Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, November 10, 1888, Image 4

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    .iiiiiiiiiiitiiilifciTtivwrTw''ii;-w'''t'"''.ig mi ', iiiimitiaimt.MMmn,mmni"ww,i-"w 4 iJuBwwif 41 ?". W
IWI'IW '' WWtWMXWW M 111 liw.iwlilllia.llillll' WW wA-H -"V - "
:"x""- V'-tzrSVTTSSSS. " ::rTgyg-agantrat
- r r-r. rt-f r-y1 - ' 'W.iWr i 11 I p. WTn-TffTnw. w a wfcMj
MT nlTeri ""' l,i"'" "f l'lp I"11')' where '
liliirm li I'mlir mo I' found. Hut tMtnttll nf
llio tio.ul I I y f r tin' tiii'xt common, nml tin)
Most llil'l' t Ik lii'gtiTti il. It r.iiiiinl I hi
riirnl lij I'W1 iippllentli'in. HoIur n cointl disease It leipilics
Ringing a cousllliitliiiuiliriniMy llko
M I Hood's Nills.lpiUlll.l, Which,
riOIUOU workliiB IIiiiuirIi the Mood,
cr.nllMlcs tin' linpurll) Mhlchr.iiiM'snnil pro
motes the cnl.irili, nmt sunn effects a potm.v
unit euro. At tho Mine limn Hood's H.trsa
imlll.t builds up the whole) Mem, nml nukes
ono fori renewed In MroiiRlli
nml lic.illh. K Jim Miller ImpUlO
front r.itnnli, Ik) sure to nirtnrl
try Howl's H.iMnp.irlll.i. iwwm
"I used Hood's for cntnrtli, nml
rcoclvcd relief nml lienellt fioni II. Tint win cry illviijrceahlo, especially lit
tliu winter, causing constant ilMclmo'o from
my nose, rhiKliiR noises
Hood's In my ears, nml pains In
Cnrannnrllln "'11 ,,!Kk: "' WY head.
anruuiuriiiuT0 oltort , rll,ar iy in llin innrnliiR by hawking unit splithi
was p.ilnful. Hood's Harsapnrlllit nno mo
irilef Immediately, wlillo In t lino I was cm
lirety rured. I ntn tiescr without llio incill
cine In my homo as 1 lliluk It
Is worth Id wclRht In gold." CUTOQ
Mil (I. II (tllllt, 10-Jl i:itlllll fnnrrU
M,N W., Waslilimloii, 1). ('. n
' I was troiihlcd with that innio Iiir license,
mill c.ilnt ill, nml uoi'r found relief till
1 took Hood's H.irs.iparlllii." .1. I.. Knurr,
MarkMiur)!, Ky. N. II. Ho sure In (jet
Hood's Sarsaparilla
txilitlirnllilriiRKlitt, l ill for JJ. Prepared ontr
bj 0. I. HOOD A CO., Apulliui-itilut, Iwoll, Mill,
100 Dobos Ono Dollar '
New Jewelry Store,
.019 O Sited. Established 187.).
Peliwt Inenll Pie uttentlniv of llio public to
lilt now nml He mint stock of
Watches, Clocks, Jowelry, Sllvorware,
lliivinKinurninnintniircoiumndiito t tin I nolo
nml show 11 lunar linn Hum over llofuro pur-
cIiiihIiiu, hImi iiNiienll nml wo will kIhiw ymi
Dm llueNt lino lit loweit pniilliln prleex.
Watch Repairing nnJ Engravlnfj
Neutlv done mill nil work wurriililetl.
Palace Bath Shaving
Ladles - and - Children's - Hair - Cutting
cou. ta & o sts., nm:v nuuu hik
Steam Laundry,
3i7-33t N. I Jlli Street.
C. J. Pratt, Prop'r.
Q. I. Maktin, City Solicitor.
Fine Laundry Work a Specialty
Ice Cream and Oyster Parors
Bakery and Confectionery.
1 1 31 O Street
Fatullic ami Parties supplied with nil
delicacies at short notice. Ice Cream for
paity br private ouler all ihirlnj; winter
icasou. Telephone 57.
Diamonds, : Jewelry,
Repairing and Kngraylng a Specialty.
ttG Ho. Tenth Stroct-
Is tho noxt tlilmr to n Savings Hank. Tho only
illirercnco U wo ulvo vou
Real Leather Shoes
Instead of Paper Koleil Shoes, for the same
or lei-i dollars Uial tlicotlierseharge for shod-iIIi-h.
