Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, March 10, 1888, Image 1

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Vol. 3. No 13
Phioic Fivic Oicnts
Intended lii Tlrkle the ltlsllillllrs or In
duce Philosophical Discussion.
AM ill receiptor ii jirogrnm from St. Louis
containing thocnst of tho performance of
"Dnvld Onrrlck," given by tlio Harmo
nlo chili nt their own mink- hull. Tlio
occasion is 8K)kon of as n lirllllniit success nnd
In looking over tho list of unities on tho lny
1)111 1 observe ninong other familiar lintnos
that of our esteemed friend, Mr. Jncoli
Mnhler. It goos without saying that with
tlili gentlemnn in tho cniit, tlio plajr could bo
taught elso but a success.
Sjioaking of Mr. Mnhler reminds mo that
wo will not kco bis smiling eountennnco in
Lincoln thin sjirlug iih in tho jinst. When I
last saw tho gallnnt jirofwwor, which was nt
his homo in St, Louis, ho was freo to confess
thnt in his opinion it would not ny him to
coma to Lincoln again this season. Doing
nwnro of tho fact that ho had taught nearly
every ono that cared to learn dancing In his
past three seasons, ho did not feel like pushing
himself on tho good graces of his constituent
for tho fourtli consecutlvo season. Horeniark
od to tno: "I knowjtho jieoplo of Lincoln havo
received mo very kindly, nil of which I nj
preclato anil feel assured If I wcro to reojien
in Lincoln noxt spring that I would do well,
but I don't like to 'rido n good honso to death,'
so I will not go to Lincoln tho coming season.
Most all tho young folks havo learned to
ilanco slnco I opened my first clnss and tliero
aro not enough of tho younger generation
there to mnko a class the success that I would
Denver seems to bo Mr. Mahler's Idea for
noxt spring's visit. Ho has Ijeen requested
by leiuling social lights of tho Colorado capi
tal, to open n class there and thinks seriously
of so doing. I am of tho opinion Hint if Mr.
Mahler was guaranteed a certain numlior of
pupils ho would return to Lincoln Instead of
going to Denver, and as tliero aro n number
of our social leadeni tlmt havo expressed a
ilesiro for Mahler's return, I would suggest
that some ono tako tho mutter in hand uiid
see If sullleleiit Inducement could not bo of
fered tor his return. Tliero aro a. largo num
ber who havo said they "would like to tako
lessons If Mnhler would como back," and nil
that is necessary Is for soino ono to take tlio
Mr. Mohlor has not said ho would come
back, to tho contrnry however declines to ro
turn, but llko any business man, If It can bo
shown that it would iny hliu to return I
think ho would como, and I would Ihj very
glad to hoar of such news. Mr. Mahler Is
not looked upon ns simply a tutor of dancing,
but as a gentleman who has hosts of friends
hero Is a royal entertainer, nnd our so
cially Inclined neoiilo has nover failed to ni-
prociato his kind assistance at tho various
Catherines' thoy havo given. I know ho
would lie Kindly welcomed and trust that an
effort will bo made to havo him return, for
nn eirort will do no harm.
Casually strolling about town Tuesday I
stepied Into the Women's Kxchango for din
ner, nnd I must admit, notwithstanding I
had heard ninny complimentary remarks
nlHHit tho place, I was surprised to see every
thing so very neat, tastefully nnd handsomely
furnished. Tho ladles have turned tho for
mer dingy looking Btoro room, corner of
Twelfth and P streets, Into a handsome din
ing room where wholesome and homo mudo
dinners nro served. As predicted by tlio
CouniEU, tho enterprise proven a grand suc
cess from tho start and will bo duly fostered
by tho multitude of seekers for digestible
"This seems llko home." said n young man
who sat opiHwlto to mo nt the Kxchango eat
ing his dinner und relishing it ns if it had
been prepared by his own dear mother. "I
tell you," continued ho, "thls'll catch mo hero
after," nnd I may ndd when sulllelently In
troduced and made known lb will draw hun
dreds of young men dally who eat on high
stools at lunch counters and other places.
Tliero tiro a numlior of things to lie considered
In jiatrouizlng the Indies' now enterprise, viz:
1st, it is a cluiritable institution mid for what
ever money you leave you get moro than its
worth. 2d, tho cooking Is under tho direct
supervision of the most prominent lud leu of
tho city who givo It their time nnd attention
gratis. !!rd, It Is tho moit attractive and
cleanest resort of the kind In the city, nnd
prices aro no higher than nt restaurants und
lunch counters, so it is certainly ndvantagous
for you to visit tho ladies of tlio Kxchango
often, Hero you can bestow charity both on
a noblo cnuse and on yourself r.s well.
