Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, September 08, 1888, Image 2

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    OTho DUVEim'OUinBIi
Issuod Maroh and Sept.,
onoh your, It Is nn onoy
olopodla or usoful In for.
mstlon for Ml who pur.
ohnno tho htxurloii or tha
nooessltlos or Ufa. Wo
cmi olotho you una rurnlth you with
nil tho necessary and vtnnooossary
nnpllnncos to rldo.vrnlk, dnnco, nloop,
oM, fish, hunt, work, go to ohuroli,
or nlay nt homo, nnd Jn vnrlous slsos,
stylos nntl quntitltion. Just flguro out
what Is roaulrod to do nil thoso thine
COMFORTABLt, nn.l you onn ntrto n iYiir
estimate or tho value or tho UU YBltB
UUinn, whloli will bo sent upon
rooolpt or 10 oonts to pay postage,
111.114 MIohlRAii Avonuo, Chicago, HI,
The best Illustrated humorous ncvtspn-.
per. The effect of the tllutrnlloiiH Is
heightened by tliu use of four color. AUo
printed ou cuntcd paper,
Time is Staunchly Republican
It vigorously advocates the innlnlnlu.
mice of n protective tariff t niul It speaks In
no unccrtnln olre forUcpubllean prlncl
pics, nnd for doctt lues of the party lis set
forth In the Kcpuhllcnn plnlform of iBSS.
Such n paper, speaking directly to the
eye of the voter directly thronu It sim
ple nnd powerful cartoon, n well as to
the mind through It editorial, will hoof
potttlvo value to jou timing tlie present
Till hclnj; n campaign "f education, In
which It i necessary to teach the voter the
plain fact of the tltuatlon hy every mean
within rcach.a tiapcr uch n TI M K rIkiuIiI
be found weekly In the reading loom of
every Republican club In the country.
Single copies, ten cent each; subscrlp
Hon, 3 mo., $1.35)6 mo., $1,501 onu year
$5,001 atnplc cony by request. Ak jour
newsdealer (orTIMh,
. St 16 Vecy street, New York,
Undertakers and Embalmers.
212 North nth Street,
Windsor Hotel Annex,
Telephones. Oll'ico H5. Residence 156.
Open Hay nnd Night.
Reopened 1033 O Street.
Htnnillnir Hie
litct Hint Fho
tniirnphs Imvo
licon Willi od
to about half
Ho former
prlco wo have
ei Bilged tho
service f 0110
oftho best tin
Inherit tu New
York to take
charge or that
department or
the studio. Our
effort Hindi be
iintlrt Hg to
glvo oneh cus
tomer entire
nnd to produce
superior work
tomiy wolmvo
done before.
Cabinets, $3 per Dozen.
It has No Equal.
Finest and nest Mace.
Ladle nrc invited to call nnd sec these
summer commodities and also inspect our
magnificent block of Crockery, Lamps nnd
Art Glassware
C and see our stock. Prices low nnc
everything tUc verv latest.
S. C. Elliott
Iu thcclty all come from tho
Braliam Brick StaWes
" 1 street, nil kind of
Bihs, Cirrlijes or Saddle Horses,
Can bo hsdnt nuy lime, dnyj
or night on short notice, ""
What I'nrnarnphUt llnvo TVrlttMl About
'Itunii I'nrmninl Oomlp.
Limit. T . Clay, clintnplnn rlfto shot of
tlto United Htnlr nrmy, li n grnmUon of
Henry Clay.
CloDrgo IViineM Trnln ha tnken up til,
ntmdo nt tho fmnoii Berkeley Hprlng of
Virginia. IIo I writing for tho press, lect
uring and linking hlniclf goucrnlly felt n
Allen CiWiy chlnw to havo leaton the re
cord on consecutive d.)' work In shoeinnU
lug. IIo hn not tnlucd half n day from tho
bench slnco May, 1881.
Monarch I wild to 1m rooted hi Ibnlicllof
Hint hi sou Herbeit will succeed him n
tlio power behind tliu I'rutslan throne. Till
thought (;lvi the old Kentleinaii great Joy.
