Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, February 16, 1889, Image 1

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Vol. 4. Np. lO.
Lincoln. NuukAsha, Satukday, Kichkuauy 10, 1S80.
Pwioic Kivie CicN'ra.
What In Hoard, Soon, I.rnrnril mill Perti
nently .Suggentod to tlio M ullll tidt.
Tlio llbornllty of Amcilrnti jicoplu In a well
known fact utiiong nil nations anil It must bo
admitted tlint t IiIh Inn reputation to Ik) proud
ot, but It Is tint cnuso of much sorrow anil
misery in many instances. The subjiet of
treating Is tlio ono to which I rofir ami ax-id
it nut for tills ovll many of our 1 est lu-n ami
brightest youths would tread tlio paths of vir
tuo anil righteousness instead of ono of dogro-
datiou and misery the only end to which Is a
l)mior's grave. For Instance, a crowd of
friends assemble leforo u bar to have a social
glass. Instead of each settling for his own
poison, tliu generous spirit of one rises and hu
foots tho bill, another, whether it is for his
guncrousness, or n wish to bo culisldeicd so,
follow 8 suit and has tlio glasses l elllled. The
others nru not to bo outdone and by tlio tlnio
tlio round is iimdo tlio punishment of tlio
amount of spirits drank causes n reviving of
their spirit. 1 ho natural consequence fol
lows. Too iiuich space cannot be given this
subject nnd were the laws euforcoil the sight
of u drunkard would lion raiity. The laws
of Nebraska prohibit tieutlug. How many
men would you (hid going to the bar alone
and taking several drinks! Ono would satisfy
him, or two nt best. I do not pretend to In- u
temperance epostlo, but facts are facts and n
moment's meditation will ccitaluly sulllce to
liavo you agree with my statement.
What a vast difference is to le noticeil in
tho condition of our prliicinl thoroughfares
today from that of two years ago. At this
season our streets were always either lougldy
frozen or horribly dilapidated and muddy.
It is qulto a relief to look at them today and
to compare the condition of by-gone days
with tho present. I recollect of nil incident a
Httlo over n year ago, when a heavy load of
freight was being hnulcsl on Kust O street.
Four strong horses could not pull the wagon
out of the sticky situation and it took over
half n day to loosen tun wreck. Toilay lo-uls
doublo as heavy go freely over tlio smooth
surface, cnrrlnges roll ovor tho strecto like
well oiled machinery and as for tlio pleasure
Hookers in riding or dilving they certainly
best of all can appreciate the improvement.
Tho city bastions well in the paying matter
nnd if us much is uccompllHlied in tho next
two ycara as in the same period past, theie
should Ixj no cause for complaint. I take this
opportunity to extend congratulations to the
city fntheis for their good woik, for it has
been well done, nnd wish them continued good
fortune for further oiwrntlons.
Those hnudsomo whiskers of "Dii-k" Hei Hii'h
nrp tho envy of nil the legisle tors and area
purtlctiluily attractive feature of the gallant
repnosentutivo's make-up. From the gnller
ies tho fulr sox look down to admire the silky
flow-of nature's gifts and as he ieoscs In his
easy chair in the lower house, casually comb
lug out his handsome locks with his llugeis,
the guy assemblage of female beauty that Is
nearly nlwnysseen watching him, his brother
rep's nnd other male friends cannot fall to
appreciate his enviable situation. "Dick"
has a flue Laird and w ns it not for my modesty
I would venture to ask him how- ho got it and
If ho could not "put mo on" how to get one as
Tho most pleasant minor I hnvo heard for
a long time is tho ono that is now circulated
nliout tho Observer's genial friend, John II.
Wright. Dame rumor has it that he is just
now figuring on how many more duys it will
bo until the huppy event takes place an I of
courso ovcry day is so much nearer n llfo of
bliss and happiness. Customary with usual
modesty and rosiiooting phslges made to in
formant, I cannot give her name, hut it is
said she is u most charming person uiid just
such a ouo as will do credit to John II. 'h ex
cellent judgement. Ascongtntiilations aiuin
order, gentlemen will please avoid ciowtllnj;
up, but pass up one by one and extend tho
compliments of tho oeciisslon.
Already numerous: parties aro negotiating
for tourists tickets and scanning maps for
foreign tin vel. Kleiner, the ticket man, in
formed the Olisorver yesterday that ho has
thus far booked three separate parties w ho
will leave in Juno nnd July. Tho persons
making up these puitios are from among
Lincoln's ellto circle, several of whom have
been abroad heretofore and will on their next
trip view different localities.
If tho horse that was in tho mail service of
a hundred yearn ago could see the movements
of tho grey liorso that now transfers tho mall
between the depot and tho jiostollleo, it would
liavo good cause, judging fiom its rapidity, to
think that this Is n degenerated ago.
A Flue llluek Horse For Kali.
