Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, October 06, 1888, Image 8

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H U tho only linn munluK directly through
Denver nnd 8nlt l.nlio t'lty, enrnulB'tnHnn
Kmnolnoo nml other I'nllnirnm imiIiiIr, unit l
known iim tho "fooulo t.lnv" to llin I'nclltr
const. Tim llurlluKtou llotito run ovor It
own truck every day In the yenr. Complete
train of I'utliuun I'nlnco Ciirn unit Klt-uunt
Day Coaches between
Denver nnd Chicago,
Denver And Kan. City,
Denver and Omaha,
Kamas City and Peoria,
Kansas City and Chicago,
Lincoln and Chicago,
Lincoln and St. Louis
Lincoln and Peoria,
Lincoln and Kan. City
Mnklim illrcrl connection In Union Depot
for nil point North, Knt, Month unit West.
UUiho t'loutor Ululnir for l.lno between
Mtitourt river nml ilitciiKa. Meal only Vtc.
Tho Iltirlliintou Dining Cur worn built ex-
Iiromly fort tin rcrrlce unit ma mnnnsed on
Irelyln the Intercut of our patron.
Vtatho Antihunt Cut-on", making dlrcol con
ncctlon with train for Hl.l'itiil, MIiiupiiK)IU
Chlcmtonud nit points Knst unit Nnrthbaxt.
Tho dlitarnni of the litucnlu-l'hlcniro slcop
cm via thl popnlnrrout nro it City Olllec.cor
Unml 10th t., whmo berth inny be Kccurcd
nt any Mine.
A ccliHy U nmde of Divan HleninMilp Tick
et, nmt urIlecoptiiiiphttlii n trip to Hut old
r iiuitry or diwlrlng to mid f hr thrlr trlemlH nhnnld
not fall to correspond with tit. Our rutru nro the
lowmt, nndoiir rnollllliM nnoinmlcd, nwn repro
ncnt ouch nml cvuty lino crorwlntf tho Atlantic.
City Vni. ArI.. Lincoln.
(Ion. 1'iim. nml T'kt Agl., Ocnvrnl M'Ker,
Omnhn. Omnlis.
llulMInz completed or In course, of erection
dullness block. cnonliromery, lllhnndN.
do do I, W llllliuiKtev, llth near N,
Restaurant (Udell) 0 H MontKoniery, N near
ltMldenee, J J Imlioff, J and Will,
do J I) Maefnrliuid. Q nml Uth.
do John Zolinmij, I) and Uth
do Alliert Wntklii. t) hot (Uh nnd 10th,
do Win M Ioimnl, 1' Iiet Dth nnd 10th.
do K It (luthrle, '.Tlh nnd N.
do .1 K Hoed, M I), V In! 10th nnd 17th
do 1. II 11 llaldwln, U hot lSth uiul 18th,
BimltArtnni hulldlmr nt Milford, Neb,
V Irrt ltAptUt church, Uth nnd K street.
ortnary olmt jl noil rooolvliu toaiunt Wytikn
ltoom S3 nnd 34
Rlaliarcla 13 loo 10
Help Wanted!
Wanted at once a rcipomlblc party o(
h( goad addreni to represent
By HON. THOS. K. HILL, author of
Hill's Manual of Social and Uusl-
nc Form. In
An excellent opportunity to secure a good
position and make money. Sales inn be
made on the Installment plan when desir
ed. Address for terms and particulars,
103 State St., CHICAGO, ILL.
AtchUon, Leavenworth, St. Jocpli, Kansas
City, St, Louis and nil points South,
East and West.
The direct line to Ft. Scott, Parsons,
Wichita, Hutchinson and all principal
points In Kansas,
The only road to the Great Hot Springs
of Arkansas. Pullman Slkkpkrs and
Fkkb Rkclinino Ciiaiii Cars an all
trains. 'O
City Tkt Agent, Gcn'l Agent.
Cor. O and iath Sts.
