Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, October 13, 1888, Image 1

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Vol. 8. No. -4A
The llntpriirlsltiR Men Who do lluslncsit
In Till Coiiiincreliil Mnrt.
O Htrift, tho lcmlliiR mxl ""'it prominent
trrtof I.hieohi.reprcsentsinorocnpllnlthnn
nil other streets combined In tlio city, nntl its
business men nro wideawake nml fully up to
tho timed. It Is tho Intention of tho CoimiKit
to itrt'noiit to Its renders n complete review of
the limine Interests of tho street, showln'g
whit hns lieen ilono of late, who nro in busi
ness on tho street, nnd wlmt thoy nro doing.
On tills street nro tho largest bunking Inter
ests, In fact, tho entire- banking of this city,
among them being:
Tho State National Imnk, with n capital of
irK,tX)0 paid In nntl n surplus of J2(1,(XK). Tho
olllcers nro well known Lincoln men, nml de
serve soelul mention for their Improvement
of sidewalks In Trout of tho building.
Tho First Nntloiml Imnk, with n Piid In
capital of fc'JOO.OOO. Its ollleers nro: John
Fitrgernlil, rres.; v. u. Miur, vii l w ,
nml John U. Chirk, Cashier. Their surplus
nnd profits wero r9,WKUB nt their lost stnto
incut, with iIl'kmIu nmouutliiir to tl.tHW,-:
.117 tso. '
The Nehrnskn Savings Imnk, corner Thlr
teenth nnd O streets, rlimiRiil from I In former
locution Febiunry let, nnd since lt removal
hns Increased largely In business. Tho Lin
coln public schools Inivts oilopted this brink ns
n saving Institution for school children, by
which nny nmount from ten cents upwards
may o de-ioslted. Mr. L. C. Humphrey Is
8. P. Stevens & Co., 1207 O, lmndlo nil
kinds of lino tens, coffees, spices nnd fancy
groceries; telephone ll2.
Ilupert & Cummlngs, 1120 O, n general 1'no
of smplo ami fancy fcrocerh.
O. W. Closson, 1107 O, wholesale millTclnll
roeorlcs, fruits nml vegetables.
Cook & Johnson, Hill O, stnplo nnd fancy
Tho Capital (Sty grocery lmndlo n general
lino of stnplo nnd fancy groceries, nnd is one
of tho lni'gest grocery stores in theelty. Thoy
nlso linvo a Btoro nt Twenty-seventh and
Mr. "William Hauling, l.UW O.mnkes no
specialty except cml, honest weight nnd
measures nnd fair Healings. Hls'trndo Is sec
ond to none in tho city. Ho runs two deliv
ery wagons.
C. M. Sells handles stnplo nnd fancy gro
ceries nt 13150. Telephone 020.
1. Andrewi, IMVO, runs n general store,
groceries, provisions nnd liy goods dry
goods which liois celling out nt cost. Mr.
Andrewm is giving' a clmucu for n lino organ
with every $5.00 worth of groceries Iwuglts of
Coyle & Smith, 11318 O. lmndlo fresh nnd
Kilt meats. They nro rilwnys abreast of tho
times and lm.o nil thollehcnclesof tho season.
Clr!pmuu& Sheen Iravo n neat butcher
shop with n general lino of fresh wilt
K. S. Sayro has lately located on tho corner
of Sixtentli nnd O.wlth n general lino of
groceries, fine f rutls nnd vegetables. Ho hns
a very neat store.
Ashby ei MilNpnugh, tho most extensive
dry goods dealers in the city, nro located in
tho opera house b'ocl:. They make n sjteclal.
ty of fine dress goods and clonk".
Jilt-H. W. K. (tnsKr, 1110 O, has n general
llnoof millinery nnd fancy goods, ladles nnd
rhlldrenV clonks of every description. Mrs.
(oser is u llrUcIass trimmer, nnd guarantees
nil work.
M. Ackernmn, corner Twelfth and O, gim
era! millinery nnd fancy goods stcie. Berlin
ix-phyi nml materinls for fancy work n spe
cialty. Tho Famous is solo agent for tho P
D. corsets.
T. Ewing.& Co., llXCI O, rrprofent tho
clothing trade of tho street. They handle all
lilnds of clothing nnd furnishing goods. The
company is composed of T. Kwlug, M. W.
Trnvls, awl E. V. I4wlng.
(3. B. Climmn, denier In stationery ,books,
gold teiis iuiiorted nnd domehtio cigars,
mixed paints and druggists' sundri-'s.
JJ. U. Kostka, 12ao O, druggist ami npothii
onry, hs a full lino of toilet urtlcles, perfum
ery, fancy goods, etc.
Tho tlrgant imw building of Itomnn fie
Dniln.nt l'-7niulrJU South Fifteentli street,
justoirofO, is (bo aiioiit comiileto carriage
nnd repair esmbliihnH)nt west of tho Missis
sippi. Tho qulldiug throughout Is well equip
Kit with everything ueecbwiry for workmen,
nnd is n pleasant place In which to labor. Mr.
