Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, July 28, 1888, Image 1

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Voi,.3. No. 33
Lincoln, Nicouasica, Saturday, July ao, 1H8W
Pkioic Fivic Oicntb
1711111 lln Scon, Hears, Thinks mill Im
agines. It In casually rcnmrkail nbotit tow n Hint n
number of young men of this city will organ
Iio thoinsolvos Into a minstrel company mid
go on tho road tho coming season, nnd I nm
told that n certain gentleman who foriuarlly
was a wholosulo inorchnnt will preside ns ono
of tho end men, nnd with n gentleman con
nected with oun of the theatres will put tho
show on tho road and manage it.
Tho other day when nt Cincinnati I met n
gentleman from Springfield, Ohio, w ho ngree
ably surprised mo with tho nous Mint Lincoln
now posossod n talented nnd clopueut Shakos
peorlan reader in the person of Airs. W. S.
Huffman. "Why," said tho gentleman, "at
homo Mrs. Huffman was nlwnys sought for
and it was seldom that n lino e cnt took place
but what tho lady was honnl. AVo consider
ed her tho best in Ohio, nnd I nm sure you
would enjoy hearing her recite." Tho Ob
server was pleased to learn nil this ami trusts
that during tho coming hcason wo may have
the pleasure of hearing her quite frequently.
Thoro is a long, loud kick going on among
tho business men ot O street where tho street
is in such deplorable condition. It seems
thnt nil tho paving contractors wont is to
tear up the streets, grndo thorn nnd then let
the vehicles go through tho best they enn In
tho slush nnd mud. Fnrtlculaily nro the
merchants on O between Eleventh nnd Thir
teenth anxious to have the work proceed, so
it may lie completed lieforo tho oenlng of
tho stnto fair, nnd it has been suggested that
a petition bo circulated in tho vicinity named
asking tho council to wake up in the matter
and push things a little.
Cortnlnly tho present condition of O street
east of Twelfth Is deplorable nnd should lio
remedied. Street car service on the rapid
transit and O street lines is brokou. Ditches
nnd holes in most every part of tho Btreet
mnko it dnngorous for teams, and to say tho
least, thoroughly uncomfortable for tho rider.
Tho stnto fair U near us and wo must hao
tho streets In good condition by nil means.
Last year's strocts were a disgrace to tho city
and I sincerely hope Lincoln will show ierself
to better advantage this fall. Tniowehave
several miles of nicely iwvcd streets, but Jii9t
now several of tho most prominent thorough
fares are in tho worst condition. Fix tip
the afreet i.
The Mayor Assaulted.
Mayor Sawyer was made the victim of an
unprovoked assault Monday evening nt tho
corner of Tenth nnd F streets by ono J. H.
Porter. Tho assailant had been an nppllcni.t
for a position on tho jkiIIco force, and hod
been refused because of the hard uaiiio ho
Imm Mr. Hmvvor Is u sllirhtlv-bullt man.
and for a long time wasasulfercr from white
swelling, his illness being such ns to necessi
tate tho use of crutches for ten J ears. Foi ter
is a tall, muscular Individual, ami tho mayor
was but a child in his hands. Mr. Sawjer
suffered novoro liijui lis about the face, back
nnd limbs, mid has been lying In a critical
condition over since. Several times it was
rumored that tho injuries would result fatally
but happily that is not feared.
Mr. Sawyer's courso during hU tviui of
ofllco has been such as to call down upon him
the malice of tho evil-doers with which tho
city Is infested, nnd this assault by ono of
their number should meet with severe punish
ment. An Important Klniiient
Of tho success of Hood's Snrsainrlltu Is the
fact that every purchaser receives a fair
equivalent for his money. The faniiliurliend
line "100 Doses One Dollar," stolen by imita
tors, Is oi Iglnal w 1th and truo only of Hood's
Sarsauurlllii. This can easily lo proven by
any one who desiies to tost tho matter. For
real economy, buy only Hood's Sainaparllla.
Sold by all druggists.
To Our Lawyer Friends,
During tho past week Thk Couhikh ofllco
has turned out some elegant socimeiis In law
briefs, ono numbering nearly a hundred
pages. We would like our friends of tho
legal fraternity to remember that in this class
of work wo excel! all others and that our
prices areas low as the lowest. Culls by tele
phone, No. Ii5y, promptly answered nnd nil
work left at our otllco in Burr block dono
nent, quick and cheap.
The Zodiac.