UWM and operate 6J6M miles of thoroughly
quipped road In Illinois, Wwconiln, Iowa,
Missouri, Mliuipsota and Dakota.
It U the llet Direct llouto betwean nil the
frluclpal Voluts In the Northwest, Southwest
and far West. '
For maps, time tables, rates of pn-tmuo and
freight, etc., apply to nearest station ugont ol
wat, or to any Itullroad Agent nnywhero la
M. M1LLKR, A, V. H. O AltrENTEU,
(MMral HVr, Qon'l I'um. A T'kt Ant.
'AmK. UstiY Mst. Amu O. V. A T. Agt.
Milwaukee, Wlnconiln.
F: laferwatkm In reference to ""jtnds
m shthm ny me unicago, suiwau
ml. Paul Kallaray UottiDaBy.wrue to II
AAH,Laad Commissioner, Mil wnukea
Tondcucy of Ijitco IMntr In tint City of
lloiton I.lfo unit IinlUldiiiillly of 1'rop.
or!- Why It Is Ho l'lciiui'titly Held
"In Truit,"
Tho enrly part of tho century, from
1610 down to 18113. was tho era when
many of tho Inter iiillllotinlro.H ivcro clthor
younir mou Just lxulnuliig nt tho lower
rouuuH of furtuno'fl Inildor. or liotl nscund
od tho first most dlfileult ntvpn of tho
nnmo, nnd began to sco tho prospect of In
(lopeudonco within natlsfactory roach.
Bomo worn of lloston origin, but many of
these mou had ntartcd out of honios of
largo fiimlllc.i on nomo Nuw Knglaud hill
oldo, or lit thonmnll towiu whera progrcs!"
vnu just beginning to chnugo tho prim It
I vo onlorof things to mnro modern inothodu
ami condltloun. Sturdy nnd rugged, In
ured to hard labor, mid uarly taught
economy In tho nchool of actual oxiiorl
oiico with n fair nmoiitit of Hclioollng,
Bucli as It won and It wua good and
thorough an far an It wont and a light
heart nnd scanty wanlrobo, thesu boyi
went out lit tho world to noclc their fort'
utio. Many of thorn found It In lloston,
where from tho humblest capacities thoy
roso to bo bonds of morcuutllo, muiiit
facturlng nnd other cntorprlsoa of a char
acter aiul oxtent that worn simply sur
prising. Thoy becamo simply uctlvo
InstrumontH In tho ilovotopmcnt of tho
business ami resources of tho country
when tho rnllway Hystom begnit to uialto
avallablo tliulr woiidorful uxteut and
To thin class of ndvoiiturmis, Imltistrl
otts and Aiicccssful men of afTnlm enmo
rlchcii ami poshosslotin of various kinds,
among them bolug real estato in tho best
business and rosdlontlal sections of tho
growing city. Some, mora clear headed
than others, wont mora largely Into tho
acquisition of real estato, judging that,
with tho luovltnblo largo incrcoso In pop
ulation, land must bocomo very valuablo
Evonls justlllcd their judgment. Komi
of theso mou returned to their early
homoa for wives, but tho majority of
'.hoin ohts'.nuil liolpmeetfl from umong tho
families of their now homes. Children
wero born to them, for In thoso days it
had not beebmo tuifoshloiiublo to have fam
ilies, and in cases largo ones nt that.
Thoso children had to bo educated In a
way superior to that of their parents,
nml in tlio cotirso of this process nctiutred
now tastes nnd hahitu. Tho sous, espe
cially, must havo a college cotirso, with
all that that often means to tho sons of
rich mon who havo largo expectations.
