Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, March 17, 1888, Image 6

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Wkra Man's llutlnrs I.lf )nt Not
Corrtupnnil AVI Hi 1IU l'rtifrMlon, lilt
Kellglon Ii ft ltuiubiiir When It Is
Right to llorrow.
Brooklyn, Mnrch U Tlio hymn sung at
Mm Tabcnmclo Mils morning tagiiis
A cloud of wltnrwie nnmml
HoM then In full ntmty
target ' M slrrou! trwt,
And onwnnl urgo thy wsjr,
At, Inst Bnblwtli, tlio Itor. T. Do Witt Tnl
tnftRti D.D., tlio pastor, hail Imptlccil liy
prlnkling, lio, tlili morning, Imntlml liy Im
mersion tiioso who proformi thin mode, a
imptlstry having Ixxm liullt umlor tho pulpit.
Thomhjwtof hiiMTtnon wnn, "Tlio Ago of
Birlndlo," mid tho toxt, Job Till, 111 "Whoso
trust sbnll lwn spider's Mob." Dr. Tixlmngo
Tlio two most skillful architects In nit tho
world nro tho 1ho nnl tho spider. Tho ono
Cuts up o sugar iiinuufnctory mid tho othor
ullds ft slaughter homo for flics. On n
bright summer morning, when tho nun comes
out nnd shines uKn tho spider's web, ls
docked with dew, tho gossmnor structure
Kcmi bright onough for n suspension bridgo
for supernatural beings to croin on. Dut
alas for tho ioor fly, which, In tho fatter
part of Hint very dny, ventured on It, nnd In
cnught nnd dungeoned nnd destroyed. Tho
By was Informed Hint It wnii n frco lirldgo.
nnd would cost nothing, but nt tho othor end
of thobridgo tho toll jiftid won ltd own Ufa,
Tbo noxt dny thero coition n strong wind, nnd
wny goon tho uob, nnd tho mnrnudlng
tpldcr nnd tho victimised liy. Bo dollcnto
nro tlio silken thread of tho spider's wob
tlmtiimny thousands of them nro put to
gether lieforo thoy lecouio vlslblu to tho
human eye, nnd It tnkos -1,000,000 of them to
S&ke n thread a lnrgo ns tho litinmn hnlr.
ost cruel ns well ns most Ingenious in tho
tpldcr. A prisoner In tho llnstllo, Franco,
hnd ono ro trnlned thnt nt tho sound of n
. violin it every dny camo for it menl of flic.
Job, thonuthorof my toxt, nnd tho lending
scientist of hi day, hnd no doubt watched
tho voracious process of this ono Insect with
mother, nnd saw spider nnd fly swept down
with tho snmo broom, or scattered by the
mmo wind. Alas, thnt tho world has so many
designing spiders nnd victimized files.
