Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, July 13, 1889, Image 1

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Voi 41. No. 31
Lincoln, Nbbraska, Saturday, July 13, 1880.
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The reminiscent l'nt 0. Howes of Omaha
was in tho city tho other day, nnd ns usual
turned tho flash of his dark lantern memory
upon tho political history of tho state, l'nt
bo been a power In lolltlcs. Ho hni mailo
and unmade moro men than Mr. Rosewnter
nnd tho lite oven, nnd ho knows moro of tho
inside of polltlcnl deals than any other man
in Nebraska. Some peoplo will smile incred
ulously at these statements, but Bye-the-Bye
has the best of authority for making them.
They como direct from l'nt himself, and when
it comes to politics ho knows.
l'nt is an interesting character for nn ap
preciative listener. He is 11 Kentucklnn, by
the way, which may nccount for some things.
But ho went Into the war on tho Union side.
It beenmo his duty to tnko homo tho body of
tho colonel of his regiment, and ho then first
met tho family of his ilenil superior. Tlio ac
quaintance led to a closer Intimacy, and in
due time l'nt, then n captain, mm rled one of
the colonel's daughters. On tho dentil of tho
mother he took several small children under
bis protection. Among them wns nn infant
girl, who nfter living in his fnmlly for nbout
twenty yenrs beenmo Mrs. Kent Hayden of
Pat has mode a great denl of money in his
time. Ho came to Nebraska twenty-odd
years ago, nnd two-thirds of his winters have
been spent in Washington pushing claims
through congress and tho various depart
ments. One of his first schemes occurred
near tho close of tho war. A Inrgo number
of quartermaster's voucheiB wero flouting
around in pnrts of Kentucky for wnnt of
money to redeem them. l'nt conceived tho
idea of buying up a lot ut n discount nnd tak
ing his chances of getting them cashed. Ho
went to n town near by whero ho had teen
a provost mnrshnl nnd wns well liked ami
mnde n draft on his father nt Louisville for
(15,000. Ho succeeded in getting It cashed
and immediately bought up about $18,000
worth of vouchers. lie rusbeddownto Louis
ville and through his army connections sue
ceeded in getting tho money on his vouchers
just in time to savo his draft from being pro
tested. It was n smart stroko for a young
fellow, a fine bit of lobbying, nnd Pnt has
never overcome a tnsto lor tiint kind or work.
Our hero wns one of n small party from
Omaha nt the laying of the corner stone of
the old cnpltol. They drove in cnrrlnges
down the Iown side of the river to Platts
mouth, thence across country to Lincoln,
taking threo days for tho trip. Put bought
fort v -two lots in Lincoln for nbout ?2,WW.
Shortly afterwards a man living in Johns
town, Pa., got a list of the lot and olrered to
buy . Tho sale was made at $5,000. Years
afterwards rat received a letter from J . u.
McMurtry asking what ho would tnke for his
interest in a certnin lot thnt had been sold for
taxes. He denied owning n lot here. While
, in tho city subsequently ho looked Into the
matter and found that the lot; hnd bo- u omit
ted by the Johnstown mun in mnklug his list
Pat wrote to Johnstown, but wns informed
that his patron hnd been dend live yenrs.
Hnwes then sold the lot to Mr. McMurtry,
who presumably redeemed it.
Perry Heath, tho Washington correspond
ent of tho lice, is giving an excellent report
of tho South Dakota constitutional cotiven
tion. Heath is ono of tho best correspond
ents in newspaper row at the national cap!
tal. His letters to the lite aro full and rella
able, nnd nro ono of tho vnlunble fentures of
thnt journal which no other paper in this sec
tion of the country lias been able to approach.
His correspondence has tho merit, too, of be
ing signed. Thnt puts the writer on his met
tle to bo fnir, nccurnto nnd nlert. Tho paper
gets tho benefit of tho extra effort, because
,ts correspondence iuvites tho trust of its
readers and gives it a strong hold on their
confidence nnd, presumably, their patron
age. Heath's letters from tho Sioux Fnlls con
vention to tho lice have twice tho Interest und
value of anonymous communications, because
they comenvith n personal authority that has
established itself in the respect and esteem of
tho lice's renders.
Heath is not only ono of tho best corre
spondents in Washington, but ho is ono of tho
busiest nnd most prosperous. In nddition
to the lice he serves daily papers nt Indianap
olis, Pittsburgh nnd Columbus, Ohio, and it is
estimated that his Income, from theso four
sources is $100 n week or moro. He also does
the executivo sessions of the Senate for the
UnitedtPreM, nnd may do special work on tho
side, though how he llnds time to do it nil isn
mystery. It is said that ho lias marto prollt
able investments in Washington property nnd
is doing exctedlngly well llnnncinlly.
