Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, February 09, 1889, Page 4, Image 5

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A Great Offer !
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Bf ar-atltl rrn(tmtnl with the iwlillahar. '
aaajdai) tni(nrlltntlrtUlnf Twrnlr VaJiiaMn llmiki
aaamantlaO ami ilMtlbd blnw,nll''f it- tu ,urr
eafcacrlbar to tali prr (or In auaulna; jrsr, at llm
Manlar inlxMirlHlon tta. Ttitaa lnVa, aa.H on iA
ay wall known ami popular aiiitmr, ai uii1.l In
Mai pampMol form, prlatMfrom rooiI ft.lnl.ln lri'
pkmI papar, anil manr oflhrm hniKimlr llltilrlr.L
Tkf romprta Mm of (na flnaat wotka ar rata lf
Aattf le ndkutop. IUtlionlirouipll ItilUilf i
am M th rail anl moil popnuriiirsinuiii(
NkII. TaaAaalMa.lrBamrata. tlMt-aathM
ma f idow ktaaarr frtM." Uaa at ll ranalMl Ixwta
MaraMUka4-falljaa,l I IM hlMrilwi" WIJnw HUall RnttAftnlaMla Nw VV.
Hf Ik anlkor at "Ta Ma.) auaaaaa riraaa.-' fall at
taaaf allaalliwa, taaka1 latMaaU a4 IMMUU 1'lip".
A Kraal kamarwat kaok.
Sa. lit. rrrfWt riUMl. , Haw Ta Haaa
Jaoiar. A ramplala laaaaal tor laJIa an4 illn.a iltlac
MMtamtl alt at Wtiat tM all aiWt,arWlu la
ata na ! !( f. ....., Ui.lllaar'a TraTfla. THaria,i..laa1tfataia
at lianl Oallliar aaiaaf Ika IJIIIpallaaa 4 flliala. I
taa4a4 wmk-lklt Ikl aalf k.i adlllm.
"a. ttt. Th l-U'a Nalaral IllaUrr. Oaiainlat
talaraallal SMrrlpllaaa, rralpaal k i. liui,
MkMlll, klrdl, raallM. aal laaacla, lk mack m laaa
lalanaallaa raf arUtaf Iktlr llJail kaWla. Mam HllaUaa. A Wrr rllaHM IW
Mat paaalar rallallaa,l pfaaa at aaiaa, llk lf plafcw
Ha. tu, Mlw (. "r '
"!'' Wall Tlawara. Altaaal. HfHamnaniv
Ha. Ml. TMIHalullCriak A N.t.l.
Ka!W. laaalhaSarC AHaaal. rtl.iaNa.fc
Ha, lit. llNMrlll . Ta Uaataauaa Ta. 1
Kara). Bf W, T.riu. ....,...
Ha. tit. TkMlaa4falarMar Jaaa NUhol.aa. A
Haral. BfKaaaaT lamia Hraaaaaoa,
Ha.lU. TwaKlaat. A Hatal. ft Ika aalk.r i " P-ira
.. Hrwi !! tha Walar. A Hf II
"""Mi. ra WUrtylwa. A Haa.1. Iif M" ""i
". III. A Vacakaatl lltrala. A karal, Kr (ra.
Aaai llBWAaa. . .
Ha. HI, Cl.aia aa Haaahla. A H.wl, ttrCatai.ii
Viaa, Tfca lfaa Waaaaa. A Haa.l. kf Wima
V""i. tlra CaallaU' Jaaraar. "' "I
T nf'lj.'rJ'MarAwl.k' Iml, r Ura
aaat Woaa.
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and retuctnber In doln so now ou get the
Cai'ITal Citv Couiuitu one yctxr nml
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okkiok :
8 Rlclmrd.' lllock.cor. nth and O. 8
Made to Measure.
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ers for the price of one in
tailor shops that keep such
They're made to measure
with the best ot care. The.
quality is worth the work;
above all the styles are.
The goods are made for
Nicoll by the mills at home,
with weave and coloring
not far behind the foreign.
