Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, April 06, 1889, Page 6, Image 6

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IMB-ltSO Pnrnnin Ht.,Now lNixlon Illock,
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In The West
W are now Introducing ninny now novel.
Mm tn Bprlng and Hnnitncr wear, and ro-
W" Jjf
spcotnilly Invltenur Lincoln friend to mil
ml sou tho now lluojustopcucd.
And a inch unit oiler Inter styles M lower
priori than any houso went or Chicago it tact
we'll tuko pleasure In proving to Lluculnltcs.
Wo ctu stiow you n film lino of Cloak,
Drosses mm Kurs thnt lurpusK anything you
kavo oversconlu tho entire wosl. It will uy
you to tnkou trip to Omaha to scous, Hyou
want anything nice In our line.
Htll Orders Receive Prompt Attention.
Fremont, filkhorn & Mo. Valley
JSPOpcrnic nnd con
trols lu own service
between ,
' V Through Tickets and Bggte Checked to
U poteU In Halted States nnd CsnsiU.
Vestibule Sleeper, I'sUtlsl DlnluK Cars and
UsJoo Depot,'
1IB Bouts 1MU street, - Lincoln
H. O.Bcrt, J. It HUCIliMAX,
Quuend M'ger. Oen'l I'm. Ag't
1044 O STREET.
AtchUon.Lcsvenwortb, St.Joseph,Kansas
City, St, Louis and all points South,
East and West.
The direct line to Ft. Scott, Parsons,
Wichita, Hutchinson and all principal
points. In Kansas.
Th ey road to the Great Hot Springs
si Arkansas. Pullman Slkkpers and
Fbk Rkclinino Chair Cars an all
tCafUL t
Ctty Tkt Agent, Gen'l Agent
Cor.Oana' lathSt.
How Mr Clarkson, lit Wife of tha As
sistant Postmaster General, Assist Her
Itniband llnw m Clever Woman flaw a
Senator In Nplte of an Kirrullte Hasslon.
(Special Ourrcsondeuce,
Washington, April 4. Womati la a
good pollttclnn, though it is not sho, but
U10 lord of oroatlou.wlio now haunts tho
corridor of tho publlo buildings looking
for offices which ho may devour. Tlioro
Is no diminution of tho number of tualo
citizens of 'J I years nnd upwards wilting
to lo jiostmantcrs. Every morning nt 0
wo And n largo crowd of them In tho cor
ridor which lends to tho ofllco of tho first
assistant ostmastor general. Tho door
of thin olTlco Btands hospitably open. No
messenger guards tho door and asks for
cards. Entrance Is froo, though tho are fow. No rules provnll, snvo
tho gool Amorican rules of first como
first served and tako your placo in tho
lino and hold It. In this lino aro
famous senators, millionaires touch
ing elbows with mon in rags,
ex slaves. All aro after postofHces,
for thomsolvcs or others. At tho desk
insldo stands First Assistant Postmaster
Uuncral Clarkson, receiving papers by
tho bushel, nrgumonts by tho volume
To all men ho has tho namo manner, to
all gives tho samo careful, patient atten
tion. Probably thcro Is no man in tho
Unitod States who enjoys a moro oxtcn
tlvo acquaintanco with working members
of his party than Mr. Clarkson. Dut
thoro is another person In this room who
knows almost as many politicians as
Clarkson. Thoro nro women who havo a
Rift for music, ootry, painting, society j
Mrs. Clarkson lias an nptltudo for politics
that amounts almost to a gift. Thcro is
no mora popular woman among tho poli
ticians of tho country than sho. They all
know and admire her. Probably sho
knows n greater number of political
secrets than any other woman in Amer
ica, and holds them closer. That a wo
man can keep a secret is well exempli
fied In her. Sho is a flno representative
of that admirablo class of American
women who accompany their husbands
rverywhoro. sharo their labors and confi
dences, and shed over tho activities of
business or political llfo tho light of a
woman's sympathy, cheerfulness and re
finement. Mrs. Clarkson has boon among politi-
clous nil her life. With her husband
sho has attended thrco or four national
conventions, and has been present at
many of tho innumerablo conferences
held in thoir rooms. When Mr. Clarkson
went to Now York last summer to labor
in tho national committco as a campaign
manager Mrs. Clarkson accompanied
him. No secrets were kept from her,
and nono wcro over lost through her. In
Iowa site is known and loved by all tho
politicians of tho state. They go to her
for counsel, in politics or love. So ua
sho sits hero for an hour in her husband's
ofllco publlo men by tho hundred, states
men, orators, men of success In politics
and law, eagerly grasp her hand. In hor
politics, as in her husband's, thcro is no
sclflAhuess. Thoy aro over assisting
others, never seeking for themselves.