The old saying mac "imoclcthcs don't make
a man," was truly demonstrated nt the Kan
tnsina performance Tuesday night. I refer
to n jiersou who is accustomed to occupy nsont
in tho gallery. Ho took a lady to the jer
formnuco nnd at tho comedy jwirts w hen ev
ery ono on tho flrst iloor would glvo vent to
their feelings of delight by clapping their
hands and laughing, this particular Individ
ual, liolng mi accustomed to hoot und givo a
regular war cry, that, forgetting himself nnd
the place ho was in, gnvo Ills usual expression
of delight, much to tho minoyuuco of many
about him and amused others who enjoyed
tlio nwkwnnlnoss of the occurrence, Huch
peoplu should continue to visit tlio galleries
until they know how to act when sea ted umoiig
ladies and gentlemen.
At tho depot this week it has lieen rather
dllllciilt for anyone to enter the west plat
form. Kvoryono was coiniellod to either
show n pass or a railroad ticket. Kven em
ployes lmd to havo a puss signed by tho su
perintendent and show them up In passing
tho "dead line" or to go through tho doors
leading to the platform from which trains or
rivo and deimrt. (loo. Fan ell ns chief, was
on hand with tome twelve, or tlftoou sjiecial
K)lico to see that none but such could jxiss.
Don't (let Caught
This spring with your blood full of Impurities,
your digestion Impaired, your upjietito poor,
kidneys and liver torpid, mid whole system
liable to lie prostrated by disease -but got
yourself Into good condition, and ready for
tho changing und wnrmer weather, by taking
Hood's Bai-sporllla. It stands unequalled for
purifying the blood, giving an appetite, und
fur gvnerul spring iiiodlcluo.
Trickey &Co.,wholobulouud retail Jewelers,
fhe County (,'omiiilssloiiots Ooiidmiinril
lor Adopting Inferior I'orclgu
KniTOU CouuiKU; Tho decision of tho
county commissioners In favor of tho adop
tion of the plans of an Omaha architect In
preference to those of a local architect for tho
now county court house, has caused genernl
dlsapprolmtloii. Thnsieclal jiolutsof merit
upon which this decision was based have not
lieen made public. Certain It Is, however,
that Judges, clerks, barristers and others who
had examined nil tho plans critically, and
whoso opinions must lie rvxcctcd, pronounc
ed tho plans submitted by Mr. Hawkins be
yond n question the most conveniently ar
ranged, most economical nnd unoquollcd in
tlio matter of light and ventilation. In out
wnrd npHnanco Judging from the elevations
and iiersjiecTlvo wo would hnvu had a struc
ture iniKslng, nnd of n modern design. The
coni)etlvo designs of Mr, Hawkins havo been
on exhibition for tho past week in the store
windows of A. M. Davis & Hon, and have
lieen ndmlrlugly vlowed by hundreds of jieo
plo who do not hesitate to denounce the In
justice of tho decision which fulled to "render
unto Caesar tho things which are Cnosar's."
At tho same timo the ipiostlon has been
raised, why were not the accepted plans plncod
In somo prominent jiosltlon that all might
see nnd bo consoled. Wo understand, how
ever, that thoy were In n rather crude state
not yet ready for public gawj or comparison.
It is generally conceded that tho cities which
enjoy tho greatest prosperity nro those which
keep their interests nt homo, nnd not until
Lincoln encourages homo talent and home
Industries, nnd has prirfr anil honor In tho
bestowal of her fnvors, will she succeed.
Do you Imagine for one moment that tho
press and citizens of Omnha would havo jior
mlttcd such a pieco of w ork to go out of their
city, when tho homo production was by gen
eral opinion termed the best) Soma, how
ever, seem to think green Holds nro always In
tlio distance, but oftentimes they prove but
ban-on wastes, nnd thoy llnd to their chngrin,
"that all good does not eminnto from Omaha.
AA lion will Lincoln discard hrlendlngstrlngs
ami lenru to net independently 1 She might
ns well bo merged into the sister city proving
a valuable, suburban nddltlou.
However, as the jiolltienl stylo of to-dny
In tho metropolitan east is "lioodllng,"
It has been charged by many that the stylo
has struck Lincoln. Our Omnha friends
having had n taste of boodling, have appar
ently tried It on Lincoln, nnd tho scheme, it
seems, hns worked well, IIomk Kiuht.
Hlio L'ainv.
