Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, June 02, 1888, Image 1

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Vol. 3. No. 2G
What Up Sees, Hears, Thinks unit Im
Young folks now-n-day when getting mt
iiwlutlon to dinner Itsc-ems, delight to Inform
ovary ono of their friends of tlio fact, mid the
other day I wan qtitto amazed legnnllug one
of those. Invites. It was nt tho ilnncing school
in Mnsonia toiuplo while matching Prof. Mah
ler's "toftchltiR tho young idea to shoot" (their
limlw) tlmt ono of our society Iwllisi made tho
remark to tlm Olssorvor tlmt sho had Imt llttlu
tlnio to stay, for alio had to fill nn engagement
to go out to a six o'clock tea, nnd as tlm time
was then luilf-past live, she sullied out saying,
"I'll jtlNt lmvo tlmo enough to rush Ikiiiim to
to got dressed and thou It will Im six. Imagine
my surprlso an hour later, whtii entering
OdelU ditihig hall to see her sou tod there ph.
Joying an ordinary nual and I may nay my
fair filond was also surprised, If I may read
thought from blushes to llnd tlmt 1 had
caught on to what sho termed an "invitoout
to a six o'clock tua."
About as good a jnko as tho Obseir ver has
heanl In n long tlmt was told tho other day
and ruiwiis follows. A certain old bachelor
of Lincoln, whose hoary locks ore Iss-omlng
conspicuous for their absence, was seated
reading the uviulng piiwr when n feiunle
friend approaching from Is-hlnd was ulMiut
to touch him on thu bald and tender sKt on
bin head with the handle of a cane. .lust an
alio was ulMiut to let tlm handle drop, she
heard somo mm tof noise, and in hastily rising,
received im unintentional blow with the cane
Of course the tilckstor laughtsl, and the ic
tlm, who at Hint was somewhat "foamy,"
olTuied to compromise by receiving a kiss for
tho damages done. This, however, the lady
refused, and. In using lolence to collect his
claim, his lip came in collision with uprottid
Inglooth, thereby adding blood to the scene.
Swing what had Is-on done, our hem Imme
dlntcly Mrnrcd a plooo of court plaster, and,
In handing it to the lady, the suireier
dropped it. Stooping to pick up the plaster
nt tho same tlmo as tho lady, ho sciatched Ills
clueU on a pin that was in hoi sleeve, and
now our bachelor tiiend wiars a lieuutilul
memento of his bin vet y Mninl Did l.ncht
Ioim should always keep away fiom tho gldily
'I Imt was a putty scene on the stus-ts
Wtslneslaj, when a "blood" was woiking
with pick and shovel, sci ving a several days'
sentence at tho i lty lex k-un He wasdiisscd
in a nice spi lug suit, woie a biilliaute and a
sill: hat, and not having the w hei ew ith to put
up lines, he was lequircd to do as above. Ho
had been having a good time 111 a gaudy
hou'-o, nnd the jKiIlce, thinking that no place
for no nice a young nun, took- guiirdiuushlp
over him, and gave him Hilllelent work to
pay for his boanl
I notice that in stieet paving in fi out of the
postollhc, the hot tai wns simply pouusloifo
tho bloc-Us and not between them or in the
cracks and open placis. Inotliei purtsofthe
city the tin has been pioK-rly placed and thus
put in w II! do goesl, but to pour the tar all ov i r
tho sui face dots veiy little if an good what
ever. Hespectrully icfrricd to commutes- on
Applied lil ticiiuit tr.
MiN A. The vvisldln:
Mr IU'imllot Why shouldn't it bur Hoth
have the miiiio ipsult. In one case, two aro
mado one, m the other, one is made nothing.
Onolesi em h time
A New Sim l orsmletv Papers.
I'or some time tho ladies of thiscityhave
lieon In seaich of a plaie wheie lino station
oryand (oirespouileiice paH'is lould ls ob
taluod, and the Coumnit is pleased to state
thatsmh want has at last lui'ii lilleil Messis.