I oirer for sale nt a rensonublo price, my
7-year old mare, also harness, buggy, lobes,
etc., if desired. Hensou for selling is, as stable
man can substantiate, I liavo no use for it.
Everything wan anted iih icpiesonttd. Call
and see animal at Gi alum's Lively or at my
oillco in Bun- Hlock. L. Wbhhkl, Jit.
"Webster and Rogers' great sale continues to
draw custom from all parts of tho i-lty and
Ktuto. They nre offering fcomo great bargains
and you cannot afford to miss this opjwrtimi
ty to lay in n supply while tint pi Ices aro so
low, Styles are right, goods aro of ilrst
qualities and the prices cannot fall to pleute
Attend ourfiOo. kid glove rale. "Alexan
dre Kid" gloves, nnd lino goods nil at tho
same price. II. H. NMoy & Co.
Bawyer & Moshei s greenhouses aro head
quarter for nil kinds of house plants, flowers,
etc. City ofllce In Masonic Temple basement,
whero cut flowers, boqucts, etc., may nhrnys
bo found. .
In Embroideries, Laces and Whlto Goods,
HorpoUhelmer & Co. try to show tho best
there is In the market.
The ltoodcr-doldsniltli Wi-iltllng, Club
Affairs, tlio Theatres, Htr,
l'rom the Coi-iiikh CorrosHnilent.
Tho soclnl nnd most billllnnt nffnli of the
week wustlio wedding of .Mr. M. L. Ilooder
and Miss I'.iulino Goldsmith. The ecreinonv
took place at the Initio's home torucr Twen
tieth & Dodge at live o clock Thursday nfter-
noon, Judge Wnkoly olllclatlng, in presence of
none nut relatives. At six o'clock n wedding
dinner nnd reception wns given at tho Metro
poillnn club, whcio oor throe hundred
Irieuds nnd well wlshcis assembled to eon
giatlllalo the happy couple. About seven
o'clock tlin MuMrul lTnlon oi chest in struck up
u dimming inaicli mid the long line was
lorineit ami iinaiiy seated nt n lianqutt spread
Hint Is seldom enjoyed not only In Oniaha,
nut elsewhere as well. Tonsta were offoiod
ty distinguished guests and nil tiiesent 10
HK)iiiIed henrtlly. The costuming of tho
ladles was beautiful nml the Interior of tho
vvoll-llljod club house with lu brilliant llluini
nations, presented n scene interesting ami
pleasing to tho eyo. After the banquet n pro
gram of twelve dnmos were enjoicd. Mr.
and Mrs. Hoeder left on tho 11:15, p. m,, ti'iiln
via tho Missouri 1'nclllo for St. Louis, and
after n three week's trip eust will return to bo
nt homo in this city. Mr. Hoeder Is n tiromi
nent business man in this city and his bride Is
n niostclmrnilngynimglndy,nnd the CouiUKit
takes pleasure in joining tho largo band of
well wishers to extend compliments of tho
season. llio piesonts weio eluborato and
numerous, among them being tokons fiom
lioth at homo and abroad. Floral offerings
as well r.s decorations weio beautiful and lent
additional chnrm to the affair.
A mnRquerndo ball wns given nt tho Expo
sition hall Wednesday evening by the Concor
dia club. This organization is composed of
the elite of the German society and Its daiiccs
nre usunlly well attended, this ulfnlr lioliig no
exception. It was in fact n recherche iillulr.
Muny of tho costumes were decidedly oi igiunl
nnd most of them were veiy tasty. Miss
linker wnsn clever titn Yum, Mrs. A. T.
Stewart n hamr-omo Indian princess. Mrs.
Tunuer an Esipilmenux. Theio were pretty
iiillk-malds, twnliorlno girls nnd a host of
others Among tlio gentlemen, the costumes
worthy of noto were Julius Meyer us Monte
Cristo, Aug. bclmfor ns Homeo, u cowboy In
all the western plctiiresipieness and many
others which spnoo forbids mentioning. The
piogram consisted ot twenty-four dances and
the excellence of tho music tended greatly
toward making tlie evening's euteitulmueiit
tho success that It wns.
Yesterday wns St. Vnlentlno's Dny, but
ino nay which a low jenrs ago was so very
liopulnr. Is grndually losing Its piestngo. It
was obsoived by low, nnd the number of
coiuio vulelitiiies sent were very few. The
store windows usually llllod with comics
of moustioiM designs, consisting of every Im
aginable ofl'ccsivo cut, for a week pruvious to
this da v, display oil very few. Some new de
signs in hand painted curds, etc., weio shown.
Hold's opeia house has Usui closed nil week
nnd will continue so next week with the ex
ception ot Friday and Siituiduy when "Tho
Little 'Ijcoou'' will Ik presented. A hearty
welcome is led to this popular ojiera, as
Omaha was completely captivated with it on
its last presentation hero.
G. T. and LizIo May Ulmer, nt tho Grand
Monduyund Tuesday played tofuiraudiunces.