At tho press bnnquet recently given by Mr.
Rosewnter. Mr. Heath Btnted that his instruc
tions when ho began tho Washington bureau
wero to wire three or four hundred words
dally. In a short time ho was notified that lie
might send 1,000 words, and subsequently tho
limit was removed entirely. Ho also suited
that ho had never been dictated to as to any
policy to bo pursued. His order was to send
the news without fear or favor. There seem
to be an impression abroad thnt every subor
dinate of Mr. Rosewnter is under instructions
to hew to n policy bo wants carried out. The
observation and exjienenco of tho writer, af
ter a year's connection with tho lice, are that
the general impression is wholly wrong. As
the lice correspondent for tho state Senate
last winter ho expected tho dictation so much
talked of.' Happening to meet two corre
spondents together n day or two after an Item
had been covered by both, Mr. Roewnter
suggested that they compare notes nnd thus
avoid duplicating news. That wns the near
est approach to dictation from him. In fact
it was the only instance during the session in
which ho gave any instiuction. Of course
editorial writers aro expected to carry out tho
policy of tho editor-ln-chlcf, but tiio orders of
reporters nnd correspondents nro to get the
news nnd give the facts without prejudice,
color or comment. Indeed, there is a special
and oft-empbusized order against injecting
reportorial opinions into news Items. Mr.
Rosewnter nnd tho lite nro proline subjects
for newspnper comment, by tho way, They
nro such jKwerful fnctors In Nebraska's nf-
fairs, material ns well ns polltlcnl, nnd -Mr.
Rosewnter hns such n pervnslvo personality
that they aro perennial in their interest.
Ex-Oov. Furnas, secretary of tho Stnte
Fair association, has Issued a circular explain
ing tho arrangements for transportation nnd
Indicating some of the specinl attractions al
ready engaged for tho coming fair. Freight
will bo charged for going to Lincoln nnd up
turned free. An exception is mailo of fruit,
grnin and vegetables. Tho charge on them
will be refunded on presentation of n certlfl-
cnte from tho Btcrctnry stating thnt they hnve
been placed on exhibition. All tho railroads
In the state will glvo n passenger rnte of ono
faro for tho round trip.
In order to p!cno tho public nnd glvo It
moro than Its money's worth tho management
huvo nt considerable expense secured a num
ber of specinl features of great Interest.
These attractions will bo on exhibition free,
nnd it is nsserted thnt they hnve, uover beforo
been equnlled nt n fnir. One of tho most cu
rious will to a flock of seven full grown, full
plumed South African ostriches. This Is tho
llit season these rare and valuable birds have
been mad' n fair attraction. These aro not
couped-up specimens hauled aloutln wagons.
They are fresh from nn ostrich farm. nnd will
be exhibited in a large out-door enclosure.
Lovers of horsc-llesh (nnd who is notf) wil
be delighted by Maddine Mnrantette and her
famous horses. Among tho latter is Wood
Inwn, ono of tho finest trained horses ever ex
hibited. He walks, trots and marches In sev
eral different styles and ierforms many
astounding tricks. Ho was a great attraction
at tho combined stock show last fall at Chica
go, when every available seat in the Exposi
tion was fllltd for hours beforo tho perform
auce commenced. Ho will glvo freo exhibi
tions every day on tho race track in front of
the grand stand on tho fair grounds. On tho
last three days of the fair Madnmo Mnran
tette will exhibit the fastest driving team in
world. Sho will drive against time. This
team broke the world's record at Cleveland,
making 1:47 1-2, and she wns presented with a
gold goblet.
Announcement Is mndo thnt on Wednesday
night during tho fair (Sept. 11) King Tartar
rax will re-enter Lincoln amid n magnificent
display of fireworks nnd illuminations nnd
ncc. mpnnled by a trades display procession.
Tho Tnrtnrrnx pagennt is too recent to need
explanation. It is believed mnny finer effects
may be secured by n night parade.
Tho association rilso nnnounres n number of
sjieclnl premiums for Holstcin-Frleslnn nnd
Hereford cattle. Anyone wnnting further in
f oi mntlon nbout the fnir enn get it by address
ing Robert W. Fui nns, secretary, lirownville,
At tho opera Mondny evening the wifo of n
stnte nfllclnl had the courage nnd tho good
sense to lemovo her hnt nnd enjoy ns much
comfort ns nuspossibleiiitheswelteringhent.