Sho Is entitled to plaao with thoso other
American women politicians, Mrs. Lo
gan, Mrs. McDonald of Indianapolis,
Lady Randolph Churchill of Lngland.
Like them sho has mixed with politicians
without losingnny of her womanly graco
and sweetness. Sho has, too, reared a
family of lxyn who aro suro to bring
honor to their parents and win success
for themselves.
Thcro l no happier family clrclo than
that of the Clarksons, and though thoy
do not seek notoriety, thcro is profit in
tho uso of tho instanco which thoy afford
of the untruthfulness of tho popular no
tion that political associations aro de
moralizing. About tho uufavorablo in
fluence of politic on character, and tlio
Impossibility of woman engaging therein
without loss of tlio charms of her box,
there is n great deal of cant and non
sense. All honor to tho many women of
whom Mrs. Clarkson Is n typo to tho
women who stay by their husband's side
(n all his labors, his mentor and coun-
There are score of women in Wash
ington who are as apt at politics and as
deep tn statecraft as their husband.
Maay write their huabaada' letters, kelp
fipjrl l
rooolvo their callers, proparo speeches,
attend to newspaper cuttings, and join
in laying plans of campaign. During
tho Innt mpnth probably ono-half the
wives of representatives havo spent their
leLniro hours writing lottcrs to ofllco
seekers. Persons who havo never been
In Washington cannot conceivo tlio Hood
of communications concerning govern
ment employment that has ourcd In
upon members of congress during tho
last month. Tito labor of icplying to all
theso letters h:m in somo cases mado it
necessary for senators or representatives
to employ two or thrco clerks, nnd thoso
who nro not rich enough to afford these
luxuries havo been forced to call
for tho nnslstnnco of members of their
An Incident of tho closing days of tho
last congress shows what u woman can
do. Sho was on hor way to tho scnato
commltteo room to boo n senator who
had agreed to look after n prlvato bill.
To eavo this bill from dofent prompt ac
tion was necessary. Tlio senator must
bo seen immediately, becauso written
word from htm was wanted at tho other
end of the Capitol in ten minutes. If
this could bo procured In tlmo n favora
bio report on tho bill, and probably Its
passage would result. Hut tho Ameri
can houso of lords was In oxecutlvo ses
sion, and when tho houso of lords is in
oxecutlvo session, nil common mortals
must take to tho woods. As soon as
secret session Is ordorcd thcro Is n loud
ringing of bolls, tho gallorlcs aro cleared
and tho doors, of doublo thickness, se
curely locked, Not only this, but tho
up3r corridors of tho Bcnato wing nro
cleared. No jwrsoti Is permitted to re
main up thcro, though by no possibility
could ono overhear what was going on
In tho chamlwr below. At tho foot of
tho staircases guards nro stationed to
stop nil intruders on theso upper corri
dors, temporarily sacred to tho silenco
of tho great senate's secret session.
Of course, our woman with the prl
vato bill, eager to boo tho Bcnntor ut
work upstairs in his commltteo room,
was Btoped at tho foot of tho staircase.
Expostulations wero in vain, vain en
treaties and threatened tears. "Wo
must obey our orders, ma'am." "Dut I
don't want to go near tlio senate cham
ber. I won't steal anything, not oven a
look through tho keyhole." "Can't help
it, ma'am orders must bo obeyed." But
tho woman did not loso her wits. She
know thcro was another staircase, and
sho dctonninod to try that. On tho way
over she decided on a despcrato bluff.
"Stop, plane, Exccutivo Bcsslom"
"I wisl to boo Senator in hiscom
mittee room."
"Can't help it. Executive session."
"But, air," sweeping past the guard
with a haughty air, "I am tho senator's
wlfo, and you daro not stop mo."
