Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, July 20, 1889, Page 4, Image 4

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Bound to Take the
Oo not fall to sre them before buy
ing. AUo my litis of
936 V Street. Korth Side P. O. Square.
In order to close
out our stock of
Single - Generator
Gasoline Stoves,
Wc will give H oH for Cnh until closed
1242 O.St.
fe will have on Sale (or this week Only
a Fast
Black Hose
Futl Regular and warranted at 25s.
Wc have only n limited stock of these
goods, and as they cannot be replaced to
sell for less than 40 cents, they will not
last long.
We have just received n fresh lot of
our Great Bargain
" Ribbed Vests,"
nt 1 5ci worth much more.
Wc have the finest line of CAMBRIC
wide ever shown In the City. Call ami
ee them, The latest novelties. In out line
received dally.
113 S. Eleventh St.
Ills Greatest Work 1 1 Salesmen wanted
everywhere. Exclusive territory. Fbks trip
to Europe for live workers. Unparalleled In-
duocment. Apply now, B. F. JOlLNsiON'A
CO 10UW Mala feu, Hlcnmond. Vo.
Nothing like it, the Elkhoru'n fast Chicago
r it If
sIssHft j usss"Vs3liSstfK
TssflKsllEsBiii IVh
I JBPjBjSv swsst IK " -
hsr Jfc JLjk Vm
IyJ iIHIhv
A limlu ltiwrof ilinhrn Times.
Puumshbd Saturday
it'n.cmrriDNi One Year lir Mall or Carrier $WO
8lx month, tA Tliri'e mouth 80 Cent. Oim
iwnth W Out InraraMy In Adranre.
VPVKaTliiZMIXTSI llfltes furnished Oil AppllcttlMl
at the "Mee, Hpeclal rate on Time Contrno s.
'ONTBinnioxsifiliort spicy sketche, oem ntui
ste-rles oltclte4. Personal and Hoclal note ure
I'aixTlin: We make a npvclalty of Flue Printing
nillltl.4ii)in, n ttr vircftpeltlty'
A I tm til ciiu'itutuutlu!i4 direct to th ofTlcr.
Wiisain. Printing Co.,
New Ilurr lllnok, Cor. I'.'tli nnd 0 HIr-V.
j. Wkaskl, Ju., Editor and Sole Pioprletor.
l'ltED Benzin'okii, Associate Editor.
"The Courier" nt tliv Iti'.uits.
Persons leaving tho city for the summer
cmi ha vo Tiik CouiitKU Kent them without
extra charge. In cine of clmugei of location
during the nbsenee from home, tho mMruM
will Iw altered whenever desired. This np
piles to pivseut mill new subscriber. Havo
tho Coi'ittKit follow you ni n means of keep
ing posted on homo nirnlr. Itn weekly np
DenriincH will prove more Interesting than n
Tiik bank examiner havo liegun on Lin
coln hntik. Tho feo for examination Is ?-().
The probability Is that tho grounds ntout
tho state houso will not bo Improved thlsyoar.
Amoso the week' visitors havo been Hupt,
Midlnlleu, Senator Hunl, Representative
Chrtsty of Clay, Senator Wctlierold, Editor
Mosownternnd CongrtMsumu Commit.
It U n little singular that thoru has not
lieen n imili room crop of rnudldates fur the
regency of the State University. Itepresunt
atlve 0. A. Corblu Is tho only man "men
tioned" thus far.
Tiik legislature appropriated 17,600 for fix-.
Hires for tho now state library, and $0,000
hav beenspont on the first floor. Tending
another allowance the second floor will be
used ns n sort of n lumber room.
The soldiers' home nt Grand Island has less
than fifty Inmates nt present. Commandant
Hammond says about thirty soldier are
nw ny on summer furloughs. Home nro visit
lug friends and others lire working out.
Hon. Jilt Caldwell, has gone to Wash
ington to take a place In the department of
Justice. He ignorance of his com
ing duties, but rumor has It that they have
some connection with the organization of tho
new states.