Tbcro has not been n time when tho utter
and black irresponsibility of many men hav
ing tho financial Interest of others In chnrgo
tins been mora evident than in thoso Inst fovr
Tho unroofing of Iwnks nnd dlsnppenrnnco
of administrators with tho funds of lnrgo
estates, nnd tho disorder nmld postoluco
accounts nnd deficits nmld United States
official, hnvo mndo a pestilence of crimo
that solemnises every thoughtful man nnd
woman, nnd lends ovory philanthropist nud
Christian to auk: What shnll bo done to stay
tho plnguof Thero Isrx monsoon nbrond, a
typhoon, n sirocco. I somotimes ask myself
1st It would not bo better for men making
wills to bequeath tho property directly to
tho executors nnd officers of the court, and
appoint tho widows and orphans n commit
tee to see thnt tho former got nil thnt did not
belong to them. Tho slmplo fnct is tliat
thero nro a lnrgo number of men sailing
yachts and driving fast horses, nnd members
of expeuslvo club houses nnd controlling
country seats who nro not worth a dollar
If thoy return to other their Just
rights. Under somo sudden reverse thoy
fail, nnd with nflllcted air seem to ro
Uro from tho world, and seora almost ready
for monnstlo life, whon in two or three years
they blossom out agnln, having compromised
with their creditors, thnt is, paid thorn noth
log but regrets, nnd tho only dlfferenco be
tween tho second chapter of proaporlty and
tho first is that tholr pictures nro Murillos in
stead of Konfiotts, nnd their horses go n mile
In twenty seconds less than tholr predeces
sors, and instead of ono couutry sent thoy
have three, I havo watched nnd hnvo no
ticed thnt nlno out of ten of thoso who fnil
la what Is called high life, hnvo moro means
after thnn before tho failure, nnd In many of
tho cases failure is only a strategcnitoeseniw
the aymcut of honest debts nnd put tho
world ott the track whllo they practice a
large swindle Thoreis something woefully
wrong In tho fact that those tilings are pos
sible. First of all, I charge the blamo on careless,
Indifferent bank directors and boards having
la charge great financial Institutions. It
ought not to bo possible for a prcsldont or
cashier or prominent officer of a banking in
stitution to swindle it year after year with
out detection. I will undcrtako to say that
If these frauds nro carried on for two or
areo years without detection, either the
directors are partners In tho infamy and
pocketed part of the theft, or thoy are guilty
ef a culpable neglect of duty, for which God
will hold them as responsiblo as ho holds tho
acknowledged dofraudors. What right havo
prominent business men to allow their names
to bo published as directors in a financial
Institution, so that unsophisticated peoplo
are thereby induced to deposit their monoy
la or buy the scrip thoreof, whon thoy, tho
published directors, aro doing nothing for
the safety of tho Institution. It is a case of de
ception most reprehensible. Many peoplo with
a surplus of money, not needed for lmmodlato
use, although it may bo a littlo further on
Indispensable, nro without friends compotcnt
to advise them, and thoy aro guided sololy by
tho character of tho men whoso names aro
associated with tho Institution. When tho
crash camo, and with tho overthrow of tho
banks went tho small earnings and limited
fortunes of widows and orphans, and tho
helplessly aged, tho directors stood with
Miotic stare, and to tho inquiry of tho
f ronriod depositors and stockholders who had
lost their nil, nud to the arraignment of an
Indignant public hnd nothing to sny except:
"Wo thought It was all right Wo did not
know thero was anything wrong go
ing on." It was their duty to know.
Thoy stood in a position which de
luded tho peoplo with tho idea that
they were carefully oHcrvnnt. Calling
themselves directors, they did not direct.
Thoy had opiwrtunlty of auditing accounts
and inspecting tho books. No time to do sol
Then they had uo business to accept tho posi
tion. It seems to be tho prldo of somo monlod
'men to bo directors in a groat mnuy Institu
tions, and nil thoy know is whether or not
they get their dividends regularly, and their
names aro used oa decoy ducks to brlug others
Bear enough to bo inado game of. What, first
of nil, is needod is that live thousand bank di
rectors and insurance company directors re
sign or ntUmd to thglr businoM as directors.
The business world will bo full of fraud just
as long as fraud is so easy. Whan you arrest
she president and secretary of n bank for an
smbeazleraeut carried oa for many years,
have plenty of sheriffs out tho snmo day to
arrest all the directors. They aro guilty
aUber of neglect or complicity,
"Ob," some one will say, "better preach
1 Ike gospel and let luminous matters alone,"
J replyi If your gospel does not Inspire
ail oa honesty la the dealings of men, tho
aoemr yoa close up your Gospel and pitch it
!Jsj4s) the depth of the Atlaatio ocean tho
better. An orthodox swindler Is worse thnn
a heterodox swindler. Tho recitation of all
tho cnthechlsms ami creeds over written,
and drinking from all tho communion chal
ices thnt ever glittered in tho churches of
Christendom, will never savo your soul
unless your business character corresponds
with your religious profession. Home of tho
worst scoundrel In America have been mem
Iters of churches, nnd thoy got fat on sermons
nliout heaven when thoy most needed to hnvo
tho pulpits preach thnt which would either
bring them to repentance or thunder them
out of tho holy communion, where tholr
presence was a sacrilege and nit infamy.