I was tempted to start a roll of honor with
her name nt tho head of the list, but Inter I
noticed a young lady in tho dress circle also
hatless. I have too much admiration for her
to omit her from the list, but I don't
happen to know her name. If women only
knew Ic tho average bundlo of straw and imi
tation vegetables thnt the fnir sex pile upon
their heads is not pleasing to man. A scarf
of becoming color, pnrticulnrly if it be of rich
lace, is ten times ns bewitching nud can bo re
moved nud replnced with but little trouble. I
am not making this argument from tho stand
polQt of a sufferer from tho blg-hnt nuisance.
The fashionablo female, doesn't care a d lino
for the poor fellow behind her big hnt, but if
she can bo made to bellovo thnt something
elso is more fetching there may bo some hope
of abating tho nuisance. Qod speed the day
of deliverance 1
Tho Omaha Dee of Wednesday hod tho fol
1 owing: "Lou Wessel, jr., editor of the Lin
coln CouniEH, who left hero on Saturday last
with tho editorial excursion, took along with
him fair of Kd. Rothery's homing birds, with
tho intention of liberating ono nt Denver, one
nt Snlt Lnko, one at Ogden nnd ono ut Port
land. The first bird liberated wns n blue
check named Lady Heck, which was given
wing at Denver Mondny noon, nnd yesterdny
at 4;25 thebird leturned to its coto In this
city, hnvfng flown tho 500 miles in twenty
eight hours nnd twenty-flvo minutes. This is
armarknhle flight when It is considered that
the bird is but eighteen mouths old, nnd wns
never before ti listed nt n long distance
Without halt or rest tho bird should hnve
reached here in six hours from its liberation,
but notwithstanding this fact tho perform
ance was a wonderful one, nnd establishes
the fnct thnt Rothery possesses a first-class
strain of thews remarkable feathered meteors.
The bird liberated from Salt Lnko is hourly
looked for."
The championship belt that Kllraln wanted
to win back for Richard K. Fox, tho original
giver, is n hnndsomo and expensive piece of
the jeweler's art. Hnllott, tho Lincoln jewel
er, is not having much of a call forthnmplon
ship belts, but ho is supplying a rent many
leople with gold and silver jowelry that is
just as handsome as a championship belt and
a great deal moro useful. There are two good
reasons for this; ho has a fine stock to select
from, and is satisfied with reasonable profits.
If you want anything in that lino see if It isn't
Turn horses out in a good pasture for a few
weeks, when they get iu bad condition. It
that can not bo done use Dr. Cody's Condi
tion Powders; they will put a horse in jierfect
health. A well horse don't need medicine.
Hay, grain and good care is better, Dr.
Cady's Condition Powders are- a true horso
mediclne,(not a dope.) they aid digestion, cure
constljwtion, kidney disorders and dlstroy
worms. Bold by A. L. Sbader, Druggist,
Th Hrtonlnn gave the Bohemian Girl at
Funke's Monday evening to n largo nnd fash
ionablo audience. The weather is tto dis
couraging fur a critique of tho 0cra, and,
besides, tho uniform excellence of tho compa
ny is well known. A word or two, however.
Jessie Bartlett Davis disappointed some, but
it mny le snld In explanation that her part
gnvo no adequate opportunity for displaying
her lowers. Miss Corden In not In-nuty,
but she hns n delicious soprano thnt reconciles
ono to tho absence of Marie Stone. Kugeuo
Cowle, tho Chicago bank clerk, is new to tho
oiierntic stage, but his magnificent Iuuh has
won for him n plnce In the directions of music
lovers. Tom Knil letnlns his old exnlted
plnce. Tho Bohemian Olrl contains ninny
well known nlrs, nnd tho nudienco timed Its
applause nnd its encores with discriminating
tnstc. Tho company cat rled a competent or
chtstrn, the costuming was rich to tho verge
of gorgeousnrss, nud, altogether, the Bostou
ians hnve advanced the high stnndard ret by
their foreiunuers, the old Boston Ideals. The
company will close its scisou today. Tom
Karl will go to Kuiopc to siend tho summer,
llnrnnbee will rest nt his vllln near Boston.
