Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, January 12, 1889, Page 4, Image 4

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A Great Offer !
Br rwl1 arraniamant lth Ih r-tiMlihar, w ara
iHa.1 tnf.ltrlhnlitllt rrTwrnlr Valiialfla llnnki
-munaraiMl ami itaaerllwil llow,ollMllf lo rf
atarrtir to ihia tanr for tin ikxiiiik jaar, at lln
tawntar anliafrlpllnn rrlro. Thaaa tamaa, tath an of
Which contain! cointla Aral.rlaMnuTrlornlharwotk
Srs trail knnan n.l ropular author, at Militl.lia.l In
WU pmpull form, primal fioni anml rrxlalla ttpo
am inotl rlfi arw man? of ihrm hamiannit If llliutratN.
ToronrrlMmiirif th flnaatworka vvrrwilltantir
ma if ih arata.t an I moat nrmlar wtli.rMflhof
AmarUaanJliutopa. Kadi ona licoinilela Inll.alf t
Wa.1l. ThaAaat Macula lleaiimaiita. Ritaaaittuit
1MTH Wlnaw llanuTT I'ipim," llnf al !! faaalMl Iwwia
friMUk4 lalli aqaal U In ftra..-i.r....rl" WIJow
Ma. in. tlUaK nrntr' AaWtnlaraala) Nut Viirk,
Pf IS aathar f 'laa Ml.a Skiaaaaa ririn."
'fMaf alia. liana, laataafcla anil vMtcalaaa atrapaa.
A tr4l fcaaiaraaa Smi,
Ma. til. I'rrlVfl KltqaHUI , Haw To Haa?a l
Jtonattt A raiapi.ia aiaaaalfar l.ttt.a anil
ahimiwl tat. at 4.prtmal far all arra.funa, anr4laf la
as aaata al laa Stal toe Llr.
Ha.tll.'a Tralf.l. Tt.atitil.laatalara
art ... iiaiiltar hm ha an I iiuaia. A
sxa4.r4 rma-llla tha aalf a h.ap a.llln.
No. tM. Tk 1'f.aU'a Ftatural lll.larj. Ooalalalnf
rfataraallaf AMrrtplla.. arfaiapaal..! fc? llla.lrallanaalnam.r
.Ma aaaala, WMa, raptUM, fl.a.a ! laaxll, with mack tat laui
loliniilltf manllal llitlr Ilia anil liMti.! Madam llrtltatlaaa. A latfa mllatllan r k
.IMt FrUr raall.llaa, I ptaaa a4 !, tola, laf frvfaH
aVaalalaallawUl an4 amal.ara.
Wa tti. Uatwa'a Harass. A Natal. Br II. Ilioaa Walt Plawara. A Nml, flr Mlaifta dial tan., Taim
lrckl'aVrlM. A Natal. Iir lloatTi
Ma.lM. ItaalkaKrtf. A Natal, tlr StiTtavaCvaa.Ja.
tVa Itt, llranrrlal a, 1a Ijaataama Mia. A
S.T.I, nrM T.filMl. ........
Na.Hl. Tk MUacltmlarra f Jahn Mrkalaaa. A
'ataral Bf naaaar lpialll-ataaina,
..(. TaKlaaa. A Natal. Ilf tha aalkar l "Pota
Ka.M. Hra4 a tk Malara. A Natal. BXIUl
Na.lta. ! Maalj.lwa, A Nattl. Vf Miar CaiiL
H& tit. A Vah4 llaralaa. A Natal. 11 tfra.
Aaai kaartaaa.
Haiti, ilaaila at Kuaaklaa. A Natal. HfCataiat
Ha" tat. Tk llraam Wataan. A Natal, fj Wllaia
Na'tM llraraja Canllrld'a Jaarxar. A Natal.
4lKtrlM'rr"l4tilak' lltU A Nattl. t
aiaaat Waaa.
ty Send In .voir Milmcrlptlon at once
nil remember In dolnjj no now )ou (;ct (lie
Catitai. City Courikii one jenr and
tall tlic.nbove liooki (or only $1.00.
illurr Illock.
3 Missour' Valley Fuel Co. 4
Hell tltn (Htit qualltr of Hani nml Soft
.Satisfaction Guaranteed.
okkiok t
(f RlchanU Block, cor. I ith nnd O. 8
$30 to $60,
Silk or Satin Linings.
