Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, January 18, 1890, Image 1

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Vol. G. No O
Lincoln, Nishuaska, Satu)ijay, Janijauv la, I8DO.
Phioic Pivic OitN'ra
ITT tliu greatest of those
isChuilt), wild thu nll
wtso Muster when liopm
serllxsl Fnith, Hope
mid C'lmrlty ns tho
lull's of human con
duct. Of tlio three
graces of thu Hfo Bplr-
It,,,l1 Cli.ifllv In tint
,Tvj' I. most concerned In the
(ij, ) in u ii material. No
(t st J ol,"'r vlrtuo ,H HO r,cn
mankind or so blessed,
surely, In tlio sight of
lll'llVCIl AllinilgclV-
lllesl nut Ions tho gov
ernment, tlio chinch
nniljtho lodge hnvo
filled nil" hinds with
ngonclox for tho min
istration of thu Hi eat
irtue, but tlio cry of
distress Is nover stilled It even reaches ImisIi
lon, UMinlly henrtles to nil tlmt docs not mill
ister to its own plensuie,nnd moves It to pity
In America Pushkin's ti Ihuto to dun it)Vtho
clmrity Imll. On Its floor Pleasure nnd VI ty
meet ns pnrtuors In tlio diuicc, clasp bunds In
friendly nccord mill "chose tho shining hours
with flying feet." Tho clmrity bull of tho
largo cities Is usually tho great event of tho
social season, mid generally it nets u hnnd
soino Mini for tho relief of liumnii woc.
Lincoln hml its first clmrity bnll Tuesday
evening. It w lis tho largest mid, ns n whole,
tho finest dancing jwirty o er held In the Cap
ital City. Tho gentlemen in chorgo wero ox
coedlngly fortutmto in securing tho uso of tho
Stuto House, wlileh afforded mngiilflcent nc
commodntlons mid gnve mi nildd dignity mid
chnnn. Tho hall of tho IIouso of Representa
tlvos was used for dancing. The room had
lieen In tho hands of nil oxjiorleneed man for
erol dnys, mid was handsomely decorated,
although tlio hall is lnrgo and tho walls lofty,
requiring a great deal of labor and material
tomnkonn effeotivo showing. Conspicuous
among tho decorations wero tlio nationnl col
ors. Tho upior w Indow back of thospeaker's
desk was hidden by u ling draped vertically.
On either sido was a huge flag sprend out hor
izontally with tho stars next tho window.
Ench of tho four corners was broken with
another big ling drntxxl vertically. Noxt to
nttrnct notice wero two ropes of fir fcstoonol
in parallel lines, nbout flvo feet npart.nround
tho walls of tho hall. Tho upper ropo wus
caught by loops thrown over tho ornamental
keystones In tho window caps on threo hides
of tlio room. Across tho gallery tho jxosts
served ns points of attachment. An over
green ropo nnd two evergreen rings hanging
from tho loops mentioned supported tho sec
ond parallel rojie. In each of tho angles mado
by tho festoons hung a pondnnt rojxj w ith a
tassel of fir at tho end. Tlio posts in tho gal
lery wero also twined with evergreens. Tho
sjienkcr's desk wns drniied with n flng.nndnn
evergreen ropo bridged tho spaco between tho
two upright lamps. Wreaths of evergreen
crow ned tho Inmps on tho chief clerk's desk,
and similar garlands of holly ornamented tho
brocket gas Jeta in tho three walls. Tufts of
fir mid holly relieved tho panels between tho
upper nnil tho lower tier of windows. Tho
walls wero hung with oil pnintlngs loaned for
the occasion, nnd n cluster of evergreen
branches reared tlulr heads from tho recess
back of each picture. Tho windows wero
draped with laco and chenille curtnlns (nlso
loaned), giving, with thepictures, ahome-llko
nlr to tlio big hall. Tho grand central chande
lier was studded thickly with iwndont fis
toonsof evei green, mid 11 liell nf fir swung
from tho centre by a ropo just high enough
toescujio thoheadsof thedanceis. Tho front
of the gallery was hung with interlacing flr
ropes. Midway of tho two sides wns the
date, "Jnnuary 14," In largo letters of ruby
nnd gold on n dark background mid thu
w holo IiouikI in uvei green. Hut tho gem of
the decorations remains to bo tleseiibed.
Across tho enstwnll, out the speaker's ilmk,
wns n long, narrow panel oiitllueil by n
trimming of fir. Within tho lines the panel
wns filled with snow-white cotton. Veeplng
out of this soft pure bed of down wero scores
of glnss bulbs, incandescent electric lamps,
arranged to spell the woitl "Clmrity" In
great, lutnlnouslutters.
Tho Cnpltol wns found to bo most admir
ably adapted for tho puriososof tho occasion
Admittance wns gained at tho east door, and
inside wero Messrs. 0. J.Ernst and John
Phillips to take tickets. Justbojond, at tho
foot of tho stairs lending upward, was an
olllcer in uniform to direct tho nrriving peo
ple. At the heod of tho stairs were two of
ficers to give directions as to clonk nnd toilet
rooms, mid n fourth olllcer was stationed nt
the door of tho cloak room to give any furth
er Information that might bo needed. The
rooms adjoining Representative Hall on tho
north sido of tho corridor (assigned to the
sjienker nnd tho chief clerk during tho besslons
of the legislature) wero given over to the
ladles for toilet rooms. Tho representntl es'
cloak room on tlio south Bido of the corridor
was used for a similar purposont tho bnll.
