Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, July 14, 1888, Image 1

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Vol, O. No. HI
Lincoln, Nijuhaska, Satijkday, July 14, 18&B
II sj -II"
What lln Sees, Hears, Thinks anil
I iu
A woo bogono s.iccimeii of tit gsmus tramp
printer strayed Into one of tlie city ufllces
tliln week, nml proceeded to "pniihnndlo"
lb lxiyg for enough to get n drink. Finally
lie tackled nu eMerly gentleman connected
with tlio institution, who politely lint firmly
informed him that if ho would npply to tlio
vlty marshal ho could get both lodging mhI
meal f i cc of charge. A flush of liullgiiatioii
siversprcnil his countenance, iiml stopping
Wk ho exclaimed, "What, sir, would Ben-
JiiiiiIu Franklin nay werobo to know thnt I (
bad togntot no cooler ill mociiy in i.iuroiu
to get something to sat.
Lincoln1 chances for obtaining ono or
more railroads are very hrlghU Tho Hock
lslnndniidHantn Foofllcials nro talking up
mattens, and 1 liellovo It Is only a ipicstlon of
time when lxVli roads will Ikj In hero. Tho
fact of the matter h that they must couio to
Lincoln. Tills city Is tho rail road center of
tlii state, and always will Ik. The other
1-oad mvo always lieen jealous pf tho Bur
lington hold on Nebraska and Lincoln busi
ness, and -will lo tho very first opportunity
tosecwetirlice tff It.
In conversation with a leading democrat
the other day, I was informed that there Is
luit Iltflo prospect of a democratic dally lie
ing started hero. Tho importance of luivlng
a'licwspajicr for tho propagation of democrat
ic, doctrine In Lincoln Is conceded, hut tho
MUtalnlng of -such an organ is considered by
n good many .as being too much of a drain
mion'tho7"ckota of the tKirty, of whom there
nro lurflly enough wealthy iiieiuliera to keep
ilt moving. Tho Omaha Herald Is being gen-
erallyclrculiitod in democratic homes in Lln
(oln,.nnd.ns It Is a for abler paper ttran could
lw bv nnv means sustnlned here, the general
-tfontimout Pi to let it take the place of tho
Tho Observer wishes to heartily commend
ithe work of Pi csidcut McBride and Secretary
'Utt uf tho lioard of trade. During' their
short term -of ofllce togother, 1 liellovo they
havooourol more industries for Lincoln than
f 11 any year of its existence. If every mem
ber of the Iward would accomplish tho name
ninountof work, in two) cam wo would liavo
e. 'population of 1(K),()00.
The Cherrier directory company have coui
meuoed the woik of compiling the now city
directory. McKsrs. Cherrier and tawi-, tho
genflinen now in the city, aro oxiierienced
men in thin bushier, nnd promlso to give us
a morn complete, handsomer and better dl
i ectory than we have yet had. The now Uiok
will contain at least 15,00(1 names, ami tho
magnltnileof tho task is easier imagined than
(Cardinal Maxzofami, the. Iliigulst who Is
wild to have known a hundred languages, do
dure that ho never forgot a word he had
onoe learned. This little instance brings to
mind tlio subject how to obtain a good vo
cabulary. Language to some fow (icoplo is a
gift, nnd it is to thoe win are not so gifted
whom wo refer. If we cannot find the
proper words to express our ideas how are
wo to go to work to learn a wordl We could
sit down and study Webster's unabridged but
still tho oonuection and association with other
words would not bo there. It has couin to a
-sad pass in this five America tliajt in order to
xpreuour feelings wo must usoMnoro or loss
fluug. Many jieoplo miy ''What could we do
svltJwut the word 'crunk P' Now before
Uiesv lind American people put this woul tq
it preeiit use wo were sat lulled with the
siord fuKsy, jiartlcular or disagreeable in lieu
theuKif. In Knglaud, where slung is an nu
linoun language, a ierson has no more idea
what )ou intend to expns when you say "J
should smile," than if you wero talking some
dead language.
Hut to our subject. We know of no better
pluu of developing n good vocabulary than by
careful reading. Many young jieoplo too
many rend a liook just for the story, tho ex
citement. You nsk them how thoy liked the
book, nnd thuy s.iy "O, I think It was just
horrid, I wantwl hor to marry tho first fel
low." Thoy know nothing of the stylo of lan
guage that has been used, and frequently do
not know who tho author of tho lKok is Tho
troublo with umiiy studeuU is tho simple fact
that thoy do not know how to study, and
some ono has ventured to assort that a person
does not Kscs tho Kwor of absorption until
after thoy ai o twenty. In speaking of w ords,
w hy isn't It just as easy to s.iy "dllllcult" as
"haidf" Wolmva heard it said that it N
"hind" to learn lawn tennis. Wo didn't
know nny thing about tennis was hard except,
jM'rhaps, tho ground, tho net certainly is very
soft and pliable, nnd should a ball hit jou
you would scarcely know it. Whereas, it
may ho a "dllllcult" task to learn tennis.
No say ''A big collection ot littlo plonts."
