Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, September 22, 1888, Image 4

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Pecu I iar
Many peculiar points m.iko Hood's U
Mimlll. superior to nil other niedlclnos.
recull.u In combination, proportla
nnd preparation of lniiKMtnl,Si
Hood 4 Barsaparllla posscsscsrOX,
llio full curatlvo valno tit llioyAy
lost known romoulos jP" 0?
tlio vcRclablo klimr VOrom.
Peculiar In kxf?jr strength
ami ccoiiomyr Cvi!ood's Bar
Mparllla lnC11'0 only tnolU
clno ofr Jrwlmh can truly
bosald,A'sr "'no Bundled Doses
OnoJrlJOk ri'oll.i." Medicines In
JkVrreo,nlro larger doses, mulilonot
prodtico as Rood results ns Hood's.
Tecullar In Its incillclnal merits,
Hood's Bars.iparlll.i accomplishes cures mill.
erto unknown, ami lias won for lis
tlio tllloof "Tlio greatest Mood
purifier ovor dlsoovo'ou,
home," tlicro Is now
ni jioou s c, rw -triu.i r
Iiowoll, Ity
than ot
i.tker blood
Peculiar In lln
record ot salcu
no oilier preparation
ever attained such popu
larity In so short n tlmo,
nM.i MiMinnil On-tinnmntitr
S iid contnlcnco nmon?hll classoj
of peoplo bo steadfastly.
Do not 1)0 Induced to buy othor preparations,
but bo imro to net tlio Tccullar Modlclno,
Hood's Sarsaparilla
floMbystlttruKxIitl. Ml ill for JJ. Prepared etUf
by 0, 1. HOOD & CO., A rwtliocsrles, Lowell, Ms'
100 D08O8 Ono Dollar
PhiltormoniG Orchestra
Ofllcc,Uooms 1390111! 140 llurr Ulock.
Telephone 133.
Leaders in Photography.
ffEU 5
We make n specialty of the celebrated
Life slxcil pictures and furnish the flnett
work nt lowest prices.
Best Cablnots $3.00
Elegant line of Picture Frames In stock
and made lo order. Cull nml see ui.
1026 O Street, LINCOLN', NEB.
New Jewelry Store,
;oto O Street. Established 1S74.
Desires to call tno nttontlon of tho public to
his new nmt eleuaut stoolc of
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware,
Ilnvliiu mora room tonccommodntn tho trade
mul sbow i Inritcr line tlmn ever Hcforu pur-
clinsluir,KlvoiMucnUnml wo will sbow. ou
tlio ilncsl lino at lowest ponslblo prices.
Watch Repairing: and Engraving
Noatly done nml nil work warranted.
Columbia Itlcjrcles unit Tricycle
620 O St, It. D. ADDIS, AQT. 820 O St,
Ladies' & Gents1
At greatly reduced prices
1043 O Street.
1314 O street.
Examine wimples
of our ork before
9r4artng elsewhere.
Cablne Photographs
$Jpr satdoaen
reduced from $4
."r 'w
' kViiioro
sold In
it Is made,
nllV rf V
r 4m .r
si limlarliMrof Modern 77irs.
St'PsrnirTioxi On Year by Mali or Can lor $J,00
Hlx months, $1,00, Three iiumllii W Outs, On
month ) Cents Imarauly In Ailvanco.
uvKiiTisitMrxrs! Itnlos furnished on npp". illtn
nt Iho ofltee, BHtelal rates on Tlmo Contra Is.
Co.iTiiltitTWXH! Khurt spicy sketches, pnetn and
slot Irs solicited. IVmonnl and Koclal notes nro
rspiclnlly desirable,
I'nmiviii Wo malm a sperlslty of Kino l'i luting
In nil Its branches. Hoelety work a specially
Adilnxs all coiuiuunlcntlons direct to tlio oftleo,
lw. WESSEL.Ji.,
rtllTon AMI 1'1101'lllltTOIl.
New llurr llloolc, Cor. l'Jth mid O Hirer..i.
Tin: slilunnlk Inspector has n lively tlmo of
It kcepl'iK tlio sidewalks clean In tlio business
iwutof town.
It coils ono hljr dollar lo i Ido In tlio now
pat nil wagon. I.lko n street ear, tho faro Is
tlio sumo for ono or n hundred blocks.