HnlbiiKiUA. Iloiiluight will heieafler make
this btaiuh of theli business a puitlcular
speclallv and have Just laid in an immense
stock of the verj Hues! papers In the vailnus
styliisaud llliishes These goisls compiled
splendid line of Uurd's lelcluuted society
IWK)rs, all Isdng made by Crane's famous
apnr nulls, exi opt the loyal liMi linen
Tliesu gissls have all Imsiii made exptessly
for lino tiado and tho Conum tnists that
the olloits of Messis Holliiook it Ilonbl Ight
to fin uisli Lincoln piHiilewith tlm best and
finest iptilitics, as well as the verv latent m
tho way of soeietv paHir will Isi dnlv apple
ciutisl mi I that our lenders will do them the
honor of cu'img and iiishs-tiugtlie Imuilsouui
exhibit they me showing Tliey Imveauele
grtlit sample b.ook that tliey will piesent to
ladies who nil Their ildvoitNemeiit ou
f mil til page l'c itessuiueof the vai
Head it
Po'ltlcs msiiiis to liol I the public mind just
now, aid who shall we nominate loi tlm next
picsldciit is a ipiestlnn agitating many men ol
many paitie If It wns tho oiiuihIi urn,
who sthe most sipulur Jeweler in Lincoln,
the CouitlKU would have no dillii ulty in
aiisweimg, iimsmui h as liallelt is i oucislisl
as occupy lug that position His slink Is the
liaudhouiest, his pines leasouable, and with
llrst i lass goisls lie will have no dilllultv m
maiiitainiugit Dmp In ami mo him at Ins
new locution, No li:i Nmlli Klevnithi-tieet
A (ileal llnllle
Is (oiitlnuiilly going on in the human system
Thedniionor impuii blissl stiives to gam
victory ovu tho constitution, to i n lit health,
toiling victims to tho giave. A gissl leliuble
liudliiim like Ilisicl's Saisapaillla, is the
weapon with which to defend one's self, diive
the ilccpuuio enemy fiom the Held, and ie
store ptaio and bcsllly health for many jciiif.
Tiy tills pi culliii imdicine.
w4-v v dak
was as sad aa a
Itallrunil News Mutliercit at fill) timers'
AImiiiI llcpnls, i;tr.
Travel to th summer resorts has commenced
and promises to bo largo this season.
The llurlmgton is developing some ipilck
tune with their fast silk and stock trains.
Tho Missouii Pacific captured the entire
piohlhltiou delegation to ludiauatolls, Mon
day Assistant Hiiikm Intendent lllgnoll, with
headquarters at Aurora, was in tho city Mon
dny Miicolu lumls-r dealers are happy over the
new classlllcatfon and rates issueil by tho II.
it M.
The Alton and the Wabash are both using
the vestibule trains Ix-twccn St. IoiiIn nnd
Joe Toahon, representing the W. St. L. fc I'.
railroad, was doing the Nebraska, railroad
hub Thursday.
Tho Missouri I'aclllc will run a through
sleeper on train No a, leaving Lincoln to
morrow ntS.Mp. in for St. Ixjulsdeinocrntlc
At present the Hock Island has the honor and
glory of lieing the only line runnliiu vestibule
trains Into i ouucll Illulfs, and the other roads
look ou with envy.
The sleciiors used on th Missouri I'aclllc
between St. Joe, Kansas. City and St. IaiuIs
aroof tlm vestibule design and aieinado ex
actly the same, containing a library, buirot,
liany Hnunn, tho veisatllo young M. I.
agent, was among the cold water delegates
lioimd for Indianapolis. Hauy accompaiiltsl
tlm "gang" as far as St, Louis, and returmsl
The llurllngton has let 11 contract forthlity.
two now engines which will be built for pass
enger and fi eight set vice They will Isiot the
llnest make, audseveinl of them expressly fin
tho "Myers"
MattClali the Hock Island rustler was show
ing up the superior IniluiementN airordisl by
by his toad in Lincoln, Thursday Matt has
u latino on conns titive linos Into the Hlntis.
now that his is tho own and onlv lliierimnlmr
vestibule trains.
has aeceptcsl the Vacated position
.1 Mould and sou IMwanl, A. L Hopkins,
seconii vice pulili nt, and fS. H H. Clnrl.
geueiul manager of IheMissouri Paclll
In the city Tliuisday for two hours.
weie In Mr. Mould's caiNand camo via siiecinl
ii am anil lei t lor mi l.ouis the sjime day
'1 ho promoti )f "Jack" Kumcis to the m-
sition of geueial ims.seiiger agunt ou tho II t
M. Is locelvod in Lincoln with much pleasure,
choeiful news by his numerous friends here
Mr Pnuicis Isa hard woiker for thelluillng.
Ions inteiestsaiid is certainly deserving of tho
piomotion. Tiik Cot ltli:u joins in extending
P S. Hustis, for several y cms past, geueial
passenger ngeut of the II V M steps Into Paul
i Mot ton s position as genual passenger agent
ol the (,i at Chicago. Mr Kustis lias done
some excellent work for the company's Ne
braska sy stem and w ill undoubtedly pi ov e the
right man to manage the paswugei dopnit
melit of the pal out load.
A question that Is often nsked the lltu ling
ton olllci is Is ' Whin will yoni Hue put on
vestibule tialns," soon, Is c,eneially the doll
nato answer '1 he fact Is, the llm 1ms
had their older In for vestibule coaches for
sometime, but thoshojisaio soeiowiksl with
work that piogiessou building them has Iks n
limited. It isevec ted however that tlm Hill I
ington will Ikioiii with their vestibules by the
.tlemorlut Diiv.