Would not a "vast collection of smaller
plants" lie preferable f If wo would but study
our choice of language, making tho best of
what wo do know, many persons w ho pass as
stupid would make a better impression. Wo
do not mean to Bay that tho best writers
must uso classical words, mi coiifcmVi', the
finest expressions nro given to tho woild in
the simplest language. When a writer bo
comes labored in his language, put' ejnimjtlr,
"He witnessed tlio Swiss Maiden extract the
lacteal fluid from tho boviiies'1 it gives us tho
impression that ho milked cows all his life.
A certain friend attended college in one of
our eastern schools, where, tho students were
obliged to use n new word in conversation
with somo member of tho faculty each day.
Why could not this bo Instituted right in our
homo clirlol Try each day to add some use
ful word to our vocabulary, and In n mouth
notice tho result. Mingling with the moio
youthful visitors at the Cieto Chautauipia
during the past week and noticing the ex
tensive uso of slang nnd tho poverty ot col
loqulnl language has led to these remaiks.
I.. . T. CO.
Will get your Sunday Mull from tho Post
otllco and deliver at your house, or olllee.
Telephone 100.
Tho red mark sale logins today. Call nt
Aehhy & MilUpaugh's and tee what it means.
Studding of
Clubs In Hip
A Kanrlitl loim.
l.niKUft mill
Following l tlio standing of clubs in tin
Nntlonnl U'aguu tip to nnd including Thurs
days gnmos:
Plajed Won Iwt
IVr t't . I
.Vrt '
'w '
.km i
New York...
Ilostou .....
.. 01 t( VI
. K
l'lUsbnrjt til
Washington ill
Following! t'liortMulhig of clubs In tho'
Amorlenu association up to nnd Including ,
Thursday's games:
'J I
IVr ft.
Ailetio..V.V.V.V.V.V.V ni
m. i.nius .
cinriniuiti.,., in
! Ilnltlmoru
('levrlnnil (it
Kansas ''lly AS
Following is tho standing of clulii In the
Western association up to and Including
Thursday a games.
'J I
.iii in
I Hit
I)es Moines..
Kansas City .
Onialin . ..
Ml'n-niikeo ..
CliknRo ..
Hluiik city....
.. i'
,.. M
Hurdlck, late of Omaha, Is playing wl
St, Paul is holding onto llrst place with a
strong grip.
Tho Western Association Is said to bo all
right financially.
Under is showing Sioux City's opiwncnta
how to rtoal buses.
Shaffer of tho disbanded llinnlnghams, Is
twirling for Omahn.
Twenty-four hundred jicoplc saw the morn
ing gamoat Dcs Moines on tho Fourth.
Western association umpires rc-olvo &HX)
moro tlui'i memlicrs of the league stall.
Sullivan and Khret, two of Inst year's west
em longuo pitchers, aio now with Kansas
The Detroit! are not gaining very fast on
CUilcago. Kaeh wins to win and lose on tho
samo day.'
Sllch, of last year's Denver team, Ims been
releascil by Brooklyn and will lluMi the sea
son with HulTnlo.
Chicago 0, Washington :; that tells the
talo of how young Hryimu is holding his ow n
in the National league.
SleOarr, formerly of the Athletics nnd lat
terly with the SL Louis Brow ns, has signed
to cover second for Omnha.
It Is rather dllllcult to keep tho correct
standing of tho vai loin clubs. Nearly every
uowsiapcr lias a different one.
Local cnthulasU are endeavoring to or
ganize a city league, with good prospects of
toucoess. Tho Domestics, Mutoona, O'Neills
nnd Nationals stand ready to enter, r
Tho Chicago Maroons are on their last lega.
Lang and Long havo been Mid to Kanms
City, and Sam Morton is apparently trying
to get in dlit of tho ruin after Vod der Ahe's
The Domostlcs and Nationals will play at
Recreation iark, tho old ball grounds, this
afternoon. Oo out and see tho gamo. It
will bo very interesting. Only a small ad
mission fee will bo charged.
Attend the red mark sale at Ashby & Mill
spaugh's. A Calf That Ucasoaad.
Wa learn that an amusing incident occur
red at tbo homo of Mr. S. M. Jones, near
Itethcl, last frock. Among the cattlo was a
calf that seemed to possess a very great dls
liko to being roped at milking time and
always made quite a to do when the rope
was adjusted. One morning Mrs. Jones went
out to attend the milking and upon looking
in fho accustomed place for tbo rope failed to
And it Whilo tho search for It was going on
the calf thought, perhaps, to get moro than
his share of tbo milk, but something seemed
to interfere with tho imbibing process, and
bis peculiar actions attracted attention to
him. Whereupon it was discovered that tho
calf had iwallowed tho ropo, but failed to
muko a complete Job of it, as tho nooso was
hanging from ono corner of his month. Tho
nooso was laid hold of and a steady pull
brought tho ropo to light. Tho calf is suf
flccntly amused and doesn't swallow any
moro ropos to ovado being tied. Greenville
(N. C.) Itcttector.
Ixivo's Young Dream,
'Birdie,'' whispered a happy young Chi
cago lover, "now that wo are engaged you
mustn't call mo Mr. Porcine any more,"
"Ab, no, darling," responded tho glrl.wlth
a algh and a sniggle, "you must always call
mo 'Birdie' nud I will always call you
Butch.' "-New York Bun.
1'opular with Everybody.