Tailor shops that keep
such styles will charge
you $50 to $100. None
can be better made than
-ours. Fow have as big
an assortment of fine
-Coating for Full Dress.
Our fabrics, fitting and
-work are the very best.
$30 to $60 made to
C40Q Douglas Street, Omaha.
A ;ii(ir liirof Mmtrrn 7Ymr.
unncnilTl4iN! On) Yivtr liy Mull or CArrlor I ),K
Six montlH, $IM Thm iiiunth W CVnl, On J
month Oil tiit tnrnrnlity In Adtancn.
InvmiTiaRMKNTa: llnloa rnrnlalipilnn npll Allan
attlmoniw. HHolnlrnliiiniiTimACniilrn la.
CoNTiuiitTTKwai Hliort aplcjr aUrlrlii1, xh.'iii nml
Htorlr. aollclliil. lVrwinnl nml Hoclnl notoa are
rxolalljr ilralrnlilc,
lrlHTlt:nt Wn innku n aKolnlty of Kin I'rlntliiK
In ill III hr 1 11 1 i, Hulitr w iii)cliHy
.Vililmaanllcnmniiinicttlontillrpottn tlmolTloo.
WicsaiCL, Pkintino Co ,
Now llurr lllhck, Cor. l'ilh nml O Hirer').
. U'khhri,, Jit., Blltor nml Solo Proprietor,
Tint Couiur.ii will not Im nwpoimllilo for
ntiy dctitn nimlo liy nny ono In It nnnio, mi
Iiwh ii written onlur aoconiixinlra thu tw,
pro)rrly alKiied.
L. WKSHKt., Jr., l'nip'r.
OivIuk to tlio alcknoKrt our oilltorlnl writer
Inn Ih-ou lumlilo to furnish tlio iiaunliiiuoiiiit
of iinttr coutnliuil In tliU coltiiiin. Wo
alucerttly regret the amnii, lint fix audi inla
rortniien cannot lo avertil, wo nak thu In
iUiIkoiico 3f our rendcni thin week, iroiu
lalni? Hint with our uoxt iaauu thu umiiiI
iitotA of oxwllcnt pnriiKrnpliN under tlila
liend will ngnln rit;ulitrly.
Kliul Itnmnrka Tlmt nr ApprrlHtnl.
Tho OAl'iTAt, ClTV CoimiKit, Llncolu'n ko
clely uuwaptpor, tailed a very cnxlltalilo
holiday uuiubor. Wo coiiKrittulnto brother
WoaH'lon h'n ontorprNo. O nut hit Kceelalnr,
Tho Christum iiuiiiW of tho Lincoln,
Nnb., Oapitai. CiTr Couiukh wa a beauty
tyiograpU'rtlly, and wn ropleto with oxcol
lent article. frxui tho pons of tho able writer
or Nebraska, among whom nro Patrick Knn,
K,, A. I). Hayes, of thn Stute Journal,
Ilolwrt McHuynolds, Col. K. M. Correll of
tho IMiron Journal, Hon. J. 1). Calhoun,
Al. Falrhrothcr, of tho Lincoln Call, and tho
prince of hutimrlHu, Walt Miloii, of tho
Stale .ountul, Thl uinnii)r win a credit
to tho editor and publlilmr of tho pupir it
well a to the city In which It wn published.
Council 1iijT litlector.
Our ClubltliiK Mat.
Ily consulting our announcement in anoth
er imrtlon of this Issue, reader wilt llud that
.v w. ....... ..n ...w uuu..... ...... .u...h. ,- - -
lodleal and mognxlnes they can securo two
ot ubout the price of ono. For Instance, tho
by clubbing tlio CouniKii with foreign per
price of Tki CVnturj I M.00 er year, and
together with tho CoimiKH Ixith in ty ho hud
lor.l a.UO, making tho price ot tho latter only
ono half It rogulnr rate. This Is about the
Mmo on all other paper. If on consulting
tho Hit you do not find tlio ixitier therein that
you want, wo can novortlieles supply tho I
,iino nt aimiltir rate. Ilinvuvor in aiilwarlb- ,
lug ns above, old Niibscrlbor nro ohllgotl to
p ty up nil arrears mid pay n your' hiibscrlp
In ndvatico for tho wipers onlertMl. This I a
cheap way to get two or more p.iHrn.
False Doctoring;.