The Zodiac club was delightfully entertain
ed last Saturday evening by Miss Minnio
Gaylord nt her home, Seventeenth nnd Q
streets. Tho lawn wns hung with brilliant
colored lights, where tho refreshments were
served also. Miss Helen Gregory rendered
an instrumental solo, Miss Helen Hoover a
vocal solo, while Misses Jackson and Olovor
delighted the company with well-rendered
recitations. Those present were: Misses Free
man, Jackson, Mny nnd Minnie Mellck, Olo
vor, Hoover, Gregory, Shaw, Eddy, DoWitt,
Graham nnd Gaylord, and Messrs. Rolierts,
Heaton, Kdmliiston, Hoover, Kllck, Melone,
Woods, Eddy, Deweeso, Blecker, Woods nnd
Miss Cnrrie Dennis, who has lieen viiltlng
Miss Grace Halo during tho jwst two weeks,
returned to her homo lit Lincoln, Neb., Thurs
day. Topthu Lmue.
For Kent,
Furnished room for rent, ono block from
University. Reasonable rates. Call ntlW7
North Eleventh street.
If you will take tho tioublo to itiestlgnto
the subject for yourself, jou will find Ht.
rntiick's Pills to bo tho most perfect cathar
tic nnd liver pills in use. Thoy not only
physio but cleanse tho entire system and reg
ulate the liver and bowels. Sold by W. J,
When in need of Indies Furnishing Goods
Fine Shoes, etc., glo Fred Schmidt u call.
tl7 0 street,
They know Just how to pleas.) you with
oysters In every stylo nt Brown's New Vienna
For Kent,
Fine sultos of rooms In tho Webster block,
furnished nnd unfurnished. Enquire at
room 1,
Notes l'ertntulng to the Hummer Season
nnd Summer Movement.
Llncoliiltc in largo uumlH.rnroitistlcatlug
at Manntoii.
Ijikn (lenevn seems to !) Chlc.igo'i Ideal
summer rt soi t,
MosqiioUxs are snld to bo worse this sea
sou nt the Atlantic seashore lesoit than for
ninny years past,
Horselmck i Iders may lie seen In large num
bers every ewnlng while "biiggy-rlden." nre
equally ns numerous.
Everybody is away from home, society is
in a teirihle lull, uoliows locally is heard, jet
our renders oxccl a livu nowg'xtpor.
The several amateur base ball teams have
their occasional combats nnd already some
half-n-dozcn organized teams enjoy tho mi
tloniil game, among them being homo very
good players.
Manhattan nnd Long llrnuch nre New
York's most popular near-by summer resorts,
while Atlantic City and Cajw .May are tho
fnvorlio seaside pleasure grounds for Phila
delphia and Ilaltlmoiv.
Lnwn tenuis Is the opuUr pnsttime in
Lincoln nnd seems to satisfy tho many who
cannot or do not feel Inclined to seek cooler
llelds. Kvoi y evening nt dusk tho ii.nuy ten
nls courts nbotit the city lire In general use.
"Isn't this Jolly" says the fair ono while
bathing on tho ocean's beach. "Isn't this
beastly" sa8 tho tortured stoy-nt-homo pat
ent as ho gazes upon tho thermometer at W
degrees. Strange what change, wo find a
short distance away, nnd no wondert "ills
tuuco lends enchantment.
Only four theatres urn now oH)ii In Chicago,
viz.: The Grand opora house where "A Noble
Rogue" Is being played, at Hoolev's Rico's
"Corsair" is drawing well, whllo MeVicker's
Is well iHitrouizcd to see "Speed the Plow,"
and "Tho Crystal Slipper" Isthenttrnctlonnt
the Opei a House. Notwithstanding tho hent,
nil tho houses ure playing to wi) ing busiucrH.
'Tis a fact Nebraska takes tho cake for cool
comfortable nights. Seldom mo they too
warm for a delightful sleep and ofttmlus con
siderable covciing Is requited. As long ns
such is the enso wo have no lensou to grumble
for even though it lo warm dtirlug the day,
ufter sunset tired and weary moitnl enjoys a
cool, pleasant evening and revels in lot fill
sleep at night.
A Hiicc-ful Season.
First Theatrical Managor You had a bad
season, I hear.
Second Manager Oh, jes, frightful. Did
not piny to a u) lug house during tho trip.
Made money out of it, though.
First Manager How in tho world could
you do that?
Second Manager Oh, I always put up the
company at hotels with lire escapes. Boston
Incline tllilo.
Thompklns Hello, old boy! I hear you
have married a lltorary woman. Mend your
own stockings and all that sort of thing, I
Bmlthkins Yo-cs. But that isn't tho
worst of it Sho sometimes misluvs her
poems in tho bread, and they are opt to
make it a trlllo heavy, don't you know.
All In tho Accent.
The Liiisnr llpu.
