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The liloqiiciit llrooklyti Divine AUnpts
the Words of the lllblo IW-liitlng ti ttin
KciihI of the Taberunclc to thn rrcncut
Tue lUstlTONS, July 14. Tbo subject of
tho Uov. Dr. T. Do Witt Tnlmngo's sermon
toduy was: "Tho Bower of Treo Branches."
Bis toxtwns Nohcmlah vtll; 15: "Uo forth
unto tho mount iuuI futch olive branches, and
plno branches, and inyrtlo branches, and
palm branches, and branches of thick trees, to
tnako booths." Following Is the scrmont
It soeius as If Mount Olivet wcro unmoored.
Tho people havo gono Into tho mountain, and
bavo cut ulT treo branches, and put them on
their shoulders, and thoy como forth now
Into tho streets of Jerusalem, and on tlia
housctos, aud thoy twist theso treo branches
Into arbors or booths. Then tho pcoplo como
forth from their comfortable homes, and
dwell for seven ijays In theso booths or ar
bors. Why do thoy do that! Well, It Is a
great, fctat lluio It Is tho feast of taber
nacles; aud these pcoplo nro going to celo
bruto (he dewrt travel of tholr fathers and
tbelr dcllvcr.iuco from their troubles, tho ox
pcrlenTO of their fathers whon, traveling In
tho dcscit, they lived in booths, on their way
to the land of Canaan. And so then booths
also bocoino highly suggest! vo I will not say
thoy aro necessarily typical, but highly sug
gestive of our march toward heaven, awl
of tho fact that wo aro only living tempo
rarily hero, as It wero. In looths or nrbors,
on our way to tho Canaan of eternal rest.
And what was sold to tho Jows literally
may today bo said figuratively to all this nu
dienco. Go forth Into tho mountain, and
fetch ollvo branches, and plno branches, aud
myrtlo branches, and palm brandies, and
branches of thick trees, to mako troths. Yes,
wo aro only hero in a temporary residence.
Wo aro marching 0:1. Tho merchant princes
who used to llvo In Bowling Oroen, Now
York, havo passed awny, nud their resi
dences are now tho fields of cheap merchants.
Where aro tho men who fifty years ago
owred Now York? Passed on.
Thero Is uo uso In our driving our stakes
too deep into tho earth; wo aro on tho march.
Tho generations that havo preceded us havo
gono so far on that wo cannot even hear tho
sound of their footsteps. They havo gono
over tho hills, nud wo aro to follow them.
But blessed bo God wo aro not in this world
left out of doom and unshclterod. Thero aro
gospel booths, or gospel arbors, in which our
souls aro to bo comforted. Go forth unto
tho mountain, and fetch ollvo branches, and
plno branches, and myrtlo branches, aud
palm branches, and branches of thick trees,
and build booths.
the AtiDon or the oosrEU
Well, now wo aro today to construct a gos
pel arbor or gospel booth; aud how shall wo
construct itt Well, wo must get all tho treo
branches aud build. According to my text
wo must go up unto tho mount and bring
ollvo branches. What docs that mean
Tho ollvo treo grows in warm climates, and
it reaches tho height of tweutyor twenty two
feot, a straight stem, and then an offshoot
from that stem. And then xoplo como and
thoy strip oir theso branches sometimes, and
when In tlmo of war tho gcucral of ouo army
takes ono of theso ollvo branches aud goes out
to tho general of another army, what does
that mean? Why, It means uusaddlo tho
war chargers. It means haug up tho war
knapsacks. It Is but a beautiful way of say
ing Pcacol
Now If wo aro today going to succeed in
building this gospel arbor, wo must go into
tho Mount of God's blessing aud fetch tho
obllvo branches, and whatever elso wo must
bavo, and wo must bavo at least two ollvo
branches, peaco with God and pcaco with
man. When I say pcaco with God, I do not
moan to represent God as a bloody chieftain,
having a grudgo against us, but I do mean
toufllrm thero Is uomoro antagonism botwecu
a hound and n haro, between a huwk and a
pullet, between elephant and swlno, than
thero Is hostility between holiness and sin.
