Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, May 26, 1888, Image 1

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Vol. 3. No 'JA,
Lincoln, Nicukasica, Satukday, May liO, 18B8
Phioic Fivic CiCN'ra
(When MnJ Anderson took possession of Fort
Sumter, the whole command assembled and knelt
Mound the flagstaff while tho chaplain offered
prayer, previous to tbo raising of Uie.tUR.J
The gray light of dawn o'er tho rampart waa
Whero Bumter Its atem rocky walla lifted high,
Aad ipread lu aoft haze o'er tho noble there
jkad Towing their flag to defend or to die.
The low toIco of prayer morning stillness waa
As solemnly bowing a blessing they craved.
Then rose a glad shout, all the echoed awaking,
As, proudly unfolding, their flag o'er tham
Hurrah for tho banner thus boldly left flowing
And flinging Its bright stars and stripes to th
Hurrah for tho heroes, no flinching o'er showing,
Who'll guard It unstained, or lu death coldly
Dear flag of our country, shall focmen assail yo
And every bright drop In our hearts fall to
Shall rebels beneath you o'er beat their rovctllo
And wo not In triumph their lnsolenco spurn?
By the graves of our fathers, who died In do
Thy fame, to their deepest affections so dear,
And whoso voice from their grass covered hil
locks ascending
la eloquent pleadings for theo wo now bear;
By tho future which stretches In rlita bofore us,
By the echoes which sound from a glorious
In purity still shall thy folds yet wave o'er us,
Or, drenched hi our Ufo blood, enshroud ua at
It Is u Curious I net
That the body isnowmoiosusceptable to ben
efit from medicine than at an other season,
Heuco Ihuimportniiconf taking Hood's Knrsn
pnrilla now, when it will do you tho most gixsl.
It is really wondoiful for puilfylng and cn
richiug tho blood, ci eating an apietitc, and
giving a healthy tono to tho system. Ho sin e
to get HikxI's Karsitparllla, which Is peculiar
I'rldny Kvimlug. .lune Htli, at .lliilnnle
Mr. Miihleranuouiicis that ho will glut his
first sofiviiiiiMxunfi', Kililuj oening, June
8th, from eight to twelve o'clock. Pupils of
this year's class w ill reecho (oiuplimeiitai
cards of uilmlvslnii, while tickets for iiou
lliemlMjrswIII Imi I Lfill for gentleman, includ
ing ladles, which may be piocimd of Mr.
Mahler at tho ii all or Windsor hotel. A i oi
dial Invltat Ion Is xundid to nil Mr Muhlei's
t riunds.
I.. I). T. CO,
Will get your Kiinduy Mull from tho Post
olllco and deliver at jour houso, or olllce
Telephone 110,
llftllroml New (lathered lit City (Mice,
Alinut Depots, lltr.
Mr. J. II. Prow ley. traveling passenger
agent of tlo Union Pnellle, jwild Lincoln a
visit this week.
Hupt, Hllcksondolicr of tlio Union Pnellle
was In tho city tlili wwk. Koine improve
ments lire contemplated of tlio road's projsfrty
In Lincoln.
Mr. (J. W. Honnell, tlio Ilurllugtoirs efll
clout dpK)t ticket agent, neeonipnnlod liy his
wire, returned Tuesday, from u months visit
in California.
Tlio Omalm Her of Wednesday, gives tlio
following interesting lilt of railroad gossip:
"Thero It ft Kiinio of chess going on between n
half dozen roods Just nt present relative to
transcontinental mutton in which it would
npionr that tho Union Pnelllo and Chicago,
Hurllugton & Qiiiney nro piny lug ono Mile, tho
Demerit Rio Uintule and Hook Inland tho
other with tho Continl l'nclllo u spectator,
mid not ii disinterested one either hut tho sort
of n HnecMtor who is willing to hold tho stakes
wagered on tho gamo for u small fraction
thereof, nay 50 er cent.
The lite of u fow days since contained tho
announcement that tho Chicago, llurliiigtou
& yulncy had decided to nso tho Union Puci
llc for it transcontinental business from
Choycnno westward. An yet It in understood
that this applies only to freight ImslnetiH hut
thoso who uro in n jiosltion to know contend
that putsongor travel Im to follow in n very
shot t spaco of time. Of course this leave tho
Denver !& Hio Urimdo without an eastern
connection mid tho only income tho road can
derive is from its local business. It is indeed
n inovo calculated to "check" no it wore. In
return for this sending of freight and iMUwen
gent over tho Union l'nclllo westwurd tho lat
ter road Is, so it 1h understood, to send ltn
freight and passenger trulllc eastward from
Missoui i river points via C. 11. & Q. lines.