And bIio was right. No scnato cm
ployo dares offend a senator's wlfo or any
member, of a senator's family. 116 Is
afraid of losing his head. The woman
saw her senator, secured hU autograph,
returned to tho houso and saved her bllL
A man would havo sworn at the guards,
found a page, given him n dollar to toko
a noto up to tho senator, and lost his ton
minutes nnd his opportunity.
Woman is a success in politics. Sho is
a success every whero and In everything.
Even on Connecticut avenuo of a Sun
day morning alio is monarch of nil sho
surveys. Ono of the characteristics of
Washington lifo is tho curiosity seekers,
tuft hunters, who (lock to tho church
which n president attends or crowd a
theatre wherein u presidential party is oc
cupying a box. Now tho favorito church
Is tho Presbyterian Church of tho Cov
enant, which President Harrison at
tends. It is crowded every Sunday. Tlio
costumes aro beautiful and tho millinery
brilliant. After services tho nvcnuo Li a
dress parado ground. Moro tailoring than
religion is apparent among theso wives
of statesmen and millionaires. Worse
than all, tho ubiquitous reporter stands
conveniently by, noto book in hand, and
in tho tuft hunting local press next
morning wo read a list of tho distin
guished persons who promenado Con
necticut avenun after services, with full
descriptions of tho costumes of tho ladies.
To tho sermon, one line; to each cos
tume, five lines. The best thing on tho
programniQ ka fashion worshiping
Wasldngton is published descriptions of
the ojstumes worn by the chief mourn
ers at swell funerals.
Walter Welluan
Hate Under Cliattle Mortgage.
To whom It nmy roncorn. You nro hereby
notified thnt on Hnturdny thontlidny of April
Iw), tK'twocn the hours of 10 o'clock n. in, mid
4o'cl(ik tlio building known as tho
Clny Mniiufneturlng Company's woolen mills
sltuntrdjust north of tho clty of Lincoln In
Iinciistor County, Nchrnskii. I will sell nt
publlo miction to tho hluhent nnd host bidder
for rush tho following described property, 'il
smvliiK machines! a button nolo machines; 3
crix'hct iiiaohlni'st & knitting machines! 1
winding iiihcIiIiioi I doublo rib ntnchlnoj I
wool working tnurtilno; I oyo lot machine. 1
rrt'iisliiK nmclilno! 2 self acting spinning inn-
clilncsi ShcIh of rnrilsj 1 liydrnulle extractor;
1 nilllnginlllt'JIionwiUcrtmiksiS wool pick
ors; I wool duster; I sufu; 1 desks; I horso; I
wagon nnd InirncM, together with nil bobbins,
spools, grinders, dyo nnd scouring tnukH nnd
machines, shafting, bolting, pulloys, steam
nnd water pipes, chslnt anil furniture of every
description, also nit dyo studs, nil raw inn
torlal, nil material mid goods In process of
manufacture, all manufactured goods on
hand, all wool, ribbon, buttons, thread, nil
blacksmith tools, steam pumps, Inthcs, hoist
machines, roiescte. nnd nil article of pergon
al property of every description whatsoever
owned by tho said, Tho Clay .Manufacturing
Company. All of snld properly nbovn du
scribed being situated kept nnd used by tha
said Clay Manufacturing Company In connec
tion with Its woolon mill located In or near
what Is known us Yolniido l'laco subdivision
of tho north half of the north wcxt quarter of
section thirteen (II), town ten (10), ran go six
(tl), east of tho llth V. M. Ill Incnster County,
Hucli slu will Ihi mado under mid ac
cording to the terms of a ehnttlo mortgage
given by tho tiny Manufacturing Company
tome, J A. Iludclsou, on tho nth day of
March, Irtftl, licnrlug dnto ar that day mid tiled
for record In tho olllco of tho county elerk of
I,micnstcr County, Nebraska, on tho Mth dny
of March, l(W0. That said inortgngo conveyed
tho property ubovo described! tli salt! moi I-
gage was givou to secure the sum of 10,500
with Interest nt tho rato of 10 per cent per mi-
mini from date until paid. That default has
been mado In tho payment of said mini as In
snld mortgage provided mid there Is duo to
me nnd unpaid thereon this Kith dnyof March,
IbtOI, tho sum of djor.UO ami costs of foreclos
ure nnd 5 percent attorneys lees as In snld
mortgage provided.