And If God is all holiness, and wo aro all sin,
thero must Imj a readjustment, thero must bo
reconstruction, thero must bo a treaty,
thero must bo a stretojiing forth of ollvo
Thero Is a great law suit going on now, and
It Is a law suit which man U bringing against
bis Maker; that law suit is now on tho calen
dar. It Is tho human versus tho divino; it is
Iniquity versus tho immaculato; it is weak
ness versus omnipotence. Man began it;
God did not begin tho law suit. Wo begau
It; wo assaulted our Maker, and tho sooner
wo end this part of tho strugglo In which tho
flnlto attempts to overthrow tho Inllulto aud
omnipotent, tho sooner wo cud it tho better.
Travelers tell us thero is no such placo as
Mount Cavalry that it Is only a hill, only
an Insignificant bill; but I persist in calling
It tho mount of God's diviuo mercy and iovo,
far grander than any other placo on earth,
grander than tho Alps or Himalayas, and
thero aro no other hills as compared with it;
and I havo noticed in every sect where tho
cross of Christ is set forth it is planted with
ollvo branches. And all wo havo to do is to
got rid of this war between God aud our
elves, of which wo aro all tired. Wo want
to back out of tho war, wo want to get rid
of this hostility. All wo havo to do is Just
to get up on tho mount of God's blessing, and
euck theso olivo branches and wave thorn
fore tho throne. Pcaco through our Lord
Jesus Christ I
Oh, it don't maka much duTeronco what
tho world thinks of you; what this king, that
queen, that senator thinks of you. Hut como
Jato tho warn:, Intimate, glowing and over
lotting relationship with tho God of tho
round universe; that la tho Joy that makes a
'hallelujah teem siyjjld. AU, why do wo
we waut to hive, peaeu through our Lord
Jesus Christ! Why, If we had gnuu m in
ten thousand year of war against Go I, wo
could not havo ruptured &o much as n word
or a cavalry t.tirrup. or twisted off ouo v.l tho
wheels of tho chariot of his omnipotence.
But tho moment wo bring this olivo branch
God and all heivun como on our Atv Peace
through our Ivjrrf Jk'iii CbriiT. and no other
kind of peace Is woitit iiujrthlug.
But then wo must havo that other olivo
branch, peaco with man. Now It Is very
wury to get up a quarrel. Thero aro gun
powdery Christians all around us, and ono
match of provocation will sot them off.
It is easy enough to get up a qunrrcL But,
ny brother, don't you think you had better
havo your horns sawed off? Had you not
better mako an apology! Had you not better
tubmlt to a llttlo Irumlllatloui Oh, you say,
until that man takes tho llrtt step I will uover
boat peaco with him, nothing will bo done
until hu is ready to tako tho first step. You
aro a pretty Christian, When would this
world lo saved if Cbrkt bad not taken tho
first step? Wo wcro in tbo wrong, Christ
was in tho right, all right and forever right.
And yet he took tho first step. Aud instead
of going nud getting n knotty scourgo with
jwbleh to whip your antagonist, your enemy,
you had better get upon tho radiant mount
wbero Christ suffered for his enemies, and
Just take an olive branch, not stripping off
tho soft, cool, fragrant loaves, but leaving .
them all on, aud then try on them that gos
pel switch, it won't hurt them, aud It will
savo you. Peaco with Dixit pcaco with man.
If you cannot tako those two doctrines you
aro no Christian
files! In- the tie Hint binds
Our hearts hi Christian lore:
The follow iililp of kindred tnluds
Is like to that above
From sorrow, toll and pain.
And sin no shall bo free;
And ix-rfoct Iovo and friendship reign
Through all eterulty
But my text goes further. It says: Go up
into tho mountain, and fetch olivo branches
and plno branches. Now, w hnt is suggested
by tho plno branches! Tho plno treo is
healthy; It (snromatla; it Is ovcrgrecn. How
often tho physician says to his invalid
patlonts: "Go and liuvo n breath of tho
pines. That will luvlgorato you." Why do
such thousands of jwoplo go south every
year! It Is not merely to get to n warmer
climato, but to get to tho iiiQuenco of tho
plno. Thero is health In it, and this pluo
branch of tho text suggests tho healthfulness
of our holy religion; it is full of health
health for all, health for tho mind, health
for tho soul.