One of tho governor's npui tmenU wus sot
nslde for the gentlemen's toilet room, nnd tho
other executivo chandlers wero open with n
wide welcome for reception and promenading
uses. Tlio long corridor between tho two leg
islative halls was lighted its entiio length and
mado a line promenade. In tho cross cot ri
dors and tho nooks ubout tho rotunda were
scattered tete-a-tetes, lockers and chulrs.
The gentlemen found thuin oiy convenient
for it lounge nnd n smoke ut least such of
tho less shadowy letrenU lis weio not monop
olized b) sentimental voting eoupks who had
letlied fiom thogluio mid thu till on,; to ex
chuniM) sweet nothing. Hut of nil (ho lovely
places for u quiet confidential chat tho gov
ernors opaitnientH had thu best. They we o
filled with easy chillis mid sofas and tho sev
eral rooms woiobewiiaud fiomencli other
bv not times. Needless to sny that thcsi
splendid conveniences wero put to excellent
use during tho latter pint of tho evening,
after tiio looms weio dcscited b) proine
Representative Hall made n migulllcoiit
place for dancing. Tho desks, chairs mi I
railings hail been remove I, letv lug a hroa I
expanse, of enrM?tesl floor, w hleli was put Into
elegant dancing condition by a ho ivy, well
laid canvas covering. Although throe or
four hundred HHiple wero In nttiidaiH'o tho
hnll wns so lnrgo that at no tlnu wusthuro
iiciush on tho floor Thu inuslovviis stn
Moms! on the platforms occupied by tho
desks of sx'ukor, clerks mid l eporlers. Tho
Philharmonic orchestra, twelve pieces,
loudcrod n particularly flue program. Tho
music was of n high order mid filled thu
glent hall Tho classical solectlors wero
so m ranged us to mnko the tliuo
lKat imitlculnrly emphatic, which, after
nil, is a most Impoitaut matter in
dmiciiig music. Tho gallery held quite an
iirmy of spectators, nnd nITordcd a gixxl
view of tho beautiful kaleidoscopic iniiro on
the floor Ixdow.
The company begnn nssu uhllng nt half
past eight o'clock, nnd just nil hour later n
cornet call nunouncisl the grand uiirch.
(lovernor Tlinjor had consented to lead
tho match. Ho selected Mrs A. C .lomoi
to assist him hi that plcuslug duty, ami they
made u very sti Iking coup'e. Thu gov ei nor
is a flno looking geiit'eman, of dlgnillc 1 bear
ing and mi erect military carriage Mrs
Kleiner lookol queenly In n regal roh'i 'of
black velvet, en trnlno, low neck nnd h1iou
sleeves, black iiiouxqtictulru gloves, dlnmo'ids,
hand mid corsage, Ixmqucts. As the gov ernor
mid his lady stepped out iixm the dniieiug
floor tho other participants formed in column
nfter them. Violin mid cornet nnd cello
broke forth in n Joyous fnnfnic, tho word
"Charity" Hashed out upon tho wnll mid
flooded thunlnndy brilliant loom with a
white electric glow, tho company burst Into
tfxintnucous,ippInusont thu Umutlful sight
nnd Lincoln's first charity ball had lx'gun
The long column wound in nnd out In slu
nous lino until, ut tho signnl, tho music
chnngtsl from march to wait and sent the
participants whirling around tho room In
onetw o-threo time. Thu program comprised
twenty iiumlicrs. In order to give strangers
nnd Into comers liettor oportunities for
dancing, progrnin cards were not provided
Instead there wnsii Iwinncr on tho wnll back
of tho orchestra reading "Tho Next Dance
Will He," unrjuHt"lK'l()w was hung a placard
giving tho iinmo of one dnnee. Following is
tho program of dnnces nnd the music played
to them:
Ornnd March Arlon Carnival I'aust
Vnlt7. Pln motes Ilticnlloxxl
Qiiiidrlllo Frolhs AlKiutTown . .. Ilocttger
Polka Selection from Oolnli Tohanl
Lancers A leanr II rooks
WaltzHliie Daniihe Htrauss
Qundrlllo Kazzlo Darzlo llrooks
Wnltr Qiiiulrllle-I.lfo u Dream Zllcoir
Schotllschi' SomolKMly's Hweetlinart.. Moses
Lanorrs Tho ltrlgnnils Tohnnt
WnltzOolah Moms
Quadrille Hcotch Ilitihlmids Hoottgor
l.smcraldn Cleiiuntliio Conterno
Virginia Heel Original
Waltz Dream on tho Ocean (lungl
Lancers Oolali Tolianl
Polka-Hlelgh Julian
Wultz Thoiisnud nnd One Nights ..Htrnuss
HLhottlsehe"MuKliollll Moses
LnmcrsClover Toliant
Wnltr -Lovo'sTrensuro Wnldtenfcl
Itefreshiiunts were niiiiounced as ready nt
lev en o'clock mid nt tlio iiildilhTofTluTi i ro -
gram nn Intermission wns given for tho bene
fit of thoso w ho could not tear themselv es
nwny from tho dancing. Tho Senate chain-
lier wns ustsl ns n dining room. Tables were
scatterel alsiut tho floor wont to lj trodden
by statesmen and a light luncheon wns served
under tho direction of Mr H K. Criley of
the Windsor hotel. Dancing "was resumed
with fresh vigor and It was after three
o'clock when tlio last carriage rollod"hvv ay
from the Capitol and tho janitors began to
tin n out thu lights Thu nirmigeiiients wero
so admirable that thu bull passed oil4 without
n hitch or a disagreeable Incident of any
kind. It wasu brilliant social alTalr, ngiiuid
HUUCS8 In all respects mid tho handsome sum
realized from it will be a most welcome mldis
,tlon to thu funds of the relief society. Many
willing hiinds helped to nchiovo that sum sx,
but one man was so conspicuously thu dom
inant spirit ns todexcrvo sixslal mention
Thu first suggestion of tlio bnll came fiom
Mr. A. C. Kleiner, nnd upon his shoulders
wns put the but deu of resoihil)lllty in car
rying It into eirett. Tho plans were his mid
hoxrsoiiiilly snw to the execution of ninny
of tho details. Bo largo was his shnio in thu
work that all uiilto In giving him the gener
ous praise his work deserves. The ball w as a
dressy nlTnir, mid, nlthough a liner display
might have been mado witli tho cordial co
oerution of all the social leadeis among the
ladles, many handsome gowns wero worn.