J. A. UUDKI.H0N, .Mortgagee.
Ily Talbot A llrynn, his Atty's. 3-l0-
Clinttln Mortgage Hale.
To all w horn It may concern. You nro here
by notllltd Hint on thoUtlidiiyof April MM)
at 3 o'clock p. in, at tho Halter block In West
Lincoln, Iuicnsler County. JiebrasKn, ny nil
tliorltvofn chattlc mortgage executed Oct.
Oth 1KKK, by Mrnut.t McOoirto llcnson A Part
ington mul by them unsigned to me ami nieu
for record In tho olllce of the county clerk of
Lancaster Counts', Nebrnskn. On the Oth
duy of Ocl, Itwn, as No. HW I of cliattle
mortgages. I will well at puuiio auc
tion to tho highest nnd best bidder for cash
the following articles of personal property,
to wit! "All fixtures In tho saloon building
owned by A. Ilalteron lots 7 and 8 In block
17 West Lincoln, also all mcrcliiindlsc and
partitions In Mild room, In said building, snld
room being west room."
Default has been mado In the terms of snld
mortgage nnd tho mortgagee of tho mortgage
feels himself unsafe mid Inoeeurc. Thcro Is
now duo this :X)tliduy of March 1HK0, tho sum
A, UAI.TKil, Assignee or
Ilonsou A I'nrklugton
Ily Tnlliot A llrynn, his Atty's.
Chuttle Mortgage Hale,
To nil whom It may concern. You nro
hereby hollaed that on thoauli dny of April,
1BMJ, ut 'J o'clock p. in. at tho Halter block In
West Lincoln, I.unenstrr County, Nebraska,
by authority of a chntllu mortgage executed
by O. W. Welsh and U. H. llrant to me dated
November iith.itew mid nieu rorrecont in mo
oftleo or tho county clork or Lnncuator County
Nebraska, November, th 18KH, us No. a,S70
or ehattlo mortgages I will soil at
publlo auction to the highest and best bidder
for cash tho following articles or personal
property, to wit: 2 pool tables, 1 billiard table
XI tiool balls. 4 Ivory billiard balls, 3 cuo rucks
'JO cues, bridges, '1 bull racks, 2 strings or
beads, I pin pool boiiN, 4 clinlic Holders, iz
billiard room chairs, I round walnut table, 4
Lumps with shades and hanging atlchments,
1 countcr.tlll mid buck shelf, 1 looking glass, '1
plctu res, ll goblets, 6 glasses, stove, 10 Joints of
dik, tobueco cutler, smnll Iron stove, brooms
3 screen doors with hangings,! board partit
ion, bed stead, springs nnd inuttrcsHuud bed
clothes, wu.ili stnnd, tnblo covors, Ico tank
nnd nil oilier nrtlcies or personal properly
used In connection with tho billiard hnll nil
or said articles ubovo dlscrlbed being slttinted
In tho billiard hull formerly occupied by said
mortgagees In Haltcr'H block In West Lin
coln, Nebrnskn.
Default has been mado in the terms or snld
mortgage and tho mortgagco reels himself tin
snfo and Insecure thoro Is now duo this 30th
day of March, 1H80 tho sum or IM0.O0.
J. H. IIahwick, Mortgagee
Ily Talbot A llryan his Atty's.
Roberts & Co,
212 North nth Street,
Undertakers and Embalmers.
Telephones. Office 145. Residence 156
Open Day nnd Night.
E. T. ROBERTS, Manager.
l. ns nnd nnnnitcg KJM0 miles of thoroughly
nulppod road In Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowu,
Mls.ourl, Minnesota and Dakota.
It Is the llest Direct tloute botwi-in nil the
P-iuclpal Points In the Northwest, Boiithwcl
nd KurWcst
hor mups, tlmo tables, rates or inissugo nnd
freight, etc., apply to neurcst station agent nt
Chicago, Milwaukkk a ur. 1'aui. Hail
way, or to any Hallroud Agent anywhere In
the world.
Cencrul M'g'r. Oen'l I'hss. AT'kt Agt.
fi.Gen' Mgr. Asst. 0. 1. AT. Agt.
