Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, January 26, 1889, Page 6, Image 7

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Owns nml nprrnlr o.V)0 mites of thnrmiRhly
fliilppert rond In Illinois. Wneonsln, lown,
.Missouri, Mlniirrvituniid llnKotn.
It Is tlio Ileal Direct Itouln beixuonnll tlio
rrlnrlpnl Jotnta In tlio Northwest, BouthwoHt
ml Fur West.
For ninim, (lino Initio, rates of passitRn nml
freight, etc. apply to ncnrcst Million uncut ol
way, or to nuy Hnllroml Ationl nnywhoro In
tho world.
K. Ml I.I.IJH. A.V. H.lUHPKNTIilt,
Ornornl M'o'r. lleni I'iim. &VM Ari.
F.TtlUKKIi. iiko. II. lii'Al'l'nitl).
Aw-tlcn' MRr. Ami. II. l'.AT. At.
Milwaukee, WIm'OiuIii.
HPl'nr Information In reference lo '.amis
wiiil Town owned liy tlio I'lilniKi), Milwau
kee. tut. mill ltiilhvuy Coniinny,wrlolo II.
(1. IlAiT()AM,jnud Couimllonor,Mlllwnukro
Shortest : and : Safest : Route
Colorado, Wyoming, I'tnh, California, Mon-
tnliu, Idaho, On-roii nnd WimhlUKton
Territory. Tnko tlio
.And snvo ono day to nil l'nclllo const point.
JlunnliiK Into union depots nnihtn
Willi nut limited trains or nil linen lo.
iHtlntd cnt. went, north umt'snutli. ThraiiR..
ilokols nnd modern tiny conches. Hiiruiiuq
chocked tliroimh to doitlnntlnnrrom all point
east In tho United Htutcs mid I'unndn. Hleopor
accomodations reserved In tlirmiKli l'lillmnu
l'nlncu enrs from thu Mhwourl river to tlio I'm-
CltlO COiJIJtt
Atchison, Leavenworth, St. Joscph.Knnsa
City, St. Louis nnd all olnts South,
East nnd West.
The direct line to l-'t. Scott, Parson.
Wichita, Hutchinson nnd nil principal
points In Knnsas.
Tho only road to tho Great Hot Springs
of Arkansas. Pullman4 Slkuimcks and
Frrk Krclinino Ciiaiu Caks an nil
City Tkt Agent, Gcn'l Agent.
Cor. O nnd lathStt.
Fremont, lilkhorn & Mo. Valley
tyOperntcs nnd con
trols Its own service
fEB" Through Ticket nnd IUrr hro Checked to
11 points In United State and Canada.
Vestlbulo Sleepers, Palatial Dining Care and
Union Depots.
US South 10th street, - . Uneoln
Uenoral M'Kr, dcn'l l'naa. As't
Dr. Beth Arnold'
is tho, best Cough Cure I
oror used.
Wb, A. Mycr, Weston, 111.
Druggists, 23c., 60a, nnd
Undertakers andEmbalmers.
212 North 1 1 th Street,
Windsor Hotel Annex,
Telephones. Office 145. Residence 156.
Open Day and Night.
I Would Tithe tin Fifty Vrurn to Malm n
VUli lo 11 Net! Moor Nrl(lilinr.
U't ih for 11 moment supoM) certain mil-
iMy in Im linllt.imo round tlio world III A
km-1 iv t circle, other to vnrloti iwlnts In tlio Kyitein. And wo will further minnow
hut tlio trninaun theso railway eon id Ira
;ept going nt tlio into of sixty mile nn
liunr Tor any required length of tliuoi that
their wHotiger oould 1I0 without food or
eon III Ikj supplied with nil nhtindnncu of It)
that tho bodl" of such lumongcni coulifbo
mndH-(i.ihltHif enduring tho various change
of nlr, lomcratura nml other clliuntlo con
dlllous to which thoy would hooxpOKed.