"Miss Footo, from Chicago, arrived last
night." (Extract from a letter.) Ufa.
Miss l.uoliillrlllln.
This talented lady entertained a largo nnd
appreciative nudleuco nt tho Y. M. C. A.
rooms Thursday night. Miss (Irillln ns nn
imorsountor certainly docs the various char
acters in u creditable manner, wlil'o in her
recitations sho shows that much time and
study has been strictly paid to her calling.
The several encores were as deserving, ns tho
audience was appreciative in thus manifest
I'lg their npprovnl of tho artist's work.
(Iruut Memories.
Parson, the (Ireek scholar, could repeat
Milton's 'Vnrndiso Lost" lmckwanls.
A monk, who resided in Moscow, In tho fif
teenth century, could repeat tho whole of the
Now Testament.
George HI, though deficient In education,
nover forgot a name once heard or a faco
once seen.
It is said of Themlstocles thnt ha could call
by nnmo tlio jxxqilo of Athens, which city
then numbered 'JO.OOO inhabitants.
Mr. nnd Mrs. II. I'. Foster nro onco inoro
nt homo to friends, having arrived Wednes
day evening. Thoy havo had a delightful
trip to Now York, Pennsylvania and Illinois,
voting in Chicago lieforo returning. They
look well, utiil the CouuiKU Is pleased to wel
come them "homo again,"
Vnfortuaota Ilciulta.
Bho I hoar that you havo lost your vnlu
ablo little dog, Mr. Sissy.
IIo-Yii'ns, In a rnilrond accident. I was
saved, but the dnwg was killed.
Sho (shocked) "What rt pltyl-Tho Epoch.
A Change of lliulnxis.
First Heggnr AVoll, Tim, what lay nro you
working now?
Second Beggar Oh, tho crlpplo for Hfo
racket. Had my legs dlsnblod during tho
war, you know. Hut it will lx my last week
In this business.
"What nro you going nt noxtl"
"1'vo cngnged with a variety show as a
high kicker and start in on Monday."
Omaha World.
A Descriptive Article on 1'iiriistnu An.
Tlio Churches (liilterle. lite.
tWrltton for tho Couiukiu
rencheil Paris from Halo, which Is
town of Switzerland, iKmlorlng
uiMin Franco, or rather Alasco, tho
lllilnn iirovhuv taken bv tho (ler-
mnus from Franco In tho recent war. A littlo
Incident on tho way shows the feellng.thnt
still oxlsts in tho French nrmy townnls their
nelghliors on tho lllilnc. The government at
Paris hnil Just ordoivd tho mobllluitlon or nn
nrmy corps, In tho south of Franco. As
train, containing ninny Herman toui lit, had
reached a station in Franco, wo found n long
train of French soldiers standing on tho
track near our train. As soon as tho soldiers
took in tho situation, as many n could, shout
ed as loud as Kwslblo from every door nnd
window of their train, "Ikmlnngerl IJoulnn
gerl" and kept It up until our train, contain
tabling Clermnns, had passed on. Just now,
this genernl is popular with tho army anil is
ready for n camjinlgn against Germany nt a
moment's notice, which wo do not bcllevo.
Wo camo through a lovely country to-dny,
jwrt8 of Germany, Switzerland and Franco.
That jwrtlon of Franco, through which wo
IMissed, was under ii high state of cultivation,
It was mostly farming and grnjio vinos. The
soil evidently required much fortlllntion,
having an old worn-out look In places. There
wore nbout us many women in tho Held as
men. Tlio men without lints, ns is tho fash
ion here, with tho country jieopla Tho forest
trows nppenrcd qulto plenty looking not un
llko our cottonwood, nnd I liellovo of tho
snme siHjeios. Tho Innbardy iioplnr seemed
to lie n great favorlto and wo found them
around many farms and gardens.
Tlw richest jvirts of Euroio wo hnvo kmii
yot aro tho countries liordprlng on tho Ali.
Tlio northern irt of Italy Is n jiorfoct gar
den, alxjundlng In fruits, flowers nnd vines.
Tho Tyrolese country is nil very pieturosquo
ami fruitful. Today wo have not soon so
ninny vineynrds, which nro found mostly In
tho south of Franco. Wo find that nearly
everybody drinks wlno hero at dinner, which
is from 11 to 8 p. in. These simple wines nro
believed to Iw a great help to healthy diges
tion. A half bottle of llordcuux, or Khlno
wlno cosU less than twenty cents. It Is used
only nt meals, and yetwohuvo seen nodruiik
noss. Tliero nro no saloons In our sense; this
Is no coiieeilmont. A jmrty traveling on tho
cars carries n lunch nnd of course- n Iwttlo of
wlno or two. I Haw nut a drunken limn in
Switzerland where uvurybody drinks wine.