Drain, tho nmimger, Is n vury pleasant gen
tleman, nn 1 will surely prove n valuable man
to tho company,
I). W. Camp & Son, Iflrtl O, handle n line
lino of carriages, phnctons, road vngons, do-
livery wagons, etc. uepa(riti in. all brunch
itt promptly nttended to.
Ildlrd llros,, ia-li O, ninlio ft pecl(Uty of
bulldors' hanlwnre. Theyhavon very largo
store mid nro doing n thriving Imtlueks.
Zehrung, Uuriis & Henkle, 1217nnl 1219 O,
nro ouo of tho largest firms on tho tret.
Tlmy nro ngeuts for Ilnrnes' scroll saws, nml
imvo n large stock of builders' hardware, line
cutlery and tinware.
Hurpliiiui llros., successors to Ousllii fo
Hnrpham, exclusive wholesale saddlery Imiil
v mv. The celebrated combination lloscttu
Is having an extensive tale.
Voodwoitli fc McFnll, innuufacturers of
harness, 1225 O, make n specially of light
harness. Thoy have eighteen genuine buffalo
robes for sale.
Terry & Harris, 1211 O, manufacturing
jewolers nnd engravers. Mr. Terry was with
tho Wiiltliuin mid Klgln watch companies for
fifteen years.
V. A. Chovront & Co,, successom to Win,
lUslsnu, lmndlo n largo linn of dim confection
iiiics, foreign and domestic fruits, cigars, to
baccos. Tills is tho most extensive fruit store
in tho city.
i.unu:ii AND COAU
C. N. DIetz, I'ornerSixteoiithnndO streets,
Jina Jumper and building material of every
iltwlptlon. Mr. II. C. Tarker is manager.
Tho Tomcroy comp.iuy, with Mr. J.
H, Ieinlst ns iimuager, doe probably the
largest business of nny coal firm In tho city.
They lmndlo Itleli Hill, Lexington, Clierokw,
McAlester, Tiislmont nnd untliniclte.
Tho Missouri Valley Fuel iimiiniiy, ofllco
in the Imsemcnt of tho Itiolinnls bhs-k, don
wholesale and retail business. A. MeDjugal
is manager.
The National Lumlier company nro whole
atid retail dealers In lumber. J. H. Harvoy,
secrotary; A. 8. lladger, treasurer; II. H.
Uonlou, inniinger.
W, Don Fowler, southwest comer of Four
teenth nnd O, livery, salo nnd boarding sta
bles, carries on n very extensive business.
W. J. Tmtt, 1024 O, general few I, Isianllng
nml livery stable. Mr. t'rntt turns out some
of tho IlnM rigs In Lincoln, and can nlwnys
bo found prompt nnd reliable.
F. iV, Ivorsmeyerct Co., IJWS (), contract
ors for ntcnm heating, plumbing and gas fit
ting. Tliry haw u nice lino of gas fixtures nt
eastern prices.
F. W, Hohinnu, 14 10 C, was established In
ISO!. Ho enrrics n largo lino of first class
pianos nnd organs. Sheet music, music
books mid linulc boxes.
The Kconomy Shoe store is ouo of tho most
extensive houses on tho street, Mr. H. H.
Sinlthei's is manager.
Jvlngtcnr, 1010 O; his fall stock of Ikwm
mid shoes is Just In. Not merely extravagant
shoes, but shoes for people of good practical
sense; substantial, proper tltthig sliocs, mid
better than nll,tho prices nro I ight, No trou
ble to convince you.
Dr. W. V. Y. Tnllngof HIM O, represeuU
the dentistry of tho street. Ho Is one of tho
iMost-Miicivssful dentists In tho city.
wki.i. wonKrt.
Joseph Hums, water supply nnd contractor,
12-1(1 O. Telephone 517.
Ilruce& Strnwbrldge, general real estate,
loan mid Insurance hrokors, are ottering ex
tra Inducements to purchasers of lots in Lin
coln Heights. Material for building will bo
furnished to parties buying lots mid building
thereon ami time given on first payment.
Call mid seo them, 1100 O.
Tho Merchant's Exchange, Fred Tlnglootr.
propiielor. Mr. Tinglehoir has quite nro
mantle history. Tho scenes of his early child
hood wero in Dorliutiiul Colli nnd l)uheldorf.
Mr. Tinglehoir serves a very lino merchants'
dinner, nnd his liouso is tho embodiment ol
Tho Exchange, in rear of Burr block, Mr.
John Kaden, proprietor, is one of tho neatest
resorts In Lincoln. All delicacies of the sea
boil nlwnys on hand.