And on our world this kind of tinvel would
boeoiiinrntlvoly wiiy, nnd would Inku nuxt
to tin tliiuv In twenty-four hour tho jiassen
cor could travel 1,110 mile, or considerably
farther (Jinn from Now York to Chicago. In
forty-eight hunt's ho could travel in fnriu
from HoHtoii to I.lvcrtool, mid In lesi than
wvonlii'ii diiyn ho could go round thoworhL
Hut us tvKnt-iN tho Journeys In npnco, n
(llllleulty In mont caseH lii.iiornl)lo would
stnnd In tho way, In onler to vlsli any Imt
n very few of tho nearest Ixxlloa In npni-o, tho
travulerann tnircoltRtlal roll waa would iiceil
to Imro their lives very greatly prolonged
Werxthoy to sot out for nny distant irt
of tho Kystciu they nil would dlo boforothoy
had fairly iK'gun tholr Journoy. A voyngo
to tlio moon, to Venus or to .Mars would, un
der tho ntiovo conditions, bo (Kttslblo; to any
other txxly In tho systain It would bo ImiKia
slblo, TI11 Journey to tho moon would bo com
paratively short. Our companion Is distant
about iMU,(XX) mlloHi or, In round numbers,
Its distance contains ton time na tnnny
mile rs nro iHiutnluod In tlio earth's clroum
ferouox Traveling at tho rato of sixty
miles I in hour, mid novor stopping, It would
toko Iw t ween KM) and 107 days to reach tho
Journey's eniL Coniared with other henv
tmiy instances, this Is n iiioro nothing , but
compared with tho distanced actually trnv
ermil by tho nvurngo mnn, It Is very great
Vow over travel nt sixty mllos nn hour, nnd
then only for short periods, nnd nt consider
nblo Intcrvnk Many, probnbly tho major
ity, or tiKwo who nvo to a goiKi old ngo cover
leen than VHO.OOO mllca during tholr wholo
lives. A great traveler might do It In, sny,
nitccn ymrn. For oven n conductor or engi
neer of nn oxprefa train it would reipjlro
several year.
Lot us now tako n trip to tho planot Vo
nus, our uoxt nearest neighbor. This will
bo n much mora formldahlo undertaking.
Wo havo seen that a succession of tho long
est Journeys oyer this earth would form but
short and pa-sslng episodes In n lifetime. Wo
havo neon that, on ono of our Imnglnury rail
wnys, tho travclor could clrclo tho world In
low than thrco wook. Wo havo seen, not
only that n Journoy to tho moon Is quite iios
slblo to tho p'uciigcrs by our celestial rail
way, but that equal and oven grenter dis
tance nro often traveled on earth.
Hut a trip to Venus would bo 11 very dif
ferent matter. Von us, ns you may know, Is
ntwut 'J(,000,000 mllos nwny, or, nt sixty
miles nn hour, without stopping, sho Is dis
tant n Journoy not of thrco wool;, or six
mouths but of Komo fifty years. On tho Im
aginary railway such 11 Journoy would bo
lxihslhle, for n great many -wrsons llvo
longer than llfty year. But In real llfo no
ono over has traveled, and no ono over will
travel, anything Iiko so far. No hurann
bolng over ha travolod 5,000,000 mile.-, and
It Is r-nfo to say that no ono over IlL
To complete this incasuro of Journeying
would ropilro an averago of 100,000 mile
a yenr for tlfty year, bomo fow, pcrhnps,
In all tholr live may havo traveled 1,000,000
miles, but theso uro probnbly raro exceptions.
So wo Eoo that no ono ovor has lived who ha
traveled mora than a small art of tho (lis
taneo to Venus. Yet, comvired with other
bodies In tho system, this Mar may bo said
to bo almost a noxt door neighbor. St.
Lnwyor' IVos.
