Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, April 06, 1889, Page 2, Image 2

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!,,ttl,"iJm t,i;ia1 & vw mijiumwm
& . . . -.a , . : . . , JL,.,. '. i'' 1. .:-.' . ' ',737: - E-r-JM. its. si-tt . . ; -rmwrt . jt. L-Err-.Tzrrrrx-r - ' v " '" fi "f' r. .,..,. ......
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Life Insurance Company
Stntul fourth In amount of new Insur
ance written In i838, among those
companies confining their business to
the Unllcil States. The three com.
panics tlmt IWI moic. nre from ten to
twenty-two jenrs older, The sternly
Increase In new business for past five
years Is shown by following figures:
Ycnr. No. Insured. Aint. Insured.
iksi a,aii) r.,
IHH7 7,in n,ji,a.m
During these cat sour death losses
have been the lowest nnil Interest re
eclpts the highest of nny compnny In
the field. Death rntcs for t888, 0.51
per cent of menu amount Insured.
The average of all companies report
ing to the Ohio Insurance Department
for i883, was 1.39 per cent. The rate
of Interest rcallrcd during the year
on actually Invested assets was over 7
per cent. Total Insurance In force
Dec. 31, 1888, 33,870,911.00. New
Insurance written In Nebraska, In '88,
304 poNclca. Amount $113,015.00.
Insurance In force In Nebraska,
1,000,00000. Policies INCONTEST
third year. Any time after, In case of
surrender a paid-up policy will be
Issued and the amount given each
year Is named In policy. If no surren
der Is made then the policy becomes a
paid-up term policy and remains In
force for such length of time as one
annual premium on the policy Is con.
talncd In Its reserve value, according
to the American four per cent table
of mortality Alt desirable forms of
policies Issued. Our specialty being
an endowment at Ordinary Lift Rata.
Examine the plans and standing of
this prosperous company before Insur
ing. J. M. KDM8T0N, State Autnt,
' 0. h. MKSHIEU, Aitt. State Agent,
0. T. VOMPKbbV, City Solicitor,
lloiims '21 ami ill Iturr Mock,
Leaders in Photography.
Riley's .
JfEU ffE
Ve mak a specialty of the celebrated
Life sited pictures and furnish the flnett
work at lowest prices.
Boat Cablnota $3.00
Elegant line of Picture Frame In stock
and made to order, Call and see us.
oiS O Street. LINCOLN, NED
Monarch of the Dailies!
Omaha Bee!
Delivered to any pnrt of the
city for 20 cents a week, every
day in the year Leave sub
scriptions at Lincoln bureau,
I027 P street.
1114 O street.
, Examine sample of our work before
jrolcrintr elsewhere.
Cabinet Photographs reduced from $4 to
$3 pr down 7
Drayage and loving
Desire to inform the public that his equip
raent for moving Household Goods.Planos
.Safes, MarchandUc, Heavy Machinery
etc., I the best In the city. Special men
and wagons are kest for the removal o
Pianos and Household QooJs,
Which are always lumdled by competent
and experienced help, and the latest appl.
azicc useu tor Handling bales and other
hsvy good. Call, address or telephone
Telephone 1 1 1 917 O t.
jtfu ' "Z3 743 to 745 O Street.
Wholesale Grocers,
Fruit, lt oduqeaud Commission Merchants
10.14 O Street
JJealer and Jobber In
Wall Piper.
f( c Curtains, Shades,and Interior Deco-
JlloiH. f
Why t!i l'rofV..or fWt IIia I lull rim in In
liiMtk for ItefrriliintMiln.
The dry tin to nmninv, tlio leathery as to
heart, but verdant n to brain, tlio piofeshor
found lilinxrlf In tlio hnllroom, mid, like thn
fly In iiinln'r, wondering how tlio duiiett lie
got tliero.
