Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, February 09, 1889, Page 8, Image 9

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peady for Business 1
J Courier Engraving Co.
Having Just opcueil n now luiluntrjr In
ixinneollon with Til KUotliilKn Ollleo, wo
nro now propnretl mill run furnish on
h6rtnotleo the finest work of nil kliuls of
Engraving on Wood or Metal,
Cut of ltullillnn, Machinery, Limit
cnjvon, Patent Drawing, Portrait Work,
t., n well in nit other work under thin
Itrntl, will recolvo prompt nnd rnrofiil
nnd nil honorable competition mot. Our
facilities nro equal to tha icnt, unit our
Artist have no superior miy where.
Hkotche utl spoelmon of work, nine
CMdltnntos furnished on application, Mnll
cmler solicited, umt City trade I especially
rcftquestcd to look u up.
Courier Engraving Co.
Telephone 'iVI.
M.W. NkwhkhuyI
lw Wkhhici., Jit.
tl.-J-WIK. 1'JlliHt.
I Now llurrlllock.
W. II. BROWN, Druggist,
Hat always on liniul n larjjc line
o( the jSnesI hooks by eminent au
thor, nt rlli price.
Perfumes and Toilet Articles
In great variety. Call nntl cc us,
137 South 11th St.
036 P Street,
And Ranges.
Gold Coin Ventiduct.
1 J H
Saturday Evening, Feb, 9, '89,
Corner 10th and P StrMt..
Herpolsheimer Sl Go.
Embroidery Opening.
Tito Courier C'mi ho found At
Windsor Hotel New Hlnnd.
Capital llolel Now Maud.
Udell' Dining Unit NowsHtnnd.
UIiimiii A Hotelier', 1 10 Uuiith Uth Street.
A. T. laming A Oo'n., 1100 O Hlreot.
Tho Oolluuu NowsBtand, US Houth lltli HI.
Kollh Ilm., Ill Noith lltli Blreot.
Kd. Young, ll) U Hlreut.
Knton AHiultli, USIIO
"Diamond Pharmacy," ISth nnil N Ht.
At Attractive Prices.
W. R. DENNIS, 1 137 O.
I.ornl unit Ventolin).
Whltehreast Cool nntl Lhno Company.
Take Turkish nt 1010 O street,
Tho best Tens. B. 1 . Stevens & Co.
Telephone nt tho Couhieu ollleo I 2.VJ,
Oiloll's (lining hull, 21 ticket for (4.00.
Mineral wnterusetl for ImthliiK, 1010 Out.
Trickey & Ca,wholtaloiuul retail Jowolers.
Try iioino of tho lino fresh Huh nerved every
day nt Cameron'.
Cnnoii City Conl ngnln nt tho Whltehreast
Con I amlI.lmo Co.
lloaxt meats, uml vegetables of nil kinds
Cameron's Lunch House.
I,ncknwuiin nnd Bcrnntou hnrtl conl told
only by Mutchlu & lljntt.
Canon City conl delivered to nil parts of
city, Cnll up telephone UA".
A drop lnj.uoUi prices nnd stock of dry
goods nt II. lt.'.Nltley &. Co.
Oulylplnco in Lincoln tlint uses mlnernl
water In tilths Is nt 1010 O street.
Improved shower for Turkish Ixiths nt 1010
O street, basement Union block.
Memlotti, tho moKtiKipulur coal on tho mar-
ket, tola only by i utchius & Hyatt.
For tickets to Oregon or 'Washington tor
ritory points upply nt 115 Bo. 10th st.
Quilted datln nnd fancy knit sklrU for
ladles and children nt llorpolsholmcr & Co's.
Kino Tens. 8j)lces, nnd the largest lino of
Flno Uroceries in tho city, nt B. IN Stevens.
Dr. It. F. Ilnlley, ollleo nnd resldcnco corner
of Fourteenth nnd I. streets. Telephono 017.
Drown's cafe, is the recognized, hcntltpiar
tors for lino lunches nnd everything dlgent-
Heat iKMird In tho city nnd nt n price within
reneh of nil, nt Odell's. Twonty-oiio inenla
for 4.