McDonald will put in part of tho vacation
Ilthlng in Maine. While in Omaha tho Bos
tonlaus listened to a prhnte performance of
Mr. Sanqi'-on of Ou.nha, tho opera written by
Fred Nyo nnd Mrs. B. 11. Young. It may bo
altered nnd used by tho Qortonlnns next sea
The Eden Museo wil I close nfter next week
Mid bo reojiened Sept. 2d. During tho- week
four benetlts will bo given for tho faithful of
ficers of tho Muee. On Tuesday it will bo
for Mnnnger Lnwler, on Wodnerdny for
Trensurer Duncan, on Thursday for Lender
Leonard and on Saturday for tho general
business director, J. E. Snckett. Tho Hint
hnrt fnmlly will play n return engagement In
a new musical comedy, "The Dark Corners
of a Great City." It is asserted that Stella
Rinehart is tho best child clog dancer on tho
stago, whllo little Minnie is the youngest
black face artist in tho profession. Bertio
will Impersonate a newsboy and Goldlo a
flower girl. Madnme Rinehart will play tho
part of tho president of u woman's rights so
ciety. Among the other attractions will lie
Grace Courtland, the mystic prophetess, nnd
Wnlnrnttn, tho king of tho slack-wire. On
Friday ench lady will receivo n Japanese
what-not basket as a souvenir.
Marie Walnwrlght, who is Mrs. Louis
James, writes her husband thnt she hns two
offers to produco "Twelfth Night" In London
in 1b90, nnd that sho will nccept ono of them.
Mrs. Leslie Carter, whoso suit ngrinst her
husband for separation In Chicago wns le
cently decided ugninst her, will, like other
women of her clnss, go on tho stage. Sho is
studying under Dave Belnsco, nnd E. G. OII
moro will bo her mnnnger.
The lntest advertising dodge comes from
Chicago, and reads as follows: "An angel
wanted I A Young, Handsome nnd Talented
Actros nlrendy Eminent in her Profession,
widely known nnd extensively advertised, re
quires financial nsslstnuce to complete ar
rangements for n Starring Tour with New
and Brilliant Drama of her own. Sure for
tune lor reliable Mnn w ho enn furulsli $4,000."
Miss Nina Vnn Zandt, tho Chicago young
woman who wus so nnxlous to marry August
Spies, tho nnnrchist bomb thrower, before
the gallons put mi end to his life, Is stage
sti lick and will probably bo seen behind the
footlights next season. Mr. Joseph Huivorth,
who now owns "Paul Knuvur," hns mndo nn
offer to the young Indy, nud sho will proba
bly lend tho nnnrchist mob in thnt piny when
it is produced In tho full,
Henry Irving has mode advances to Joseph
Jefferson to como to Loudon und play in "Rip
Vnn Winkle" nt the Lyceum thenter. Mr.
Irving snys it is his nmbition to place "Rip
Van Winkle" upon tho stage in n manner
suiUblo to iU poetic and drnmntio Interest,
nud with Mr. Jetrcrsou ns the star it would bo
n revivnl of unprecedented brilliancy nnd suc
cess. It issnid thnt Mr. Jefferson has thus
far resisted all applications, saying ho is too
lazy to cross the wean.
Tho success of Miss Agnes Huntington In,
London seems ns though it grew greater each
week. Tho stolid Englishmen hnve octunlly
becomo enthusiastic over her. Her success
In "Paul Jones" has been phenomenal, nnd
seats nro sold six months in advance. It was
by tho fnlluro of tho male singer assigned to
this part that Miss Huntington wns given nn
opportunity to show her talents. Three com
jiosers are nt work ujion new operas for her.
Her portraits ndorn the shop windows and Il
lustrated papeis. The London Tattler says:
'Her debut in 'Paul Jones' upset thoieaceful
equanimity of thecritics. Miles of laudatory
criticism were written, hundreds of suscepti
ble n.nles proffered their hands, hcnits nnd
fortunes to the new nightingnlo from ncross
the 'Kuid. But sho was adamantine. She
was qulto ngreenblo to sing to her ndinlrers,
but her drenms of grenter fnme iu the future
precluded her from tying herself to any man
but hur manager. She shut herself up in the
Hotel Metropole nnd refused to bo interview
ed "
Robert Buchnnnn has nrrnnged Scott's
"Mnrmlon" for the stnge, without sneriflcing
the metrical form of the original.
A Gerinnn translation of Max O'Rell's
"Jonathan and Ills Continent" hns appeared
in Stuttgart, and a Danish one is in prepara
tion In Copenhagen,
Joseph Pulitzer Is understood to lie the
"quiet-looking elderly man" who called upon
Superintendent Jasper of New York recently
and proposed to assist boys from the publlo
schools In getting a college education. Mr.