In a Uuvrr corner sat tlio rosolnullcst of
rosebud hi n Kaiilouof exquisitely cngowned
"I innko It n 1 ulo of three, professor, " says
tlio roHolinil. "I diineo threo danees only of
n ulRht, 0110 In every hour. The first a
iuaru iliuuv, to hilng my voluntiiry limit
clw, with their fawleull, Into Rentleplnyi the
soconil a iniIUii. to work tlio voluntary inns-
oloi Into MrfiH.'t action, and thn third n
waits, for nliitohito enjoyment. '
"IlleM my soul I" exclaims the inofeMr,
"I iMiiploy tlio Ir.terim by following some
train or thought, To-ulght I nm seeking
tyes. I unnt to find my Cleopatra, my As
ivislaiinil my I'hjrim."
"lllws my soull" uxelalius tlio profimsor.
"Did Cleotntra hmiiI tho wluterof 4U 1). 0.
with Antony hi Alexandria, or ns It 411
Did slio I m in her bottom or only her arm tc
tho asp r
"Illew my houU" oxolalms tho professor.
"Was Anpnula fast or only n lllrtf Wai
Socrates her lovtf Was thodlvoieoof Peri
cles as Nrf(et ns n Chicago divorcof Why
does ArUtophmies nscrllio tlio Haiulim and
l'oloMintieslnu nis to her simply because she
lost her lady's maid I Do you think I'lutarch'i
defenso exculpnti-s herf Was her second hus
band, Ijyslcles, n Krk pucker or merely a
cattlo dealer I"
"lllewi my soul I" exclaims tho pnifessor.
"Was Phryno's mother n laundress, and li
It true that slio Rot her living nt 0110 tlmo by
gathering eniois( Wero thoso cniwrs for
snuco or boiled legs of mtittonf Was her oirei
to rohiillil thn walls of TIioIkm If her iiunK
wnro InscrllHHl on thoin tmna fldnf Did sin
profano tho Kliitlulnu mysteries, or was It a
put up Job to bring her to Heliosis, In ordor
to lot thn council sea her beautiful anatomy I
I hicllno to this, for AkI1o nlnted horal
tlw Vemw Auaoyonioiio, mid l'raxltolei
sciilixxl her as tho Cnodlan Venus. Wai
Atxllo her lover, ns well as Praxiteles!"
"llless my soull" oxclalms tho profevsor.
''You see, profexsor, I nm fiom llostou."
'Alml" and tho venernhlo profetsor lioiuid
od like 0110 of his crack pupils In tho direction
of tho refreshment room. Onco a Week.
The Contents Dlsplnjeil.
Freshlngtoii Going out of town, old felF
Whistler Just for tho night, don't you
luiowf Tho IlttHlilliu glvo u bit of n daneo at
rollmni, uud I'vo bundled in n ckw hammer
and Holygmill thero'uny tralnl TA-tnl
, Fair AVmnlne.
Johnnie, nged 0, had ben banished to the
bedroom for using bad words to hi younger
brother, Bam, and told that ho uiut.t remain
there until ho was sorry for his mUeonduct.
After a fow minutes of kicking nnd scream
ing, mid then of quiet, he called Sam to the
door to recoh o the following communication!
'Sam, if I'm ever sorry for calling you
names nnd I'll havo to stay hero an awful
whllo before I am tho first thmg I'll do
when I get out will bo to lick you for telling
on mo." Another long pauso and ho con
tlnuedt "You'd better be getting ready,
Bam; I'm, beginning to feel pretty sorry."
Philadelphia Press.
Of Course.
It was a llttlo Fifth ward boy who was
walking on tho street with his mother, when
his attention was attracted by a dog which
wagged a btub that showed be onco possessed
"Isn't it too bad," said the mother, "that
tho doggy has lot his tallf
"Yes," replied tho llttlo fellow, sadly, and
then brightening up a&ked, "But, mamma,
why don't they take Mm to the Ullor' shopl"
Klmlra Advertiser. '
In tho sprhiR when tlio green gits hack In th
And tbd tun cornea out and stayi.
