Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, September 22, 1888, Image 1

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Vol. 3. No. Al
AVlmt Ho Hpcii, Hears, Thinks nnd Im
agine". While In Denver tlio other week tho Ob
server had tho pleasure of meeting Dave
Howe, tho jMimlnr mnnnger of Inst year's
Lincoln team. Ho wascnrouio to uonicn on
ft vlstt to Inn pnronts who llvo In that charm
ing llttlo town. Mr. Howobulloves that tho
Western association next year will (nclmhi
Lincoln mid Denver, mid thinks that Lincoln
licoplo should bestir themselves to secure
somo Rood plnyeis who vIIIhooii lie uvnllablo.
Itowo has been incapacitated tho past two
month from playing ball by sickness, but ho
possesses n long n m lnagcrlnl bond us over.
Lincoln should have. Irvso ball by nit menus
noxt year, tho jieoplo want it, mid tho Ob
server would llko to soo the lovers of tho
gnmo take somo action in tho ninttor.
I hour of n Rood Joko on tho Jolly party who
occupied tho tally ho coach nt tho fair grounds
ono day last week. While enjoying n de
lightful spin around tho track, ono of soveral
Lincoln young men In tliu nmpliitheatro sar
castically Inquired: "Why, who aro thoso
jieoplor A rural rooster i-tnudlng by ono
of thoso fellows who nro full of information
mid always eager 16 impart It replied,
"That's tho Salvation Army, Mr; thnt's tho
way they travel." It is needless to sny tho
remarks brought down tho house. I do not
know whether tho tally-ho jwrty has yet
heard this, but I would suggest tho next tlmo
they appear in public they should take projior
steps to leavo no similar impression on the
minds of tho jwoplo who Imvo not yet been
educated up to tliln fashionable fad.
Those of our citizens who Imvo not visited
tho capitol building in tho last six weeks will
bo surprised at tho improved oppearnnco it
presents. Tho domo on tho building is about
completed, and tho main building is being
placed In readiness for tho winter's needs.
Tho Improvements about tho grounds ndd
prently to tlicl. opcarunce. Handsome
driveways, tho foundations ror which are
laid somewhere near China, lend through
broad n venues of stately trees, while on overy
baud tho result of n skilled mid cultivated
tasto aro displayed. Uotli J mid Fifteenth
street will bo paved this fall, and everything
1 u readiness for tho proper impressment of
Lincoln's growth uon tho legislator, lobby
ists and others who will flock to tho capital
this winter.
Among tho many haiidsmnj and now
stylo rigs now soon on tho streets of Lincoln,
tho ono driven by Mr. Will Wlttiimn, that
ardent admirer of all that is nobby in n turn
out, is by nil odds tho most attractive
and (litest of its kind in tho city. It is
a very pietty two-wheel viMiicle, and tho
horso n very stylish, largo animal liedecked
with a set of harness that Is tho envy of nil
who drive on tho same street with linn. It Is
inadoiipof tho bojt leather, tho trimmings
being tho most striking and artistic featuro
of tho rig, everything In metal being of
solid silver. Will Is a great connoiseur of lino
work, and tho harness Is another samplo of
tho goods turned out by Wlttman Bros.
Theso lovely moonlight nights nro lieing
enjoyed in many ways by tho young tcop!e.
A htroll through tho slunled walks of tho city,
a rldo through tho city on horseback, or a
drive by buggy comprise tho most attractive
belies of amusement for such occasions.
Complimentary l'urly.
Messrs. E. H. And rti9 & Son tendered tho
members of tho Klks, Plaisunt Hour and
riensant Hour Junior clubs a complimentary
party Wednesday evening, ntCushman park.
Tho train left tho depot nt 7:!K) o.clock and
returned about midnight. Tho evening was
ft very enjoyable ono. Dancing was indulged
in tho greater part of tho evening, lunch lw
ing served at tho Intermission. Wo were un
able to pet a eomplcto list of those present,
but tho foUswing wero among thopartict
pants: Mr. mid Mrs. Hayilen, Mr. and Mrs. Frcs
ton, Mr. nud Mrs. Jones, Mr. Mid Mis. Jnn
sou. Misses Cody, Latta, Clurn Kunke, Grunln
ger, Hawkins, Martha Kunke, Stout, Hello
and Alleen Oakley, Lulu and Daisy Clark,
Marrpictte, Nellie Million, Llllibridgo, Giles,
Brownie Damn, Leland.
Messrs. Zohrung, Foresman, Mngoon.Hleh
ter, Hinlth, Anilrus, Oscar Kunke, Finest
Kunke, John Stout, lloutz, ltooks, in
Clarke, Smith. Stout, Camp, Kermnii, Baum,
Edwards, Maxwell, Wilson and others.