"Mr. Bcrapom," said the hostess to an una
teur violinist at an evening gathering, "you
inV,"t"U:rj " ....
modest reply.
"How nicer murmured halt the company,
"Did you bring your violin with youf
"No, 1 did not."
"How nlcel" murmured tha half of tho
company iu fervent unison. Merchant Trav
eler. Lincoln -Oniuliu,
A touch will hero after bo attached to II, &
M. train No. a (tho flyer) for tho convenience
cf Lincoln-Omaha passengers. Local tickets
w ill Ikj accepted on this train, A. C, Xkimku,
City Passenger and Ticket Agent.
vrwr&lf sad yrwrfia
llltmtlii llllt'n Willi Went l.liicolnllns III
New Vork A Oosslpy l.rltrr
In (lenrrnl.
lMltorlnl Correspondence.
V''','V0 lioniil ntnl ivntl fretpiclitly of tho
licautles ot tho charming Hudson, Imvo In-
teres! ed ourselves in descriptive articled of
.J.1!! tho castles and iwlatlal residence tliAt Huo
'iiiHha river on cither side, and of tho lovely
'"';l't oxounlons up this famous stream.
W ,nv f , ' 'M .1 Y,l,u n11 t,",
pleasure attending such a trip there comet
even now n better and more nttrnctlvn tlmo
to view tlio Hudson. 'TMtruoa moonlight
excursion Is delightful, but of the many who
make such a tilpcompiratlvi'ly few see the
liest scenery, for sleep overtake tho sight
seer when tlio mldulgnt hour Is nigh and re-
. poso in tho arms of Morpheus Is moro pious-
nut. it was uicreioro aiicr lino cousiiioniiiou
thnt I selected tho new day lino stcamboatr
to viow nature nnd It lioautlos. Couseipicnl
ly on Wednesday last I boarded tho now nnd
elegant steamer Allwny nnd liegnii a very
pleasant trip up the Hudson by dnyllglit.
The InkiU nf this lino carry n lino orchestra,
which during tho trip furnish delightful con
cert music, rendering new nud iiopulnr airs
and much of it being selections from the
latest operatic succes'e. Tho l Ido is n mng
ulllceut oho, commencing at tl n. m. and
reaching Albany at (I o'eloslt for Hiippor; din
ner lieiug sumptuously sorveil on boarxl tho
On tho way up wo stop at arIoui
K)lnts, t. i West Point, Nowliui gh, Pough
kcesIo, Catsklll, Hudson and Ilhtiiebock, tho
latter licing tho homo of lovl P. Morton, the
ropubllran candllato for tho vice presidency.
Mr. Morton's beautiful summer icsldencois
to lw seen near tho river and affords n lovely
view of tho entire surroundings. Tho house
and grounds aro lieautifully located on an
eminence, with a largo lawn Inclining to
ward tho river's front. When told of his
nomination Mr. Morton was at homo and Just
previous to tho an ivnl of tho lioat had re
ceived many congratulations by telegraph,
not only fioni American honorables but frjm
onesnbrond na well, including tho messago
from the Plumed Knight.
Arriving ot Albany we ato a hearty supier
and began to seo what could lie Hceu nf New
York's festlvo capital. Tho stato houso Is
located in tho immediate, business vicinity
nnd Is an Imposing structure built on a hill,
tho highest portion of tho city. It was during
tho ovenlng, whilo standing near the hotel
wniting for n friend, that the llrst Llncolnlte
I had seen since leaving home, met my gaze,
and this was nono less than Mr. A. S. Ray
mond. Ho wnsaei-ompnnled by his brother,
Itev. Mr. Raymond of Albany. Mr, A. H.
sal's Saturday for Euroto. Can't say that I
am particularly infatuated with Albany. It
Is not by any means a slow town, but Its old
eastern ways and the staid customs of tho
ooplo remind mo much of Philadelphia.
There are two opera housed here, neither ono
being as nloo as the cosy Funke in Lincoln.
Next day about noon I left for Troy and spept
but a'fow hours there," ItTlsbutsovdii miles
distant nnd considerably smaller than Al
bany, but in general appttaraurcs, forllfeand
enterprise, I prefer it to tho capital city. The
streets are wider and liettcr paved, they have
excellent street railway facilities nnd a very
commodious railroad station. Tho stoamer
lines on the Hudson aro a great factor in the
transportation of goods to and from tho city.
Tho principal manufactures of Troy arethoso
of shirts, collars and cuffs; this in fact bcii'g
the largest market for this kind of goods in
America. Tho well known " K. & W.' col
lars and cuffs aro tnado here, also tho Crown
In and of shirts, cuffs nnd '-ollnrs. Aside from
these, numerous other similar and smaller ex
tabllshmciits of lesser popularity nre scatter
ed about Troy, and it is here also that tho
finest laundries of tho land nro located. The
Troy laundries aro known tho world over
and no other city has tho rcputntiuii-for such
excellent work. Tho headepmrters, for Jaun
dry machinery is also located iwtv.
IjitoJn the afternoon via tho Delaware fc
Hudson cunnl company's Saratoga limited, I
left Troy to pay a short visit to America's
foremost watering place nud summer resort.
It w us my llrst tlmo in Saratoga and from
tho time of my an ival until I reluctantly do
parted I had nothing but n pleasant time.