Wo saw none in Venice. It is chiefly tho
whisky und lioor drinking people who get
drunk, the Kugllsh, tho Scotch, Irish und
Americans. Tlio Germans nro oxcessivo beer
It is now lovely Bciitomlior, wenthorvnud
wo ho)e to enjoy n week or so in Paris, which
is in Franco. Wo imrted with our friend, the
Remlcks, nt Milan, lie Intending to go ns far
south in Italy as Genoa, nnd return to Purls
by tho way of Lyons. Having n letter from
the Hon. Mr. Ix-'lgh of Now York, to Mr.
Hartholdl, the artist who designed tlio
erected in tho hurborof Now York, and taking
a cab wo drove to his studio. To our great ro
gret wo found ho was at his summer homo in
Alsaco, but his letter gave us entry to his en
tire works. Wo ww shown by polite nt
tcudaiits tho nrt works, tho process of con
struction, and the original models of "Liberty
Knllghtoiilng tho World." Ono of the nrtl
hiiis who went with Hartholdl to America,
mid nlded In I ho erection of tho statue, could
speak Kugllsh and showed us much attention,
Is'lng Americans. These Frenchmon love
Americans as much as they lrnto Kngllsh
men. Wo nro now flxod in our niwirtments on tho
Houlovard Des Capuchlens, not far from the
Madeline, the great iiiuslo hall, tho Place
do la Concord, tho Champs Klysses, tho
Louvro, nud prlnciiiul streets for shopping.
Our room cost us only seven frunks jier day,
well furnished.
I am moro in lovo with tho French thnn
nny jieoplo I havo met, they nre so polite, in
dustrious, sober, quick nt anything, overy
pi ico so neat nnd clean. Their eating hou
aro gems of art, In tho culinary sense, and
then as to nrt itself, they easily surplus the
Kugllsh. Tho shop window's ore a marvel of
goal tnstn, nnd the richness of tho display of
dress goods nnd dresses, jowolry, photographs,
embroidery, china, glass ware, anil in fact
almost overy article that Is desired by a
highly cultivated tnsto is to bo seen here.
Tho Pnlueo Hoyal and its miles of arcades
nil npproprhtod to shops w 1th their crowds
of busy jieoplo nnd tourists, and tho incessant
rumbloof vehicles of nil kinds, tell you that
you nro in Paris. Then the Imvro with its
four miles nud moro of paintings nnd other
works of nrt, ancient and modern, wo havo
spent hours in this saloon, nud come home
weary with tho very facinntlon of nrt. The
jieoplo of Franco nro evidently masters of
their own ulfnirs. Tlio revolution has Ix'Cii
comjileto. Wo walked through tho gar
dens of
to-dny.T A jiart of tlio jinlaco grounds from
which in tho days of kings and queens the jieo
plo wero excluded, now every thing is thrown
ojieu to tho jiubllc, nud we found crowds of
men, women and children of nil ranks, en
joying tho shaded walks, the fountains, the
statuary, and the flowers; littlo boysnud girls
Milling their boats In the ornamental lakelets,
nnd others playing games, with no ono to
molest them, within a stone's throw of tho
siKf whoro Louis XVI was beheaded, nnd
Mario Antoinette, his wife, und Charlotte
Corday, met the sumo fato only u short tlmo
after, in 17K. From 1TIK1 to 17tS more than
2,WK) persons voro executed here. Tho Guil
lotine stood In the Plaeo do la Concorde, Just
In front of the entrance to tho Tuileries,
A, and I went to-day to tho Hotel Des
Invalided, and to the Mausoleum of Niqiolron,
Wo sjicnt over nn hour in and about the
tomb, Monday Is n freo day from 1'.' m. to
4 Ji. in.. It is indeed a worthy memorial of
the greatest man Kuroie has known since
Charlemagne, Wo have seen tho evidences
of his power nnd Ids wisdom lu many places
In tho reformation of governments.