It Is mid that Oliver Wendell Holmes has
nmilo iiioio money from the prnctleo of his
profession than from his writings. This Is n
tip to tho editor of tlni Ynwvlllo UVifsffcr.
Conhukrhmkn nro earning their wages this
yenr, but they nppoar to Ih laboring under n
sei Ions mistake in supposing that thopeoplu
me demanding their continuing in session.
In tho languoRo of Cleopntrn, throw nre
dandy ulghtM lu w hlch to reH)4u lu Moi pheus'
nnns nml dozo tho hours nwny. Tho only
trouble is that tho nights nro not largo enough
in length.
KliKii Nvk'h great conilo ommii "Mr. Hnnip
son of Oinnlin" was presented in Bait Iiko
City last wix'k with givat Huccess. AVo hope
Llueoln ieoplo will soon have nu opportunity
of listening to this most dimming opera.
It is Indeed n foi tunnto thing for Nebras
ka's honntors that they nro ixirmlttod tho
luxmles of mvretnrles, othorwlso tho dear
tieoplo would never know whnt in tho world
their repiesentntlves wero doing half tho
Calhoun Is ninking tho fur tly up nt Onmhn,
mid tho iVjiiitifdin editor is nhendy hunting
11 troo to ellinu. "Cal" lias tlio Happy fac
ulty of impaling nu opponent flimlynttd nt
thosnmo tlmo lmo hint presoi vo 11 smiling
It is rumored that two now dally nows
papeiH will soon bo started in tho city, n
deirocrntlo mid a prohibition dully. Any
one having n surplus amount of money to ex
change for 11 job lot of experience will do
well to call nt either of tlio above-named
Ir tho pi-ohibltiouiils nro in earnest in their
endeavors to secure hueeen, tlioy should haul
olT several of their loud-mouthed agitator
w ho obstruct travel nt tho corner of Eleventh
nud O htreots. They aro doing tho jxirty
more harm than any organization of saloon
keepers could do.
Wkatukii prophets nro nbout tho only
people who ersist in being disagreeable.
Wiggins Is out with n prediction that earth
minko disturbances will occur In tho United
Htates next month. Major lilruoy of tho
.on null should endeavor to eradicate thU
Idea, and secure tlio favor ot tlo peoplo by
predicting n mild winter.
Wi:i.l, hut wasn't tl.oro somo kicking done
this week when the little ones' school books
had to lie purchased. It is nil right enough
prolmbly to boom tho printing business by f ro
ipient ebnnges in text '.books, but tho lino
ought to Ik) draw n somow hero' Parents nud
prospective parent who put up tho tnxes nl
unite lu demanding this.
It Is very likely Hint Hon. Patrick Egnn
will Ik) granted nceititlcnto of immunity to
nllow him' to bo present nnd testify in tho
ciiso of rnrnell vs. Tho liOiidou 7'iiiics. Kiom
present Indications tho Thunderer will bo
worsted in tho encounter, oven though It has
tlio vast machinery of tho English secret sor-
vice behind it.. Success to rnrnell nml Egan.
Tiik erstwhllo champion, Jolm I Sullivan,
Is very sick In Boston. John career was a
very hrlllinnt one, but awfully short. It Is
indeed n pity when such u mugnitleont speci
men of physical manhood us Sullivan is de
bauched by tho demon of Intemperance.
There havtt been many chnmplons of the pu
gilistic menu, but uono liko Sullivan, tho uu-'
Tub light between tlo Burlington nml tho
Brotherhood has complicated niattera with
tho Wabash. 1 ho Burlington has n contract
w lth tho Wabash for the housing nt St. Louis
of "Q"onglncs used on tho now through
trains, but when the first ones came lu the
hostlers nnd whiers refused to clean thom nnd
nt last nccouuU they wero standing on tho
track covered with mud nnd grenso. Tho
men declare they will strike If the company
orders them to clean tho engines, whllo by
the tei-ms of tho contract tho Wnbash is com
pelled to do so.
The Couuieu Is heartily In favor of tho
proposed meeting of citizens to devise t-omo
moans for bettering tho water supply. Lot
usdoBomothlngin thomatterl Things liave
gono far enough. Olve it In tho hands of
somo company who will guarantee to give us
good water nnd wo aro satisfied. The parties
v. ho have tho wntor supply In charge linve
proven themselvea Incompetent to find out
the dlfllculty or any method of obviating It.