Of cotirso It was not nlono tho bous of
men who had como to lloston to scolc u
fortuno that tilled tho colleges. Tho
early Uostonlans wero also thrifty and
monoy making, and raised largo families,
and left cxtenslvo cstatoa. Many of their
sons, ns well as thoso of tho former, in
herited enough of tho nateniul energy
and ambition to impel them to go Into
their father's counting rooms and bo
como, In turn, great merchants or man
ufacturers: and It la to tho credit of
Bomo of theso fnmlllca that oven up to
tho present dny their roprcsentat I ves nro
to bo found In conspicuous positions
cither in trade or lu tho lenrnod profea
Ions. Hut it often happened that whero the
ons of wealthy parents settled down to
trado tho grandsons did not, nnd lu tlmo
wo flud old familiar names fading out from
the activities of our city, to bo replaced
by now ones. It Is, perhaps, n fact that
tho majority of tho sous of our wealthy
pooplo nro llttlo heard of ufter college
graduation. Many of them havo a ilia
tnsto for trado: many chooso professions
-vhcro thoy only loiter among workers,
having 116 real lncontlvo, lacking ambi
tion, to work; while othors bocomo mcro
educated nobodies, with n strong tondcucy
tollvo extravagantly, uud spond all tho
mouoy thoy can command. Tho fathers of
theso drones, noting their unwilling
ness or Incapacity for business affairs,
will not leavo them tho control of
property which thoy do uot know how to
roanagn, uud, thcreforo, lu their wills,
leave their property In tho trust of mou
or corporuto bodies In whom thoy havo
commence, lor tno uoucni or thoso noire,
with, perhaps, reversion to tholr children.
Tho incomes derived support theso mon,
and, If they marry, their families, in good
stylo. In somo cusc.i tb&o legatees, uav
lug jscholorly or artistic tastes, go abroad,
11 vo and bring up famlllos of un-American
children In England or on tho continent of
of Kuropo. Cases of thlu kind aro uot lu
frenncnt. Thon there is tho matter of box In
descent, and as daughters const ituto
about ouo-half tho total of tho children of
rich peoplo, their provision is qultoan
Important factor in tho creatiou of
trust proper tloa. Daughters of rich mou
aro much sought after by dashing but ad
venturous wife hunters. Kxncrlouco has
shown that to dower a wlfo In her owa
control on uiarriago Is to practically givo
her fortuno to nor husband, How to
guard this property for lier own benefit,
ami for that of her children, Is tho con
sideration of tho prudent fathor. Iu his
will, thoroforo, ho leaves tho daughter's
haro of his property in trust for Iter ben
efit, or for that of nor children, with thq
rigutoi reversion to tno latter intlioovont
of her death, tho husband to havo no con
trol of tho samo, and tho incomo to bo
Said directly to her or to her children un
er reversion. But even this careful
tnothod wua found defective Wlicro tho
husband was unscrupulous and avaricious,
and tho reversion to minor children en
abled htm to obtalu control of tho prop
erty as their natural guardian Intlioovont
of Ids wlfo'a death, cases occurred whero
death was liastonod by cruelty and ill
usage on his part. To offset this, a con
eldorablo proportion of tho property was
in somo cases left bo that tho wlfo could
dlsposo by will of tho same, though uot
othcrwisa dlsposo of it during her llfo.
Thoro havo oeon cases of trust nnd confidence-
in sons-in-law, whero tho latter
havo uobly carrbd out tho wishes of the
testator; but the temptation for a husband
to administer the property of Ida wlfo for
hla own bc.icfit la often bo great as to be
apparently irresistible. lie cau appropri
ate tho Incomo to his own uses, perhaps
squander it, and when tho tlmo for tho
return of hla accounts to tho probate
court arrives ho can obtain tho necessary
vouchers from his wlfo, though ho may
not have given her S per cent, of tho In
como. If sho objects, ho will say to her
that he has lost the money In speculation,
and if she does not sign tuo will ho will
be a mined man, and forever disgraced In
tho eyes of the wot Id. To save him from
disgrace, therefore, the yields and lives
the life of a martyr, Cases crop out frosa
tune to time which show that, no matte
bow carefully the Interests of daughters
way be guarded, eveuts will occur to
testator. Bwton llerald.
A Hla rjrotechnlo Trent.