Wo sell them on their merits, 'llio
oheupest nud best placo In America for Iteul
I.ciillier HIiooh for the sumo amount of money
Hoincmuorllio pluco. 11)11) 0 street.
A Ihimtn lipcrof Miutrm Timrs,
l-'ijiii.iHiit'.n Satiiuijay
tfriMPiili'NO'H One Yonr y Mnll or Cnnler i,n)
M iiunitlK, JIM Tlireo iiiimtlHM Cuntu, On
moiitliAKVnt tnvnrnlily In AiHnlien.
liKUTliir.Mr.NT(i: ltnle furnUlieil on nppll nllu
nt Hie oflliv. Hieelnl rnle on Tlnm Contm I.
Co.vriiuiiTinNn: Klmrt Kploy nKelelieK, H'ini nml
Moileimiilk'Unl, IN-rwiiml nml Kwlal unlet ere
eiMHlnlly ilelmlile.
I'lUNriMi: W nmke a Melnlly of I'lnn 1'rlnlliiK
In nil lln Iminelie. Hoelelv work it nal illy
AiMrt"M nil ooiiinumloilliiinnllrectlii tlio ofllee.
WijHMUi. Pkintino Co.,
1' t II I.I 11 It i: It H.
New llnrr Mock, Cor. I'illi nml O Hlrrr'.J.
Tr.i.ri'iio.vr. iV).
U Wi-Hsr.t,, .In., Mlllor. N. Ham.. Hum. Mr
Wai.t Mahd.v wiim Hid only pei-noii In Un
roll! Mho Mileil for I Id vn I,ihI(mmk1, Ho
Iiiim rceelveil 11 p'l'Hounl letter of tluniKx fioin
Hint iIMIiijiiIm1u,I liuly.
Tin: two liumluil Ami Ailmr xtuilniilM
ivlelirntisl lliillouo'en m) vloionily Hint
llniM'of tliein luinlel In Jill, wero ilnulitles
IiiImiiIii); nniler tlio liiipiesilon Hint It mum
TllKUKnii) i-l;lity illvoivo oiihom to I in tried
nt llio 110U term of l.iiiicnMer roiinty ill
triet eoiiit TliU lin very stroiiK pleeo of
evidence Hint mirrliiii In eouililoriililu of 11
fnlliiro In tlilMcoimtry.
Tiik.ui: Imii mill living In llni'iNim-i;, I'n ,
mIio Iimm npeut (nent)-iiltio yeniM In IhmI.
Tlio iivernso imllvlilittl, 011 un-iikeuliiK IIii-h-eolil
moriiliiK', often wishes for 11 fuwhoiiiH
of those twenty nine yenm.
Vi:i.l.. tlio liultlo Ik over nml tlio iuidoin
nml jK'oplo Konenilly will nlvn iimii ronton
iolltio4. After thu ovorproduetloii of poll
Ilex In thu past throu or four months, nlinost
nny HiibjiK't, oven thu wvuthcr. w III ho prefer-
MiuTiiomim It. KiMii.M.i. liiiHUrn for
titilly I'oullrmoil 111 Kenernl milliliter of llio
Union I'lieillo rout, 11 iMisltloti he Iiiim prnell
e.-illy lllleil ovor sluoo tlio tlenth of thu Into
Inmuiitett Tliomii J. I'ottor. Mr. Klmhnll In
thoroughly itmvormitl ulthovery ilepnit
mentof inllroiullni;, nml hU nppolutmeiit
intHts with tlio approval of overyono.
Uuiiyomi); filcml, lllon Colo, of tlio (Iruml
IhIiuiiI TlinrH, U ono of tlio ih femhiutM in a
hit,' libel milt HroiiKht by H. N. Wolhneh,
ilemocnitlo eniullilii to for statu senator f 1 0111
Hull comity. Mr. Colo mum formerly n proiu
luent mombor ot a h oMorn Mielety piiHr at
Dew MoiiiOM, but wo illil not uxpevr that In
would ho kooii blossom Into piximlneni-o llko
he linn,
Till. inniin;ciiieiitrt for rooelvliiK election
retuniH In thu city thU year wern notoworthy
of approval. Four yeuw uro tlio only lecieii
lion ono enjoyed wns lioldlii down a lamp
In front of the Jonnud'H bulletin liimrd. The
ivpubllcniiM bnd tho oH.'ia house, tlio dcino
crats a store 100111 In Miisonle Temple, whllo
bulletin IkwuiU nt tho Joiunnl olllcoaml M'V
ernl IioIcIh nml saloon kept nil ii.foriuul.