Fred Nvk, of the Omaha AVjuiMi'caii, has
been spending the week In Lincoln to give his
shattered nerves a rest. He finds the fnmous
mineral water a bracing tonic, and he is sat
Isfled that there Is enough climate to the
square inch to be nlono worth the price of nd
mission. One of tho latest olltlcal yarns is n story
of how President Harrison Is to tako caro of
ex-Senator Saunders. Senator Mandersou Is
to lie elevated to tho supremo bench, and
Editors Itosewnter and Nye nre to me their
influence to havo Governor Thayer appoint
Mr. Saunders to tho senatorial vacancy. And
yet they accuse woman of monopolizing silly
It Is seldom tknt n state or ustlonal appro
priation Is refused If the authorized parties
have halt a chanco to use it, but such a case
has occurred nt Grand Island. An Item of
(1,000 for an elevator slipped Into the bill for
the soldiers1 home, but tho commandant says
It will not bo used. Tho home Is only three
stories high, nnd disabled veterans will be
kept below.
It has lx?en known for some time that Con
gressman Dorsoy was rich enough to have
pie three times n day If ho wanted to, but
here he has gone nnd hired n whole Pullman
car and Is taking n jwirty of eastern congress
men on a tour of the great northwest. It is
to be hoped that our jKor brother can nfford
this extravagance. Perhaps ho has besu rav
ing up for it.
The bank examiners havo found 514 banks
subject to the now state law. They are ready
to make their tour of examination, and will
have little time to waste for tho first year at
least. Mr. Saundors will take the first con.
grcsvlonal district with 103 banks, Mr. Mo
Nuughton the second with 103 and Mr. Brink
the third with SU. Mr. Saunders will help
out tho other gentlemen if necessary. It is
believed that other banking Institutions will
be discovered, but If they have received no
blanks the examiners will be lenient.
Several counties Rent representatives to
Lincoln the other day to Induce the board of
equalization to reduce the rate of their taxes.
The system of levying tho stato tax in Ne
brnvka offers a premium to overy assessor
who will violate his oath of ofllce. It is for
the Interest of every county to escape state
taxation by assessing its property as low as
possible. The law says assessors must return
full value, but in some localities the assess-,
ment Is only one-tenth of tho value. Thete
Is not an assessor in Nebraska who has not
perjured himself, but ho has the sentiment of
his community to back tilm. The revenue
law of Nebraska is wotully defective. Here
is an opportunity for foine no wspapcr seeking
u mission to start a crusade of merit, and one
that will win a considerable following.
The building boom has struck Hot Springs,
Dak. A MethodLt college, South Dakota's
Soldiers' Home and numerous cozy residences
are being erected. Now seems to be the time
for a good Investment in that town. Lincoln
people should eet to the front as usual.
Patronize the Elkhorn's uew Chicago train,
Fastest time on record. Through sleeer.
Ilin'errnt St) If. of Huts The Sun Umbrella.
Piny l)rcr. rut Children Deign for
ft Co.tume Uncfiil Hint, on Children'
(Special Comvpomtetico.l
New YoiiK, July 18. To prcservo lit
tlo girls nml big ones from freckles Is
ono of tho tlutlcs of motherhood, nnd n
very dlllluult labor It would Ik? If It could
bo ilono, but It enn't, nml no tlioy Imvo
their Inbor for their pains. Hut tlmt docs
not hinder them from trying, nml lints
as big ns ordinary parntols nro supplo-
inontod by nun umbrellas, which nro
qulto largo enough for touts for tho llttlo
tola who carry them.
Soino of the prettiest llttlo hats for
midsummer sunshlno nro illustrated In
this latter, nnd thoy nro of straw of
vnrlous colors, trimmed simply with
rlblxms, though often lints nro seen with
llowers nnd feathers. Such nro for vory
full dreaa occasions. For ordinary use,
ribbon trimmings nro by far tho most
durable Tho upper lint on tho left eldo
la of whlto Milan brnld or fine Leghorn,
and trimmed by n sash of rich satin or
Armuro ribbon tied in tho back In flat
loops. This hat can bo worn by a very
small boy or n Rlrl from "small to mid
dlinV Tho hat beneath Is of fancy straw,
brown nnd whlto Btrlod, and has a
full bow and loops of brown and drab
and whlto striped ribbon on the left sldo
nnd a smooth band around tho crown.
Tho upper one on tho right side is of blue
nnd whlto striped straw, faced with dark
bluo velvet, with n bluo nrmurc ribbon
sash and upright bow with ends. This
hat is suitable for children from 4 to 12
years old. Tho hat below is of brown
straw, soft and flexible, nnd tho front
faced with velvet. A largo Alsatian bow
la rundo of brown and ecru ribbon with
long ends.