Tho extent to which tho ordinary services
of the church are understood by tho poor Is
not ensv todotormlno without snoclol Innulrv.
and yot omotlmos tho clorgy como upon
alarming proofs that thing are not so clear
aa they supiwao thorn to ho. It Is not so long
ago slnco a Yorkshire Incumbent, dwelling in
a raJlov whoro tho rwonla nro sunnaiotl tn h
particularly long beadou, told moor n mourn-
(ul oxperlenco which borell blm when visiting
a sick parishioner. Tho Yorkshlremon was
111, very 111, but doggedly opposed to spending
a nonnv unon the doctor. Uo had
(ound, ho thought, a inoro excellent
way, and was accordingly conducting,
with very alarming result, somo oxporunonts
upon hi constitution. Excoasivo devo
tion to a cheap but far from Innocuous quack
modlclno was fast bringing htm to a state In
which medical aid and tho Infalllblo pill would
boollko superfluous. "My doar Mrs. ,"
sold tho vicar to his obstlnato parishioner's
wife, "your husband is realty killing hlmsolf
with thoso pills. It's a roso of suicide a
downright sin." "Yes, sir," replied tho tear
ful partner, "I know It, and ninny's tho tlmo
I'vo prayed against It In tho church service "
"In tho church service C said tho vicar, a
litUo doubtfully; "you moan when wo pray
for tho sick." "Oh, no, sir," was tho rcplyj
"I mean whero wo always say In tho Litany,
lat It, 'From all tho falso doctoring, good
Lord, deliver usl' " Caruhill Magaxlno.
A Trying Experience.
It Is generally high noon wbon tho heat la
fiercest and tho Panama coast looks toast in
viting boforo you arrivo at tho landing at tho
city of I'anama or as near to It as ships can
coma Across tho Intervening loaguo of
bounding billow you may bocouvoyod pA best
suits your purso or pleasure. A pirn an
(bird), with just room enough for tho boat
man and two passengers, cannot bo hired for
loss than (I , and should tho tide bo low tho
last fifty yards of tho Journoy must bo mado
on tho back of a baro legged native over a
stretch of slimy slam. I can testify from ox-, uay " l .' l w "'I""1""-'0"8'""1"-norlenco
that the, few varus aro inoro trvlmr I ,u.c.rJor t0 UwnM ,m,ro Bolld' l mn "
tonervo and Ynnkoo "grit" than n voyago
around tbo world would bo under ordinary
circumstances, Tho Costa Rlcaus aro a puny
race, far Inferior physically to tho sturdy
Anglo-Haximx, and tholr limbs aro alarmingly
shaky when put to tho tost of 140 pounds of
remalo avoirdupois, with probably twenty
Kuuds moro or gripsack, cloak, shawl and
othor iarap'icrnalla, all of which for a fear
ful flvo minute trembled in tho balanco
abovo a bed (soft ouough, to bo sure) of knoo
doojigrocuUbslhuo. Fanny Ward In Phila
delphia Record.
Dog ol Wart
Tho dog corps, long slnco established In tho
French army, lu been recently much In
rroartod, so efUchuit havo theso little soldiers
bocomo. At an early stago or tbo trials tboy
guvo satisfaction us advanco tmtn, scenting
cr hearing a stranger approaching oven In
tho darkneta, and quickly loaruln tho differ
enco between a friendly and a foreign uni
form. The latest trick tho military dog has
learned Is that of carrying dtiatcb( bo
t ween distant sections of an army or reliefs
or re-enforoeineuts presumably advancing
through boftilo country. ticlcntlfla Amort-can-
ITn Write Up AUbama nml tlr. llama.
MojrrooMcnr, AUv, Week Iwforo Ivutt.
Wr nro now In tlio cm tor of tho cotton belt
I Intro not lioen In tho center of n eotton holt
beforo alnco I wtu a chlkL
Hero wo went over, Mr. Rlloy nnd I, to neo
tlin .argo prcfiMiint tho dayllghtJi out of a
bnlo of eotton. Tho old ftulilound cot
ton mjuntter, which worked llko a elder
prtwi, U only utllliol at prroont for homo two.
