Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, February 09, 1889, Page 7, Image 8

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    ""$ ' IfV -Jvr""'r ?"-yir"T'j' iyt
Over a Million Distributed.
Louisiana State Lottery Comp'y.
Incorporated lytlio Lonlslnttiro In 1WH for
Kdiicntloiml mitt Clmrttalilo purpoM), mid Hi
franchise iiiiuIo n part of tho itrommt Miito
' constitution In 1N7U by nil overwhelming ihxi
Its Mammoth Drnulng tnkc place
Scml Annually ( June nnd Decem
ber), nnil Its Grinul Single Number Draw
lugs tnkc tilncc In cncli of the other ten
months of the year, .nnd arc nit drawn In
public, nt the Academy of Music, New
'Orlcnns, La.
For Integrity of Its Drawings, nnd
Prompt Payment of Prizes.
Attested ft Follow!
"Wo do hereby certify that wo nuporvlni
tho nrruiiKcmi'MlK for all tho Monthly nnd
HoiiU-Aiintml DruwIliKB of Tho IxMiNlutm
Htnto Iottcry Pomimiiy. nnd In person limn
nKO nud control tho l)mwliiK thcinsulvoN,
mid that tho sntuo nro conducted with hon
esty, fnlriiPHt, and In rood faith toward nil
Iinrtlcn, nnd wo nuthorlro tho Coinimny to uso
his cortlllcnto, with fac-idtulllvM of our lgim
sure attached, In Its ndvortlsuiuuiilH."
Wo, tho iitidcrslKtird Hanks nnd HiuiUorM
111 pay nil prizes drawn In tho Louisiana
Htnto Ixittorlos, wliloli may ho presented nt
-our collator.
It. M. WAIiMHIiKV. l'res't I,oulsnna Nat IPk
riKUHK r.ANAUX, I'ros.Ktiilo National ll'k
A. IIAIjDW'IN, Pros. Now Orleans Natl Hank
OAHIjKOHN, l'res. Union National Hank
( At tho Academy of Mailo, Now Orltani,
Tuesday, February 12, 1880.
Capital Prize, $300,000.
100,000 Tickets nt)j Halves 110: Quarters
fj; Tenths 2; Twentletlis si;
, I.I.ST OK I'ltlZKH.
l lMtr.r.OKi'nw.onoi ,ino.(A
1 l'KI.i: OK 11M,H Is 1(10,000
li'iti.HOK riO,ooois an,im
i piti.r. of 25.UMU
2 IMU.KHOF 10,000 aro ai.oou
o.oounro j.i.iju)
1,000 urn a'l.Ooi)
ftMnro ftO.OOO
iUOnro (K),oiil
'JMuro 100,000
100 Prizes of $.710 nro fiO.OOO
iuu no. auuitru ;n,uuu
do. 'JWnro a),000
do. 100 nro 00,000
do. ltWnro IW.0OO
fl,13l I'rlzos, amounting to f 1, 05 1,800
Notk Tickets drnwlii): Capital Prizes nro
not entitled to Terminal Prizes.
V KorCtub Hates or nny othor dcslrod
Information, wrlto legibly to tho imderslRiiod ,
clonrly Hinting your rvHldoncc, with Htnto'
Connty, Htreetnnd Nuinbor. Morn rapid ro
turn mall delivery will ho assured by your en
closlni; mi Envelope bearing your full ad
dress. Bond POSTAL NOTTS, Kxprcss Money Or
dors, or Now York i:elmnKo In ordinary let
tor. Hond currency by l.xpress (at our ox
poiuo) addressed M. A. DAUPHIN,
Now Orleans, I,a.
Washington, 1). C.
Address Registered letters to
NowOrlouus, La.
ItEMKMIinit that tho payment of tho
Prizes Is Guaranteed by Four National Hanks
of Now Orleans, nnd tho tickets aro signed by
tho President of nn Institution, whoso char
tered rights nro reeoimlod In tho highest
courts; tuoroforo, beware of all Imitations or
anonymous xchomes.