Wo Irnvo Just opened our spring stock of
whito goods und eiubroldories, Ashby &
The finest luncheons in tho city nro served
nt nil hours nt Carder's Kuropenn restaurant,
Kverythlug new and neat, finest menu nnd
best cook In tho city at Carder's Kuropcnn
restntirant, U34 P street.
Tho finest work in tho city nt Hnyden's
photographic studio. 11)14 O street. See our
flno wimples of art work.
In furs nnd fur trlin'nlng Hcrpouhoinier
&. Co. show n very complete line nt ns near
furriers prices as possible.
It will iwiy you to buy woolen hoslory for
noxt winter nttho prices Ashby & Mills
pmigh nro making on this Hue.
Tako thelbest nnd only one through system
line, C, & N. W. to Sioux City, Minneapolis
and St. Paul, ollleo 115 So. 10th st.
Everybody that hits stopped nt Canler's
hotel sieaks well of It. Dny loard or meals
a la carte served at popular prices.
Call on J. C. Field, Uncolu Scavnnger, for
prompt work day and night. Ollleo under
First National bank. Call telephono 403.
Kmbroldery sale at 8, 10, 12 l-Oo. , soino
8ecinl values. All ladles should attend that
aio interested. II. It, NIssley & Co.
Exery body can afford to eat at the leading
resort In thejeity now. The price of SI tick
eU now ati Odell's is only $ I -reduced from
Sawyer & Moehier's greenhouses supply cut
flowers, lioqucU, etc., on short notice,
llrauchlllorai consenratory in Masonlo Tem
ple baseiueut.
At Miss Johnston's hair dreMing Emporium
ladles will find the newest styles in bangs,
switches, toilet articles, and every ting used
for the adornment of tho head.
You can buy woolen hosiery at about half
price ladles, gents and children at the clos
ing sale of Ashby & Mlllspaugh.
Throughivcttlbule sleeper with dining car
attached ;from Missouri Valley on all Elk
horn C dtJN. W. It, II. trains to Chicago
Any kind of coal deelnxl will lie promptly
furnished and delivered to any part of the
city orlthe additions, by Hutchlns & Hyatt,
Abo all kiiubof wood on band and sold at
bed rock pricea.
Arroiiiil of Hull, I'lirtlnit, Wedding
Kir., That llimi lliitiirtulneil Hoclrty.
The Kvnnt of thn Week.
Tuesday ovciiIiir'h tmrtv wns the most nlrns.
nilt of the reirilliir ur(i irlv.m l.v On.
Pleasant Hour club. Tho hall was well-filled
and everyone seemed In their projrer element
to enjoy the occiislnu. Quito n largo mimlter
of visitors were notlcahlo on tho lloor ami
most all the members weie present, tlitm
making the nlfalr n large nnd most enlovahlu
ono. The dance list coiimrl.wl wKi, u..n
nrrangwlnumlMMs Ineludlng nil the opular
iiiovementH In the terpichoro. As usual Mr.
A. O. llccsoii gracefully presided ns master
of ceremonies and the l'lilllinrnioiilooa'liestrii
Wns lt ilH Cllstoilllirv Htlllloil illM-nnr-alnir
sweet strains of Inspiring niuulo imicli to the
hii.inuiiinrii ,ji mi present.
The nartlcliinntM im - ... i... ui,..t
don, Mr. nnd Mm. Piu-her, Lieut, ami Mrs."
rowuloy.Mr.nntlMiu Ijouanl, Mr. mid Mm.
oiionnui, Air. nnil Mm. W. II. MoAitliur,
Mr. mid Mm. K. 1C Hayden, Mr. nnd Mm.
Lipplucott. Mr. nnd Mr. n. ...... m-
nud Mm. ltehlniiili.r. Mr ....,i t. 'n.'.i.'
. .- ,. , "I .. A.tin. Allien-
sUi r, Mr. und Mm. Mulr, Missc-s Alum
and Martin Funke, Ll.nlst, Chic, llrown,
Price, Miller und (Irulmm, of Chicago
Adam of Ifautlo Crwlc, Mich., Alteon nnd
llello Oakley. Hawkins, Hnelllng, ailw, Hn.n
llll. Of New York. 1li...l.. .....1 1111 ... ..