Pulitzer will glvo each lioy selected by the
committee $250 n year. Twelve will bo as
sisted ench yenr until sixty have entered col
With the Juno number of the U7s( Shore
magazine is issued n splendid colored supple
ment giving scenes in Seattle immediately be
fore, during and after the fire, showing the
Tacoma relief tent, business tents, burning
blocks' the train bearing tho Portland fire
engine, etc. As a collection of engravings of
thnt memorable ovent, tho destruction by
fire of the hmluc (lortlon of tho largest city
on Puget sound, cntnlllng n loss of fully $15
000,000, It will becomo moro vnlunblo as time
Lonl Tennyson recently sent to tho Gordon
Homo nt Manchester, for tho uso of boys, tho
full inuslcnl score of his national song,
"Ilniid All Round." Lndy Emily Tennyson,
in her letter conveying tho gift, said: "Lord
Tennyson gains strength but slowly; still ho
rnn walk n little now nnd take short drives.
Wo 1ioh to I o nble to go to n warmvrcllmnto
beforo long. ' Some time ago Lord Brassey
placed tho Hunlientn nt Tennyson's dlionl,
nnd two or three weeks ngo he set sn 1 from
Yarmouth. Ho wMicd to touch nt various
Spanish ports, but his phjslciuus advised him
to confli o his crtriM) to tho English Channel.
Drake's Mdiatlut tor July Is brim-full of
pntrlotle Interest, Fallowing "Bluo Jacket's"
lirvecy cn story, "Oir tho Islo Au Hnut,"
with It ndiulrnblo illustrations, we have n
story ('f tho Revolution by J. II. Connelly.
A stoiy of remarkable power Is Patience, Stn
pleton's "A Tnlo Of a Toll Bridge." Emma
Bennett eonti Unites a capital Fourth of July
story entitled "Dodo's Triumph." All survi
vor of the wnr uon both sides, and readers
generally, will pcruso with Interest Col. John
J. Gnrpett's vivid nccount of how tho newsof
President Lincoln's assassination was received
at General Joo Johnson's headquarters, and
Uirongnout uio houui generally.
Apiopos tho announcement of Sir Edwin
Arnold's visit to this country nt tho Invltn
tion of Harvard College, n writer in the Bon
ton TYaiiscrfjif, w ho met tho met tho poet ed
itor in London three ytnrs ago, prints tho fol
lowing: "Anyone who exju'cts to see in Sir
Edwin Arnold n mnn who suggests tho wild
romance of his poetry will bo dlsnppolnted.
Ho Is qulto small, with n very thin face, tho
most striking feature of which is a long noso,
which gives him n somewhat Jewish cast of
countenance. His beard is Iron-gray and
thin, nnd ho brushes It out from his chin. My
impression is thnt ho Is bald, but I cannot
speak with certainty on this point, for he
.wore n skull-cap nil tho evening. Sir Edwin
is nn nmlnblo gentlemnn nnd n clever Journal,
1st, ns well ns n poet It wns, however, his
poetry thnt mndo him famous. Andrew Cnr
negie, by the wnv, owns tho origlnnl manu
script of 'Tho Light of Asia,' which was pre
sented to hliu by Sir Edwin n short time nfter
the book waspubllshcd."
A Lottery 1'rlso Will Help Two Young
Men to un Kducatlun.
While out at the state hospital, for the in
sane the other day a Couhikii represcntntlve
met ono of tho two Llncolnltes who drew
$2,500 In the Juno drawing of tho Louisiana
Lottery. His name Is W. I. Parker, nnd he
wns In chnrgo of n party of patients n ho wero
enjoying themselves on tho lawn. Ills part
ner, named O. C. OH, had chargo of another
pnrty nt work In tho fields. They held one
fortieth of ticket number 44C2I, which drew
"It was tho second time we had bought n
ticket In tho lottery," explained Mr. Parker,
"and wo got It direct fiom M. A. Dauphin of
New Oi Ieiin. When wo got the list showing
that wo hud drawn n share In the big prlzo
we took our ticket to tho First National bnnk,
and in tight dajs we hnd our money, $2,500.
Otis nnd I bought tho ticket together mid we
shared even. This money Is n big windfall
for both of un. I wns nn attendant nt tho
hospital ut Iudeeudence, Iown, for six yenrs
and have lieen an attendant hero a little over
a yenr. I luivo been studying medicine ns I
could, nnd now this money will eunblo mo to
go to Rush medlcnl college next full nnd pro
pnro for practice. Otis tnught school Jnst
winter nnd took n plnce in tho hospital for
tho summer to enrn money to go to school.