They'll be long-rcmem-l)ercd
money's worth at $5
to measure.
Let Trousers bought as
jobs and poorly made to sell
at shabby prices wait; they
You'll search the stores
in vain to find anra'Iel. Ve
have sevcraKli'undrcd pat
terns not n;iuy of one
kind. Thcy'r uncommon"
value Nicoll-liVc. S
We wouldn't offer a style
that dressy men would turn
from. The profit's small,
but suppose we make 100
pairs to measure daily? we'll
1400, Douglas Street, Omaha
' Wlilij iltjajfettTiMiaV
A liwttir liiraf Moilrrtx Timr.
flltnncnli-riBI Olio nr tiy Mnll or Currlor $1,00
HIk moiUlia, 11,00, Tlinxi montli BO Cunta, On
month ) CVit tnrArnldjr In AiWnncr,
AlivuHTiKKWaNTiil lUktoM fiiniUlitsl on mipll ntlaii
At tlio ofllco. Hmh;IaI mtiH on Time Cotitrn t.
OoHTiiinirrioNiil Bliorlapli'jr akrlclui", khhmi and
ktorlon hoIIcIIimI, lVrxonal nnd Hoc-lnl notM are
rxolnlly ilexIrpliU".
I'anaiMi! Wo HiAVnAkiwIftliyof Klnn rrlnlliiR
In all lt.i lininolm. Hiolnty work a wrlalljr
Aitdn all aainiiiiiniontliiii dlroctto tlin oflloo,
Wicssrci, Printing Co.,
Now llurr lllook, Cur. 12th iinil O Hirer..
b U'khhki., Jit., KdltornndHolnriopriolor.
Tho CountKii will not to rcajioniilhlo for
any ilolita inaito liy nny onn In lla naino, tin-
hiw a written otilor necoinitanlvs tho nmno,
properly algncd.
U AVkhhki., Jr., l'rop'r.
TiiKlcBlnlntnroi'oiitlmiort to grind and tho
country rttlll liven.
Tukhday'h IiIk hlow nt Omaha by tho
powers that Ito, was hy no uumiiirm ntroiiK iw
tho continual hlow (lint. In Ukually kIvcii io
Kanllng that town hy IU deiilieim.
Tiik matter of ndvortlaltiR Lincoln Just
now Keomn to ho receiving tho attention duo It
Tho cltltriM commlttw) kolectinl hy tho Ixmrd
of trodo la composed of tho very Itoxt and
nioct Inlhieiitlal cltl.oim of tho city and an
for tho apjiolntmeutA on tho Rovcral nub coin
mltteeH, rnwldcnt Mollrldo could havo chosen
no men mora npproprlato for each respective
Hki'ukhkntativk MmmtHKV han finally
Imhmi unmated In tho luniso and now wo may
oxoct to neo Rome tun, Morrlfwey Is not n
man to ho trllleil with and ai ho thinks ho
has been unfairly dealt with, will mako it In
torentliiK fora vhllo throui;h tho columns of
tho Omaha Jlemltt and othorwlne, Frank
knows n thliiR or two nlwut tho present legis
lature and if ho loU "tho cat nut of tho Iiiik"
on novel nl lltt!o matters, a few surprUIng
facts may bo brought to light.
IlUMNicHS everywhere seems to have a ten
deuoy toward bettor times and as spring ap
proaches tho proiKcts of activity in real
citato brighten. In tho eastern jwrtH iieo
plo are studying locations, planning for a
future In tho west nnd tho move westwaid
next Reason promises to lw larger than over,
and all who come will coino to stay. Already
advices by correspondence show that thcro
are more inipih les and more Interest taken
in tho alTairs of this former desert than over
and it Nebraska does not receive its share of
the Inllux, Homt.thlug will Do uupromnlomatic
Our immense crop Inst fall and our delightful
climate this winter will bo a big drawing
card and wo predict a doublo prlro winner for
tho l)OOiu of '80. Let friends and Ktmngors
come, they will all receive ix most hearty wel
come, Omaha has had a regular circus time for
tho iaat two weeks regarding tho city hall
matter, Ilosmrntor and the lire havo been
lighting hard for tho original location selected
on Faruaui street, where tho foundation had
been planted about a year ago, whllo Ci-olgh-ton
nnd tho Bixteenth street Ixxxllors liave
Ikhmi putting In tholr best licks for a iijw
location, Jolferson spmn Thoro was much
interest in tho matter and it was thought by
many that on lug to an 111 feeling against
ttosowater mat no wcuia loose too game.