In England a barrister, as a lawyer U thoro
called, cautiot recover by an action nt taw
any feo to which ho may iw morally entitled
for ncrvlcoH rendered to n client, I'lio expla
nation of this dovlatlon from tho common
rulo of ayiug for nervlco Is given In Casboll's
Saturday Journal:
An artlclo of Magna Oiarta ndlnns that
Justico shall not bo told. As tho king U tho
fountain of Justico and barrister servant of
tho king, it wo held that It would bo unlaw
ful for thorn to receive payment for nldlng
a subject to fcocuro tho benefit of law.
Iiormorly tho monoy in paymont of tho
barrister" feo was droppod, as If secrotly.
into tho hood of his gown; now n member of
tho bar adopt tho moro ojhmi method of re
fusing to go into court until his clerk has re
ceived tho feo marked un hi brlof.
"What bring you hero to-day, Mr. L V
askod a Judgo of an eminent counsel
"Twenty guineas, my lord," nnsworod tho
lnwyor, making no secret of tho fact that ho
was violating Magna Cbarta and doing, In
substnneo, If not in form, what tho prophet'
servant was punished for dolng-oxnctlng a
feo for a uumano scrvico. English law liooks
call tho feo an honorary reward,
Tho black gown worn by English lawyer
is a rello of tho days when tho clergy woro
tho only lawyers, and always appeared In an
ccclcKinstlcnl dross. Tho horw hair wig,
which overy English barrister wears whllo la
court, Is a survival of tho ilmo whou men
woro nshamod to wear their own hair.
A Lingering arlp.
Robert Watts, a young farmer from Chat
ham, attended a faith euro meeting. Anna
Dolanoy, 11 young woman about IX) year old,
also attended tho meeting. Sho went Into a
trance, and In walking about tho room ap
proached young Watt, seized his hand with
a tlrm grip and started o(T. Watt .trugglod
to got looao, but couldn't. Several men triod
to stop tho girl, but sho kept right 011 walking
and Watt followed her. It was -I o'clock in
tho afternoon when Anna took Watt by tho
hand, and It was soven and n half hour bo
foro sho let go her grip. Thou sho falntod
and in about llvo minutes let go her hold,
Tho young farmer lost no tlmo In getting out
of tho hull Miss Delaney camo out of tho
trnnco, but has 110 recollection of wliat hap
pouocL Philadelphia Times,
Gxpllclt Information.
Thoy wcro a urty of fun loving school girl
going homo for their summer's vacations.
A maslior hail succeeded, a ho thought, In
making tho uctmnliitauco of tho most
vlvs-cious. However, try as ho would,
ho could not succeed in learning her i:nmo.
Sho was equal toallhU effort In that direc
tion, and could not even Ikj surprised Into
giving it nway. tiho gave him u Imgus ad
dress, unit even wout w far as to give him tho
desired ieriiiusion to call on her nt her city
homo. As the train .lowed up end sho iiiodo
arrangements to leavo tho car with her com
panions, ho mnilo ono moro frantic appeal.
"Say-whom shall I nslt for when I rallf"
With nn liiiuxx'iit look of surU'U 011 her
saucy fneu sho uiidi "Why, osi ... mo. of
course," Chicago Journal
Cx)crhuenten at Manhattan, ICan., have
discovered that the uro of salt on wheat IleUs
will greatly lucrenw the yield It U also an
nounced that salt will kill potato bug
Easily Don.
It often happens that "a substitute shine
brightly ns a king, though through no c
pcclal rodlnnco of his own.
Ono day n llttlo loy came homo from school,
nnd announced, "Mnmnm, I'm nt tho head of
my clnRs."
"Indixill and how did It hnppcnl"
"Oh, Kitty (Iray stayed ut homo I" Youth'
To Hull ICtnry Tiutrs
Miss A. Don't you find Now York society
rather empty and unsatisfactory I
Mr 8. Not necessarily. You enn tnko
your cholco in that reujiocL Thoro U tho
llohcmlnn ret, nil brains nnd uostylo; socloty
proper with a fair amount of each, and tho
four hundred, all stylo mid no brains. Llfo.