This prize will enable him to enter college
next full nnd finish his education."
"Itully Itiiiiml tho l'lug, Ilojs."
Tho Grand Army Reunion to bo held at
Milwaukee (August 20th to 31st, inclusive,)
will, in mnny resjiects, be one of tho most
noteworthy of commemorative events. There
will bo no lack of distinguished speakers. But
tho most attractive fentures will be "tho tip
that binds" men who huvo fought, bled nud
stnrved for a snerr d cause, tho renewal of old
tlmo associations, the rehearsal of wnrexperi
ences, and tho rekindling upon tho nltnr nf
patriotism of undying devotion to "ono flag
nnd ono country." Veterans and their friends
will bo pleased to know thnt from nil stations
on tho Chicago, Rock Islnnd & Paciflc Rnll
wny, on its main Hues ami brunches both east
and wes( of tho Missouri River, tho price of
tickets has been placed for this occasion nt
Ono Fnre for the Round Trip, w hllo children
under twelve nud over five yenrs of ngo will
lio charged only one-half this excursion rnte,
or ono quarter of tho regular faro for tho
round trip. Tickets will be for snlo at all
prlnciiml stntlons on tho Rock Islnnd Route
August 21 to 28, inclusive, good for continu
ous passage to Milwaukee at any time between
theso dates, and good for return wssnge lenv
Ing Milwnukee on any dnto between Aug. 27
nnd Sept. 5, I860, Inclusive. Holders of such
tickets who desire to make side excursions
from Milwaukee to points beyond in any di
rection, can, by surrendering their return
coupon tickets for safe keeping to the Joint
Agent at Milwaukee, have them honored to
original starting point whero ticket was pur
chased (by proper Indorsement), on any date
not later than Sept. SO, 1880.
Information for Tourists.
Round trip tickets nt reduced rates to the
foUowingiioiuts are now on snlo at tho Elk
horn, C. & N. W. lino ticket olllees at 115
South Tenth street, nnd dejiot, corner 8 and
Eighth treeU:
Spirit Lake and Clear Lake, In.: Mlnne
nenpolls, St. Pnul, Duluth and Sujierior,
Minn,; Ashland, Bayfield, Madison, Wauke
sha mil Manltowock, Wis.; IVtoskey, Goge
bec, Macklnno Island and Travers City, Mich, j
Old Point Comfort, Va., and oilier summer
resort. Geo. N. Foiiesman, Agt.
Drive out to Cuthntun park Sundny nnd
get ono Brown's famous dinners
Tho women of tho present day nrc forging
nhend In vnrlous directions, making places
for themsulves, opening up no it field which
will provo pleasant nud prolltablo to them.
In n distant city Is a lady, who, lielng left
dejieiidcnt, cast about In her mind what sho
should do for a living, She was a womnnof
infinite taste, nnd her houso was filled with
rare chlun, brloa-brno and works of art,
ticked up here, there and everywhere. Tho
thought occurred to her thnt sho might sell
them to butter advantage herself than tnist
to a catalogued sale by nu outside, party,
Sho therefore offered them for snlo prlvntely,
nud did so well with them thnt when thu time
enmo for closing up her homo nnd thu estnto
she hired spuco for them lu a down town store
nud stood behind tho counter herself. To this
wns ndded, hit by bit, somo choice pieces from
dlirerent friends, who wero tired of them or
lerhnps jwrted with them for n little rendy
money, Then fashionablo people began to
glvo hur commissions to pick up choice bits for
them, Then sho h'gnn to buy for herself
where she sawn nice little margin of prollt.
From n single counter she advanced nnd took
hnlf the store, which sho soon hnd lllled with
articles for sale on commission, or rare pieces
which she herself had purchased. Then she
began to go enst nud flunlly to Europe to pur
chase for her friends. Flnnlly sho branched
out nud undertook tho complete furnishing of
houses on commission nnd hns amassed a for
tune thereby. Sho gets a commission from
tho buyer nnd n commission from the seller.
Tho buyers win well nlroul It, for they nro
sure of hnvlng everything In terfect tnsto
nnd keeping ut less cost thnu they enn do It
for themselves, for they will tunku mlstnkes
thnt will cost fully ns much to rectify ns tho
commission, If it is turned over to someone
who understands exactly what sho is ubout.
At a recent Now York breakfast tho tnblo
cloth wns of bluo denim (nnother nnmo for
workmnn's overalls), over which wns traced
conventional doslgn of wreaths and flower.