Kuglnnd has nlwnys 1ks.hi the enemy of
France, she dislikes tho successful establish
ment of freo government in KuroHi as much
as Germany. Sho jilottod under Pitt, tho
downfall of Nujioleon, because It humiliated
France; and to the Germans havo dono, bo
catiHo liny fear French freedom, nnd tho suc
cess of free Institutions. The Kugllidt press
Is constantly mlsrcproicutiug tlio state of af
fairs in Franco, nnd our American press Is
often misled by Kugllsh corresMindonts lu
Pnrls. I havo seen many Instances of nils
representation, Tho manifest of f'nuiif (f
r( was Ixsusd only a few day Ixiforo wo
reached Franco, und from thoiiccviiuts of tho
London pajn'm, n rovohiUou was oxsctoil
any day. It was printed lu tho Paris jnijmm-h;
It was a sensation for u day only, no attention
was jinld to It, I can mmj ivery where today
how Intelligent tho French nro nnd how thoy
deserve freedom, Thoy do not nisi I out
riders to help them manage their own af
fairs. They seem very hnijiy nnd tho motto
which they havo lucrlbcd on nil their public
buildings und chinches,
seems to Isi realized by them ns much ns lu
our own laud. Waiting girls lu the Cofo's
nro ns IiideNudeut and sclf.rcsioctlng as
Americans In llko jsisltlous. Tliero is no
cringing servility as In Knglniid,
This morning, after resting a while after n
long morning walk through the gardens of
the Tullorlos, we took a long rido on tho horso
cars to tho fortifications of Paris, giving us an
extended view of this well built city,
wo reach homo nt 8 . in, Wo have lieen to
the Imvre and sismt several hours, nnd ex
jsict to go several times. A mouth might lie
Rjicut probably lu this world of art.
Wo havo Ihsju twice to tho Grand Muslo
hall. Ou Saturday evening Geu, ltemlck
nnd family nnd ourselves occujiied th same
Ikjx. AVo jiald seven fratikw each. It was
the ojiera of "Faust," but dllTiToiit from
thnt which wo saw in Indon, by Irving,
which we greatly adnilnsl. There wero sev
eral thousand present. Wo had a fine op
jiortuulty of seeing the liest class of Parisians
as thoy swept down the wide marble stairs of
this Palace of Music. The costliest building
of Its class lu Kurojio. On Sunday wo went
to church nt tho "Madolalno," whlcli overy
Ixxly who visits Pnrls should stsi. This Is tho
most successful attempt to produce u temple
lu the highest style of Grcoclnu art. It faci
nntcrt tho lieholdor, nud we found two or
three visits only excited n dcqier admira
tion. We saw among the worshipers only tho
Isttt clnss of Frvuch jieojile. It is the most
fashionable church In Paris nnd one of the
most costly. Its ritual nud its muslo mo
the ticstthat the Catholic church can furnish.
You MS.IJ nothing but tho backs of tho priests
clad In their gorgeous shnll I say
stunning rolH.s meant to dazzle the lie
holder. As the robes bowed tho jhsi
pie bowed, while the priest wero saying
a few words lu latin. As I camo out u live
Hiqitlst from America said to me, "If we had
this church wo would mnko things hum," und
I havo no doubt they would.
AVo havo Usui now over a ween m Pails,
nud have lieen over the most notable and his
toric places. AVo have Issjn to Versailles
nut! Its jinlucct. Tho small jmlaco where
Maria Antoinette und numerous other nota
ble ladles of the court of Louis XVI resided,
for at ono tlmo he had more thnu4000 courte
sans, and attendants at his court.
AVo saw the window in the palace w hero ho
und Maria 'Antoinette looked out upon tho
Paris mob who camo to tako them, and Die
place where both were executed, nt the Plucu
do lu Concord, not far from where wo nro
stopping. Now nil these halls of the Palace
are filled with works of art nud nro opuiusl
dally to tho public. The jinlaco and grounds
nro guarded by tho soldiers of the Republic.
The gai dens und forests, of A'ersnllles nro very
extensive. Thou there nro numerous public
buildings which take.thno to sco. The num
erous plcturo galleries of ArcrsulHcs cannot be
seen In a day. Hrielly wo may say, they
represent tho enrly battles nud victories of
Franco up to the Crusades in KKM), or ulsiut
that time. Then there nro several snlons
devoted to tho Crusades, tho jireachlng of
Peter tho Hermit, St. Bernard. Then the
numerous battles with the Turks, tho cap
turoof Constantinople, etc., the' taking of
Jerusalem. The history of Franco up to tho
Revolution is very well iiroserved hi historic
paintings. The battles of Napoleon, the gal
lery of jsirtrults of all tho Kings nud Queens
of France, the famous painting of Nax)leou
crossing the Aljis, so familiar from the en
gravings of it. AVo remember that wo cross
ed the Alps nt the same pass by the St. Gotli
and tunnel, and had jsiiutolout tons the
road mndo by Nnjiolcou, where ItO.tXK) men
wero oniloyed. AVo saw also at Lucerne tho
Hon cut in tho face of the mountain, to il
lustrate tho murder of the Swiss guards who
wero oinjiloyed nt tho Palaco, Tliey w ere nt
AVrsulllos guarding the King nnd his Queen
when the lUvolutloiilsts lame to tako them.