I know nu nged man who had 110 capital of
physical health. Ho had had all tho diseases
you could Imagiuo; ho did not oat enough
to keep a child nlivo; ho lived on n beverngo
of hosaiinas. Ho lived high, for ho dined
overy day with tho king. Ho was kept nllvo
simply by tho forco of our holy religion. It
Is a healthy religion; healthy for tho eye,
healthy for tho hand, healthy for tho feet,
healthy for tho heart, healthy for tho liver,
healthy for tho spleen, healthy for tho whole
man. It gives a ninu such jionco, such quiet
ness, such ludc)cndcnco of circumstances,
sucli holy equiKilso. Oh, that wo all pos'
sussed It, that wo iwssessod It now. I mean
that it is healthy if a man gets enough of
It, Now, thero aro some pcoplo who get Just
cnounh religion to bother them, Just enough
religion to mako thorn sick; but if a man tako
a full, deep, round inhalation of theso pluo
branches of tho gospel arbor ho will find it
buoyant, exuberant, undying, Immortal
But this plno branch of my text also sug
gests tho simplo fact that it is an evergreen.
What does tills pluo branch caro for tho snow
on its brow! It is only a crown of glory
Tho winter cannot froozo it out. Tills ovcr
grecn treo branch Is as beautiful In winter ns
It Is In tho summer, And thnt Is tho charac
teristic of our holy religion; In tho sharpest,
coldest winter of tulsfortuiio and disaster, It
It as good a religion as It Is in tho bright sum
mer sunshtuo. Well, now that is a practical
truth. For if I should go up and down these
aisles I would not find in this houso fifty
pcoplo who had no trouble. But thero aro
somo of you who havo csjicclal troublo. God
only knows what you go through with. Oh
how many bereavements, how many pover
ties, how many persecutions! How many
misrepresentations! And now my brother,
you havo tried everything elso, why don't
you try this evergreen religion! It is
Just as good for you now as it was in
tho days of your prosjicrlty; it is letter for
you. Perhaps somo of you feel almost Mucklc
Backio, tho fisherman, who was chtded ouo
day because ho kopt on working, although
that very day ho burled his child. They came
to him and said: "It U Indecent for you to bo
mending that boat when this afternoon you
buried your child." Aud tho fisherman looked
up and said: "Sir, It Is very easy for you
gcutlo folks to stay in tho houso with your
handkerchief to your eyes in grief; but sir,
ought I to let tbo other fivo children starve
because ono of them is drowned! No, sir; we
maun work, wo mauu work, thougli our
hearts beat llko this hammer."
You may have had accumulation of sor
row aud misfortune. Thoy como in flocks,
thoy como in herds upon your soul; and yet
I havo to tell you that tnls religion can con
solo you, thnt it can help you, that it can do
liver you if nothing elso will Do you tell me
that tho riches aud tho gain of this world can
console youf How was it with tho man who
had buch a fonduess for money thnt when he
was sick ho ordered a basin of gold pieces to
bo brought to him, and ho put his gouty
hands down among tho gold pieces, cooling
his hands off in them, and tho rattleaud roll
ing of thco gold pieces wcro Ids amusement
and entertainment. Ah, the gold and silver,
tho honors, tho emoluments of this world
aro a oor solaco for a perturbed
spirit. You waut something better than
this world can givo. A young prince, when
tho children cauio around to play with him,
refused to play; ho said, I will play only with
kings. Aud it might bo supposed that you
would throw away all other solaco beforo
this regal satisfaction, this Imperial Joy. Yo
who aro sous and daughters of tho Lord Al
mighty ought to play only with kings.
Tho hill of Zlon yields
A thousand sacred sweets,
Before wo reach tho heavenly fields
Or walk tho golden streets.