Among the more liotictuble toilets were tho
Miss Luttn, pink faillu mid tulle, ieail
trimmings, pink gloves, gold necklace.
Miss Luther, pink faille, Persian trimmings,
blnck mlts, fnn of roses, diamonds.
Miss Onkluy, ornngo China silk, white nnJ
silver tullu w ith fringed ribbon, black mlts,
jellow roses, diamonds.
Miss Puce, black lace, pink roses.
Mrs. J. J. Hutler, white silk and gray
cusluneie, Persian trimming, tan gloves,
Mrs. John H. Chirk, gray silk trimmed
with white passninenterie, diamonds.
Miss Gruuinger, whlto ulpucn moire, rib
boos nnd white lace, blnck glovis, profusion
of pink mid white roses m ranged across the
shoulder nnd down fi out nnd bnck of coisage.
Mrs. Mcl'arland, whlto silk mid w hito tlsli
net, tiiimued with ribbons, tun gloves,
MIsh Hertie Hmr, jellow enshmere,
trliiiiuisl with blnck velvet, blnck velvet
girdle, diamonds.
Mls Maud Hmr, black lace, low neck mid
slim t sleeves, tan gloves, diamonds nnd
l llbies
Mis Captain Phillips, black silk, diamonds.
Mis. lliifliiiuii, black silk, bonnet, pink
flow ei s, diamoiiils.
Mrs. Hillui)er, gray silk, Pvilniiu Inocailid
front, dinmoiiiU
Mis Ionium!, black cloth, red velvtt bon
net, diamond.
Miss Maltha Puiike, light blue China silk,
acconleoii skiit, mil ion liblxm trimmings,
led loses, tan gloves, diamonds.
MluMterliiij, nl (uhuir, no trim,
tiling, white rows.
Mrs II -Inrl OVdl, lnlintrijM velvet,
broi'iided n ili't, u In slui)VJ4, di i u mil oru i
incut s
Mis. Hlckey, light pink silk mid light gt ecu
i llili in tiliumlngs; fan
Mrs, I)r Cuitls, black lace.
Miss .lemcr, cieaui Ai.ili'lla silk, tan inous
quutulro gloves, largo hand and coinage lou -iplets
of white loses
Miss Jeiiimettu Wilson, white embroidered
cishiuoro, whlfo moll o sash, tnu gloves, fan
Miss I.uiiii Dundy, whlfo silk and dotted
lace, wild daisies, diamonds
Miss May lluir, light blue Arabella silk, tan
Mix lliiruhmu, ihiikgtcon velvet and while
lace, Persian passami'iiterle.
Miss Hnthawny, white mull with scarlet
tlhuiiilugs, scarlet sasli nnd mils, diamonds.
Mlssdeorgln Ciiiup, black laeo nnd inoiie,
black uilts.
MIssNcott, wlilto cishiipio with 'Persian
tiiiumlugs, light gloves.
Miss Niioml Weaver, lAltosllk
id, pink loses and handbouquet.
hand paint
Mrs L. Meyer, black silk, whlto laco, Ibou
let, diamonds
Mrs. Newmaik, daik green cloth, bonnet,
Miss I'liinlt, scat let small, whlto lace, bon
net Miss Hard), Ncnrlet ci'lmnie, nccor leou
skirt, rlblxiu trimmings, botmet.;
Mrs Benton, striMsl and eieaniclmlle, din
nioiids, feather fun.
Mrs. Haiitu, lavender silk nnd dotted lace,
en traiue, black gloves and roses
Miss Anim Kimkc, white Artbella silk, Nile
green ribbon trimmings, white mlts mid pink
i oss.
Mrs. Mm tin, black silk, Persian trimmings,
while (Mtrleh lips In hah, diamonds
Mrs Curr, blnck silk mid wlilto lace, black
IxJliuct, gloves, diamonds.
Miss Huddiith, helhtropu uiid laveude;
faille mid velvet, Maieclml Nell rows,
Mrs. II C. lMdv, miiiivo surah, black vel
vet trimmings, black velvet Ixinuut, blnck
gloves and gold ImuW.
Mrs. Flunk Perkins, scai let henrletta, black
Miss Cm inody, black heiirletta, velvet trim
mings, Ixuinet, diamonds.
Mrs. H. P. Ktovens, black heiirletta, whlto
sash, pink roes.
Mrs. Harry Perrlmnn, blnck silk, red velvet
Ixmnct, (llamonils.
JIlss lbxsler, llglitgrey heiirletta mid vel
vet, vvixxl violet flowers, grey hat, diamonds.
