Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, December 31, 1887, Image 1

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Vol,. 3. No. 3
Pwicic Livic Oicnts
IiiIoikIimI to Tickle tlio ItlslhlltliH or
iluru Philosophical Discussion.
In no other city lu which I hnvo over been
nml I Imvo seen two orlhroo have 1 heard no
iiiiicIi Hwonting on tlio streets us in Lincoln.
Ono cannot p iu nln'.i ; our streets lifter dink
without linvlug his o irt mail! bv oaths mid J
language tlmt woul I ii.s,;n . a lnr loom.
Thootlioruvenlng I was walking on Nortli with n ludy mill eiieountensl
the crowil returning frmii tho mooting of tint
givjiol iiriuy on T street, mnl to tlm
slmmeof tho young men of Lincoln some of
thociowd I recognized in sons of prominent
citizens llw it (mill tlmt Mich disgraceful lati-
gungo I have never Isiforo hoard, language
tlmt ono would oxeet from tlm off-seotiiings
of creation, mid not from some who call
themselves gentlemen. Tho nuthorltles should
endeavor by hoiiw moans to stop, in (nrt nt
lenst, this wholesale swearing on tlio streets.
It Is n disgrace to tho city mid tc our boasted
I mn of the opinion tlmt u snow shovel brig
ado would Is) n good thing for Lincoln. In
spile of tlio ordinance wliicli calls for tlio re
movnl of miow from tlio pivontouts within
twenty-four hours nftcr ItluiH censed full
ing, tlio beautiful is very seldom removed
unless tho sun thnws It out. A snow-shovel
brigade tlmt would lmvo tho Know removed
In season would lie n g Hi-send to tlio (coplo
who hnvo to travel through tho stuff.
Tomorrow is Now Years, tiny nml I suppose
the young muii who mo nildlctod to vices,
.great or snmll, Will lmvo their regular minimi
.swear off. Don't do It, Isiys, you know you
wont keep your good resolutions, and will
only lower your self-esteem when you break
thorn. Any day In tho year Is Just as good
to quit bad habits, mid It you over really
Intend to quit you will do It without waiting
for Now Years day.
rionuint Greeting.
torn :
policoinuu ou sidewalk talking In
"Happy Now Year's, ia It?
fered nan nip or n tip today l"
"Mo, too "
The dog does not testify.
Nobody's of-
Tho usual dullness w lilcli follows the brisk
business of Christmas lias not Iwen felt at
Halletttho jeweler's, mi O street. Tlm
great Inducements ho has been offering in
watches, clocks, jewelry, silverware, etc.
prior to his moving to his now quarters on
Eleventh street, recently occupied by Geo.
Fuwell, has nttrnetcd many buyers. Ills
immense, btock, tho various lines of which
lmvo not been broken by tlio holiday rush,
must bo reduced and goods nro going nt any
price, Cnll around mid seo him and secure
ioinoof tho bargains ho is ottering.
Now Yrurs Curds.
Tho CouuiKH will as usual lw headquarters
for New Year cards, mid tho assortment this
year is without doubt tlm finest over shown.
l'laco your orders early and secure tho choice
ones. Our reputation for lino work will as
euro our (uitrons as regards flno printing.
Call mid beo us. No. 1!!00 O St., now Ilurr
9300 In C'iihIi Prizes.
This Is tho temptingotrer mado by a cloth
lug houso us a special Inducement to their
patrons to lay In their needs for tlio winter
at once. Messrs. Mayer Hrojhers, I if! North
Tenth fctrcet, glvt to cash purchasers of live
dollars worth of pwds, n ticket which untitles
tho holder to n cli.iucu for drawing tho cash,
not something you hnvo no use for, hut the
real hard, sound legal tender coins of national
It is readily to bo so n that by purchasing
jour clothing, gents furnishing goods or any
thing in their lino of them, you lmvo tho op
portuulty of adding to your riches without
paying for tlio chance or any extra outlay.