They are still drawing their salary and the
people are drawing salt water. Sell the
works to some company, and relievo the peo
ple ot the incubus.
Corinuo Marshall was tho brightest girl la
tlio school district whoro her father's largo,
stony farm was sltuntal. Her mother had
read n translation ot Do Stool's famous ro
mance, henco her daughter's namo, given
with many wishes that tho llttlo maiden
might grow up to lo something out of tho
common onlor. Atflsho studlod grnmmnr,
nud spelled tho big boys nnd girls "down"
nt nn old fnshloued selling school; plainly
tlicro could bo no ipiestlou about her bril
liancy. Thero was n farmer's boy ns well ns n
itaruwr's girl; thoro always Is, only tho boy
Is npt to lie, If moro solid, not so ready not
so "smart," ns tho Now England expression
Is. No speclnl htar had shono over tho boy's
baptismal font, and ho was named plain Job
Job Austin.
Joli's father wna In standing nnd prop
erty nbout on 1111 equality with Co
rhino's, but tho llttlo fellow was no match
for Corlnno. Ilowover, tho young Job
lifted his gray eyes to tho "brightest
girl," drew bcr on ills siod, "towed" her on
tho Ice, brought hor cppcrmlut drops nnd
llcrieo stick, nnd curved various toys for
her nt odd times, such ns bedsteads for her
dolls, nud n set of Wooden dishes for their
ten table,
Whllo Job was still struggling, in tils old
clothes, with "chores" nt homo, and un
known quantities nt school, his llttlo favorlto
was sent to llvo with her mint In tho villa go,
n dozen miles nwny, for tho sako of greater
educational privileges. Thero tlio smart girl
dovoloicd rapidly. Sho coon showed n ro
mnrknblo gift of oxpresalou, nml in tho de
partment of composition easily led her
school, beenmo tho editor of tho school
"pnier," tho president of n literary society,
nnd withal n very careless student. To keep
up In her classes required 110 cITorttnnd she
fell Into tho error of thinking Hint success
would conio to her without hard work.
In tho inenntlmo Job showed n imtlonos
equal to that or Ills widely known namesake.
Ho extracted roots, cube and square, to say
nothing of "grubbing" roots on tho old
farm j nud every step ho took ho cleared tho
wny of all dlilleultles. No half way work
for Job. Ho was still nwkwnrd, ill
dressed, hesitating, nnd ho blushed furiously
just nt tho times nnd on tho occasions when
bo most desired to appear cool nnd colloctod.
Many n tlmo ho had begun a. letter to Corlnno,
sitting nt his desk nt noon tlmo, or nttcr
school, anxiously trying to compose n docu
ment worthy of so bright a being. But,
though ns patient ns tho original Job, ho novor
succeeded lu finishing n letter that ho thought
good enough.
At last n turn enmo In tho tido of Job's life.
A literary gentleman in Bagdad, tho villago
whore Corlnno wns living nt her mint's,
offered to "board nnd school" him in return
for such holp ns tho boy could easily glvo
morning nnd evening. Ho was to cuter tho
graded school, nmd on examination wns found
ready Tor tho Intermediate department,
Corlnno was lu n private school for girls. It
wns not long before tho two old friends met
In tho street. Corinuo wns with half udozen
gay school girls.
"Who Is that fellow with hayseed In his
hair!" asked ono of them, ns Job enmo to
ward them smiling nud blushing. Corlnno
bowed coolly, pretending not to soo tho out
stretched hand, nnd hurried on.
"A mistake," sho saliL "I look llko dozens
of other jiooplo, it seems." Corlnno Justified
this stoty to her couscicnco on tho ground
that Job had really made a mistake in sup
posing sho was going to keep up tho old
Job thought, generous fallow, that It was a
vcrltnblo mistake A llttlo near sighted, ho
often mndo mistakes ot identity; nnd ho
promised himself to look moro carefully next
tlmo ho mot n group of young lailits, blush
ing tho deepest peony red in thinking of his
Corlnno nowontorcd upon a new period of
her Inspired career. Sho wrotonpoem I Sitting
In hor room nfter study hours, with her hair
down nud her hands pressed to her tcmplca,
sho slowly ovolvod tho wondrous thing. How
astonished sho was to find thnt she, Corlnno
Marshall, could actually wcavo rhymes and
sentiments and flowers of speech llko tho real
poeti whom sho worshlied afarmoffl Sho
showed tho celestial manufacture to her own
special girl friend, Cecilia Hopkins. It was
one of those twilight hours of loving com
munion ovor tho fire, when, with arms
around each other's waists, school girls toll
tho dearest frionds everything, that tho
poem was brought out and read.