ONI', DOLLAH Is thoprloooftho smallest
part or fraction of a ticket IMSJUKI) 1IY UH
n any drawln?. Auvtblnglu our nuino of
urod for loss than u Dollar Is u swindle
Philharmonic Orchestra
OiTicc,Rooms 139 nnd IJurr Dlock.
Telephone 1 3.1.
Ilulldlngs completed or In course of erection
from April 1, 18H0:
lluslness block. O K ontgomery, 11th nnd N.
do do L W Iilllliiirslur, lltli near N.
Restiuirntit (Odells) O 15 Montgomery, N near
Ilesldeiice, J J ImhofT, J and 18th.
uo j i) .Miieiurmmi, u ana 14111,
John Zchnnig, D nnd 11th.
Albert Wntklns. I) lx-t nth and 10th.
Wm SI Unwind. K lx't nth and 10th.
Kltautlirle, Will and N.
JK iU'txl, M I), K bet 10th and 17th
in M Unl,l..l.. tfl I..,. I U.I. .....I .0.1.
hk.iltarfnin building nt Mllford. Neb,
Flrrt llaptlst clnirch, 14th and K street,
ortuary cUadol nu 1 receiving iionib nt Wyuka
UU .. u ... .UIUI1I, II IIC. lOlll UIJU JOIU,
Rooms .13 ami. II
Richards Bloolc
A. Nowicki, K. D.
Formerly Professor In tho University Mos
cow. Dr. Nowlckl has recently returned
from Paris, Vienna and othor Knropcaucltios
whoro ho has boon studying tho new system
of treatment of his specialties, female com
plaints and liver, kidney and ovo diseases,
m North l-Jth Ht, Transit Hotel ilulldlng
M9li Hewlnt.Meblae
.10 ! VaCff IBDIIIB
ira ! til Duit. br
bUclsv out macklni
nl foodt nfatr lh t"eiU
iafn, wi win was ircflioon
pfrwo In ttch locUt,tb vtry
mI Minfnchia mad U
Mld.llk all lb AlUchmnli.
W will alio iad rrr ft com pit i
tin of our cmiIjt b4 vaUib) trt
iMnpU. Inrttttrowtukihuroii
boff wbl Ht itiut, to tbo wbo
nty roll at your huu,d ftr M
inoBinioiitDaii icvnt jour ewa
wnr. ini rrtM tutnmi w
raadnir tba AlMirr Mitoti.
hlcb ufi run ovtitxfoft iiMta
run out It old forVttll, with I bo
HOW Mill Wf
otreiit! vao
roolrod. Mala,
io. au u
ouro Ibo boat aawloo-
Moo a tbo world, aod tko
Wb lovotkar io Aaaarko.
AwtaMa M &
oaao cao ao
ami itaa afwof k of Mid art ovot
tJKi 'VV Wwl Tb
9K. 77T49 VBV
(MB iiTjy E
Wm MBBalKVr lltb
mhn. inMSffm
sfvil'R ) pfVTmi m
Sto' lAa VM
f pBaoSli:iarn,ll,ll,
rBarPl qm a o-w wom i iaa m
iaaa on ram Tkoao wbo wrtia la ua ai
TMUKdkCO.)lli 74(
Tits Now York Tribune "If Oreoley snt
You, 'It's All Itleht" I'.lcctlon NlghU
1'alufiil Ituniors from Wnahliistnn The
First llnd Nows from South Carolina.
In tho campaigns for tho minor ofllcos
which ho succojslvoly flllod, Mr. Lincoln did
not act materially different from other can
didates of that time, except In tbo directness
and clearness of statement with which ho
addressed tho eopla Ills noted dobuto with
Stephen A, Douglas, hi 1858, gavo him a na
tional reputation, and his Cooper Institute
speech rrmdo him tho candidate of many east
ern men for tho Republican nomination at
Chicago, and yet, when tho thing was actu
ally dono, thoro was a good deal of nervous
noss among Republicans clsowhero, and a half
expressed fear that "this llllnoy rail splitter
will mako tho wholo thing ridiculous."