Wo mustrapeclnlly ileploro tho misfortune
of banks In various parts of thl country in
thnt thoy dnmngo the bnnklng Institution,
which I tho great convenience of the con
turles, nud indlsjieusnblo to commerce nnd
tho ndvntiro of nations. With otto hand It
blesses tho leudor, nnd with tho othor It
blesses tho borrower. Tho Umk wns born of
tho world's necessities, nud Is veuernblo with
tho marks of thousand of years. Two hun
dred years before Christ tho bank of Ilium ox
Isted nnd paid its depositors 10 or cent. Tho
bank of Venice was established In 1171, nud
wns of such high credit Hint its bills woro at
a premium nbovo coins, which went fre
quently cllpied. Hank of (lonon, founded In
l!H.t; bank of Hnrcolonn, 1401: Hank of Am
sterdam, 10(K); Hank of Hamburg, founded
1U10, Its circulation based on great silvor bars
kept In tho vnults; liank of Knglnnd,
started by William I'nttarson In NH3,
up to this day managing tho stupendous
dobtof Knglnnd; Hank of Hcotlnnd, founded
In KiW; Hank of Ireland, 17H.I; Hank of
North America, planned by Iloltert Morris,
1771, without whoso financial holp all tho
bravery of our grandfathers would not have
achieved Amoricnn lndcondence. Hut now
wo havo Iwtnks In nil our cities nud towns,
thousands nnd thousands. On tholr shoulders
nro tho Interests of privnto indlvldttnls nnd
grent corporations. In thom nro tho great
arteries through which run tho currents of
tho nation's life. They havo been tho re
sources of tho thousands of financiers In days
of business exigency. Thoy stand for ac
commodation, for facility, for Individual,
state and nntloiml roller. At tholr bond nnd
in their mnnngement there is as much in
terest nnd moral worth as in any clnss of
men perlia;) more. How nofnrlotis, then,
tho liehavlor of thoso who bring disrepute
upon Hits venornblo, benignant nnd Ood
honored Institution,
AVo nlso ileploro nbuso of trust funds, Ikv
cnuso thoy ily In tho face of thntdlvlno good
liess which seems determined to bless this
land. Wo nro hnvlng tho eighth year of un
exampled national harvest. Tho whont
gamblers get hold of tho wheat, and tho corn
gamblers get hold of tho corn. Tho full tide
of God's mercy toward this land Is put twick
by thooo grent dykes of dishonest resistance.
When God provides enough food nnd clothing
to feed nnd nppnrel this wholo nation like
princes, tho scramble of dishonest men to got
moro thnn their share, and get it nt nil
linzards, keeps everything shaking with un
certainty nnd everybody nsklng: "Whnt
noxtl" Kvcry week mnkos now roveln
tions. How many moro bank presi
dents and bank cashiers havo lieon specu
lating with othor peoplo's monoy, and
how many moro tmnk directors aro In
linbocllo silence lotting tho perfidy go on, the
great and patient God only knows! My
opinion Is that wo havo cot near tho bottom.
Tho wlud has been pricked from tho great
bubblo of American speculation. Tho men
who thought Hint tho judgment day wns at
least 0,000 years oIT, fouud It In 1888, 1887 and
1880; and this nation has been taught that
men must keep their hands out of othor ico
pie's pockets. Groat businesses built on bor
rowed capital have beou obliterated, and men
who had nothing havo lost all thoy had. I
bcllevo wo aro started on a higher career of
prosperity thou Hits land has ever seen, if,
and if, and if.
If tho first men, nnd especlnlly Christian
men, will learn novcr tospoculato upon bor
rowed capital If you havo a mind to take
your own money and turn it all luto kites, to
ily thom over ovory commons in tho United
Btntes, you do society no wrong, oxcept when
you tumblo your helpless children into the
poor house for the public to tako care of.