And yer boou pulls on with a good, tight squeexe.
And you think of yer barefoot dys;
When you ort to work and you want to not.
And you and yer wlf agree
It's time to spade up the garden lot
When the green gits back In the trees
Well, work U toe least of my idee
When the green, you know, gits bsck In the
When tho green gits back In 'the trees, and bees
Is a bvixxtii' aroun' agin.
In that kind of a lasy 'go-as-you pleaaa"
Old gate they hum roun' In;
When tho grouud'H all bald where the bay rick
And tin crick's rlx, and the brrezu
Coaxes the bloom In the old dogwood.
And the green gits back In tb tree
I like, ns I my, In slch scenes as these,
The limn uhi-n tlw green gits back In the trees.
When tlii h hole tall feather o' winter time
Is Lit llod nut nnd goue,
i.ud thu sap it than uikI begins to climb.
And thu tmeat It starts out on
). fcller'H forred, a gittln' down
At the old spi log on his knees
I kind u like, Jim' a loafurio' roun'
When the greed gits hack lu thn tree
Jes' a-pottrin roin' as I dura-please
When the green, yoii know, gits back la Us
tree -Jane Whltcomb Rile.
W1111I1I Do .Innt ns Writ.
Tho assistant enmo iikjii tho stngo and
thlsierrl somothliig to tho lecturer.
''tallies nnd gentjeinen," said thopiofpsnor,
'I havo Jiil lemnet'l that 0110 enso of thu Orl
ftiitnlciuhfrltleii with which I tisunlly illus
trate Ihls leeturn has fnlled to nnlvo, owing
Ui tlinmlstiiko of it bnggngo mini. I ivgirt
tosny, Iheiufore, thnt 1 cannot exhibit tho
well piesorved I'gjpt Inn mummy I hailhoMl
toshowjou It may bo powllilo, however,
Hint I cm 1 1 Mud n substitute. Is tliero any
gentleman fiom Philadelphia lu tho mull
nienl" Chlcngo Trlbuno.
I'npiiliir I'Ih)s lllimlritlril.
Iterlprorlty In lliinliii-m.
"Is tho ho Inf" Inquired n lean vlsngod
1111111 with biUtllng hair nud huslnoss tlko
nsMct, ns he wulked Into tho dental nlllcoof
a Chicago kiiIiui b tho other day
"I presumo 1 11 in tho person," said tho dont
1st, KlltuIy. "Cnn I servo you in any wayl"
"I don't know hut you can," tho visitor
replied, sitting down In n chair nud tilting It
back, "If wo can ngreo en tho terms. It's
Just this wnyt I'vocomo to this town to go
into hilslueNi, nud I'u 0ieued n shop about n
block nud n half up tho street. Now, I'm
willing to let ) oil do all my work In this lino
If you can tnko it out in trmlo. Whoiotwo
men nro doing busim closo together hi n
placo like this It looks 11101-0 sociablo nud
friendly If they can trade with each other.
And btiKlnesit men havo got to pull together
and kind o' reclprocnto if thoywantto got
"I don't know," said tho dentist, musingly.
"Whnt kind of business nro you engaged In,
may 1 nski"
"I'm In tho marblo business. I mako tomb
stones, monuments"
"Hut 1 don't need nuy work of that kind,"
exclaimed tho other, aghast, "I havo no oc
casion to buy nny tomlwtoiiesorinoniimentHl"
"And 1 don't need nny work in your line,"
rotorted thu tomhuono man sharply, "so far
as I know not n cent's worth I Novor had
tho toothncho In my life. Hut thero's no
tolling when"
"It Is hardly worth whllo to discuss tho
subject," Mild tho dentist. "I don't think wo
can mnko any nrrnngement of tho kind you
"Just k), slrl You don't euro about being
neighborly and Hielublo mid meeting 11 bust
ius man half way when ho comes to wttlo
hero to help build up your durued old town!