But my text takes a step further, and it
says, "Go iuto tho mountain, and fetch ollvo
branches, and plno branches, aud palm
branches." Now tho palm treo was very
much honored by tho nucients. It had three
hundred aud sixty different uses. Tho fruit
was conserved; tho sap was a boverago, the
stems wero ground up for food for camels;
tho baso of tho leaves was turned Into lints,
and mats aud baskets, and tho leaves were
carried in victorious processions, and from the
root to tho top of tho highest leaf thero wai
usefulness. Tho treo grow elghty-flvo feet ia
height sometimes, and it spread broad leave!
four and fivo yards long; it meant usefulness,
and it meant victory; usefulness for what it
produced, victory bocauso It was brought
luto celebrations of triumph. And oh, how
much vo want tho palm branches In the
churches of Jesus Christ at this tlmo I A
great mail v Christians don't amount to any
thing. Yet have to shovo them out of the
way when Vie Ixrd's chariots como along,
W? don't vnnt any moro of that kind of
Christians :i the church.
Tho old naxlm says: "Do not put all your
eggs into Qim baskot;" but I have to toll you
In tills mutter of religion you bad better give
your all U God, aud then got In yourself.
"Oh," say somo ouo, "my business is to sell
silk and cloths." Well, then, my brother,
lull silks and cloths to tho glory of God. And
soma ouo says, "My business is to raiso corn
and carrots." Then, my brother, ralso corn
and carrots to tho glory of God. And somo
ono says: "My business is to manufacture
horsesboo nails." Then mauufacturo horse
shoo nails to tho glory of God. There ti
nothing for you to do that you ought to dc
but for tho glory of Ood.
Usefulness It typified by tho palm tree.
Ah, wo don't waut In tho church any more
peoplo that aro merely weeping willows, sigh
ing Into tho water, standing and admiring
their long lashes in the glassy spring. No
wild cherry, dropping bitter fruit. Wo want
palm trees, holding something for God, some
thing for nngeU, omethlng for man. 1 am
tired and hick of tills fiat, tamo, Insipid, satin
illpiwred, uaniby-pamby, hlghty-tlghty ro
llgionl 1 1 1 worth nothing for this world,
nud It U destruction for eternity,
Give mo five hundred men and women fully
consecrated to Christ, and we will take any
city foi God In threo years. Givo mo ten
thousand men and women fully up to tho
Christian standard; In ten years ten thousand
of them would tako the whole earth for God.
But when nro wo going to begin.
Lcdyard, tho great traveler, was brought
Mora the Society of Groat
Britain, nud they wanted him to make somo
explorations In Africa, and they shotted him
all tho peril, and all tho hard work, nud nil
tho exposure, and after they had told him
what they wanted him to do In Africa, thoy
wild to htm: "Now, 1xlyanl, when aro you
ready to start r" Ho said: "To-morrow
morning " Tho learned men wcro tutouUhcd;
they thought ho would tako week or mouths
to got ready. Well, now, you tell mo you
want to Ikj earnest for Christ; you want to
bo useful In Chrlttlnn service When aro
you going to licgln! Oh, thnt you havo tho
division to say, "To-dny, now." Go now Into
tho mount and gather tho palm branches.
But the palm branch also meant vic
tory. In nil nges, In nil lauds, tho
(aim branch inenm victory. Wo aro
by nature tho servants of Satan, Ho stolo
us, ho hat his eye on us, ho wnuts to keep us.
Tho word comes from our Father that If wo
will try to break loose from this doing of
wrong, our Father will help us; and somo
day wo rouso up, and wo look tho black tyrant
In tho face, nud wo tly nt him, nud wo wrestle
him down, and wo put our heel on his neck,
and wo grind him In tho dust, nud wo sny,
Victory, victory, through our Iird Jesus
Christ! Oh what a grand thing it Is to havo
sin under foot and n wasted life Milnd our
hacks. "Ules-Med Is ho whoso trniugresMon Is
forgiven, nud whoso sin Is covered," "Hut,"
says the man, "1 feel so sick and worn out
with tho ailments of life." You are going
to Iw more than conqueror. "But," says
tho man, "I nm so tempted, 1 am so pur
sued In life." You are going to lie moro
than conqueror, "I who havo so many nil
incuts nud heartaches, going to bo moro than
conqueror'" Yo, unless you aro so self con
ceited that you want to manage all tho af
fairs of your llfo yourself Instead of letting
God ui'iuago them. Do jpu want to drive
and have God tako n back scat! Oh, no, you
say, 1 want Ood to Iw my leader. Well,
then, you will bo more than conqueror.