An amusing story Is told of a cliarlta
bio lady hero who planned n pyrotechnic
treat tho other day for u big orphnu nny
linn Just out of town. Sho Invested $4U0
lu rochets, bomb, pluwhcels, nnd inoro
elnborato llrowoiki, nttch as wero best
calculated to dlstrn:t tho minds of be
reaved youth. A gentleman of her no
qunlutanco uns Invited to perforin tho
actual betting off of tho kambitstlblcs,
which, whllo tlio display was lu progress,
wero piled on and around a chair In tho
lawn. Ho mildly suggested that It was
dangerous to havo thorn so near whllo tho
exhibition was being given, but tho ob
jection was overruled by tho hostess on
tho ground that It was so much morn con
venient to havo them ready nt hand for
ttso when wanted So tho entertainment
proceedfd, beginning with tlio lighting of
a few Itoiunu candles mid other trlllcs,
which wero Intended to servo ns Intro
ductory to tho moro Lcrumptlousnnd ex
pensive llrglgs
A very fow hnd pono off, to tho lnox
presslbh) delight of tho eleemosynary
small boys ami glrla coated on rowa of
ramp stools at n llttlo dlstnuco, when an
envious qmrh chanced to dro: upon tho
chalrful of fireworks aforesaid, ami Im
mediately there ensued n catastrophe of
tho most appalling description. For qtilto
ten mluutcH the entire Inudscnpo was
ablaze Tho operator and his assistants
got behind trcou to enenpo tho bombs and
rockets', which wero discharging them
nol ves In ovory direction nt onco, whllo
tho nonprojectllo pieces formed n volcanlo
pyro lu the midst, vomiting (lnmcn with
Incesnnnt explosions. At length tho erup
tion enmo to an cud, and Just as tho last
Uoman catullo was sputtering whllo tho
gonorous eutortalnor and tho gentleman
whoso aid nho had Invoked wero ruefully
regarding tho remains of -100 worth of
paper and guniowder n messenger from
tho gathering of hapless orphans across
tho lawn appeared nt tho bccho. Her re
mark was all that waa needed to cap tho
melancholy climax:
"That fast firework was an awfully
pretty ono," Bald tho llttlo girl breath
lessly. "Tho children want to know If we
can lrnvo nnothcr ono next just Ilko it."
Ueuu Bacho hi Now Orlcnna Flcnyuno.
Cancer Amon.i VrRctnrlnn.
Surgeon Major Ilondloy, resident sur
geon nt Jnpporo, writes; "In Tho lliltlnh
Medical Journal of April 7, 18S9, tho fol
lowing statements nro tuado: 'M. llcclus
han shown that cancer waa nil but un
known among tho pcrcous whoso food
waa exclusively vcgotablo.' 'M. Vernoull
also believed that tho tncrcar.o of cancer
won largely duo to tho carnivorous habits
of diet of tho past generation.' Tho
recorda of tho Mayo hospital at Jayporo,
which la under ay charge, fihow ho such
Immunity of vegetarians from cancer.
From January. 18b0, to tlio present dato,
103 major operations havo been performed
lu tho hospital in cases of cancer. Of
theso, 41 wero on tho pcrsoiiB of meat
enters end 01 on thoso of strict vegeta
rians who had novcr eaten meat bluco
their birth.
In India, wlicro cnslo rulca are exceed
ingly rigid, tho fact that tho latter were
truo vegetarians la r.b3ohito proof.
Among them uroclx Saraogls, r class of
Jains who oven reject many hinds of
vegetables. Thrcoof theso Sarnogl3 suf
fered from cancer of tho breast. Out of
102 cases there wero II deaths attrlbutablo
to tho operation. Thoro Is no Informa
tion avallablo as to recurrence, or tho
contrary. Tho caoca were divided as fol
lowo: Cancer of breast 20, tonguo or llpa
0, head nnd faco 17, upper extremity 11,
lower extremity 8, trunk IU, testlclo 1.
glands 0. . There wore 03, nudes nd40
females, a largo proportion of tho latter
in n country whero tho purdah nystcin la
In forco. Tho maximum ago w,i3 70
years, tho minimum 10 years, thonvcrago
flil yeani.M UrltlbU Medical Journal.