Tho grove of IHclinrd Wngnornt llayreutli
I In it deplorable condltloii. Weeds cover
tlio tnnrhlo iiiiiiiuincnt nnd neglect Imscnst
It blighting Inllueiieo over n spot that should
bo mcrcd.
llolK-rt Louis Htephomon I still ciiilslng
nboul tlio Hoiith seas. Ho Is In letter henltli
than ho wn. In fact hi npetlto hns Im
proved so iiiueli Hint hi yacht wns obliged
to stop nt tliu Hniidwleh Island.
Simon Cntneron, although nearly 00, em
Joy lino health. Ho breakfast on toast nnd
ten nt 8 n, til., drink n pint of chnnipngtio nt
II, illncsnt la, nnd tnlic miisli nnd milk for
supKr. Ho goes to Ills room nbout 8 anil
muUtlll II.
Hlr Alexander Cockburn, lato chief Justlco
of Lnglaud, used to work out tho llrst threo
liook of Kuclld ovcry year so na to keep lilt
logical faculties elcnr nud pi-ovout him from
falling into n slovenly stylo of reasoning.
It I snld that Mr. John Hooy, now presi
dent of tho Adam Hxprcai company, mndo
hi ninrk threo years ago by having such n
reteutlvo moiuory Hint ho could recollect tho
rntcs to overy shipping wlnt. In this way
ho wn nblo to mnrk tlio mckngoi nt a won
derfully fast rate, an ho nuvcr had to refer to
tlio list of into.
llobcrt Harding, n young nngllsh Socialist,
when ho want to mnko n speech on tho
streets or public sqimrcs, padlocks hlmiclf
w ith n chain to an Iron funco or souio similar
ilxturo. Thon when tlio ollco eoinu to tako
lilm In they lmvo to spend n long tlmo In
getting him uiifnstcned, nud ho can mako u
pretty long speech lieforo ho Is carried olr.
Tho Mnrqul Aloxnndro IL do Btluto Croix
I n clerk In a Chicago hotel, nnd ho Is said to
lo much Icmi haughty nud arrogant than tlio
nvcrngo hotel clerk w ho can wrlto no tttlci
lieforo his iinnio. Tho young manpils I only
'M yeam of ago, but ho hn had nu adventur
ous enrcer, covering lioth heinUplicrM and
tho two Aincrlens.
B. (lovludn How Snttny Is tho tinino ot n
Hindoo llrnhmlu who I passing tho summer
at Saratoga. HI dchci Iptiou of India under
Kngllsh govermueiit Is not crcdltnblo to tho
Ilritisli. Unsays that tho morals and habits
or tho people havo Ihjcoiuo corrupt nnd that
thoy Indulgo in excesses formerly unknown
to thoni.
It Is snld tbnt wbon Jay Oould Is vory
much nlisorU'd In thinking out somo big rail
road schemo bo ceetiis to bo vory idle, for bo
sits tipped back In his chair tem lug bits of
paper into thin strips. Ho I vory particular
to havo tlio strips or tho Mima width nud per
fectly even, nud his wholo mind Is apparently
given up to this dlvenioii, whllo ho is rutlly
not thinking nt nil ot what ho Is doing with
his hands.
Doubtless vith a prlnco for n plijslclun
innuy seusitho pnttontx would lo hastened
nlong tho road to convalesceueo through tho
Iniluenco or tho Imagination nlono. This ad
mltteil, thcro scorns to bo no ivnson why
I'rluco IOtiis Peitllncnd or Ilnvnrln, who has
luissed tho Una) medical examination qtmli
ryinghini to practice ns n physician, should
not work up an extensive puuitleo for him
self. Professor Qeorgo Davidson, who recently
exnmluel tho great Lick telcscopo on Mount
Ilamiltoii, Cnl., says that when tho astrono
mers In chargo mnko known their discover
Im tho world w ill lx astonished. Somo of
tho discoveries nrc, iu fact, so novel and
wonderful that Professor Holdeu nud his
assistants nru timid nliout announcing them
for fear tho world will consider them illu
sions, Tho Into Henry Scarlett, or New Orleans,
wns burled near that city last week, under a
rock nbout 100x200 feet In dimensions. Ho
had nmnssod n considerable fortuuo and bo
caino possessed with tlio desiro or being
burled under tho largest posslblo tombstone
Ho (elected n hugo Iwinlder for this purpose,
sent to Atlanta for a stouo cutter nud hnd a
suitable inscription placcl upon tho rock,
end then n cavo wns dug down under It,
w hero n coflln was placed to n wnlt tho corpse
Tho cavo wns then scaled up tightly.