In its center was plncod a Inrgo yellow porco
lain bowl filled with overhanging mnldenhnlr
ferns. At ench cover was a small flower bus.
kct In tho form of a man's high hat, mndo of
Milan braid, in each of which was a cluster
bunch of nine roses (tho colors being different
a each plate), tied with ribbon of tho shade
that exactly matched tho flower. Tho Ices
were plnced on tho tnble In n Jnrgo basket
that looked like roughly hewn crystal, nud
reflected a thousand ravunf nroMnn n i,n,i
been cut out of a block of Ice. In this bnskct
wero tho crenms nnd Ices, frozen to represent
lemons, uananas. itriiwtHrri. rii,inn,i,,in.
and apricots, heaped in a mass, and nround
them was a border of blood red rjses and
MargueriUn, alto compose.) of froieircnvinT.
At n dinner In the same city tho tnblo wns a
hollow circle with a mini treo in Its center,
from which hundreds of electric lights shone,
the spaces IntervenliiL' lieliin lllled In with n
. . ...... a....Hi.'.0
bed of roses that shaded from pure wlilte
through jilnk to blood red.
Nall-work that Is, driving Iron, brass, cop
tier or silver nails so thnt their liends will
form a pattern upon thu surface now n fash
ionable fad among Loudon Indies, is becom
ing (lopulnr In this country. Plush is tho
bnckground oftenest chosen.
Convenient Mntkets, flood .Soil, I'uro Wn
ler nnd Kxrellrnt Clliiuito
Are nil vantages to bo considered w hu look
ing up a homo, business locution, fui in, etc.
West Vlrglnln, Mnrylnnd and tho Shenando
ah Valley, Virginia, nlfords these with mnny
more advantages. No section of tho United
States oflei s superior opportunities, and er
sons seeking a new homo should examine
these States licfoio deciding on u location
elsewhere. Improved farm lauds adapted to
stock raising, dairying, grain, grass nud fruit
growing enn bo obtained nt low prices and
upon easy terms. Thriving towns Invito tho
merchant.mechanlc and business man. Abun
dance of coal, timber, ore, water jiower, eta
Freo sites for manufacturers.
Persons desiring further Information wllj
bo answered promptly and freo of chnrge by
M. V. Richards, Laud and Immigration Ag't
B. & O. 11. II., Baltimore Mil. 7-13-W4
How lie Ilecomu ruinous.
Tho Walker, Iown, AVus snys: "Our old
friend, Robert Balrd of Muscatine, Iown, hns
been secretary of tho Stnto senate, and an
active politician for years, but was never
generally known until ho hnd tho colic and
used Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Dial
rlioea Remedy nnd got into ono of their ad
vertisements. "Now ho is fninous." Hero is
what Mr. Bnlnlsnld: "Whllo In Des Molnen
I was taken with a severe uttuek of bowel
compliilnt. For two days I suffered Intense
ly, trying overal drug stored and paying
them for relief, but li, vain. I flnnlly bought
u small bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
und Diarrhoea Remedy, nnd two doses of it
brought mo out nil right. I consider it a
grand remedy." 25 nnd 50 cent bottles for
mile by O. L. Shrnder, druggist.
Help Wanted.
For tho benefit of tho Indies who mny hnve
to miss through the common struggle of so
curing help, the CouniEit will receivo wnnt
advertisements for publicntlon in tho Dnlly
Cnll wnnt columns. Parties desiring help
situations, bonnlers, or to rent rooms or rent
houses enn leave their advertisement at this
olllco and they will tie promptly delivered to
tho Cull for publication. One cent a word
per day is tho exeuM.
Ashby & MllUpaugh bu.o Just begun an
other quarter-off eale. This means the lowest
prices for Dry Goods that are ever made.
New novelties in huts nnd bonnets arriving
dally at Wells' millinery jiurlors, 2S3 south
Uth street.
75 cents buys $1 worth of dry goods at the
qunrter-oir sale Just begun by Ashby & Mllls
puugh. The building lioom hns struck Hot Springs,
Dak. A Methodist college, South Dakota's
Soldiers' Home and numerous cozy residence
are belnir erected. Now win tn Iwt tlm tin..
for n good Investment in that town. Lincoln
jxrvMc tuuuiu gci 10 uitj i ron i as usual.