Mrs. Coons, ilurl. green velvet,nudirornn-
meiits, iKimict, diamonds.
Miss Giahnm, pink fnlllo nnd pink strlpisl
tulle, tan gloves mid pink rocs.
Miss Miller, blnck lace, black gloves mid
diamond, pink roses.
Miss May Dundy, black laeo, low neck nnd
short sleeves, lemon surnh sash, diamonds.
Mrs. L. C. Hurr, white satin ami black net,
Miss Lilllhridge, blnck silk, nccordeontklrt,
tnu gloves, diamonds.
Miss Maggie Million, white silk skirt, pink
and whlto strlixsl overdress, pink roses.
MIs Nellio Million, light bpto strljx'd skirt
anirchnllo overdress, grey gloves mid fnn
Miss Aiken, blnck silk skirt and Nile green
Misx (iertlo Iivvs, whitesilkuccorduon skirt
nnd lluirj sleeves.
Mrs. A. D. Hmr, black silk, laco and dia
monds. Miss DePite, w bite silk mid strixsl tulle,
tilmiiHil witli daisiis. wlilto mlts, pink and
white loses mid feather fan
Mis Dnvid Wise, blink silk and lihhon
trimmings, white lxinnet, ilininoiids
Miss Mmido Oakley, MdcmluiHre, princess
stjle blnck velvet trimmings
Miss Aug) Hnuudeif, gin iietsilkmid velvet,
tun gloves
Mis. A. K. ltajmond, white cnshmeie,
trlimiird in In own velvet lihlxmx.
Mis. Allsdoif, pink faille, pink mils, pink
roM s.
Mis C. II, Inihoir, gresn faille, strited
skht, bouiut, diamonds.
Mrs. Davis, black lace, diamond ornaments.
Mrs. Hoxselman, gray striiiesl silk, white
vest, pink roses.
Mrs. Oeorge Chirk, stripesl chnlie, luce and
Mrs. Criley, black silk, dotted loco, pink
Miss Carrie Hill, scarlet surah and tulle,
tan gloves, K'arkt sash, bracelets.
Miss English, nllo gres.-n catlnnere mid
white sash.
Miss (iertnide Hill, lemon surah silk, icnrl
Miss Outcalt, black sil!, heavily trimmed
with Jet, diamonds.
Mrs. Wnlcott, blnck lnco, white fnn, Ison
net. Miss White, gray enshmere embroidered in
Mrs. Crawford, pnlo lilncsllk, brown front,
white rose s and smilnx
Mrs Tjiell, black ellk, nsl velvet lxinnet,
Mrs, Kheldon, green nnd block silk, gray
lint, diamonds.
Mis George Ccok, brown xllk, tiimmed
with blown velvet, hat, diamond ci miliums.
Mrs Poster, Nile pieen silk, light laco
ovenliess, ji t tiimuiiugs, diamonds, brace
lets and lucklace.
Mrs. Nesbltt, rubj velvet, en traiue, pink
In (nailed fiont, white and pink hjaciuths,
ixail gloves, ilhililLinW.
Mis. Dennis, block silk, diamond orna
ments. Mis J. 1) McDonald, bine k hemtetta, low
Disk mid blunt tlccvts, diamond necklace
and (sails
Miss Lull, gin) cnslimeie, daik gin) velvet
tllmnungs, elbow uleeves, pink iomk, tan
Miss Lulu Clink, gray xllk, white Unify
shoves, soft white wish, feuthei fan.
Mrs. Maxwell, white cusluneie, pason
meiiteilegiidle, llglit bliielKiiinet and gloves.
Miss Lottie Audriis, black nut over black
silk, black gloves, white roses Ji
Mix. Iliickstair, blown brocaded faille,
IVislau tiiiumiugs, point laco collar, bonnet,
dlnuioi. !
Mrs. llajden, gleen cloth, biocaihsl fiont,
velvet tilmmlngs, bound, diamond
Mis. Wlluy, light (It nb sin ah silk, laco and
roses, tan gloves.
Miss lleitlo Penis, black silk and Jet tiiiu
mlugs, pink floweiH
Miss Lilian Feiilx, wliitociisliiiieioliiumiisl
with black velvet, pink lines.
Mrs bin, black Iiicm, dlnmonds, pink fan.
Mix Judgn Cobb, black velvet, Jul tiiin
mliigs, black bonnet.
Miss Slatteily, led velvet, iimus
Mis Ciichinu, black silk, lace and
Mis, Hudy Ithcluuilcr, bilck nsl liemletta,
pink loses
Miss lleleu.Meiillieu, blai ksllk nnd ft Inge,
white I leeaud iikos.
MKs McCluie.whlftffallliiniiilstilDod tullav,
plllk loses
Mrs. A W. Juiisen, pink faille, briH'nihsl
skht, diilut) ilbboii ttimmliigs, elbow sleeves,
loilg-tnll gloves, ill ituomls, liilgu feather fan
Miss Hammond, wlilto cashmere, hhluilb
bon tihmuiugs
Miss Murqiiette, )ehoiv velvet and strlpisl
toll", diamoiiils
MlssOllvo litta, white cashmere, Persian
trimming, tun gloves
Mm l-'mike, gray silk, wlilto Persian trhu
mliigs, diamoiiils, pink rosebuds.
Miss Motcnlf, soft white Grecian costume,
pink roses.