Col. J. Thlllips, the old soldier, corner of
Thirteenth nnd O, liamllor choice liquors
and cigars nnd has ono of tho finest ami best
npixiliiteil snloous hi the city. His rooms nro
nil cariHjted ami arranged In tho best stylo.
Lindsay's EiiroHiin restaurant, L. L. Lind
soy, proprietor. Fine wines, llipicrs, etc.,
oystem nnd gniiio in season. This is one of
tho quietest resorts in tho city.
Clias. Meyers, nt WM O, conducts n very
quiet and orderly house. His goods nro the
Dentil orC'iipliitn ViuiIVlt.
The sad news of the death of Captain C. 13.
Van Teit announced Monday was a big sur
prise to both friends nnd tho public. Tho
CnpUiln was n robust, lienlthylooking man
but contrary to nil upearances,he was troub
led with mi illncs which wns contracted dur
ing nrmy service, nnd of into wat at times
found soimm lint delirious. He liml lieen iNs
ing from his homo, 1 123 T street, since Friday
und up to the tune ho wns found on Monday
morning nothing could 1mj heard or seen of
lilui. Tho body was brought to town in tho
nft4'rnoou and n coroner's jury returned a
verdict of accidental drowning whilesullerlug
from temporary mental derangement.
The funeral of t lie deceased took place from
tho li residence Wednesday morning. A
short sermon was delivered by Ilov. Charles
Newman nt the house, nnd tho remains taken
to Sown ril on tho early train, accompanied by
Mrs Van Tell mid u number of relatives nml
friends. Tho affair! I a sad ono and cer
tainly n hard blow to tha family, to whom
the Cot'liiKH extends heartfelt sympathy.
Captain Van Telt was until his dcith ussoci
nted In business with Mr. Gould, under firm
iinme of VnnPelt & Gould, luiuufncturcrs of
Itailroad ltemedy nml other patent modlciucs.
Iiiiilnrs of lliu lJnmrlty
A very pleasant iarty wns given Tuesday
evening nt the Hotel Ideal by n mimlior of
the juniors of the state university. Dancing
wus the predominating feituroof the evening
mid at the closu of this portion of tho exer
cises nil repihed to Browns CaM where an
elegant luncheon was served, Music for tho
occasion wns furnished by Miss Willoughhy.
Thoo prevent wero Misses Hathaway, Luu,
llalleutlue, Tear), Depue, Olllo Lnttn, Anna
Funke, Loomis, Ti ott und Schwab. Mcwr.
Olllesple.Storrs. Wheeler, Cope, Iiugwortliy,
Hull, i'liinpclly, (iiuliani, IiMnstiu, Mnllnlleu
nnd otliers.
They Went on a .Strike Yesterday,
Wo hear fo much about tho great strlko
nowadays that littlo else than such news nt
'tracts tho attention of the average uawspat,cr
ruuler. Tho railroad stiike, tlio car drivers'
strike nnd nil tho other strikes have been the
cubjeet of much comment, und now comes
aMrikoright hero nt homo, nnd It make.) u
louJisr noise than all other strikes. Tliy went
out ymteiilny promptly nt noon, when
ovcry eloek in Hallelt'a jewelry store struck
beciuimthey wero not permitted to strike
Ami us for striking Jeweler Hallett lios
determiutsl to strike hard, nnd will commence
nt onco to give such llgures on jewelry.wntch
cs, diamonds, clocks, etc., ns wilt bring the
trade lu a multitude all to his store on Elev
enth street, three doors north of O. Hallett
can ulways givo you lietter prices on diam
onds and watches than nil competitors, nml
if you will allow him ho can prove thU to
State Secrotary Nasii of tlio Y. M. C. A.
who was In tho city Wednesday Informed n
Coi'iukk rejwter that after January ilrst ho
would liecomo a Llncolnlto, u change from
Omaha that the state association deems pru
dent to make. This will virtually make Lin
coln tho statu headquarters for Y. M. U. A.
work, nml of courso wo Join in welcoming iho
Lincoln, Nicduaska,
JJi'.'iT , - ' V
A rrnspretti and Itevlnw of Amusements
nt III" I'linke.
nt Funko's Thursday nft-'inoou mid evening
wns attended by large nudloncei, nmoiig them
being n llUral sprinkling of tho younger gen
eration. Tho iloz nre as lino u lot of lxjrfor-
iners ns l.nve ever be-ui shown lu this city
mid their tricks as well ns their general or
forumuees wero, innuy of them, "not only
cleverly done but wonderful. Tho professor,
has certainly n prlzsdo lu tho cniiluo that
turns four consecutive buck souiers'ihits. Tho
various acts weio upplnudcd und tlio show
gave general satisfaction,
A suiK-rb prcseututlou of the pathetic story
of the Houimi father who preferred his
daughter's death by his own baud to her ills,
honor, was given lait night by Mr. 11. 1).