Memorial Day was geneially observed in
the city cilncsilay Ncaily all busliuss
houses closisl their doois ut noon, and on
ploycr mid i uiployu devoted the balanco of
the dav as their several fancies didalnl. In
the moinlng the (1. A H. and . It. C. paid
a visit to Wyuku cvumteiy and decointisl the
gi aves of the fallen couiiuclrs. who-,olast rest
ing plaie Is beneath the gieen sisl of the Vei
dine bish-ckeil city of tho dead.
I At two o'clock the (ii and Ann v sts, mil
veisity unlets umiMiiy I), Kiiightsol Pyth
ias and others uuiliil hi a panicle tluough
the pi incipal stiootK to the capitol grounds,
wheie thoexeicisesot theday weieheld Tho
liieiuoiial adchess was made by Hun. John
M. Ihuistoii, and was hsteueil to by a huge
uuiuler of Hsiple
i:eiilsloo West mill Nnrtliii est.
Daily excursions havo been miaugisl ror
over the I'niou Pacille Hallway to San Krau-
I Cisco, San Diego, Colt I,os Angeles, San
Iteiiianlmoaud San Jose, Ciilifoinln, also to
Poitland, Oicgou, ut NKh)foi the i. mud
tilp. luketsaiegiKsltHJdays forgoing pas
sago and gissl Tor the iituintlip foi six
months fiom date or sale with tlm usual sto
over pi Iv lieges in both ililictioiiswithln these
These tleki ts aie also giKsl by way of Den
ver and Halt Ijtke i 'ity ill each diiiHtion The
agent, Mr 13 Ii hlosson, tells iis.pilten mini
ls'i of out townsmen aie thinking or making
the trip soon, and it would lie well foi those
intending lo go inselict pintles to see him
and aiiauge loi then act ommodut Inns.
Mi John II Piuwler, tiaviling agent,
Union Pacille, at (Imalm, Neb , will give vmi
any lutthei iul'oiniatlon inienaidto tlnw
excursions Panics who pn fei i an coin
IKiiid with Mi J S I'libls t, (1 p ,; T ,
Omaha, Nib
Mime Cheap I'liipeitv,
A line leslilenee lot on 1'weuty f-sl stieet
Ileal N for sale at a leasouable pi ue. Also
ono in Mis haulcs adilitiou. IIvdt Pmk and
l'3lmwo(Kl Will sell cheap ir sol I iminisUalely
Call onoi addiKss L Wtwsil, ,lr , core this
Utdies, it is almost an induct incut foi you
to git inaiiiisl to see those new wedding luvi
latlons lecelvtsl at Wict. Dobbin's, Coimi
IHlolllie, Ibis wtek. I Ui aie Knfetly
gland" is wlml oimol our leadeisNiiil yiler
nay, nun so i ney aie ' he assortment com
puses all the uovi Itles Just iutiiNluctsl. and a
look at them will iiiiiviiice eveiy one that
they are tlm pi ettlst evei keen. A Hue of
paity invitations, ball piogiams, hvip year
auuouucciueuts and piogiauis wtto also in
celvcsl with this invoice Call and sen them.
Mr 11 Thome, foi some timepast tvlegintili making extensive pivsiatfoii of a sumptions . , ' ,, .
oIs..atorinZeiiner.stl.ketollle,hasieslgnlil '"' "i I'-vhalof "The Men hunt or Veil- Aunt-Do jou think sucn an
,.i t..f. -e i,... r... .i.i ..?. . 'i.e" ..I it,.. Kirn. A4....,...'ri,... v.... v.... , young man can cut olf my legj
'" i i iwi V'liiviiiti linn I rill IK.rI """ 'inn nmrii i av i V 1 n It I i
tionliitlieilisiuitcliei'Htillli.. nrili..i...L..o ill Novcinlioi next. Their next loin ois-ns ' .Vl"w",l Nl'H ,l0 '" w
load. Mr (L J. (Irilfeth. latKof lli.sMiln. Hcptunls-r I'Jtli III tho West. Ulo.
.viiiiisrinrnt lor llie I inure. VV lull Home j
of I lie l'i in lies ii i e lining.
is'tween l lilcago anil t'ouucll lllulls, over the
hai.siiimiv'm tiuiimiaiiimiik drcnt Hock Islnud Hunt- tlmo It) hours.
This popular trtiiisi will hold the Imai-ils 1 TliU Is a splendidly apNliitcd scries of contln
at Kunke's ou Krldny evening of next week jwrlorn ou wlnsls, Including elegnnt Din
Halshury's Troubadours in oiliwcrvodly spu lug and l'alace Slisplng cars No noise, no
lar with tlmt class of theatre goers who enjoy dust, no swajing of coaches, no cold draughts
sidesplitting farces made up of iidlculous I f air, no staining of disirs. but restful com
situations, fun provoking dialogue and Jsipu fort the entire Journey No Hiteutato of the
lar songs, with Justeiiougb of a plot to create I "Id world travels in a more princely style, or
an excuse for giving a name to tlm melange coiniimtids greater luxuries or more of them,
of comedy and song. "Humming Hint" Is . tlmn those going west can enjoy, If ticketed to
espial to "Kun in the tlrecn Hoom," or nny or from Council llluirs via llie fluid Hock
other of the broad ImrlcNpicH that havecs , Island Houte Tills 1 1 n lit also couuis'ts at
tatillslml the Troubadours In spular favor. I ,l1 Omaha with the "Overland Khcr," going
Nellie Atcllenry Is still the bright xirtlcular .