Tlio Canadian and tho
I havo been spending novcral weoks In
Canada this summer, and havo been mak
ing a study of Canadian llfo nnd people- as
much as la possible for n oupcrlictal ob
cervcr. I havo found much to intcreat
mid entertain a llttlo to nmtiso. To tho
average American Canada la a terra incog
nita. I havo been asked na absurd ques
tions about Canada by Americana ns I
havo by Canadians about tho otatcs. Just
tho border between us, and practically
"strangers yet."
To tho Canadian tho Vunkoo la r.:i object
of mingled horror nnd fascination. Ho Is
horrified at his contempt for convention
alities, his outspoken scorn of "that di
vinity that doth hedgo a king." tho flip
pant nlluslona to tho nobility nml tho
wholo royal family which aro frequently
heard on hla llpa, nnd at his general, freo
and easy, devil-may -caro rechlcsaness. bo
opposed to tho cut and dried Canadian
standard. An contralro, ho Is rather fas
cinated by his originality, his Independ
ence at which ho marvels greatly, hla
prodigality, Ids generosity, and general
bon cainaradorio. Edith Sessions Tuppcr.
rrcTulllns Icnornnco In Italy.
Tho prevailing Ignoranco and supersti
tion Is appalling. As lato na 18S2, accord
lug to tlio oMclal btntlstlc.1, 51 per cent,
of tho malo population over 0 years of
ngo could neither read nor write. Tho
fllthlncss, object poverty and squalor of
outiro districts is indescribable, families
being huddled together with chickens and
pigs in ono room hardly Bulllclcnt to afford
protection from tho weather, tho wages
being bo low as to mako It almost impos
sible to keep body and soul together, and
absolutely Imposslblo to leavo tho country
or better their condition. A piece of
whlto bread to them would bo a (fraud
feast. This wretchedness Is uot found
alono among tho marshy lands, but on
tho richest and most fertile plains of
northern Italy, tho horrlblo dlscaso known
as "pellagra' making tho greatest ravages
In Lombardy and Kmllia. As yet tho
complaint la llttlo understood, but known
to proceed from Insufficient nnd unwhole
some food, together with physical and
moral uncleanllnoss. Florence Cor. Chi
cago Times.
Alnlilp of tho ruturo.
It has becorao quito common of lato to
cstlmato tho future in tho way of forecast
ing what Inventions roust occur. It has
not bo generally occurred to our prophets
to tell us what civilization la Its progres
siva movomont will drop out. A recent
writer suggests that wo shall, in tho next
century, havo very llttlo usa for horses.
Ho supposes r.trsfilpa to bo cot only an
achievement, but to bo r.s common as
wagons nro now. Tho farmer has then
only to hitch a load to his alrboat, raid lift
It clear of trees, nnd move straight to
markot. Tho offoct of navigating tuo air
will, however, bo most marked on urban
llfo. Cities will no longer bo needed to
any such oxtent as now, Tlio airship,
Avoiding streets, can mako a location in
tho country as desirable for a great store
as ouo In a city. Will not also a vast
amount of land now needed for highways
lo given over to tillage? Qo ahead, and
give us tho airship. Qlobe-Ucmocrat.
A Hindoo Tradition Stolon llcrs In Hoi
Itiml nicn nml llrn-(limt. Ant nnd
CrlclinL-Tlio Dainty fjuly lllrtl Dlvl
nation. No mombors of tho nnlmnl kingdom are
regarded by most persons with greater
tverslon than certain Insects and reptiles.
Tho folk lore of theso branches of that
kingdom In thoroforo a very cxtenslvo
duo. It frequently assigns to tho min
utest mombors of tlio Insect trlbo connld
ernblo power for good or aril, and jopu.
lar tradition oven anticipated cclontlflo
discovery In tho matter of Insect Intelli
gence Popular superstition has concerned
Itself much about that busy llttlo Insect,
tho bee A Welsh tradition says bees
cumo from paradise, leaving tho garden
when man fell, but with Cod's blessing,
so thnt wax la necessary In tho celobra
tlon of tho mass. Tho ancients gener
ally Einlntnlncd that there was a closo
connection between bees nnd tho soul.