Good morning, sir."
And tho laiiguiigu that tomthtoiio man used
ns ho slammed thu door behind him nud went
down tho stairway tin eo stos at a tlmo was
frightful to hear. Chicago T ihuno.
A Cnrrnt DliignnitU.
Ooorgo-EliI You got engngwl last nlghtl
Ous, my old, my dear friend, tell mnyhow
you did It.
Out Iteally, I hardly know myself.
Couldn't help it. Just llko fnlllng down
stnlru I was on tho edgo of a pniKsn, slio
gave mo n pithli, nud thero I was cugnged.
"Well, I haven't had any such experience.
Eveiy tlmo I try to stnrt,ny knees knock
together, and my teeth chuttcr, and my
tongue cleaves to tho'ror.f of my mouth.
I'vo 1 1 led n dozen times to wp tho' question
to MIks Do I'luk, nnd KluuiKd ou'ry tlmo."
"And did she let you sluinpT
"You nnuHiurthig tho wrong glrL" Now
York Weekly.
Not InquUltlre.
Thoro wa-iduston his back nud grlmo of
two weeks' standing behind his ears, nnd as
he stood on a corner yesterday, ho was heard
to remark that ho was from Lansing.
"What Is tho faro from Lansing to De
troit!" queried n dudtsh looking bystander,
looking waggishly at an acquaintance
"I dunno," was tho reply.
"Don't knowl" echoed his questioucr, in
credulously. "Young man," returned tho tramp, im
pressively, "when I want to go to a placo by
rail I get quietly on tho train, nud when it
gets tliero I step off again without over ask
ing any bloomln' fool questions." Detroit
Free Press.
In tho Wrong OIHce.
Peddler My dear sir, do you know how
much tlmo you loso dipping a pun into tho
inkl Ten dips a minute means six hundred
dips an hour, or six thousand dips in ton
hours, and each dip consumes
Business Man Yes, I know; I havo figured
it all out
Peddler And yet I find you still writing
in tho old way.
Business Man Yea, I am using tho fountain
pen you sold mo about a month ago using it
in the old way because it won't writo any
other way,
Peddler Beg pardon; I'm In tho wrong
office. Good day. Now York Weekly.
A Graceful Ileproof.
When tho Johnsons camo to tho dinner
table tho other day it was quite apparent
that llttlo Maud had anticipated tho feast and
helped herself to somoof tho good things, but
no reprimand was given until her older si
ter, Alice, aged 8, was asked to say grace a
Cloasant duty w Ith which sho was sometimes
itrustod. Her observant eyes had dotected
the younger ono's delinquency, and tho op
portunity was not to be neglected. Allco
solemnly said grace u followsi "For what
we are about to receive and for what Maud
hiu hud already O Lord, mako us duly
thankful." Treasure Trove,
Kot M Regular Contributor.
FriMid I supposo you wrlto when the
spirit moves?
Pout Well, yes, that's about tbo way with
roe, I wrlto when tho specter moves.
"Tho spectorf"
"Yes; tho specter of want" Yankeo Dlado.
Didn't Uke Jewelry.
"Isn't It ttrango that Qulllboy positively
refuses to wear Jewelryf"
"Won't ho sw Itr
"No Only yesterday I saw hhn kuock
down an otlleer who was trying to haiuU-uiT
him." Nebraska Ktato Journal.
Cnulilii'l Surprise Itliu.
Boarder irrnekiug nn eggi Well, I doclnrol
Waiter (extltedlyi-What Is Itl
Boarder Why, this egg has a double yolk,
Walter I'oohl that's nothlu'gen'lman's
ylstldd) had ti chicking ! Detroit Free Prun
A Hnmrt Hoy Wlin Thought Mo Would
Oct then with Ills Father.