Doiciloplng American Literature.
Bcono, tho olllco of Sharker' Monthly. Tlio
editor Is at hi desk. A young man with a
roll of mnnuscrlpt In his hand enters.
Young Man (with proor doforonco) Are
you tho editor, slrl
Tho Editor (condescendingly) Yes.
Young Man (dinidcntly)-I havo a story
hero which 1 would Iiko to submit for your
approval, sir.
Tho Editor (coldly) Ohl a story
Young Man Yes, sir.
Tlio Editor A short story!
xoimg man yes, Mr.
Tho Editor (with goutlo sarcasm) Your
first effort, i prcsumor
Young Mnn Oh, no, sir; I havo written
Bovoral others.
Tho Editor And where havo thoy boon
Young Mnn Thoy hnvo not been pub
lished yet, sli
Tho Editor Hal Indeed I Well, tho fact
u, wo mnko It a rulo not to publish anything
by any ono who ha not published anything
already. Tlio standard of our mugnzino re
quires that our nuthor should havo some co
lobrlty, you know.
Young Man (loftily) Ah, Indeed! Well,
fir (going), I shull call on you again when I
am celebrated
Tho Editor That will not bo necessary.
Whon you nro celebrated I will call on you.
The M Intuitu or u Lifetime,
Ambitious Mamma Ethel, didn't I sec
young Mr Ferguson wylng particular at
tention to you last ovening ut tho iarty f
Ethel Yes, mamma, but 1 snubbed him
effectually before tlio evening wo over.
Mamma Horror of horrors! Aro you
crazy I
Ethel Not at all, mamma. Not this win
ter. Ills father. Is mi Ice pucker.
Mamma Yes, but ho make artificial Ice,
Daughter faint. Chicago Tribune,
They Played Hint a Trick.
"Thero nro somo mighty menn men In this
town," said tho tramp, as ho mot nil ofllccron
Woodward avenuo tho other day during tho
piping storm.
"Whnt's happened now Pqulrled tho officer.
"Why, I saw a looso sign over n storo up
here, and I went and stood under It In hope
it would blow down mid glvo mo a knock.
Had It douoso tho linn would havo boon glad
to Bottlo with mo for t'JV'
"And It didn't blow down!"
"Oh, yes, It did; but, you see, tho houso
got on to my racket, and a I stood thero tho
porter camo out and ordered mo otT. Ho
said 1 was obstructing tho sidewalk, and that
lio'd havo mo run In, I hadn't gono thirty
foot before tho sign blow down. I did sup
poso that tho farmer who kept a Bogardus
kicker at tho gato and a dog In tho barn was
tho meanest man on earth, butthoso city
chaps go him ono better."
"It' sad," sighed tho otllcor.
"You bet It Is, but I'll go down street and
soo If somo coachman won't run over mo and
mako 11 quiet settlement." Detroit Froo
Oottliig Into Deep Wutcr.
I beard a pretty good story Tuesday. It Is
ono of George KlawRon. Ho said that a
friend of his has a bright ray of sunshino, In
tbo shapo of a pretty llttlo daughter, who,
Iiko most children, says soma funny things.
Not long ngo tho llttlo ono, nfter having
been very quiet Tor a fow minutes, askod hor
mother If Uod know all things,
" Yos, ho docx,'' was tlio reply.
"Does ho know all that you or mo dooof"
"Yes, I think ho docs."
"Ma, doc ho know all that I am nolns to
think I" '
"Every thought, my dear."
"How doc ho know It aforo I think It!"
And tho llttlo 0110 looked up Innocently nnd
terribly In enroot. It Is nut stated wbothcr
tho mother answered tho oscr or not. De
troit Sun.
Teaching Her 11 Lesson.