Hut you have no right to tako tho mouoy of
othors nnd turn It into, kites. Thero Is ono
word thnt has deluded moro jieoplo Into bank
ruptcy and state prison and perdition than
any other word in commorclal llfo, and that
is tho word borrow; that ono word is respon
sible for all tho defalcations, and embezzle
ments, and financial consternations of the
last twonty years. Whon executors conclude
to speculate with the funds of an estate com
mitted to tholr charge, thoy do not purloin,
thoy say thoy only borrow; when a bankor
makes an overdraught upon his Institution,
ho docs not commit theft, ho only borrows.
When tho officer of a company, by flaming ad
vertisement in somo rollglous papers, and gilt
certificates of stock, gets a multltudo of
country peoplo to put their small earnings
into an enterprise for carrying on somo un
developed nothing, he does not fraudulently
tako tholr money, ho only borrows. Whon a
young man with easy access to his employer's
monoy drawer, or tho confidential clerk by
closo propinquity to the account books, takes
a fow dollars for a Wall street excursion, ho
expects to put it back; ho will put it all
back; ho will put It all back very soon. Ho
only borrows. What Is needed is some man
of glgantlo limbs to tako his placo at tho
curbstone In front of Trinity church, and
when tliat word borrow comos bounding
along, kick It clean through to Wall street
ferry boat, and if, striking on that, it bounds
clear over till it htrikes Drooklyn heights or
Brooklyn hill, it will be well for tho City of
Why, when you nro going to do wrong,
pronounce so long a "word as borrow, a word
of six letter, when you can getaBhortor
word moro desorlpttvo of tho reality, a word
of only 11 vo letters, tho wonl stonlf
Thero aro times whon wo all borrow, and
borrow legitimately, nnd liorrow with tho
dlvlno blessing, for Christ in his sermon on
tho mount enjoins, "From him that would
borrow of theo turn not thou away." A
young man rightly borrows monoy to get
his education. Purchasing a house and not
able to pay all down In cash, tho purchaser
rightly borrows it on mortgage Crises
como in business whon it would bo wrong
for a man not to borrow. Hut I roll this
warning through nil thoso aisles, over tho
backs of nil these pows, never Itorrow to
speculate; not n dollar, not n cent, not a
farthing. Young mon, young men, I warn
you by your worldly presjiocU nnd tho value
of your immortal souls, do not do it Thoro
aro breakers distinguished for tholr ship
wrecks tho Hnnways, tho Needles, tho
Caskets, tho Douvers, tho Amlerlos, tho
Bkerrios and many a craft lias gone to
pieces on thoso rocks; but I hnyo to toll you
that all tho Hanways, ami tho Noodles, and
tho Caskets, and the Hkerrl" niv us nothing
compared with tho long lino of breakers
which bound tho ocean of commorclal life
north, south, oast and west with tho white
foam of their despair and tho dlrgo of their
damnatlon--tho breakers of borrow.
It I had only a worldly weapon to uso on
this subject I would give you the fact fresh
from the highest authority, that 00 per cent,
of those who go into speculation in Wall
street lose all, but I have a better warning
than a worldly warning. From tho place
where men havo perished .body, mind and
tonl stand off, stand off I Abstract putpl'
discussion must esldo on this qucstleii. Pall I'
and repentance are nlolutcly nocoiwiry, but
faith and repentance nro no moro -liK'trliii
of tho lllbln thnn commorclal Integrity. Hon
ilcr to all their dues, Owo no man any thing.
And whllo I mean to preach faith mid ro
cntanco, moro and moro to preach them, I
do not menu to spend nuy tlino
in chasing tho Hlttltos and Jobu
sites nud Gtrgnshltcs of Hlhlo times,
when thero nro so many evils right nrouud
us destroying mon and women for tlmo nnd
for eternity, Tho greatest ovnugellstlo
preacher tho world evor saw, a man who
died for his ovangollsm is-erless l'ntil
wroto to tho Homnnsi "Provide things hon
est In tho sight of nil mom" wroto to tho
Corinthians: "Do that which Is honest;"
wroto to tho Phlllpplnns: "Whatsoever
things aro honest;" wroto to tho Hebrews!