They wero nil slain, ollleers nud men, AVo
were shown tlio room occupied by tho Queen
nud the wardrolsi in the room whoro her
children wore born. It was locked tho day
she was taken nwiiy; it hns not lieen opened
since. It Is to lie unlocked at tho French
World's KxjKisitlon In lNsll. Tlio old fash
ioned jilnuo tion which she played is still
hole, and wo walked through gardens nud
walks which she often frequented, Hut the
innocent always suffer with tho guilty in nil
great Hovolutlo'is. Wo do not wonder that
tho K-opb of Franco havo got rid of Kings
and Queens und Palaces, England Is suffer
ing from this curso now, nnd there is much
grumbling among John Hull's people. Amer
ican ideas aro jioiictrutlng nil Kurojio and
great changes are ahead mid may lie very
AVo linvo Iksjii to tho top of tho Arch of I
Triumph nt tho head cf Chump's Klysses
and havo looked down the grand Antilles ,
built by tho Great Napoleon. Thoy all rail
into from this jioint and wero constructed at
a vast expense. The houses und prosrty
destioyuil must havo Ikhjii extensive, as until
Ing was allowed to stand In tho way of his
great plan of lieuiitlfylng the capital, by wide
iKHilowinls, Ou reaching tho top wo found
ourselves In tho jiresoiioo of a group of snMigo
looking Molmmcduii Arabs from tho north of
Africa in white tin Imiiis nud diess. They
lielougcd to n jvarty of Arabians who nro jier
forming nt the Paris Hlpodromu, to illus
tratothe wild life of Africa, as lluliulo Hill
Is doing iu liondou of tho AVlld AVcst, They
wore qulto jieiicibly taking In the views of
t'aris llko ourselves.
AVo sjiont nearly n day at tho jmlaco nud
about tho grounds. This jmlaco was em'ted
for tho jileasuro and tho home of Marie dee
Mcdlcis, a famous nanio in history. Her
fountain is u very elaborate jileeo of nrt carv
ing nnd statuary. Nearby lu the new gal
lory of the flue nits, latily ojhmusI by Oiooy
IContlnued on fifth jmge
Tlio Held of Amusement lu Lincoln,
News About I'Iiijs, Actors, I'.le.
iia;i.on'h pantasma.
The most sueeessful eiiKiigemelil of the season,
all tilings couslilenst, was thnt of Hie lliuilou's
New KiiiitnsniiiN, which occupied Ilin Isinrds of
the Punka thiisHilKlits,eoiiiiiiiiichig.Motiilny ev
ening and ileinonstrntes thnt agoed nttliietloii
enu piny moro thnn utie night logoisl liulnon.
The house was ery large on each eienlug nnd
the presentation a most cloior pleiv of senle
skill. Tho nrloim scenes, Irniisfotuiatlotm nnd
others receded duo approhntloii of npptnuso
shiiwhignppreclntliiuof rikmI work bytholntge
niidlences, IheiKvnu sci'iieniidtralisfornmtlim
nt the end of this net wero fcclnlly grand nnd
extra mention MioiiMuIkoIio ttmcloof thehrllllnnt
Irntisforiiintlou scene I ii t lit) Inst net.
The eoinpnny was llrst elnss thnHiKhout nnd
nothliiK tint wonlsof priilMi wns heard oneiery
hniid, regarding the isTforiunnre, the scenery
nnd tlio iiiiiiinKeiuent,
TheHpnrkscoiiipnnv tun Hunch of Keys np
Nnnsl nt the l'uiiko Thursday evening to u Inrge
midlcncc. The favorites of foniier sensiins were
mlsM'd In this eK, Hiose tnlilngthelr parts Is'lng
greatly deficient, The part of Littleton Hnnggs
lutlio linndsof Wllllnm Hmllli found no equal to
that of the former plnj croft lint chnrncter, while
hi the (Irhnes of Jnines I). Mnckln there Is no
comparison to that presented by KiiKcnoCnnfleld.
The three kcjM, Hose, Tidily nnd Mny wen) no.
ceptnhly presented by tho Misses Marietta Nash,
Ada Ilothner nnd Marie Hell, the jmrt of Tidily
by Miss Nash creditably sustaining former rep
utation of thovork of. MIks U'lin Men lite. The
hnlnnco of the company mum only fair, nnd as a
whole the ixTforumnco was Inferior to that of
prolans engagements of tho snine play in tills
AXNiie wxi.r.v, tiiuiisuvy.