Dnclo Host us (who has caused tho arrest of
his wlfo for assnult) "I want yo' ter gib It to
her, Jedgo, gib her do llmlck ob do law Dls
ain't do fust tlmo sho "faulted mo."
Judgo I'm afraid, aunty, I havo to flno
you tia
Aunty Woll, yo honah, I ain't got 10
Judgo ito Undo Rastus) It'll bo $10, Unclo
Unclo Rastus (handing over tho monoy
with a bewildered look, as who should ray,
This may bo right or this may U wrong)
All right, JodgOidoro'a do money (To wlfo
as they leave court together) Dar, olo
woman, I trus' dls yore sierieuco "11 I'nrn yo
a lesson what yo' won' ferglt." Harjier'
fruit of Kxperlrnro,
Bobby has liccn imparting to tho minister
tho hn'iortaut mid cheerful Information that
bis Ir.tlier has got a new set of fal-v teeth.
"Indeed. Hobby,' replied the minister In
diligently, "and what will bo do with tho
old setf"
"Oh, I s'lioso," answered Bobby, "they'll
cut etn down and mako mo wear 'cm."
IlarH?r's Bazar
On Ilia Itimd to Wi-ulth.
"Wont uro your prospects lu llfrT hor
father sternly askuL
"Well," said tho young man, niodectly, "1
have Invented a new cough medicine, which
I all ready now to Im brought before tho
The engagement was announced o'.-xt day
SomcrvllWw. '
Bomo I'lcnannl Kxtrnrts Culled by
Detroit I'reo I're.
Wo extract tho following from tho Inst
fouoof Tho Arizona Kicker:
I'oon HIIOOTINO. As wo wcro returning to
our olllco from tho Widow Smith's tlio other
ovening (wo havo been sparking tho widow
(or several weeks imst), nnd Just as wo camo
opiotilto tlio old Indian fort, somo crcon
whoso mnuuors certainly need polishing up,
fired four bullets nt us from n revolver Tho
Intent, no doubt, was to kill us. It took us
about tho millionth (xtrtof a second to reallzo
this fact, nnd then wo oponcd out for n run
nnd mndogood our escape.
Wo don't claim to Iw great shnkos on shoot
ing, but If wo can't hit tho editor nnd pro
prietor of a great nnd growing weekly nt n
distance of twenty feet oncu In four shot,
wo will leave Arizona. Wo don't claim to bo
n Chosterlleld, but If our manners permitted
us to lildo nwny Iwhlnd nu old wnll mid begin
iwppiiig nt n gentleman without warning,
wo'd expect to Iw mentioned In tho snmo lino
with n hyena.
'loo Much Talk. Thero Is altogether too
much talk about that mlstnkoof our opular
young druggist of tho Illuo Front which
tent Col. Jim Jackson to his grave. Col
Jim asked for qululno and got strychnlno by
mlstako, but thero nro a good many redeem
ing features. Tho colonel was old nnd lazy,
and loft no ono to mourn his loss. Tho drug
gist Is n young nnd energetic man, who sold
out a coal yard In Chlcngo to como hero nnd
CO Into tho drug business, nnd It must bo ox
ixxjtcd ho will mnko a fow mistakes In tho go
off. Wo call attention to his libera) mntincr
of ndvcrlislug In Tho Ivlckcr. Ho tins as
sured 111 that such a mistake cannot occut
ngnln, as ho hn properly Inbelcd tlio Ixjttles.
Anotiieu Lib Nailed. Our esteemed con
temporary down tho street chnrges us this
week with bulldozing tho business mon of tills
town Into advertising with us. Wo nail th
statement ns a He, mid overy business mat,
will unit It ns a lie. Our methods of necurlnft
advertising havo always been ierfoctly legltl
innto, if 11 man who Med from Ohio tooscapw
stato prison for arson ojicns a grocery hern
wo drop mound for n friendly chat with him,
nnd wo let him know that wo aro posted oil
him. Then wo sot forth our circulation and
Inlluenco, glvo him rates, nnd If ho says ho
iloosn't want to udvortlso that ends It, Whllo
wo advise all to advertise, wo never bullilozo,
as all can testify If bulldozing would secure
advertising tho old clap trap concern down
tho street covered with mortgages would bo
quite apt to try It. Detroit Froo Press.