Cecilia was In raptures. Sho always know
her darling Corlnno was a genius. And
where would sho send itf
"Send it!"
"Yes; to whnt magnzlno or nowspnpcrl
Surely tho world should not bo deprived of
Now, unknown to Corlnno, tho gentleman
with whom Job was living wns tho editor ot
Tho Bagdad Carrier Dovo, a shcot devoted to
news nud olegnut culture.
"I'll send It to Tho Dovo," said Corlnno,
nfter hor friend hmL loft her to tho literary
loUuro sho longed for. "Yes, to Tho Dovo,
on whoso whlto wings it shall bo wafted
far away to meet kindred hearts."
Carefully was tho poem copied and re
coplcd, till, In appearance, nt least, it was
worthy ot tho classlo namo signed boldly nt
tho closo. In tho chill dusk of a winter oven
Ing a young girl might hnvo been seen walk
ing up and down tho street, casting longing
glances ntn lamp post; for tho nuthor's
heart failed her at tLolast moment. But
tho nppenrauco ot a teacher brought matters
to a crisis, nnd thocnvolopo weighted with
destiny was dropped through tho iron slit.
Tho boy in tho ofllco ot Tho Dovo, by this
tlmo highly prized by tho editor, recognized
tho old tlmo quirks and rralrls, tho tails of
tho gM and y's nnd q's, nnd tho heavy shad
ing of tho upward strokes. Ho helped tho
crudo llttlo "poem" Into n corner of Tho Car
rior, his heart beating with manly pleasure
at doing a service for his llttlo lovo.
Corlnno was mado a poet by acclamation
In tho school room; for of courso tho author
ship of "Llfo's Disappointments" was nn open
secret Fifty copies of I no Carrier wero
ordered, nnd tho ofllco boy was sent with
them to Mrs. Deportment's school. Ho nr
rlvcd at tho recreation hour, when tho young
ladles, a gay, fluttering, bright eyed crowd,
were "taking exorcise." Borao were promo
cadlug, somo dancing, somo chatting, somo
swinging dumbbells, somo tossing a shuttle
"Tho copies of Tlio Carrier Dovo you sent
for," said Job, addressing tho girls en 'masse.
All occupations were deserted, and tho
girls, acting from a common Impulse ot fun,
came forward to interview tho "devil," as
they wero pleased to call Job. Tboymado
bun take a chair on tho platform, they asked
him nil kinds of questions concerning edi
torial and no wsrv-rwr interiors; finally they
introduced, with mock cereiuouy, tho distin
guished authoress, Corinne, Job's face
lighted up. Here was relict from bis tor
Not a sign did Corinne give that she recog
nised her old friend; indeed, she joined la
tho fun at bis expense, Toor Job bad greater
need than ever of the qnsdlty associated with
his name, and only oa the riag tag of the bell
calling the girls to lessees was be released.
1 tlu uH nf In fun. Tfc vcunxr ladlaa
j .
of Mmo. Deportment's school nro scattered
fnr nnd wldo; somo nro married, oomo are
teachers, somo nro bmy with tho wenrlsomo
cothlngs of gay society.
As for Corluue, sho Is nt homo on tho old
stony farm. Her mother Is dead, and sho is
her father's housekeeper. Hho has taken a
nom do pluuio, for rejieatod ox)crleuccs of
"declined with thanks" have made her desire
to hldo her Identity. Nevertheless, certain
successes have kept her In heart nnd hopo;
nnd ns sho Is yet scarcely twenty, sho still
looks forward lo a distinguished literary
In tho inenntlmo a now light hnsnrlsen.
Far nnd wldo tholetters, stoi icsntid scientific
articles of 1jw Ktollo are known nud ml
inlrcd. It Is nnnounml that ho Is to estab
lish n Journal, called Tho People, In n
town not n thousand miles from tho Marshall
Corlnno, on tho lookout for now wot Ids to
conquer, a si "Thorn Is n chnnco for mo."