Meleiin nnd Miss Marie Troscott. The
ability ef the lending p'oplc Is of the highest
order. Miss I'rescott's Virginia Is and Meal
production mid there nro many who will not
yield to McCullough's stqiciloilty over Me
Ican ns Vlrglnlus. Ho his adopted nn en
tirely different, quiet nml hi modern belief,
mnro effective form of expresslnu than that
of McCollongh, which thrilled by Its colossal
Rtrengtli, but did not so greatly movo by
wlmt It left uiwild. Mcleau has a wonderful
facial expression, nn admirable control of his
eyes, und ho pusesxos, moreover, tho rnro
K)werof changing color under excitement.
Mario Trcscotl is u beautiful woman in every
particular. Her voice has exceptional until
ml Hwcctiiesj which wins its wny irresistibly
witli tho audience.
At n nmtliifo to bo given tills nftcriioou
"Homennml Juliet" will be presented nnd
tonight's lilll of "Ingomni"' will close tho en
giireineiil. Tho San Antonio Erprrn of
Feb. Mb says: "Mr. McLean's Iiigomnr Is n
masterly piece of work. He shows tho con
siimnte skill nml brilliant talents of the actor
who is destined nt no distant day to 1111 tho
vacancy on tho Ameilcnu stage iiiadu by tho
dentil of jwor John AtcCullougli." And com
menting on tho put of Tartheiiln tho (lalves
ton Tribunr of Feb, .'Id says; "As Tartheuta
Miss Trescott was simply above and beyond
criticism. Beautiful nnd gifted, with n voice
full of melody, n graceful carriage mid n
faultless form, sho Is nil that the exacting
role of Tartheuin demands.
Our mnusemeut lovers will remember tho
performance given last Kcisoii by tho Willis,
Hcuslmw & Teubio.'k company nnd their
great.'UiWlliB "Two Old Cronies." Every
body that saw the piece said It was tho best
show they Imd ever seen, mil that thoy bad
never laughed so much before in their lives as
thoy did that night. Tho Cot'liiKH is pleased
to minouuaiico that the company, fully ns
good, if not better, will ap;-nrat Funko's on
Tuesday evening nest. The Na-livillolmei7-can
of u recent date contained tho following:
" 'Two Old Cronies' wns given nt tho Masonic
Inst night to mi uudleiico that completely
llllctl every nook mid corner of the theatre.
Theio was more fun compressed Into the two
hours nnd three-quni ters that the performance
ran than has been seen or heard in any per
formance ever given here. Tho matinee to
day mid tonight's performance nro the last
ones of this company nml those who miss see
ing It will Imvo cause for gieat regret,"
mis. I.AKOTUY.
Tlio noted actress, Mm. nugtry, will np
IH-nr nt Fanke's Wednesday evening next, in
u drmnntlzation of Phillip's celebrated novel,
"As In a Looking Olass." Tlio heroine, Lena
Desuard, is it blase wouuii of tho world, mid
in the hands of mi nrtist liko Mr.-. IiHiigtry it
receives n strong yet delicate delineation. She
Is supported by a most excellent company,
nml her nppearanca will draw mi Immense
On Saturday evening of next week, Loud
er Hilarity Company will bo seen nt the
Funke. Much has been said of tho comedy
ability of this sterling combination, but until
tho piece Is seen at our hoinethenter we can
not npprcclato Its mcil's The company Is
conqiosed of fome of t ho best comedians ami
specialty people on tlio road nnd certainly If
tlio amusement hirers of Lincoln npmociatoa
good conqwiiy they will turn out to seo this
riciiMintly Sili'l'lecl.
S.itiirdiy evening, tho ho'iis of Mtsj E 11th
Icightoii on east O street wns tho n?wo of n
very pleasant surprise party, inaugurated by
a bcit of the young lady's, friends, who (lied
Into tho parlors nbout eight o'clock. The
evening was ieiil In a most enjoyable man
uur, und tho party was n complete success.
Following were present:
Misses Helen Aughoy, Magglo Donnelly,
Mary Tower, May Manchester, Frauds Hieo,
May Pershing, Grace Perihtng, MJuuleGooil
man, nml Missrs. W. 11. Ilerdman, F. A.
lleiduinn, II. T. Folsom, M. Folsom, 13. Fill
mer, T. S. Clinpmtiu, A. Tower, W. S. Scott,
C. A. DuiiiMii, W. Jliiu-hiMer, A. Plwy, E.
A. Wngiior, 13. Goodman of Freuiont and J.
J, Pet siting,
OoroniSK 18, 1888
Hurt Hardware Company Opens In
Thn lm)rtnuco of Lincoln m n distributing
Hilnt has lerciidy Ikvii the mentis of the Mint
ing of mi enterprise lu the city which Is des
tined to lie thn largest Jobbing houso of its
kind west of Chicago mid one of the greatest
acquisitions to Lincoln's Jobbing Interests of
tho senson. The Halt llnnlwaio company,!!!!
enterprise recently startist, Is now omii mid
iTndy for business, with henilquaiters In the
II. T. Chrko building on Eighth street. Tlio
compiny oreupy four lloors of this building,
which, with tho linsenient,nro heavily stocked
wltlin largo nml complete lino of shelf nnd
heavy hnrdwaic, wooden ware, tinware, home
furnishing goods, nnd In fact everything hi
the line of large or small hardware.