, . 1 -... 11111n111.u1 Ne
braska City. L til,. Mii.i-11,,,. i t i..
Clarke, Hu.ldlth, Wllllaiiw, Potvln, Agey and
runlnger. Messn, Van' Duyon', ledger
Hlchter, (1). MoAitliur, Nutt, Frank Kmlth
Magoon, H. J. Hnll, Senator Taggart, of
wW.l.'"KV ,S?,"""- t-'""-""", of Valentine,
Wnlte. Wrlirht. I). 1' Ti.i.,.,.,..... iim 11..1'
, ., - , "' -"'iin'-nfi. .fill ilL'lf
kol , Iw, Lieut. Orllllth, Foresmnn, Oriinlii
nndUtlmm, of Omaha, iAJinlst, Mohrenstech
er, chrunir. Maxwell uml ,
The I. (I. 11. ii,"iiii.
0inc; to 1111 ovinili.lif r .. ... ... .1. .
account of tlio opening hop or tho Lincoln City
Lodge, No. U77, 1. O. 11. J., wns unlntentlon-
"" l"' ru" "'" last issue, a fact which
w o very much regret. (St-o editorlnl.)
Ihealiah was 11 mriMf. ..!,.,.., ...... , ..
- 'b'"i. tiiu, iiiiii 11
sueeww in every jKimt of view, and ns such
certainly spenks vnlmnr. f..r i,.. .. ,
. " ...v. iiuw iiiiii
prosperous lodge under whoso auspice it was
glvHi. 1 ho iloor commltteo w ns untiring in
... v' 10 pienso nil nntl tho nrrungoment
or tho dances were such ns to thoroughly sat-
1 y.",Vmy"P- . M,",' wnH wM rendered by
tho I hllliarmonlo orchestra assisted by Miss
.......(,.,; v i0 ,uno nna niiioiic the
selections Worn n niiinlu.r nt i... ,... ,r i.
, , : " "" muni, mm
from such iwpular oirrn ns Little Tycoon,
Krmlule, Pearl or Plkin, Nnnon, etc.
ui,ijto ociik-k tno large reception
room ndlo 11 nir tint drill r ...... .i.L
- i m wtt SI IIO 1,111 Ul It
open nnd an elaborate banquet was revealed.
.... ...... v was nret enjoyetl nnd when all
stoiiiHl befnra tho rlmlru r..n.i -.. 1....
the Kviio iirewnteil Iwforo .ch or them was
beau Iful nntl inviting to behold. Tlio spread
which wasservivl hvtim t..) 1.. 1.
consisted of everything delicate nnd substnn.
tlal that tho market alfouls, nnd rellected
much credit uivou tho cntetem.
After enjoying this jwrt of tho entertain,
inent dancing wns resumed nnd the program
or fourteen danceti happily completed nbout
two 0 1 clock. Tho affair throughout w a char
asteruetl for Its I'milnltv .,. .i. 1. . .. .,
h Sl! ,".,n" uvori'1"10 enjoyed a most do-
..t,...iu. mm-, lurnuoi WHICH the now order
I tolwcongiiitulatel. Tho CoiniiHimr,.....!.
Uwt wishes to tho I. 0. 11. It. nnd tm.i i.Im
futuro nffaire will be etpially as enjoynblo ns
tho first.
A Delightful Theatre lHrty.
Wcdllvsdnv uvmilncr Mr .Tnl... 1 i..k ,.f v...
orkClty, cntertiilned n number of friends
nt a theatre party given nt Funked, the occa
sion lolng tho initial jverformnnco in this city
of "Kings Fool'' which wns excellently pio
sentcd by tho Conried Oiom Company. .Mr
Day, who f at present visiting here, having
some important measures before tho Legisla
ture, nas uuriiig his Bojourn made a number
of friends among our most prominent social
leaders. They have received him quite pleas
antly nnd desiring to reciprocate tho kindly
welcome accorded him. i,,..i....