star, and she has lost none of the vivacity
that orlglnnlly made a place for her on the
stage. She sels thojMjopIo to laughing every
lime she apx am, and the Immense audience J
at HiKiley's last evening were loth to utj
witti her at any time dm lug thesrforiuancc, '
Miss Mcilenry Is not the nholoof the show, I
however, Tlm entire couimuy is (suuMtciil
to handle the various paitsof the play The (
singing ami the c stutnliig of the l.idy mem i
Im'I-h is exceptionally Hue. In lev lowing the
well-worn but ever pleasing airs of "Home,
Sweet Home" and "Wiry Down lsin the '
Swaiico Hlver," a sympathetlo chord is1
touched, and the comicalities are so admir ,
ably iliteriuiugled with the musical feature
of the M'rformatice that it is but natural for
the ai tors and auditors tube en iapMiit fiom I
li'giuning to end Pations of the stage, who
never tire of lloyt's sucicsscs, who Ns'k
aiiiilsemeut In the llteial si'iise of tlm wofil
and vv io believe In the adage, "Laugh and
gnu fat," will llnd rich sources of cnJo
incut in the "Humming llinl "
lime ICIi alfy V paiitomluitAif "MmiiIiii the
Night Owl" is Mug playisl at thotllolNiThcn
troln lloston toexiisslliigly huge and eiithu
siastic auillcuivs The plwe w ill lie coiitlnueil '
. " ' until the end of the season
Cilwin Ifisith and Iiwi-uco llmiett ate
1 1
Uiptilu vlaitllie.tliefiimousaeiouaut, who
has Iks n engagisl by lime Klialfy to nps-nr
at a se ies ol snecial matiiien end rlniiiiiieiils
'""st lin?'i htateii M mil, In .lune, miikes
I nis use unions wiuiout aliaskel. After leacli-
K" "'-ik"-1" "eve"" iiioiisuiiii iim i ne win ouicer went aromiil liy way or tho alloy, ac
drop into the II iv ' coinpnniecl by the tMial uowcl, unci niter
Tho two new slcs'l fciry boats which at e Ih H.sjkingaud h.i i lug foi some lime ho shot
lug construe tisl to cany p.isungers fiom New j three bullets under the liain to scaru tho dog
York to St. (leorgo, Stateu Island, toMs'Inile ' out. After tho third shot a movement was
Kh ally's big siKictncIo of "Noi-o, or the Fall I heard, nnd pic-sently the long end of acob
or Home," w ill Ik lIuisiHsl by Juno 1st They
me the largest reirylsiats ever built, anil are out and brushing tho dirt out or his eyes, ho
utendisl locally tlmsi thousand II ire bundled nclchsJ:
K'ople eni Ii ' ''Was It nmyoii wasshiKitmgatf"
A pi ecliloiit has Just been established b the t "1 nup)ov, It was a dog under there," re
united .Slates Patent Oilii e at Washington i P11"' 'I'0 ilU-T
whli h has issnisl lo Josepli Altlim, the Auth "'"H. sail, do.ui' you neblsM Visise no
oi of "IheStl.l Aim in," a lull patent iovci- , ,,m', It's dangerous "
ng the entile si cue and i irects or the engine ' "",l n" k"0"1' a bullet hole in his cap and
house Patents Im single elicits have Iks-ii ,l"olll,r '' his coat as pioofsor theacviirncy
is-ucsl Ik line, but nevi i in tin. hMiirv of ilmt
olllcelmve lns'ii graiitisl one
tin an entile
C! miu w ith all lis ellects. This will bo a uratl
liy ing piece ot news to thoauthoisol plays
The following fiom a New Yoiksheelisa
sample ol how plays aie 'advutlscsl pi these
A Miss Kaume HIKs is said to be veiy ill in
Oinaha,cauv-il by wltni-ssiiig HoU'it Manteli's
lealistic sienc in "Moulmis, 'wheie Im canter
ies the wound maileby a mad dog, wit ha us!
hot Kil,ei
It will be rememls'ieil that In ourissimor
May l'Jth wo pimtiil nil extiait finni llie
Omaha II mid, sliov ing that this female, Miss
Illis was liiitsl to do the lalul -n t in the auili
aucetogivi eirect totheplay I'or home mis
ou she wasilischaigist at Omaha, piostiumlily
bciaiise she gave the snap away.