For Dm llrst three nights of tlio coming week
the Punke w III bo dark, ojicnliig nn Thutwlny ev
ening with oun of. Mnvrlcn's foremost soiiliretlisi
nnd comedy nelnwiisi, Miss Annie I'lxley as the
Miss I'lxley will on this occasion present her
erj' popular and successful play entitled "The
Deacon's Daughter." Of the pleco the
press everywhere hns had n good word losny,
ismiiiientlng fiunrnhly of cery uactlou
luidsis'iiklng In glowing words of the plot, Its
characters and Its eclnltlcH, Of M'sm I'lxley
tin-in In littlo to Kiiy Dial can luqsirt more Infor
mation to nimiHi'iiiciit-lovcrs thnn thoy nlrendy
kiiiiM'. She hns Ih-cii iH'fori) tho pulille so long
nud known so fntornhly lo theatre-gisTsof Amer
ica that to say an' thing lu her favor of slink
ing In detail of lier talent would Is siiihtIIiious.
Kiifllceltto say, MIkh I'lxley will npMnr nt the
runkii Thiirsduy eM-iihig in her now jilny, "The
Deacon's Daughter," Which Is an excellent one'
nud ) Od should he present to mw It pnweuted.
The Isiokuigs nt tlio osru liouse show the en
gagements of two nights, hcKhmlng with next
I'rlilay night of "The Itniige KIiik" company.
This play hns lieon pn-M-uleil In the larger cities of
thoeaHtwIlh great success, and I lie piece gbes
general satisfaction where It haslH-euplajisl. In
the hnnilsof ugiMNleoiiipany It iHcxpccttsl that
the presentation of the "Itaneli King" will find
npprovnl of n Lincoln audience nnd play to good
business Isith nights,
Youthful Ambition.
Minlstor AVell, Hobby, what do you want
to Im when you grow tip
Hobby (sum-ring from parental discipline)
An orphan, Now York Bun.
Two Cursors.
Mrs. Muggins Suro, I'm thntworrlod over
my son. Ho'h iu Now York n-studyin' art,
an' it's nn awful time the jioor lxy has to
keep out o1 the clutches of Anthony Corn
stock. Mrs. AVugglns It's snfo enough my boy is.
"He's not learning to jialnt jilcturos, thenf
"No, Indeed. Ho's burglurlug in Chicago. "
-Omaha AVorld.
Clot Away from Illni.
Landlady (whoso attention has lieen dis
tracted for a moment) Why, whoro Is Mr.
Dumloyl I thought ho was carving tb
duck I
Mr. Dumley (from under tho table) It's all
right, Mrs. Hendricks; I'm after tho duck.
Now York Sun.
Tho Criiin.
Itinerant Vendor 'Kro's ycr nico frnlsh 'ot
wnflles, halwnys hlnwigoratin' linn' com
fortln'. Miss Anglos Oh, Troml do let's stop nnd
listen a littlo. I haven't heard such pure
English slnco wo left Lunnon. Judgo.
Advice lo Writers.
Young writers in jircjmring their mann
script should lenvo jilenty of sjmco between
tho lliusi. Tho world would not Miller much
if many of them should mnko it all spue.
Somcrvlllo Journal.
Trradlne the .Mui).
Young Mr. WnWh (to Miss AVnldo, of
Haton, ntn dancing jmrt.M -AV(U you favor
mo with two or three round i, Miss AValdol
Miss AVnldo (nn admirer of John U, ot
course) Certainly, Mr. Wakvsh, with pka
uro. Or, If ou llko, wo will contlnuo it to a
finish, New York Sun.