Miss Fny .Mnrsliall, whlto cashmere, blnck
velvet trimmings, black mlts mid fan
It Is almost Impossible inn company num
bering hmidnsls of persons to give mi abso
lutely full list, but the following is hollovod
to liu as complete a record of those present at
thu charity ball us could lie made under tho
UveinorThn)or, Htuto Auditor Ronton,
StAto Treasurer Hill, Messrs and Mosdnmoi
), C. Zlumer, J A. Huckstnir, Ges Hosxcl
man, Prank Perkins, R. ICostka, Iule
Mejer, A. 1). Hurr, J. I) Macfarland, II. T.
DobbhiH, Geo. A Clarku, II. P. Ijui, U U.
Richards, Judge Ainasn Cobb, A. W. Juiisen,
H. H. Ruriihain. W N. Leonard, Dr R. C.
Trogden, C. 1). Pitcher, C. A. Wlrrlck, U U.
Hurr, Thou. Curr, T. W. Kruno, T. M. Mnr
(luutto.T. J. Hlckey, H. H. Mix)ro, A. G. Ilill
meyur, I). Wise, Jose)h Ilixilnner, C. T.
Horfgs, W. A. Alsdorf, Gesirgo Thiers, J. J.
Rutler, Gesirgo Camp, John R. Clark, 12. L.
Vlekors, I). W. Mosuly, 11. P. Foster, W. II.
Walcott, W. R. Dennis, R. Rholaondur, W.
Henry Smith, J W. McDonald, M.Corcoian,
NcirrU Humphrey, C. J. Krnst, C. O Laws,
J.V. Maxwell, H. K. Crlloy, Dr. II F.
Uulloj, Dr. Clins. Ooodell, Paul Holm, I. C
Elliott, II. C. Eddy, C. II. Inihoir, H. J'.
HUiveus, Frank Hhuldou, Gesirgu Cexik, John
Slwsly, R. O. Phillips, R. O'Neill, T. M.
Cook, J. 11. Ilni ley, O C. Hell, Goo. H. Ijuiu,
C. II. Gere, L. M. Gilchrist. II. A. Hulxjook.
Messrs. Henry Miinsflold, Clmrlos Clark, C
W. Wesjkbacli, E, Heaton, P V. Howe, G. C
St. John, II. Nlssley, Oscur Funke, Geo Hid
den, Frank Zehrung, C E Mngoon, Frank
Polk, C D. Vnil Duyn, R. H. Onkluy, F. D
Saunders, Thomas Ew lug, Charles Cnxu, J .
Ilushol U'inlst, C G Cixlnmii, C. R. RlcliUir,
C. E. Wiilto, S. T St Johns, John Dorgnri,
J. M. Knox, Cluis. Algers, Dr Hooves, Dr.
Irfivvton, Dr. Spuhr, A. F. Walsh, A F.WIng,
Rohm 1 Iird, Charles Hurr, Gesirgo Craticer,
E. 11. Audi us, Will Stiill, Frank Hurr, G Hil
ton Aiulrus, Will Clarke, Frank Walluu,
Charles Hall, J. II. Nadeii, George Foresiiiau,
R. S. Mcintosh, P. W Sin) ser, Tlios. Iiwr),
J. E Ihomp'on, Dr Hay, W. Morton Smith.
1) h Tliomi-iiii, Kd Midler, Frank K Iiuis,
Will Hammond, Flunk Hiithnwu), J E Per
il", Lieut. Oritllth, A T Clime ron, Dr Ker
man, Chns Mn cr. Henry Mn) ei. M I Alt
ken, II S Rose, J M Thuver, Jr , Otto
Mnhienstechir, PiedShohs, G Walsh, E E
Gillespie, C I) Iljatt, M Ackennnn, John
Fitzgiinld, El Cngney, Chnrles Siiillh, John
G. Phillips,
Mrs IIii)ileu, Mrs. J Heaton, Mis. I. Put
nnm, Miv E. 11 Coons, Mis Iliiiriimii, Mis
Cnnfleld, Mis. Neshit, Mis Wile), Mrs. Joel
Dnvis, Mrs. Hoppei, Mrs. bittu, Mrs. J J
Imhoir, Mix Forenmn. Mrs. O. it. Oukley,
Mrs. Hard, .Mrs. Dr. Sobln, Mrs. Chus. Ham
monil, Mrs. Crlsey, Mrs. A. H Raymoiid,
Mrs. II. I). Hatliaway, Mrs I. Hrooks.
Misses Clara Fuiiko, Martini Punke, Min
nie Depue, Clara Curmody, Edna Heaton,
Gcrtnidu Ijivvs, Maud Oakley, Maud Hurr,
Anglo Saunders, Ahbio Covert, Naiinlu Lilll
bridge, Heleno Imu, Nelllu Ijhi, Olllo Lntta.
Naomi Weaver, Wilson, May Hurr, Corn
Hurdy, Clnra Walsh, Lllllnu Sterling, Lottie
Andrus, Fay Marshall, Nellie White, Hertlu
Hurr, Clorklu Pace, Gertrudo Zlemer, Min
nie Nnden, Mmnlo Latta, Lulu Grunlnger,
Alien Oakley. Pearl Camp, Georgia Camp,
Lulu Clarke, Ednii Scott, Libido Sencrest,
Helen Merriliow, Mnud Minitli, Anna
Funke, Maud Hammond, I.lllle Hathaway,
uenio rerns, imiian rerrls, Theo. Ijiws.
Alice Hennlsley, Gertrude Hill, Curolu Hill.