Inst week to this event, which certainly wns
.. .....ii-.iiiuiinmj-o( tno regani In which
he esteemed tho friendship of each or his
Thero was twentyono in tho party, all or
whom mot in IJurr & Iteeson'a ollleo in tho
opera house building. When tho uli num
ber was present, all entered tho i ivss circle
together and tho twentyone seats weie occu
pied in a bunch. Tho ladles and gentlemen
were all attired in lull evening dress nnd the
assembly muda an attractive nnd pleasant
apiiearuneo mid the imtnciiso audience pres
ent. The guests were Mr. and Mrs. L. C.
Uurr, Mr. and Mm. A. D. liurr, Mr. nnd Mm.
A. G, lteeson, Mr. and Mm. Ray nor, Mr. and
Mm. Cody, Mr. T. P. Kennnrd ami Mm.
Coleman, Mr. ami Mm. Hrink, Mr. und Airs.
Coirroth, Mr. and Mm. Chas. Pitcher ami
Mr. and Miss Coleman.
Tho Junior! l'Mrty.
Templo Hall was all aglow last evening, it
being the occasion or tho Juniors firth party
or tho season and It was given with undoubted
success. Tho orchestra was at its lest nnd
furnished tho merry dancers with dellghtrul
music. Numerous iocUiUrs helod to en
liven tho scene nnd several members of tho
sonlom being present gavo tho affair nn nlr or
perfection. Thero were prtsenti Misses Anna
and Martha Funke, Ulllesplo, Gllus, Mar-
flllMtfi, Plnrl.. Hntli......., f lllll.f.l,. u....
'I1"'"! w.. w, mwumh; ...III.JI li.fjV, UIAJIIV,
uiiiii, i uw, iMiieutiue, iaws, tjuillil, MUI
lon, Mamlanl, Smith, Coleman, McBrldo,
Delue. Louse. Suddlth. irunlln i.r N v
and Spraguo of St. IxuU. Mason,
Marshall, Mollolleu, Mulr, V. E. and O. II.
Clarko. Hathaway. Nisslov. Audrut. Northnm
Btout, Pumpolly, llurr, Wheeler, Storm,
Langworthy, Phlllljw, Rodgem, Winger,
Smith, Young, Allen, H. A. Clarke and
E. Sherwood or Omaha.
TheT. A. 91, Sleet Again,
Tuesday evening the regular meeting or
this, Lincoln's youngest society club, was
held at the home or Mr, Ilranson, and as
usual enjoyed tho' ofenliigs entertnlnmout
with a marked degree or satlafactson.
The young peoplu , psaed the time very
pleasantly with gamos or cards and in "trip
ping the light fantastic." They were furnish
ed with the best of musics aud merriment
reigned supremo until good nlghtfl were said.
Among those present wore: Missed Hytlo,
Hale, lleekcr, Melono, Harper, Mollck. Sim
mon, Jackson, Jlurcli, Morgan, nnd Mraim.
Whitlow, Hnllott, Heaton, Harold, Hyem,
Hall, Decker, Melons, llrowno, Simmons nntl
Tho club I certainly it social uccosh, nr li
evident by tho full nttendciicu of lb, inombera
at nearly every meeting.
An lititnlng rimisKiitly I'lissmt,
Mr, Frank Zohruug eiitertnlncd n iiiiinlier
of frleml nt his homo on A stieet, Inst 6 ven
ing. Tlio jiarty wns small but thero were
Just enough present to render tho evenings
entertainment enjoynblo. Dancing was In
dulged In and after partaking or light re
freshment nt tho hand of the host, tho de
lightful affair won brought to n close. Thero
were present: MIsse Graham, Price,
Miller, Funke, Iittn, Lemlst, William. Agey,
Outcault, Hawkins und Hussey. Messrs.
Magoon, Iluckstaff, Lemlst, Hlchter, Fores
man, Helski-ll, Higenbothnin, Mnnsflold,
Smith ami lladgcr.
A rii-imidit Wi'ilillnr,
Tuesday evening tho homo of Mr. nnd Mm.
K. T. Robert wns tho scene of n delightful
weddlnc Mr. P. A. Mcdlll umt Ml kni,.