Tills firm is known for Its excellent values
given tlio trade, Ising low class goods for
living prices. If in need of a suit or any
thing else, call on them mid they will demon
strate to you tho saving problem mid at tlio
same timo get u chnuco at tho f -NX),
Ciinoii City Coal nt tlio Whltebroast
mid Lime Co.
Try Ihu New Line.
Tho Union Pacific 1ms Inaugurated n now
Borvlco lH'tween Lincoln, ToK)kn and Kansas
City mid has placed frco chair euro on tlio now
train, leaving Lincoln at 8:8.1 (i. in. and nrrlv
lug lu Knnsns City nt 0 h. iii., innklng close con-
i iioctions In tho union do(K)t with nil lines for
the enst mill south.
4 The latest mid U-st thing out is the Elkliorn
1 Vnlley uud Chlcugo and Northwestern piilnco
i slis'plng car line ruiiiilug daily lHtwis3ii Liu-
(.eolli nml Phteiifm ltirtlin nKMlffllitil 111 nil-
i ,- - w....-f,-.. ...- n - -
r,L vnnco of n trlji, if desired, at olllco, 11.1 South
lucd onth stroot an I tlonot, cornor o ami i-JIglitti
It! ...........
I aid nii.eeia.
FiirnUlieil Itoiims to Kent.
Thris) rooms, nicely furnished, close to
business centre, ViM P street.
' iJBf-
Christmas IVsthiiU of ilii'
Clmtclie "f 11m Oil).
Trinity M. K. church held their Christmas
trco Haturday evening. Tho program of ex
ercises was excellent, tlio singing esHvlnlly
living very Hue. Three well loaded trees
ndornod tho pulpit plilforni, and tho gifts
wero there lit jileuty to gladden tho hearts
of both Young mid old
At the Heciiiid Coiigieguiionnl church
CliriHtums will long In) remembered by nil.
Tho nxcrc cs wero held Monday owning,
and consisted of music, reading and thu dis
tribution of gifts, mid tho breaking of jugs
containing offering for tho building pro
ject. I'ho Hoventh Day Adventlsts celebrated
Christmas In a very Interesting iimmicr. The
exercises wero of tho usual onler, singing
recitations nnd tho like, nil of which wero
well received. After the program was gone
through witli, several of tlio littlo ouch were
sent through thonudleiico to colhvt tlm offer
ings, which amounted to tH. Tho proceeds
are for tho mnliitennuco of African missions,
Tho Congregational Holiday school gnvo
their annual Christmas entertainment nt
tho church Tuesday oveulng. Instead of dls
pchslng gifts to tho children, tho custom was
reversed mid nil wero exeeted to bring gifts
to Imj distributed among tho KKir of the city.
Amu result, theso unfortunates wero given a
chanco to enjoy plumy of Christmas cheer.
An excellent program was rendered, tho chil
dren taking tlm principal parts.
Tlio festival of St, Marks Lutheran church
was held Sunday evening In tho Y. M. I. A.
lecture room. A handsome tree, laden with
gifts , mid Hanked with nuts, caudles
mid fruits, stood on tho rostrum, nnd after
exercises, consisting of music mid recitations,
theso wero distribute! among tho expectant
scholars. Tho evening was n very pleasant
ono to young and old alike, ami, tlio Christ
mastime of lbsi will long lie reuiemlMjrcd
by nil.
Grnco M. K. church celebrated Christmas
In good stylo .Monday oveulng. The church
was filled to overflowing nml the program of
exercises very Interesting. I ho children
were treated :ight royally, Ising remem
bered with lings of nuts, caudles and sweet-
meats. llov. Miiiuhnrt was mado the recip
ient or n lino overcoat, Mr h. C. race acting
as KiKikcsumn, while Mr, Wm. Ilotnling, the
superintendent, was made to remember tho
occasion by tho present of a hatidsomo silk
Tho Sabbath schools of the Church of the
Holy Trinity and St. Andrew's chapel held
their Christmas exercises at Masonic Temple
Monday evening. After the program was
taken up Miss Nettie Hnllcnbock received as
a rownrd of excellence a flue prayer look nnd
hymnal, presented by 8ii(orliitcndont Sen
mark. Several other gifts woro nlso made.