Your last sickness will come, nud tho phy
nlclnns In tho next room will hu talking about
what they will do for you. What difference
will it mako what thoy do for you! You are
going to bo well, everlastingly well. And
when tho spirit has fled tho body, your friends
will bo talking ns to where they shall bury
you, t hat difference does It mako to you
whero they bury you! Tho angel of tho re
surrection can pick you out of tho dust nny
where, and nil tho cemeteries of tho earth
aro In God's caro. Oh, you aro going to be
moro than conqueror. Don't you think we
had better begin now to eclobrnto tho coming;
victory! In tho old meeting house nt Bum
mervillo my father used to lead tho singing,
and ho had tho old fashioned tuning fork,
and ha would striko it upon his knee, nud
then put tho timing fork to his ear to catch
tho right pitch aud start tho hymn. But,
friend, don't you think wo had better bo
catching tho pitch of tho everlasting song,
tho song of victory when wo shall bo moro
than conquerors! Had wo not better begin
tho rehearsal on earth! "They shall hunger
no more, neither thirst uny more; neither
shall tho sun light on Mum, nor any heat.
For the Lamb which is hi tho midst of tho
throtio shall feed them, and shall lead them to
living fountains of water; and God shall
wlpo away all tears from their eyes."
City of eternity, to thy bridal halls
Troni this prison would I Hue;
Ah, glory I that's for you aud mc.
My text brings up ouo step further. It
says, go forth into tho mount and fetch olivo
brunches, and plno brandies, and myrtlo
branches, and palm branches, nud branches
of thick trees. Now, you know very well
thnt a Itooth or arbor maduof slight branches
would not stand. Tho first blast of tho tem
pest would prostrato ft. So, then, tho booth
or arbor must havo four stout poles to hold
up tho arbor or booth; nud hence for the
building of tho artior for this world
wo must havo stout branches of
thick trees. And so it is in tho
gospel arbor. Blessed bo God that wo
havo a brawny Christianity, not ouo easily
upset. Tho storms of life will como upon us,
aud wo want strong doctrine, not only love,
but Justico; not only invitation by warning.
It Is a mighty Gospel, It is un omnipotent
Gospel. Theso uro tho stout branches of thick
trees. I rcmomlwr what Mr. Finney said Ilia
school house in this state. Tho village was so
bud it was called Sodom, and It was bald to
havo only ouo good uiuu iu ull tho village,
and ho was called Lot; and Mr. Finney,
preaching, described tho destruction of
Sodom, and tho preacher declared that God
would rain destruction upon his hearers unless
thoy too repented. And tho pcoplo In tho
school houso sat and ground their teeth In
anger, aud clinched their fists hi Indignation;
but before ho was through with his sermon
they got down on their knees and crlod for
mercy whllo mercy could bo found. Oh, it is
a mighty Gospel; not only an invitation, but
a warning; an omnipotent truth, stout
branches of thick trees. We, my friends,
I havo shown you hero Is tho olivo
branch of pcaco, hero is tho pluo branch
of evergreen gospel consolation, hero
tho palm treo branch of usefulness and
victory, and hero aro tho stout branches of
thick trees. Tho gospel nrlor Is dono. Tho
air Is aromatic of heaven. The leaves rustlo
with tho g a lness of God. Como Into tho ar
bor. I went out at different times with a
fowler to tho mountains to catch pigeons;
aud wo mado our booth, and wo sat In that
booth, aud watched for tho pigeons to come.
Aud wo found flocks in tho sky, and after a
whHo thoy dropjiod Into tho net and wo wero
successful. So I como now to tho door of
this gospel booth and I look out, I seo flocks
of souls (lying hither and flying thither. Oh,
that they might como liko clouds and as
doves to tho window. Como into the booth.