"Willing In all things to llvo honest I, ." Tho
Hlblesays that faith without work ilsdenil,
which bolng HWally translated, menu that
if your business llfo does not corre)oud
with your profession, your religion I n hum
bug. Hero 1 something that needs to ho founded
Into tho ears of nil tbo young men of Amer
ica, and Iterated and roltornted, It thin couu
try Is over to lo delivered from Its calami
lies, nud commercial proorlty is to bo
established and oriotuatod Llvo within
your means.
I havo tho highest commercial authority
for saying Hint when tho momornblo trnublo
broko out In Wnll street four yenrs ago
thoro wero $2)5,000,000 In suspense which
hail already boon spent BiksihI no moro
thnn you niako. And lot us adjust nil our
busluosi nud our homes by tho principles of
tho Christian religion.
Our religion ought to moan just us much
on Saturday anil Monday as on tho day lw
tween, and not as n mero periphrasis of sanc
tity. Our religion ought to first clean our
hearts, nud then It ought to clean our lives,
Ilellglon is not, n somo seem to think, n sort
ot church delectation, n kind of confection
pry, n sort of spiritual caramel or holy gum
drop, 6r snnctifiod iepi)ormtut, ortheulogl
col nnrosthotlo. It is nn omnipotent princi
ple, nil controlling, nil conquering. You
may get nloug with something less tr.iu that,
and you may deceive yourself with it; but
you cannot docclvo Ood, nnd you cannot
deceive tho world Tlio keen business man
will put on bis spectacles, and ho will look
cloar through to tho back of your head and
seowhothor your religion Is a fiction or a
fact And you cannot hldo your samples of
sugnr, or rlco, or tea, or cuffou If thoy nro
falsa; you cannot hide them under tho cloth
of a communion tablo. All your prayers, go
for nothing so long as you misrepresent your
banking Institution, nud in tho amount ot tho
resources you put down moro siecIo, nnd
moro fractional currency, nud more clearing
houso certificates, and moro legal tender
notes, nnd moro loans, nnd moro discounts
thnn thoro really are. and when you glvo nu
account of your liabilities you do .iot men
tion nil tho unpaid dividends, nud the United
Htntcs bank notes outstanding, nud tho In
dividual deposits, and tho obligation!) to other
banks nnd bankers. An nutboilty moro
scrutinizing thnn thnt of any bank oxamlnor
will go through and through and through
your business.
I stand this morning before many who
have trust funds. It is a compliment to you
tliat you havo been so intrusted; but 1
chnrgo you, In tho presence of God nud tho
world, bo careful; lo ns careful of the prop
erty of othors as you aro careful of your
own. Aliovo all, keep your own private ac
count nt tho bank separata from your ac
count as trusteo of an estato, or trustee of nn
institution. That is tho oint nt which thou
sands of peoplo mnko shipwreck. Thoy got
tho property of others mixed, up with tholr
own property, thoy put it Into investment,
nnd away it all goes, and thoy cannot return
thnt which thoy borrowed. Then comes tho
explosion, nud tho money market Is shaken,
and tho prosi denounces, and tlio church
thunders oxpulsion. You havo no right to
use tho property of othors, except for
their advantago, nor without consent,
unless thoy nro minors. If with their
consent you invest tholr property as
well as you can, nnd It is all lost,
you nro not to blamo; you did tho best you
could;' but do not come into the delusion
which has ruined so mnuy men, of thinking
becauso a thing Is In their possession, there
fore it Is theirs. You hnvo a solemn trust
that God has given you. In this vait assem
blage there may bo some who have misappro
priated trust funds. Put them back, or, if
you havo so hopelessly involved them that
you cannot put thom back, confess tho wholo
thing to thoso whom you havo wronged, and
you will sleep better nights, and you will
havo tho better chance for your soul. What
a sad thing it would bo if, after you aro
dead, your administrator should find out
from the account books, or from tho lack ot
vouchers, that you not only wero bankrupt
In estate, but that you lost your soul. If all
tho trust funds that havo been misappro
priated should suddoidy fly to tholr owners,
and all tho property that luu been purloined
should suddenly go back to its owners, it
would crush Into ruin ovory city in America.