U ith tnis wis I; IMnin llisithaud Ijiwienoe
Hat it tt I), ing to a i lose tin most phenomenally
succisstul staling tour ou leciinl Their sta
sou lias been Im about loitv Weeks, and the
piolitsliave langisl fiom llttten to twenty
thousand dollais lor eveiy wisk l the
lowei llguie tint net pio'.sslsor tlieir t n i will
"'"'""", ' '"'.""" "' niKHii exKi i.,
tosismd Ins vaoitioi in Newpuit and in llos
I... ...... .. I i ijk.iiuut i it
ton, and Mi liailett will uoto Dis'ilisit Pnnn
in MiiiihlHiioiigh, .Mass , loriliMhuiumei In
Novt mber the tl.igislians begin an engage
incut ot eight weeks in New Yotk at tho Tilth
Avenue 1'ho.iti e, dining which they will Is
seen In sumptions and cosily invlvalsor sevei
al legitimate plats.
A IiIk 1 llentlli ,i 1 1 list
Ciawfiud ,v. MiHeynolds, iiiauagers or
thi Piinke 0s'ia house, now coutiol the
(liand ()M'ia house in Omaha as well as the
ojs'i a linuses in tint t.H-ii diU'eient titles and
towns in Nelnask-i 'llie bisikiug Is done
fiom the home olllees in Lincoln a'ld Tnska.
llie Lincoln olllee is piesided ovu by Holsit
Mcltey Holds, and the Tosika ollles- by Mi L
M. Ciafoid, who coutiols the Missouii,
KaiiMs, New Mexiin and Coloiadj ciiiuit
Tnis is eeitalnly the lnigesl tlieatuuil Hi in in
tlm west A slight i.lea of ita iiiagmtude
may U- gatheiisl 1 1 mil the luel that com
utllies cm iMiutiail with gentlemen
lionia twoto twelve w.s-Ks' engagement
l.liieiiln is Itenti It e
On Media 4 ly luoiinu,' a jolly paity of
young miu imt this uu liciim I loi H.Mtine
to pay ImiII mid olneiwise eoj y llie dav
llie nine plitMii in the altt I insiu was m the
si vtutli muiiin in lav H nt Lincoln, MII ,,.
I lew on the Hiit til the visilius, tin
lieuli ii i iaiys um m M-velal m oles, deleatiug
llie Lincoln iiiim Jjio Jl i'lie lullowing isa
list ot I Ik i isitois
Misis is um, ,1 ivell, Dave Itiili, llout,
Kiwi Kuley, UuikUu.h, HoiiMdy, lusiige
Mi Aitlnii, 11 winU. M i lu, Puito, M into,
Mill l.aise, llellellluei and Mill Till lit I,
the lull i Is i ih luo ii npiie, whine deiUlcius,
it UMiil, weie uxtelle tiy leudoitsl and gave
enure sutisi u lion ui ad
lliuiul M Idle llissis ojh-uiii,; will bo thu at
tiiietiou al .leipoUheim r and Co 's all next
I,. II. T, I 1.
Will KH' mum Huuilay Mall lioiu tho Post
olllieauil In i ver al your house, or olllees
Telephone KM
luxury andjast time.
I lie I'lrst ami (nl) Line Itiiiiiilnir est-
llmle Kxpres 'I ruins llt-lweon Olil-
CUKO "lid Council lllulTs,
built expressly for this service vvUlinll th
I latest Improvements- now tun dully eaih way
innaigu loanu iioui t lilcago ami Man frail
cl-, Portland, Or , and los Angeles. In H7
hours. Tickets and rates by the His-k Island
Vestibule no higher than ale charged by lines
'! greatly Inferior acconiiuislations
illiug to try.
lie Came Out.
A woman on Ijilayetto strts-t liist rushed
I nut lw. ..ilmr .!... ...i.i i.,r... ....i .. .w,un. ......
, that hho had seen a big dog crawl under Iter
bam, nnd she Ullovisl the animal mad. The
I orejTinaii emvvlM Into view After lacking
oi um ouicvrs aim. Ilo Hail ci aw Usl under
after a labbit which had escaed from a
"It's all i Ight," ho said as tho ollleer apolo
gized, "but donu' you'sjiovi no mo'l You
Jlst kis'p light down to colo facts, Dis'siios'
iti' mound ar' what gits pussous into soiih
trublo." Detroit I'risj Pivss.
Jleillral Aid.
Nelghlior How is your husband today,
Mi's. Joncsl
Mrs. Jones Ho Is very ill indeed.
"Worse t linn he vvasf
"Oh, yes. tlm uursusjiys ho Is beyond th
reach or doctors now."
"I'm glad to hear It."
"I'm glad to hear It, Nov., ir you can
only keep him beyond theli ic.ich I think ho
will git well rapidly "-Texas Sirtlngs.
A Wise rimli'f.
Lincoln filrl Nellie, I cannot itnaglnovvhy
you should refuse to mnrry that ilch and
firrtMtfi I ili fititiiv imitt f tlimits .....l l.....