Tho city hns a very refined npiiearance, tho
structures aro generally grand nnd ImjiosiiiB,
tho principal buildings lieiug tho hotels.
These In huge numbers ndorn the piinclal
portion of tho city. Tho season which hns
just oened promises to lie the Inrgest ever
experienced by Santoglaus nnd ' nhvudy
Ithousnnds of plea&uto seekers nro on thu
I ground, although tho summer festivities will
not begin far a week yet. Saratoga dm lug
tho olf season (w inter time) has it population
of about l!l,000 nud nt the helghth of thu sea
son at least 40,000 visitor? from all part of the
worm are in tlio city. I lie spi lugs mo our
ing out their usual quantity of excellent mill
oral waters and thu liottllug establishments
aro busily engaged shipping orders to all
parts of tlio country.
Leaving Saratoga I returned to Troy via
rail and at night took tho steamer. City of
Troy, for Now York, arriving there next
morning. Tho rido from tho Springs to Ti oy
h n very inteiestingone. Tho lino winds
through u thickly settled and very pretty
country, affording a pleasant viow of nature's
own work, about which so much hns lieon
written. Tho tlmo between Troy and Sam
toga is just ono hour and thu train being
mado up of jmrlor and day coaches makes tho
trip not only comfortable but luxurious ami
interesting. Arrived in Now Yoi k Saturday
morning and today, Monday, flud myself
again in the City of Brotherly Love, where
after several days recreation w ill leave with
n party for Atlantic City tobathoacain in tho
. briny deep and upend n few days at tho re-
Lorta near by.'
! After the performance of
tho Wild West
show in Now York the other day, I had tho
pleasure or being In Mr. Cody's comjiany for
a short time. He has a ploasaut and neatly
furnishod tent on the grounds, for uso while
at Krastiua boforo and after tho performau
ces, and it Is hero ho receives many of his
fi lends. Ho crosses thu ferry every day and
is luxuriously quaitered at tho Hoffman
House in Now York. Jlr. Cody has had
much hard work in tho last few years and
says that after his season In Philadelphia,
which commences next month, he will take
tlmo to recuperate. He is looking as healthy
and hearty as ever but the work shows on
him. Co ly is n Jolly good fellow nnd e ery-
Insly llkea him. Ho ivcelxes them coiillnlly
mVl tiiMitn them pleasantly, mid esisnlally
when n Nebuiskmi or westerner ln for ml
mlttniKvnt his tent or nt tho Hoirninu House,
thoy never fall to go away without saying or
thinking "that follow Cody Is n clover mail
and descries siieeess." In his tent nio seen
plctuivs of Mrs. Cody, Ihn family nnd fi lends,
among them Mu,r u Wnutlful plioto of Ins
neiimipllslusl dnughtcr, Miss Artn, who Is so
well mid fnvorihly known In Lincoln And,
by tho way, I hnvo been told seeml tlnus
hero that tho chnriiilng Miss Cody Is engagisl
to an I will iukiii weil n prominent Chlung)
Jlr, J. J, Imhoff
was III ,ow Milk this
week. I did not wni lilni but a friend told inu
. rrin.i i..i,i
ho saw him (lying down Broadway yesterday.
Al Hnrgreavos was also hero for a fow days
this wo.'k.
Met Mr. Ljslo Hopkins on lower Bninlnny
the other day, Hi has b.H'ii hern since thu
(lm nt Hamilton n few mouths a,fo nnd Is In
tho KrloexpicM oflliv as his father's light
iKiwer, nud Is doln well, HtopfsI In tosc
tho corpulent John L. Ilopklm but his smiling
face was no: visible Ilowover, Lyrlo irsirts
both Mr nud Mrs. II in excellent health nnd
well pleased with theli new homo, but Lyslo
says ho never will like any place as welt as
Lincoln. The young pinn his cliangisl con, '
slderalily and 1 doubt whelhor his friends
v i - I
would nil i.-ognUi! him now 1 it hns
taller nnd Is I think somewhat hen
Shaking of Buffalo Bill's success nt I'.ras
tlna, Jlr. lillnek, th) piswigor agent of the
SUten Island rapid transit company said:
"Hts business Is oii'irnnui, for by our ticket
snloH wo can tell, and on ono day last week
wo carried mora luiueiigcrs over than wo
over havo before on any onn day." Thu Sta
ten Island rapid transit company inn Ixmts
from tho Imttcry to St. Ooorge, nud trains
from St. (leorgu to F.rastlm, making tho
round trip entire for twenty cents. It Is n
lovely ride, the nun half by wntei'lfordlng a
pleasant vluw nt tho bay and harbor nud tho
part by rail Mug nlong tho shore, where tho
ocean's cool bnvzn Is always enjoyed. Tho
comuiny also has trains to or connecting with
other llues for all surrounding resident jioliits
on the Island.