Tho Hiiiinoy Haggles,
Perhaps ono of tho most interesting of tho
exhibits at tho stoto fair wero tho numerous
buggy and enrriago displays, prominent
among which was that of tho deservedly jop
ulnr Henney Iluggy eomiKiny, who occupied
a lui go space Wfun & Horton's iwvillon
near Art hall. This factory which to
day turns out undoubtedly tho finest buggy
made in tho west, lias lccomo more in iopu
htr favor with tho advent of each season and
from what formerly was a small concern In
Kreeport, 111., an Immense concern has grown,
so that today that bustling city lays claim
and Justly too, of being tho homo of tho finest
buggies mode In tho western country, with a
capacity douhlo thatot two years ngo.
Tho buggy is known overy whero to tho car
riage triule, tho name, in Itself, being sulll
clent to recommend nud sell It. Each vehi
cle is iiiudo of supetlor material, nud tho best
of workmen nro employed; only thoso having
ample experieuco mid ability being entrusted
with tho work. They make buggies and car
riages in somo fifty styles, nud cneh onu is
i-ent out with ft full pledged guniiuitco of
what all that Is claimed for it.
Mr. W. Henney, of tho llrni was personally
In nttendanco during tho fair and met his
ninny friends and patrons at tho tiavlllon.
Mr. Henney is a rather young man for ono who
bus achieved such success In a largo Held, but
his genial and business like iimiinerH show
clearly how nml wherein his success has been.
Mr. J. A. Grusseup, Mr. Hennoy's nblo No
biubkft representative, wus, as ho al ways is,
Ills light bower during fair wewk and assisted
in tho showing of tho handsome exhibit to all
ea'.leiB. Wo hope to see both gentlemen with
us again next season with ft display t,l0SU
celebrated vehicles.
,. IT IV llmuu n,,.l .l.,,.,l.f,.r. ITMiln"
and Mrs il. O. McArther paid Omnliii ft visit
A l'nlpoiurl of Nuti-s About Mm Nport mill
lVrmitmN About Wheelmen.
All contributions under this head sent to
"Pully" euro of Tnr. UouitiKit, not later than
Thursday noun, will recelie prompt attention mid
sinico In this iI'Mmrtment TlIK CouitlKIl Is the
only recognized Journal hi Lincoln for Vyclom
ami all jmkth or lleim pertaining to this great
ami growing sport will no iiiniiKiuuy recciTcu.
Tho Lincoln Wheel club will run to
nud Sunday morning.
Twonty-throo member in tho Wheel club
;,w, and still they come.
M.J.H. Illrch! lately from F,.gl-...d, Is a
IIovs.Ik) careful when ildlngontho stn-ets,
as It Is oxtrenily dangerous to go too fast.
O. II. Elton rolo from Ulyswi to Lincoln,
(dlsbinco torty miles), In seven and ouo-lmlf
Myron Wheeler escoi tsl tho boys as far as
tho Methodist university Sunday, but had to
come back on account of nil engagement.
If n inednl Is oirertsl Tor continual rldhiz.
either Young, Eaton or Myron Wheeler will
get It, as they aro on their whoolsatnll tlmas
Tho Lincoln Wheel club wns (icrinitiiviitly
organized last ovenlus at the CountKii onlce.
Tho club stalls out with twouty-llvo ineiulMTS.
E'lton, Young, Kelly and lllghtcr took tho
first run of the season Sunday, toWaverly
and back. Tlioy ivjiort tho roads in good
condition. .
Mac Miller, of tho Stnto National bank,
wns seen riding a wheel Wwlnesdn, evening.
Mac has not boon on a machine for n long
tlmo but ho rides tlu s-inio ns of yore.
If any of tho boys wnut to consider them
selves "way up" In bicycle racing tlioy can do
so with safety If they can WilK made
by a professional at Hull'ilo, September 10.
Tlio best tlmo for ono niilo amntuer tandem
hi tho World's Hlcyelo tournament nt lltitrnlo
wfts:i:0l. For a tandem bicycle, 'J :47. Tho
dlirereuco between a bike and tho trike lieing
17 seconds.
If the Hoys would get up nt six o'clock in
the morning they would see sovcrnl wheels go
hurrying up and down tlio streets. Eirly
morning rides will tend to strengthen your
limbs for long dlsumcj riding nud will give
you a ravenous nppetltc.
A run to (J-vuiiwood, uud probably to Ash
land, is on the tapis for Sunday morning.
Tho.s3 wishing to go, will mtet at tho Coun
1KU olllco at 8 a.m. Tlio writer will wind
his alarm clock so us to bo at tho meeting
place on time.
Geo. Hoiinell hns not the tlmo to devote to
tho secretaryship of tliu club that ho consldcis
ho thould and hi consequence sends in his
resignation. We are very sorry that uich Is
the case; however, wo will keep Mr. II. among
our active and interested iiicuiIh.ts.
Ills Sentence.
"Evelyn," said young Mr. Buttercup husk
ily, "speak ono word of hopo to mo. Do not
crush mo with jour disdain. You say you
do not lovo mo now, but it I should como to
you nt somo futuro tlmo, perhaps perhaps
oh, Evelyn, you seo my sad condition.