i .tkji .; j
' . ,!lJfjEfflv
fflf'fflmfSS '
I f! TW7-j l
Why 'I hey Visit Ilin I'luy lloiisn lluno
I'liinpiiiileit liy Liiilles,
AVo nrn In receipt of 1 ho following contrl
byllou, written by a Lincoln lady, which In
nn intellectual nud common sense way. ns
or I lo why gentlemen havo not nivldsl tlielr
lady friends to whi tho play'oftener,
"There nro goisl nud Humorous tensous why
the young gentlemen don't take ladles and
should not, Lincoln has reached such n state,
that n young man cannot go Into society
without kis'plng himself iu debt. If ho goes
out loan livening company ho must have a
carriage, and If ho docs not ho Is colled a
"chump," If ho goes to (he theatre he must
send flowers, In nddltlou to tho absurdity of
a cnrrlnge, nud If bo falls In this he Is termed
"stingy" or "n niossback." If ho attends a
ball ho must of course havo a cnrrlnge, send
flowers, nud If he omits tho usual done of
iltspoisln, after (ho party.'by going to tho
restaurant, he "ihswu't know how to tako a
girl lo n inrty iroioriy,"
Thcsn little luxuries nro nil very nlcu and
highly enjoyablo, but tell mo tho umuo of ono
young man, who ran conscientiously afford
nil thlsf Of course ho can do it, but how is n
young mail going to get ahead or keep oven,
who keeis himself In n constant fever to moot
his society hlllr It has lieen sold by ono of
our great mens "The feeblest minded man Is
ho wlio lives iMiyoud his means."
A'o know however there aro exi-ejitlons, ns
it Is always uxjsictcd thnt when a lady la
dressed for nn elegant linll or reception, ifo
ollrte, slliM)rs, etc., thnt she shouliqiio railed
for Willi n cnrrlnge. Hut toatUnd tho thea
tre lu n small town llko Lincoln, with such
goxl strisH car fnellltlis, tlio Idea of carriages
seem absurd unless, on tho other handth
weather Isnxcocdlngly liiclemeut. In Haiti
morn and Phllad(lihln the young jieojilo In
variably go to tho theatre In street cam, and
to all evening comxtu!os thnt aro not full
Lincoln has n great many "hlghfulluten"
Ideas of this kind, and the quicker they nro
traded olf for common sense the more money
will l savisl and tho sooner the young men
will lie nblo to put on style, If they must do
It. What young lady hns not rospoet for a
young mnn who tries to mnko something of
himself by cutting down his nxjionscsi Well
If sho hasn't this rcsect it doesn't mutter bo
cnuse she then shows thiitslie Is nof, as was
siitK)sisl, u lady.
AA'o nre aware thntthcro are tunny lino fol
lows who would llko to enter tho social swim
if It wero not for tho ridiculous exonNO In
volved, iu'modcrn society, but tho extrava
gance Is too much, nnd rather than lsi behind
tlielr fellow society friends prefer to ro
main excluded.
Them hns been a sudden revolution In somo
of the cities of tho east within the jmst win
ter. Tho young ladles In several cawsogrecd
among themselves to refuse flowers or car
riages except for largo full drrs jmrtlen, nnd
In sovoi ul Instances carriages have lieen dis
missed by tho ladles. Why cannot Lincoln
girls havo a littlo grit, and establish theso
rules? Or does It mnko no dllfercnco to
them whether their gentlemen friends ever
amount to anything or not I U-t us think over
the matter nnd solve the problem, whether
wo nro totally void of couselencof It can lie
noticed nt overy entertainment how many
gentlemen go alone. And whyr
It's Worry Thnt Kills."
G us How do, Chollyl Como In nnd aw
havo aw glass of sodah.
Cholly Cawn't do It, Gus. Got too aw
much business to attend to this mawnlng,
and I aw havo to keep a clear heiuL
Gus AVhy aw what is It, y' know!
Cholly AVhy I aw havo to jmrchaso
for mamma a aw dozen posthngo stamps
nnd owdah n aw now palawr of twousers
for myself. Life.
Hrarrhril for Fraud nnd rcninil It.
"That ton of coal looks to mo about 200
pounds short," said n family mnn, "and by
thunder I'll have It weighed. Tlio way somo
of theso coal dealers cheat is wicked."
After he had had it weighed, ho said to his
"It's all right; weighs nliout 100 pounds
t3 "How much will you havo to jviy for tho
extra wolght, Johnl"
"Nothing. That's their mlstnko, not)
mluo." Life,
Ignorance of Easterner.
Eftstcm Mnu My graclousi That's terri
ble. I'll bo ruined.
Omaha Man AVlmt's upl
"I own jrojerty at Saratoga and tho jv
per says tho famous medicinal springs thcro
nro drying up. My, my I Our wholo wealth
depenils on n jiermaneut supply of Saratoga
"Dont worry. Myfriond minks down at
tho dnig ktoro will tell you how to make it."
Omaha AA'orM.
Things Aro Not AVhat They Rrcni.
"AVho is tho man with tho ministerial
"That's tho sporting editor."
"And that one that looks like n priM
"Tho religious editor."
"And that solemn looking Individual!" "
"Tho funny man."
"And that Jolly looking fellow,"
"Tho obituary editor." Boston Courier.,