Sunday night w as a most delightful one and
lovers genornlly took advnutagoof tho excuse
of being out a little later than usual "Just to
see tho eclipse." Tho night wus n lovely cno,
clear, cool and refreshing nnd Just such u
night ns n Romeo and Juliet pines for. Palo
Lumislol its brightest rnjs until ten o'clock
mid after that tho curtain was slowly drawn
across its face, leaving iart!i In darknesz:, in
many instances much to tho delight of ho
nnd she. About eleven o'clock littlo whnt
vor could lie scon of tho moon and by half
past cloven tho oclltHo wns total, however,
sloping tho nighttime stm, through glass,
in a most lieautlful copttcr color of redlsh
tlngo and thus It lemalued until war into the
wee small hours of Monday morning. It was
a very pretty sight and was as interesting as
the nppearnncowns pleasing to tho thousands
who were nut to witness the eclipse,
Zehrmig, llurimX Hutikln.
It Is not generally known ns yet, but tho
CouuiKii this morning is pleased to chronicle
the fact that Messrs. Zehrung tic Heuklo, the
hardw mo merchants, have added to their
firm Hon. Mm tin Bums, lute of York, Neb.,
but now a staunch citizen of this thriving
young commonwealth, nnd tho Hi in unmo
as given abovo will 1ms Helming, Bums &
Hvukle. Mr. Burns was one of Yoik'smost
prominent business men, and in 1871) N)Jre
icsented that dlRtilct lit tho stnto senate. Tills
addition to tho firm adds considerable finan
cial backing, and tho scope will bo consider
ably extended, Tho flim if ouo of the most
promliiont In the hardware lino in this city,
nnd with such promising outlook ns now
looms up ahead, they should cei talnly meet
with abundant success.
The CouiUKH extends the fiUndly hand of
welcome to Mr, Bums and titiats hisiesl
donee nnd business life in Lincoln will nl
wnys lie pleasant nnd prolltnble. Mr. Burns
has bought a building site near the new mil
verslty, und will commence tho erection of a
handsome resldeiico thereon at an oni ly data.
Huiiduy nt Cimhiiiiin.
Tomorrow will lie the last grand Sunday
concert at Ciishninn jmrk tinder tho auspices
of Mrs. Cropper of Rock Island, mid all
should manage to go out and hear the very
Intel est Ing program. The finest mindo of tho
season will lie hoard, Train leaves at !i;!U) p,
m, iiudietiirulng leaves the jxirkat 7:!iO p, in.
1 i l Y 1 "H
i j o. jUL -I rJL " 11 S-v "-SjiIS
Arrival ut t)"centnin The Hlnrnny
Stone Irlh ('tmtnui nnd Notrn
of (imittrnl Intercut.
Written for the CotmiKii.
Duiimn, Ireland, July oth, 1888.
It Is dllllcult to find time for letter on n
sight seeing trip, but I will try, however, to
fulfill my premise. On July second wo came
In sight of tho const of Kerry, Ireland, and
soon after uvwcd tho Fastuet light, where the
ship signalled and her an ival wns cabled to
Now York nnd o'sowhetv. The weather wns
what nn Englishman would call "lently"
and the son rough; tho Inst day tielug the
worst of the voyage. We found smoother
water as wo came near the QuneiisUiwii luti
hr which Is said to lie one of tho finest on
the British const. The Irish const nt Hint
sight looks ban en nnd forbidding, but on
landing we Hud venture mid foliage In abun
dance. From tho transfer lioat we go to the station
wheto wo are con ailed by Her Mnjiwty's
custom ollleors and usked to open tipour bag
gago, which we do promptly. The olllclnl
wlio began excavating Into my "grip" en
countered nothing but mi accumulation of
soiled linen and gave It up ill disgust. I wns
then solemnly asked If I had firearms or
spirits nnd tobacco, more thr.u the law allow
ed, nnd on replying In the negative was allow
ed to pass. Ono passenger having a pistol
was obliged to loavo it in the hands of tho
After trying our "sea legs" n little nliout
tho lioautiful ipinys we took the first train for
tho city of Cork, sixteen miles distant, where
wo arrived In time to walk uliout ii little and
attract the nttentlou of the natives, who
everywhere sK)t tisntoncons Yankees, nnd
while we are observing what appears odd and
quaint in the surroundings, and their speech
nnd milliners, I think we npMinr Just as ludi
crous to them. In fact, I caught the hotel
porter laughing nt me when I was puzzling
over shillings nud pence In trying to count
my change. We look around the city nnd
find It much larger than we expected nnd
many costly nnd elegant buildings, both an
cient nnd modsrii. From here tourists go
out about eight miles to the villngeof Blarney
nnd Blnrnoy castle; its history you doubtlcs
know liettcr than I do. The celebrated blar
ney stone, ns shown to visitors, Is nt tho sum
mit of tho ruin, nnd is the lower stone of n
piojectlpg portion of tho outer wull. It Is a
dlzry hightli up there and I hurried back,
down the spiral stone stall case which seemed
to me n triumph of architectural skill, nl
though tough in iliilsh,and worn by countless
footsteps forcentuilos.