Ought I not to receive something inoro than
a cold dismissal P'
"Perhaps so, considering your condition,"
said Evelyn softly.
"Then," exclaimed tho young man Joyously,
"you would chaugo your scutenco to"
"Ninety days," murmured tho beautiful
girl. Chicago Tribune
Hough on (Irnmlmn.
Llttld Philip Old Mrs. Wizboak told mo
today I wns tho imago of my grandpa. Is
that grandpa)
Grandma Yes, my dear.
Llttlo Philip (promptly) Chloroform mol
A rrlcnd in Need.
Mrs. Do Timid (at Long Branch hotel table)
I beg pardon, but didn't you say you wero
presented to the queen during your tour
abroad (
Prima Donna Yes, madam.
"And you spoko of other experiences of a
liko nature."
"I was presented to soveral of tho crowned
heads of Europe, talked with many of tho
great generals and noted diplomats and was
granted an audience with tho pope."
"Weren't you scared P
"Not nt nil."
"Then if you nro not afraid, I wish you
would tell tho head waiter that this salt box
is empty." Philadelphia Record.
A lalicrer in a shipyard was ono day given
a two foot rulo to uicasuro a pleco of iron
plato. Not being accustomed to tho uso of
tho rule, ho returned It, after wasting u good
deal of time.
"Well, Mlko,"nskcd his superior ofllcer,
"what is tho slwi of tho plato!"
"Well," replied Mlko, with tho smllo which
accompanies duty performed, "it's tho length
of your rulo mid two thumbs over, with thU
pioco of brick nud tho breadth of my hand
and arm, from hero to there, bar a finger."
Youth's Companion.
In the combination, proportion, nud prep
aration of its Ingredients, Hood's Hnrtnpa
rllln accomplishes cures where other pre illa
tions entirely fail. Peculiar In Its good nnino
nt home, which is ft "tower of strength
abroad," (Kicullar in tho pheiionienal mles It
hns attained, Hoods Bnrsapninift is iiionum
I successful medicine for purifying tho blood,
I gl-, lug strength, and muting nn uppaito.
1 JW
I 1 fev" SJ lr m
1 1? lie JvffiE!
Lincoln, Nisduaska,
Miss llrssln I.itnn Hiiti'iliilii Her Young
I'rli'iids Wry riensnutly.
A very agreeable afternoon mid evening
wnsient Tuesday nt tho residence nf Dr. and
Mrs. Une, Wl South Eleventh street, by a
number nf I.lni-oln's young folks, the occasion
belngtho birthday of Miss llesslo. Musionnd
ilanelng were tho stnpto amusoineiits, tho
terpslchorenu exercise Mug Indulged III
from four until eight o'clock. leginit to
fioHhincnts wero nlso served Miss llesslo
wn - .tho of ininy Imhil...... and
' 1' "' ' '" w" """B ''"I."
tnenl,ore,l by nil who wero present, iho
Mn llurr. Julln and Mnbcl 11im'Ih, Cm lie
Vlvlan.Hattlo HimiI, I.ulu nud Can In Poehler,
Helen Welch, Sidney Muiphy. Jessie Inland, mid Illnllo Neiitson, Julia and draco
t'hllde, Myitlo llohniinii, Minnie Niiden,
Com Ciiiiiiimond, D.ilsy 1'otviu, Edith
Jones. Daisy Ddell, Hlaiicho (hirten, Kloivnco
mil Margie Winger, Georgia Camp, Grace
Oakley, Mario Marshall, Slla Elliott, Julia
Wesks and I.ucy Griffiths.
'tUa Coualitcnt .llsil.
"Did you notice tho man who Jut went by P
"Yes. Whyl"
"lbi's ns bnld ns n door knob. Who Is hcP
"IIo's tho Inventor mid proprietor of tho
ctlebrntcsl I'cruvlau hair restorer. "Detroit
l'roo Press.
It Didn't Hound ns tin Mrnnt It.
Buldlo Just fco that man on the other side
of tho car staring at me, George, Isn't ho
Ho (emphatically) Well, I should ay uol
(l'aluful silence.) Time.
Too Sluelt Oood Living.
A niackfoot Indian recently covered n
dlstanco of nlnty mites per day for four days
on foot, and his solo diet was dried boef. Tho
trouble with tho whlto man is that ho- llvu
too well. Detroit Kreo Press.
A Henry lllow.
She wus one of thoso splend! great crea
tures who bclioo in physical training for
women, and sho wis fanning herself on the
hotel piazza.
"Won't you como nnd sit down, Mr. Gor
ton P
Mr. Gorton I'd liko to exceedingly, but 1
can't get iv step nearer to save my life.
A Vouu Stan's Herolim.
Daughter (to mutcrfnmilias at Nnrrngau
sett) Mamma, this is Mr. Uraveboy, who so
heroically rescued mo from tho waves this
Mnterfamlllas (who feels that tho family
owes Mr. llravcboy a debt of gratltudo, but
not liking tho general appearance ns to what
tho result may be) Er oh yes, Mr. Hravo
boy, it was very noblo of you, I am sure, and
er I I trust you did not find tho water un
pleasantly cold. Tho Epoch.