l he progrnm whs u nusirti one, anil con
sisted of solos by Mrs. l'rutt, Mrs. Mateor,
Mr. II. J. IV. Seamark, interspersed with
carols by tho whole school, Mr Semnnrk
owning witli mi organ solo, "Christinas
At St. Paul's M. E. church Monday oven
lug tho cantata of "Hnnta Claus' Mlstako, or
n liuiidie of Sticks," wns produced. Char
acters In tlio enntntu wero taken by Miss Min
nie Gaylord, Miss Winnie Jackson, Miss
Marino mid Miss Mnliel Doyle and Louio At
kinson. A chorus of sixty littlo boys and
girls ably sustained the soloists. After tho
entertainment some bXI bags of candy mid
nuts wero distributed nmoiigst the scholars.
Much crydlt for tho success of tho entertain
ment is lino to Mrs. A. I). Guile, Miss Marine,
Dr. l'aino, Mr. Schwnko nnd tho others who
had charge,
Tho scholars of the Presbyterian church
gave n very pleasant ciitcrtinmnont Sunday
owning. 'X lio pulpit was very prettily gar
iiiturcd with llowcrs nnd owrgasms, mid Ih
hind mi arch of evergreens in which was
worked the words "The Star of Ilutlilehem,"
was placed thu choir. A largo nudluuco was
gntliertsl, and all wero highly pleased Thu
uxercises consisted of uiusic, singing, nnd re
citations by the vnrious classes. Miss Mlniiio
Ijitta rtlted n lsautiful jiuoiit "All My
Heart This Night ltojoieos". Tho littlo ones
ucipiltted themselves very creditably, not
withstanding the short time for preparation.
The regular Christmas festival nnd trco was
given lust oveulng, and the hearts of the littlo
ones made glnd with gifts, candles and tho
various littlu delicacies denr to their hearts.
l'lirty Miislenlu,
The elegant largo mansion of Mr. and Mrs.
C. C. Ilurr, Sixteenth ami L streets, was the
scene Wishiesdny evening of a very success
ful (uirlor uiuslcalu. Nearly two hundred
iieoplo wero lu attendance, by far the largest
number over present at u jmrlor iiiusicnlo
In Lincoln. A pleasant time, socially, win hud
iH'foro lioglnnlng the musical program, pend
ing tho nrrivnl of all tho Invited guusts. Prof.
Welier nsslstisl .li-s. Ilurr in receiving.
Alsiut half (last eight the company assembled
In tho parlor and listened to the following
Violin solo-llth Air Vnrlo - Cli. do llerlot
Ailolf Weber.
Tenor solo IajI .Mo I.Ike a Kohller Kail
(Murllami) .... Wallace.
A. Trnynor-Cnineron.
Aria Oh Mlo Kuiilliiaiiilo(Travlata)l)oulzutll
Mine. I-:. IaiwIs linker.
Violin nolo Carnival do Venice - Weiss
Mlsstlrncu Ilurr.
Soprano solo Kegunvu Nel Hllonzln (Lu-
eln) Uoulzattl
Mine. A. Weber.
Piano solo Impromptu lu 0 Minor
- Arno Klullcl
Mrs. P. V. M. Itayinoiiil.
Contralto koug lllrds lu tlm Night Hulllvnn
Mine. i:. Lew-Is linker.
Violin solo-(a) Wleconlled (b) Hcliluu-
morllud Hniisor
Prof. Webor.
Vocal duct II Gulriimonto - Murcadnute
Minus. Wuliernud llnkur.
Tlio (Sirformers woro listened to with rapt
attention, mid each received a duo measure of
applause. Tho instriliuuitnl solo of Miss
Oracle Ilurr was osiwcinlly well rendered for
so young a musician. Prof. Wobor and Mrs.
llaymoud played lu tholr usunl excellent
stylo. Tho hinging of Mrs. Webor and Mrs.
flakor was one of tlio incidents of tho even
ing, nnd ench selection wus twice encored.