Tho lepubllnin state couiinitteo could ha vo
limuortallziMl Itself hud It secured 11 stereop
ticou and tliiowu rotmim us I hoy anno 111 on
n bl);sipinro canvass suspended neu.s O
stixt-t. .
An Allmiiy pliyslelnn sjiys that smoking Is
not good for any man so far aa Ids pliyslclnl
condition U concerned; thnt It tlocn so simply
by diverting a iimn's mind from hlmtclf and
linn oliJcctM thnt worry him. "Nothing,''
sayH lie, "rvipilrcH morn nttentloti to It for Its
enjoy meiit than 11 cigar. It U not tho taste
of tho totiacco that ono enjoys. It is looking
nt tho smoke, iuhnling and vmelliug it, and
knocking otr thu ashes. All theso things di
rect tho mind and so drive dull caio away."
This is on thewiino prluclplu of n mini drink
lug whisky, not boeuuso ho liken thu tnsto of
It, but hocuusu of Its elTet't.
KitOM an islitoriul in our hist kstu 1 mini
lcr of thu CouniKu'ri friend have taken thu
Idea thnt thu paper was stauiiehly demo
cratic, ami simply lcauso saidarticlu shuweil
a tuarkeil prefeivmii for Mr. McSliano for
governor. TIiIm is a givat mlstnko, for wivo
Mr. McSlmu nud 0110 or two others, thu
privnto sentimuntM of thu CouiitKit havo al
ways Ikhmi fiYoly expressod for tho
repuhllcaii ticket, and as statoil thu iwison
w 0 fa vored McHhaiio w as liocauso wo favor all
things when thu young men aro iiiterestu I,
Mr. McHhane, comp.irativuly sjionklug, is a
young man, and being a papor dovotvil to
thu "coining men," It Is, of course, our duty
to champion their cans. Wo trust our iosi"
Hon is cleat ly understood.
Tin: history of popular suffnigo is con
stantly confirming ami denionstruting tho
wlvlomof tliopliut that gives tlio ballot to
all thu M.xplo. Thuro is nothing moro clear
tluin Hint tho wny to get tho majority of
men to do right or to try todo right, Is to
glvo them free opportunity of choice, nml
then apply motives. Tho masses of men aro
instinctively patriot!'', nud they lino tho
country mid ti institutions; nud they lino
advance and pi-orcs. The history of llio
ballot In this country i tho his'ory of secur
ity and honesty. Tho ballot is tho only edu
cation that puts every man to our common
school, and doninnds of ench his honest cou
victiou 011 questions of public, import. Out
only dnngor U from overdoing suirrngu and
uselessly multiplying nptwili to tho ballot.
Try tho delicious dinners nt Cnrdcr's.servcd
dally. Thoy compi 10 soap, choicest meats,
vegetables, pastry, etc., all for twenty llvo
coals. Kverj thing i nicely cooknl, neatly
served, ami tlio prleo Is Jut 1 iglit for every
body. Uncoil! lluohitml IIiikriiro Line.
Telephone- H 201. meat market, U:17 O
streot, or No. JW1 Hvcit Ixun. Order slatos
nt miiiio places and U. P. ticket oIHl-c, corner
Eleventh and O stixi'ts. Hnck fctnnds, Capi
tnl Imti'l nml meat market.
vjA. ..jiy'ifc j& :
Infill million A limit Pretty tloiitl (leur,
New Walhliu (towns nud it Number ol
Oilier Yuilotic of IV111I11I110 Apparel.
OIImi llitrper's r.nliiliiliiln I.(li'r.
!rtcliil CVirn'spniiileiiep 1
Ni:v Voitu, Nov. 0. Tlio .past fow
ilnya havo Ihi-h iiotnblo iw far im "open
iiigH" i;o, nud I triotl with nil my liwut
to nco llioin all; but I i;ot ho towanla tlio
last that I could not (ell what I had aeon,
nor wlint thoy wn cnllod, nor what they
looked Illto. My mind was like a liulci-
n:t.T hat.