On the route from Cork to Dublin at Mal
low, a thriving town, wo change cars for a
visit to Klllainoy, n point much frequented
by tourists. On the way we ate on tho look
out for ancient ruins. I caught sight of n
dilapidated structure not far from the road
side w hlch I thought liore the marks of an
tiquity, and hurrldly called the Attention of
tho party to It; hut my illusion wus dispelled
by a native fellow-jtassonger who replied to
my Inqufiy, in a bioguo more gutteral than
tho average, "YIs, it's mi old lime kiln."
After thut I was rather sensitive nud skepti
cal ulMHitold ruins, mid waited for others of
tho party to discover und Identify them.
Atiivlug nt Killainey no found It to lie n
haudsomo town with picturesque, surround
ings. In the early morning no mounted n
wagounetto for a drivo to the Gan of Dunloe,
some eight miles distant. Tho air wus ex
hlleiating. tho scenery beautiful If not suls
lime, the roads smooth und w ell macadamized,
as evry where in Ireland. Ah wo leavo the
town tho count i y is fertile and piodtictivo,
but as wo approach tho mountain pass there
are only patches of tillable soil. Along tho
roadside is tho usual stono fence or what ap
pears to ben ridge of earth with hedge glow
lug on its top. The fields nre fenced in the
satno way. Tho hoy harvest Is In progress
and the air is tilled with the odors of new
mown hay nud the innumerable wild (lowers
that dot the fields nud hedges. The chief
ngilcultutnl products and industries so far ns
I hnvu observed seem to bo hay, stock mid
dallying. It is mm ket duy in Kllhirney mid
we are met by numerous small lieids of sheep
and tho small Keny cattle; sometimes twoor
threo sheep would lie seen in a donkey cm t,
one of them diivoii by a lioy contained n
slnglo sheep held by a littlo gill, noth stand
ing In the cart. The Bhoop was a U-autlful,
meek eyed creature, a household pet no doubt,
but must Ikj sold to iy tho rent. The sight
wos a pretty nnd pathetic one. Tho donkey
is a feature of Ireland, and with his clumsy
little cart, patitmtly bears his part of the bur
dens of the Irish tenantry
Some of us alighted nud looked into n
thatched cottage by the roadside and weie
conuniiy to enter ny an old man
whose jiollto nnd almost couitly manner and
speech seemed not in keeping with his sur
roundings. Wo found ono or the cows tethei -ed
to tho leg of the table in the principal
room of tho house. The floor wns paved with
pebbles; fire smouldored on the hearth, over
w hlch hung the pot hook, nnd tho kettle stood
near tho cow. We weie nsked to drink milk,
but in viow of tin surroundings declined.
As we nemed the cud of our trip u man
rodo swiftly nfter us und soon others joined
him: a woman nnd then n joung girl came
Into tho road, barefoot and bareheaded, ami
followed us and soon we hail uu escort of
half a-dozen of men, women nud Iniys run
nlngnftor us, riding alongside, nnd holding
on t tho end of our wagon. We soon found
out their object They offered their sei v ici s
in various capacities. The woman, who
claimed to tie a decendnnt of the Uolleen
llawn. had her photos and conrso home knit
socks to sell us. Tho men skillfully waked
tho echoes botw ecu tho hills by means of shout
Ing und tiring small camion, and ns it wns
tho -1th of July, it sci vil us ns a celebration.