Hut at thin iolut tho other sldo irojioso to do
n little lino wmk on tho Imurd. A combine
is to Imj eirccted by tho llock Island and tho
ltlo Grande. Of course tho Rock Islnnd now
has u lino to Denver via St. Joseph, Mo. To
make tho matter more binding tho hittor
company proposo to build u lino from Omalm
in a southwesterly direction through to Fnlr
bury, connecting with tho Chicago, Kansas
City & Nebraska, which, when completed, i
will give tho Hio uiundo equally as good
connections us liefore.
OiihIiiiiiiii Turk Opening.
The picnic season was duly inaugurated
w ith the dedication of Cushmaii I'm k, Thurs
day attPiuoon,at which time oer 1000 people
weru nt this livnutiful siwit to enjoy opening
ilnj, and tho festive nttt actions it presonUsl.
Tho long train of coaches which left the II. &
M. dcKit nt two o'clock was completely llllod
nnd,w lien tho thiong reachisl the park tho en
tortalnmentl began mid if smiles nnd laughter
nro nu Indication of happiness, certainly
that assembly enjoyisl tho occasion. He(ik
lug by tho OoM'inor nnd other prominent
people was pleasantly received, while music
both vocnl mid insti umeiitnl was drank In as j
a delicious luxury by tho largo gathering,
Klegnntrefieshments wero served ut tho pa-
villon and ilancing to the liealts content of
all present wns enjoyed by all, both young
and old, music being, furnished by Mr. Wnr-
tier's orchestra nnd tho K. I'. band.
Drives about tho grounds wero the fenturo
of those who cuino In carriages, while those
promenading found lovely walks nnd retreats
in tho shade.
Tho now and jKipulur resort was admired
by all and it seems none could do Justice
enough In pralso of the lovely spot to express
their admiration. Klscwhcio in this issue will
bo found a descilptlve article regarding
Cushmaii Park, its attractions, location, etc.
under the heading "A Lovely Pie Nlo Ho
sort." Ml llitwkln's 1'urtj.
As tho CauitiKit gs.s to press too early for
a complete reort of the Uerinaii leceptlou
teudeiedby Miss Hawkins to her cliass In
dancing, last eneiilug at Masonlo Temple, n
descriptive account will apMtar in our next
Isstio, giving costumes or tho partlclMiui, etc
Loyal Legion No. 8, Belect Knights A. O.
l W., under command of Dr. Simmons, gave
an exhibition drill in tho cnpitol gi omuls last
Tuesday oveniug. They nro n llue-looklug
ImxIv of men, and go through tho evolutions
with the skill of veterans.
Tho two Johns, Schtuittel and Dav Is, had a
nan ow escape from serious injury Tuesdny
evening. While out di iving tho front nxlo of
tho buggy broke, throw lug both gentlemen
out. Mr. Selimlttel licit! cu to the lines, how
c or, and prevent! a runaway.
Mr. L. JI. IIuert returned from Cnllfor
nla Inst week, and lias purchased n half inter
est In the grocery stoio of D. K. Cuminings.
Thero aiofow things about tho grocery busi
ness that Mr. Hupei t is not conversant with,
and ho will Imtoiii things around 1120 O street.
For several years past ho hus lieeii with tlio
grocery firm of Cixik & Johubon
Thort arrived nt tho homo of Mr. nnd Mrs.
J. II. W. Hawkins, yesterday, n bright eyed
little stranger who will hereafter mako his
homo with the family. Tho young man tips
the scales nt twelve pounds nnd is a healthy
and hearty addition to Lincoln's inhabitants;
mother and son doing well nnd father in as
good n condition us could 1k oxpoctod under
tho circumstances.
Col. V. M. Woods returned from Cleveluud
Ohio, Wednesday, whtro ho hud Ikhjii for
nearly two weeks conducting an auction sale
of high-grade cattle. An average of f f Wi w as
obtained for IM head. This sieuks well for
tho Colonel, and the fact that his port Ices is
generally In dor and all over tho west, shows
conclusive that his services are not only nj
prcciated ut homo but abroad as well.