Porphyry speaks of "thoso souls which
tho nnclcnts called been."
Thcro Is n Hindoo Btiporstltlon that tho
Hokshas or demons keep their souls In
tho bodies of bees. Many persons accord
unusual Intelligence to bees. Thoy nro
Bald lu parts of England and Franco to
rovcro tho consecrated wafer. Thoy nro
nlso said to sing a Christmas hymn, bo
ginning nt midnight. Thoy aro said novcr
to thrlvo In n quarreleomo family, nor
will thoy slay with you If you quarrel
about them or In their presence It Is n
custom In many parts of England and tho
continent to niinounco to the -bees n death
lu tlio family, especially that of tho mas
ter. It. Is Bald In many parts of England
nnd Germany that If n cwarra of bees Bet
tlo on tho dead branch of n llvo trco a
death will occur lu tho family within a
year. Stolen bees nro Bald In Hollaud
novcr to thrive In somo places In Eng
land It Is thought unlucky to sell them.
Thoy ore given nwny for another gift.
Flics aro sometimes regarded nn fur
nishing prognostications of tho weather,
nnd oven of other ovents. Wllsford, nn
old naturalist, who writes much of popu
lar Import, says: "If thoy are busier or
blinder than ordinary, snort lug In tho
mill or showing themselves in warm
places, It may bo taken as a sign of hail,
cold showers of rain or wot weather."
Fleas nro not too small to enter Into
popular lore An nbuiidmico of them In
dicates rain, hero nnd in England. Their
eager biting nlso prognosticates wet wea
ther. Theso tormenting insects nro not
without their bcuollts, nccordlng to tho
English fishermen, for thoy consider that
an nbundanco of them indicates good
hauls of fish.
Gnats aro regarded by many as accurate
weather Indicators. Fair weather 13 said
to bo coming when thoy fly about In
clouds In tin sun'ii beams; heat follows
unusual frlskincss, and rain U indicated
by their seeking tho nhado and biting
fiercely. An nbundanco of theso Insects
In tho spring foretells a warm autumn.
Slnco the dnys of Solomon tho nut has
enjoyed qulto a reputation na a worker.
Mohammedans recognize Its Industry, nnd
accord It u plnco among tho ten animals
that alouo enter Paradise Without men
tlonlng I1I3 authority, Emerson Bays, In
"Nnturo," that thoy novcr elcop. Anto'
eggs wero of old an nntldoto for love It
Is said that thoy closo their holes lu tho
ground on tho approach of n otorm. If
thoy aro unusually frisky wot weather Is
at hand. Tho migration of ants from low
ground is said to lndlcato heavy rains, and
stormy weather Is Imminent when thoy
travel In Hues, fair weather coming when
thoy scatter abroad.
Superstition has been very busy with
that common household Insect, tho cricket.
Its lively and cheerful chirp has caucod It
to bo generally vlowcd with favor. It U
usually regarded 03 a good In
England and Scotland, lu Hull it la un
lucky to kill them, and In Lancashire, ii
is said, thoy cut holes lu tho worsted
stockings of thoso members of a family
that kill them. In Shakespeare's tlmo this
notion that tho presenco of tho cricket
was a good omen, Indicating cheerfulness
and plenty, waa a prevalent ono. ,
Tho llttlo insect commonly known as
tho lady bird or lady bug has been tho ob-
Iect or many superstitious observances,
ta naino Indicates Us sacred character, it
being ovcrywhoro tho Virgin's bird, tho
lady cow, tho lady fly, tlio lady's llttlo
bca3t, Mary's bird, God'n calf, ete Young
f;!rls, on finding ono, try to dlvluo their
ovcra by it. Tlio flight of tho Insect In
dicates tho direction In which tho lover
Is to bo sought. German peasants also
try to dlvlno from its flight how they will
faro In tho noxt world. If, on being ap-
Ecalcd to. It flics upward, thoy will go to
caven; if downward, to hell, or if hori
zontally, then purgatory awaits tho ques
tioner. Tho Insect known as "granddaddy long
logs" Is thought in this country to pos
sess somo mysterious knowledge Chil
dren, on bcclng it, ask It, "Granddaddy
long legs, whero's my cow?" bollovlng tliat
It will lndlcato tho proper direction by
ralslncr ono of Its loirs.