Learning, a Dangerous Thlii;.
Undo Hastus (to his young hopeful) 'Dol
phus, yo' young rascal, yo' tako dat slate
pencil outen yo' mouf an' stop chuwin itl
'Dolphus Yes, ja.
Undo Hastus Don' yo' know It am dan
gerous to do Unlit' ob do stummack to chow
slato pencils) Some day cddlcatlon will kill
yo', chile, kill yo' sho'. Now York Sun.
A Small Literary Order.
fit Louis Bookseller (to customer) Rooks,
sir) yes, sir; what can I show you)
Customer I'vo got my bookenso pretty
nigh filled up. I want soinethin' not over sin
inches high, nn' enough of 'cm to occupy two
foot mi' n half o' shclvin'. Now York Sun.
An Kxpert nt tlio National Game.
"Aro you n ball player yourself, OeorgoP
sho naked at tho Polo grounds.
Ho smiled a sweet, superior smilo.
"I can glvo thoso Now Yorkers points on
tho game," he said.
Then n foul tip enmo from Johnny Ward'
bat and Georgo, tho cxixirt, foil over two
rows of seats trying to get out of tho tray.
A Had Case.
Mrs. Hansom So, your llttlo brother
sick, chP
Herbert Yep.
Mrs. Hansom What's tho matter)
Ilerbcrt He's got chicken coop. Judge,
A QuIcLcr Remedy.
A writer says that tho best euro for mango
in dogs Is guuiowder mixed with vinegar.
Gunpowder mixed with shot is Just ns c!rec
tlvo and works quicker, Hurlliigtou Kroo
An Appropriate Name.
Pennsylvania has a tramp who weigh only
clghty-ilvo pouniU. Ho U what tho bicyclist
would call a "lljht roadster." Youkers
I'robnbly In.
A nun named Spider is playing ball In a
western town. Ho ought to bo u good fly
catcher. Now York Tribune.
Sho Hememhers That It Is Lcup Year.
Young Man (In periodical ttorc) I wnut ft
Fircsldo Companion.
Clerk (archly) How would I dot Tsas
Then They Would Ho llvau Poles.
Tlicro is n largo colony of Poles in Connec
ticut. They ought ta move to Massachusetts
nnd inlto beaux. Hurliugwn Frco Press.
Origin of I'ltli fitorles.
TbcroU utuullynn area of low veracity
about utrcai biuok. .Viii "'-
SlCt'TlSMIiUCK lili, t868
A I'mspci'lus mid lletlew nf Amusement
ut t tm 1'imlii'.
Kunko's wns comfortably llllisl Monday
evening on the occasion of tho iipHsiniuiii of
of Mr. W, T, llryitnt's coinody oiupnny In
"lvwp It Dark." There Isn't much plot, In
fact there nro lit t It pretensions to one, lit this
play; but there urnmiuy clover spvlitltlet,
lots of pretty girls, good singing mid splendid
ilanelng. Miss 1.1 .le Hlehmond, n Cleuuui
thin Didnncey, the iietivss.wiiscliaiiulng.uud
her vncallsiu exceedingly lit . Miss Julia
Wilson, as lluuillt's tho housemaid, truly ver
llhsl the tnidlliou that tho best good come
in small bundle. Sho Is tho mint delightful
llttlo nctri'ss who has ever hell down tho
hoard nt Funke's, uud kept tho hem Is of the
young men continually in their various
mouths, 'llryant, ns tho "I,. Pad" dispenser,
wiih ns ec&ntrli' as ever In his acting, but the
nitdionco "could never get hllm to repeal his
"Skipped by the Light of tho Moon" had a
full houso nt Funke's last night and prousl
iillltwitA ndveitiMsl to bo i.e. it nouso-isl -nl,
laughnlilu lot of acting put together to aimiso
tho audience. Tho s-euo of tho play Is laid at
tho fashionable watering place of S.iratogn
mid shows how many ti Icks iiiul In w hat hoi t
of way husbands amuse themselves In tho ab
senco of their loving wives.
Messrs, Hlaldsell nud I'liinl.el li tho lend
ing roles very ncceptahly llllisl the bill and
tho balance of th) company did their parts
satisfactorily, Tho muslcnl numbers were
gcod mid the sjnvlulty juuts aimiHliig.
Friday evening will witness nt Funke's one
of tho strongest nud plays presented this
o:isoii, and ono that, though not now. Is
nevertheless conslilured by both malinger mid
public to lie among tlio llucAtutti actions on
tho road. J... Little's "World," which has
been presented on soveral occasions dining
past seasons, returns ouco mote to Lincoln
much Improved In lACchiiulcal cotitiivauces,
scenery nud cast. This gieat play ojicihsI tho
thirty-seventh twason nt HiHiley's tlientreln
Chicago, and of the engagement the Chicago
lltmld Bays:
"The World" with Its wealth ot luiigiiKlceut
sceuory nud company of Chicago lavorltes
opened a week's engagement at llooloy's tho
nlre Inst evening. Tlio house wus llllctl to its
utmost with the elite of Chicago, including
our ablest mid most severe critics, to witness
this popular production of J. .. Lltllo's gifted
pen, which has found hucIi favor mixing our
theatre gojrs. What in tkoi the "World" so
liopulur and long lived! Is naturally uskml.