Will Never Do It Acnln.
Young Dlgby was told to try a Chlnoso
barber In Mott street, and ho did N. B.
Ho Is to lend n "geroinn" In tho ovening.
A flrent Kiiiergency.
A recently appointed policeman was ono
night sent to a rcmoto nrt of tho West
Twelfth street district to travel tho bent of
mi ofllccr who had becu taken suddenly UL
Tho locality was a dangerous ono, and before
sotting out from tho station tho now man was
admonished to Iw sure to call for tho imtrol
wagon If ho got In any trouble. Two hours
later a terrlllc thunder storm nrosa. Capt,
O'Donnell sat In his prlvuto olllco, a number
of oniccrs In reservo Idled about tho squad
room. Suddenly tho telophono Instrument
clicked Capt. O'Donnell heard tho operator
tell tho patrol wngon to go to n certain local
ity "In a hurry."
A "hurry call" Is serious. It means that an
ofllccr Is In need of Immediate assistance.
This cnll camo from tho post to which tho
now man had been sent. Tlio captain
Imagined all sort of dcsiwrato crimes.
"Como on, you mon" ho shouted to tho
officers In tho squad room, as ho rushed out
of tho station and sprung aboard tho wagon,
which was already in tho street. Tho re
serve hurried after him. Fow stopped to
got storm coat. Thoy piled on tho wagon,
tho word was given, and away dashed tho
patrol, rushfng through tho storm thnt In less
than a moment had drenched every man
through and through. Arriving at tho box
from which it had been called, the wagon
pulled up. Capt. O'Donnell leaped to tho
ground, his mon following, Tho policeman
who had called for assistance camo forward
from u doorway
"What's tho troubloT excitedly demanded
tho captain.
"Why, I wanted my rubber coat," replied
tho ofllccr.
And ho Is still on tho force. Chicago
In nilMful Ignorance.
There Is nn 8-yenr-old Uiwrencovlllo boy
who, If ho lives, U likely to Inx-oiiio n second
Artennis U'nrd. Ho wo at school tho other
day when tho teacher was trying to Illus
trate some question of mathematics no moro
difficult for tho ordinary scholar to compre
hend than tho simple proiwsltlon that two
and two make four Sho had made tho ex
planation several time over, but, wishing to
mako sure that tho boy understood, asked a
question of him. II U reply Indicated that ho
had not tho remotest Idea of what sho had
been laboring to mako clear
Tho teacher explained again, then In
quired. "Do you soo uowT'
"No," was tho answer.
Her jiatlence exhausted, tho school ma'am
"Johnny, you are terribly Ignorant."
YcNinni." returned tho youngster, and
then added, with stolid gravity, "where lg
nornnco Is lillsx 'tis folly to be wlsa"
The teacher found it imKwslblo to keep
from laughing, but Johnny did not oven
smile, -1'iiu.hurg Dis'uiirh.
Tln MenncM Town In America.
A rty of drummer retting over Now
Year's were wilted in the ciirrldoi of a lead
Ing hotel thW morning dlorusslng tho char
ucteristlcK of the dilUreut low 11 thoy visit.
Bald ono) "Tho mcumt town In the west Is
in northern Kmi-an, While I win. there last
month they found the dead uNy of nn tin
known men in the streets. In his ixx-kcts
were f Itxi mid a revolver Instead of taking
tho money and giving him u ihnvui burial,
they mralgucd him under the name of Itleh
aril Riw, lined him the (ou for carrying con
n-uleil wciixm, and buried him In the xU
ter's Held In an old plno box. "-Kuusnx City
A fiweel Mon Hi,
Do Smith Don't you think Miss Travis has
a remarkably sweet mouth)
Poseyboy-Sho ought to havo. I furnish
ber with alwut f! worth of caramels, a
week. Burllugton Freo Press,
"A Well Hounded. Happy Life."