Cleveland listened to tho word spoken by tho
Rev. Davl that pronounced thorn man and
wifo. Miss Cloyelaud ha Ihsii n resilient of
Lincoln three or four yearn nnd bus mndo
many friends In Hint time who with thu
Couuikk extend their congratulations.
Apollo' Nmr Olllcor.
Tho Apollo uniform division at n meeting
held Tuesday evening elected It now officers
which resulted as follows:
Captain, C. M. Keefer.
Flint Lieutenant, W. Churchill.
Herald, F. D. Harris.
Much Interest was shown In tho proceeding
niid grent enthusiasm was manifested for tho
futuieof this, Lincoln's crack uniform divis
ion. Now life neem to have been inspired
nnd much good inny Imi oxiiccied. Mr. U. M.
Keefer, the newly elected rnptiln, was form
erly nt the division's head nml Iwlmr v,.ll ,.
in tactics ami well liked, wo may look to him
lor n continuation or tlio past good woik.
Mr. E. T. Roliei ts left yesterday for a brief
stay in Kansas City.
Miss Hnmllii, or Now York City, is vlstlng
Lieut, nml Mrs Townley.
Tho Ilnydeu Ait club will meet nt tho Unl
vemlty chapel Tuesday evening.
Mr. C. E. Montgomery I away from town
on a trip through Kansas unit Now Mexico
Mr. F. A. Flske, with Ilrown & Houtz, Is
getting out ngnln after a severe siege of 111
iies. Charles Mayer of Mayor Hrothera Is cmiiuto
to Now York anil the east on n purclinslng
Harry Deuel Omaha city passenger agent
of tho Union Pacific was a Lincoln visitor
Mr. II. R. NIssley, Is at homo again. He
has been east purchasing their mammoth
spring stoctl.
Mr, Sain Hcrshlor, n member of tho now
firm of Nowmurk & Hershler, arrived in tho
city yesterday.
Mm. E. T. IloliertH, who has been visiting
friends In Washington Territory, returned to
t io city Monday.
John Layno and family, who have leen
north for tho past rew weeks have returned
to their homo in tills city.
Mnik Hooker, tho plumber and
Cultrn, tho coffee man, nro enjoying a
at Ban Francisco nnd tho const.
t 111 Webster leave next week for
York nnd llostou to Iny In n, largo
stocic ot spring ami summer tootwear.
Messrs. Ashby & Mlllspaugh begin a
speolnl closing sale totlny on woolen hosiery
at prices you enn not resist It you see them,
II. R. NIssley Is homo from Now York nfter
a two weeks visit. Repurchased a magnifi
cent lino of fine spring goods dm Ing his ab
Mr. II. S. Gordon, of tho National Lumlicr
Co., Is still unable to bo about, having lien
confined to his room nil week on account of
severe Illness.
Jim. J O. Itnriinril has been entertaining
Mm. J. M. Woolworth nnd Mrs. R. R. Ring
wnlt, or Omaha, nt her homo WHO F street
during the week.
Wedding Invitations and nil Knittv nrlnr.
ng oxocuttnl on short order, mnll and tele-
grapu orders receive prompt attention nt tho
CoimiKU ollleo.
Tho friends of Hnrrv Hiftiifliiimr will it.
gret to hear that bo has been sent for on ac
count or tho denth or his brother. He loft
ho city Tuesday.
Miss Aitii Codv arrived In tint eitv Tues
day and has been the guest of Mm. W. II.
Hrevoort She loaves today for a week
stay In Leavenworth,
Gonial Jeff Glass, foimcrly Mr. Montrose's
partner in the Windsor hotel has been rejiort
ed hurt in u runaway accident in Denver tho
first jxirl or tho week.
During tho windstorm Monday ovenlng
tho immense grain elevators or Mr. C. T.
Ilrown weie totally destroyed by lire, entail
ing n loss or nearly forty thousand dollars.
Mm. C. I). .May, life Miss Minnie Lett, a
former resident of Lincoln, Is spending the
week with her old friends here. Hho is tho
guest of Mm. John Doollttlo while In the
Miss Minnie Hawke and Miss Dollio Gill
man, two or Nebraska City's leading social
belles, wero guests or Miss Minnie Latin,
Tuesday. They returned homo Wednesday
after attending the Pleasant Hour hop.