In reply we will say, because there Is it purity
In tho whole conception of tho plero whleh at
once alms nt tho hcnrti of tho nudlouce, mid
tho detells.jiUmitlon and dialogue have that
uaturnhiess and pleasing air of originality. It
also possesses more scenic feutures than any
play over written. It rnf . szouo has been
admired throughout Europe, Australia and
America' and when It comes back to Chicago
ugnln after four years' absence It H as realli
tic and mystifying ns before, us is the pano
rama icene, tliu rovolvl.ig scene mid sinking
ship and all the other iwpulnr iiio.-lnulcal do-
vices. Tho "World" has been produced In
Chicago thlrty-boveu weeks, an 1 the public's
vcullct of approval is iinnlfesUsl in tlio
largest house of tho seasou on thlx Iho oenlug
ot its thirty-eighth, nfter an iibsiuci of four
yeurf. J. V, Llttlo is ns pleasing as over in
the dual rolo.
jiattih oooiinicii.
The chnrmlnglltt'o Hiubrette, Mattio Uocxl
rich, will iipH'iir at Funke's next Katurdny
evening in tho old favorite, "OrUzly Ad
nms." Now "Grizzly Ad.'.ms" Isn't tho finest jilny
In the world by any means. Hut It's most ex
cellent of Its kind. Somu pcoplo don't llko
scii-rfitlonullsm. Well, there isn't anything
"dlry" iilwut "Grizly Adams." Ii'h n gooi
border drama; there's u bowle knlfo duel, It's
true, but tlio duel is so well exex litis! ns to be
really enjoyable. Plenty of life, stirring sit
nations, foiled villainy and all that suit of
thing, you know. A vivid dream, a miser's
tieasuro, a heio Just In time, burning cabin,
n man of stone and heart ot Hint, etc., taken
from tliu synopsis shows whut kind of piny it
is. If you want to see villainy knocked out,
go and ho "Grizzly Adams."
If you don't euro jmttfcularly about that
go and sen Mottle Goodrich, Sue's nil right.
It's worth going a good ways to see her in
boy's costume. Sho makes mi good looking it
hoy that it it's positively jmlnful to know
that sho loassumes her identity as a girl uud
her lights and skirts In tho last net. Can
Miss Goodrich net! c. She lias a good
voire and knows how to act.
110IN0S nllAMATIL'At.LY.
Wilunl Silencer, tho author of "Tho Little
Tycoon," 1 writing n new opera.
Imro Klrnlfy's seetueIo of "Nero, or the
Fall of Home," will thow a net prolltof Si'iO,-1
000 for its twehe weeks' run at St. George, i
Staten Island.
Pauline L'Allemaud, the foprnno, formerly
of tho National Opera company, sailed from
Euiopu hist Sutuiihiy to Join tho llostou
Ideas, who open their tour Octolier 1'.', hi
Edwin Booth nnd Ijiwtciicc Barrett will
ok:ii the now California theatie May III. Mr.
Ilarrett laid tho corner stone of tho old Iioiim)
and with John McCullough was its tirst mill
nger. Miss Fanny Hice, who ha made so much of
a success as "Najy" at the Casino, will slug
one of tlio principal ihii ts In (IHU 1 1 nud Kill
hvnn's new ohiii when it is produced at that
house in October.
Charles 11. Hoyt's new farce comedy "A
UriiKS Monkey'" will receive Its Hint Now
York production Octolier 15, at tho lHJoti
opera Iiohm. Tho cost will include Charles
Heed and Mora Wnlsh Hoyt.
"Captain Swift," is Mild to Ih n bigger suc
cess In I.oiidon even than "Jim, tho Pen
man." It wii in) given its tirst Aiiiericnii
proiluctlon ut tho opening of the regular sen-'
soniit tho Madison Sipmro theatre, Now York.
Thi season tho Edwin Booth nnd Itwrenco i
Barrett company will travel entirely by
siKt'lal trains. Tlio dlstiiigulshisl tragedians i
occimvlm: their own enr tho "Junius Brutus I
Booth." It will take three or four special
cars to carry tho elaborate scenery and aeevs
bin ie to Ik used lu tho reproeiitntion of
"Othello," "Tho Merchant of Venice," "Ham
let" and "Julius Cuesar."
& .-I ---Mi. .ii i-j-iiitrii r-hi
Tim Luteal III !imnt l.lteriiture Aiiiunu
the .Mii(itlut's.
Hocikty H.M'llii: by "Gnu In tho Swim,"
Philadelphia;'!'. II. Peterson .V llrothers,
One of Iho raciest, spiciest ami miwti'harm
Ing books of i went ilnlu Is "Society Haplds."