A missionary in ono ot tho islands of tho
Pacific preached on dlshonosty, and tho noxt
morning ho looked out of his window, nnd ho
saw his yard full of goods of all kluds. Ho
wondered and asked the causo of all this.
"Well," said tho natives, "our gods that wo
havo been worshipping ermlt us to steal, but
according to whnt you said yesterday, tho
God of heaven and earth will not allow this,
so wo bring back all these goods, and wo ask
you to help us in taking them to tho places
whoro thoy belong." If noxt Sabbath nil tho
ministers in America should preach bernious
on tho nbuso ot trust funds, and on the evils
of purloining, nud tho sermons wero all
blessed of God, and regulations wero mndo
thnt nil these things should bo taken to tho
city balls, it would not lw long before overy
city hall in America would be crowded from
collar to cupola.
Let mo hay In tho most emphatic manner
to all young men, dishonesty will novcr pay.
An abbot wanted to buy a ploco of ground,
nnd tho owner would not bell It, but tho
ownor finally consented to let it to him until
ho could rnlso ono crop, and tho abbot sowed
ucorns, n crop of 'XO years I And I toll you,
young man, that tho dlshonostlos which you
plant in your henrt and life will seem to bo
very insignificant, but thoy will grow up un
til thoy will overshadow you with horrible
darkness, overshadow all tlmo and nil eter
nity. It will not bo a crop for IXX) years, but
a crop for everlasting ages,
I havo also a wonl of comfort for all who
sulfor from tho malfeasance of others, and
overy honest man, woman nnd child does
suffer from what goes on in financial scamp
dom. Bocloty Is so bound together that nil
tho misfortunes which good jieoplo suiror In
busluchS matters como from tho misdeeds of
othors. Hear up under distress, strong in
God. Ho will see you through, though your
misfortunes should be centupled. Philoso
phers toll us that n column ot air forty-flvo
miles in height rests on ovary man's head ind
shoulders. Hut Hint U nothing compared
with tho pressure that business llfo has put
upon many ot vm. God made up his mind
long ago hoiv many or how few dollars it
would bo best for you to have. Trust to his
uppolntment The door will soon open to
Iot you out and let you up. What shock of
delight for men who for thirty years have
lxcn In business anxiety when they shall sud
denly nwnko In ovorlnstlng holiday. On tho
mnts of tho Arctlo regions thero nro two
places whoso names nro remnrkablo, glvon, I
suppose, by somo Polnr expedition "Capo
Farewell" and "Thank Ood Harbor.11 At this
last tho Polaris wintered In 1871, nnd tho
Tigress In 1873. Somo ships havo insod tlio
caxj, yet nover reached tho harlior. Hut
from whnt I know of many of you, I hnvo
concluded Hint though your voyage of llfo
may lw very rough, run Into by leeliergs ou
this side and Icc1ergs on that, you will In
due tlmo reach Cao Farewell and thero bid
good-hy to nil nnnoynnccs, nnd soon after
drop nurhor In tho calm and lnicrturlnb1o
wntors of Thank God Hnrbor. "Thero tbo
wicked ccaso from troubling, nnd tho weary
aro at rest"
Rrnn nt nn Ant's Funnrnt,
Tho following Incident npenrs In the
"Proceedings of tho Llnnean Hoclety," hav
ing liecn communicated to Hint learned body
by nn observor In Australia. Tho writer
saw a largo number of ants surrounding
somo that ho had killed, nnd determined to
wntch tholr proceedings closely. Accord
ingly ho followed four or five Hint started
oIT from tho rest townrd a hillock n short
dlstanco off, in which was nu nnt's nest
This thoy entered, nnd In about flvo minutes
thoy renpicnrcd, followed by others. All
fell Into rank, walking regularly and slowly,
two by two, until thoy arrived at tho spot
where lay tho dead bodies of tho soldier ants.