Slngglo Kngllsh, Hortha Cook, Cora Out
calt, Helen Million, Margaret .Million, Annio
Pardee, Dora Hurley, Rosa Franck. Anna
Dick, Alice Cowdery, .Minnie Slattery,
.Mrs. Pel r) man of Sioux Pulls, Dnk Jessie
Suildltli of Wiihccii, Minn , Miss Grahuin,
Miss Viiiiuiiid .Miss Miller of Chlcugo, Miss
MiUnlf of San Diego. Oil Miss Luthirof
Albion, N. Y Mlxses Maggie nnd Mnttie
McClure of Jit. Pleasant, In A S Hiulgei
ofChlengo, Mr nnd .Mrs Ed Hniiin, Misses
Mn) ami Luim Dtind), MKs Millie Rixsler.
Messrs Edgnr Eiwurds, A L Roislur, II
Curtail, D. Moigiin. Isaac Coles of Omaha
Ft inn-K (. THK IIAI.I.
Alxmt HHHI Invitations u,u Issued
Hie piollts will Ui ovel f.VK), xilinp neni
er tMM)
1 lie floor ma niigi is weio distiiiKUishcd b)
hmiilsoiue lmdgix
Ihe (tiH'iuatiug wns done Ii) Mr Win. 11
Giesn, who gnve tell da)x time to it at u mod
el life pike
Now that wehuve had the llrxt nnd Lincoln
know s more nbout w hut a chin ity Ixill u all)
, ., . ,, . ,
Is, tin. next will be vv oi Hi living to eiijov.
Tlio sf nte house never showisl Itself to such
excellent advantage lxifore. Thoseeno pro
setilisl when the merry gatheilng weio danc
ing could nut) be iinpi eclated by xrsounl ob
sei vat Ion
Tlio ladies who sold tickets did u noble
wink Miss Luttn tin msl over the largest
sum, f Ifi'i, Miss Joiner vviisn close sis'oiul
withal Pi nnd Miss Nnonil Weaver wns n
good thlnl wlfh Pi
Thoeleclrlc light company airangisl tin
panel with tho wind "Chailty,"ilonutllig the
uso of the light and tho material mulching
lug only fin thu ciisl of fhollubor lit making
Hint eirectlve piece of ilis'orntlon
A nuiubei of mei chants who had noilexlr"
to paMlclpate in tho ball dountisl goods lo
the amount of a ticket. These due bills,
which inchiihsl conl, grocerliw and nlliir
gtxxls, weio tuiiiisl over to Elder Howe, mid
he lins iillcudv made gixxl Use of soiun of
Mr E K. Cilley or the Windsor took
chaigoof theicfieshmelits ut a lute date on
account of tho Illness of the interei eugagisl
fur the work. And he did the hiiiiilxnnio,
geuetoiis fhlug nbout if, too Ho llguinl the
itelual cost of the materials in the luni heon
and turnisl the piollt, a siiiig litflu sum, Info
thu chm It) fund
Many "kickers" hiivoiiseurtnluesl since tho
airnlrtlmt the model n day clmrity ball Is
not n cheap daniii where men and maidens
congregate in ciillcoiittlie 'I'Lo pin llclpants
all unjii)esl the aHalr as they have none other
ever given In Lincoln, unit It would Ixi dllll
cult now to get even the gruiubleis to sxnk
of thu iilfulr other thui us a pleasant, social
mid llnanclal success
lIulTman.t Ricliter nnd their nsxlMtant, Mr.
Wiley, wero most active workers In milking
the bull the biilllant success that It was, Mr,
Rlchter, Indissl, deserves to rank second only
to Mr. lemcr In tho gixxl work. Ho put
heart mid soul Into the iiiuse, and brought mi
energy, nil enthusiasm mid nn Intelligent ef
fort to lxnr with telling circct Mr. Illchtcr,
with hissuavocoiirtesy, gixxl seiisonud whole
hearted earnestness, Is a host In any cause
that enlists his services.
Among thosei who hximsl pictures, flags
mid other articles for thu decoration of tho
hall wire Hon A. J Hnwjer, Prof. Hogg,
Hon. E. P. Roggen, S. E, Miller C
Paine, A. M Davis & Son, II. R. Nixxloy oc
Co., J. C. Stlre, A. T. I-emlng & Co , G A.
Cnincer & Co , Hnnly & Pitcher, A llloch,
Polk & Hell, Fox fc MiUhell, Hnrgronvos
llros., James llalloy, Thus. Ewlng, HerxU
shelmer i Co, H. P. Stevens, (leu. H.
Pcxihlir, Chus. II. Rolimau and thu Gixxl
Luck grexH'ry.
He It said with credit to Lincoln, that thu
music furnished by thu Phllliiiimonlo orches
tra wus oxi client, mid hud the i omuiltUs) se
cured music from abroad It would certainly
have lxn mi Injustice to both Lincoln ami
the home orgiinizutlou. It wus the first time
tho full orchestra of twelve pieces had Ixs-n
heard, Thu circct wax Ixith pleasing mid
thoroughly satisfactory, and many u compll
meiitwns given them during tho evening.
There Is perhaps hut one fault to lliid mid
that is in tliu execution Thu time Is all that
could Ixj uskisl, likuwlho thu harmony, hut It
has Ikh-ii suggested that if tho orchestra wero
to mid a llttlu more life and net! m, It would
complete thu otherwise excellent work. How
over, they did well, mid tlio Coi'ltlKIl urn
grutlllutes them on thu success they achieved.