The Ii isb hiMiie can led a liottlo each of goats
milk mid "mountain dew," which last in a
liquid more fiery than Ita name Indicates
1 e did not try the goat's milk. These iieople
do not show nbject siverty by their dress,
they me fairly well clad except their feet
which am bare. They mo bright, intelligent
and loquacious; aie neeompllslied nud imrsls
tent In their mithods of extracling inonev
from touilsts, but nlwayB polite nnd good
humored. Tho mountains In this region in o
hereof trees nnd but green with vet
dure to their summits oxcept on tho sulfate
of rocks, where gouts nud sheen graze tilnjut
their Bides. Ono of the olevntlons, a double
jK-ak called "Cnrantule," Is said to lw the
highest In Ireland, 4500 feet nliovo sen level
Y tint of time compells mo to close abi uptly,
guess tho letter is long enough nnv way. Re
gards to till. Yours truly,
C. D. Hyatt.
(VTrthout ary apology)
r' ' "
Tl a
(10T to thlnkln' of hlm-as
sometimes a teller
Of the night lie glrn a leo-
tur to the folks In
An' wis net mi nnlll itv-
light, as them loeterers sometimes do
A-Ulkhi" of a tniiiilred tilings that mightn't In-
I mind tho tlilugs he rattled off Hint night, In
boyish glee,
Itecltatloni he recltetl to a audleuco of mo;
How I laughed oatll tho Inn'lnnl come an' ant us
to to Mill
So I got to tlilukln' or him an thnt night nt fihel
Then he'd kind o' ipilt hlsnoiisensoan' vro'd settle
Tell J I in 'ml turn iqioii ine ' begin ngln "Der
'Dout Uio time I vent to Franklin rcr tho IlaptUt
college rolkst"
An I'd stretch my mouth ncroat my fnco, all
ready rcr tho Jokes;
Hut he'd hrniich off In a story 'bout the "Slcrry
Workers" Imnd,
That, 'nless jou knewed the "Workers," you o'd
hardly understand;
I c'd hear la) svir a swallcrla', the room 'ud soem
Bo I got to thlnkln' of him an' thnt night at Hliel
I got to thlnkln' of hlm-llko 'twas Just a year
Fertlme, that lllosso roat In dreams, Innhulnlcks
Is slow ;
lie was workln' llkoabeavor, levturn' hero an'
lecturn' there,
An' a vrrltln' en tho railroad cars, In taverns
lYtntla' oeiiis In tho papers, iqicAkln' pieces at
tho fairs',
An' him an' mo a travrlln', bow an' then, around
lu alrs;
An' ho seemed to think 'at ho was no account at
all-hut still,
I got to thlnHlu' ot htm, an' that night nt Shelby
I got to thlnkln' of him an' tho luippy "Days
gono by,"
Tell tho sweet "Old fmliloned Roses" neeniLsl to
hlooni agin ni Idlo;
An' I hear him talk agin about "My brldothntls
to Ih,"
When hn'il come to "(Irlgshy station" Jest to fiave
I kin see him settlu' down ngtn, to give tho I'rince
a rock,
When "Tho frost wns on tho pumpkin an' tho
corn was lu tho shock;"
An' I hear a laughing voloo I loved, with iiiuhIo
In Its trill
Bo I got to thlnkln' or him, an that ulght In
Bo Iwt lieroan' I uouderet Ikuuwjust what It
When I soo 'cm print hU poetry In alt tho maga
zines; An' I see him on tho platform with tho James and
How el Is set,
An' hear the ieoplo an) In', "IIo's tho best ono of
era yet;"
An' I keep a w lukln' bock the tears that mako my
roolcjoH shine,
For I couldn't reel no prouder or he'd ben boy
or mine;
Fer he's Jest tho saino old Riley, an' ho'll be the
same Jim still,
As ho w as the night 'at him an' mo set up at 8hol-
Rolicrt J. Ilurdutto In Ilmokljn Eagle.
Iloimrliiir a (lnet,
Wislnesdny evening the pleasant home of
Mr, nud Mrs. S. E, More on M street was the
scene of u very enjoyable gatheilng, given In
honor of their guest, Mr, Jise R Sutton of
Nowark, Ohio, Tho huge i nrlnrri were taste
fully urrnuged for the occasion nud the Moors
canvassed for dancing. During the evening
cards wero also enjoved by those who pre
feted this sort ot amusement to dancing, and
at eleven o'clock refreshments wore served in
Mis. Moore's own p.culliii ly haudsomo stj le.
The spread wasn sumptuous one nnd lellshed
by nil present, n lift of tho invited guests be
ing given Iwlow.
Messrs. Fiinke, Hammond, Stout, Houtz,
Jnnsen, Audrus, Young, St iceter, Wockhnch,
Maxwell, Kdwnnls, Nlssley, Clnrke, Hath
away, Burr, Welsh, Forry Moore, Hlggeii
iKithum, Kerman, McArthur, McClay nnd
Fred VmU
Mlsncs Lllllbridge, Nellie nnd Brewule
Ilium, Hammond, Alleeii nud Bell Oakley,
.Mainland lleitleilurr, (Hie, Gertie nud Theo
Ijiu, Hattle nud Cm rle Iceland, Oilln Lotto,
Andnis, Montrose, Hooper, Funke, Snolllug,
Brown, Mnnpiette, Hathaway and Mny
But few regrets were rctelvednnd the end
cuino only tx) soon to thoroughly plenso tho
guesw. anisic was excellently niiuished by
Miss Wllloughby.