Tho l'ostagu Stump baud diow rather u largo
crowd but the show was very poor.
The Windsor Club Is the name of a new or
ganization which has spuing up among the
prominent business men mid society lenders in
this city. Its object is to erect u club house
mid give its members nil the coiivenfeucesuud
pleasures of u well appointed club.
Thu Home Cucle give another of their toj-
ular pintles this oMiiIng at Miiboulo Temple.
Tho attendants of these ulfuirs consist of the
lest tlemeut of our society and needless to
say an enjo) able time w ill bo hud.
The l'ciins) lvanla society gaon banquet ut
Mtisoulu Temple Thuisilay ovo. A uumberof
toast were given dining the courso of the
evening k pi ogress.
Omuha, Feb. 15th, lbi'J. E. W.
Milking it (Joint Iteeonl,
Since establishing in this city but a short
time ago, Mr. Townscinl, of the Elite Studio,
bus made n big success of the entei prise. In
ids studio may be seen at all times n gathering
of our leading citizens and fiom the many
familiar faces noticeil about the reception
parlors, it would seem that tho Ellto had
already taken photo's of nearly half of Lin
coln's population. The constant increase in
patronage lias made It necessary to engage
more assistance, so now he has thiee in tho
operating department and several morn in
the ItnlshliiK rooms. Ground floor, pleasant
quarters and line work Is what has resulted
in biiuging to Mr. Townsend an immense
patronage of our very liest people, and ono so
large that he may feelpioud of It.
Advertise Your Wants.
For tho benefit ot the ladles w ho may ha o
to puss through tlio uiniinon snuggle of se
cm ing help, tho Couuieh will tecelvo want
ndvcitlsements for publication in the Dally
Call want columns. I'nrtlo deslilug help
situations, boulders, or to lent looms or lent
houses can leave their advertisement nt this
otllco and they will bo piomptly dollvoictl to
the Call for publication, Ouo cent a word
er day is the expense.
Shelton & Smith, two gentlemen lato of
Topeka, Kansas, m o arranging to oimjii tin a
new fiiiuituio store nt liil south Eleventh
sti cot in tho Webster Hlock, The goods has o
already commenced toniilvunud the opening
will bo announced later. The firm Intend
lilt-seiitlng to our citizens u Hue of gixxls
superior to any tiling heietofore shown in Liu
coin and will make u specialty of tho finer
grades of furniture. This new acquisition to
oui'commeicial interests will bo duly nppio
ciatod und that Messrs. Shelton A: Smith will
meet with u cordial welcome is already us-
Guino, oysters, and all the delicasles of the
season always to be had at lirown's cafe,
Windsor ftiinox.
A ltnli!v of tho I'ihI, it Woril for tlio
l-ri-ni'iil mill l-oii!ils foi' l'liturii
UOIIT. iitnv.Nixn AH "HI'AHTACUH."
A packed house greeted this jouug and till
enttsl actor at the Fiiuke on Saturday even
ing last. The iH'iforumiu'o tliriuighout wns a
laietientuud each one piesont sliowisl their
justappioclatiiuinf It. With a poor company,
een Mr, Downing could not liavo made the
show a success but sill rounded us he Is with a
company of uuusunl meiil It is Impossible to
criticise It. Mr. Downing Is lining, to the en
tire sal Israel Ion of all, the place made wicaut
by tlio death of McCullough, He Is gland,
impiessivouud icnl mid does not result to the
bluster or stampede which usually accompan
Ies such characters. The chief member of
hlssuppoit, Mr, Chits. E. Herman, Is a thor
ough actor nnd one who bestows on Mr.
Downing Ids untiring energy mid proved
himself muster of his lines. .Miss Blair (Mm.
Downing) also contributes much to the succos.s
of the piece. Tnken nil togethui it mh n
grand pel formunco nud one that the iteoiilo of
Lincoln will not soon forget,
Jloudny un cuing the Hnnlon's ojicuisl a
tin co nights engagement with "Fnnbisinn."
The piece has Imsjii entirely changed and Im
proved siuco its last visit hole, scarcely any
thing lcmnlnlng thnt ouo who hns once soon
it would lecognlro. As a scenic produc
tion it Is mtmeloiis and is ahead of all
similar atti actions Change after change
keep the sjiectator bewildered and dazzled
and will not allow one to loose sight ot the
stage for an instant for fear of losing some of
tho amazing trunsimmntioii scenes. The
company Is about tlio same us we saw Inst
season with Miss Ijiuru Hurt us Faiitasma,
the fairy Queen, in thu title i olo Tho rest of
the company is couqiosod of clever nt lists
who aio truly adepts In their several lines.