Thu cloak room arrangements were about
perfect. Thu waiting, tlio confusion and thu
mixing of clothing, usually anno) lug lucN
dents of mch lnrgo guthcrlugx, nil these wero
avoided, thanks to the planning nnd the erne
of Mr, II R. Wile). When ho vuhmttcicd
to take charge of the (linking ho Ugun lo
make sev end bundled chei U In order tolxi
sure of huv lug i uniigh hooks liosiipplemciitcd
those of the ( loak loom IIm If b) ens Hug u
Iaigesquiile riume In theeeiitir of the floor
mid filling It wllh mills Then he hml thu as
sistance of six bright, ah it )ouug mm
Mtsrs. Pi is I Iingwell, Lhiis Ciiiup, Jiiines
Carter, Pi link Seiicicst, Alden Mcnihcw mid
Foss Siucrest, who volumes itsl iheli seivicisi,
A bar at the door kept impatient x-oplu out
of I ho loom The result of I In so uiiuugo
meiits, with thu prompt, Intelligi ut iitteiitlon
of tlio gi nth mi ti in chnij,e, was u seivico so
iiiiiiirusurcbl) siixrior to thu ordlnur) expe
rience us to make it stand out us a particular
ly successful feature.
To New York via Washington.
Two elegantly cqulpesl trains leave Chica
go dally, via H. & O R R for Washington,
Hnltlmoru, Philadelphia mid New York The
Vestibules! Limited leaving Chlcugo ut SB
p. in. nrrivesnt Washington the next after
noon at 4 (ft, Haltimore at.'. '.'!, Philadelphia
at 7 'JO, mid Now York ut 10 o'clock. This
train curries Pullman v esitlbuled sleeper l
tween Chicago, Washington and Haltimore,
and Pullman vetdlbulcsl parlor car Washing
ton to New York.
Tho morning limited, leaving Chicago nt
10 10 n m , nrrlves nt Washington thu next
morning at 11 P., Haltimore at 1 o'clock, p in.,
Philadelphia .'I '$) mid New York .'. .V p in.
This train carries Pullman vestlliuUsI xhxjptr
Chicugo to New York without change
An espial)) efllcient service Is maintalii,l
Ix'twisni St. Iouls ami Wushliigtoii, Hulti
more, PhiLidelphiii and New York via Ohio
&. Mississippi R'j mid II .tO TheO it M
v extiblllisl cxprt ns lea v lug St Iouls at h a m
nrrlves Wushliigtoii fu the ufternixm of the
next ihi), nt 1 .V), Hultliiioie ut MM, Plilhi
delphia at .'i Wl and New York nt is i"i This
train carries pallor ear fiom St ImixtoCin
eiiiuuti. sIkk'i Cincinnati to Waslilngton and
Haltimoie, nnd jxirlor mi nshington to
New Ymk
TheO it M expn-ss Itnvihg hi Iuiis nt
"'tr.' p m airlves Washington the msoiuI
morning nt . P., Haltimore nt I .VI, Phlliuhl-
pliiu 7 Id and New Ymk 10 .V. 'Ihistiuin
ciiiries Pulliniiii hlevKis fiuiu St b.iiistn
, New Ydk and from (nuft W Vn , to
WnsliMigton and Haltinu re Pnsseiigu. foi
vv iiiunkitn ami Haltimoie truiisfei to tho "c'uuirs see luivertiseinent on igt eight
lixul sl(s's-i at (inrtoii at 7 :,(liu thuevtiiuig ,
mid uvolil tieing ili.tuilKsi upon in i iv al ut T,u nobbiest turnouts t hut uie eni i u our
Wusliiiigton until 7 a in thoienghfiires ni-o from the I'nlnee .tables
Tn kvts v in II ,v O R. It. me on miIo at all I't'lfpliotm No. -i:. Stublts on M tm-t op
coupon thket i lllces thiouglit the west. JHislto Mnsonlc temple
Di R. C Tiocdmi. Dentist. South Mil.
I !,"". 'Vlllll, o OOlllll 1 till I
j treet, over Elite studio Telephone 43.1.
Tho week has seen several good perfoim
mices at Punkii's hut a light attendance,
"lieiiulnlo," Monday nnd Tuesday, wns a
Httong, I'lemi play of tho legitimate older,
nnd tlio Iteilinunil-llai i y company wns made
up of nrtlsts "ig-,iig," Wiiltiesihiy, wns a
furco comisly Ixitler than the nveingu. It
glow fiom tho stmt ton strong climax In tho
last nit It had absolutely no plot, but tho
eonipniiy iticiiiitisi some veiy clever uctor
who IHInl thu eviiilug with their business.
Among them weio Alfnsl C. Wlieelnn, Miss
Anna llo)d and Miss Alice Vnue, tho mother
of hay Teniplelou. I ho iiiliixtrels.Tlnirsdny,
weie poor I
'Hie altrnctlon at Funke's njixt Wediies
dii) evening will be "HinenJi?' An exclinnge
"Sllx'ilu" Is b) no meal s u new pin), but
it does not si em to lose opitlnt It) , mid is nl
wn)s nsHiinsi; iiowdul houns As In lllus
tuition or convict llle in Sibil In (lie pla) Is
veiy emiiH'tiiiid full or liitoioxt It Is hut
ptlslng how lilslorhnll) coinet Ihenuthor's
Idensol Hlbiilail life Welc, und how lltfleex
nggeiutloii was Usui In the eonstrui lion of
tills phi). "SllxTlu"irtiii)sliivlvlii;toiielusi
the vicissitudes of Rtisslnit lire, with Its nihil
Ism, Its despotic tide, lis I. liter wrongs und
lis firilhlelnjiisfliis 'Iheiompnnv fsn le
iiiiiikuhly stiong one, mid Includes Missis
P.leunor Moiicltl, Lizzie Mny Uliner, Cm lie
ltadcliire, und Messrs, Adolph Jackson, John
Dnlley, Chns II, Wnlte, W. M.'JFnlrbnnkH
CIiiih, E. Gotfliold. Thoscenety tistsl In the
pnxluctlon is elnlxiiute, mid tho same cmeftil
attention which has marked former presenta
tions isglviti In eny detail.