Tho oveulng ns n whole wus ono of tho most
cnjoyublo over sjiout, us nil of tho guests
cheerfully testify.
The West Lincoln Hose Co. No. I guve n
very plcusnnt dunce nt Halters hall, West
Lincoln, Thursday evening. The attendance
was quite large and tho time pleasantly
Writ Lincoln.
This Infant of Lincoln Is now but one year
old. Its location Is useless to ilo.'rlho ns It Is
fiunllilr to every school child In Lincoln.
Tlio llrst residence was built one year ago by
H. 1 Munii; today then) nro ono hundred and
llfty cottages and handsome residence orna
menting tlm hill.mul over AOO wills n im living
happy in tliino lioui'w, rejoicing over the
pnsiects of her ini.rvolous gniwth. In
coiincctiou wllli the residence buildings, lire
two hntulsoiiio chiirrni's, tho M. H. on tho
tsirner of Ith mid Jeivey stiwts nnd the
I'hrittinii chinch, corner Thlnl nnd Ilnlontlno
stiwts, nt lioih of which olllclato able iuin-
tom. The business ivpiiwntatlvcs of West
Lincoln, are, Cudniin $s McNl'il, C. A.
Mori 111, .loliti l'vtitt, O. M. llurhmis, W. II
Mills, lliohumn, 0 !'.. V.'nnl, l W. Jones
uiidC. li lleiisou. Tho ilriu of Ciidmnu
& McNeill nro grocers, Hour nnd feed, mid
dmtj thing In this line win be found there,
put up mid delivcnsl oushoit notice. Un
der the same roof Is found 1 L. Crosby, the
Issit and shoo man, the Now York growler,
but honest cobbler. U. A. Morlll is tho pro
prieltirof the dry goods mid grocery house
combined mid handles tho yardstick artist
ically and easily. The druggist and man (if
medicine is Dr. O. llurhmis, wliound el stands
apothecaries weights nml how to heat the
sick. Tho closest iiiiii hi town Is C. E. Ward
tho tturU'r, and so ho will remain until
that scalping banker arrives. Mr. Durham
tho butcher, Is found In the Halter ; block,
nnd In the samo block can bo found, Jones
tho billiard man, mid Mr. Chmlie, Hie ikiIUo
spirit vender. Charlie has n parlor saloon ami
In It ienco and harmony must l-eigii regardless
of threats.
Mr. W, C. Austin, tho llrst mid only real
estate man can lie rouuii lu the upper
story or tlm Halter building where ho will of
fer a i illusion or n hut at prlcvs its high ns
you can reach,' or ns low ns you enn fall.
William 11. Mills is our blacksmith, and
the anvil nnd hammer can ho he.-uil from
morn until night. Then, last but not least of
our business llrms is Mr, John Pctitt, the
proprietor of tho Hub; meals can lie had
at nil hours nnd served In any stylo find man
ner. Commodious mid elegant furnished
rooms nro always ojion to the weary traveler
nnd no ono will depart tired or hungry
West Lincoln has but one school ami tho
nunilier of school children is nlxmt ono
hundred, too many for the building, hence
h cry for more room. In connection with
the business houses Just mentioned thore are
other buildings not yet completed, that will
lie occupied, by tho banker, clothier, oto,, ns
soon as Mulshed.
licsidcs tho alsivc, there are other enter
prises worthy of mention tho oldest of these
is tho Lincoln llrlck nnd Tile works, owned
nnd o))cratcd by Mr. John l-'iLsgorald.
These works have 1kiii Iii ojieratlon tho
Hist summer nml gave employment to over
ono hundred men. Tho Lincoln Stock yards
are locabsl here, nml receive nil the hogs
consumed by the (Nicking houses. Now Bheds
mid other buildings have been nddl to them
tho post siimmernhd ere another senson pass
es those yards will lw excelled by none.
Packing house No. 1. Is tho property of
tho Stock-Yurds Co. but Is ojiernbsl by
Messrs. Jordan .V; Co,, who give employment
to nliout seventy llvo muii nnd Bhuighter
nbout WiOhogs perdav, but when running a
full force can (11shm of 1,(KK.