Tho bud umbrella Is made of cream
colored pongco, with a border of threo
bands of brown ribbon sown on over a
ploco of black lace, tho wholo a very cf
fectivo pattern and n durablo parasol,
which It needs to be for children's use.
Of courso, thero nro times when it Is
nocessary for n llttlo girl to be dressed
up, for instance when sho goes to
church, when uho goes to a party or is
bridesmaid to her big sister, and on
tunny other occasions, and for such an
occasion a prettier, daintier little gown
could not bo Invented than tho Luta
dress. This Is equally pretty in many
materials nnd even colors. Tho model,
however, was In cream whlto nun's veil
ing with tho panels to tho skirt and tho
vest uiado of deep embroidery. Tho
sash, cuds nnd rovers nro all of blush
pink moire rlblon. Tho sash Is tied
loosely around tho waist, partially over
tho hips nnd brought around to tho back
whero It Is formed in a largo bow with
long loops.
Tho design for this protty costumo can
bo altered In somo ways, ono being to
omit tho rest fronts of moire nnd veil
ings and lot it all bo of embroidery. Tho
basquo In tho back is quite plain and
hangs looso from tho skirt nnd tho sash
Is tied under it. Tho skirt is plaited nil
around. Whlto lawn, challtes, chain
bcry, satlno, and even woolon good3, arc
all adapted to this pretty dress.
Tho llttlo bonnet la of whlto mull,
shirred and trimmed with rosetto of
narrow, pink baby ribbon, Insldo tho
poko brim, and with bows of pink molro
on top and strings of tho same. If this
wore tnado of bluo nnd cream, or lllao
or corn color, It would also bo lovely
aad exactly adapted to a costumo for a
llttlo bridesmaid.
Dlack stockings nro almost tho only
ones worn .by boys or girls, and Newport
or Oxford shoes aro worn for dress. For
every day uso canvas shoos or those of
russet leather are very serviceable,
though not at all pretty. Stockings of
silk to match tho dress trimming could
bo worn If for a wedding or party,
Oute HAcru.
Hon to iMrnnile nnd I' n lloma
The Art Amateur, which Is considered
protty good authority In such matter by
people of tnatc, Is running nn excellent series
of nrtlclciiou "Homo Decoration nnd Fund
turo," from No. 10 of which tho following Is
Tho great temptation now is to over docc
rato. Even In n liouvj of tunny rooms of nm
plo slzo one can easily produro the effect of
over crowding, n hllo In tho small npnrtments
so common In largo cities It Is very dllllcuU
tonold It.
It neeins as If tho decorator stiircred from
nn "elnbMrraslk1lrlche!ises., The temptation
to uso nil tho (luvk-es at hand Is often too
strong to bo Wthslood, nnd accordingly pan
eled wAliifrotn, car veil pilasters, wooden
ceilings w f tli heavy trnnsvorso rafters, tapes
tries, rug, brlc-n-brnc, stained glass and nil
tho rest of It piny a prominent part in help
ing to disfigure nnd distort mnny a small
room that by Judicious treatment might hnvo
been cozy, nrtlstlc, and, nlwvo nil, hnbltnblo.
Wo may havo too many rugs on tho floor, too
ninny (tort lores and scarfs, too much brlc-a-brnc
In other words, too much d&corativo
art is not decorative.
Tliu prime uso of an apartment must al
ways bo rcmemliered. If it is otdy for tho
display of n collection of objects, then tho
nlrofn museum is not objectionable. But
If it Is n room for dining, reading or sleeping
in, then tho comfort of tho occupnuts should
bo tho first consideration j and beauty need
by no moans 1 overlooked U-cnuso utility Is
TO '
borno In inlmL I havo seen a dining room
whero tho buffet nndother plecesof furniture
for tho display of silver nud glassware gavo
tho effect of a shop, and I hnvo seen others
whom a much greater amount seemed entire
ly npproprlnto nnd unobjectionable,
Tho satno may bo said of collections of
curios, faience or tho Ilka If arranged
merely for show, to Impress tho beholdor,
tho Intention is always evident; but tho col
lector's own way of placing his treasures U
tho best from nil points of view. Tho tempta
tion to overcrowd a moderately largo room
Is, perhaps, natural, but our small npartniont
houses bear nbundunt witness not only to tho
cmbarrnssniiuit of visitors nt trying to crowd
In between pieces of furniture, but to tho
thoughtless nbuo of schotnes and Ideas that
might havo given beautiful results. Arm
chairs entirely upholstered may bo our ideal;
but if wo hnppou to havo a tiny room and
need sovcra) chairs, wo bad lictter ovorcomo
our yearning for luxurious cushions with
good graco nud content ourselves with lm
plor forms.