Largo housos greeted them each night and
tho 8. H. O. sign appeared teglllaily at each
lerformanco. Mr. Warren, the manager,
suyn it is just the kind of business they have
been doing nil season. In a word it Is a great
show nud deserves the public's patronage,
To a poor house, but one Justly deserved,
n poor company presunteil Terry, tho swell,
at the oiK-rn house Thursday evening, 'llio
plot is u fair one and might go, in tho hands
of a goisl company, but unless Jack Terry
sui rounds hluioclt witli a better suppoit
with the exception of his leading lady, than
ho did hero, it will never bo a success. Terry
is no doubt, in his own mind, a swell nnd ex
hibits himself in so vol al dlireieut suits of
flnshy stage clothe and In some Instances Is
very clever, but heio the show- ends. To
gether with thu orchestra they left u poor
impression with our thc-tio goers.
"UI.MKIt. KOIl COMlltKhS."
Ijist evening a fair houo greeted Geo. T.
and LIlo ,-May Ulmer in Raymond's gmit
pl.iy "For Congress." Mi. Ulmer in tho char
acter of Gen. Josiuh Limber keeps the house
lu nil up! oar mid is bound to pi ovoko laughter
with his oeiy iipiHiiiaiico on thu stage. It
wis a gt eat rolo nud .Mr. Ulmer filled the bill
Miss Ulmer, ns Anna Woolcy, thu politician's
daughter, did not liavo a chance to display
any extent of tuitut but Is certulnly very
cluer and acceptable in her iart. The rest
of the company is good nnd u well satisfied
audience left the house and no doubt many
will icturii this evening when thu company
will put on their other play "Col. Kellers.'1
This Is said to bo Mr. Ulmer's greatest cCort
and lu it he is allotted u I ole w hlch he alone is
able to sustain. His fiequeut leferenco to
local i-haracteis nud members of the legisln
tuie, cannot fall to innko a hit, as it "caught
on" last evening in gieat shape. You cannot
ulToid toinlsH the show this evening as it Is
tho last appearance of the company here and
should draw a laigo hoii'o.
This now lomaiitle drama will bo presented
nt the Fuiike, Tuesday evening by u sterling
company with Edwin Anion in tlio title role.
"Haried Out" Is an iuteiestlng story of Iilsh
llfo full of love, lomiiuco and levenge, rich
in btrongsltuatioiis, cluver acting and intense-
ly picturesque. It Is interesting throughout
and at tunes thrilling lu its realism, Mr.
Arden lu tho rolo of Edwin Marmniluke, is
seen at his best nnd has made a decided Iim
piesslon wherever he has apoared lu it. In
this, his latest smews, ho has fitted himself
w Ith n pin t which brings out his ninny strong
points, nud entitles him to rank among the
lending nctors of tho dny. Tho play litis met
unlimited pntronago throughout the country
wherever produced und should dinw n goo
house hero on Tuesday evening. The follow
ing flattering notice fniin the llostou Courier
snysi "llni i isl Out" is certainly successful.
Mr. Arden certainly plajs admliably; his
really ImpiesHlve Hifounance ilslng lu dig
nlty nud teal flavor of heroism at times to a
pinetleal equality with tho Edmund Dantesof
James O'Neill. Ho flirt liermoiu h)sncssoh the
siqieilathesof pieturcsquonewi, torsotinl com
linens und gineo mid an undoiiiii'.iln uppiccln
Holland foielhlo presentation of hoiole situ
Never lu the hUtory of Lincoln, did a comic
0H-ru "catch on" with our theater goers us
did the "Little Tycoon" when it wnsputonnt
the Funke last fall for the first time. Now
they come to us for tho second time nud wo
cannot but oxvt to sis) tho house llllod to
overflowing Tlio deserve it, presenting, as
Mr. SHMici'i duos lu this, n cinule oH'in, ilch
In sivnle efli-cts, stago mountings, costumes
and nciimp,iny ubovocrltislsni (It Is tttily
n iM-tiullfiil piiHlm tlon far beond the icueh
of onllnniy und "so-called oH'riw " Mr
Sioncor, who wiotn theopeia, staged It, cos
turned It ami in fact manages It lu ik-ikoii,
stiuckn ilch vein in the hem Is of thoator
goorsall over the couutiy iih Is attested by
the plieuomliial business It has done since the
day it was first product d.
With tho return of the company wo me en
abhsl to see Mr. It. E. Giuliani, the original
Gent-nil Ivlilckei hockor, tho loading loin
together with Miss Catlu Ino Linyard as Vio
let, mid mi excellent company suppuitlng
them. Enough cannot be said in their praise
and as they aro booked for two nights heio,
WednoMlnv nud Thursday, overjbisly should
bo able to attend at least one jh-i foi uiniico.
IIOMK TAI.KNT IN A DOUlll.i: llll.l..