Tho company starts out with unusually
bright pros)c:ts for doing business. Lincoln
has long been iccngnUcd ns xsscshig advan
tages as n wholesale olnt which mo rapidly
Uln;j tnkon Into favorable consideration by
largo wholesale enterprises. The Hint Hard
ware company Is mi organization ulthnii
nuthoririsl capital stock of 200,000. Tim jsr
soniicl of the company is miiile up of gentle
men of mean , experience nlut cutei prise lu
tho business, who have Marled the new enter
prise with every Intention of building up a
large trade by square dealing nnd cmryfiig
only llrst class goods.
The trade of Lincoln nnd tho surrounding
country cannot fall tonppreclato tho umiMinl
opportunities now offered by tho opening of
tlds company In thn city, nml will find It of
advantage to buy of them. Lincoln Is on nil
equal footing with larger cities hi shipping
facilities nml shipping rates.
Tlio Hart llaidwme company In their new
location nre happily situated with extensive
trackage facilities nnd n Steele of wholesale
hnnlwmo second to none hi tho state. The
credit of bringing this new enterprise to Lin
coln Is duo to the business malinger, Mr, Wll
llnm Tnttcrsou, who for years has had this
city In view as Hie ( Jut. f r establishing u
company which should supply Iho Inidwnro
ti'iuioof tltii section. .Mr. Tiittcrsnu has had
nil experience of fourteen years in tlio linnl-1
waro business, Is thoroughly well known to
tho retail ti ado of tho country nml der.erves
crcat credit for establishing tlio enteipi Ise of
vtdiich ho Is mnuncer.
Citizens of Lincoln, to fully npprcclato the
Importance nnd extent of this new enterprise,
should call tit their place of business mid seo
what tho Hart Hardware company amounts
to. In the basement of the building has Im-cii
placed the stock of heavy hardware, such ns
nails, buibcd wire, sheet iron, bar iron, ami
stccl.nml metals of all kinds.
The first floor I the display mid samplo
room, stockist with cutlery, silver-plated
goods, firearms, tools nnd fine goods for thu
trade. Tlio second llcorls used for shelf hnrd
ware, nnd for packing mil uupavkihg goods,
P-lUug orders, etc. - - .
Tho third floor Is filled with ovorythlng In
the line of tinware, Japanned w.ire, coal boils
nnd everything in tho Hue of housofurninliluz
goods. Tlio fourth floor is slocked w itli w ood
euwiire, garden nml farm tools, buggy nml
wagon material, plough beams ami bundles,
ami ii variety of material used by the trade.
The building is supplio.l by nil hydraulic
elevator, facilitating the handling of goods.
In fact, from inspection, it will 1st readily
acknowledged that tho Hint Hardware coin
piny has tlio best arranged house for hand
ling their lino of goo Is, west of Chicago, nnd
that I he enterprise is ono ut iiiHguitiide. and
J tho Coi'UlKU l)esM'akH for it every succosi.
Oitleers lllrrleil.
Thoso.-lety of tlio Ilomu for the Friendless
completed their w oil: Thursday and elected
the following nlllccrs:
President, .Mm. It. C. Mnnly; recording
secretary, .Mi's, L.J Cooper of Crete; cones
Minding secretary, Miss P. L. Elliott; ilium
clul secretary, Mrs. J. D. Parish; (ivasuicr,
Mm. Iiulo Helmer.
Board of directors, McKdamcs DavIs,Hardy,
Baldwin, Miiusou, Uinemul McCiivry,
The N'llnry of tlio matrn:i was increased to
$.'15 or month; that of tlio superintendent to
j5 und physician to $50.
Mrs. Slaughter was retained nsstipcrlutcud
eut; Dr. Huff ns physician, und Mis. Win,; us
Cruelly (n Patlier.
Ono of JomV pecullurltlc.i is never to nil
mlt that ho is feeling well. No matter wlmt
fKcies of suffering you nro undergoing, tlio
lorm ins sympaitiy invariably Is this:
"Pvof ltJUktSO."
Tho other day ho aimo homo sick too sic!:
to go iiown to his supjier. So it wns sent up
to his 1-oont by Mm. Jones, who Imd prepared
it herself. Among oilier delicacies wero six
now laid eggs, lulled to suit him. Ouo of tho
children stayed with him. and watched Iho
egg eating with liitereit. Aa Jones tool: up
tho sixth nml last egg, tho littlo fellow
reached out his hand.
"I.ct mo Imvo it, papa."