Tho fact that tho convention had
passed by tbrco such scholars as Seward,
Chaso and McLean, to toko Lincoln, and
that tbo throo candidates of tbo other parties
wcro men of long standing reputation, added
not a littlo to Republican anxioty In tbo east,
and tbo principal papers soon had tbclr most
experienced Intervlowers at Springfield to
find out what manner of man this Lincoln
was. Tho representative of Tho Now York
Trlbuno shall tell his own story:
I arrived In Springfield about a week be
fore tho election, on tho evening of a dull,
rainy day. On tho morning after my arrival
I called upon Mr Lincoln at tbo stato houso,
whero ho received visitors in tho governor's
room, tendered for bis uso during tho cam
paign. When I first spoko with him ho was
qulto alono In tbo spacious apartment lont
him by tho governor, surrounded by an
abattls of dlsbovolod nowspapcrs and in
comfortable occupancy of two chairs, ono
supporting his body, tho other bis heels.
As bo sat thcro in tho least stately of
attitudes, his knees drawn up to a level with
his bead and his feet rising at an unglo from
tbo fcoad chair to nearly an equal height,
my fancy Immediately pictured him as tho
niodol for an Initial "W" In an Illustrated
comlo paper the lines and angles of that
lottcr being fairly Indicated by tbo 6overol
sections and Joints of bis frame. It was not
in this light, apparently, that I could hope
for n rovcrsal of tho unfortunate Impression
which bad been forced upon mo a fow hours
before. Ho received mo with tho geniality
natural to him, and was pleased to express
not a littlo curiosity as to what I had como
to Springfield for. Learning that it was
cblofly to write about himself and hueh Inci
dents of tbo election as should connect them
selves jiartleularly with him, bo was further
more pleased to deprecate tho wholo proceed
ing, and to intlmuto that my energies might
better bo dovotod to swelling tho Republican
voto in Now York.
"But If Oreoloy sent you, it's all right,"
bo concluded, "Oreoloy knows best, I sup
poso." 1 ventured to submit that Mr. Oreoloy
probably bad no moro notion of my excur
sion than bo (Mr. Lincoln) had; and not so
much, in point of fact, sinco tho latter know
whero I was at that moment, which tbo for
mor, presumably, did not. Whereupon ho
lifted ono oyobrow a trillo Incredulously, It
bccmod to mo and again assured mo it was
"all right."
"Yet a voto is a voto," ho added, Just a
littlo querulously; "ovcry ono counts."
In tbo conversation that followed, I did not
dl la to upon tbo confident ossuranco of tho
men who mako uowspapcrs, that tboy can be
put to hotter uso than tbo moro casting of a
single ballot, becauso It would evidently have
been difficult to touch him with that kind of
argument, but 1 montlonod that tbo corre
spondents of Now York Journals wcro bo bur-
tied about from ono placo to another that
thoy could hardly bo sold to havo a legal resi
dence anywhere, and as in my own case
had no chance of reglstoring or othcrwiso
qualifying themselves to exercise tho sulfrugo
So that, as far as my power to determlno tbo
result of tho forthcoming election was con
corned, I might as well bo In Springfield or
In Kamscbatka as on tho island of Manhat
tan. "80 Oreoloy docsut know you aro hero."
ha remarked, with a keeu glance.
"Why," said I, laughing, "1 have been con
necud with Thu Tribune for, I wout say bow
long, and 1 never exchanged six words with
Mr. Ureeley in all the Umo."
curious thing." ho answered 1
"Mien h didn't send you after allP
"1 don't suposu ho thinks of tending out a
correspondent or tares who Is sent out nt any
tlmo. tf it would Interest you, I could easily
oxplaln how littlo ho concerns himself with
such matters. "
"Ob, no, It's all right all right, of course."