How over, in a special election Tuesday, tho
ltte camo out llrst best with a majority of
a.OOO votes. The old sight Is near tho mam
moth now lk building and Now- York Llfo
Insurance Co,' big block, and it was with tho
understanding that tho city hall was to bo
orected thoro that both imrtles builded thoro
Tho new city hall according to tho published
pictures of it w ill 1m a maglulflcent structure
and the Couuieu extends its best wishes to
tho llee on tho victory it has achioved. apologies Is nut tho most pleav
ant thing a nowspaiior seeks for, but when
such is duo from tho Couiuku 110110 are more
willing to mako amends than this pa.r. In
our last issuo wo failed to givo an ncmuit of
the opening hop o( tho Lincoln City Lodge
No. JOT, I. O. II. H. nnd regret to admit tho
fact that wo aro guilty before the bur of
justice for tho acceptance of nn nlogy. A
roiwrter who usually attends to speolulwork
was duly assigned tho tunic of writing up this
affair, nnd having itoended on him to attend
to It, wo ipnto naturally thought no more
about tho mnttcr until ouo of tho I, O. It, It.
mombcrs called our attention to the fact on
Monday that we had said nothing about it.
A person who has established himself as a
genuine kicker says wo ignored tho entire
iitTair, a fact which we are pleased to state is
an untruth hi tho strongvat sense of tho word
as our reporter will testify. Tho pressure of
other business caused him to overlook tho
work ho was assigned to and that is all
thow Is to it. Wo regret It very much, here
by offer our apologias and truH samo will bo
accepted in 11 similar faith to which it is giv
en. Tho CouniKK has no reason to slight tho
I. 0. 1). 1). In any way but 011 tho contrary,
the editor being a member of tho order bus
every reason to wish it well and to uksist In
building ui tho tania. Tlio above fact cor
rectly and truthfully given will bo umplo to
vindicate us in tho eyes of all fair-minded and
reasonable persons, us for others wo care not
whether they look with favor or conflctlon 011
our remarks.
Rubber stamps of all kinds and for all pur
poses may bo hod 011 short notice at the
CouiUKH oftlco. Also stencils, outfits for
marking gannonts, handkerchiefs, etc., all
of which aro bold at prices as low as any com
i',. ,,.!,, r,f.MijdMfaMJBlni
Ilraiitli' of tli Ctalrott and llctirlotta
Coatiiini' Smile Idfaa for l.uillra In
Cnmlilcr llin Ijilrat Ttilnmln Moiiriiliig.
IteiMiinliiR Ulnnnr Contiiinra.
HhvIaI CurriMKndoneo.
Nrtw Yoiik. Fob. 7. Tho UmlliiB veil,
nn It Is cnlleil, Ih n llttlo out of rcuhoii, to
my minil. for it wns evidently Invented
by soin.' t m i- who lived whom inus(ul-
toefl wero tlilck, or to bo worn in fly tlmo.
Indeed, tlio dotted ones mako 0110 think
of tlio llttlo wlro fly trnps, with thoso
H.'fitiferous Inflects crnwllii,' nil nlwut.
Somo of tho veils Imvo puckoring strings,
which inntco tho head look na If inclosed
in ft bng for nnfo keeping but thoro,
what la tho uso of finding fault about
tho fnflhlon? It hnd bettor 1)0 voIIb than
bustlcH, anyhow, ho let tho girls tio up
their bonds liko the Cockalorum, In
"Davy and tho Goblin," If thoy wnnt to.