The weeks cnleitalnmentH open Monday
evening with the society issiple of Lincoln lu
tlio rolo of iictois, piesentlug a piogram of
various tableaus, n-piesontlng scenes ft tun
the New Yoik publication, "Life," to be fol
lowed with the latest Madison Hqiini o success
"Naval Engagements" n beautiful melodrama
fnrcx comedy lu one consecutive net with thu
following well known urtlsts lu the cast :
Sirs. Hellnu I'ontlfex Miss I.uttn
Miss Mary Mortlmir Miss Lemlst
Ad. iCInu'slow, Hoyul Navy... Lieut. Townley
Hhort, Landliird Mr. lllKuubiitham
Dennis, u Walter Mr. Foresman
This will bo followed by the fntensly In
teresting fin co entitled, "Cut off with u
Shllllng."(the title suggest tho conchnian
elojiemeiit) In the t-nsl wo find such stei ling
nanus us
MIssLenilst ns Kitty, n bride
Lieut. (Irllllth. Ham, Kitty's husband
Lieut. Townley.. as Col. Iternors, Hum's unele
Mlu.CS. Llppencott, will lender some of
her ilellghtf ill vocal selections between nets
As will Ihisooii in the foiegolng, it Is mi
entei tnlninent given by tho society oop!o of
Lincoln, ami for a good causo, U: The bon
cllt of tho Holy Trinity Cliun-li, und hIioiiIiI
fill the opera house. Its success is axsutisl
and u largo number ot tickets have been sold
Prices have been placed within the lench of
nil; Ml nml i"i cents, no higher. Letthonffnlr
Ihhi grand success.
(IIIKK.V 1100VI (10RHII-.
II. Ilerpolsholmcr, the jiopular dry goods
man, Is In Now York looking over the
tnaiket for spring goods,
H. E. Grnlmni, the original General Knlck
ctbocker.wlll bosist.i In "The Little Tycoon"
dm ing its foitlicouiiiig eiigngement at the
Stage Manager Fisk, should take nu after
noon with Ills stage hands mid give them a
practical 1 r ill lu hauiilliigscuiiery. Of courso
for a show like Funtusma there Is somg excuse
for ooi' woikoiithu stage but when a com
I winy like Tel ry tho Swell occupies thu stage
theie Is no leuson why every thing should not
run smoothly and without u hitch.
Willmil Spenser's popular topical wing,
"That's What I Think, Don't You?" will lie
licnnl in "The LittluTjcoou" Wednesday an 1
Thursday evenings, H. E (Iraliam sings it
and the following Is one of the veises:
'Men oucht to remain lu their seats at the
That's what I think, don't j on?
1hi' could inaniiKe to see u filend ilurlnu
thoiliiy, t
That's what I think, don't you?
If those hats of the ladles so high nud so
w Ide
Hint a little hack door and n bottle Inside,
They could sit lu their seats without being
That's w hat I think, don't you?
The ought nut to kick at a hat with trim
ming like Hint,
That's what 1 think, don't you?"
Did you notice the dilfeienco in tho muMo
nt Fuuke's last iwulngf It was a decided hu-
nioveinent on that of the night pievioiis. I
must ucknow ledge. The npM-uruuce of tl o
rhllhiirmonic orchestra vras a great surprise
to the audience no doubt, but the fact of th
matt,or is that after tho lebtiku the old inches
tra got from tho stage Thursday evening, Mr.
Mcurcutlnif called on Manager Mcltejnolds
and iisktsl him to accept his leslgiiailou ami
consider his contract off. This hu rohictuiitlv
did, but In so doing surely catensl to the de
mands of the mas-es. I hope the new orches
tra will continue to please thu jKsiplc as they
did Inst evening, as you knoiv the old saw
says "a now bioom swi-es clean." Tim mil
slu wns il'dightfiil, tho os'iilng oveituie
frDin ainpn being well lendenslus wns "the
l'eiirl of I'uklii" s (lections between the first
nml second nets. Iet the gissl woik go on.
Jeioiuu Eldy, fouiidr of Kilrfy's Siiutb.
is tho busiest Joiiiiiulist In New York. Ho
ropi cents nil the leading attractions in the
Chicago, Milwaukee iV St. I'liul Hiilluu),
via Oinnhii mid CiiiiikII IIIiiUh.
Short Lino to Chicago and tneeast.
Finest dinning cars in the world.
Through sleeping cars to Chicago,
Tho route of thu first "Golden Gate
Host lino to Washington for the Inaugern
tiou of I'lesldeut Harrison.
Only dliect routo to the G. A. It. Enciiiiqi
inent at Milwaukee.
Everj thing first-class,
First-class people patronlzo flrst-cliiss Hues.
Ticket agents everywhero in the west sell
tickets over the Chicago, Milwaukee it St
1'iiul IUilwny,
Whlto dntui gmvU sale at So. 10V. nnd 13
1 Sc bibt values over offervsl. H. It. Nlssley
& Co.
Intt-lnatlliU Htiillslli's of How Iim Ciiiiurit
Line's Illit Hunts lire Maintained,
Written for the Couuiicil. I hut "Iliimaii Niittno
Is a cm Ions thing mid
theie is plenty or It" Is
in nimbly better exempll-
vilod on bomil a gioat
(HSSlll Steillllulllll llii.ll lit
'any other place In the
will Id. licit' n to h,,
round a mutely assein
bhigeof men. wtnneii ami
ii'liltiheli, soinet lines iium-
-''boilng upwiiiil of lirteeu
lumiliisl souls, Not pack
isl like hen nig lu u i el,
iiiii, us m-es in u nivo, nct
Ive ami summing about
nvciy hour In tho day.