Como Into tho booth.
Hubert Ilrownliip' Social Life.
Robert Brownlnij goes out a great deal in
society, and has an especial weakness for
dinners. Hois fhort and stout, with'whlto
hair and a glow of ruddy health. lie wears
his hair quite long ntxi has n tuutne!io and
goatee. Ho eujiit the !nt of healui and has
an almost boyWh flow of animal spirits nud
enthiiiUasni. Society is his life and hu is al
ways en evidence. Ho dines out nearly every
night aud loves balls aud receptions. Most
agreeable In conversation, of course ho Is well
postod on every subject, nud his friends num
ber tho great men of tho entire world. Ho Is
a groat lllrt anil very proud of his conquests.
Of course all bow down to tho Browning
name, ono of the grandest in literature, much
sought after by all classes of society. His
presenco is thought to put a most learned and
distinguished stamp on nny reunion. Iondon
Tho Idea of a telephonic church Is being
carried out at Tunbridgo Wells, England,
whero the pulpit of a Congregational church
Is couiwUm with ftxteen subscribers. We
are told tt-nt "these Included doctors and
npotheearici. clerks working m various parts
of tlie town, nu Invalid lady ho has been
obtaining o insolation from the telephone for
severnl months, and some lazy club men,
who went Into the thing pr-umably more
from a spirit of experiment than devotion."
Iceland a six nowspnper and periodicals.
Ho who Mines up to hit own idea of great
noss must always havo had a very low stan
dard of It Iu his own inliid. Hazlltt.
A Nureiiibiirg manufacturer has Invented
pencils in blue, black nud brown for writing
on the hum-in skin, Thoy nro for uo In nil
ntomlcal and chemical dcuiouttnitions.
Ocorgo Augustus Bala, tho Journalist, Is re
ported to havo docllutHl nn offer of knight
hood from Ojiecn Victoria.
Only tho refined nud delicate pleasures thnt
spring from research aud education can build
up barriers between different ranks. Mine,
do Stncl.
The coin and slot dovlco has boon applied
to children's savings banks. When onco not
for action a regulated numlier of coins must
bo dropied In tho bank beforo It can bo
Bo it true or false, what Is said about men
often has ns much liilliiouco upon their liven,
and esxclally iqion their dcstiuloo, ns what
they do. Victor Hugo.
A curious featuro In ornithology is reported
from Ecklngton, Yorkshire, England, whero
a hen has hatched two chickens from ouo egg,
both chickens lietng in n perfect stnto except
that they nru Joined together on ono sldo of
tho membranes of tho wing. Beyond this
thoy walk about and feed in tho usual man
ner. He who nets iu all things openly does not
deceive tho less, for most persons either do
not understand lilm or do not bellovo him.
A mail who llvoi near Piatt, Sullivan
county, Pa., claims to havo nscheuio whereby
ho can mauufacturo shoes with movnblo
soles, so that when ono solo wears out tho old
one ctiu lio replaced with n now ono without
any trouble
"Ma," shouted a Plerpont street loy, "tho
old russet hen has laid." "Well, It's about
time. Whero did sho lay!" "In thorond,
and n wngou run over her nud sho's dead."
A Ban Francisco firm has built tho largest
wine cellar In the world. It is capable of
holding :l,000,000 gallons of wine. Its cost
was $'.0,003. This is ouo Indication of tho
rapid growth of wlno production on tho Pa
cific coast.
No mail over sank under tho burden of to
day. It is when to-morrow's burden Is added
to tho burden of today that tho weight Is
moro tiinn n man can bear. Georgo McDon
ald. A camel conch Is to ho tried in tho Darling
river district, New South Wales, Tho sul
try climato tries horses so severely that tho
manager of n lino of mail conches thinks thnt
a foam of camels will answer fur liuttcr, ow
ing to their ciqiacity for enduring heat and
drought. Much curiosity Is felt as to tho ro
suit of this novel venture In coaching, con
sidering tho hasty temper of tho "ship of tho
Vegetables and meats aro sealed up in air
tight vessels to preservo them, so that tho
bacteria or mlnuto organisms which nro al
ways present Iu tho air, and which would
causo them to putrefy and decay, nro thus
excluded. Tho Jars aro heated lieforo thoy
aro finally sealed, so as to destroy nny bac
teria that may already bo present In tho food.