Attention is ilius'ted to thnadveitisincut of
the Hill Ktiiudnid Hook Co., who want agents
in this pint to canvass for Hill's Album of
HioglHphy and Art Tho Usik Is haudsouily
illusti nted, contains biographical sketches and
IMiitnilts of huudicds of pioiiiineut persons,
mid sells at sight. It will Imi ii valuable addi
tion to any man's llliiniy, tieitlng us it d es
of hundreds of subjects that u well read (su son
must needs know ami understand.
Miss Jllnnlo mUi on L street is cutci tabl
ing two ( lull tiling young ladles, Miss lsmils
of Council Hluirs and Miss Hiirus of Omaha,
who in lived in Lincoln Wednesday. Miss
ltui ns will leiualu for suveuil days, while
Miss Looinls anticipates a two weeks' visit,
but will spend most of her tlmo whilo heio as
the guest of her cousin, Mhs Dona ImxiiIs,
The CouiilKH weliomes both Indies, and
hopes their visit may Imj pleasant.
What lie Sees, UriiiK, 'llilnk mid
Little did our friends of Omaha, or tho state
know what n genius nnd lirlllaut writer they
had until tho nt,Mrii entitled, "Mr. Samson of
Omalm," wns announced oven now fow more
than thoHostudyiug lu tlio Mil Ions parts in (ho
0era know what n lirlllaut author nnd play
wright they have In the s"rson of Mr. Fred
Nye. Tho lihmtto Is by our Journalistic fi loud
Nye, of tho Omalm ll'iiWtf nnd tho viKiilscom
by Mrs. Young of tho snine cltv. "Mr, Hum.
son of Oinnlui" will ho staged nttho lloyd's
three nights next vvcok, commencing Thurs-
day orenlug, tho east comprising sonui of the
leading musical Mrsoniigcs of the inotrojMjlls.
While lu Omaha, one eeniug this week lu
conversation w ith ii lady friend who assumes
one of tho leading characters in tho ciut of
"Mr. Hnmsou of Omaha" 1 was told thai tho
piodlictlou would bo one or the Wt of tho
season, not withstanding it is by a homo auth
or mid local talent, "Why, do you know I"
Mild tho vocalist, "Tlio music Is HTiictly
charming; the airs arc, many of them catchy,
nnd tho Bcoro throughout Is jMirfectly faseln
ntlng, tho lines of the owirn nm as nicely ar
ninged, tho wonting as pretty us any ohhh I
luivo over heard, and tho situations urn often
lulto novel. I'll miss my guess awfully if tho
oern. Is'nt u great big success, for It has every
ipiullflciition for drawing well." Tho lady is
one of Omaha's most prominent vocalists nnd
with such recommend and from such n source
wo may exHct much nnd the Observer know
ing tho genlnl Fred Nye, does not linvo nny
doubt but that tho production will bo all that
has been predicted for It,
Hpenklng of "Mr. Hnmson of Oinuhn" there
lias leau sDine talk of bringing the company to
LIiiodIii to present tho oern here, nnd I tnist
proHr nrrongoinont will Imi mode for tho
event; I nm snrn iiVrowdisl houso would greet
tho company, notonlybocnusoof thoexcelenlt
proiluctinn but for tho fact that lu tho cast aro
so many very lino singers, and among them
tho licst vocalists nnd lenders of Omaha socie
ty. Wo trust ".Mr. Kainson of Oiimhn," will
glvo Llncolnltesnn opportunity to show them
their appreciation of home talent of the met
ropolis. I wltncsvsl nu interesting sceno tho otner
day in n lestaiirnnt, nnd tho fact Hint wrong
was punished, (pilto pleased me. 1'ioin whnt
I could observe it wcmisl that u lady had been
dining nt tho lcstaurant.and herhuslmud wns
to call for her later, about tho time she would
lsvready to leave the place 'I ho waiter, (a
innle) net knowing that the Indy was married,
or that her husband, who had Just stopis'il in,
was near at hand, iniido some insolent and
disreputable remnrk about her to u young
man nearby Htnudlug wheio ho could hear
tlio talk, tho husband promptly pio"ccdcd to
to chastise tho puppy, nnd would have thrash
),(, i,, 0t a liystnndnr reminded him of
his jiositlon nnd that cool Judgement usetl In tho
,tter would bo lietter than n public scene.