I'lielr lives ule linked together for tho tit in
being, thus piomotlng sot'lublllty and gmsl
fellowship, und even the most moiosouiitl uu
rympathetlo iIisjhihII Idiih feel the effect of thn
genial sphit which pievudes the utmimpheie,
Hid Insensibly penult themselves to become
thuwtsl to some extent under Its Influent o.
Old voyagers love to dilate on thu lining
oxM'ileiices of bygone tlujs, whin pisiple
Mtiltsl in the litigs coimiitinly culled "colllus"
.mil subsequently III clipH-r ships, but the
vast majority of the traveling public have no
Intelligent conception of the "ondei ful ad
vancement made in ih-ciiii traveling whl 'h has
tnkou place during the Inst quarter century.
The "Hiltumu" built in IK:i!l cmiitsl IXM)
tons of coal for the oiitwiinl pasMigo, con
suming II tons per day, vvlilht her steam
piessuiu was nine hiiiii1s ami her shss! a
tilllo over eight knots sr hour. Gradually
thu ships Improved until llio culmination was
cached in thu "Etimlii," built lu 18Vi. Shu
iivuiugetl n sptssl of eighteen knots), which Is
upiul to twilit) -ono statuto miles ht hour, or
soinethlng gieater than the aveiago sjsssl of
theoiilliiury train seivlceof uuy inllioad In
thu wot Id. Her engines indicate 1 1,0()0 hors"
IHiwer und me supplied with steam fiom nl no
double euilisl boilers, each w ith eight fill nius-s
urn total of Mveut-two fiunaccs. The total
vonsiiiiiptlou of coul Is tin co hundred tons ht
day, or twelve tons per hour, or four hundred
and sixty six pound- ier minute, ami if the
llres were nil ruked together thno would bo
foi tj -two toils of ti al, or u mass twenty fis'l
squill e nud four feet high, binning lloicely.
lleslilts tho coal, ono bundled mid lliiilygnl
ons of oil aiedallv reqiilied foi tho Join mils,
iMMiriugs, etc. Her new Is isuiihimi1 of the
captain, six olllceis, surgeon and purser,
forti-slx Hcaineii, caiR'iiter and Joiner, bont
swain mid mute, two mnsteis lit aims, twelve
engineers, one hundred and twelve llicmrii
and tinnmcrs, seventvtwo stewuids, six
slow in desses, twenty-four i-isiks, hukcis unit
assistants, in all two bundled ami eight) -seven
1'asseiiRcrs lulinlo w Ith tho sen nlr nil excess
of enthusiasm, ami nre leudy to becoino ex
cited on the smallest piovociitlon, Is it u pass
ing vi'SM-1, u sjioutlug wlmle or n toweling
leebeig, it foi ins mi all-absoiblng topic of
iideiest nnd eager sjH'culation. lint even to
tllOM) who cannot bo loiined epiciues, thu
chief concein nud upis'iiuost thought of each
day Is undoubtedly "what shall we eat nud
drink." Under these clicuiiistunces whut mi
iniKrtuut ilepnitinent Is that under chaigo of
thu chief steward.
"Not wlntlsto vojngersiit sen.
Nor showers to omtli mure neci KMirj Im,
Nut to tho thirst) hont-Hwnlu, tlip,
Than is the slew.ird to a ship."
So high does tho department in question
rank in thu estimation of the vo)ugcr, that a
desciiption of its oignnlution needs iiiiih1
ogy. ami I coiueive that some statistics ula
tlve to the consumption of piovisious and
other articles may p-ove Iuteiestlng, iriecl
ully to such i cutlers who have cio-mi! the
Atlantic, ami to those who coutinqilate such
n trip. The chief stowanl is not only ri-spou-siblo
for the giMsl order of the sonants, nud
the cleanliness of the salons, c-iblns, etc., but
for piovidlng possongcrs with u got si nud
liberal table 'I he bnkeis tmii out nt I, a m.
This is not u (list-of "wenther isTinlttlng" for
"blow 1'iigh or blow low," out they come, or
theio would bo no hit lolls, In cad ureal es for
bieukfiist. The looks turn out nt A .'JO, a. m.