Sneaking of Dlsmarcl; n correspondent
says: "If tho prlnco is not n lover or paint
ingsIt is said tlint bo has uovcr put bli foot
iusido tho Ucrllu museum ho is fond or
music, nud when rnuliiio Lucca used to sing
nt tho opera houso ho was ono or her most
nssiduous listeners. Ilismarck knows and
appreciates tho pvot jwets, Oocthe, Shako
spenro nud Schiller, nud quotes from them
frequently in his discourses. Ho also like to
rend sentimental nnd dramatic novels. Weak
Iu science, ho Is strong in history and mod
ern languages. Hospeuks 1'Ycncli and Kng
llsh fluently, and knows lUi&slau, Italian and
Spanish well."
P.ipcr Pulp from Cotton Stalks.
Several samples of pulp made from tho
hulls nud b talks of tho cotton plant havo
lately bo;n on view nt Atlanta, On. Iho
pulp is us whlto ns snow, and it Is snld that
it can bo converted Into tho finest writing
pajicr. Tlio ligneous substances of thohulla
and stalks nro removed by n" now process.
Firty per cent, or tho libers nro extracted
from tlio hull, which has hitherto been used
elthcrfor fuel In tho mills or for fertilizing
purposes, nud S3 per cent. Is obtained from
tho btalks, which nro generally allowed to rot
iu tho fields. If tho process proves success
ful, tho raluo of thoso comparatively useless
products will bo Increased tenfold. Once a
llrltUli Civil fccwlco Itmvngauce.
Thooxtrnvagancoof tho lirltish civil service
bna beon revealed by n recent investigation.
It wns round that tho solicitor of tho treasury
had n stalt of forty-eight colleagues, that
when special work wns on band outsldo help
was obtained, and that the otllco was eo man
aged m to produco tho least work nt the
greatest expense, All tho arrangements nro
wasteful mid costly. Tho j carl v outlay is
$110,000, nud tho samo work might bodouo
for half tho money. Foreign letter.
To Rebuild, n Jnpaomo Temple,
A correspondent writing from Nam, Ja
pan, sayss "Tho priests of tho Dal Uutsu
tomplo nro trying to rnlso mouoy to rebuild
it, and by small contributions tboy hopo to
gather a fund In time. Foreign visitors are
handed n book, on tho tly leaf of which is
wvlttcnt 'This templo has broken very much,
therefore wo have tbo plan to beg all our
friend's sociable Binds to repair it, Ws
wish all our friends will c&st somo money,' M
0 lobe- Democrat.
.iiSfo:ib-.!',.n,.. , ji'k.UM. :. tv. "mhsanrJL u .' l
An l!im r.iprrlnicnt Tlint Illiiitratr In
Nlmplo but Very P.flVctlvo Muiiurr (he
IMOronro In the Hprrltla Orsvlty ul
Tho egg oxpcrlment shown In thonccom
imnylng Illustration, whllo without novelty,
I, says Tho Beloutlllo American, interesting
on ncoount of Its simplicity and effective-
Two pint tumblers, or similar vosscls, nro
necessary for this oierlincnt. Hair fill ono
with water and tho other with strong brliio.
Into tho wnter drop nu egg. It goes to tho
bottom (seo Fig. I). An egg dropped Into
tho brlno Moats (Pig. 2). Ily cnrcfully pour
ing tho brlno through n long runnel or
through n funnel with nn attached tubo,
which will roach tho bottom of tho tumbler
containing the puro water, tho wnter nud tho
egg will Iki lifted nnd tho egg will Mont In
equilibrium nt tho mlddloot tho tumbler.
(Fig. a.)