" """ J ""h mil, 11 . miiii, tlliu llll'll
consent to becoino the wifonr a iK-rson liko
"Wliy can't youf
"Mr liiugliy Is polished and educated,
while Mr guimby , to say tho least, Is"
"The llnest llrst Uiseumu I evei saw, and
that m ttles It!" Lincoln State Join mil.
fashions In Mortgages.
Mortgages aie fcignid by two w Itnesscs, tho
same as last year, nnd at o folded so as to lit
thu fcide iHH'U't. The back taxes ale comlssl
forward, and partesl on tho side neatest the
mortgages! In Una climate mortgages gen
erally mature In tlio winter season. Duluth
showing Sign of It.
Mrs lli-isv or CI ieai, v it daii.'hterl It
has ts i ui i ui to me of lain, t.ear that (leorgo
U not quite- soatteiitivoauililevottsl to you
as he was w ien ou ili-,t Ux-ame. ngagisl.
Miss Pus, net vou.lyi-Oli, mamma,
you limit t nu ho intends to craw tUli, do
you' I In
Hoi iHilsholuior .V Co. are show iuc mi nle-
Kiim now mm oi niik,i: silk
Pikes low and imiility supoih
wiap gissls
1 wmmrk i
mm m lt$mW
Bv whrM ft 8 uMrS m
0 "iff 1 lili' r$irir Ifltlit
VAIni! Is lining on In Um. Ilii.etnill V nrld.
The l.lni'iilo Ti'HIii.
Ilafner has Into rehyi, hy tlm ICuiihis
City Ainei leans.
Piank (Ii lives, dictate In r, lias been icIshmsI
by the Mlnueasiis
IM Hetsler, of last yeai 's Lincoln team Is
captaining tlm Toleslim.
Kiiink Itlngo, of the Kansas City's or last
year, has signed with St Paul.
The Chicago llalltsius, Is the title Is-stowed
iisui the Western Asscs'latloii team
Mllwaukisi has msMirisI a pitcher with a us
onl or twenty live strike outs In one gutim
Omutm pimple can henceforth enjoy Sunday
Imso ball games without rear or Injunctions
"Pap" Kcliizln has di Iftisl away down Into
Toiai, and Is now propping up center, ini
tio' Hotistous,
Thjipost-olllce cleiks badly damaged a nine
I fiiuirtlui Lincoln pittery works M'lslntmlay
1 Score iUl to It).
, The I'lllversltV los Weie defeated Thins
day by tlm Ulysses club al the lattei place
The scorn was II to 7
Dooms, one or the most piomlslug pitchers
or hist vein's western league, IsdnlugHplcliillil
work loi tlm Newark team
StaleV or St I .oil Is. iiiiis-ai-s to Ihi about us
Rissla pitchci as one can Hud llolmsshowu
up ts'ttt i so rai than the gieat l-OYett.
The lleatrlce bank club ilefenlisl the Lin
I coin money changers hi a well playisl game
al llcatilco, M'eslncsiluv Seme, yj ty
, The second Cnlveislly and tlm (,) stun I
school nine playisl an liitcicstliig gauiii ou the
Missouii Pacille giouiids M'tslnesilay (,l
stieet won by toll
Millie Hail has Issmi lelcasisl by Clucliiliall,
ami will Mulsh the season with llullalo. Ho
will get :hki a month Cincinnati had loo
many tw biers, and had to riallre
Coiiuiiy iipK-iirH to be made or llie same
kind or stall as his iiuiucsnkfs or I fusion, De
tioitand KansasClty Theie upHars to bea
bit in a name nfter all
i M'lll liryau haslsen liidellnllely suspended
i from the iiianae.eini nl of the Hutchinson t lull
rorstiiklng Umplio lluiiiby in a itsenlgaum
Theie aie many s-ople In Lincoln who could
1 llnd plenty or Justlllcatlou ror thciissatilt.
'the Doniestleaud Univei-slty clubs played
a gissl game at Athletic palk Wednesday
afteiiiiun The former c lull is eomixised of
youths under twentv years or age, and they
iriiVKtlm big I Diversity boys a haul tussle
The Domestics had the game won, but by
komouilcloss play Ing towaul the last, ibopssl
theirholil. Kluicn-riiiid Haines for tlm Do
mestlcs and Mallalleti and M'htstler ror tlm
University wciotho battel Ies
Theroiioverypiohahlllty that Llu-oln will
Ns-ure the SU Ixiuls M'hllos A NViidlcnto Is
i cuil.v to take holii of the matter and run the
club the season, iirnvlilisl llie
issiple or Lincoln will purchase ".no season
I tickets at tS This llcki t admits gentleman
and ludy to eveiy game the balance of Hie sen
son, and the iiiiiiiIk'i "li'Hilcl H taken liiime
lillately M'e have Until tonight to si-il the
tNltlt kets.auilir not wild we will have no mole
base ball loi some years, to score
'lalltlOK Alioiil Cloaks.