However the wnlter who had no tlmo to talk,
ft without waste of tlmo or words. This sort
f thing Is Winning entirely too topulnr for
K()0(i result and vigorous steps should Im
taken to stop it, Now-n-das n lady, no mnt-
! tor how reserved iniiDnenrnncoshoinav Imi. or
how little attention sho pnj-s torsous on tho
streets, etc., thmo mo always n set of hood
lums dressed In gentlemens attire, who en
deavor to pick up ncipialntnuce, or as they
call it, "mako u mash," and nothing ever
pleases tho Oliserver inoro than when ho oli
servosonoof these fellows getting Ills just
deerts;l low over men, (for they nro not gentle
men) if you must (Hi t or will Insist on making
acquaintance, theronro enough females roam
ing the street that will talk to you, anil will
not feel insulted, without ynuriiimlllatfng tho
truo lady. If you are dopinved and without
honor or common sense, go to that class that
llnds similar favor, but to tho unproteeUsl,
tho innocent nnd the rcM'Ctcd lady you should
not, will not, and if the law does Its duty, can
not continue this base and insulting conduct.
On tho Avenue.
Jack (to young Callow) That old gentle
man wo just passed seemed to know you,
Young Callow Yn'ns, ho's my futher.
Jack Why didn't you rocognlzo hiiuf
Young Callow To toll tho truth, old boy,
I never do ,u tho street. Ho con of a
rawther poor family, y'know.
Iloliliy hliufto,
Friday, Juno 15, Hp. in. Katurday Matinee
June 1(1, HiSO p. m . at OfHirn houst.
For tho Henellt of the Homo for tho Fi lend
less 75 chlldien lu tableaux, songs, da net 8,
and other novelties under tho direction of Mr.
Jacob Mfihler Ti 'kets 50 cents cash j Reserv
ed seats, 25 cents extra, may Imi obtained two
ilavs lu advance n the opera house.
Light Culonil I'rluce Alberts.
Thesiason for light summer uttiiu lM?lng at
hand, the Olobo Clothing houso has just re
ceived u very Hue Hue ofspilug and siiintuir
suits in light colons! Plilicii Albeils of the la
test cut, and maihi up with lliicst trimmings,
lined and faced lu Hat in. To see them Is to
like them, and to like them Is to buy a suit.
You know the lest, so come mound and look
at them
llutr Hutu to luillu napiilU,
On account of the national pmhihltlon con
volition, lound trip tickets to IudianaMiis
will Imi on sale by the llurliiigtou louto fiom
IMiiiits in Nohuudtii and Kausis, May '.'(I to
'J8, ut one laic, limit lor letiirn Juno 5,
P. H KuhTis,
Oeiienil Passenger Agent,
Amusements fur the future. What Nome
of the 1'itvorlte are lining,
The I'll like lias been rlosisl during Hie past
week there Is nothing Ixmkod for next week;
but Hicks nnd Hnwyer's Minstrels will make
their npHareni on Monday next, June,
Ith. '88, followed about n week later by
Nate Halsburjs Tioubadors, after which n
surles of comiiieceuient exorcises w ill Imi given
nnd "Hobby Hhnf to" will 1st presented lu the
house Juno 15, and 111, Tho season for theat
ricals Is coming to a close; and but few more
plays will Iki see in Lincoln this sasou. The
liouso wll Ui remodeled In the later part of
Juno, and tor thooimiilngiiutl fall attractions,
many very lino companies have all eady Ims-ii
l'aiillne Hall Is lecovermg from n uncle
Mr. nnd Mrs. Oeorgo H. Knight go to Aus
tralia shortly.
Manager MclleynoliU was out on the Ne
braska Circuit this week.
Annlo 1'lxley closes her long and successful
season June litd in Chicago.
Thero is u prospect of u law suit between
uirl Herman nnd Henrlch Com led.
lien Uteru will Imi tho business manager of
tho Cntletnii Operu Company next season.
The Madison Kquiiru Theatre sUK'k com
jmny do not i etui n to New York until after
W. J. Bcanlan is Hearing the end of his tour
which Manager I'ltou says has Us'li excissllng
ly pi oil table.
Md ward Harrlgaii ohjiis his next season nt
tho 1'aik Theatie, N. Y. w Ith anew local play
culled "The Motrox)lls."
The Nebraska Circuit under Ciawford flc
McHcynoltts is iM-comlng jsipular for the iium-
ber of excellent theatres thero are on it.
Gustavo Krohmaiiiindarchltectlluboit, his
father-in law contemplate building a new the.
ntro on upper llradway, Now York. Next,
Inuo Klrnlfy has roiuino'icisl the reheai sols
of "Nero, or the Kail of Home,'' which hepio
ilucesut Ht Oeorge, Hlaten Island, Juno Kith.