Tho Howard houso was 1 1 uost entirely d'-strovi-d
by (Ire Thursday night It was ouo
of the old londmirksof the city and would
shortly hnvo lieen coiuiwlleil to give way lie
ftre the marth of progioss,.
Now thnt the season for using lee has com
inenced it lohoovea eonsumors to 1k verj
careful what thoy use. Much of the Ice now
ndayNuscdU Impure nud conducive of bnd
results to good health. The Ico sold by the
l.'ncoln Ico coiiiiiiiiy cut from Oak creek Is
strictly pure and healthy and will iHjdelivei
isl tonny pni t of the city Iave onlers at
KHO O street or telephone No. 1 18.
I.lueolii Omaliii,
A coach will here nfter Iwnttached to H &
M. train No. a (the llvei) for the couvenloiiie
of Lincoln-Omaha imssvngcrs. Ux-nl tickets
will bo accepted mi this tinln, A. C. kimku.
City Pnssiiiger nnd Ticket Agent.
Tim CiMirlrr Hi rlbe Heturns lliinio After
n Neven Week' Vacation,
lldllorlal Correspmdeuce,l
There Is probably no season lu the) ear
when travel Is so unlTnrsally etijoyisl ns It
now is, and for (he socially Inclined the sum
mer mouths has always In store many pleas
ant aiitleiatloiis. It Is then nfter n'
guy festivity that the city Isdlo nud the town
dude makes a Join ney here, there or rise
where to recreate, and It Is nt this time that
the merchant nud clerk peek nqsm, nfter n
long season of steady attention to hindiics, nt
tho summer resort. Homo go east, some west,
some north nud others south, nud thus It Is
thnt nt this tlmu of the year the city llnds Its
Inhabitant scattered to the four winds. Thoy
go to the seashore, the mountains or to the
country, while others go to cltleN equally us
warm ns nt home to visit relatives nud thru
return content and Imagine they feel Isit
ternud have been much Ix'nelltisl by the trip,
nud thus It gisM. We till our wants nud sat
isfy our fancies and fisd better thwiefor.
Tim wrlUr nfter having mHcd seven weeks
very pleasantly away from home, In the
mountains, at Amm lea's iuetioMills nud nt
the seashore, returns home once more with
renew is 1 energy end vim to "tucklo" nnd con
quer Uio lalsirs of the hereof ter, nud having
Just returned gives u resume of the trip fiom
Philadelphia to Lincoln, describing a very
attractive trip, which It will bo well for our
renders contemplating u similar trip to make
n note of,
Philadelphia Is noted for Its many elegant
structures, Its enlei prlso and the cleanliness
of ever) tiling lu und nlsiut the city. It Is
nlso noted for It several very elegnnt nud
costly railway stations, pi eminent nmoii
them Isilng the very handsome new deHit of
the Baltlmme& Ohio railway which hut re
cently opened its line Into this city. This
structure which Is locntisl In one of tho finest
portions of Philadelphia Is built on the very
lotfst style of nahllis-ture nnd Is n spacious
station having nil the modern Improvements
nud facilities for conveniently handling nn
Immense buslneKH. All tho Mulshing ale of
the very finest, the art gloss used lu windows
nud aUiut the place lHtiug the mint eiieusive
ever put Into n railway cdllleo, Vailous
apartments, such ns lodlof toilet rooms wl'h
coin toons attendants, rcficshmout looms,
waiting rooms with novel apNiliitments und
Hue furnishings, gentlemen's smoking roo ns,
teh graph olllces, n place where pal eels may
lie left, n lefieshmeut nud news stand, etc ,
nre ell found lu convenient locations fu the
huge building. It Is u model inllwuy struc
ture nnd Is certainly u ci edit to the (,luaker
city ns well ns the picturesque Baltimore &
HK"oklngof the "Picturesque B fc O." re
minds me of the man) pleasant Inelih nts
noticed along the lino nnd It struck me more
thnn once that n more appropriate name
would be hold to Hud. We leave Philadel
phia nt 11 () lu the morning and from the
time the wheels first turn until the end of our
Join ney much to interest the mind nud at
tract tho eye Is enjoyed. Within two hours
after leaving we have hod a I Ida In time
states, viz.: Pennsylvania, Delaware mid
Mmylaud. We leave the Pennsylvania lino
shortly nfter leaving Philadelphia and arrive
In Wilmington ut u little lieforo twelve und
Baltimore shortly nfter one o'i lock, arriving
less tlriuali hour later in Washington, I). C
This line Is certainly a most pleasant ono,
for as tho "limited" nishes Into mid out of the
many Intermediate points we notice lioth do
K)t nud gioundsnre In flue style nnd nicely
kept, most of the stations being of brick mid
the uichltecture Wilt! ing uiotroolltnu cen
ters. The road on each side Is kept clvati nnd
well lwilastcd nnd the traveler wonders how
so long n sti etch of ground can Ikj kept In
such attractive nppearance. Wo siieedsw ift
ly onward, too pioud torocoghlotho various
villages nnd stop nt nothing short of uu im
ortant city. Time from Baltimore to Wash
ington forty miles In foity-flve minutes.