It put n $40 bnlo of rottou doivu to about
tho alio of mi upright plnno or folding boil
Then It U hnniRht to town, whero n largo,
athlotlo prcm of inoro modern nwclinnlmn
thubi It up Into oiRvfonrtli Ua former alto,
wlillo nhnblu llugeni rooiljuat tho hoop Iron
Tlio old fnahloned prom In oixsratcd by n
tnulo, aupixirlod by n colored limn, whow
wholollfoUit ahorclivn raliii, nnd whowiiy
torn laaattirnted with rout, Tho nuilo wnlkn
around tho ores nnd tho negro romnliui
itatloimry It U tho origin of what luu Imcii
iIiico culled tho trnlk nroutid.
Tho upright of the prom In largo scrotv,
which, n It rovolves, bring tho ruleutlow
Jaw of tho innchlno closer nnd closer to
gothor. Bit bands of hoop Iron nro then
wrnpxd nroutid It, and It Is ready for market.
IJIruilngliniii Is tho most roninrknblo city
In tho south. It Is uioro llko a booming min
ing town than anything elso, nnd looks llkn
I.cadvillo In tho times. Whciiuorodo
Into tho city It was n roninrknblo transition
from tlio old rtylo of Alnlmma towns. Ilwl
moutheil furunoes ynwmxl llko alocpy glnnU,
nml pnlnti-d tho Hombcr sky a gaudy crimson
with tholr hot breath. Uuay Koplo might
havo Ixxjii aeon horo and thcro, going some
wliero Instead of waiting patiently for somo
boily to walk around thorn, or looking re
proachfully at Ktrnngor who hnd boon
brought up to btulucM habits
llirmluhain U n young Kansas City, and
hns city lots staked out so far west, and Kan
sas City lias so many extending east, that
thoro is really only a narrow strip of ground
botweon tho two towns, nnd It is Mug rap
idly bought uiv A now railroad connects tho
two young giants, nnd a fow cholco lots in
ttlthcr-pluco will bo, a good invedtineut for
thoMi who havo Ucomo weary of putting
tholr money into Canadian tourists.
Uinuingham reminds mo so forcibly of a
booming mining town that I remarked to Mr.
IUloy, as wo got off tho train, that all no
needed to carry out tho similarity was an
eornost lynching party. In loss than twenty
four hours n crowd of fi,0U0 peoplo mndo a
party call to tho Jail for tbopurposoof ex
tending tho nock of n gentleman named
llawcs, but after twenty coplo had been
killed at4 wounded by tho ofllccrs tboy re
treated. Hoveral strangers who had novcr
eon n man lynched, anil wanted to bo ablo
to scare tholr children with tho story when
they got homo by telling about it, went to
tho entortalnmont, returning later on by tho
way ui uiu uuuoriaKcr sioro.
Mr. Hawos wo a man who hod on earnest
naturo and a. largo rod ohn club, with which
way or tuo undertaker's store.
ho over and anon attracted tho attention of
his wlfo whuu ho wanted to communicate a
disagreeable truth to her. Uut ho would mot
always feel real sorry about It afterward:
and ono tlmo after ho had broken two of his
wife's ribs in this wnv. ho told her ho could
wo that ho had perhaps boon hasty and given
hor needless pnln. nnd ho bcliovod that ho had
better divide up his attentions between her
and another woman, no that ono of them
could recover wlillo ho gently rebuked tho
So ho married another woman, and this
croatcd a porsoiuil feeling hotween tho two,
(or uo truo wlfo.can bear to know that hor
eoul's Idol U lavishing his kicks on another.
lNight after night tho llrst wlfo would sit up
M nlono counting tho lagging hours, all the
tlmo knowlug full well that her rival was
gutting all tho largo bluo welts over tho bock
which had lu tho happy past been horn nnd
her alono. Thoy bad two llttlo rtrls, which
r. mra was m mo uaiutoi Kissing in
' publlo and kicking acre tho Urosldo
occasionally, and so, when llttlo
May was round lying dead on tho
. horo of Cast lake. Mr, Ilawes was
iilocod in Jail. Wlillo wo wero In Birming
ham tho citizens of tho town druzcod tho lako
and found tho first Mrs. Ilawes at tho bot
tom, with n largo quantity of railroad iron
attached to her. That was nartly what cre
ated a fooling against Mr. Ilawes, and so a
great many of his old uelghbors went up to
tho jail to proNOiit hint with tho freedom or
tho Now Joruitalom, but thoy wcro rolled.
Several or thorn wero bo much so that thoy
will never wholly recover rrom Its effects.