In a few minutes two of tho nuts advanced
nnd took up tho body of ono of their com
rades, then two others, nud so ou, until
nil were ready to mnrch. First walked two
outs lcnrlng a body, nnd thon two without n
bunion, then two others with another dcod
ant, nnd so ou, until tho lino wns extended
to nlwut forty pairs, and tho procession now
moved slowly onward, followed by an Irreg
ular body of alwut 'J00 nuts. Occasionally
tho two laden ants stopped, nnd laying down
tho dead body it was taken up by tho two
walking unburdened liohlud them, and thus
by occasionally relieving each other, thoy
arrived at n sandy spot near the sea.
Tho Iwdy of ants now commenced digging
with tholr Jaws n numlier of holes in tho
ground, In each of which a dead nut wns
lnid. Then thoy nil foil to nnd filled up tho
graves. This did not qulto finish the ro
markablo circumstance nttendlng this In
sect funeral. Bomo six or soven of the ants
hail attempted to run off without perform
ing their share of tho task of digging; these
wero caught and brought back, when they
wero nt onco nttneked nnd killed on tho siot
A single grave was quickly du?, and thoy
were nil dropped Into it Capo Argus.
A Dog's Arooii)iIUhinniits.
It Is no now thing, of course, for dogs to bo
jwllto, for no human being carries tho Idea
of self sacrlflco to such a point as dogs do.
What man would leavo his dinner utterly
untouched, no matter If ho was ravenously
hungry, Just to ncconinny a friend on a
walk In tho woods f That Is a thing which
almost nny good dog would do. Tho
Listener's own collie, of whoho character and
accomplishments ho has, ho believes, hereto
fore boasted, holds all bis own puriwsos and
nppotltort Invariably secondary to tho notions
of nt least half n dozen human lieings.
This samo colllo, by tho way, has mastered
a now accomplishment, entirely without in
struction. Ho shaken his head when ho wants
to sny "no." Tho snmo dog is well known
nmong his friends for his muslcnl nccom
pllshments, being nblo to sound the scale,
scarcely accurately, but with oxcellent Inten
tion, to sing high or low notes ns tho koy is
given him though, to toll tho truth, ho hits
tho oxnet note only nbout ns frequently ns do
certain public singers not to bo named ami
his trills nro Invariably greeted with great
opplauso. His musical accomplishments havo
loacLan admiring critic to tiestow upon him
thofulo of prima dogga. Uoston Transcript
I'rlco f IJeer lit Pnrls.
A curious phenomenon Is now taking placo
in this country. Tho price of cattlo on tho
hoof is falling, and nt tho snmo tlmo a
marked Increase Is noticeable in that of
dressed meats. In other words, French
breeders nro forced to bell their cattlo at
lower prices Hum thoy could get a year or
two ago, whllo never before has tho cost of
veul, beef and mutton licen greater to thoso
of us who consume such articles of food.
Hero in Paris nnd all the other lnrgo cities
bf Franco peoplo nre grumbling nt tho In
crease of butchers' bills, nud farmers all ovo
tho country nro complaining thnt It no long
pays to rnlso cattle for tho markets. No it
sinco 1870 has tho price of oxen, calves and
sheep been so low as now, and In somo cattlo
raising districts, notably in tho eastern de
partments, the decrease Is quite 60 jkt cent
Iu the neighborhood of Lyons, tho city after
Paris that consumes tho largest quantity of
moat, cattlo on tho hoof, which four years
ago wero belling for tMOtofll tho hundred
weight nro not now bringing moro thnn from
18 to t0. In Normandy cows aro selling for
$30, which In April, 18S0, would havo brought
$80 to $100. Honry Huynlo's Purls Letter.