Shoprepaiesn piece of verse, elaborate, ro
mantic, nml not without merit. Sho sends
It, with a nolo Inclosed signed by her own
namo, to tho great Mr. Ktollo, Then through
weeks of smqiciiM) sho waits.
"It's como back," shouts her heartless llttlo
brother, swinging 11 letter over his head, nud
nulto losrardlessof tho prcsoucoof 11 neigh
borhood gossip.
"What fnakes you keep n-scndln' stufF to
tho editors!" says her sister, nu enfant terri
ble, who Is great lu mathematics nnd do
spiscs her older sister's namo nml pretensions.
Corlnno takes tho totter humbly nud puts
It In her jweket. By nnd by sho goes out into
tho blossoming orchard and opens tho edi
torial envelope, walking up nnd down under
tho fragrant trees. There is tlio poem In
which so much hopo hnd been folded, and a
long letter In n bold, firm hand.
"Miss A. B. C. shows facility. Thero nro
hints of tnlont. Will sho obllgo tho editor
by writing nu artlclo on somo subject of
which sho has knowledge positive, clear In
formation!" Tho letter wont on with kind,
discriminating advice, worth more than gold
to n girl liko Corinuo.
"Wrlto nbout something of which I hnvo
knowledgol" repeated tho girl, stopping to
breale a branch ot upplo blossoms. "What
do I know!'' Sho looked Into tho tinted cum
ns if for nn answer. "I don't know any
thing," sho Bald prefiontly, throwing herself
down upon tho turf In sorrowful abandon;
"but I can learn." This correlative enmo
nttcr a burst of toars uud nu hour's reflec
A fow days after this Corlnno received by
mall n treatise ou tho keeping of poultry,
which she herself had ordored. This sho set
herself to study, nnd soon becamo interested
in details of breed, feeding, bousing, etc
All tho books and uowspnors of Importance
bearing ou tho subject Corinuo read indus
triously. Thon cimo practical work. After
six months' oxporicuco tho young lady wroto
a modest nrtlclo on "Poultry liaising," nnd
sent it to Tho People. A cordial nnswor
was received with n liberal check Corlnno'
first conqiensatlon for literary work.
To tho old orchard trees tho girl w ont In her
excitement and Joy. They were bare; ompty
nests hung from their boughs; nnd tho dead
grass nbout them was flecked nnd patched
with snow. But in Coiluno's hoart tlicro
was summer. Mr. Utolle's nolo was so kind,
so ciicournging; ho praised her style, ho
suggested books for her to read; ho promised,
If sho worked and stu lied, n uoblo success by
nnd by uot necessarily in jwultry articles,
though said articles suited Tho Peoplo to n,
dot, nnd ho wished moro of them. Ho nnvticd
various hooka ou industrial subjects Tiao
raising, silk spinning, flower culture, etc.
nnd ndvised a reading up of tho subjects and
articles on tho samo.
"In tho meantime," said ho, "keep your
oyes opon. There must bo much in your
country world worth writing about. In some
out of door searching, a real poem may show
itself in mass or lichen, tho glauco of a llttlo
wlldwood dweller, or tho flash of a jonelcd
It was n year from tho tlmo that Corinno
questioned tho applo blossoms lu her despair.
It was noised nliout that IMltor Htoilo was
visiting in tho neighborhood, Corlnno's inti
mate friends, tho "heartless brother" nnd tho
oufant t err 1 bio Included, began to anticipate
n triumph for their frlond and sister. Sho
wns n corresixmdent of Low Etoilo's a
fnvorlto contributor to tho Tho Peoplo.
No ono else with so much right could asplro to
tho great man's favor.
In tho courso of tlmo Corlnno wns invited
to a gnnlon party to meet tho star, Tho hour
camo, and tho editor was introduced. Corlnno
stepped forward eagerly, all smiles. The
gentleman bowed jiolltely, oxnetly as to
twenty others to whom ho had been present
ed. Tho w holo company, looking on, under
stood Corlnno's humiliation. Sho soon
slipped away, and on lenching homo went
wandering undor tlio blooming orchard trees.
"How liaudsomo ho 1st How distinguished
his stylo I Nobody nt tho party could com
pare wiin mm. uniy a littio oiucr man 1,
and ho ha3 almost a national reputation!"