Nothing can bo tnoro luxurious than a spa
clous loungo covered with a Turkish rug, and
possibly having auothcr rug stretched on tho
wall as a background, with plenty of soft
sllkon cushions. But it takes up room. Now
wo must consider If tho spaco at our disposal
Is sufficient for our purposo beforo wo fit up
oar loungo, oven If wo aro fond of eastern
rugs and soft pillows of silk. If tho spaco at
our command Is uot enough to do this proper
ly, wo had much better glvo up tho idea and
havo a simple scttlo with turned spindles and
a flat cushion. This may bo excellent in color,
flno in lino, and will bo altogether better iu
placo than tho divan out of placo. Tho satno
thing is truo of our chairs. I bcllovo tho
French know how to treat a small salon hot
ter than any other people, Thoy roly strict
ly on precedent and tako a stylo, say Louis
XV or Louis XVI, but what could bo better!
Lot us glvo uporiglnallty if it only means
doing what has not been dono bofore, for tho
obvious reason that it is undosirablo. Criti
cism is easy nnd wo aro apt to say that those
French styles aro conventional and linck
noyed and admit of no scopofor tho designer.
I do not think this is so. Working under tho
strict limitations of a historical stylo Is, per
haps, a hard task; but a designer of force
and education will declare, to somo extent,
his individuality, but always subordinate to
tho general characteristics of tho stylo in
which ho works.
Wood carving, that most dollghtful form
of decoration. Is rapidly becoming abused.
Too much carving vulgarizes hopelessly a
piece of furnlturo that half the amount of
ornamentatlou would havo enriched. A
carved border or molding around tbo odgo of
a tablo gives a flno effect, but 1 havo lately
seen tables tho cntlro tops of which havo
boon carved. Now a tablo U meant to put
things on, and tho carving completely spoils
Its usefulness, besides defeating its own pur
poso of decoration; for thodecoratod edgo
would look richer by contrast with tbo plain
Caro must bo taken not to havo tho carv
ing sandpapered down to a perfectly smooth
finish, and tbo background should bo irregu
lar and not speckled nil over with little holes.
Tho beauty of carving Is to feel tho touch of
tho carver, to seo a tool mark hero and there.
It is well to uso carving rather sparingly.
Rathor havo a llttlo and havo It good than
much that Is second rate. In somo of the
Italian work nearly every molding was en
riched and vaticl carved. But In tbo best ex
amples the sawing Is Judiciously disposed and
somo plain surfaco used as a folL
The cuts accompanying this aro from the
same publication, The Art Amateur, and
give excellent hints as to tho treatment of
bookshelves and a fireplace with cozy corner.
Spring and jtammer Suits
Wc have made a deep cut in price to close all our Light
Weight Suits. This will a great
for you to attend, at the
Globe One-Price Clothing House,
Cor. O and
Lincoln Savings Bank and Safe Deposit Co.
Interest paid on deposits nt any rnt of fi per cent por annum for nil full calandnr months
Hnfes to rent In burglnr proof nnd flro proof vaults, at annual rental of 3 and upwards.
Money to loan on rent estate and collnteinl. YOUll HAVINGS ACCOUNT SOLICITED.
President. Vice President. Treasurer. Teller
Neiiqsoolv gincl
S-wiss Rlou.rcirg;s,
In 22 and 45 inch widths is exceptionally large.
Wc show some of the finest goods Imported in very handsome new designs. '
' .
fl M I O 7
The One Price Cash Dry
One-Quarter Off
Ashby &
a - CO -
1134 O
Tenth Sts.
Goods and Carpet House.
fTOW -
226 S. 11th St.
mako a specialty of Flno Photograpulo and
Crayon work.
Ground Floor Studio in Lincoln
Call and. Sbb Dur Work,
' i
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