Word from M, llenun.
"And after a llfo well filled, tlio conscious
ness of a duty well done, what I.i thero bo
hind r
"Mystery, mystery. Speculations on tho
ultimata end ot man aro too mcsqulns.
For my own part, I bollovo that ho who
has sought tho right nnd truth for their own
sako will not havo done so with loss.
Thero may lw flno surprises on tho other sldo.
It Is better that wo should know
nothing. Thoso who do good with a future
reward in view havo no moro morlt than tho
ono who invests in an enterpllso that prom
ises profitable returns. A good man is not
ono forewarned." Lo Cocq do Lnutrcppo in
Now York Post
Duty nr rhy.lcal Health.
A littlo girl gave her fnthor tho most im
portant condition of physical well lwlng
when, iu nnswer to tho question, "What was
tho minister's textl" sho replied, "Keop youi
soul on top." Challenged to find the toxt,
sho discovered that It read, "I keep under
my body." Hut sho had got tho right Inter
pretation of it Ho who keeps his soul on
top, but makes his lody a strong nud vigor
ous instrument of his soul, will observe the
two conditions of physical well lelng, nud
will havo what Is tho essence of truo man
hood, ft sound soul in a sound body. Cor.
Christian Union.
A Clinrltiililb ?-Soltlnn.
A proposition which has met with mucl
fovor iu Now York is that tho city shall
pond $300,000 In tho erection of three free
lodging housestwo for men nnd cno foi
women; ono of thoso for men to bo located
below Canal btreet, and thnt for women not
highor up ou tho island than Fourteenth
street Uostou transcript
Tile l'tttsnro nt l'actt.
France has taken up tho conterboard ques
tion. A national nautical authority says in
Lo Yacht that "the day Is approaching when
tho Yacht Ilaoing association will bo obliged
to yield to tho prebsuro ot facts which have
triumphantly i.liown the real worth of these
sadly underrated boat, Naw York Sun.
Finest .- Production
' " ' i..t ,.., , ii. . .I,., . i I,, r
Medicinal & Family Use
The G. M. Jarvis Company
is located at San Jose, in the lovely Santa Clara Valley, and
the picturesque Santa Cruz Mountains, a region that grows
every variety of grapes known On the favored Rhine or on
the sunny slopes of the Mediterranean.
In this beautiful, fertile valley the purple, golden and deli
cious grapes arc ripened to perfection, and among these deli
cious harvests of vineyard products arc made their
Choice Port, Golden Sherry, Muscatelle and
and from the Reisling Wine they distill the
Which is now the standard of purity and excellence in this
country. Wc were awarded
at Illinois State Fair 1872.
at World's Fair, New Orleans.
We have taken Seven First Prizes, and have in our
possession seven Gold Medals from State Fairs of California,
The great assayer and chemist of San Francisco says: "I have
submitted your Brandy to a most searching chemical analysis
and find no adulteration, no fusel oil. It is a remarkably pure
of San Francisco, says: "I have analyzed the Jarvis Reisling
Grape Brandy, and find it pure and a genuine good article.1'
The followinjs ron the well-known Analytical C! em'sf
of Chicago.
Gentlemen. I have made complete analyses of your
Wines and Brandies. These tcsrs show me that they are not
only strictly pure but that they contain all the essential quali
ties so much admired by leading wine chemists.
Analytical Chemist Chicago Med. Col.
All testify to the purity, wholesomeness and high standard of
the Jarvis goods. They are known the world over and have
become deservedly popular for
The goods are always to be relied upon; prices low for
first class article and put up in packages convenient for all.
Their Rich Bartlett Pear Cider
s a most delicious, healthy and nutritious, as well as the mos
popular, drink ever offered. Made from the Over-ripe Bart
lett Pear, boiled down and filtered through charcoal. It wit.
not ferment or spoil.
San Jose, Cal. 39 N. State St. Chicago.
W. B. HOWARD, ja&eling Salesman.
Family Supply Agent for Lincoln, Neb,