Thoy look pretty nny tlmo, no matter
what they havo on.
Tho now and graceful fdmpes of tho
spring styles in dress making nro ndinlr
nblo for their simplicity nnd quiet clo
ganco. Tho two models of tho dresses
worn hy tlio young ladies in tho Hading
veils nro of the beautiful now Henrietta
silk warp fabrics in Bllvor gray and gray
Clnirctto. Oray is tho favorito color for
all wool goods this season, nnd thoso
goods nro mado In such n superior quali
ty nnd Midi a variety of effects that an
unlimited cholco is ntTordcd. Tho Clnir
ctto and silver gray Henrietta cloths of
tho silk warp cannot bo surpassod in
beauty by any nllk, nnd thoy aro mado
by weaving bluck and whlto threads
without any admlxturo of color of
any kind, and, thoroforo, the gray
Is pure and with a peculiar pearly
luster all its own. Thcro is also a silver
gray moliulr, and silvery midway nnd
gray nun's veiling, Henrietta glaco and
mohair checks, as well as fancy checks,
plaids, box checks, stripes, fancy weaves,
broken plaids and twills, nil in dilTcront
shades of puio gray, and nil of tho most
oxquhiito Ixuuity and fineness as well ns
of durability. Tho goods como wide,
from 4 1 to CI Inches, and though thoy
cost high thoy nro tho lC8t vnluo of any
goods for tho money.
Whllo n cashmero dress will last two
or oven threo seasons with caro, a
Priestly ullk warp Henrietta cloth in any
of its varieties is practically Indestruct
ible. Dust will not stick to It, it will not
crcaso or pull, and as long as a thread of
it romnlns it will retain tho samo rich,
frosty bloom that makes it liko Lyons
velvet, a thing to bo desired. It requires
about eight yards of silk warp Henrietta
for an ample dress for n medium sized
woman, and nt $1.70. Tills material,
being bo tlch of itself, requires almost
no trimming; certainly dress nnd trim
mings can bo bought for $17, and it will
last forever. An economical plan is to
get a plain black Henrietta tho llrstyear,
a gray ouo tho next, a Clairettofor even
ing wenr, which Ij ono of tho most ox
qulslto materials conceivable, and mnko
this up with removnblo accessories, and
then tho next year 11 brocaded silk warp
Henrietta or n striped or midway cloth.
Thefco aio tho best valuo for tho monoy
on tho market, and tho prices run from
$1.25 to 81.75 per yard.
These two model dresses aro mado, as
I said, of Clairetto and plain silk warp
Henrietta in gray. Fig, 1 Li of tho
Clairetto, and has a band of gray ostra-
kan .-robs t! i front and three ribbons
reaching from waist to botto"fu, whoro
they uro fringed out about fouiinchca
deep. Tlio other costumo has absolutely
no trimming, uxcopt on a fold an tho
right eido In the fiont, where theroXuro
set ilvo lame buttons In pray silk. This
costumo ran hi made very dressy by
having laco accessories trimmed witlK
palo pink natln ribbon for evening wear,
or It can havo an evening corsage. Many
young ladies mako a black velvet even
ing corsage without bleoves, uirl thU can
bo worn with propriety over any kind of
skirt, and with n Hot of ribbon nt the
druplngs makes of a plain walking dress
a hanttaotuo evening toilet.
Tho modifications of tho Cmplro and
Dlrectolro styles uro sc(jn In everything,
oven down to babies' dresses, and whllo
somo of tbcm aro moro startling than
i rat
IP Pit
pleasing, tho general verdict Is that thoy
aro pretty and graceful. A lovely dress
was mado hy 11 leading house for a
young debutante In tho Einplro stylo,
like the design herewith. Tho corsage
nnd skirt front wore of palo green silk
brocaded with whlto and silver gray In
largo patterns There wan n tuish of sil
ver gray silk tissue which reached from
tho shoulders, to tho fret, crossing tho
waist liko a surplice, nnd fastened down
tho front of tho skirt. Tho back was
made of sliver grny t Issuo over tho green
brocade. A wldo whlto rlhlMin was
pleated uliout tho waist in form of a belt,
nnd two eniN reach tho bottom of tho
dress at the sides. Tills Is now the
favorito manner of wearing a nosh.