While talking ton uowly formed ncipialnt
nnce at tho Astor house n fow days rg aliout
thobenutlcsof the west nnd tho attractions
of Lincoln, several iiersouswhohml passed by
and casually luanl me sjieak of Lincoln stop-
liedtoask: "Do ) on know Jlr. f Howls
the climate out there;" and then would wait
in Iwrn- ), 1 i.,i w ...! ...i.i.i
,..i,...i.h. i i..,i ....,. .. I .
n . l,l.t ll,ll u lllinil 1.IUU...1 IIII-. Wl
course I told them nil I know and answered
their questions with pleasure. "How long
have you lived out west'' "Aro there many
Indians there!" "Is it so that thoy lynch u
iniu tor lllrtlng." ami dozens of other re
mat ks w ere hurled nt mo for ro;
seoniod deeply Interisted and we
know about the west. They aske
large Lincoln was and I told
guosti tliafs near enough, though I may Ifave
inlswl a fev in my counting. "How largo
isuiiiauar was i oxt askeii, and "as near as 1
conld remember" I snl.l "it wns lUO.tNXP nnd
that cei tiiiuly does ample Justice to the No
lirnska metropiIls.
It has become iKipulnr now with western
pap,.Ts to have a Now York olll-e where mi
eastern agent attends U) ad vei Using from this
flco In thu Tribune building under chnrgo of
mi cxHjricncod and courteous gentlemen. In
woi Id.
l,oi- W.
Frank Zulinm
how lie likes sleeping in
Will Smith how hu liippmud to Io-mi his
Will Htull if he likes to go licntlug.
Jllss I "Which shall It iHif
KoinelKsly if they llulsheil Ben llur.
A Chautauqua young lady which kind of
meat sho likes ln-st nud sis if she doesn't say
Tho Beatrice gills If they had a gay tlmo
regardless of jenlou-. old innlds hi tho next
C T B. how he got the bo it on tho Sab
lot dm.
The brido and giooin. .anything
on plimse.
But don't ask us If we onjujed our meals at
then-stiiuinut at tho assembly grounds.
Dakota Hot siini;.
These spiiugsuiv in tnni-uuoiM which i-ume
together forming one in tho shaim of a Y hu
intsllntely west of Batik) mountain In tho
southern Black RUN Tho mountain scenery
all aliout tho springs N not only grand but Is
exceptionally beautiful, whilo tho curative
projH'i ties of thu waters surpisi tho) of thu
fainous Hot Springs of i kiiiisns.
Tho above is n railroad advertisement but
itlsns surely one In wlih-h many .mxijiIo us
hwilth and pleasure seekei-sshoulil Lo inter.
Round trip tickets for IWI..VI. cood for 00
dii)s, iiroonsnloat the Klkliorn olllco at IIS
South 10th Street.
Now that thuseaMjn for Using Ico has com
ineiirtil It U'liooviM consumoni to lw verv
careful what thoy use. Jlueh of thu ico now
ndays uicil Is liupuro nnd conducivo of Iwd
itwults to good health. Thu k-e sild by thu
Lincoln Ico company cut from Oak creek is
st i icily pure and healthy and will bo deliver
til tour.y pm t of tho city Iavo order nt
HHO () stix-et or telephono No. 1 1.
The ivikii t of thu German nhvslclan on the
death of Kmporor Frslcric ceiisuro the Kng
llsh doctor, Mackenzie, for his alleged faulty
treatment of the case. How over this may bo'
no ono has ever accused Hnllet of keeping
anything but the liest goods in tho Jewelry
llnu. His stock is large, his rooms cool and
fresh, nndlf you dent want to buy conio iu
and look anyhow. Remember the place, 113
North Eleventh street.
The red mark sale begins today. Call at
Ashby; Jllllspnugh's and see what it means.
' : V"" "" " "" ' '" "' """'? """ , a .... u i ,. i u.i in nut ., mil It u.i I journal oi mat place.
I,J!"..!-nr',,?,.,.l".Ke ' '."J r..T l. . . y::"Swlteilan,l. Wo isim llnden-lladmi, the I . M Wl wns
...,.. t .....,,., . -.,u,o u,u ..... anatMi I1i,.lillir,1inrt,,,f ii mnv.hnt we J'Miia.ieipiiin, having i
'"S"''..?. :,.1n:!..rr'::"'..,!.t .rn.r r,r!" 'V.1 HIM ml Mop. l.l limnl of another nnd , li?nnil llw; gone.
. .... , ....s ,,.i,pi..mi iLiviosaiiisciiiii ,.., , ,....,.... . Wl. . llllf i1,,,1 ' MUllsH Himself for life
tol inortcaKH r he has
I iKirtlon of the c.imtry, receives subscriptions, ! "'" ,"",""T1 '"""''K "
u,.,..t N- vrt- -u.... ti. i..t.t i. i we,lt " r''o Industry of this jioople i
"- - -'-" -..v,.vit., nuwiivn s-isw mivnv III i, ,.,, ., . . . .!. t.
artistic u.igravlngs mid keep tbo ii,ier on 7. """K
ni.. fn,- vi.itr. .?.. u.....f . .i.r..' ...,-.. trom tho land or water is done.
riiTvfWiittrn'iiiir ..I...I...I-.... v-. v, l. r. ' ow " "i'l as IhmisU of burden.
tills llllMllillt? flt.l livt'l ...... Im.iilr.ul rtfll.w I
! western iiorsand on each f thewln.lowsof I "wlr, , Mirlas." Hero the Danube winds
I tho huge ten story building may U Mtn the i"0""1 i1""' '"MB'' '" m-adows WOO
; signs of tho vailous pron.lnont Luimmn of I fcct ''B1' war ImiwiiillijBere. AV o notlctsl a
America, nud In fact several from the oil ""'-""
An IlilrlrstliiK Title nf 'l'rui'l In n I'or
'Irii I.iiihI Ii) ii Clllrrii or Lincoln,
Written rurllie I'm mi u.
