring
trade. In order to do this we will make prices that MUST
SELL the goods. If you arc in need of anything in either
CARPETS OR DRAPERIES get our figures before
placing your order and you will find you -cannot afford to
purchase elsewhere.
m o ST- A. IP AVIS HON "in st.
Most Popular Resort in the City.
-o 1 1 19, 1 12 1 and 1123 N Street. o
Meals 25 cts. $4.50 per Week.
for Fnncy Kockcrs.
for Willow Rockers.
for Pedestals.
for ( hildren's Chairs.
for Hull Rockers.
for Office Desks.
for Ladies' Desks.
UkOBT'KtI Uyi ViYTW2tt:r'
n r, t . m h nwmri i
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