If, a it Is claimed, happiness 1 ono object
of living, Is It certain that largo wealth
means unalloyed felicity! Tho possession of
wealth Isn good thing. No ono but n fool
derides thotw who sock to mako money legit
imately, but wealth, when suddenly obtained,
rarely brings contentment. Men must Iw
educated to tho enjoyment of wealth, they
cannot acquire tin art of oven sending
money Judiciously In a moment, or oven tho
knowlodgo ho to uso wealtn to their own
ndvantuga. Men who act pi I re a fortune by
slow degrees ripen Into a knowlodgo of It
proiwr tiHo. Rapidly acquired fortunes bring
with them osplraMoiis which aro uovcr satis
fied Tho world Is npt to protest tho demand
of such men.
You may tnko tho bluo book of nny city of
oven i few years ngo, and there will bo tho
nninc of scons of men who floated to tho
surfaco iixm gildod shingle wh havo nsscd
nwny, nnd tholr brief careers of pros)crlty,
which many, no doubt, envied, havo termi
nated, orhas, In dishonor, but moro fre
quently In xivcrty, tho result of having ob
tained l.i n yenr that which If It had como by
degrees would hnvo boon kept, for then thoy
would hnvo attached n proier vnluo to tholr
wealth. "When 1 swiid borrowed money,"
remarked a siendthrlft, "I don"tsecmns If
I was siendlng anybody's monoy." 80 It is
with wealth. Lightly como, lightly go.
Monoy honestly and lalwrlously earned Is npt
to stick, for tho hand that has hardened and
tho brow that has sweat In securing It aro
powerful reminder of Its pro'wr vnluo. A
well rounded, happy llfo is not to bo built up
by fovcrlsh speculation brought on by a hasto
to become rich; but a llfo reaches Its fullest
perfection nnd ncqulrcs Its greatest capability
for enjoyment when by modernto growth It
root strike deep Into tho soil of cnnnnent
prosjierlty, nnd Its branches Increase slowly
till it reaches fullest legitimate mnturlty.
Boston Journal
Owl mid Man.
Tlio first Is of a singular encounter between
n man nnd nn owl, tho sceno of which has
often liecn (wlntod out to mo by my guides.
Tho oecurreuco Is woll known, and If 1 mis
take not tho hero of Itlsstlll living In Brown
vlllo or vicinity. A teamster, taking lu a
load of baled hay to a lumber camp by the
way of tho old "toto road" from Brownvlllo
to tho Jo Merry lakes, stopjxxl lato In the
afternoon to bait his horses. ULs halt was
under n big yellow birch, mid whllo his
horses munched their oats tho teamster colled
himself up on tho top of his load and pulled
his blanket over him for a llttlo nop. Wheth
er ho slept longer than ho Intended I do not
know, but when ho nwokolt was nearly dusk.
Ho with a quick movement drew his blanket
from hlsfnco, when Instantly hU faco was
pierced deeply by sharp and cruel talons.
This llereo onslaught had been mndo by n
hugoowi, which on seeing his whltofncasud
denly revealed, and doubtless taking It for a
rabbit or somo such animal, had instantly
pounced with all his energy from tho trco
nbovo. Tho assaulted man, frenzied with
pain and terror, and not in tho least knowing
what had seized him, graspod desperately at
Ids enemy, nnd clutching tho legs of tho owl
with 0110 baud nnd Its neck with tho other,
actually by ono wrench tore Its head from it
body How ho extricated tho talon from
his fuco nnd how ho mndo hU wny to tho
clearing and help tho man hardly know.