I'dvlng Htrasburg Its gieat cathedral -ttscliK'k,
iUipialnt old castles, nnd foitllhsl
wnlls-wo Jrtirueyeil by rail all day tlunugh
thn passes null gorges of tlio Alsiitliiii inouii
talus, They are but Ilia sillies of the hlul
Tilbtiiir. HVXI ft i.llllii.l.!. th.! .iiinlnt ll
i , ,.?'.,... .,. .... ..... ... ,,.. ,....
"" " "" ii-i.ji " . nie.ji "
turcisSwlHS-liutsool.l, hut all neat and In
igiuHl lepalr, wo pass hup yards, miuieioiis
The suirnr ls-.t on everv snnro Inch of land,
ry spare Inch of laud,
in to)s of tho highest
here, woio Inej nids.
nsl to stikes not more
I .. . . . - I
I Hiit eviT.yuiie.n to tho
mllM. onllcd iuoihiImIiik
! Tim tfiniuii niit triifiii'
jthan six feet high, and alsiul lour each 1 1,,c",,l,'0. M""? rtjrl,u'K. Salllo Htcrnboift,
way, nnd nt n distnucu resemble Holds of ,)nl"y l-IPIn. Beilhn Wlnklestelii, Clara
corn. Whon'er tho miiuutains uru not cov , Hhinienthnl, Delia Fleshinnn nnd Lena (Inst,
end with lno)iird tho (leimnns plant ( M"rs. Max Riinenaii, 13. Illrsh, N. Wlnklo
Hprtici) nnd plno gloves. Sumo of this giimtli Mn " Wnsscrinnii, Ben Hnuers, Homy
lis nnliiiiil nud of n loely gns'ii. Thu soil ''",,''. Harry Sllbflnumi, Jiw Kppiteln, AVIIIIo
must lie very ilch In all thulthiuu viillov-
, this Is accounted for tnrtinlly owing to thv
I 'ne'' "'"l 'H' "'""utnlns nra couiK)ssl of Hi no
1 ,0'k m"1 """i two li"xirtaut Ingiisllenis of
a fei tllo will, after !iW)0 years of i-ulth atlon -
It Is still a gni.len rldi in corn nrtd wlna and
sugar. As wo passed on we went through ."'N' j""s. A. Mrslimau.
luunerous tunnels and over deopchasms, then rl"' "''' thoevcnliig'H pleasures consist
suddenly thu sceno would chaiigu nud there i """'' "insio and dancing nnd tlio wrrlng nf
woulil burst Uwn tho sight long vnlloys and ,lnll,,y nlM' appropriate refiithmenls. The
pretly vlllngrs, and quaint old churches- 1""l wnK furnished by incmlior or tho Ocr
sonietlines the houm were moto iiKsIcrn nnd i '"lllft Quartet, nnd during tho tlmo of n.
rcmlndnl )ou of n Now F.ngland village. The aoiublv nlwut tlio bibles in thu dining room,
hnr est season hero for grain-wheat, oats ''' m-miI was iiiadn thu recipient of n
and hay is in August, ami we raw on oery , bandsomo and weighty gold watch charm, tho
sldu tho harvesters, not men, as with us, but K'ftof thu ladles present, on which was in
ncnrlynll women and children. The ahlu i aiTllied upon ono sldn, "L. Weisel, Jr., July
liodled men nro all in tho nrmy, In ferts, , " ltw,i" while tho nucrsoboro the inscription,
castles nnd burrncks-nllgunnlliig the border i '" roiiimnbrnnco of his Indy friends in Phil,
from the hated Fi ench. nJelphla."
The roof of tlio houses nro of rod slate; a i ' "cssel, in iccelvliig tho gift,
fowaruthntched-pnlntod of u light drab or fw' 'y 't hU former plensniit associations
cream color. The romU nro finely graded ' '" t,,ll y " "' N plcnsure It gave him
nud nro white with tho pulvorlrcd llmo i-ock
nud the drives inn splendid. At noon wo
readied l'eterrell anil Koniugsbimd '""X)
feet) Here thu valley spread out ami nu
harvesters w ere busy. Tho eon s nro used for
benstsot burden, doing nil kinds of farm
work. Wn have now- reached the highest
poim.ui iiieronu. iiugeii (; i.ei) wns
'or next stop. Hero wo found an elevated
plateau covered with villages, farms nnd
fluids of waving grain In tho liny fluids the
laborers were still women, ihllilren and old
men. Patches of clover were seen.