My Ixiy Sim has a passion for dogs, lie is
not ixirtlciiliirabsut tho kind of do? It Is.
Anything thut tins hair on it nnd runs on
four legs Is good onoiigh for him. I object to
dogs myself. A dog (a no uso on earth. lie
gota nwny with moro food than a largo sized,
overgrown family, and then lies around all
dny and digest It. If your lost frloud comes
to call on you nt night your dog will Jump on
him and tear him limb from limb, but n
burglar rati como In nnd raii'uick tho placo
while tha dog Meson tho door mat with 0110
oyo oK'ii mid says nothing. I am sicakltig
now of lil,; dos, A small dog U worso than
n big ouo. A small dog In all lung. If a pin
drojH lu tlio back yard bo will rouso tho
lielglilKirhood. Ho sticks up his uosu nt bread
and butter nnd his meat has to bo cut bias or
ho won't eat It, A dog Is n manufactory for
11 ww. A dog so small ho gets lost lu 11 tigor
skin rug w III breed liens enough to worry an
army Thene aro boiiio of my objections to
dogs. I havo tried to bring Him over to my
viow, but without avail. Ho don't sue It In
that light. Ho will spend hours trying to
think up snmo schotno to ontlco our uoxt door
nolghhor's dog over In my back yard. Then
ho will throw- ouo nrm around tho dog's nock
nnd tlo n can to his tall with another, and
havo n grunt tlmo generally,
Tho other dny Him camo into tho houso and
"Pit, I want nilog."
"Oh, you tlo, do you f Well, you won't got
In n few minutes ho camo around again.
"Say, pa, I want a dog."
"Gut out."
A imiiiho,
"Sny, pa."
"Jim Todd's got n dog ho don't want. Jim
wi) she'll sell htm for n dollar. Ho don't cat
much. Jim says so. Hay, pa, can't 1 get
"No," I roared. "Got out of hero or I'll
wnlltip you."
In about half an hour Him camo back.
"Say, pa."
"What do you want I"
"To-morrow will bo April Fools' day."
"Whnt of Itl"
"Nuthln'. But I hoard Sam Tucker say ho
nnd somo other fellows wero goln' to rnlsotho
mischief 'round hero to-morrow morulii'.
I know Tucker. Ho'd plnyod tricks on mo
before, nnd he was 0110 of tho worst lxys in
tho neighbor hood.
"They nro, nro thoyr said I. "Well,
what aro they going to dol"
"Ham said they wuz comln' around in tbo
mornln' before you wuz up and going to
mako things lively. Ho said thoy wuz goln'
to tnko tho front gato nnd put It on ouo of
tho trees In tho orchard. Thoy wuz goln' to
tako down tho clothes lino and do lots of
things besides."
"Huh I" said I, "wo'll soo nbout that."
That night; I sot tho alarm clock at 4. 1
woko up promptly tho noxt morning and
went out In tho back yard to wait for Sam
Tuckor and his gang, Whllo I was sitting
behind tho treo waiting, and looking at tho
barn, suddenly tho door opened and a big
dog with blood In bis oyo cumo bounding out
Right after him camo my Ikiv Sim. Sim
wasn't afraid of tho dog, but I was. So I
climbed up the treo just as tho dog m rived.
Ho seemed disappointed. "Sim," said I,
"whore did you get that dogf Didn't I tell
you I would allow no dogs around my prom
ises? Tako that beast away nnd never let
mo see him ngalx I am surprised nt you.
What do you mean, slrl"
Sim got up on tho fouco nnd looked nt mo.
So did tho dog. Then I began to realize tlio
situation. It was April Fools' day I wai
the f 00L
"8ay, pa," said Sim, "can't I havo that
dogl It's Jim Todd's."
"You just wait unill I get down out of
this treo," I roared, "I'll show you whother
you can havo that dog. Tako him away or
I'll wallup you within nn inch of your life."