Jones glurod nt tho child, thou ho tsald
"Tako it, eat It, unnatural child, nml let
your ioor slcl: father starvol''
Tommy nto tho egg. Detroit l-'reo Tres.
An Unklnil Cut.
Ho looked sadly at tho pie on tho Iioaiillii
housa tnblo mid kviiksI to le much iiirectcd.
Tlio landlady nt llrst thought ho wns mad
and was prepared for some remonstrance.
But ho said nothing, only looked sad,
"What Is tho matter, Mr. Joucsr1
"Madam, this touches mo."
"What l"
"ililspio. It looks so l:o ono of thn
my mother nmdo for mo thirty years ngo."
"Well, Mr. Joins, I'm sure I npprechito tl
"Yes, nmdiiui, I believe this is one of tho
pios my mother made thirtv rears mro ."
Sho raised his rent tlio next mouth. San
Frmiclftco Chronicle.
Kiiles for l'uiieluiilloii.
Ill n Boston newspaper oillco not Tong ngo
tho chief proof reader bad U-en greatly an
noyed by mi extraordinary usjof comma
that cropped out In occasional "takes'1 on hl3
proofs, ami finding that they occurred regu
larly under n certain "slug" ho went to "slug
llftoenV framo to expostulate with him. Ho
found that tho man wnsn new "sub," who
said ho camo lately from Novn Scotia,
mid. had learned his trade in a llrst class oillco
In Halifax. "For pity sake," exclaimed the
proo freader, "what sort of u system of punc
tuation do they employ In Halifaxf" "Tlio
rtilo lu our cilice," repllwl tlio compositor,
with a patronizing ulr, "was to put about
tluvo coiunian to a lino."
W hut lie S(, llrnir, Ihlnlia unit lui
By tho Chicago eniif of a iwent date, I
notice that u new' society game has Jiiit lieiii
Introduced In that city. It Is called "pallor
tenuis." It is played with it net In tho shape
of a sort of a minnow suiitt, whlcli Is hung
lie twee 1 1 two chairs In theivnterof theiisiin;
the regular tenuis huts, nnd twenty four light
ruhlier halls of vmious colors. The game Is
t) laud ns lumiy of these hutted bulb lu tho
net ns possible. Thu halls are so light that no
danger to In Ic-u-brac in their use, I3aeh col
or counts so many tallies, ami the gnine goes
to tho person or persons making the gimtisl
iiiiniU'f of tallies in a given number of In
nlngs. This game l salit to Imi farsuHilor
to the regular lawn tennis, lu It is ployed
in n parlor ami the player Is theirfoie iiuahlu
to smoke cigarettes or wear a "blazer." The
spoit bids fair to lo very xpulur.
Mr.'1 encp Barrett has willten nn elo
ipient trlliuto to tho late Wlllliuu Wmreii.
For several yems lu his younger (Im)sMi'.
Barrett wnnu nicmherof the Boston .Museum
ciMiipmiy. lie shnrisl tho dressing room of
William Warren mid lived In the same house.
Warren's inllueiico was of great benefit to
him. Mr. Ilmrelt wtltes us follows: "In this
ago of leveling, win li nil ranks uiooveileiiNsl
In a day by presumption nml audacity, when
speculation stands ns u timpter to mislead tho
joung nrtoi from tliose slow, toilsome steps
w licit) exKM lence Is gained to make peifect,
It Is well to pattvi n inumeut to contemplatn
the loss of mi m list wlm had by successive
steps, umildtsl by iullui'iice tuivo genius und
Indomlultahle Industry, ibeii,grade by grade,
to the summit of a great calling, Ittlod u pco
plo witli tho consciousness of his value, round
ed out his urt life with nil thosj scholarly ac
quirements whlcli broaden mid ihvpeii the
study of chamfer, mid fiilllllul tho social law
J' -' "" "ltN tlio rcMNctt of his fel
lows to the closu of u long career.
From a leading tiadoHiier I oxlrnettlio
following bit of wUlom: "No parent who has
u sincere icgard for tho welfare of his sou
will permit him fo shut out ns nu amateur
printer. Amateurs don't ever amount to
nny thing, hut owing to tht)ioculliir character
of the printing IhuIiicm not one hoy In u linn
dnsl who begins ns mi amateur ever liecoines
n Hist clnss workman. On lint light print
ing seems so easy that most every Imy Imag
ines huemi mnLtcr thaw holo art hi a few
months. After he begins mid gets along to
where ho can deliver woik that Is a trifle
more readable than "copy" nnd is not nil off
set, his nppctlto Is whetted by tho money ho
hns received therefor from good-natured- or
clmritnbly-dlsposcd fVlends, nml ho Imagine
tlmt nil he netds In order to nmko n largo
foi tuuu very qulikly Is u moio ex tensive nml
complete outllt. Ho Iho kind parent puts his
hand into his pocket or Ids uttmu upon u note,
nml young A nici leu hns lilr hemt's desire.