Thoflrstoxcrimont shows that tho egg Is
n little mom dviiso than puro wnter, tho sec
ond tlint brlno is moro douo than tho egg,
nnd tho third that tho egg can bo supported
in equilibrium between two liquids or differ
ent densities.
riiotocTupby n a Detect Ire.
Photography Is gaining prominence In tho
criminal court. With Its help n Ilcrllumtr
chant wns lately convicted of crooked wnys
in keeping his nccounts. Tho slightest dif
ference In color nnd shades of inks are mndo
manifest iu tha photogrnphlo copy, llluo
Ink appear nearly white; brown Inks, on tho
contrary, nlmost black. A coutomiorary
states that tho book of tho accused wcrosuli
m It ted to n photographer, who took o!T tho
pages concerned nnd brought Into court tho
most undoubted ocular proofs of tho Illegiti
mate nf tcr entry of somo or tlio nccounts. A
subsequent chemical test substantiated this
Tlio photography Is to bo preferred to tlio
chemical test, explains Scieutlllo American,
becnuso it brings Its proofs Into thocourt, and
submits them to Inspection, nt tho samo tinio
leaving tho document under examination un
harmed; while tho results of a chemical test
must bo takou on tho ovldeuco of tho chemist
alone, nnd tho writing examined Is pcrhapj
destroyed. Iu another case, similar to tho
above, tho changing or tho date or n noto by
an Insignificant erasure nnd addition was
proved by means or photography.
Irrigation of tho Arid lloglon.
Tho impropriation of S3.10.000 for tho pur-
poso of investigating tlio extent to which tho
arid region of tho United States enn bo re
deemed by Irrigntlon, uud tho segregation of
tho irrlgnblo lands, nnd for tho selection or
cites for reservoirs nud other hydraulic works
necessary for tho storago nud utilization of
water for Irrigation, nud to mako tho. neces
sary inajw. which was attached to. tho sundry
civil appropriation bill by tho senate, will, Iki
agreed to by tho house. In authorizing tho
beginning of this important work, tho gov
ernment enters upon an enterprise or greater
magnitude than nuy or tlio kind it has over
cugnged In. Director Powell or tho Geolog
ical survey has estimated, that, or tho arid
region, now not susceptible or cultivation, 15
per cent., or 160,000 cquaro miles, or nn area
exceeding that or one-halt tho land now cul
tivated in tho United States, may bo ro
deemed. lies Shell Method of Prvservlnc rood.
Tho egg shell method of preserving food,
particularly meat, without cans, recently
pajontod, consists essentially in Inclosing tha
meat or other nrtlclo iu nn expansible wraj
per, such nsnnlmal membrame, nud subject
ing it to n sterilizing stenm heat long enough
to kill oir nil germs. It is then immersed iu
melted vaseline, which forms n permanent
coating on hardening, nud finally inclosed in
a protective wrapicr, such as gimzo coated
with plaster or Paris, or tho coating or
plaster or Paris may bo applied directly on
tho expanslbto envelope, mid tho nrtlclo then
placed iu n bath or vnsclino or other plastio
substance, tbo package thus prepared being
wrapped iu paper or Unroll.
An Amusing Kxpcrliucnt.
A very nmuslng experiment may bo pir
formed, claims Popular Bclonco News, by
taking n saturated solution or tiltrato of pot
ash (saltpeter), and, with a quill pen or lino
brush, drawing nuy picture, design or words
ujkjii a piece of whllo absorbent jKipcr. Tho
lined should bo kept nwny from each other;
and tho entire subject coarsely drawn In out
line, llko tlio elephant iu tho illustration.
Whoa dry, tho lines will bo nearly invisible;
but ir ono or them bo touched with tho glow
ing cud or nu extinguished match, n spark ot
flrowill run through the paper, following
tho Hues already traced, and cutting out tho
Ucslgu as if with an invisible knife.
This experiment is explained by tbo chemi
cal constitution of the taltpcter. This salt
coutaiiu a largo amount of oxygen, to loosely
combined t list It readily leaves tho nltrogeu
cud potash, nnd unites with tho carlicn of tho
paper, when heated to tho point of Ignition.