Mr, Ilawes did wrong In tho first instanco In
marrying two women. When a man marries
tw.i women bo Is already on tho downward
road. "Ono wlfo seems to call for another"
In cuch a cose, and thou 111 feeling arises. Mr.
ilawes, of course, then tried to obvlato tho
wlfo ho had at Hrst married, and now pooplo
dlsllko him for it.
Mr, llawcs mado a m'stako, also, in marry
ing n woman, anyway. Uo should havo
married n southern hotel carpet, and then a
llttlo beating wouldn't havo been out or place,
though or course it might havo aroused sus
picion. No man should nccumulato a family with a
view toward eradicating thorn as soon ns ho
bocomca weary of them and desires to bocomo
tho head of another family, for whom ho has
a higher regard. And so Mr, llanos Is in a
very trying jiobltion at thl tlmo. Ho may
wako up, moot any morning now, and find
hlmsolf hi a felon's crnvo. This ought to bo
a Folomn warning to llttlo boys nnd rlrls who
may bo tempted to wlpo out n nrovlous family
j wl"1 a "f"1 mo-
Wo cro having a good tlmo scooting about
over tho country, changing cars two or throo
limes in 0110 night, and lu other ways enjoy
ing ourselves to tho utmost. Wo sloop days,
lecture ovculng, and at night abandon our
solve to ehanslng cars. At llrst wo devoted
tho Hrst hair of tho night to orations, ban
quets and demonstration, but now wo havo
quit, llavlns but ono stomach apiece, and
hu tug about six months of this tour looming
up khcad, with it prospective mirth, initio
aud quail on toast, wo have registered n largo,
not vow on the hotel register hereafter to
suUtltuto on r.ucli occaslousour new ugent,
who bo four stomachs and a vallso, together
i.ti au alluieutary which would ccrtnlnly Lo
ui oruatuvut to any society. BUI Nyo in
Unco a Vi'oeis
Nothlus to Go tlr.
Mrs, Gabl What sort o folks aro thoso
new neighbors of yours f
Mrs. Uadd-Well, I'vo been wt telling their
hack yard (or two weeks, but as they tend
their wash to a laumlry 1 can't toll any thins them, Now York Weekly.
A new volcano Is reported from Tobasco.
Moxlco. It spurts forth largo streams or rod
Tlio nuthorttlos of Derlln havo seized thou
sands of Zola's works, which woro shlppod
thoro from England.
According to tho ostlmatea or Governor
Plorce, North Dakota has a population of
2-Y),000 nnd tnxnblo property to tho value of
Thoro aoeini to bo no limit to the productive
power of Mrs. Ii D. M N. Bouthworth's fer
tile brain. At tho ago or 77 alio announces
that her forty-fourth novel I nearly ready
for publication.
Somo or tho brick houses erected In Eng
land SX)0 years ago aro so comentod togothcr
that tho walls havo to bo blown dowti with
gunpowder whon tho alto U wanted for some
thing modern.
In tho trial of n trado mark suit In Loudon,
England, n phonograph was Introduced to
roproduco n letter nnd other pajwrs. Tho In
strument workod successfully, nnd tho pro
siding Judgo was surprised and pleased.
Wo talk or Immortality, but wo oven do
not know yet what tlmo Is. Perhaps tlmo
has ixxwlbllltlcs that dwarf Immortality, and
wo aro fooling ourselves with tho poorer
choice. I Ait us havo tho very best.
Emperor William of Germany has ordered
tho olllcers or Ills army to discard pointed
English boots nnd wldo creased trousers. Uo
has alxo mado n change In tho royal crown,
which ho considered too high for bis stylo of
Telegraph operators, It seoms, aro develop
ing n dlseaso of their own. Ono or two cases
recently occurred abroad, In which tho
fingernails dropped off, ono after anotbor.
Tlio n (Toe t Ion Is supposed to 1x5 duo to tho con
stant hammering nnd pushing with tho linger
end required by tho working of tho telegraph
A company has locn formed In Now York
to connect the Sandwich Islands with each
other by moans of n submarine cablo, and to
extend this cablo from Honolulu to San Fran
cisco. Previous to Its construction tho pro
jector or tho work will try n tiovol experi
ment. Thoy havo bought 100 pairs or tho
best Imported breeds or homing pigeons and
ha.vo shlpjKxl thorn to Honolulu. From there
thoy will forward a number to each of the
Islands in tho group and establish pigeon sta
tions until tho cablo Is couiploted.