But Htm didn't move. Neither did the
dog. I stayed thoro until breakfast time,
nnd thou tho hired mau camo out and shot
thodos. Sim didn't know who ho wus fool
ing with. No dogs aro allowed around my
premises. It was a bod day for Sim.
T. M.
At the Wrong House.
Tramp Pleasn, mum, I'm starving. Won't
you lot mo have u iostago stamp to lick f
Experienced Housekeeper Why, curtain
ly. My huslwmd U just llnlshing a letter to
John It. Sullivan, offering to fight him nuy
where, at uny time, for 1 0,000 a sldo, Mar
quis of Queentherry rule. Walt until he
U through, and perhaps ho'll let you put tho
stamp on.
Tramp (hastily departing) Thankeo kind
ly, mum, but maybe 1 can git a stamp nt tho
uoxt bouho without waiting. Now York
Nn Cniuut for Alarm.
Customer Heavens! You aro uut going to
shave mo with that, aru you I
Bnrlier Don't bo alarmed. I depend en
tirely UMn my muscle. Pllrgende Blaetter.
1 al.BJHlHH
.. KSsttlK!;'
U.K. MOOItK, I'res.
n. i:. JIHOWN,
1 I 1 South Tonth 8troot.
iipital, $200,000. Liability of Stockholders, $400,000.
INTKHK8T Paid on Deposits nt tho rnto of ,1 per cent por milium for nil
full calendar mouths.
Money tanned on Ileal Kstnto nnd Collateral.
John Fitzgerald, V.. li. Brown, John It. Clark, J. MeConnlir, F. M. Hull. y..l Thomnann
A.H. Itajiiioiul, J. J. iinhoir. Ilnvlil Ileinlak, O. M. I.nmhertson, L Me, or, a K Ynlw, '
U. K.llnydun. It. i:. Moore, T. U. Culvert, .1. V. Ueweose. J.'w. llowmnn, C has '
Hammond, i:. Finney, .1. 1). Mnefarlnnd, Joseph Wlttman, H. L. Hmftli.
C. II. Imhoir, a. W, Holdrege.
Lincoln Savings Bank and Safe Deposit Co.
Interest paid on deposits nt any rato of 5 per cont per annum for ullfull calandar months
Hafes to rent In burglar proof nnd nro proof vnulU, nt nnnuiil rental of $3 nnd upwards.
Money to loan on real estate nnd collateral. YOUIt SAVINGS ACCOUNT SOLICITED.
New Spring and
John McWhinnie's
The, Old Reliable Tailor.
First Class Workmanship, Fine Trimming, and
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
305 S ZHjLE'VEnsrariH: Street.
Most Popular Resort in the City.
1 1 19, 1 121 and 1123 N Street.
Meals 25 cts $4.00 per week.
ivcs its readers literature, of lasting inteiv
est aad. value, it is
illustrated and
than national, circulation exceeding 125.00Q
copies monthly, r e' - A i
Charles Scribncry Jons
to offer 5CRIBNER'S MAGAZINE with the
Doth for 94.25. Tlii makes the price of the Courier
when taken this way only $1.35.
Ea'ablitfitd Dec. 10, 7(186.
The German National Bank,
Capital Paid up, $100,000.00
Surplus . . . 13,000.00
Tmnsnuls n general banking business, Issues
letters of credit, draw drafts on nil parts of
tho world. Foreign collections a soclnlty.
III3UMAN II. BCHAIlKlta, President.
(3 U.MUNHON.VIco President.
J08i:i'H IlOHIIMr.H.Cashlor.
O. J. WILCCX, Assistant Cashier.
V. Pros.
0. H. IMHOFF, Cashier.
A. P. . 8TU A ItT, JNO. II. McCLAY, It. WELSH.
Vice President. Treasurer. Toller.
Summer Goods
fully and beautifully
has already 'gained a more
witn Messrs.
the - Publishers enable u$