Its author Is a young lady, who hides her
Identity muler Ihoabovo mini ic iiimr, hut
who has pi oven herself ft inoslneiito ubson er
nud n graphic writer, Tho story uieus with
tho scciio laid nt Saratoga, nfciwiuils tiaus
felled I ) WiiHhluuloii nud ngulu In liar llar-
bur. Society In all lis phasi's ami follies at
tho summer and winter fashionable rather
lugs Is ilcpli'lcd, nud It is truly mi eye oN.ler
to staid wistei'iiers. The heroine, Eveline
Miisoii, tires of being only "a !muilnuioglrl,"
uud plunges Into the swim with n M'i'ciso
recklessness, Is soon an nclouiwledgisl U'lle,
lends tho geiinnu at it ipiestlouiiblo but fnsli
loniiblu n ty , iudlllgi's In ii ihsiorato lilt tatlim
Willi a leader uf tho Ihmiu uuiuilo with u pcdl-grtsiiislongastoiii'm'nbutthrougliltiillpre-M'l'ves
her jmiato miKlesly nud iiiorul sense of
right, stopping jiist kIioiI of tho wIiIiIko1m.
Sittst with tho falseness and hollow treneh-
, cry of a fashionable life she tin us back to her
I old routine of life, nud nt Inst iiiiuilrs tho
heio, or nt least tin only man who 1ms tho
apK'iimiiL'i of tho liero. u necessary ndjiiuet
In every well-iegulattsl novel. It is n story
that overy young lady should read, and Its
moral Is not hard of dls'.'criimcut.
Tin: Jin.i.v Paiiihicnnkh: lly Etnllo Xolii.
l'hllndelphln; T. II. PeU-i-sou ,t llrothers.
"Tho Jolly I'm Islennes," tho latest prislne
Hon of the greatest living Kieiieli 'novelist,
Emllu .oln, Just puhllshisl by T. II. i'eteison
& llrotliem; Ihii roiiiaucoof divldisl Interest,
iiiai kisl Kiwer mid iimisiuil sprlghllluess, It
deals mainly with a "graudo passion" nud tho
ccrculricltlof Piirjsliiu society nro deplctisl
in i vein of lively, good iiitturcd satire. Iiuls
Nelgeou nud It.'itha (l.tuehcrnud nro liullei
siiehnHouly tho gay French capital can pro
(luce. They havoall tho refluemeiit of luxury
and education nihhst to extreme, vivacity uud
Jollity closely iipproaehliig ns'klessness, yet
they aro never other thrill ladylike mid be
witching. Horn llirts and skilled lit all Iho
arts of coquetry, glftisl with beauty, grnco
and Ititellleuco, they a o in tho highest do
greo chic, nml, nt the samo time, as shrewd as
they nro pliiiaut. George do Vaugolado meets
Hot tint and Ixnilso blciido uud biiuietto
nud hiibmlts to their faselnntloiis in turn.
Iiulse, however, mains tho ihsiost Inipres
slou on him mid tho denouement of his
"grniulu passion" is as uuexM.'cbsl as It Is
salutary mid Instructive. "Tho Joltv Parlsb
elilles" Is it novel suro to delight all who iviul
it. It Is published in n largo duodecimo vol
ume, with an illustrated cover, price "5 rents,
and will Ikj found for sale byiill booUsellels
and iiows-ngciitri everywhere.
Tin: Sn.VF.ii Suit'; lly IjwIs Loon. New
York; Street A; Smith.
This novel is one of Street Si Smith's popu
lar Sen mid Shore series, nnd abounds In
highly dramatic situations nud exciting ad
ventures, Tho action of tho novel is laid In
tho Carribcan sens, t tho tlmo when Cnlln-
carras, the lllo'slliouud, a noted pirate, ill- I
festo.l that region. A Mexican count, two
klihmpiHsl chlldii'ii, n rascally priest, a limn-
mo"k maker's Is-autlful daughter, nnd n
bloisl thirsty plrato ciptnln are Ihu principal
"- !.......
drmuntls imtmiihi.; and liicldenbilly n gllmpso
of fnt tliop.tlueoof tho captilu genural of
Cuba is allowed.
Pktk.iiko.n'h for October ciiiucs
along looking fivsh and bright, i'roiu an ar
tistic point of view the number is of excep
tional merit. Tho stod engraving, "A Huv
erle," Is ono of the loveliest girl faces we Imvo
seen lu n long while. Tim full page wood
drawing, "A Wind of Fate." Is charming,
and m is tho story by OcorgU Grant, which
illustrates It. "A Ijoudon Success" Is
Is concluded It hus proved a capital serial;
uud lu tho second installment of Mb Bow
man's "Esculaplus in Acndla" is a gem of
word painting. Indus!, any ono article lu
"P-tci sou,'' this month, is wottli the year's
subscription, "Ijiiliollo MisIiihc," by Miss
Elizalietli l'hlpH Train, 1 ns original as It is
striking; and at "Break of Day," by Frank
Ice Benedict, Is it very powerful tide. "Talks
by a Trained Nurse" Is it valuable contribu
tion, Tlicro are fashion plates nud descrip
tions wltliouUtlnt, and valiiah!uluformaMou
on household and medical sunjects. In short,
It Is mi admirable uumlier of a most excellent
magazine, nnd we advise all our reaiUrs who
aro not subscribers to exiimliiu it; tlioy will
tie sure to take ' -Peterson" next year. Send
for ft sample copy. Terms: Two Dollars.