So Corlnno mused, hs she walked up und
down tho fragrant, wind blown alloys.
Br and by sho seated herself, and, taking
pencil and paper from hor tockot, began to
Fcribblo, ns tho best wny of forgottlng hor
disappointment. Gradually n sense of tho
lncftablo beauties ot her llttlo comer of tho
earth stolo over hor. 80ft, fragrant air,
nzuro sky, whlto banks of vapor, rosy shapes
ot bud nnd bloom, tho humming of happy in
socts, tho trill of homo going birds, tho lovely
greenery of notched and scalloped and blado
slinpod leaves all uot nnd mingled In hor
sou), producing a sort of ecstasy. Her
thoughts began to tako rhythmical form, and
a genuine poom grew under her almost un
conscious hand.
As sho sat loaning ngalnst a gnarled old
trunk, pink potals nestling In tho crimps of
her black hair and in tho folds of hor palo
bluo gauzy dress, sho mado n charming pic
ture. At toast so thought tho distinguished
"Mr. Etolle," coming gently along tho or
chard path, his footfalls hushed by the
matted turf.
"Corinno I"
"Mr. Etollol"
Tho girl rose, tier cheoks hot with blushes.
"Forglvo mo for treating you bo badly just
now. Let ns walk undor tho trees and talk
about old times. Do you romembor tho day
1 pulled you out of tho cranberry bog when
you broko through tho ico and thought you
wore drowning!"
Corinuo looked up in nmazemont. It was
yes.ltwns Job Austin; light locks, freckles,
and all
"Do yon forglvo mor ho persisted.
"I think wo aro quits," sho said, now nbls
lo look up roguishly through her blushes.
"Strnngo I didn't rccognlzo you when you
were Introduced to mo today."
"Don't speak of that," said Job. "What
is this!" and ho took possession, as by edito
rial right, ot tho paper fluttering in her
band. Ilia faco grew radiant as bo read.
"Dear old comrade," bo said, "I havotiot
been disappointed In Vou. This is genuine,
and it Is beautlf ul I it is n growth, uot a bit
of manufacture."
When "tho planet and his satellite," as
Corlnno's saucy sister called them, loft the
orchard, there was a happy light in both
their faces. Thereafter literary affairs called
them often together. As to sentiment, tho
gossips of tho neighborhood aro about
equally divided; a part asserting vehemently
that It is n heart affair, tho others denying
tho same with equal earnestness, Mrs. M. r.
Butts in Demorat's Monthly.
A mocking bird in Albtaiy whistles Bou
langer's marcli.
Tho Hermans calls this tlio "sauorgurken
tolt," or tho plckli season.
Irrigation has produced n great crop of
musqultoesnt Im Angeles, Cat.
Italy has admitted 2,C00,000 more persons
to tho right to vote nt local elections.
Tho wool Interests In Australia havo suf
fered severely from drought. Tho sheep
have died by millions.
There will bo an international bono show
in Paris next year, where $15,000 will bo dis
tributed In prizes.
Tho slowest train lu this country Is a North
Carolina "express," which consumes ulno
hours In running 100 miles.
Tho Crnlg-y-Nos property, which Mmo,
Pnttl-Mcollnl wants t) soil, comprises 850
acres, nud boasts tho finest trout streams lu
Thero nro n dorcn men In Milwaukee
who curry a lifo Insurnuco of mora than
-200,000 each. Ono, a prominent railroad
mnn, Is Insured for f.'iOO.OOO.
Because a Texan woman had not f GO rendy
to pay n discharged laborer ho went into her
Qeld nud shot soven mules nud n horso thnt
were worth $1,200.
A citizen of Wlnneconne, Wis., hns suc
ceeded In tempering brass, nnd has exhib
ited brass knives nnd nxes that will cut
ucasoncd hemlock knots w Ithout turning tho
Tho only recognized O. A. It. post outsldo
ot tho United States Issald to bo In Honolulu.
It Is called Post Ooorgo W. Do Ixng, nnd
always observes Momorlnl day with llttiug
Editor Criswoll, of Tlio Oil City Derrick,
lias n cauo mado from tho skin of a rattle
snake, tanned, stretched tightly over n hick
ory .stick, varnished and handsomely
mounted. It looks as though mado of highly
polished mottled wood.