(Iran's Opera coinpuii) will Jpn sent "The
Ililgniids" nt Funko's noxt Thiiisdny even
ing. Tliu Atlanta ('iiiisfifiiffoiirii)softhem
Otreiihiich never wrote music that wn not
beautiful, und tlmt of "Tho Hrlguuils" is up
to Ids usually high standard Some of tho
solos nre particularly cntrhy mid pretty, the
choruses nre grand The opera mov es ulong
vv ith ihish, tlio (Iran company giving a very
line presentation of tho great Cnsliio siiccem.
Thorn Is Mime miggntlwi of tho thieves of
"Prtnliile" In the four hiigniids whono nntlcs
furnish the hulk of thu fun. Miss Grrrn
wood nnd Miss Hosimr dlvldid tho honors
accorded tho feminine portion of the enst,
Ixith by their singing mid nctlng Miss Aid
rich made a pretty young fnrmer; Miss West
wns u holld-lookltig pngoj Harry Hrown, tho
comedian, kept over) bod) laughing from thu
time the curtain rose. Ho Is undoubtedly the
Ix-st eoincdliin Ornu linn over hod. Ills topi
nil song, "It's ii Mutter of Tnste," is one of
the lxxt of tho ninny with which tho ntngo Is
Tho drnmntlzesl story of "Shu" will Is) given
ut Funko's noxt Friday and Saturday even
lugs, with a Saturday matinee. Tho Evans
vlllo Courier says of It- "When the curtain
rose upon thu first sceno after tho piologuo
tho audience testified Its approv ill by a i oimd
of iipplniise for the flue fcttlng revenhsl, mid
ws the iictiun progressesl, mid ono scenic eirec-t
lifter nnothorvwisdlspm)isl, Itbeciimeevident
that the author hud taken as much udviintugu
or llie posKllillltles us could well 1st utilized,
und tlio issiplo Ix-cnmo eiitliiislustlc 11uo
M-enlc eilis'ts, oven to the smalhwt, wero ud
mliiibly urrungisl und foimed ninny Ix'iiutl
f ul und linpiesslvestiige pictures. 'Iluieirccts
me tousldelesl us tho equal of niiysxs?tnculnr
piixlticliou yi t Hen In this cit) The excel
leuchsof the JxTfoi malice wile not conllned
to the scenic i tricts, though It wax supposed
that tin so would (institute the chief merit.
Tho ciiiiuiiv developed u stieugth intiiely
iiuuxxx't(sl 1 1 n spectiictilur piece, mid guvo
the dialogue and ini lilents in nil e nt in I) ine-lo-druiiiutlc
inanuii, ipiite In kin ping with tho
stor) itself und Itsiuliiptntloii for the stage.
Mnniigei Lnwhr Is keeping his reputation
nsnn mmisemint rattier ami piesentxto tho
Muste visitors tliis week a show tlmt is seldom
excelled In the. cuiio hull Mmliiiii Niioml,
tho fnt wniiinn Is Indeed a curiosity. Mr.
Duncan culls her tlio Olieso Wonder. The
lad) Is u native of California nnd shows that
tho state can Ixjoxt of lurgu women ns well as
large trees She Is one ixjrson living who is
actually as bioad as she Is long In thiatro
No a Tom Mcintosh mid his Uilinttsl son
present n vei) funny sketch In tlie then
toriuiii Erul, tho ono-leggcsl skater, Warren,
the Dutch comedian nndMiirkloy nndObcrly,
the musical artists, are all gixxl foi huts
while ixirtlciilar attention is culled to tho
Hitinells, who produce n novelty tlmt every
one likes.
Next week will biing fevernl stiong fent
ures, chief niiiong which will be the South
Sin Isliuulers They were secured b) P T.
Hurnuin for his congress of nntlons, und nre
said to Ixj representative of the on)) trilx
now known to be cunnibnls or man eaters In
one tliiater will Iw piesenttd a comesl) per
formance entltlesl "McGintj's Terrible Or
deal " McGlntv and his woes nre the talk . f
thu enst, mid Lincoln people will liuve mi i.
IMirtiiuitr to Ix-come iicipialnttsl with that
unfortiinnte mini and lenrn of hU iroubhs
Among tho other attractions iinuomiecd nre
Hen Hum, tuiujoiatlc comedian, Jennie l in
rol, the mule lin)irsonater, Morton slat, i
in n comisly sketch entltlesl "Siuq In in
Fresl Hiiith, tlio legmnstic coincslinii .Mm
Tru) nor, Kih still clog dunct r; Cam I tin
ventriloquist, Gllmoro & Mort n in lush
Uje,, Nose und lliroui , i ImIUI.
Di dairies E Spnhi, No. I.'l . list l m
siiltutioiis in English nnd Geinmn
hhukespeni e complete und a v . nr s miUe rq.
Hon to the Cot'ltiMi for onlv .' Vl lor Mir
Fine vvatihiepaliliig ut Ptir) HutrU,
IWtO stiec t.