Them is eery prosit of auolher coinlo
opera company lwilng heard lu New York
shortly, llarrlgan's 1'nik Theatio will prob
ably bo its abiding place,
Win, (lllletto has leuseisl the Mndlsou
Ktpiai o Theatre for tin eo moutliH from Aug.,
Kith. He will produce se vol nl of his plas
with his own company.
Edwin Hooth has puichusvd tho elegant
mansion on (Iniuiiueicy I'ark adjoining tho
former icsldeuce of Samuel J. Tildeu and will
present it to the 1'layer's Club.
Tho HiinbiiH' "Kantasinn" Comimuy closisl
their tour with this wis'lt in Montreal. Tho
1 anions est Imato that their two companies
have made fl(H),(XM) on the season.
Tho thentrical season in Lincoln Is virtually
over. Thoio atohowever a muulier of excel
lent attractions booked for tho summer but
they in u few and in many instances, far bo-
tw eun.
Itoliert Mantell iircsenttsl "Monlmrs" in
Chicago to largo audiences. Ho is resting in
New Yoik this week opening at tho (Irimd
Opera Houso May liSth for tlio Until week of
his season.
The following attractions nut now playing
I In Now York: "Nudly" nt tho Casino; "The
Queen's Mato" at tho Hrondway; "Tho Pearl'
of Pekin" at the Illjoil, Thh McCnull 0Mra
Company in "Tho Iuly or tho 1 Iger" at Wal
lauk's; Hosiim Vokesnt Daly's, "Natural (Jus'
at tho Fifth Avenue; "A Possible Cine" at
the Madison Sipjnro, "Tho Wlfo" nt the L
ceuin. "Tho Htreot of Now York" at tho Ac
ademy of Music; "The Htlll Alarm" at tho
Fourteenth Htns't Tlicjitre, Kato Claxtou in
'Tho Woild Against Her" nt Nlhlo's; HnKik
iiiauu's Acting Monkeys at tho Star, "Rock
wood, or Dick Till pin's Hide to York;" at the
Windsor: "Lost in New York" at the People's
I)ttlo Church in "Tho Unknown" at thu
Third Avenue; "Doloies" attheOrand Ois-ra
House; Yaudovillo at Tony Pastors and
"Lights nnd Shadow," atthoHtandard. This
ought to Imi auiplo variety of amusement for
Now Yorkers.
Tho Knlchts of Pythias kill takes place on
Thursday evening at ltohunnn s hall
The Pleasant Hour club w ill glvo llrst of a
series of picnics at Cushmaii park next wee)'
Miss Oertlo Marquette leaves early next
wis-k for tho oust to Imi absent several weeks.
Tho now lodge rooms of tho l'.lks will Im
ready for occupancy ii week from next Mou
Miss Minnie Sutter of Council Mud's, is
visiting Mrs. II. W. Hruwu and daughter,
11,'tl II street.
Mr. Ralph Ilium, ho that carries thu finest
lot of cloaks, is in town, and piling up orders
in Ins usual style. Thero nte no mostpiitoos
on Ralph,
Lincoln's customary iMivy of summer visitors
uro arriving, and Indications nro thut tho vis
itors this summer will 1k more numerous than
Mrs. Kato Hrewster Cheney, who has Imxmi
visiting her slstor, Mrs. Thomas Howell, since
tho musical festival, returned to her home in
Sioux City Thursday.
Professors Ilageuow and Aschmaii of the
Philharmonic orchestra returned Wednesday
from the cast, where they havo been laying
in a supply of musical instruments for tho
military bund, which will soon give its first
open air concert
Mr W. J. Hryan loaves Wednovlny for his
Into homo in Jacksonville, III., and after a
two weeks' visit thero and thereiilM)uts, will
i cturn to Lincoln with his family. Mr, Hry
an has n) homo already pieparcd comer of
Seventeenth nnd 1) streets, for his estiliiublo
lady, whom tho Coi'ltlKU welcomes to Lin
coln. Miss Lulu aiunluger, sitter of Mrs A. C.
Xeimernud a very popular visitor in Lincoln,
ntrived in tho city Thursday for a several
days' v islt. Miss (Iruninger's friends wem do
light lo welcome her back again, nnd will Im
plcusisl to learn that her patents hav locnttsl
ill Omaha, thus ulfording Miss Oruuiiiger
ficrpicnl v Islts to tho capital city Tho Cnni
IKH extends tho hand of welcome and vv lilies
tier abundant happiness in her Nebraska home
and equally ns much eujoj nient on this mid
subxspieut visits as she has cxiKUicuctsI heio
toforu lu Lincoln
I., D. T. CO.