Tho largest house, No. li, or more faiiillarly
known us the Lincoln Packing mid Provision
coinMiny, isriiuundnjHirnttsl by W. II. Hll
lierliorn & Co. This house Is much lar
ger than No 1, mid of course has u
capacity of slaughtering more Inns.
Tho West Lincoln water works are not to lie
slightest, for it Is n living necessity, Isoldes
supplying tho brick works, factory and the
(lacking houses with tlio ucccossnry amount
of wnter. Tho water jiljies Hud thulr way
Into tlio dwellings.
The Lincoln Canning uud Provision com
pany plays quite a prominent part in the
West Lincoln enterprises. The canning sea-
hon Is now over, but thoy will continue the
manufacture of yeast and vinegar during
thu winter.
Then last but not least is tlm West Lincoln
Host) CoiiiMiuy No.l, n cor(Mrntloti that
cannot lw with. It Is volunteer,
mid tho apparatus Is owned by tlio company,
hcuca de(ieiident on no one. W, C. Austin,
is Chief mid C. H. Currmi Secretary,
With tho enterprise in our grnsp mid tho
enterprise wo nro reaching for, with Hod at
ur right hand mid attempt nt our left suu
ess is ours.
West Lincoln.
Nubritskit Stnte Historical Socluty,
Lincoln, Nkii., Deo. ul, 1887.
Notice Is hereby given that the Annual
Meeting of tho Nebraska State Historical So
ciety will lw held in thoClmiol of the Unlver
Ity building, Lincoln, commencing Tuesday,
Jan. 10, 188S, at SUM) p. lit. The following is
tlio i-nofiiiAii
Tuesday, Jan. 10, at 8 p. in. Ilegulnr Pro
ceedings. Itc()ortof Olllcers. Election of
Olllcors. PuMrs and discussions, Tuesday,
Jan. 10, at 8 p. in. Pnjier by Hon. W. W.
Cox. P:i(or by Hon. J. A. McMurphy.
Gko. E. owaiiii, So rutary.
GllIKKIN Woi.kk, At the residence of the
bride's (uireuts, Thursday, December -J, Mr.
C. II. Gillllli nud Miss Nelllo 11. Wolfo. Itev.
J. 1). Johnson olllciutlug.
Mr. Grilllu has for several years lieen a
teacher lu thu (iiihlie schools and is well llktsl
by all who know him. Miss Wolfo Is u
daughter of Mr. J. V. Wolfo, one of Laucas
tor county's most prosjiorous farmers, mid luw
nlso been engaged in teaching in Lincoln for
soino time. Tho happy young couple hnvo
settled down for the enjoyment of married
life, In East Lincoln, followed by tho well
wishes of numerous friends.
Low ltates to California.
Tlio Cullforulu excursions via the II urllng-
ton route (thu scenic line of America) lmvo
liocomo so opu!ar its to necessitate a train of
this kind evury week. Denver, Colorado
Springs, Maiiltou, Itoynl Oorgo, Marshall
Pass, Pluck Canon of the Gunnison nud Sal
Lake city are all on this route. Full partial
ars may bo obtained nt city olil-o, oonvir O
mid Tenth streets, or nt tho il'M")'.
A. Hurlbutoi Co., thu clothi n-, nro i;ii'U'
uwuy a lino horso and buggy vain id at &l mi
nnd every (icrsou buying JIO w j -m of goo Is
getsn ticket in tho drawing, which taKospliuo
DeeeinlH-i' 111,
They know just how to please you witli
oysters In every style at Ilrown's Now Vienna
Intertlcw Willi Mr. I!. (. Heliwnuerl, The
liiiuitnen pe A tell 1 1 eel
The subjis't of parks has Ihsh ngllatisl off
uud ou for some years, but no dcllulto action
lias ever Usn Inkeii. Hlneo the arrival In the
city of Mr 11. O. Hchwngerl, the noted land
seno nre1ilUs-tandciiglnisr, however, Inler
est litis hon nwakeinsl nnd It Is wry likely
the Mibjivt will roctdvn serious allenlloii.