Tbo governor's room was tho abiding plneo
of mirth nnd jollity, tho candidate always
lending and generally Inspiring tho laughter
Thcro was no danger of Interruption to his
fanio ns a teller uf stories. No remark, how
over seemingly Irrelevant, but served him n
a hint or text for lively aiiecduto when ho
was hi tho vein. Prom tho freshness and vn
rloty of hli recitals, not to speak of tho nbun
dant store nt his command, 1 was led to bo
Hove that thoso vivacious fables wore as often
tho outvotuo of sudden Invention us of aceu
mulatod recollection. Thoy were amazingly
apt, sometimes, and, 110 matter how remote
tlio connection with tho subject in hand might
npjKuir at tbo outhot, tho application would
always lit Itself exactly nt tho closo which,
again, Indicated the gift of Improvisation.
As was to havo been oxcctcd, tho night
following tho election was tho most exciting
of my visit. Tho great rosult bad long boon
past n doubt, hut thcro nas uouo tbo loss
ongeruosM to learn tho details. Tho littlo
telegraph otllce, hi tbo center of tbo towu,
was a secno of tho liveliest Interest, though
only a fow individuals were permitted to In
vado its privacy and got tho nous fresh from
the wires. As an Inovltnblo cousoquonco ro
ports of tho most glgantlo aud lmpojslblu
dimensions circulated outsldo. Tbo southern
ers In Washington had sot flro to tho cap
ital. Jeff Davis had proclaimed rebellion In
Mississippi, and Douglas bad been eolrod us a
hostage In Alabama. Ulood was running In
tho streets of Now York and could
not bo stopped. Tho negroes of Vir
ginia hud rUen In Insurrection. Iln
cbauau had resigned tho presidency.
Any persou omorglng from tbo tele
graph station and denying thaw nnd kindred
rumors wus set down as having bis own rea
sons for concealing tho dreadful truth. As
tor Mr. Lincoln, it was, of course, prepos
terous to look to htm for a square state
ment or any statement of tho facts. The
privileged half dozen who went freely In nnd
out, being unublo to confirm tho catalogue of
horrors, bocuino extremely unpopulnr, and
wcro compelled to listen to unflattering re
marks concerning their character, vocation,
manners and appearance.
Tho president-elect camo frequently to learn
tbo Incoming Intelligence, but It was not until
a comparatively lato hour that anything ex
cept fonnal returns began to arrive. Thcro
was a littlo gathering of friendly neighbors
in a ball not far distant, whero Mrs. Lincoln
'sat surrounded by tho ladles of her acquaint
ance, enjoying her sharo of tbo triumph.
Once or twlco her husband looked In upon
this party, but did not long remain. Toward
midnight U legraphlo messages addressed di
rectly to him commenced to tako tho placo of
tho regular publio dispatches. Mr. Canioron
was heard from moro than onco with respect
to tbo voto of Pennsylvania. Words of con
gratulation aud cheer camo from various
Republican leaders In tbo northern states.
Oy and by tho operator's volco was heard In
a loss exuberant tone, reading out tfio an
nouncement 1
"Hammond and Chosnut, of South Caro
lina, havo resigned from tbo United States
It was tho first noto of discord to Interrupt
tho general rejoicing tho first forewarning
of tho shadow to all this brightness. It was
uuoxocted, too, and, coming in the midst of
a tempcit of enthusiasm, scut a dlsngreoablo
chill through moht of thoso who lUtened. A
fow hours later it would not hnvo produced
so ugly a shock. 1 looked at Mr. Lincoln,
wondorlng If this sharp reminder would bring
up any sign of a deeper consciousness than ho
bad thus far shown. There wus uouo. IIo
received It with tbo sumo smllo ho had worn
all tho evening wbllo hearing tho reiterated
confirmations of his success. Was it insensi
bility) IIo lingered yot u littlo longer, then
went cut into tho btroot, whence ho did not
return at least, not wbllo I remained In tho
vicinity Looking forth, ouco or twlco, I
saw him walking slowly up nnd down, qulto
alono, tho thoroughfares being by that tlmo
deserted. Presently I started for my hotel
with ono Of tho citizens who bnd nkn unltvt
till near tho lust. As wo passed tho solitary
figure wo exchanged leavotnkings, aud my
companion oliscrvixli
"Quick work for thoso South Carolina Mn
atoru, wasn't It Turnod tall as soou as tboy
got tbo nows."