Delivers trunks to nny ii t of the city or to
any depot for 25 cents each. Claim chocks
given, Telephone UK).
What I doing on lu the llnsehiill Wortd.
The l.lurnlii Team,
Heir Is hitting the ball hard this season.
Ht. loul npisMirs to 1st the Jonah of tlio
lies Moines leant.
Haseball news III the western league circuit
Is scarce tills week.
Ht. Paul and Minneapolis played a diawn
game uf llfteeil Innings Thursday,
Chicago, without Clatkson, Is playing a
wondoiful game They mil stayers, too.
Hoover IiiisImsui leleastsl to the Chicago
Maroons, Tebeau will pi obnbly shut on like
Thntolrginph fulled to lc,oit the names
Is'twis'li tho southern chilis ot the league this
Wright Is putting up n stiong gamo ImOiIiiiI
the bat, and is hitting tho leather In good
The umplio of the Denver-Lincoln Is said
lo have Issiu very rank. Ho must Imi akin to
Lincoln's chances for admittance to the
Western assiM'I'itloii are giMsl, If our jMsiphi
wish to take hold
Nicholson of tho Chicago Maroons has been
sold to Minneapolis, and Atthur Clarkson to
the Llmas of tho Ohio league.
Cincinnati and Ht, Iiuls ate battling man
fully for tho association )HUinant. The Hrowus
will Im vn no walk-over this year,
Ilelsack Is showing up fairly well In his sec
ond hnso play Lincoln has u strong Inlleld,
but slugging Is what wlnsganirs.
The Topics man of the Journal mint have
nu Immense liraln. Two match games of bull
have Imhmi played there during tho pusttwn
Hiunsey, lmlsvlllo's isit phcher, has btsui
susMnihsl for nintlmiisl drunkenness. When
soliM' lie is one of tho licst twirlcrs lu the as
Noclntlon. What's bsoine of tho diM.tors, the lnwyeis,
the druggists, the bin Im-i-h and t lie other Iwal
clubs that wimii wont to knock covers olf balls
lust summer
Denver tin)!: thus) straight fiom Lincoln
the ist vvisik. The fouith gamo
by tain In the fourth Inning, with tho scoie
standing I (oil lu Lincoln's favor.
Dos Moines still leads lu tho Western Asso
ciation race, with Omaha and Kansas City
close up. The games plnyul compute favor
ably with those of tho leagiio or ushwlatlon.
A meeting of the Western leaguo will Imi
belli in Unveiiworth next Monday for tho
punoso f admitting two moro clubs to mom
lM'ishlp, Hloux City and Wichita having ap
plied. New (implies will also Imi aiM)lllttsl.
Chicago, Huston and Detroit, It Is freely
predicted aio the clubs who will Imi lu the
light nt thu llnlsli. As Mlko Kelly says, how
ever, It Is only a (piesllon of eiiduranco. Tliut
Is, whichever i lub has tho least numlMirof
injiinsl mull at tlio close will win.
aThe Domestics budly defeatisl the gniigof
had amateurs which gs under thonniiioof
of thoJoui mil nine vosterday on tho Missouri
Pacific grounds The score was 1W to 7, Klin
merer, whoilld the tw It Hug lor the Domestics,
made the reiuai kahle record or thll Urn sti Ike
outs. Clarke has Imsmi sold by Chicago to Omaha.
He played n t of last season with tho Dos
Moines club, but was slgiusl by tho Chluigo
for 1RSS Ho pitchisl two games against In
dianapolis, winning both. Ho shut out Kan
sas City Thursday lu bis llrst irnlue with the
flatter of Taste,
Daughter Manimn, wouldn't it bo
lovely if wo only hud necks like that!
Mamma-Why, my chlldf Whut odviui
tago would it bo to list
Daughter Wo could tnsto our Ico croam
so much longer.
To Nensdeulers unit the I'lilille.