ICnowliig that the Coimncii iisulersesiiecliilly
are Inlen-sttsl In this Mihjcct, n i-eK)rlercallisl
iqmn Mr. Kehwagerl to glean some Informa
tion on tho subject. He was found lu very
jilensaiit iiiitri-s lu tho llond block, corner
Twelfth rind () streets, and nlso willing to en
lighten tt' scrlls) ou the matter of parks nnd
"Would it not lie diillciilt to projierly plncn
theM) (inrfts at this stngeof develoiiinontt"
"No, lisUssl, this Is tho wry time when the
NS)plonf Lincoln should seriously consider tho
subject ol parks uud pink boulevards. My
obsorvntl'iu mid kuowhslge of your city Justi
fy me lu saying that at no former srlisl has
itsfutuio boon so (Kisitlvely assunsl ns now.
Tlio toiwrraphy of the suriiiuiidlugs of your
eltv admirably uduptsltforu system ofpaik
"Wlmtulo you'inisiti by n (mrk iKiulovaril"
"A (IK iKiiilovnnl Is a system of 'attenuat
ed' (Nirkl with IsMilovards running along and
through their center. Hytlm won! 'utlenuu
tsl' I nieAii n long rather narrow park sklrt
iug thesITtesof the boulevard. Homo apply
tlm wordpark to an Isolattsl square lu the
midst of jv city or u large wotshsl t ract laid out
in regular lines or (swlbly left to grow ns It
wishes; but my Idisi of tlm (roier thing for
Lincoln jvroiilil Isj the system I have Just
sM)keu of. The lioulovnrtls would be from
!i00 to lint) feet wide, nud would consist of one
central grand highway, w Ith law us of varying
width oufclthcr hand, with side drives, or
"Hut wouldn't this Ik) a very oxonslvo Im
jirovemeyt to make."
"1 do u'Jt tlilnk so, Tlinro would Ik coin
(inrnllvely littlo grading iiiressary, nnd
this is the )irlucl(ial cost of such undertakings,
Tlm country nround the city Is so dlverslllisl
with gracefully rolling hills nud charming
valleys, that tho beat plan would Is) to follow
tho Hues of natural oxpressUn. Tlm grades
nearly nil slope townrd tliocItT, nsiiny one
fumllliar with tho city's surroundings knows.
The Ismlevnrls would all radiate from u com
mou ci'iibT, nnd form a most licuutlful ad
junct Id the city. Capitalists would locate
hero on nixsiunt of the ls'imtlfiil residence
sites nml tlm np)ortuulty to enjoy riding or
diivlng, As a natural Betiieuco, thoy would
llnd many channels of investment. I would
havo these iMMilevurds located mid planned In
anticipation of fully ilfty yearn growth, but
would contract nnd improve them
only 5'iJdt iKxyun necesry. Ilut Hie
people of Lincoln should net soou In such n
nml tor tieeH nro very scarce, and Isoldes
Hiillliieiit timo Is necessary for their proor
gniwth and development ufler being plmibsl.
It is wry foolish to let tho city grow in
u haphazard style ns nt present, since in the
future It will cost many times as much as now,
Tho lsisitioii of tlm city, Isith as mi (slucu-
tloual center and capital, demand that steps
Is) taken Immediately to lienutlfy It, uud by
that means still further advance her material
irosHi'ts, She ought to lie to the state and thu
west, what Washington Is to the nation. Ily
thus early enhancing tho material beauty of
your advantage, the Kople of tho state can
always jwlut with prldo to Lincoln as Its cap
ital. Now is tlm timo to settle ujsm its future
plan of Improvement, which is tlm course
calculated to bring to It added life and thrift,
wealth uud culture.
' Wiiat should lw tho llrst steps necessary In
such undertakings!"