"Thoro are plenty left," answered Mr. Lin
coln. "A littlo whlloago I saw n couplo of
shooting stars fall down hissing and sputter
ing. Plenty loft for many a bright night"
Excepting for a formal farewell, I did not
again see him hi Springfield, and I can remem
ber that those fow midnight words, although
wolgbtod with no evidence of especial serious
ness, hud a measurable effect in softening tho
impression produced by his persistent laugh
ing humor It was, 1 think, tbo first obser
vation I had heard from him In which no Jest
was Implied. Strango as it seems to mo now,
I.look over tho abundant notes I havo pre
served of that visit, during which I saw Sir.
Lincoln dully for more than a week, and often
for hours at a tlmo, without finding tbo famt
est foreshadowing of tho character In which
bo afterward revealed himself. Had any
disaster Intervened to prevent his inaugura
tion In INI1, ( should never havo known bow
to iKTbimdo myself that tho nation had suf
fered an Irreiiarublo loss. Was it becauso of
mv Incapacity to seo beneath tho surface!
Was It becauso bo chose to wear a maskl Or
was It, as 1 prow to bellovo, that tbo Lincoln
of tho war did not then exist 1 I shall try to
draw no further inferences, but leave the
question as unsettled as It stands in my tnonv
oranda of twenty three years ago.
A Utile Lincoln Anecdote.
Tbo firm of Lincoln & Ilcrndon divided
fees without taking any receipts or making
any entries on !ook. Ono day Mr IJncoln
received tft.OUO as a loo In a railroad case.
Ho camo lu and said to bis partner, Mr
"Well, lllllle. hero Is our fees sit down and
let modi vldo." .
Ho counted out $3,500 to his partner and
gave It to him with tbo nouVhalanco that he
would huve given a few crt.ts for a popr
Mr. Heruilon wus afterwordVloU for three
months. Many of Mr UuuolnVfrieuds came
to him and adviwd him to dUve partutr
hlp with Mr. ilentdon, alleging thVt the latter
would never Ua able again to be orVsnUtam-e
to.nn2i.M&iillUco!jl elcl' v smently
"Desert Hllllul No n,,i.ri it - 1. ..tit.
a,Uh,."!Sn'u,dar I "M tnby nlm."
mmvm-m m tvuuuutWMm
Admiral I'ortci, of the United States Nary,
Is the Only Man I.llng Mini Attended
the Inauguration lull of IlnrrUon I,
rreirlng Tor Mm Coming IniiUKurntlnii,
ShcIaI Comoti(lenco.)
Wabiiinoton, Toll. 7. In u s'.iop win
dow on Pennsylvania, nvcntio Is displayed
nn old jilcco of paper which nttractH tho
attention of nmtiy jmBserB-hy. It U onoof
tho liivilntloim to tlio Inauguration hull of
Harrison tho First, forty-eight yearo ngo.
On that Invitation nro tho tinmen of 100
oIUcoi-h of tho nnny nnd navy nnd
marino corpi, and distinguished citizens.
It la u singular fact that of tho 100 men
iinmed In tho list hut ono Ih now living.
Thla nolo mtrvlvor of bo largo n company
appeared modestly In tho roster of navy
representatives an "Limit. I). Portor,"
now thu admiral of tho navy. Admiral
Porter Ih still In Washington, nnd at tho
ngo of 70, nud after nlxty yenra of activo
sorvlco in tho United States navy, n
strong and activo mini, without 11 gray
hair In hl old head, no signs of bald
ness, nnd arms and limbs ho sttppto nnd
muscular that, in his own Inngungo,
"there's no man could down Mm." I
found Admiral Porter in his ofilco on II
street, him rounded hy 11 lmgo navnl
library, models of ships, and somo of tho
trophies of his glorious career.