Anniigeinents havo Immmi made with tho
Oothnm NewssUitid so that hereafter when
news dealers run out of CouniKiw they may
Iki supplied with additional copies at same rate
as sold at this olllce, by applying thero. A
supply will always Imi kept on hand, also back
numlMirs and sulcrintions will Imi received,
Tho publishers makii this arrangement to ac
comodate its iwitrons and the public who want
jmiH'rs after close of tho Couuikh'h business
olllco. Tho Gotham is omii every evening
and nil day Sunday 1 18 south Kloventh Ht.
lln for CiibIiiiiuii I'ark Today,
(lo out lo Cushmaii Paik this afternoon
and enjoy nature's Utilities and get a snlir of
real genuine country air The attractions
theie, the surroundings, etc., will bo such as
to mako the visit thoroughly enjoyable
Iluiid concert uttlirmi o'clock. Train leave-,
llurliiigtou depot ut two o'clock slmip Fare
round tlip 15 cents, Ciuliinaii paikwillalso
jm open tomoirow, trains l.wive nt same time
A Nuturnl ( iirluslt).
Lincoln Msiple will Im pleased to know that
the celebrated cave, itsvntl) descillKsl in
these cnlumiis, has Imsii thrown oH'H to tho
public This cave, which is situ itisl near the
line of the Nebraska slioit itlsuinco
this side of tho onitentiari, was
iis formerly
siys mil the
the liendiiuui lel-sof the James I
iiihhvrii who Infestrsl thesn pints, and Is well
woith a visit. It it lustily on the Hue of
South Tenth stus-t, and open every day In
tho week.
HerHilshelmer tS: Co. am showing an elc
guilt new llni of black silk wrap goods.
Priits low ami quality suikmu.
just I
"Ileins About the Hpi.rt.-I.oeiil News Mint
Whut Is llt-liig done lu (lenerHl.
Flunk Van I loin has disposed of hU ordi
nary mid now tldis p V(i(hii. ,
Tim Hprluglleld chili celebratisl lis seventh ''
nnnlversaiy Tuesday of last week. '
Asa whole, Iho lliitlsh press Is very fair
with Howe In Heating of his lecent defeats.
Dr. Hliei wiksI and wlfo am now niiuilH'nsl
iiinong Lincoln i Idirs. They u-o tandem
tricycle, ami mo viy enthiislastlo lidets.
A twoinllo bicycle men, hiiudlcap, will Imj
one of the f( ntlli es of the games of tho Hlaten
Island Athletic club at West Now llrlghton,
Mr. Addis tiKik a ildoout lo Cushmnii nrk
oiuiday this week Ho says that roads nro
veiy gissl all the way out, nnd that thu rldo
will probably bo ii Kipuhir one this summer
witu wheelmen.
Messrs, Hlghter and Addis rode to Vnlpa
(also mid ivturn, fifty miles, nu Wednesday.
The time, Including stois, was seven mid one
half hours, leaving Lincoln nt Mi'.V) n. in. nnd
returning nt 7 i, in
Twenty New Yoik clubs nm to bo lepra.
sonUsI lu the century inn from New Yoik to
Philadelphia, which Is to Imi one of tho pre
liminary ntliaetlous for Kmplm state wheol
men going to this year's meet.
The lavish manner In which wntor Is dis
tributed on top of about six Inches of dirt,
with which our pavement nro coveted, miikcs
Mejele riding almost ilanget ous. If tho city
fatlieiswlsh to endear themselves to the
hisu ts of wheelmen, they will see to It that
thu mud Is lemovisl.
Twice has an t-ITort Immmi mnile by several
noting men to orgiiulm a blcyclo club In this
city, slid in many times have they failed to
obtain the deslled tiuinlM.'r of t Hiitlemeil pre
cut. Theio me probably fifty ildeis in town
nnd they should Imi willing to have a giwxl
club on n giMsl llnanclal fisitlng.
The llrst bicycle road rnco ever held III
Southern California took place Saturday,
April liNth. Tim inuto was from Pasadena to
Monrovia and return, n distance of rlgliton
miles. Andrews
on an J'xfK'i t. In the fair time of 1 Ii, in mill.
Mr. A L. Atkins olllclntcd its one of tho
Tho Plum CreoU I lie v do club stands second
in slrn and elllcluucy In the list of clubs in
the state, Omaha Isdug llrst. This club wns
organized In Mmrli, IHMI.wlth four iiicmlHirs.
At the pi cwnt time the club numbers tlihty
iiietubers, all irovld(sl with wlnsds and uni
forms. They uietlie owners of a quarter
mllo circular course, constt ticttsl nt a cost
of 100,
Win end in the JiejWr llWif run .. A II"
llnllilhi of May 18th, that the country bo
twieu Poitland, Oiegon, mid Him Francisco,
Is about to Im traveisisl on bicycles for tho
lli-st time, ly Messis. Daniel and Cushmnii
of Taeonia. Tin isi yeam ngo tho w rlter met,
while lu Kaleiil, Oiegon, a Mr. McClnltl of
Sricrinneiito, who was on his way to Portland
from Han Fiituclscii on a bicycle. Thero
seems to Imi something wrong with thu state
ment lu tho Win Id.