Tho Couhieu acknowledges with thanks
the receipt or a handsomely engraved invita
tion to attend tho wedding or Mr. M. L.
Roeder nnd Miss Pnullue Goldsmith, nt the
Metropolitan club, Omaha, February 14th and
extend its compliments.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Leonard nm I'nrm lulu.
ing tho MIsmcs Graham, Prico and Miller, or
niiloilfrn. Tint htdin. nvn wnll nl.uiuwl tvltl.
tho capital city, soeui to enjoy ojir social cir
cles nnd nro belnu royally entertained bv
their opular host and hostess.
Tho Loyal Legion fraternity enjoyed an
oinuornie (Ktuquet n me Windsor Hotel Wed
noedoy evening nnd liko nil their spreads, was
a brilliant affair and a duclded success in
overy way. A large number of senators
wero among the guests of the evening.
Invitations nm! ntlmr iirliitlinr far ,lu. .Iilr.l
niinual ball of Capital City Ixxlgo, No. 170,
ii. ii. it. n., is now in mo imuiis or the artis
tic, printers of the Couuiku jab deiMirtmeut.
The affair takes place March 18th at Mosoulu
templo and promises to bo a most enjoyable
The Indies art and furnishing storo of Fore
man & Crow will move next week from their
present location to four doom north, the room
recently vacated by Curtice X Thiers. Tho
ladles expect to have their new spring stock
of embrodorlciieto., in by the tlmo they are
in shajie.
Tho ftiiiltnl hotel lillllnnl nnrlnra nm lu.l
coming even more popular thau over undr4
mo mauageiueui. oi isewt aoooii, lie is well4
nr.innlnt.ul with all tha Imivs unit mitnluxrli.
hi friends among tho commercial men on the-!
roau DW, mo scores, ms success is eosi v ac
Bawytisjlt Mother, florists, Masonic Temple
B "'
sVsVsVsVsVsVsVsVsVsBTflnH 'Ml HES M
' .Hilll
' jBWtVtVflE sMJlHijjMrv
Most Popular Resort in the City.
1 1 19, 1 121 and 1 123 N Street.
Meals 25 ets ' $4.00 per week.
Embroideries and White Goods
Ashby & Millspaugh.
122 South 12th Street.
Stamping, Art Needle Work, Kid Glove." and Materials
or Fancy Work, our specialty.
Foreman & Crow, Props.
122 South 12th Street. Opposite Opera House.
For MAN !
, MLXICAN.MnaTANffItNDIEKT Urtt-atli to Pilm
100 Engraved
And Copper Plate, for $2.50.
If you have a
Plate, we
Courier Office.
Telephono 253.
Sttabtithid Die. 10, 188.
The German National Bank,
f?nr5fnl Tnirl tin. Sfnn onn nn
) Sii s, . . . 13,000.00
Tranmtts numinwl I) inlcln? hiMlnosi. Issues
letters of on lit, draw drafts on all puts of
the worl I. KorJlttn eollectloni a spjJliilty. .
in:iiMN 11, ivosidout.
C t MUNHON, Vleo Prcstdont.
O.J. WIIJOX, Assistant Oaslilor.
O K. M JVT 1 )UtillV. AL'SX If VfiTBlt
fa im:niti:u. n.j. iirotiikkton
Max Meyer & Bro.,
Wholetsls and Retail Dealers In
General western ngonts for tho Hteln
WV.' 'V.'".'"-'! ehlckorlng, Voso, Ernst
Unulor, Ilohr llros., Nowhy & Kvnns, ami
Piano mnrked In plain flpures-prlcc
always the lowest for tlio grade or pianos.
C. M. HANDS, Manager.
142 North lltli Street.
For BEAST !l
flirt nil ty .U...-Tr
.' sr MK A
!. ammoiu
Calling Cards
will furnish
at $1.50.
100 Cards from
New Burr Block.
iti. i
.'(in . i,i..i ' Atii
-si.rWiii MjJltifliilJTl()
"lJu "
i.Jr " -
11 '4s.
1 V