It is rejiorted that a Dr. Elsonmann, of
Berlin, has Invented a piano which, by the
aid of electro-magnetism, can sustain, In
crcaso nud diminish sound. This has been at
tempted by other exjicrts, notably Boclim,
tho Inventor of tbo metal flute. Another
novelty will Imj that by moving tho electro
magnets tho tlmbro of tho touo Is changed;
for example, from that of a violoncello to a
piccolo. If truo, wo shall probably hear
more about this novelty anon.
On a drooping bough of a largo elm, close
by a hotel, In Sunderland, Mass., two Eng
lish robins havo mado a nest. Strong winds
caused so much swaying as to endanger the
eggs In tho nest. Tho birds havo been equal
to tho emergency. They havo secured somo
twlnoand fastened ono end under tho nest
and tho other end to a larger branch Ixilow,
thus avoiding tho danger of too much oscilla
tion. Tho Instinct oxhibltcd by theso birds
has attracted considcrablo attention.
Tho TminyMin of Today.
Tennyson Is described us Inilng very angry
nt the recent throwing tixm tho market of
tho MSA of somo of his earlier works, to
gether with original editions containing
Interlineation by his pen. That very intimato
friends, to whom these wero given, should
hnvo disposed of them for filthy lucro Is a
queer vagary of British taste. It is said of
tho Tennyson of today: "His tendency to
shrink from proximity to tho madding crowd
is well known. Even tho queen has not such
a disliko for casual human kind as has tho
poet laureuto, who, it is well known, gavo up
tho loved ulxxlo of many years bocauso it was
approachablo by passersby. His horror of
intrusion upon his privacy Is peculiarly
ovoked by tills banding out of his manu
scripts, on which aro eet forth many ovldences
of his innermost self communings. Ho has
taken tho licst possiblo means to provont Ills
memoirs lielng written, keeping no record of
his correspondeuco, much less a diary. 'Wheu
I am dead,' ho said to n friend permitted to
Join him Iu tho companionship of a pipe, 'I
will tako good caro thoy shall not rip mo up
llko a pig.' "Now York Tribune
An i:cccntrlc' Will.
An eccentric old Kcntlcninn w10 recently
died in Tyler, Tex,, left a sum of money to
bo divided anion;; perilous now livinjr In the
south wIiomj birth was coincident with his
own May 0, l&tt. If overy person who in
entitled to n sharo put In u claim thero will
not bo much for each ono. There nro In tho
United States at leuot 400,000 perwns who
wero born in tho United States In the year
1H3.'), and of those tho number in tho southern
states would bo about IM.OOU. Assuming
that May 9 of that year was an averago ono
for births, thero aro now living in tho United
States t,IOJiersoui who wero Iwrn on that
day, and 400 of them are residents of tho
south. New York Suu.
The Puiulou I'luy.
Preparations nro now being mado for tho
productiou of tho "Pa, m Play" at Obernui-mct-Raii
In 1KX), that Iiir tho tenth year
tlnco its last performance. Several altera
tions havo lecn made. Among others tho
character of Judas is to bo brought out much
moro strongly than has previously been tho
caso. It Is hinted thnt tho desiro to make
money out of tho performance will bo moro
marked than over nt t.. coming exhibition,
and tho degeneracy frdm a puro though pe
culiar net oi dovoiion 10 n mero inonoy mate
lng enterprise is said to bo moro conspicuous
than over. San Francisco Chronicle.
Tho New rrlnripul.
Miss Agues Maitland, who has boon elected
to succeed Miss Shaw'Lefevro ns principal of
Somervillo Hall, Oxford, Is a local impector
of tho government schools of cookery, author
of somo valuablo handbooks on that Mibject,
and well known as a lecturer on food, cook
ing, hygiene, nnd other cognate topics. Miss
Maitland has also had a largo experience lu
tho conduct and organization of various be
nevolent movements, nnd has long tiecn con
nected with tho periodical nnd weekly pren
of Liverpool and London. Onco a Week.