Nl'.W P1XT. Tl'HL'AN.
pi.uiiu NONnnscmi'T.
iloscope, lllleil wllli 11 coiiftiKcd inntsuf
color:) nud niaturlalrt, but now I bcin to
loiiK'inbcr each thing iiopnrnti-ly nntl will
try mill toll about homo of them.
Tho most nrlstocratlo placo In Now
Vorlt linil nn nrray of imixirtc-ri hats unil
iMHiiiutH which mljjjht well oscuso n poor
fashion writer for insanity, for they
woro not only liowlldorlng !u to color,
ai7.o and Kcncrnl get tip, but nlno tho
priccu taclccd to each wna enough to htaj;
Bit tho r.trongest intellect, let nlono
mini. Llttlo litimllcH of velvet, laco cm
broidery nud chicken featheni that you
could hold on ono hand cost nil tho wny
from y:l5 to 07."). and not ono of them
could havo coat over $11 or $8. Millinery
must Ikj aa prolltablo an Col. Sellera' oye-
water, which wild for CO cenla tier lioitlo I
and cost 31 a barrel to prepare, and, liko
that, too, tho 111010 bonnets you havo tho
moro you need.
Ono Hippy red velvet totpio had tho
veivet inasseu in mint lor tlio solo trim
ming, with tho exception of two
palm leaven in jet, which were sown
to llio 111(10:1.
A gray velvet bonnet lmd a stripo of
wliito velvet, braided with gold braid,
laid down tho middlo of tho crown, and
on tho left wero two llttlo whlto chick
ens alllietod with tho pip. On tho right
iddo of (ho front wan a gray velvet 1kw.
This bonnet was only $:(.". They proba
bly tool: Into consideration tho medical
treatment and doctor's bill of tho unfor
tunate little chickens.
Thero wna an emerald green velvet
tocpio which had tho velvet tacked
lootely all over tho frame, and with
folds massed in front for trimming,
amidst which perched a blackbird with
outspread wings. This was handsome,
and co.t $10. I nizo It up thij wny: Ono
yard lino cilk velvet, 3; ono blackbird,
$2; ono frame, 15 cents. And all tho rest
h for Ltylc, or chic, an tho Trench call It.
They pronounce chio ai Hhcolc, which
about cxprcisra the matter, for it must
require an unbounded cheek to ask such
A very pretty evening lxmnet was of
loppy colored tulle, with a Ikiw of wide
rihlxm of tho name tdmdo, with long ends
which could bo used aa strings or left to
hang down tho back. The tullo was
Hhirrcd and the bonnet pretty enough to
warrant tho price, $30, though It could
not havo cost $.".
Tliero wero many bonnets, turbanaand
toques of Persian goods, trn tliey call it,
which mcana a sort of material llko tho
old brocho uhawls, with hero and thero
a gold thread allowing. Theso bonnotu,
though co plain, are marked very high,
and I empposo that is chic, too.
IHack velvet, dark green, and red enter
largely into all winter millinery, nml
particularly fashion Ij lxirtial to a kind
of coppery red. I noticed ono Tosca (
iKDiinel with a uhirrcd velvet brim in this i
color, which bet out Ixjyond tho face over
ton inches. A,n cuonuous bow of rilibon
of Uie tutmo ohade wan fastened upon tho
crown. This costs 73. Thero 13 much
line bowing in tho shu-ving, something
unusual Li millinery, which depends
moro on pins and iaHto than bolid work. ,
Thero wero novoral liandsomo tiirbnna
uiado of phciisant's, cWckep'n, duck a
and turkey u breast f6athert. Indeed, it
would nppear thnt fashion had depopu
lated tho barn yard. The feather tur-
uana aru ivnuv very iA,uuiiiiii rs llio 1
iridescent fcathera aro used, and tjiov
uveraqi cai.11 uiiier ru as iu looit very nai
ural. Any ono, with patienco, can mako
a feather lint or bonnet, provided thoy
havo tho fowls to furnish tlio f.calhers.
Tho bhaio bhould bo cut out of net,
and tho edges should bo bowii over wiro
nil arcimd, and then a lavcr of cotton
batting tihould bo tackled strongly to
that, and tlili again covered witlt net,
and then tho feathers should bo glued on
overlapping each other all (ho way, nl
ways working so cs to leavo tho quill
tioints exposed last, and cover them with
tho noxt feather, Tho result will bo
very satisfactory. Tho crowns of tho
toques or turbans can bo of any material
velvet, felt, dro:3 material to match
co3tumo3 or silk, or moro feathers. A
tasteful lady can mako beautiful bonnets
to. Tho tuft trimming b mado bv strip-
plntr the pile from hinjrer fonllipm nearlv
to (no cud, ninl clipping tlio rest intc
fanciful sluipcH.