A mutter of such vast Interest and Imiiort-
mice should ho made a subject of careful lu
vestigatlon ns well us thoughtful consideration
nud should cnll out every citizen of ambition
nml sound judgment who ought to carefully
select n few of thuir soundest mid most cultur
ed intellect to net us u coiniultts to make such
Investigation tqiou the ground Itself, uud Into
the subject relating to such Improvements.
They should proceed ndvlstslly and thorough
ly, making their lejKirt tangible, clear, ami
comprehensive. Such a rcsrt would present
tho fact which might lead to further actions
tlio maturing mnl crfcctlng of plans for
adoption which would then lead uud govern
further Improvements, to conform to such
general plans, Tho improvements, ns stated
before, could 1h carrhsl out in time ns the
city's growth, advancement and ability would
Mr. Sehwagerl's extensive reputation as u
landscape urch!tcct,uuil the manner he handles
such subjects is sunk-lent to command resi-t.
Ho Is a reeognlasl authority of much skill
on all matters (MTlnluing to I-nndu-apu Engl-ins-ring
In the ejist, where there nro many sub
stantia! monuments in Isith privutomul public
(Mirks, ns nlso in most of the liner Now Yoik
The C'oiiiiih (Mull.
Tlm Counts Club gave u very pleasant enter
tainmeiit nt Temple bull Thursday evening.
Altout twenty-two couples wuro present, nnd
enjoyed themselves hugely. Tho ladles nml
gentlemen were nil attired In fiillilrctts, many
of tlm costumes Uing decidedly elegant.
When a reporter looked in nlsjut half-iast ten
the scene wns n most brilliant one, uud the
merriment nt its height Tho meinliers of thu
Couius Club nro very sociably inclined, mid
their entertainments are always tho most
pleasant, Thursduy evening's lielng no oxeo(
tlon to tlio rule, Tho Philharmonic orches
tru, assisted by Miss Wllloiighby, furnished
excellout muslo for the occasion.
A very pleasant ball was given last even
ing nt Masonlo Temple. Mr. S. A. Wnnier
olllcintod ns master of ceremonies In his
usual excellent manner. The dunce wns held
as n preliminary to tho foruritiou of n new
social club, successor to tho Capital City club
of last year.
Tho Capital City club, composed of former
pupils of Mr. Jacob Mahler, gave a wry pleas
ant dance at Tuinnlo hull Saturday owning.
I It is unnoceMsary to say thoy had a good time,
t m I showed tho nilinlrablo training of their
a very pleasant ilanee was liulil last even
lug nt tho resilience of Mr. Goo. Hymn, l.'f.M
O street . Alsout twenty couples wero pres
ent uud fully enjoyed the exercise of
teqwl'-'horo. Excellent rofreMiinonU wero
served nnd a good time gonorully van hnd.
'I'bif lieasaiit llmir iliiiilni-s lliilerlnlii the
The Pleasant Hour iluulors gave Iheli' holi
day ixirty at Temple Hall Wisluislay evening
on which occasion the Plouxuut Hour Seniors
weie their guests. Tlm ball wus one of Ihu
largest and most sueeevsful ever held lu the
city, uud the enjoyment coircsKinillugly
grislier. The evening was u most delightful
one for Indulging in the merry whliloMho
dance, mid the lloor wns llllisl at every cull.
The program ronslstisl of twelve liumlierH,
nud isieh was duly enoyisl. Many elegant
toilets Mere worn ley (do iiuiiiH, mid luthe
movement of the dance, tho contrast Is'twreii
their bi'llliaut costumes uud the full dress
hiiIIm of the gentlemen was very pleasing.
(t)ullo u iiiiuiIh'i- of Ni-sons from abroad were
(iresent, among whom were Mr. nnd Mrs
Clement O. Chase of Omaha. Mr. I-Mgar Etl
wmils as nmsler of eeieiiioiiles wns omnipres
ent, mid ellhienl In his capacity.