I bollovo thut by great good fortune his oye3
wcro not destroyed, but for n long tlmo tho
swollen condition of Ids faco prevented him
from seeing, nnd I havo often heard a de
scription of his appearance durlug that period
Forest and Stream.
. Hiully Won.
Nothing tsmoro embarrassing to Its pos
sessor than a reputation which ho has not
deserved A laurel wreath awarded by
chanco becomes absurdly heavy, and tho un
fortunate wearer, though ho may long to
toss it Into tho nearest thicket, Is usually un
abloto tug It from his brows. When tho
Into Professor Mosca Stuart Phelps was a stu
dent at Now Haven ho 0110 morning took a
walk with Professor Newton, who lived In
tho world of mathematics.
Professor Nowton. according to his usual
habit, began tho discussion of nn nbstruso
problom. As ho went deciier nnd deccr, Mr.
Phelps' mind wandered further and further
from what was being said At hi ottcn
tion was recalled by hiscom'ianlon'sTemark:
"Which, you seo, give us 'x.'
"Doc It!" nsked Mr. Phelps, thinking Hint,
In common politeness, ho ought to say some
thing. "Why, doesn't Itf excitedly oxclalmed tho
professor, alarmed at tho osslbllity that a
flaw had been detected In his calculations.
Quicklv his mind ran linck m-r ..i.
There had indeed been a mistake
"ou uro right, Mr. Phelps; you arorlght!"
ho shouted "It doesn't givo us'x:' It elves
us '-.' "
From that hour ho looked upon Mr. Phelps
as a mathematical prodigy. Ho was tho
first man who had over caught tho professor
"And so," Mr. Phelps used often to add,
In tolling tho story, "I nchlovod a reputation
for knowing a thing I hate It' tho way
many reputations aro mado In this superfi
cial world" Detroit Froo Press.
Increase of Noxious Imects.
Noxious insects nro moro numerous nnd de
structive now thnu thoy were fifty years ngo.
Where nature has a chanco to work out her
laws, nil animals, from tho highest to tho
lowest, do not lucreaso beyond proper limits.
Even man himself Is 110 exception to this
great law; but let n break occur in this great
natural chain and It Is felt all along tho lino.
Somo siccles will Increnso enormously, whllo
others nlmost entirely dlsup'Kiir Now, as
insects aro far more mini than ull tho
higher animals, It follows 1 if sonio un
foreseen ovent takes place t...u fuvorsa great
increase of somo noxious sixxios, man Is sure
to bo a great sufferer. And this stato of
things Is oxactly what is taking placo todu .
Tho reader will naturally inquire why tho
boncflcial oucs do not increase ns fnst ns tho
destructive ouos. Tho answer is, tho food
plant of tho lutter has increased enormously
nnd all tho surroundings have favored Its
rapid Increaso, whllo tho other, living iion
animal (Imago food), Is entirely outstripped
by tho vcgotahlo eating sxxios.-Now York
A Trick on tho Dog.
A friend of mlno on tho west sldo Importod
a lino hunting dog from England which
answer to tlio uamo of Short Ho prize tho
nnhnal very highly and ono or hU duties is to
seo every day that Short gets ull tho esereUo
ho wants. HI groom usually attends to
that, but tho other day ho wits busy, so
Short's master undertook the Job himself.
Ho hns n treadmill for this purjioso when tho
groom cannot tnko him out, nml Short wns
hoisted on tliU to tako his first walk. ll had
moro brains than ho was credited with, and
calmly lay down. Ho wanted to tako a walk
out of doors-not oxcrcLso on a treadmill.
Ills master was dumfoundod nt first, but
finally lilt upon tho plan of putting a rat
cage, with n very fat looking rodent In It, nt
tho head of tljo inilL Thnt roused Short; ho
started for tho rat; tho mill began to go
round and Short wnsnMlmMl tn linnn nf If
until ho had walked off a pound of suporflu-
vu iau iiimr xorKBiar.
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