Hciu the road changed to another vallo),
"'"'"V" ,vou1n,,, ,tor, ,n lo"K wy .yr ,,'oa,,
"?'; "hiul hero some iral ration of
1 o,..,,"" ., 'ff;,. I"' V ,; ' " " . ti"t
. ''" "l" ' ' ?. . '" "'
s s sisil nss Sriss' i iiii;i t "i rsninm nw srw
ducks and geesof Thu geso were in large
Hock, and t.nde.1 by a herdsman in thu
, ' ove' tuummT. V'" wr "" "re,'i
" "!'rwl,U ut, nanJi land, and h-ro
ii !C1 -i
iiere nivi
, I
came to a cross road whero there was an i
... ..... tfi ... ,.. .
iikmiiiiiii-iii iu inu iikiii mm a erueiiix un-
., i .. ...... ,.,
der a rustic canopy, where the faithful said I
.,.,.,. ,. tl... Virgin n..,l n nrnnllW .....
iiirius, i-uiii-
inising In all aliout KM) acies,
I thirty women nt work nnd only fho men
t This Is nliout tho proM)rt(on in (Jermnny
An Intelligent (terman olllcer said to (Jen
i was not for too work of tho women In tier
jnte'iy today tho nation would In) liaukrupt
) with .VW.OOO men taken from productive labor
all supportisl by taxing tho remainder, thu
I situation, olltlcally, Is not encouraging.
At last we reach Alleushtirg, tho last sta
tion befoie loelyCoustnuce, the gem ot nil
tho lakes. Heie tho sight that suddenly comes
III vti.w Vlll'linuu). l.l liiillltf mil'l ..f lot...
" -.. ..v.....j ....,,. h ... iftnu i
scenery wo have ever seen, The only one
equalling Ills L-iko Ooorge, Now Yotk But
hero thu shoies are moru beautiful nnd slopo
gradually from the distant Alps- all under n ,
high stato of cultivation Hcsidci over two'
thousand years of occupation nud of art, man i
has built up a sceno of uiral giaudeur and
dotted tho shores of a lake oer thlrt) seen '
miles iu extent, with villages, ancient
churches and monasteries, and ciumbliug
castles nud princely lesideuces, nil covcicd I
over with the moss of agi. The Ithfnu nnd
a hundred other mountain streams from the '
BuMirinu nnd Swiss Alps pour their blue '
cr) stul wntois Into this lake, neatly a thous
and fwt deep. Tho ruins of fortifications on
the hill tops were built In tho thhteeutli nud
fourteenth centuries, and some of a much
older date. The old and tho now are so near
each other tuat )ou can almost read their
ages in the dlfferuut styles of architecture
tho old Roman lieiug overlaid by tha (lothic,
and this in turn giWng way lioforu the Inter I
medlmvat styles, '
Here it was that tho famous (ouncll of I
Comtanco was held, iu Hit, and lasted four
years. Over 400 urchh!shos, piiiu-es nud
kings assembled for tho purpose, llrst, of
electing ono pow nnd deioslng another, who
had assumed unlawful authoi ity j sucouil, for
ridding tho church of lienuy ; thlnl, for unit
ing tho whole western Roman woild, fourth,
tourrest John Hum and Jerome of Prague,
whom they Imprisoned for a year and dually
burned them at tho stake near this town, Tho
hottd iu which wo slept lust night was then n
Roman convent, whore tho monks Imprisoned
Huss. It has since lieen lontlscatod and Is
now a hotel our dlnlutr hull was a art of thu
old cloister where the monks met to drink thu
Rhine wine which they mado from the nmplo
vineyard which thuy cult-hated- now It is n
garden where thu unMIevlug (leriuaiisdiiuk
their w ine and lieer. Times have wonderfully
changed since then. Htrasburg, which was
wholly Roman Catholic in thoso days, has at
present S'J.OOO Protestants. M.OOO Catholics,
10OO Jews and many uiiMfevers.
This is tho place of all others to study eccle
siastical history, especially the facts of tho
Herman raforniatlon,
...,...,. ,.. .... .- .,.' .... . .. ' V cssi'l. ii xoiimrer In other nf Mr. I.. Umvl.
il- TI...I- ..ii 'which uruuiiiu us ui inu nisiu wmers in mo . ,,; ",, ,, . . .; ... !
,.,'nnJ . il iDnnulie-atDiiiiiibo-Slngere. ho old Dan Jr' Miss Paulino nud Mr. Henry esscl
10 atlXIOUS MJ ,. .. , . , . , . uuio called IUKIII to lni- n rons lilnrnl.l,, tnr.
,1 i,i l.ntv uih, wim lis iiiousiiiius oi years oi nisiory. ., ., ,,',; ', ---: 1 .
il Ilie HOW .,,.'.,.. ,, ... .."'.. ill II of looklllL' nftr tlin ineuls' rmnfori an, I
tl...,,. iiiiixi I me imuo iBiiuiK! oi lKieiry mm song, imsi . ,, : . .7 . .