leaving tho National Capitol we me given
a view of tho bigcopitol building nud many
of her pretty residences. Along the line ot
intervals many old landmarks and historical
points nie seen, pinmluoutamoiig them Isdng
llurisrs Ferry with its picltireviue surround
lugs, the lofty mountains, the beautiful Po
tomac, oddlug additional charm U the scenes
of antiquity. Here John Biown's fort is jet
to 1st seen ami scattered aliout the place are
yetHoiuour the old time relics or the war
Wo follow the river on lis south shore nud
just at this season of the )ear whii nature is
in its loveliest gam the trip is a veiy enjoy
able ouo.
Our tinlu is made no of day catches, luxu
rious sleeping and drawing room enrs mid
the usual Isigguge olid expnwts cms ami little
dirfereiiot Is noticed in the timu made in go
Ing up or down grade, for with tho pow erf ill
Tl, A: O," engiuoti grades make no difference.
The sleeiMirs, wliich by the way, have lately
eono Into tho hands of the Pullman comnan v.
are of tho finest make, affording the traveler
on easy and enjoyable trip across the moot
tains rrom tne eastern to westei u trade center ,
At I'muberlund we toko supper at about sun
set nnd of ter relishing ono of the best men
I have ever eaten at o hotel a shout of "A 1
Alsnrd" by tho conductor brings all hands
balk to tho train mid we are off again west
wnnl bound. As the shades of night over
takes us and ni tu re's dark mantle covers
earth's lieautio' from sight we soon feel the
want of sleep and after isslug Deer Purk
and Mountain IjiUo Pork (two prominent
summer resoits), shortly nfter ulght, we re
pov In a refreshing sleep ft uwnke next
morning in Cincinnati, the centennial city.
Kaily in the morning whllu fast in Hm
arms of morpheiis our train leave tho "II :
0."trncks to enter the Cincinnati, Washing
ton iV Baltimore Hue at I'm kersburg, this
rood, however, being under tho fnmo man
agement, and it is here that we change time,
from eastern to central time. Arriving at
Paikcrshurg, Vn. ot'Jilun. m. and leaving nt
1 'JO n. in, the ihaiigo in time making our
dcurturaenilier thou our ai rival At T 15
a. m. wearrlve ot the large central station lu
Cincinnati nud nfter sK'ndlng Sunday and
Mondav there viewing the lull top and tak
ing in the centennial cxxxitlon, I loft on the
evening of tho latter day via the t' II & I)
line mid "Mouon Route' for Chicago, arriv
ing there early next morning I uisscd the
day very plcnoantlv time and left that ulght
via the Rock Island vestibule route fji Oma
ha mid thence home to Lincoln by the Bur
lington, so that after a v million of utuily
two mouths I am once more "at heme' lu the
toils of every ilii) life. Should mi) of o ir
readers Im contemplating n trip east they will
find the route as doci IKslnlsiv eu very plena
out one, or in going directly cost tho ltnltl
more mid Ohio Inn may lx tisol without
change trom St. I-ouls or Chiuigo to Phila
delphia nud the east without cluing"
Ml (liinilrleli Tonlglil, Ihielialadnr'a JVIIn-
alrela anil Mnnuuer Mnlteyuolda
This evening nt Funkn's tho Eunice Good
rich eombliintloti give thrlr Inat tM'rforiiinnen
of the engngemoiit whloh has been n veiy
successful one, The vat Ions plnys presenfil
during the week have lieen well put on niul
riH-eivisi with general satisfaction by large
houaes nightly. For u isipular price combi
nation this company undoubtedly leads any
thing we have ever hod lu Lincoln. Each
piece is put on with its much core to every de
toll ns though tho price were Wl.Tfl and HI. 00.
The iswtumlng nud stage N'dtlngs were ex
cellent and the company a very good one. At
tfslny's matinee "Cinderella" will be stnged
nud tonight the now piny entitled "Ono Lie
I'iuls to Another' will I si the closing pur
formniice. It Is mi luterentimr niece and
should lie seen by nil. Pi Ices same ns usual.