Spider superstitions aro also abundant.
They should not bo killed. Spaniards, In
tho Sixteenth century, bcllovcd that
Bpldcrs indicated gold, whero they woro
found in nbundanco. in Germany, it is
uald to lndlcato good luck to havo a spider
spring his wob downwards toward you,
but bad luck when ho rises toward you.
Thcro aro said to bo no spiders lu Ireland,
nor will spiders spin their wob in nn Irish
oak, nor on a cedar roof. F. 8. Bassott in
CoU Robert G. Inccrtoir Idea.
Mcst peoplo regard thoso who vlolato
tho law with hatred. Thoy do not tako
into consideration tho circumstances.
They do not bellovo that man b poroetu
nlly tctcd upon. Thoy throw out of con
sideration tho effect of poverty, of neces
sity, and, tbovo all, of opportunity. For
theso reasons thoy regard criminals with
fccllug3 of rovengo. They wish to bco
them punished. They want them Impris
oned or hanged. Thoy do not think tho
law has been vindicated unless somebody
has been outraged. I look at theso th!ngj
from an entirely different point of view.
I regard theso peoplo who aro In tho
clutches of tho law uot only as unfortu
nates, but, for tho most part, as victims.
You may call thorn victims of nature, or
of nations, or of governments; Itmakes no
dlfferonco, thoy aro victims. Undor tho
eamo circumstances tho very persons who
punish them would bo punished. But
whothcr the criminal is a victim or not,
the honest man, tho Industrious man, has
tho right to defend tho product of his
labor. Ho who sown ana plows should
be allowed to reap, and ho who endeavors
to tako from him his harvest is what wo
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Jarvis' C lifornia Pear Cider.
This delicious summer beverage Is made In California, fioni very ripe mellow
Dartlctt Penrs. In the height of the ripening scnton many tons of peors become too
ripe for fchipplng or canning purpotcs, they can then be ntnllrcd by pressing them Into
elder. The fresh juice Is boiled down two gallons Intoone.and Is then strained through
pulverized char coal. This heating,' condensing and straining completely deilrnys for
mcntalion.and the i liter ever afterwards remain sweet and good and Is n most healthy
and nutritious article for family use.
Knowing theic arc many spurious ciders sold In this market we offer the ahov
ciplanntion with the eminent testimonial of Prof. J. 11. Long. Very Respectfully,
THE G. M. JARVIS CO., Sole Proprietors,"
San Jose, California. 39 N. Slate Street Chicag.
TUB G. M. JARVIS CO., Gentlemen: Chicago, Juiy 7th, ,887.
I have made made a chemical examination of the sample of Jarvis' Pear Cldc?
submitted to me n few ilnjs'ogo, and Mould report these points among otheis notid.
1 he liquid is non-alcoholic and has a specific gravity of 10.05. The total extinc
tive matter amounts to 10.25 per cent., containing onlv .025 per cent of free odd. The
tests show this acid to be mnllcncld as usually found" lu unit juices. I find no other
acid or foreign substance added for color or flavor. '
I believe it, therefore, to coiulst simply of the juice of the Pear as represented,
Yours truly,
J. H. LONG, Analytical Chemist,
Chicago Medical College.
San Jose, Cnl. 39 N. State St. Chicago '
W. B. HOWARD, Traveling Salesman.
Druggist and Leading Wine Merchants.
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