Address "Peterson's Magazine," :S0d Chestnut
il.-.u.l I'll
' ' '
Tub HKUVANT gtKHTiON.-It is prolbly
quite safe to say that of nil lierplexiug ones
tlons which nrlM) In the llfo of the average
hotiKckvccr, nothing Is more iH'rploxiug, or a
source of more anxiety of thought, than the
servant ipiestiou, and any help to tho solution
of this will certainly lie welcomed; therefoie
we co'imic'iil tho pamphlet Just issued, "The
Servnnt Question ; n View of tho Inner Side, '
by U.S. Drayton, i dltor of tlio liimiultxji
ail .mil mi), containing hints on the choosing
and governing of sonants, and giving very
definite information lu regard to the under
standing of their characters and dli.Kitlons
from the form of the head and face nud other
external ninnlfoidntlons. Dr. Dmtou writes
from it practical point of view, nud not only
dvs ho give suggestions lu regard to these-
i lection of servants, hut tho points inailo In re
gard to the management of this pail me
especially apiKirent to all who have c.Krl-en-o
with household alia Irs. As it to insure
its being rend by the entire class for whom it
is intended, the price is made 10 cents, which
may Ik) sent III statuiis, to Fowler it Wells
Co., PuhlWhcrs, 7",' Broadway, Now York.
Ono of the most extraordinary literary en
terprises of the ago is tlio work which Ix-nrs
the above title.
Tho specimen pages which tho publisher
sends frco to any applicant, show tho tyw
which I used a good elenr-fucisl brevier,
ulo the form, "Ideal" for convenience, easy
for tlu eye, handy to hold.
There will 1k several thousand Illustrations
no "inero pictures," but everything of im
portance that will serve to explain the text.
Tho Manifold CycloKlla Is much more
thaun "Cyclopedia of Piilveisal Knowledge;"
It embodies nlso it dictionary of tho English
language including every word which has
Jiut claim to it place lu tlio language, How
often you have consulted ApplutoiiVorClmui-
ii! r -in -1 -i ii-t-Ti't Wlr i-jitn-,
Imt's, or Johns in's iyiloHilln mid fallisl to
tli til Iho title you were linking for thou con
sullisl Webster's IJuiibrlilgisI and wore sua
eessfulj tlio word belongisl to the dictionary
rather than tho cyclopedia. Or you have
cousiiltisl Webster, nud found llttlo more
than it more dulhiltlou of tho you must
go to the cyehiHslla for details of knowledge.
Or, inoro piohithlo than either of these supKi
sltlnns, you ilu not own either n llmt-clnss uy
chi'ieillii or it ilrst-class dictionary, or only
ono of Iho two, because of their prohibitory
cost, so you "consult your Imagination" nud
"go hungry" for luck of the few lines of pi mt
(hat would satisfy you In tho Manifold Cy
clopedia you will Hud n survey of nil knowl
edge which I llluitintist by the English Inn
gii'igo, and I ho cost I hardly inure than com
monly charged font ilictlnmtry iitunti,
Sp'i 'hium page free, or a szhii'.ii volume
limy I mi ordered and leliirnud If not wanted;
M cents Hr vohimo for cloth, lift conbi for
half Mm occo binding: postage lllceiitHoxtru,
John II. Allien, publisher, Ml! Pearl street,
Now York,
Htoiu or an Annc'AN Fahm; by Halph
Iron. Now York Georgo Muuro,
OJd.Y A Woiiii; by Georgo Eliers. Now
Yoiki George Muuro.
Fiiuknt-K I',ami; by llurke Ilrentfonl.
NewYoik: Sliwt .t Smith.
Tin: I'oHTomci: Dhtkittivr; by Gjo,
GimhIo. Now York) Street & Smith.
Evolution of Imuoiitai.ity; by 0. T.
Stockwell. C'lilciig"; Cluis, Kerr fit Co.
IIiiai.mami Fai'Km; How to Study Tiikm;
by Nellso'i Sljrnud II. S. Drayton, Now
Yoiki Fowler fc Wells Co.
Gotir.v'H Laiiv Hook ror October. Philadel
phia! Godey Publishing Co.
AmkiiicanAut I'ltiNTKii. NowYorki C. E.
Mill tholomoiv, PtibliNher.
Lincoln's Tut Mini Ahmad.