111. '.M nud ,'U) cents
Tuesday evening next DockslnCor's Min
strels will hold the lioards nt the Funke and
It Is scarcely necesaarv for us to dwell on tin.
mcrllsor iutioduco the company toourreud
ers, nil nmuseineiit lover nud isfpeclnlly those
who delight In the burnt cork porformnnco
know full well the capabilities of IhUorgoiil
Mtloii to enteitiiln Uiw Doekstoder, I he
great and only Um, who has caused many n
laugh and met ry roar to metroMilltnu iiudl
eiices, Is nt tho head of the company and with
such aiixlllailes as Billy Hweatnam. Itlllv
Rice nnd a colerlo of other nromlueiit inlii-
stielltes the program will tindoiibUslly 1st n
oriiiinm, one. no orciiestra, wlileli by tho
wny Is n superb ouo from Mr. Do.'katml r's
New York theatre, is n gruit nttiactldi.
l he company Unow on iti return to New
York from San Francisco where they closed
the summer senmm lust wis'k, hov lug hail the
loigeat nuiof any minstrel company on the
coast this season. Reserved seats on sole
.Monday evening at the oivra house ticket
On Tuesday, August seventh, the Barry tic
Fay combination will give n iM-neilt to ili.n
nger McReyuolds, on w lilch iKftision will be
priwiitisl the new comedy entitled "McKen
nan's Flirtation," conceded to l Barry tic
I a) s grealiwt play nud one lu which they
hnvotii deupioiiouncislhlluviryMhtre. The
company Is known to the patrons of amuse-
incut as one or the stiougest attractions on
the load and iiotbulug new by any means to
Lincoln niiilloneos will certainly 1111 the house.
The beuellt teiideiisl Mr Mclteynold Is a
woithy compliment to'uu enterprising nud
hard winking malinger und It Is but right
nud pioisir that our tlcotrlcally Inclined
fi lends should tin ii out mid nock the house to
show their appreciation ut the genial Bob's
elfoits to prisjiiro tho In-st lu tho land for
their oumsiiuient. Homeiiitx.T the Isjnellt
Tuesday, August seventh, for which seat are
now on snle.
Ilaliiita Hot Spring.
Tlue springs are in tw o unions w hlch come
together I'm miiig one in tho shape of n Y im
tmsllaiely west of Battle mountain in the
southern Black Hills. The mountain scenery
oil olsjut tho springs is not only grand but is
exceptionally ls-autlful, while the curntivo
iroM'rtles of tho wnters surpass those of tho
famous Hot Springs of Arkansas.
Tho nlKive is u railroad advertisement but
it is a surely one lu which many eople ns
health and pleasure seekers should bo Inter
ested, Round trip tickets for 11. M), good for VO
days, me on snle nt the Elkhoru olllce nt 115
South 10th Street
Catch Tliem on the Fly.
Sho Oh, Arthur, whui do the poor cow
bo)sin Texas do when thoy want a girl to
talk to)
Ho Give It up, Uso their lassos, prob
ably. New Haven News. ,
KouKul Music
A now song is called "My Molhor's IInrL',
We suspect it Is a sequel to "Mamma's Sllp
or;" and w lion Introduced among tho clill
ilron "there's muslo lu the heir." Norrl
town Herald.
Serlniuly Slalmad.
Cordley How do, cUummle, old boyl
Blandloy For mercy's snkel What's the
mattah with your hand!
Cordley Did it carrying this beastly buck
born umbnella handle.
Truo to III Colors.
"There vvux Bill Now toil, Lln' Bill, we all
called trim. Never wax near water all hi
life, vet ho wax olwavs tellln' nbout tho fish
he'd caught. Once when he war sick with
tho jnuuders his father sa)s to him: 'Bill,
how ure )ou feelluT 'Fintr 'n a flddlo,' sea
BUI 'That settle it,' rx tho old man, and
ho started off for the undertaker. HU con
furdonco vvux not misplaced. When ho coma
back with tho undertaker Bill was a corpse."
Of 1 rest to All.
The I'nlon Pacific Railway. "Tho Over
land Route" Have Just Issued very complete
and comprehensive pamphlets on Colorado,
Utah, Idaho, Oregon, nnd Washington Terri
tory, descriptive of the ngi (cultural, stock
raising and nilunnil resources, the climate
und health resortsot these sin tea und tei i itot ics
compiled fjom the latest reports of lb7. Send
to J. S. TvbbetU G. P. & T. A., Omaha, Neb.
for one.
Old 1'npcra For Snip.
House cleaning time l here, and edd apcr
will come In haudv. The Couiuui olllce has
a good supply at 'JO cents o hundred.