1 1 22 N
Wo bey Icnvo (o Inform our Lincoln patrons mid the public In gcticrnl Hint
our Importation of FINE
Novelties for Sprii.g and Summer
Arc row remit1 for Inspection, We Imvc n much larger mid liner ninortmcnt
than ctcr before. Call and tee our latest novelties from London nml I'nrls.
Dress Suits a Specialty.
guckert & Mcdonald,
315 S. 16th St., Omnha, Nob.
tiniulllouclit nud Sohl, Hcimcx Pente.1. AbttrnrtH Knrnlnlu'il.TiucH Pntil for N'oii'Itcalilciita
nml nil other ImMiiem pcrlalnlntf to Ileal Kutiilo promptly attended to.
Where All Stills of
Buggies, Carriages or Saddle Horses,
Cfin he IuuI nt nnv lie, Way or Night, on short notice,
I Wses Hoarded and w. - .aken care of at Reasonable Rates
Call rnd sco us, io: Q street, or give all orders by
Telephone 147.
It lies rrntonnb e. Kvcrylhinit now nnd complete. I'ron pt tervlec nnd Iho tcit menu lu
Oiiiithn. Hot iuuI cohl witter In every loom, oiilec und dlnliiK hall on flrt floor. All mod
eru iiiiprntt'iueuU. I.lncolnltcs h!uiih icirltc a ord!nl welcome. Call nud see us whllo In
Omiilin. You enn uet Into the cars nt depot nnd tako HAUNKV ST., CAULK LINE
DIIiKtT TO Till: DOOK. Cor. Kill nnd llnrncy.
litA I' Hicnv.C icrk II. HIM.OWAY, Proprietor.
! mmmmm
I enadc from car to car
I the nitk of time, and "just strikes the spo!"
H 3 111 llll
vana in it m;ii muiyiv uckuiun-ii uiui yuigeuur tinuhiiig iip.imuciii, unu imuiij' u jn-.n-t-
ful sleep In a bed of snotty linen and downy softness. Such Is life on the "11UR
LINOTON" KOI TE. What other line or combination of lines can offer you these
advantages NOT ONE. I'leatc remember this when next you travel.
Information of all kinds pertain
lng to Kail read or Ocean Steam
ship Tickets promptly answered.
G. V. HOLDKEGE, Gen'l Mgr,
J. FRANCIS, G. 1 and T. A.,
Leonard Refrigerators,
Hot Air Furnaces,
Yan's Wrought Iron
Max Meyer & Bro
Who!e! tml Befall Scalers In
(Icnernl western iikciiIi for tho Hlclii
wuv. Knnbe, Clilrki'rliitf. Voe, Krnst
(Inhler, llelir Ilrns., Notvby A Kvmiih, iuuI
l'lnnon marked In plain flctiiex prices
nl ways the low est for Iho grnilo cf plnnui
C. M. HANDS, Manager.
142 North lltli Street.
Fire Insurance and Loan Broker.
ltoom iOltlchiird'ulllock.TtUfATU w.u
Cor. Illh nml U Htrccti., LUltULU, nCU.
In the City nil come from the
Graham Brick Stables
1027 Q STREET,
Omaha's Leading Hotel.
Opened Sept. 1, 16S8.I
Finest Hotel in the West
that it. the very embodiment ot eae nnd luxury; ft friendly game
of WliM, a choice volume from the well stocked library, n prom-
( tht liandiomc vcttibule excluding nil dust.
smoke, rain or wind, itml thus rendering the promenade n de-
lli'htfnl nnd nni'l tvAAttmi. A kiimnliinus mcnl thnt mines in
The quiet enjoyment of a fragrant Ha
My superior advantages enable mc to
ticket to and from Europe nt the lowest rates
nnd to secure desirable cabins In advance of
sailings. The generous patronage accorded
me by prominent people of Omaha, Lincoln
and other Nebraska cities attest the popular
ity of this oflice.
yr ..
yr City Passenger and
( Ticket Agent.