They've Out to (In,
III the absence of Seiumons lu the enst In
senrch of fall goods D,in Locb hns chargo of
tho store, and ho Is laying himself out to sur
prise tho "old mnn" on his return. Semmons
will carry nn immense stock of fall nnd win
ter goods, Ho will need lots of room, nnd
Dan hns swore n swore lu tho privacy of tho
back dressing room thnt ho shall havn it. As
n consequence of this combination of circum
stances the hniuUoiuo Loch Las Inaugurated a
mark-down sale. Ho hns mndo a snvngo as
sault on four lines of goods In particular, and
he has put thu knltu Into prices. If you don't
believe It ask Dim, He will tell you all about
It nud quote flgurcs to nuuo your eyes hang
A New nnd lust Train With l'alnco Nlrep
rrs to Chicago.
The recent change In time card by tho
Nortwestern llm K., K. & M. V. It. R.
gives to Lincoln tho fnstest nnd most conven
ient train lu Its time of departure now run
lictwevu this place nud Chicago.
Note thnt this train leaves Lincoln nt 0:110
p. in,, curries a palace sleeier through to
Chicago, whero It arrives nt noon tho follow
lug day, mnklug nil fnst train connections
enst. Reserve sleeping car accommodations
In advance at 110 South Tenth street.
Geo. N. Foukhma.h,
Al.tirky lluek lllll, Mia., Ticket Holder,
Mr. Jennings Topji, book-koeier for D, D,
Wllklus & Co., Duck Hill, Winona county,
wns the fortunate holder of one-twentieth of
ticket No, UD,MH), which drew tho necond
Capital prize or $100,000, In tho Louisiana
Statu Lottery drawing on April 10th last.
Winona (Miss.) ime, May 2.
Wuhavo a largo stock of Canopy top Sur
reys, l'hnaons, light buggies, etc., on hand
nnd nro mnklug very low prices on nil our
work. If you nro contemplating tho pur
clmse of n enrringo of any kind, como und sea
us. Will tnko your old buggy In exchnnge nt
Its fnir cash vnlue. Camp Brothers, corner
10th nnd M.
Ashby A MllUpaugh show a beautiful lino
of colored silks, all of which go at one-fourth
off if bought during tho sale.
Ladies and gentlemen using lino stationery
and wanting tho most correct papers oa used
in New York should examine, tho now stock
just received by the Couiiiiu.
Tho choicest brand of cigars, tho finest
fruit ami confectionery and the various flav
ors of pure Ico cream winy be found at Mor
ton Si Lelghty's new store, 1130 N street.
"Why dtdn't.1 buy my dress during tho
'quarter-oft' sale!" was the question asked by
many ladles after our lust sale closed. Noww
glvo you another opportunity; don't get left
thl time. It won't Inst always,
Tho Musee Co., have set apart Wednesday
next for Treasurer Duncan's Iteneflt. Mr.
Duncan and his wlfu have made n great many
friends for the Museo und should havo ft
rousing benefit.
A Consolation.
Jones What makes you look to disgusted!
Brown I Just told a good story to Do
Lunkhodo and ho didn't sco tho point I sup
pose that It Is about dawning on him now.
Jones Never mind. Remember thnt bo
laughs bcit who laughs last. Detroit Freo
Anglian fur Tie.
Mrs. SaUtonrtall (of Boston) Tommy, will
you hnvo a piece of tho mluco plot
Tommy Bcacoustreot (who is taking dinner
out) Yes'm, nnd I trust thnt your nppor
tloumciit will bo commensurate, with my es
teem for yourself, Burlington Freo Press.
Practical aiorallty.
Mr. Kettledrum Dudo But, my dear
Flynto, what reason cau you bavo for refus
ing mo such a triflof
Mr. Flynto My reason, sir, is that I novor
encourago tho vico of Ingratitude. Munsoy1
An Evldcnco of Prosperity.
Ycllowly I think tho Whltoleys must b
In better circumstances than formerly.
Browuly Yes. Why do you think sol
Y. They dou't keep so many dogs as thoy
used to do. Boston Courier.
An Karly Slonilng Discovery.
Atthohotcli Trnvoler (sitting up in bod,
watch In hand) Six o'clock, and nobody
comes to wako me, I shall bo ruro to miss
tho train Paris Figaro.
Tnkcn for Granted.
Eausonlce I understand that ill health ha
compelled Bloomer to try a wanner climate. When did he dltt
Burlington Freo Press.
A Difference.
Miss Arlington How beautifully
uang piays tho plana.
Mr. Wiiiing-PL,yk Works, I should say.
A Natural Inference-
Hostess Mr, Flyer, let mo Introdueo Mob
deur Oroi,
Mrs. F, -Not with a vlow to dancing, I
hope; I nu qiito full.
MouslourG. Alnsl leu re plalser Is donled
to me also of taking tuudatua to supjHiro.