, Our ieMiiler had the pliasuui or Icsiking
ovei the lincior t loaks t auiisl by Mr. Ralph
Ilium or Ilium Hum, ,,f Philadelphia, the
j l.llgest t loak house III the cast M'e have
' sis-n many cloaks and many c loak men. but
Mi'saie head and shoulileis alsive any
ollieis ui fmt, tie gissls sell fin themselves.
They aie all stvlih,aud what's more, aie
well made It is no wonder that his sales me
, tlio laigest and tlm men limits sat Mh-il with
Ills gissls, for Ihey me always as lepieseiittsl
J Mi II has gone lo the toast, and will shortly
isii i.iiniiiii anion in s)hiiii a lew nays with
his 1 1 lead, i'lof Mahlu
1. at Held I'm n
This new imsiii t, since its oiielilug sevtual
weeks ago, has heroine very popular with all
cIiismh, it Isdng lisMtisl ir the hea.t or the
city , and, in fact, dlus Hy In one of the Ust
icsldcut puts of thecitv, namely, Southeast
liailleld Park is lisvitisl neat to and eon
talus p.iit uf the old Diuftsi Paik The pies
ent ow ueis have had the piemisiw nicely lit
ttsl up and the giouiids placis) in excellent
shaM- Nilineious swings menu the grounds
and seats in iisil and shadv places aie to Ih
found in large nuuils'ix The huge pavilion
ami tie letioshmeut stolid nienikiu, and vis
itnisilnd this a veri pleasant lesortiugeii
II is o'li eveiy day andean lie euteusl
fits- or chin ge The stusit uillway line or
the Lincoln and Capital Clt lines will take
you theie at any time, the qulekc-st mute,
howevei, Uang via the Seveutsnth stust
hue I he park is uik-ii at all times., and vis
itorxnu goat a mniueut's notice
hssialuus will Is- furnishes! ,m apphca
linn to the stus't railwav eoniwin foi pi' llie
and iities, and cars will ls Imuishislat al
must an horn, by Mich airaugeuient The
company 'snlll us aie loe-attsl m the Hichards
i bits k, wilt iv all fillthei llifoiiiiatlon tegarti
ing llie p ok may Is obtained
Mrs II M llnrilcnliiiHik will puivhnse fiii
laiiulien and ineielmuts, all aitic Ies of hous
fin uisihng, ait dissnatioiis ami wonting ap-
miel Ad lieto., eni losing stamp foi i ireiilni.
Mlis II M II vltiiCMuiiink,
I'm chasing Agency,
.'lUNni lb -slate St Chicago III
i aim altei pi.l .lit h, the ,v , sm. lies
on Ui I liloli Tin Ille's No I. l.noeui as the
i v. i 'und I'lvei, will ! taken nir. to bet lei
nibi. it tn make time This will add large
l lo tin sipiilailty that has alieudv Iss'll
1,11111. I bv this fast train ttei that date it
will i ai iv only Kiksein;e's, holiling llrst class
lie ets lii isaiits wheie the tialu ma kiss ivgu
lai stupe,, ltwteu Coiini il IllulU and Ogtlen
,-sinli ituseliU-N umst plllilltLse tn kets fell
Msttsoi is'iths in Pullman si.s-istn. U'foreen
I tellllg the cms
' llnliliy slmllo.
I'rnlay , June l. s p i it -Saturday Matiueo
June 111, 'J :ai p m at 0hiii lions.!
Pur the Hem lit or the Homo feu tho Fileud-
itsss io milium m talileauv, Mings, tlauces,
mid othu novelties iiudei thetlirivtion or Mr.
Jacob Mahler Tickets .VI cents cash; Heoi v
esl seats, i evnts uxtiii, may ho obtanusl two
day sin advance a' theoKiu housei
Items Ahum tlm Nport.-l H News tut
Wlmt Is living tltinn n (leneral.
Mi-ssrs llenrtlsley, Hlgliler, Young and
SsincertiH)klnllmlsinutlesof Uushtnnnisuk.
on a wlusd truck, ono day this week.
II Is said that In Sprlnglleld. III., rnlnnlinvn
Issmi to fiispient this spi Ing that when whoel-
" K 'r a run tlmy ssak of It ns tnklng a
"sail" or a "mildle."
Mr. Case, or hiader fame, Ims taken to the
whivl again He says that by going slow
nnd picking the wiry that ho will try and
keep his 2.10 s)unils ou top of mi ordlimry
wlas-1 until hlssarety conies.
It Is with plenum o wouuiiounco tlmt Mr. .1.
K. PolliK-k, mi old wheelman anil a thonuigli
gtssl fellow, has taken up his kIhsIo with im.
Mr. Pollock comes from Platismoutli lien,
and will bo lu i hat go of tho II. & M. fuel do
pertinent nl this pinto.