Mllwaukoe, Wisconsin.
MTKo: Information tn reference to J-auds
sndTowns owned by tho Chicago, Milwau
kee A Ht. 1'uul Hallway Coinpnuy.wrto to II.
(I. HAUOAN,Lnnd Conimli-sloner.Mlllwuukee
I cn cheerfully recommeni
Dr Seth Arnold's Cough
ll . . ...
as Deincsnrtt-ciaM rsmeay
for Coughs sad Colds, hv
Inrutedulnrayownfsmlly with very grestssUsfkctloa.
L. H. Both, Dm MoUm,
Drantati, Me., Nc., sad lis.
:5 'WiM.
A. M. Davis & Son,
Wc are now prepared to show our extensive 'stock
of new goods, in
Lace and Chenille Curtains,
Also elegant designs in RUGS and Art Squares.
Beautiful colorings in Sheepskin Rugs. Broomlcy's Car
pet Rugs in new patterns. New importation of Japanese
Rugs and Porticr's
Lace Curtain Stretchers,
In three sizes, at $3.00, .$3.50 and $4.00.
1 1 1 2 O Street.
BaaasavT'ipJ'v?v' '? !HJKi3ciiR
Itnles reusonublo. Everything now nnd complete. Prompt ten Ice snd tho best menu Id
Omaha. Hot nnd cold wnter In ovcry room. Ofllco nnd dining hall on Hrst floor. All mod
ern Improvements. Llncolnltcs nlwnys receive u cordial welcome. Cnll nnd seo us while In
Omaha. You enn get Into tho enrs nt depot mid tnko IIAItNEY ST., CAULK LINE
DIKECT TO THE DOOH. Cor. Uth nnd Harney.
Ijia l II1011Y. Clerk.
Where all kinds of
Buggies, Carriages or Saddle Horses,
Can be had at anv ne, Day or Night, on short notice.
Horses -Boarded and Wv. aken care of at Reasonable Rates
Call and see us, ioz1- Q street, or give all orders by
Telephone 147.
the nick of time, nnd "just strikes the spot." The quiet enjoyment of n frngrant Ha
vnna In a charmingly decorated and gorgeous smoking apartment, and finally a peace
ful sleep In a bed of snewy linen and downy softness. Such Is life on the "BUR
LINGTON" ROUTE. What other line or combination of lines can offer you these
advantages? NOT ONB. Please remember this when next you travel.
Information of all kinds pertain
ing to Railroad or Ocean Steam
ship Tickets promptly answered.
G. W. IIOLDREGE, Gen'l Mgr.,
J. FRANCIS, G. P. and T. A.,
100 Engraved Calling Cards
And Copper Plate, for $2.50.
If you have a Plate, we will furnish 100 Cards fronv
same, at $1.50.
Courier Office. Telephone 253. - New Burr Block-
Max Meyer & Bro
wholesale and Betall Dealers in
Ocncrnl western agents for tho Hlelu
nltti'. KiVn.,,ct, C'dckcrlng, Voso, Ernst
(labler, llchrllros., Nowby A Evans, nnd
Tllnrna tnn-lml I Mini,. 1 1
UlWIiyg thO lOUI'Ht for tint, nt tilnnnsi
yt ' ' "
-. m. HANDS, Manager.
14a North lltli Street.
Omaha's Leading Hotel.
Opened Sopt. 1, 1R68.
1 .;i nest Hotel in the West
U. 8ILI.0WAY, Proprietor.
In the City all come from the
Graham Brick Stabler
1027 Q STREET,
that I the very embodiment of ease nnd luxury; n friendly game '
of Whist, a choice volume from the well stocked library, a prom
enade from car to car (the handsome vestibule excluding all dust,
smoke, rain or wind, and thus rendering the promenade n de
lightful nnd novel pastime). A sumptuous meal that comes ln
My superior ad vantages enable mc to
ticket to and from Europe at the lowest rales
nnd to secure desirable cabins in advance of
sailings. The generous patronage accorded)
me by prominent people of Omaha, Lincoln
and other Nebraska cities attest Hie popular
ity of this office.
City Pnsiengcr
and Ticket, Act.,
(-CC &
V .3
! l