"It is tttio," said ho, "I wns onoof tho
floor ninnagors nt Gen. Harrison's ball,
nnd I guess I'm tho only ono of thorn liv
ing. It seems queer to 1110 that I don't
feel old, for of all tho olllcersof tho navy
when I entered tho servico lu 1820, not
ono is living. Of nil tho olllccrs of tho
Mexican navy, in which I served ns a
fnidshipman heforo 1820, not ono is liv
ing. I've outlived them nil, and expect
to livo for many years more. I remem
ber Gen. Ilarribon'u ball very well. It
wns held lu Carusl's saloon not a drink
ing placo, mind you, hut n big dancing
hall in which all tho swell social ovcnls
of that period wero held. Thoro wcro
several balls in honor of tho inaugura
tionpeople danced In thoso days for tho
lovo of It hut this was tho olllctal bal!.
don. Harrison, howover, attended them
all, but (lanced at none. IIo simply camo
in with his suite and promenaded around
tho hall two or three times whllo tho
band played 'Tho Conqcring Hero' and
tho gay party cheered tho old man to its
heart's content.
"At this ball in Camsi'a a littlo inci
dent occurred which I never saw in
print " continued tho admiral. "Thcro
was n young lady thero, n Bweet girl of
about 10. daughter of dno of tho gen-
.flPPdi ,
A l "'x"0
I' 'III, 1,(11,1 ,
'"'"l " C,i-i i.ttaa, n Ikuito)
tkUHtlidfluil HO.
oral's friends lu Now York. The friend
nnd Ids daughter had visited at Gen.
Harrison's houso nt North Bend, on tho
Ohio, nnd old Tip had fallen violently in
lovo with her. Of course ho loved her
merely ns n child, but ho was tho worst
old fellow to kiss you over saw, worso
than my friend Gen. Sherman. This
young lady was nt tho ball, nnd when
tho president was promenading around
tho hall 6ho went up to him aud ban
tered him to dnnco with her. Slv old
Tip playfully said ho'd danco with her if
8ho'd show she wasn't ashamed of her
old lover by kissing him in public. Tho
girl, who wns a smurt ono, uccoptcd tho
terms, and right thero, beforo tho eyes
of Mrs. Harrison and n hundred pcoplo,
put her arms around old Tippecanoo's
neck nnd kissed him on tho mouth. Mrs.
Harrison was very much amused, as
overy ono was, but tho president went
back on his contract and refused to
danco, 6aying ho was so tired it
would bo impossible for him to
keep up with tho music. That in
cident did not attract any attention at
tho time. It was laughed about somo
during tho evening, and tho Now York
girl was pointed out as tho ono who had
kissed tho president, and of courso was
projHjrly envied in that honor by all tho
othor young ladles present. But it was
not uicntloucd in tho nowspapcrs at all,
nnd was forgotten tho next day. Prob
ably I am tho only man living who uv
it. But just imagine tho ado you now-sparer
men would mako if somo pretty
young woman should up and put her
arms nroi)nd Gen. Benjamin Harrison's
neck nt tho inaugural ball noxt month,
aud kiss him on tho mouth. Why,
you'd havo pictures of tho sccno,
and columns about it, and Interviews
with tho young lady nnd tho president
about their enjoyment of tho kiss.
Society would uevcr get through talking
about It." ,,,
"Tho nowspapcrs wcro not Tory enter
prising in thoso days?"
"No. If I remember nright tho daily
paper of that day, tho old National In
telligencer, gave about half a column to
tho scenes and incidents of inaugura
tion day, nnd dismissed tho three balls
with four or flvo linetw U printed tho
inaugural address In full, Tho old time
1 L Ihi
U.M ..
: I
(. htrtw
Jl Asps
! h
I 9 Vaa NM
I bi.
mm I ).(
uowspnpera did not know how to gossip,
but thoy werfuUVHon printing speeches."
"Wus that Inaugural procession 11 largo
"Wo thought It was then. 1 was a
young man who had been nlxiut tho
world n good deal, but 1 thought that
parade down tho avenue wan one of tho
most Imposing spectacles I had ever wit
nessed. Ah 1 look nt It now, however,
It must have been 11 very small show.