Tilt liati for vnti'iK ivomcn arc linnd
sojiu' and miltabL1 mid nut no ery ileal
ni th" other i,tli, and tluv can be
tilinnu'd in alinont nny way tlielr tntvi
dlctaleii. Tlii plui.Ii cailcatiire of a hat
which looliH like an old fashioned Iron
pot put on updil" down l.i oiiL' of tlmsi
"ciTalloim" (hat i-nst a lot of
money and aiv called "iM-rfcciU killing'
by (ho 10 who Illto tu lool( dlirerent fioin
anybody else, ami tlicic niv always
enough of.that hind in Now York to jjiu
vaticty to tlii" i.eene.
You will often nee tin? girls who like tc
look iliirneut from any others with their
brolheni' tenni.i cainon in the htreet.and
Hometlnii'ujou will heootheni with jockey
capH, or oven a tiding hat, walking ulutij;
and leveling in tlio notice they attract.
Ik M
Just now It 1 1 to bee who can get tho .
longest, (lulllest boa. I uiw ono yester- 1
day that win 1 cully r.unerb. It wa-i of
tho very longest ostilch feather pile,
cream mixed with warm brown. In ,
fact tho ond.i wero tipped with brown. 1
I ho boa wits thrco yatiH long and cer
tainly llfteen Inehea in diameter.
Tho wraiui and cloaks aro now bo lone
and ainplo that Bcarcely a bit of tho dress j
shown. In tho illiiiitratioii aro shown 1
tin eo of tho most Rtriking ouch of tlio
season. Ono it of thick inatcl.tsso r.ill; 1
nml armme. Little plush ball 1 eilgo tho
front and green, wing shaped pieocii.
Tho doublecapesareliimuieil with pluah.
Another 1 1 of thick, Kjft wool in shades
of fawn and brown. 'J'he ilcevo plecis
aro inoiv like slings than fheve.i. Tho .
front baa a border and high collar, as '
well an rolling collar of curled Astrakan.
In tho back at tho waist lino hn licit
bivlogno with haniLonio pendant jet
ornament:!. 1
Tho third l of iiruno colored cmlunsed '
velvet, with u rich nalo blue cashniero
front, tho wliolu trimmoil with widu 1
bands of golden Ivnx fur. With thij ,
giva a tiny muir which lonl.-i ai mueli I
like a slumping bag in it can bo mailo to
look. It i 1 of th" clou!: I
1 saw r.omo other cloak'i which were '
very baud-onto. One wan of black ma- '
telasse ailk with a lil.u'k 'fur collar and
bands, and a very lieautiful jrt ornament
In tho back. Another was of Thibet wool
with quito thick Hiiro, in light gray and I
utono color, diamond pattern. This had I
no fur trimming, but liad a tliiiTy fringe I
of Angora goat hair silky and grav. An-1
other w:u a rediinroto of Unlit drab hav- I
udi'io wool with faint brown pattern till
over. This had a (nil trimming of bands
of golden lynx which harmonized with
tho colors in thu wool.
Homo very pretty and r.tvlislt new out
door costumert next r.trucl; my eye I
ray cyo bcc.mso tho other ono was 'llxcd
V1 a U?,!rVlnlll1 1,IP? n,ro l,st,'"-''
f".1 T nlil'e:,lioi,1 ,f y Intly who likta
lo ,ook l,rett' an1 l'1Wt t once.
That ono which has the vest front nnd
braiding i.i of dark green vigogne, nnd
tho braiding h of black chenille and sim
ple braid. This Ij, however, now often
simulated i'i otnuiped goods, on purpose
for Biit'h trimming; nnd many diiroront
material.) have bueli printed patterns as
trimming which go witlt tho dress pat
tern. Tlio vest i 1 of wood colored surah.
Tho hat u of lined felt, with wide riblxjn
bow 1.
Tho plaid suit h of fine twilled sorgo
in dnrlc blue, and plaid Scotch wool 111
Oolx.'liu blue, dark blue nnd grav. Tho
hat Ij of dark bluj felt, with a tuft of
shaded ostrich plumes.