Tho heat dovelopcd by tha sombustiou is not
safflcicnt to ignite tho pnpor, except where ii
Las beeu taturatod with the oxygen civlng
tclt; and so tho spark of fire, which is really
only en Indication of u violent chemical re
liction, follows the lines previously traced.
If an r.ctual Mania was brought in contact
with tlio paper, of course tho wholo would be
consumed; but tho heat of tbo glowing char
coal is jmt sufllclent tobtart tho combustion,
by Ih'j eld of Uio oxygon lu the caltpotcr.
Bait may ho placed ou tha table in the largs
cut ilia or silver collars Inherited from one's
crAiidtuotbcr. Guest transfer a portion of
K to Individual ofJUari with tha old Una salt
C'jixtMjj. jjjju?jHija jjfjMi'igtjfei a,
jgr i (g (cczr&i
3E3ET ffvmft "12i2ItJ
A mocking bird In Albany whistles Don
langer's maiclL
Tho (Jormnnx call this tho "saucrgurken
zelt," or tho pleklo season.
Irrigntlon ha produced n great crop of
miiMiiltoesnt ln Angeles, Cnl.
Itnly has ndiiilttod 2,CO0,O00 moro jicrsons
to tho right to vote nt local election.
Tlio wool Interests In Australia hnvosuf
reivd severely from drought. Tho sheep
hmoillcd by million.
There will bo nu International horso show
In Pnrl next J oar, where $13,000 will bo dis
tributed Iu
Tho slowest train In this country Is a North
Carolina "express," which consumes nine
hours In running 100 miles.
Tho Crnlg-y-Noa property, which Mmo.
Pnltl-Mcolltil wants ti wll, comprises 3.7)
nei-es, nud Iki.isU tho Mnc3t trout streams tu
Thero nro n ilorcn men Iu Milwaukee
who carry n llfo linurnnco of moro thnn
&XX),CC0 ciilMi. One, n prominent railroad
man, Is Insured for (.7)0,000.
Decnttso n Texnn woman had not C-00 ready
to pny a discharged laborer ho went Into her
Held and shot Kin on mules and n horso that
wero worth (1,300.
A citizen of Wlntieconno, Win., hns suc
ceeded In tempering brass, nnd hns exhib
ited brass knlve nnd nxes that wilt cut
i4asoncil hemlock knots without turning tho
Tho only recognized O. A. IL jot outsldo
of tho United State lsnid to bo In Honolulu.
It Is called Post Oeorco W. Do Ixmir. nud
nlwnys observes Memorial dny with llttlng
Hdltor Criswell, or Tho Oil City Derrick,
ha a cauo mado from tho skin of n rattle
snake, tanned, stretched tightly over n hick
ory stick, varnished nnd linndsomoly
mounted. It looks nn though mndo or highly
ixilisheil mottled wood.
Tho waiters In n Now York restaurant
having struck, tho Almrp proprietor mug ror'
n number or district messenger boy, and
thus temporarily supplied tho places or tho
strikers until other waiters could bo secured,
Thcro Is rcmnrkablo activity In Imdon in
tho formation of stock companies, nnd tho
class known n "promoters" nro wnxlng
wealthy. Olio of them is said to havo mndo
nearly two million and u Inlf or dollars this
Ancngloslxfcct from tip to tip nnd with
tnlons near two Inches long was killed In
Georgia tho other day, hut it took two load
of shot nnd n rlllo ball to do it, nnd then tho
bird t;ok such n death grip on Its jicrch tlint
tho tree hnd to bo cut down to secure It,
Samuel Nickcrson, president or tho First
National bank or Chicago, hn probably tbo
llnest collection or rock crystals in tho world.
Olio or themisns big as a goose egg nnd is
valued nt (15,000. It Is supposed to lm tho
largest In existence.
Ono of tho nngllsh regiments is experi
menting withn ninchluo called u ceutercyclo,
which has four small wheels n root iu diame
ter and ono largo onu in tho center. It Is
said that tho Invention makes climbing n hill
n easy ror u cycler ns rolling oir n log.