IMIIni- I.. M'l I, ,lr,, the llerlpleut nf
.Mini) riensniil Alteulloiis,
from Hie Philadelphia CnlV
Ail tinununlly plensniit gnthnrlugof )oung
lnople wns that of last ovenlng nt the real
iliHiMif Mr, nud Mis (loldsmllli, nt lil'JI
l'liinklln strict. Tho occasion win that of tho
visit of Mr, L. Wissel, Jr., n iiep'imv of Mr.
tlolilsmlthV, nowKimanenlly lojalodnt Lin
coln, Nelnnika, ns nlltor nud prnpiletor of
mo uiiiiiiKti, n gi owing ami lirlllluiit society
fonnerly n ic I lent of
omplelid h!si'dii?ntlcii
Into thu great west to ef-
He issucceist nir nil-
inlrnbly, and now occut (es a position of In-
illiieni-oniiil tirnllthi tl... i-llvnf hi n,,.
i,i. :..: '' ... ;....: ' . :
"" ""'nisiiu'i lonuer nssiK-iaics turned out
i "i forcotogreetnndcongintulntohlm. Among
',l' K"csts jinwut worn thu Misses Mnmlo
i Ht'w "A'? ,,,,r," Kn,r. Hordlo HIIIhtiiiihi, Km
i'1""". iwmio nair, neiiiio muihtiuiiii, Kin-
1 1,m Hlllwriim, i, Paulli o Ilhiiiumlh I, Kinma
Myers. Joe Smith, Flora Hllheimaii, Hettlo
HoMUihurgli, C irrlu Mendelshoii, Ileiillo
lchellmuiu, H. lh-uhlor, JI. Mnnko, Slnik
. 'acs, tlura Id Hosenlieig nud Jloses Roser.-
.-...,, ..,,,,,,, Mill. IIIIIKII. V
lls'rg niiiipilsed thu gentlemen present
' ,K'rl
I n'1'1
Hamuli to thesu other gursts went prewnt,
innnif wlioni wein Me. nml Mm llliiiinwillinl
......... "".,
"? ' Meyer, Mrs, Weuer of Now oik
! lo K'm "'' lomemlierisl, Ho proinlstst to
endeavor to still bo worthy to retain that re
gard, and hn assured all that they would ever
holdn piominent place In his iccollwtlons
After again rciilrlng to thu nkii'Ious par
lors, Jllss Sllbcriuau gave a dramatic leclta
tlouwllh mi excellence of rendering tliat
stauim her as itososnod of unusual abilities-asiiuehK-utlotilst;
ufter which dnticliig waa.
Mr. (loldsmlth's household, besides hiii.MC
and wife, consists of Jllss Paulino (loldHmlth,
Liasur ueulwn Holdsmltli nml Mr. Henry N.
mado uKin them.
Jlr. Henry Wctsol Is studying Ijw in
' "nlc" of c- Ht," Patterson, Ksq., and Miss
' Paulino Holdsmltli is an unusually charmlmr
m s t .
and vivacious hostcs.
,T Wn't Bake IHmaii-Iii other wonls.
" Harsa,urlll will not do im wsslbllll
. Urtt pr0 ' eUlnl n )Iun, ,,3't t ,
tnereni uii resiiecis eniiai 10 ine (leinnnus.
h I done, submit proofs from sources of umiuts-won-.
,i,.i ,iui.iiiiv ..... i ..b ,... ...i.i.. i. ......
I ". .....w...v., H.i.a m, juu IIMIIkM 1 JUU
nro u""rlng from anydlsoaio or affection
,... ,. .,..,,,i i. i. .,... i.i.i .. ,
state of the system, to try Hocsl's Sarsapa-
i P. .......l..,. f .... I m, ...
""" "" l"' " UHICI1H.
,,,.,, ,.,. in ..... in , . ,
assuraui-e that you will not be il vipik) ntisl
in .i. r( J "
Jlr. K. Hnllet, Prof. 0. K. Bailwr and Mr.
J. F. Jlorris, with their familses. are iiasslnir
t,10 HllllllR.r nt Milford Vamping out. They
and bathing lieiug tho principal iimuxiineuts.
An Intimate Acquaintance.
Bplndel I lent young Overdue a littlo
monoy lost night, Jack, Do you know him!
Jack Do I know blml 1 wish I bad as
manv dollars as I know him. The Epoch.
A Wonderful i:Tect.
Ho takes n long smell at tho wrong bottle,
with this result the next morning Life.
T.mi Muili for tha Hub.
Customer (to Boston barber) What has
become of that Now York man you had last
week I Ho was the best barber I ever saw.
Boston Barlior Yes, ho was an artist; but
ho icrs!stcd In saying "nex gent" for "noxt
gentleman," ard I had to let him go. New
York Buu.
On tlio Ileurti,
"I say, Jack, old man," rcmaiked the Yale,
sophomore, "deuced pretty girl, that one
with you yesterday. Do me the honorl"
"Why, of course But seo hero, she's Miss
Concord, of Boston goes In heavy for phi
losophy and that sort of thing. Rather
steep for you, ehP
"Oh, no, that's all right. We'll get along.
I've got a lot of bully gags on Plato and
Aristotle and those old duffers." Life.
Fresh lluttrrmllk.
(Near tho Ferry Dock.) Dealer Hero's
your uico, fresh buttermilk; a great, big.
Urge glass only five cents.
Customer Is it really freshl
"Yes, mum; just milked two hours ago.
Had to put ico in it, to cool It,"
Customer buys. Detroit Free Press,
Two Good Thing.
Proprietor Havo n good dinner, sirl
Quest-Can't say I did; but you have two
things on that bill as fluo as anyw hero In tbo
United States.
Proprietor (flattered) Ah I and thoy are!
Ooest The salt and tha Ico water. Time.
' f fcsVnl fStt