The military display consisted of llvo
organizations, four local nnd ono from
Philadelphia. There wero two or threo
thousand civilians In line, nud of courso
several log enhhw. (leu. Hnrrlnoii rodo
11 big while horso nnd continually howctl
to the right or left Probably not moro
than 20,000 strangers wero lu tho city on
that occasion, tho most of thoso from
tho surrounding country districts. This
Is not surprising, considering tho fact
that there was but 0110 railroad lu tho
city then, and not moro than four trains
n day between Washington nnd Balti
more, Of courso tho telegraph was not
then lu uso, and It was physically Im
possible for tho uewspaers In Philadel
phia nud Now York to givo nny account
of tho balls till a day or two had
passed." .
Admiral Porter expects to danco nt tho
Inaugural hall of Harrison II, for which all
arrangements nro now nearly complete.
Arranging for an Inaugural ball nnd nn
inaugural parade is 11 task of somewhat
greater couscqucuco now than it was In
tho day of Tlppecanoo. Just now every
body In Washington is talking about tho
Inauguration. Tho committee of citizens
has been nt work for moro than two
mouths pi eparlng for this greatest of nil
capital events. Thoro aro twenty-ono
sub-committees, and for their use and
tho uso of employes nt tho Inaugural hall
1,000 badges havo boon printed. Tho
committee has in hand $T0,000 with
which to defray oxpensea. Pennsylva
nia iiveuuo Is to bo roped on both sides
from tho Capitol to tho White Houso,
requiring threo miles of ropo. Fifty
thousand men nro expected to walk or
ride In tho great procession. Ono hun
dred nnd twenty-llvo organizations havo
applied for places lu tho lino. Threo
hundred thousand visitors aro expected
in tho city, nnd tho committee of publio
comfort says not ono person need go
without board or bed, or pay exorbitant
rates for accommodations. Already tills
committee has secured quarters for
moro than '10,000 iiersons. Citizens
aro buying bunting by tho ton,
and carpenters nro nlrcady at work
erecting stands from which tho pageant
may lie viewed. It is estimated that
enough of theso stands to scat 00,000
pcoplo will bo erected along tho nvcntio.
Tho ono put up nt tho treasury building
for accommodation of treasury employes
and their families, will alono scat G,880
persons and cost $3,000, Thero is not a
window facing Pennsylvania uvcnuo
that was not engaged n month ngo. In
many cases fancy prices havo been al
ready paid. Pivo dollars per jKirson is
about tho standard rato for nn average
window, but often much larger sums aro
paid, nnd paid cheerfully. In somocascan
single window brings $75, oven nt this
early day, nnd nttio and garret windows
nro Halablo at good prices. Tho pooploof
Washington aro not nt all backward
about making hay whllo tho huh of a
now president is rising toward tho zenith.
If everybody could bo certain of tho
weather it would mako u lot of dllTcr
encoln tho inaugural preparations. If
pcoplo could havo ossuranco of a sunny
day tho window market would oxjierl
enco a shock. But storms nro generally
exacted hero on March 4, and this ex
pectation has been disappointed but two
or threo times lu thirty years.
Tho citizens of Washington havo had
bo much oxk.vIomco in tho management
of great uiralrs of this sort that thoy
ought by this tlmo to hnvo becomo ox
pert, and it can bo said with truth that
thoy are at this tlmo ovlnchig unusual
skill and energy. Nowhcro does this
apply with greater forco than to tho ar
rangements for tho Inaugural ball. Not
only will it bo a brilliant ball room, an
Aladdln'H palaco of llowers, Hags, elec
tric lights nnd fountains, but it will bo
a comfortable ball room, with nn amaz
ing array of conveniences for tho thou
sands of guests. Tho Hupper will bo a
marvel of elegance, served bulTct etylo,
knives to bo nhnost entirely disjcnficd
with foi convenience jako, and ut tho
low prico of 1. In tho barber shop no
extortion will bo permitted, tho regular
prico for a shavo, 15 cents, being
ull that tho proprietors aro per
mitted to charge. Thero will bo
15,000 hat boxes in tho cloak rooms.