Mr. Mlcklowiilt, tho henvy-welglit conduc
tor of the MIkhoiiH Pacfile ioiuI into Lincoln,
has loturucd from his trip easL Tim (Juiucy
(III.) Ilrntlttiit recent ilato contains tlio fol
lowing it'gnrtliug him:
"A Nehruska mail named Mleklowalt, who
Is travelling to Washington, weighs -I'S) His,
mid has to lm ciiri lo I In the liaggugo car, Im
llig uunhlii to enter it isisseiigei' coach. Ilu
Is in robust health, but Is fasting to ruluco
III Ill-ill."
The Ki'lli,ggl'iiltlii L'uiifert.
Arrangements are being completod for n
grand concert lo be given at tliu oMTa hous3
Mil ly In Ouinber, Mrs Fanny lCellogg-llnehert,
tho ipiisiii of song, ami Miss May Potvlti, our
own accomplished pianist, will conduct the
nirnir, It will Imi it concert of it very high
order, and essH.'ially pleasing to tho lovers of
classical mimic. Tho concert will bo repeated
later in Omihi. More particulars In our
next issue.
Nut Willi .lurvls.
Mr. W. H, Howard who has for Mivcrnl
years past represented the Interests of tho
Jurvls Wluo Co. of California, of which ho is
n member, on tho road, has censed to net in
men n capacity. Sir. Howaid, who is ut
present in this city, where ho makes his head
ipmrters, recently discovere.1 that his house
was not treating his Interests in n thoroughly
nusiiiess-iiKu manlier, iiiiu when usKing ror it
' sUitcmeiit to show tho airaint of tho concern,
I ll "" ltoir from tlmo to tlmo, until such
'""I" " things, beciiiuu suspicious and Mr.
I lf......ul I I. ...... ..I.. ...I. ... ..
Hoivam has iirought suit to recover
ho hud invest! In tho concern.
Tho State university ojicucd this week with
nearly -i(X) students, nud ninny have, its yet,
not reported, The present season promises
to bo the most sueces.ful In tho history of
this popular Institution ot learning.
Miss Ida Fellciitrctcr, formeily of Council
llluirs, but a late graduito ot the Chicago
Musical conservatory, Is another ncipilsltlon
to tlio muslcnl fraternity of Lincoln. Miss
Fellciitrctcr will open n class at once.
Willard Spencer's comle oem, "Tho Llttlo
Tycoon," was sung lu Philadelphia nearly
'K) times. This is not only the longest on
record of nny distinctively American ojiero,
but It Is iiIm the longest run ever made lu
any city outside of Now York.
A well known Now York society lady has
wiltteu to Miss Fanny Gillette oireriug to
play one of the imits In "Theolnm" for noth
ing. She guarantees that when the play is
prcsentisl in Now York her friends will take
tho whole houso for thootH'iiliig pel formaiice.
A beautiful Kirtrult, hand painted lu
Fioich oil of it iww process, valueil atfl(K),
has been prenouto 1 to tho Catholic bazaar, to
tie vctodtho mostiKipular candidate, eitlior
Clu eland or Hariisou, Tlio successful can
didate will be voted president of the United
States for tho coming term,
i i.m ii.ii i rn.,.r.,., II ,....11 I,,.,...
tMrNwn(llmir MoM,tayiiW,tnt the New
Wariler Grand 0erit house in Kansas city
os'iiing lu "Julius Caesar " Their reiortory
for this season will Include elalxjrato and
costly pnxluctlons of "Tho Merchant of Ven
ice," "Othello" and "Hnmlet" Next week
the distinguished tragedians play for tlueo
nights each In Minneapolis nud Ht, Paul,
rearhlug Chicugo SeptemlK'r '24, for an en
gagemeut of three weeks.
ljter at LliiiUey's
Oysters large, fat nnd Juicy nro now being
K-rveil nt Limine) 's restaurant in any nnd all
stylos. The liost cook in tlio city gives por
sonal suK-rvlsIon to this department uud
everyone speaks of "LliulseyV' as lieing the
lies, place In town to get lunch and oysters.
' Tlio Tlmo Whrn.
A man went Into n provision store In Bos
ton the proprietor of which was German.
"How much do you ask for your snusagesP
ho inquired. "Dwenty cents," "I can buy
them for n thllllng of Mr. ." "Vy you
1 didn't, dcnP "Ho wns all out of them."
"Oh, veil, I tells mino sausages for a shilling,
doo, ven I ves oudt." Shoo nud Leather Ho-
bllgbtly Mixed.
When tho old tlmo Now ICnglandera set
about writing epitaphs they often produco
results which aro n marvel to their pobtcritv.
Word comes from Portsmouth of n peculiarly
interesting one. Hero it 1st "Hero lies tho
body of Abi jah Gates. Ho was lost nt ecu,"
Boston Herald,
A Handsome I'rolH.
Aunt Emily Why do you think you will
bo a doctor, Hobby, when you grow up)
Hobby Because I swallowed n 10 cent
pleco tho other day nnd tho doctor charged
li 3 for curing me. That's a good busi
ncss. Tho Epoclu