Tho llnsiklyn Lad Ien. Tiloyclo club now
nuiulsirs foui tts'ii lueiulsirs The suit adopted
Is one of dark gray, with loose, skirt, tight
basque ami standing collar ou which aro tho
letters "II. L. T. V " Tlm club has runs
every Wednesday and Saturday. Olio or
llm iiiemls'rs rides u lady's bicycle and makes
even the I toys hustle.
0. O. Purinele, of Weeping Water, well
known tluough wheeling centers lu tho slat,
ssut u day In Lincoln this week. While,
hero a hiiinlicr of the I toys showed hlu Um
Is'iiutltss of our Hceneiy fiom tlm back of a M
Inch toy bicycle. Parting tlm mount, Mr.
Purinele say s heenjoyisl himself hugely anil
hiikh io pay us anon ei visit, slioiliy,
A club i mi was taken ou Dec innlkm tiny,
in which about a doen wheelmen partial
patisl. The unite taken was south to South
stn-et, east to Tw. nty seventh stieet, and
north to tho Pair giouiids, at which place a
lest was taken and tlmt given for u little
scorching around the tim-lc. Thus- ol tlm
Isiys tiled spisd with ent bother, but ns no ro
und wns In okeii we will not statu tlm tlmo
made Hetuin tllp was made via tho stock
yaiilsaml Wist Lincoln Thoiun wasqulton
sins ens mid uuothci one will be token shortly,
Hie Itli) inn of tlm lloglet.
Two lovers lingering nn a ktooplut,
Ilenenth llm slnrs so still and grant!
In ilrentiis Im saw llm wishllng lionplot
Ot gulil iikiii her tiny liiuiil.
HohllRhtly Irnnecl iqKin Ids cauilet,
A tliald youth, ami find to w,
Ami In Ills heart Im felt a palalct.
For love wns yoiiug anil so wns bet
Thoy had iiariaki'ii nr a creaintet,
As liners will while tliey nie twain,
Ami now weio hasy ou tlioschcmulut
Of wla-ro and how to inert again.
Meanwhile, unto tho Inuo hock jnnilet
Her fnliii r siiciktsl, a chain let go,
Alack, fond lute ami, ulnck, tsirtllet
Thut iiiiml iflntit this lain of wool
The youth went tmiuitllng Ilka ti Rootlet,
With yell and slulc-k Imoiitwartl sjichL
The ting reliirinil A pltco of ctuitlc-t
Hung rrom his mouth livc- sdreuin wastlrstd.
MacluliiioH llrliJices hi Jucjff.
Ho Here, dear Ikatncc. far far from the
busy haunts of men, wheie m iyo can m
nor no von o reach us, let mo assiiro you
lit vvasat this particular moment that
well known exclamation u-acliesl their ears.)
She Slrtl fltni t,'i.
Tho local newiasT or Seymour, Conn.,
ay that a citixii or that plico recently
drove out to Zoar bridge to sesj tho ice henpu
(till remaining At tho toll gnto was n young
i woman "with stuuig uttuictlons Corn whita
hoike," ns the editor puts It, nnd tho eitlmn
1 thought he niikht sardv qui her a bit Him
nuswcicd all histpiestionsilemuix-ly and with
nonppareut thought of iiialuo. but when,
hav lug had his bttlu Joke, ho asticsl her what
it cost lo go our tlm bridge, tlio answer
,0111110 luick "If you could read thnt slga
you'd scv for voursclf Hog, ono oent
jackass, two tuvti us two cents!" Now
1 York Suit
( II Vllelit Done.
' Mrs. Pcterby ito now servant) Tho lart
lorv ant had a habit or going into tho parlor
with her young man and sitting there Uie
whole evening Huvo vmi a young iimiif
New Sorv nut N.i imim. but 1 might gok
ono with suiii timucuueiiis otrcivd. Judgo.
Sho No, Mi lli-own, you need not hopa.
I can uevui tsi more than a sister
Ho Asist. r U'nd mo llvo dollars. De
troit Kix-o Pi Ms,
i. i. r. t t.
I'elivtis ti oaks to any pait or the city or to
anv dcMit fin i cents emh Claim ches-ks
giv. ii Tilt phone 11H).
I lulil ( I'llntt. Allieils.
Th. s.-ason for light summei attiie Im ing at
Itiilld. the OIoIhi Clothing hoiiMt bus pist n.
ivlveilaveiv line line of pi ing ami summer
siiiUm lleln coloresi I'lliicn AlUdtst f ihcla
test cut, and made up with llnest tiimininirs,
lined mid fined in Kiit In To stsi them is to
like them, and to like them is to buv a suit.
You know tho rest, so come mound ami look
at them
M'e will begin a sKs-InI ml of tiiMo Uncus,
napkins and towels this (Sutunlnv) moinlng,
nt lower pi ii os than the same goesls have -ver
iK-rote Ihvii oltoivd Ashliy .v. Mlllspaogl.
The ("mi me of 'I roe Uivcs Kto.