At t! o'clock coffi o is si i veil touii) ono nspilr
ing ll In the state iik ins. or on deck should
mi) ouo have so foi got Un himself us to get
out or IssI at thai Hour Jiu-akfiist is served
fiom b to 10, a in , ltinih from 1 to -', p m
dinner fiom .') to ", p m. and supjior from 0
in 10, p in. lu tliu intervals the passengers
assist tllgestion with ginger nuts, pium-s,
oiuugts, cuku nud inuiy other things looked
u n b) the aveiago mull with honor mid
The amount of provisions on Isianl at, sail
ing time Is veiy huge. For a single passage
llio "Etruilu," with five hiiudiisl nud forty
even cabin passengers, a full thousand in the
steerage, und a new of two bundled nml
eight) seven, hud, when leaving Ucrxolon
August '-'Mb, last, ia,M0 li-s fresh Uef, TOO lbs
oi msl Ist-f, r,:o lbs mutton. N's) lbs himb,
:tV) lbs veal, ikV) lbs pink, -.,IHH) lbs fitsh fish,
Wl fowls, UK) i hu kens, Ino duck, W) gecte,
S) turke)s, L'OO lu-iii v grouse, J ft tons of (iotu
tiH's, 110 hauisis vegetables, ,'() quints ice
cieaui, l.lKK) quints of milk und ll.fttK) eggs.
Ill glis-ei ies ulono theie weleovei '.'IK) ui tides,
including (foi the muml tilp IkMllbsten, l.'.'IH)
(Hiumls coffee, 1,000 lbs white sugar, !J,NI0 lbs
moist sugar, 7.M) suimls pulveiinsl sugar,
l,NK) lbs chis'si-, --'.OtK) lbs butter, il.JMlO lbs
Iiiiiii und 1,(XX) lbs bat on
The foiegolng sism mormons quantities,
but vi ry little was left iiMin airivul lu oit.
The quantities of w lilts, spirits, Us-r, etc , put
on bonid for consumption on the rumd tiip,
comprise 1,100 Isittlcs cliaiiipaign, bM of
claret, O.UK) ule, '.',MM sirtei, 4,MK) mineral
water, nud IViOof various spiiits.
Crocket) is broken very extensively, lielng
nt the rate of IKX) plates, -.'so cups, -138 saucers,
1 WtrT-T
j(Ull A 1 .
1,'J.ll tlllilbleiM, !'()) wine glnssor, !7dtcantein
mill li:i water hot I Ies hi n slnglo vo)nge.
An legurils thn coiisiimptlou on liouril the
fleet for ono )our It can Ihi said
without itoiibt (hut our sheep nnd oxen
"feisl upon a thousand hills" for wo comuuuo
mi less tliiiu l.tlVl slus'p, I.HO0 lambs and , I7t
oxen, nu nt my ol flocks mid Ies ds sin passing
in extent tho possessions of many u pastoral
imtiiarch of ancient limes. This Is equivalent
to 'J,tit)l, TM lbs meat or four pounds per min
ute. Wo consume Kill ,(Krj eggs, ulul we ill Ink
U 1, 000 lbs of lea and 71,770 lbs coffee, swiet
eiusl by N1,I(X) lbs sugar, whilst tho following
articles llgme hugelvi one nml one half tons
iiuiHtuid, one ami tlneo fouitln. tons s'pert
7,'JIII bottles of pickles, H.tXsl this or sill. linos,
ill) tuns salt cod anil hug, 1,10.' I pound Jnrs
ussoitisl Jams, 15 Ions inaiiualade, ! tons
inslnsaiid figs, IHtonsspllt peas, Ifi tuns iearl
barley, 17 tons I loo, III Ions oat meal, 7l'i() tons
Hour, 'J. I tons biscuit, !U tons salt,-U,(Hrj loaves
of luead H poilllils each, fs'l Ions limns, !M tons
bacon, ITp Inns cheese, WtO tons potntiH'S, I,n7r
fowls, I.-JIIO ducks, !i,yiHJtlllke)S, a,)0 geese,
ill, ilia cukes I 'ears' soap, il, IHI cakes Windsor
soap, It) tons yellow simp.
1'asNougeis annually drink nml smoke
to the follow lug extent: H.UIO Isittles
nud I7,(llil half bottles of champaign, 1!I,UI1
bottles mid 7,!II0 half bottles clalel, V,'M) liot
tits of other wines, IM',),:ill bottles ulo mid
Hiiter, I7l,tiv!l bottles minora! waters, ill, 100
I lot ties spli Its, iHeUiO lbs tobacco, H.'l,illll cigars,
nml fitl.tnri cigarettes.
The liruvlest arllclo lu the aiinual coiiuui
tlon Is naturally coal, of which wu Inn n IkMI,
TIH Ions or nlmost 1,000 tons for every day lu
tho year. Our consumption of engine oil is
101,018 gallons, of pt oil U.aiH) gallons, iff
burning oils a.'l,oao gallons, waste IK) tons,
white lend Til tons, rid lend I 'J tons.
Then with iescet to tlio nggiogato employ
ment by the Cumin! Co , It liquids ill cap
fnlns 1 111 olllccrs, OjH engineers, boiler makers
una i til xntciH, 0.V) seamen, 01(1 fhenieu, (XX)
slow arils, (W stowuidosses, Vi women to keep
the upholstery nnd llnneii in order, with n
sliino gang of 1,100, or uliout t.doo H.-oplu to
run our ships, w lilch traverse) enrly nillstnueo
equal to five times that botwoccn the earth
nml thu moon.
lie Swears Veimuiue.