Gcnliiae nml ICrcentrlc.
Genius or this sort then Is not necessarily
at all groat; It Is only unlquo, and In virtuo
or its uniqueness for tho most part Interest
ing. Not that all eccentricity mid originality
artakoof tho naturo of genius either ; thoy
must havo combined with them mmo consider
able element of distinct do vcrnoss.or tho result
(inorcly In an eccentric or an original, not in
a genius properly so called. Wo havo all
known many eccentrics whoso eccentricity
was far Indeed from being cither amusing or
curious; It succeeded merely In making Itself
supremoly annoying or absurd. Out tho gulf
that separates tho mcro original from the
truo genius Is often ns narrow as tho gulf that
, intervenes botweon tho subllmo and tho ridic
ulous. Evorybody has mot odd people, who
lived by themselves In odd rooms, who said
and did odd thugs, and whoso veriest com
monplaces had always about them somo lin
gering flavor of misplaced wit and ludf mad
imagination. Such queer peoplo, with their
dash or Insanity, havo not Infrequently a
dash of genius aa well, only In their caso tha
dlvlno spark has cither novcr been supplied
with sufficient fuel, or uovcr blown up by the
breath or appreciation into even n struggling
nnd tcntatlvo blmo. Yet who shall say what
tiny oxtrn twist ,ln a special direction turns
'any ono or thoso undiscovered cranky souls
Into n Dickens, a Heine, n Rabelais, or a
Cervantes! Tlio llttlo additional twist makes
to us, tho recipients, all tho difference; but in
the brain and mind of tho man himself, how
InUnltetlmaUy small must bo tho peculiarity
of fiber or energy that ultimately deter
mines it. Gnuit Allen In PoDtilar Science
Leaders in Photography.
JfEU 5
Wc mak a apcclalty of the celebrated
Life klzcd pictures and (urnUli the flnctt
work nt lowest prices.
Best Cabinets $3.00
Klegnnt line of Picture Frames In stock
and made to order. Call nnd see u.
1026 O Street. LINCOLN, NEB
issued iMaroh and Sept.,
each year. It Is an ency
clopedia of usoful Infor
mation for all who pur
chase tho luxuries or tho
neoessltios of lllo. Wo
can clothe you and furnlah you with
all tho uoooasary and uunocessary
appliances to ride, walk, dauco, Bleep,
eat, fish, hunt, work, uo to church,
or stay at homo, and in various sizeo,
stylos and quantities, J lint flguro out
what Is roqulrod to do all thoso things
COMFORTABLY, and you oan mako a fair
estimate or tho value or the BUYERS'
QUIDB, whloh will bo sent upon
reoolpt of 10 cents to pay poutago,
111-114 Miohlgan Avonuo, Chlco, IU,
Best Holiday Presents !
H.1tf. 10th st, under Y. M.O.A.
lias a Flue Stock sultublc (or the HOLI
DAYS, Including
Sets or Single Volumes ot the Best Authors
Teachers, Family and Pocket MULES.
Albums, Children's Picture and Story
Books, Etc., Etc.
Browning, King & Co.
Wc advertise and handle no questionable goods, but
GUARANTEE every GARMENT we SELL to be the
best made. There is something so different in the character
of the goods we manufacture that a customer once made by
us always remains our patron.
Simply by giving the customer the right to come
direct to the manufacturer and buy his Clothing without
paying any
Agents or Middleman's Profit.
Remember Our Motto : One Price and That the
Replete with
Safe Deposit Company,
Will open for biiHtncFS nt tho bank room on tho corner of V nnd 11th Btrotn.
Wednesday, January 2d, '89
Capital Stock $250,000.00.
Interest allowed on deposits of (lvo (5) por cont for nil full c'nlondnr months. Deposits or
ono dollar, nnd upwiirdK, received.
Tho Hnfo Deposit Vault prnvlilo a plnco of sufo keoplnit for tnonoy, Jewelry, cold and
silverware, valuable papers, tltlo deeili, inortungeH, and valuables ofuny description. Per
oot Mocurlty nvnlnst burglar and ilro. Huron routed at niodernto rontuls, from 15 upwards,
pneo In llru proof storage vaults for rent at reasonable rental.
President ami Manager.
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