A butcher In Livcrjiool wns recently sum
moned lieforo n mnglstruto on tlio ground of
selling horseflesh ror beer. IIo was fined
llfty shillings, not for selling tho horseflesh,
but because it wns unsound. Tlio magistrate
said that ho know of nothing to prevent n
butcher from Belling such meat, provided it
wero good nnd sound.
A bill in tho Hngllsh parliament nronosos
to compel tho sellers of ibrelgn meat to an
nounco that rnct by u conspicuous placard
on their shop or stall, tlio Idea being that
peoplo nro deceived into buying foreign meat
for tho Hnglfkh nrtlclo us they nru into
purchasing oleomargarine for butter.
Tho latest gratuity of tlio clgnrotto innkeri
isn little vial of cachous for tho breath
packed in ovcry box of tho goods mndo by
ono linn or manufacturers. Something for
tho breath was always needed for cignrctto
smokers, but no maker over heforo showed
tho candor to ncknoulodgo tho fact hi this
substantial wny.
Tho khcdlvo of Egypt has, by n decree,
taxed land dovotedto tho growing of tobacco
In his domains $l.')T..7) nu ncre, cud tho
Egyptians havo refused to grow tobneeo.
Tlioicsiilt Is that, instead of tho usual crop
or liJ.OOO.OOO pounds, not moro thnn 1,000,000
poundH nro exjiected this year, whereat to
bacco mnuufucturer-j juirticularly rejoieo.
Twenty bngs containing f.7),000 wero be
ing convoyed by two men in n cab rrom ono
or tho Ijondon luniks recently, w lieu tho bot
tom or tho cab guvo way uud all tho bags fell
Into tho street. It wns n miiiuto or so lieforo
tho men could attract tho attention of tho
driver nnd got him to stop, and tho bags
weroieitbomo itistniico bciiiiul. They wero
nil there, howover, when tho men hurried
back. Thero wero (nw persons on tho street
at tho time.
Man led on Probation.
Onoof tho curiosities of Now port is npair
of young nnd oxcellent persons, who resido
in Fifth nvenuo when in New York, who be
long to a very fashiounblo clrclo or society,
nudwhohnvo married on probation. That
is to sny, they nro betrothed, nnd tho wed
ding Is to tnko placo In October, unless thoy
become convinced lu tho meantime that thoy
would not get nlong well together In matri
monial harness. Tlioir method or testing tho
question is to sustain toward each other ror
threo mouths, so rar ns In pcrrect propriety
they may, tho relations or husband nnd wire,
Sko agrees to submit to his dictation as to
how sho shall clotbo herself, with whomsho
shall dance, nud, lu short, nsccrtulu by ex
perience whether sho would bo willing to
mako him her lord and master ror llfo. In
ca&o sho Mnds his dominion irksoino sho has
only to sny so nud tho match is off. On his
part, ho has tho samo prlvilego cf breaking
tho engagement If ho discerns ovidenco that
sho would bo not tbo kind ofn wlfo ho de
sires. Tho arrangement is approved by their
familial nnd is well known to their acquaint
nuccc. Pittsburg liullctln.
rurally Tomb of Sophocles.
Tho tomb of tho family or tho poet Sopho
cles, mentioned by his ancient anonymous
biographer, nud constructed in tho llftti cen
tury beforo Christ, has Just lieon discovered
a mllo nnd a half from l'a!a;ol;astron, tho
supposed ancient rock ot Decelcn. Tho arti
ficial tumului contained threo tombs, which
wero opened (uprcsoucoof tho king or Greece
ami wero round to consist or threo funeral
urns, ono In Poros stouo nud two iu marble.
Tho body placed In tho first nppears to havo
liccn tlint of n woman, as n mirror wns found
lu it; the other two appear, from tho strlglls
found in thorn, to havo belonged to two
young men. No Inscriptions wero found.
A familiar figure at tho Wblto Sulphur
Springs is Ocn. Custis Loo, a son of tho great
Confedcrato loader nnd president of Wash
ington nud L university, nt Lexington, Va.
Ho is about CO years of ago, is a bachelor and
Is held In great astoeni by tho people of Virginia.
. 4mLjdLi'j?b. - Sj ,-d,4iiM..,.L. Mtf.lnia. - jwlfl'
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