Admlrabloarrangcmcnta havo been mado
for carriages. Nearly all of tho livery
and hack men in tho city havo joined a
Iool not to put up prices but to keep
them down to u reasouablo basis recom
mended by tho cnrrlago committee. In
this way it is behoved all extortion will
bo averted. Tho best part of tha ar
rangement is ono that will enable a gen
tloman who goes to tho ball in a hired
convoyauco to tako tho first vehicle in
tho lino when he is ready to go home, In
stead of being compelled to wait until
tbo carriago which brought him can bo
found and driven to tho door. Tho en
trance to tho building will bo covered
with a long ehed, protecting guests from
tho inclemency of tho weather on arriv
inc and departing, and at least fifteen
carriages will bo ablo to dlschargo their
loads at tho Bomo tlmo under theso roofs.
Tho coming pageant, tho ono truly
national pageant which this country af
fords, bids fair to eclipse in magnillcenco
all its predecessors. Good old Admiral
Porter will open his eyes In amazement
when ho rides down tho avenue March 4
and calls to mind tho littlo parade thoy
had in honor c Harrison tho First.
Walteu Wullman.
There aro eighteen Methodist bishops,
whoso names nud uges nro as follows!
Bowman, 71 years old; Foster, 00; Mer
rill, M; Andrews, 04; Warren, 57; Foss,
54; Hurst, 5J; Nindo, 57; Walden, 67;
Mallalleu, CO; Fowler, 51; Vincent, 67
Fitzgerald, fiO; Joyce, C2: Newman, 02;
Ooodscll. 48; Taylor, 08; Thoburn, 52.
Their nvorugo ngo is 69 years.
, . UVHUllf,
Repairing and Engraving a Specialty.
ItG No. Tenth Stroat.
Crystal Steam Laundry,
Offloe, Ilurr Ills, Laundry, 34th and 0.
Finest Work in the City.
All woik called for nnd delivered, nud
satisfaction guaranteed. Leave orders it
olllcoor hy telephone .7l
N. R. HOOK, M. D.,
Jrinary and Recta Diseases a Specialty.
p7iMivM,,l!vL!!.l.!i;.n,,0AiVr I'KINKKIllIOMr'
Drayage and loving
IJeslres to Inform the public that hi equip
ment for moving Household Goodi.Plnnos
biifes, Miirclutnilloc, Heavy Machinery
etc., U the beat In tho city. Special men
nnd wagon nre kest for the removal o
Pianos and Household Goods,
Which nrc nlwny handled by competant
and experienced belli, nnd the latest appli
ance used for handling Safe and other
heavy good. Call, ndilrcu or telephone
Telephone 11 1 9170 t.
m, , 743 107450 Street.
Wholesale Grocers,
Fruit, Produce and Commission Merchants
103.) O Street
Dealer and Jobber In
Wall Paper.
Lnce Curtains, Shade, and Interior Deco
ration. .A.SHOEMAKER.M.D.
Honiffiopathist Physician,
Telephone No, 685.
t6l South nth Street, Lincolm
Reopened 1033 O Street
standing tho
fncttlint Flio
toKrnpliN luiTo
bcon roduod
to about half
tlio former
price wo hnvo
CMKngoi! tho
norvlccHof ono
oftlio jtcut flti
Islicrs In Now
York to tako
cliarKQof Hint
ilnpiirtmont of
tlio Htudlo. Our
effort slinll bo
untlrlHB to
glvo each cus
tomer entire
superior work
to any wo have
done txjforo.
Cabinets, $3 per Dozen.
Monarch of the Dailies!
Omaha Bee!
Delivered to any part of the
city (or 20 cents a week, every
clay in the year Leave sub
scriptions at Lincoln bureau,
1 02 7 P street.
A. L. GUILE & CO.,
Funera Directors
302 South Eleventh Street.
r -, -Ci,
-. -i.v