Tho wnltors in n New York restaurant
having struck, tho sharp proprietor rang for
a number of district messenger boys, and
thus temporarily supplied tlio places of tho
strikers until other waiters could In) secured.
There Is remarkable activity in London in
tho formation of stock companies, and tho
class known as "promoters" aro waxing
wealthy. Ono of thom Is said to havo mndo
nearly two million and n half of dollars this
An cnglo six feet from tip to tip and with
talons near two Inches long was killed In
Georgia tho other day, but it took two loads
ot shot and n riflo ball to do it, and then tho
bird t:ok such n doath grip on its perch that
tho treo had to bo cut down to secure it.
Samuel Nlckerson, president of tho First
National bank of Chicago, has probably tho
finest collection of rock crystals In tho world.
Ono of them is ns big ns n gooso egg nnd is
valued at $15,000. It is supposed to bo tho
largest in existence.
Ono of tho English reglmcnUi Is experi
menting with a mnchlno called nccntercyclo,
which has four small wheels n foot in diame
ter nnd ono largo 0110 in tlio ccntor. It Is
said that tho invention makes climbing a hill
ns tasy for a cycler ns rolling off a log.
A butcher in Liverpool was recently sum
moned boforo n magistrate on tho ground of
selling horseflesh for beef, no wns fined
flfty shillings, not for selling tho horseflesh,
but liecnuso it was unsound. Tho magistrate
said that ho know of nothing to prevent a
butcher from selling such moat, provided it
were good and sound.
A bill in tho English parliament proposes
to compel tho sellers ot foreign meat to an
nounce that fact by a conspicuous placard
ou their shop or stall, tho Idea being that
peoplo aro deceived into buying foreign meat
for tho English nrtlclo ns thoy nro into
purchasing olcomargarino for butter.
Tho latest gratuity of tho clgnrctto maker)
Is a llttlo vial of cnclious for tho breath
packed In overy box of tho goods mado by
ono Arm of manufacturers. Something for
tho breath was always needed for cigarette
smokers, but no maker over before showed
tlio candor to acknowlodgo tho fact In this
substantial way.
St. Patrick's Fills Are the Bes
1. Because thoy nro mndo according
to tho host formula that hns over been
S. Bccauso thoy nro mndo from tho
host nnd purest mntorinls, carefully
prepared nnd sugar coated.
8. Bccauso thoy nro tho most search
ing nnd most reliable cathartic in uso.
4. Bccauso thoy correct bilious dis
orders, and prevent all discuses arising
from tlium.
5. Becauso thoy always produco a
pleasant cnthnrtiu effect.
0. Becmiso thoy euro jnundico, rcgu
Into tlio liver, und nid In removing all
morbid ninttor from the system.
7. Because thoy aro cortuln In tlioir
action nnd cau always bo doponded
8. Bocnuso thoy euro constipation,
and provent all disorders producod by
0. Becauso thoy tone up tho stomnch
and aid in the digestion nnd assimila
tion of the food.
10. Bccauso thoy do not produco
11. Bocnuso thoy do not nausoato
the stomach, nor grlpo tlio bowels, nor
produce painful discharges.
12. Because they cleunso tho cntiro
system, purify the blood uud roguluto
tlio llvor nnd bowels.
St. Patrick's Bills are sold by drug
gists und medicine doalors at 1!5 cents
tier box, or live boxes for ono dollar.
l)o not lot them persuade you to tako
any other kind, until you hnvo onco
tried St. Patrick's after that you will
never bo satlslied with any other,
Sore Throat can bo curod in ono day
by using Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
Rhoumatism. Many cases of chronic
rhounintlsm that had rcslstod all othor
treatment, havo been cured by Cham
berlain's Pain Balm.
Cuts, Wounds and Bruises, aro honied
in ono half loss tlmo and without leav
ing nacuro when Chamberlain's Pain
Balm Is promptly nppliod.
Burns and Scalds. Tho pain is al
most instantly reliovcd nnd tho parts
quickly honied by Chamberlain's Pain
Heuralgia. enn bo cured by using
Charnborlain's Pain Balm.
Sprains can bo cured within ono third
tho usual timo by applying Chamber
lain's Pain Balm before tho parts be
come swollen or Inflamod, whloh can
always be dono If you have tho remedy
at hand. 00 cent and dollar bottles.
Bold by W. J. Turaar
kit- N
1 iiidLyak-aijai
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