If theio lire moments when Huslness .Mana
ger Jnko lloseiithnl Is not thinking of "Tlio
Little Tycoon" iciu, those niomuiits come to
him when he is asleep Ho Is, us it were,
stuck on the music of thu oiKiru. Knowing
hlsdevotlon lu this linen wellkuown railroad
man In this city put up n Job on Jake yester
day. He Inveigled him Into u pioinlneut
music sttn i) und Induced hlni to buy a music.
Imix on thu lid of which wns iotctl the title of
the popular vvnlU song of thu opera "Iovo
( 'tunes Like a Summer Sigh " On seeing tills
Jake could not buv the box quick enough, nnd
plunked down t? before ho hoard It piny. Ho
lushed to Fuuke's nud into the uiiiuiigeis otllco
nml Ntld to Hob Mclte) holds nud several
nowspns'r men: "Listen heie, boys! Who
su)s the musloof 'The Tycoon' Is not Mipu
Inrf" Ami then Jake wound up his trick ami
set It going. Whut did the disgusting thing
dot It simply sat up there and evolved from
Its musical Inwardness those teiilblo tunes,
"White Wings" nud "When the Hoblns Nest
Again," until thu tears ran down thu cheeks
of Mt-lleyuolds and thu bystanders from
lleailiiiurlers fur llel'riu Ies.
Intlieli new location Htqicrt & Cuiiiiiilngs
will uiiike a sK'clnlty of fiiney giocerios, tea,
spices, etc., nml hereafter particular attention
will Ik; paid to the canned mid lsitthsl goods.
A few du)s ago they received u Inrgo Invoice
of the very fluest Isitthsl gmsls ever shown lu
thu west. The Hue compiisos u complete
assoitineiit of the finest lniortisl cherries,
s'ai'hes, H-als, etc , lu Jollies nud pieserves,
ulstiu tempting ui ray of lellshes, islam, pine
iippluaud other luxiiiiousisllbles. The firm
in its new quartets is meeting with good suc
cess and when en tli el) llxisl ami nt homo, ami
all their goods In place they will liavo thu
nobbiest ami most centra! location in (lie city.
Tlioynioln the Kehruug block, corner IStli
nml N sheets, und their telephone is No, -'0.
(IihmIs tlellvertsl to uuy purt of tho city nml
nil oidersieeeivo piompt and cnieful nttou
tlou. New Train Mirvlco on tliu Nortliwentnru.
Hy the new arrangement Lincoln pationsof
this ronto have the only parlor c n in service
In thu west at their fits) disposal betveeil Liu
coin nud Mlssomi Vulley, Iowu, thu Junction
Hilut of the Ell.hoi u lino w ith thu Northwest
ern It H proHr. These cms are tho same as
itsisl by tins company ls.-twts.-u Chlcngo nml
Milwaukee nml nre the acme of railroad lux
ury ami s.-rfis tlon lu their iipotitiienU
which consists of smoking, toilet nud curd
compartments In mlditloii to thu main saloon,
to say nothing of the porter In chaigo, all of
which aro furnished with Is-autlfully uphol
steusl nud (Oiufortnlile gieut arm chairs und
couches except tho parlor wIiomi furnishing Is
in genuine ebony.
lcuviug Lincoln on the afternoon train in
ono of these inrs the pussengcr nrrlves nj
Missouri Vulley nt IHft, p m. A wait of fif
teen minutes now occurs to nllow passengers
for Chicago and the east to select seats In the
fluest com lies in the null ond seivice or secure
the nccoimi.odulloiis itstivtdiii the sleeper
allotted to l.inioln putt ons Stinting again
nt '. p. in , the passenger finds him or herself
In mi elegant car, u wirt of thu Noith western
Llmltid, u solid vestlbuleil tialu of couches,
sleeping mid dinning curs. Ilight hero we will
icinuik that the iasseugfi- is now in tliu finest
train, running over the Ust track, nml guided
b) the lH-st service in the country. After n
deligliiiul inn the train runs Into Chlcngo on
time ut b :'.'.'), a m , in time to make the morn
lug connections iitu ih, eust nml south. Don't
tuko our w onl fur this hut try this line the
next time you go east.
Webster & Hogers hnvo just plum! on
Miln fA,000 worth of Ismts nml sIiihsi nt a io
duaioii of twtuty 11. e poi- cent.
.Mitiioginins, citsts, dies, etc., promptly eu
giuvst in the met aitistlc inauner at the
Coi'tiiKU ullksj. Don't H-ud orders awiiy
fioui home when It cm bu iloiiu i.i tho city ut
the smnu piltts '
Suwjer & MtM'.ier, lloilsts, Mtisonlo Temple.