Tho other suit Ij of small check plaid
cheviot iu green and terra cotta, with a
bayadere ctrliied skirt in thoKimo colors,
laid in very deep box plaits.. A walking
jacket, witlt bayadero striped vest nnd
felt bat, complete a very pretty costumo
for a young lady.
Tho tea gown of which I npoko was
lovely and of pink brocaded Mil: with a
front of Urussa gauso looso and held
witlt a pink ribbon tied in deep Hots.
Tho front of tho gown is Fedora shnjio
and tho sleeves hang to tho bottom of tlio
skirt. There hut.njii in tho back in
which the breadths of tho brocado open
nud let fall a fan uhnpo of tho Drussa
You see I do not forget that life is all
a holiday, nnd thnt some of us must weep
nnd wear somber nyntboU of mourning,
and thero is fashion in mourning as well
as iu wedding gowns. Moro costumes
nro mado with sweeping trains than be
fore for many Hcasonn, and all carrlago
and homo mourning gowns nro mado In
that way. Widows' caps aro now made
pointed, nnd tho j)int reaches to tho
parting of the hair on tho forehead.
Veils nro not so long, and few wear them
over tho face. No collar or crepo lino of
wliito la permitted us a relief. It must
bo all honilxr black.
I notice among tho nowest goods somo
black luster, or old fashioned silk alpaca,
which is very lino and beautiful.
The lii;;li 11-JM.Uii'J in till.o nru thoso
with woven patterns, or cmlroldc rlct, or
Persian htriiea which tako half tho
width. Tl-.oo nro, when nrsle, cut in
two and tho plain goodj pleated owv tho
patterned iu panels. Home cf ll'.cui have
a broculed etripa on a heavy Lyons bntin
in black cr coloro. Thero nro also boiiic
glace rilk j cf colore, with indis
tinct patterns, which nro very beautiful.
Aloo bating and silks with bvocadea ol
gold flowera. Ouye IlAiimt.
A cough is usually tho symptom of
Ftuiin disease, the character of the
cough denotes the nature of the disease.
A cough slmuM mer be .suppressed
hit the di'M'iiM1 cured, then tho cough
will slop of Itself The most common
disease that causes coughing, is a cold.
When a person cold, tunny of tho
air cells of the lungs beeonio obstructed
wllh mucus, the coughing is nn
elloil of nature to relieve tho lungs and
dial is the lirst mid most important
thing lo be done in treating a cold.
Tln lungs should be telieved and tho
"(cretions opened Which Is the best ac
complished by glUng Chamberlain's
Cough llcmedy. ills theonly prepara
I I'm in use that will cause the expulsion
of unions from llieaircellsof the lungs.
It also renders the mucus 1"sm tenacious
nnd easier to expectorate anit opens tlio
secrcllons.aidingnature in rellevingtho
lungs and fieetng the .system of all mor
bid matter alleetually curing the cold.
It acts in perfect harmony with naturo
and Is the only preparation In common
umo that does. Natures way Is to open
l ho .secretions, render tho mucus less
tenacious and easier to expectorate and
relieie the lungs and thai Is precisely
ll.e ellect of Chamberlain's Cough
Itoincdy. "Now do wo know
that is natures way?" Ilocnuso if your
sstem is strong enough to stand it
nature, will iu time relievo it of Un
told without the aid of any medicine
and (hat is just the way it goes about it,
but many an "iron constitution" has
been sevcrly racked by leaving naturo
alone ami unaided to do the work. No
0110 can nllonl to neglect a cold, as
catarrh and chronic bronchitis are
caused by neglected colds. When a per
son has a cold the mucus membrane
lining thu air passages of the head,
throat and lungs is inllamed, the Inflam
mation how ewr is "acuto" and can be
cured, if not cured but kept up by
I he cold or by a succession of colds
w hlch is a er.v common occurrence, the
iullammatiou becomes chronic, and if
in the head, is known as catarrh; if in
the wind pipe and branches of it ex,-tending-
to all parts of the lungs, it is
called chronic bronchitis Neilhercat
arrh nor chronic bronchitis can be per
manently cured, as when apparently
cured, a cold will bring tlient on
again and every succeeding cold will
aggravate them. These are facts which
no observing person can deny It is of
(he utmost importance that every cold
be cured as quickly ns possible nfter
the lirst symptoms appear and it has
been abiindently proven that thero is
no medicine that will cure a cold in
less time than Chamberlain's Cough
Keinedy. besides it leaves tho system in
as healthy a condition as it was beforo
tho cold Wits contracted.
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