Whatthinf Failure lu uhiicst every case;
mid uoton'.y fmliiio but very often n life
practically thrown away; for the boy wlm
has not been taught mid who has preiniiturely
been allowed to 1st his own umster,gets incnp
uhle of learning ordolugiiny thing thoroughly.
You might Just as well cxxTt nu old dog lo
learn new tricks ns mi amateur pi Inter to
learn to ben flrstclai workman.
Tlio moral of this Is, that If u Isiy desires to
become u pi inter, ids parents should put him
in n printing oillco mid Imvo him taught the
business ivgulurlt. Theio Is quite as much
need for him to study tho in t of pi lutllig ns
there is for u enmiidato for Iho bar to study
the principles of law. Furthermore, nmutenr
printers nro an unmitigated nuisance, us u
genera! thing, for they nro not content to
print for their own cdlllcutlnn, but Insist on
lorciiig their meretricniis priNliictlous ujioii
consumers who would prefer, If left to them
selves, to pay u fair price for decent work,
Illicit I'roin Iho Cunt.
Mr. II. It. Nlsidey of tlio enteipiislng llrm
of H. It. Nlssley Sc Co., returned Thursduy
from New York, where lie has leen tho jwist
three weeks searching tlio motroiiolltmi mar
kets for novelties mid staples In tho dry goods
Miic. 1 he result of his trip limy now ho seen
by nil who call at the Kinsley stores on P
strict, where already loads of tho now goods
nave in lived ami nro iuiwokii for inspection
A p.niH'r devotisl to tlio luU'ivst8 of tho
Catholic fair, called The Comet, will he issued
every ilay next weelf. Father St. liwrenco
is islitor nnd originator of tlio enterprise,
which promises to aid materially in the suc
cess of tho fair.
The Y. M. C. A. Initial monthly reception
nt tho association rooms Wednesday evening
wns a pleasant success. A large uumlcr
were present und nn evening's entertainment
afforded by nn excellent program cau-ed
everyone to enjoy the occasion.
At a meeting of tho Lincoln illoeeso of tho
Catholic church Thursday morning neni ly
tldrty-llvo priests weie present from all parts
of the state, and U was decided to build the
bishop's homo in Lincoln, nml arrangements
for constructing tho snmo will soon lie com
plctisl. The retail glocers of the city met Wislnes-
day evening and agreed to close their res)ee-
II vo places oi business nt eight o clock owry
evening, except Saturday. An effort was
uho made to secure all names to nu agree
ment, under foi felt of (M tlmt everything
w ill be cash after January next, whh'li w ill
lie taken up again nt the next meeting.
Past Grand Chancellor Richard O'Neill and
wife returned Tnursdny from Fremont. An
nctof tho lCnights of Pythias grand lodge
which was duly appreciated by Mr. O'Neill
wnsn rcrdution passed by that liody appro
priating fifty dollars with which a jewel will
be purchased mid formally presented to hliu
as soon as mnnufiictured. ft being made nml
designed especially for tho letliing chancellor
of Nehrnskn.
It Is a matter of general fiuKirtaueo to our
many readers to know tlmt Meyer & Co., the
Tenth street niercliniullsti-ii, nro now owning
and displaying their fall line of fashionable
fabrics and In tlio stock many aitistle and
sujhm'Ii styles of dress goods may lie noticed,
Unlit s nlwnys receive courteoiu and politu
attention nt Meyer' awl they never full to
please nil w ho call. If you have never visited
this store you should do so thu next time you
need nny thing lu their line.
A Few Itriiinilts About Ills lllnnnr with
thn .lersejr I.lly.
It was my blessed privilege, last summer nt
Long Brunch, In company with several other
txsiplo prominent In art mid literature, to
lunch with Mrs. Ltngtry, mid nt lolsum to
converse wlih her In low, passloimlo ncivnbi
nbout her future nml hor past. I Imd not In
tended to make tho delightful chat public nt
llrst, for neither of us cam to l brought
prominently before tho public, shrinking n
wo do from publicity of nil kinds mid only
raring to do right whiin keeping lu the back
ground ns much as ikmrIKo, But tho general
Interest felt lii Mrs. 1iugtry lends me to
burst through these restraints,
Mrs. I.nngtry, on tho day I iotik of, woro
u new dress of lavender berngo trimmed with
n different color around tho bottom, Sho woro
u sort of n brown straw turban, mid hor hair
was dono up In n hnrd knot nt the back of hor
head. Her hntr Is a deep brown In color and
quite nice to look ut. Sho has a calm, honest
eye, nnd behaved like n iorfect lady nil thn
lime. 1 sat on her right nt table, also on tlio
rdgo of her dress by mistake. When wo rose
from tho tnblo she rose before I did, for Iliad
lost my place on thn menu, gently drifting
lack to Ihisoui of lamb with mint doings onto
ft, u dish of which I am very fond nnd one
which wo rarely get nt homo. I was eating
some moiii of this when the rest Imd reached
the doxology, nnd I did not notion that Mrs.