A handsome directoire costume is of
dovo grny, or nrdolso, as others call It,
though It Is nearer the color of ringdoves
than pinto The material in the model
was of lino striped silk warp mohair, tho
Intervening strlpo lclng white, Tlio
model Is quite a slmplo ouu, but is very
effect I vt when inudo. The side nanols
ntoof cream colored cashmero lavishly
embroidered In gray silk and Hllver
threads. I know a lady who Is copying
this pattern In a lino stripe gingham and
rising panels of sateen in tlio new cash
mero pattern, nnd tho effect Is really
very bountiful. Sntcon nnd gingham
dresses can bo worn a wholo season with
out requiring to bo laundered. Indeed,
tho other dress could easily bo mado up
of sateen and thin muslin, or of tho Inco
ginghams, and Ira very hnndsomo nnd
Styles for mourning havo undorgono
much chnngo, nnd nro innrked by ex
tromo nnd rigid simplicity of unbroken
lines nnd form. For young ladies in
mourning for parents or brothers or sis
ters hats aro admirnbio, nnd no veil is
required. Tho gowns, and particularly
tho ono from which our illustration is
taken, has longitudinal box plaits of
Henrietta cloth, or Priestly crepo cloth,
with a width of English crapo laid flat
between them nnd ono round fold of
crapo down tho sides. Cuffs, collar,
pointed belt nnd diagonal milliner's fold
for tho waist aro all of English crepo.
On cold days a short wrap or jacket
of tho samo material as tho dress can
bo worn nnd black dressed gloves.
For widows, nnd mothers who liavo
lost children, tho stylo Is as sovcro and
slmplo with plain panels nnd folds, hut
n bonnet nnd veil must bo worn. This
veil can bo of nuns' veiling or English
crape. Widows, irrespective of ago,
wear shawls, and nearly all rathereldorly
ladles In mourning now wear shawls.
Theso como in largo sizes of tho samo
Qno texture us tho other silk warp goods,
and hang very gracefully. Wraps uro
eomowhat worn for deep widows' mourn
ing, but novcr jackets.
When warm weather comes on. nil
wraps will bo left off, tho sweeping veil
giving all tho drapery necessary. Tho
veils nro not so long as formerly, and do
not fall over tho faco, many of them be
ing sown in tho back of tho bonnet.
Others will bo pinned over tho bonuot
and short DrussoU net veils worn down
ovor tho faco. Crapo bonnets aro rather
less sovero than heretofore, and tlio
trimmings of crapo bows aro sot high.
Tho Courtauld crapo is said to bo tho it does not grow rusty or stringy.
This last week has been prolific In
novelties in hnndsomo wool goods for
Into soring and summer wear, among
which I remarked oomo beautiful effects
in black. Thoy aro tho black brocaded
Henrietta cloths. Somo of them havo a
pattern that gives tho appearanco of
shaded llncu mudo of lozenges and dots
from light gray to black, and yet tho
matevlal Is jet black, tho effect boing ob
tained only in tho weave. Thoro aro
also navy and zigzag lines, and n multi
tudo of other patterns, besides tho lovely
silk warp mohairs In tho grays, by a now
process, so that thoy cannot cocklo up
whenovcr damp.
I nlso notice numbors of dress patterns
of wool Henrietta and bourotto, as well
as ladles' cloth with braldod patterns
upon them In contrasting colors or
darker shades. A palo green had u
darker green pattern, u black an emerald
green, a drab had n pattern of yellow
and brown. This Is not exactly braid uor
Is It precisely embroidery, and it looks
moro liko closo chain Btitchlng in heavy
saddler's silk, which I think it is in fact.
Anyhow tho effect Is very beautiful.
Tho wldo pattern goes around tho bot
tom and tho other is for drapery.