On Himduy last ICd Hlghter, luouutrsl on
his Hxpert Columbia, aiioiiiplislnsl the feat
of rilling fi nm the cnpitol grounds to Kaltillo
and Jamaica and retm ii lu two hours mid
twenty minutes, Including stojis. Taking
Into consideration the fact that thu laud Imi
tween Lincoln and Jaliiiilin stands on end,
and that u hurd wind was bloniugdiiriug tho
rldo, makes this n record. Mr. Hlglitcrsliows
Hue foi m on tho wheel, uud It would not I w
surprising If ho gnvo some of thu older riders
n buck sent Is-foiu the season is over.
A Mood Work.
At n meeting; held lu the Y. M C A. rooms
Tuesday evening over 1700 was subscribed
by the young men present to the building
fund. This Is gissl work, and the i.ssociutiott
conlldently uxMK'ts that f5,(XX) can Imj secured
from the young men alone. Lin.iolu ninnot
alfoid to let tho present opisirtuulty oks,und
each and every cltlron should put his shoul
der to the wins').
ht. I'liul's Mnsluiile Ml Iinliiiff's.
TikmIiij eveniug'scutcrtaliuneiitiittheumg
tiillceiit lesiileiu-o of Mr. and Mrs. J J.
Imlioir, conier Twelfth and J stusds, for tho
bent lit of St. Paul's M. K. church, was a de
lightful airiilr. It w ns unlike tho customary
chinch alfair, Mug moro sociable and enjoy-
I able, and it was noticeuhlu that thorn present
were not only meiiilMirs of t lit church but
equally its many outsiiio ut mo cnurcii enjoy
is I tho (M-cuslou. The following piogrnm was
perfectly carried out, with occasional en
cores which were loudly applauded and
pleated all.
1 Instrumental Duet, Mrs. T. L. Stephens
and Oini M. Iinholf.
2 The Pilgrnm, jhii .lilumn, II. M. Caselx-er.
it Autumn Song, yMir Mnulilxilwn, Mm. K.
Hruwster Cheney and Sirs. J. P. Dorr
Music and Ixno, ;ir .SVrjc. MlsaJonnio
0 A Cry of Ive, ixrr -. Loville, Mrs. J.P.
0 Heart Hroken Sailor Hoy, jxtr Miloletlt.
Mrs. Knto Hrevvster Chenoy.
7 Judeth, ;sir ('oncoiic, Miss Miiymo S. C.
8 (K1 Night, ;kii' (inlitbrru, Jlcudames
Clienny, Dorr, Hnymond nnd Wntkins.
After the conclusion of tho prognitu straw
lierrioh with cake mid ico creum were served,
after w hich tho guests strolled about the var
ious ttiMirtmoiits'iiud arrangements of this,
ou of Lincoln's most elegant homes. Alnnit
a hundred dollars was cleared for tho Ismetlt
of the church.
Irish League Meeting.
The Lincoln brant Ii of the Iiish National
league held n v ci' interesting meeting Sun
day The tune was plincluilly occupltsl in
iho ilisctiKsion of tho sipai rescript, Messrs
Ciiviil), l'gaii, lltzgvnild, Cortoran nnd
others siiticipating. A numls.T of resolutions
rtsvntly jmsstsl at a meeting in Dublin in
which the Irish uicinlM-rs of vir)lament par
ticixittsl, vveie eudorstsl. Tlieso icmiIuUou
am of sliuilai tenor to thoso asscd at n i is.vnt
nuss'tliig of the Lincoln branch, but mom
SMfWItim- 111 Til.. lltuliM...,. it T !..
,in ,ir, almost u unit in denying thoisiwer
i or rj(.ilt of j0.w jAH, t0 i,ltl.,fm, ln nwion
lKiliilrul, n sentiment which dins thunirisllt.
Dr. W. L. Dujtoii retuitnsl Thuisihiy from
Europe. Ho has Ihs-ii nliNeut since lust Octo
1st, which tlmo he sjH'iit working In tho vari
ous hospitals of Vienna, Herllu, Put Is and
Loudon, anil ictuuis much iuiuovts, IkiHi in
know letlgo of his profession and In health.