K'tiigtry was trying to rise. But she kept
her temper like n erfecl lady, walling cheer
fully until I had llmihcd my uionl mid put a
few rnlilus hi my pocket to oat on my way
homo. Then she Iwggcd my pardon, mid
would I please tako my chair off hor dress.
Why of courso I would. For, as a matter of
fact, it wns my fault.
I was dressed plainly in a quiet yollow nml
black blazer, with n Il.iuiiel shirt of soma in
flamed tint, caught together nt the throat
witli n largo knot of blue kII:ii dot silk. I
woro no suscmlcrs, but held my knicker
bockers in place by moans of n linen nnd
whitosllkstomneherorcluch, which aUrac'tnl
much attention from one nml nil.
That is ono thing I like nbout ma lean
dress gay and frlvohuiH, or 1 can Ikj grnvo
und taciturn w (th those who prefer IL Bill
Nyo lu Now York World.
Tlio Hon nml tho Janitor.
Stranger (to shabby Aro you
tho janitor or tills building!
"No, sir; that well dressed gentleman with
tho plug hat Is tho janitor."
"Who nro youP
"1 nni tlio proprietor here." Nebraska
Stnto Journal.
Our Union Depot.
Tho nrtlcle on the Union ih'isit in our last
Issue wns the enmo of much comment on tho
street Saturday mid numerous cullers nt this
oillco lmvesko.l for further imrtlcumni mid
Will) WHS OJI'lllUhnrltV. Wnlncm). Ilinllll..
I liiiKisslblo nt this wi Itlug for us lo divulgo the
milium uiugrillicill-lll Will) HO Kllllliy llllOI'm-
cd tlio Count Kit for It would not 1)3 advisable
under present clrciiuMtiiuecs, nnd having
asked Ids consent to publish his cognomen In
tills connection. Im emphatically denied us
that pleasure, nnd said, "Just wait u little
while until I Imvo more details and Mirlk'ii
lars lo give you, then you can give the entire
news to your readers."
Appreciating tho fnvor shown the Couiiiku
wo will conform to tho gentlemitrs uImIun
and withhold further remarks. Howover.our
readers may reel assured that every word
said In our nrtlclo Inst Hiturday wassolid
truth, mid If anyone doubts tho voracity of
tlio same, wo can furnish u who
will accept a bet of most nny nmount that tho
do-mi will 1h commenced within nino month.
Tin, rriifensliMial C'liupnriiiiu.
Tlio pastsuiiiiuer saw the professional chap
erone nu accomplished facL Sho for it wns
nlwnys a woman -discharged hor pleasant
duties at tho seiside, in tho mountains nnd fu
hi tlio country. ItcM)rt has It that sho regu
laily advertised her business mid was formal
ly engaged for the duties sho faithfully dis
charged, but If npearaiicQ nre to bo trusted,
the chapjiono was simply n gentlosK)kon,
mild nmiincrod, nor too obsorvnut relative of
papa's or mama's, who took clmrce of a co
terie Of JOllllg folks Oil VlirlOIIS Illpnunr.. ,
cursio'is. Thi hired i-liaiurone mm n irii.,,...
to Damn Gruudv'sonlnloii'.. nml nu i... ..
indiions services wero generously paid for, it
is premised that by next summer there will
' iiiiiiiennis iqipiinuious ror tlio pItion.
Knto CutherwotKl lu October Table Talk.
Tin, liny. Ion Art Club.
Another very interesting meeting of tho
Havdoii Art club was held nt thn IIiiK,.ru,.
chapel Tuesday evening, und considering tho
threatening weather the attend.inco wiw very
gotsl. The report furnished liv SIIsj, rwn.
corres)oiidlug secretary, showed gratifying
Mo"-ssuiiiiuuBiiggivsuoiisoiierel win prove
wuimiie! iii uiu iiuurc won: oi tno club.
A very enjoyable evening wns spent, music
being furnished by Mis Cochrane mid Prof.
Tlio skc'.ch of Bllocy by Mrs. Snwyjr was a
prominent feature of tho uvening, nnd none
the less so was the jmjior of Mr. II. K. Iiwls
entltietl, "Ktchors ami F.tohlng," botli of
which will recolvo further attention hereaf
It bus lieen decldetl by tho club to wcuru for
n month's exhibition iho celebrated iwlntlng,
"Tlio Wise and Foolish Virgins," which will
lie open for insioetlon during November in
tho U. 8. court room lu tho 'kstollleo build
ing. Thoexpenso necessary to secure tills
attraction will lie considerable, but theCoun
IKH has enough conlldcuce In Lincoln's urt
circles to think tli it no Iom will lo Incurred
on the enterprise.
.--juuijjj jy
r iiitfigjiHMliiir ti TatyHntirwwTii