Hy noxt week tho mado up garments
of tho now goods will bo on view and tlio
first lot of nuw spring bonnets, and from
now until then 1 think I will take a rest
und so bo r.blo to Ilvo through it alL
Wholo Corn and Meal.
Professor Jordan says: I havo oxperi-
Nnentcd avith wholo corn and mcnl fed to
pbjs, and havo found that tho guin mado
by riogs fed cornmeal costs about 4 per
ccnt.Vnioro than tho gain mudo by hogs
fed com. In ull trials tho hogs wero fod
potatoosnud milk also, and tho samo feeds. It seems to mo that
tho results, would have been of moro
valuo if tha uulmals had boon given all
tho wholo coVn or meal thoy would con
sumo, tif thisvyould havo tested tho pal
ntablencss of tlp feeds, which has a par
ticular valuo.
It. 12. MOO I IK, Pros.
1:. j:. imowN,
1 1 1 South Tonth 8troot.
Capital, $200,000. Liability of Stockholders, $400,000.
1NT1CHK8T Paid on Deposits 11 1 the rate of C per cont per nnnum for all
full catondar months.
Money leaned on Ileal Kstato and Collateral.
John Ntigorahl, K. K. Itrown. John U.Clark, J. McConnlir, V. M. Hall, Col Thompson,
A. H Itayinonil, J. .1. Iniholf. David Itomlek, (J. M. IjimlierUon, I.. Meyer, O. K. Yates,
K. IC. Hailen. It. II. Moore, T. K. Calvert, .1. W. Drweese. .1. W, llowman, Ohns.
Hammond, H. I'lnney, .1. D. Maefarland, .Josopli Wlttmnn, II. Ij. Hmltli,
0. II.
the nick of time, nnd "just strikes the spot." The quiet enjoyment of a fragrant Ha
vana In n charmingly decorated and gorgeous smoking apartment, nnd finally a peace
ful sleep In n bed of snowy linen nnd downy softness. Such Is life on the "DUR
LINGTON" ROUTE. What other line or combination of lines can offer you these
advantages? NOT ONE. Please remember this when next you travel.
a lk H"SV1m -fTlSl
Information of all kinds pertain
ing to Railroad or Ocean Steam
ship Tickets promptly answered.
G. W. HOLDREGE, Gcn'l Mgr.,
J. FRANCIS, G. P. nnd T. A.,
100 E11 graved too
55fc44cl grlntlng
Safc Deposit Company,
Will open for business ut tlio bank room on tho corner of l'and 11th Streets,
Wednesday, January 2d, '89
Capital Stock $250,000.00.
Interest allowed on deposits of Ilvo (5) per
unuuuiinr, mm upwards, receded.
President nnd Manager.
mu oaio ucposii. v auus provide u pioco or saro Keeping ror monoy, Jewolry, gold and
silverware, valuablo papers, tltlo deeds, mortgages, and valuables of any description, por
ed security against burglars and Uro. Hnfos rented nt moderate rentals, from $3 upwards,
pneo In lire proof storago vaults fur rent nt reasonable rental.
The Only Authorized Agent in Lincoln.
0. H. IMHOKF.Coshlor.
v. ivos.
Hint Is the very embodiment of ease nnd luxury! a friendly game
of Whist, a choice volume from the well stocked library, a prom
enade from enr to car (the handsome vestibule excluding nil dust,
smoke, rnln or wind, nnd thus rendering the promenade a de
lightful and novel pastime). A sumptuous meal that comes In
My superior advantages enable me to
ticket to nnd from Europe nt the lowest rates,
nnd to secure desirable cabins in ndvance of
sailings. The generous patronage accorded
me by prominent people of Omaha, Lincoln
nnd other Nebraska cities attest the popular
ity of this office.
City Passenger
and Ticket Act.,
go., purr $lock.
cent for all full calendar months.
Deposits of
A. T. 8. STUAItT.
Vice Prcsldont
-. t-iS
V t jr V a f kL
irtM" rtIMiiBWWrWlWIWItBMillMilW Hi
-- ' ' Ifc i-H Mtm