Follow lug Is u list of those pi (sent i Mr. mid
Mis. Mulr, Mr. nud Mix Sheldon, Mr. mid
Mix Mason Gregg, Mi. mid Mrs, A. 1). Ilurr,
Mr. and Mix L. C, Iluir, Mr. mid Mrs. Audi us
Mr. mid Mrs, llceson, Mr. mid Mix, Chase of
Omaha, Mr. uud Mis. Myron Wheeler, Mr.
and Mrs. Perryiumi, Mr. mid Mix I lay den,
Mr. ami Mix. Coffroth, Mr. nnd Mrs, John II
Clmk, Mr. and Mix Lnnlieitson, Mr. uud
Mrs. Macfaimml, Mr. mid Mix McAilhur,
Mix Ileruard,. Misses Lllllliildge, Clile Hroivn,
HisiMr, Allen mid Hello Oakley, Olllu and
Minnie Initio, Perry, Maud, May nnd Hoi tie
ilurr, I' mike, lluwklus, llallentlneof Ouinliu,
Iiauiniond, Walsh, Stout, Hiiins, of Omaha,
Wellsof ('Inelnuiit I, llrownle and Nelllo llaimi,
Hardy, ICIIIntof ICnnsas City, .erung, Georgia
Huwkeof Nebraska City, McKinrleof Puun-
m, I). 1., llercli, liuKelt.t Issors.tlrunlnuer.
Vndriis, Snulllug, llellcn Million, Hiilhuwny,
wncox or riciirasku city, Asniiy, iics'Uer
lfilllllll ijT1 if ltriMIS'f HUrvii n lllVIMt'l' "sj "(- -.. .-. -i.-v..v
Uiiulst, Van Duyn, ThonqiHon, Teinplelon, lll'n" ",l ''Is own yncht, nud Uing tho lurgot
Zehrung, Will mid Clmiilo Clark, Hardy, I r. "" iiuws()iiiier shirs. Norrlslown Hor-l-'unke.
Anion Huckstnff. Mnxwell. Wisst. ! nl',
llarnanl, Uiwis, llomalto, Messrs Itlchti
.McClay, Hmiiinoml, l'rank mid Charlie Ilurr,
lowls, Will nud tlisu-ge McArlhur, Nlssley,
Hob Mulr, Helskell, Scott, Hlggeulsittom,
Mng'siii, Young, Hulhiiway, l'ormman,
Wi'ey, Amlriis, Walsh, Simons, AVnckbniigh,
Smith, Hluford, Holmes, lTdwnnls, Storrs,
E. II., 0. Y. uud A. II. Smith, llonlx, Huiiiii,
Polk, Kingsbury nml others,
A Complimentary Party.
Tueolny evening was mi extremely cold
one, but Interfered not In thu least wlthn
party that hud been previously arranged
for several visiting ladles, given in their hon
or by n iiiiiiiIht of young gentlemen of the
city, at Masonic Temple, The ladles, four lu
number, have Is-cn visitors lu the city for sev
eral weeks (xist; .Miss Itloom, of Iowa City,
nud the Misses (loldlierg and Itosenlsjrg, of
Chicago, under the hospitable roof of Mr. nnd
Ml-H II, Wise, oil Ksliwt, anil M'ss l'Vl, a
guest at the homeiifjii I Fn. ', j-.i .1 s..
Shortly iifb-r tilno, Hi" phtxuj"" wU'L'-j
nienoisl and ntln riii!l-.'iM,ip , i,-L-,k-t'
struck up a IWcly inanii, I lie pjiii'hsw's in ,
tlm iK'cislon ihomiI lit i I'll j ii-l "lti (o '
lug lhi'oUii v.inous prolwV (Igi.ri-i. the ,eU ,
wns Inuiigiii.iVd m.d tl.e h -tlviv f a'y to
gnu. Tho pion m of elghti -.u i.i n n.i ci.i
talllisl ii well en ll'ged eider u' di.-utu, ivl.ieb '
were llnlshisl lij nn'i'ii'i"1., 1 -.) ill piss
cut repaired to ill-own u Ci.Io v tit ic m lic.oui
refresliiuents were duly n-llslns I
i'ho affair In every M-nsool mo old wus
compllmuiitnry to the guests of the evening
uud us such they certainly iipHurcd to ap
preciate thu situation.
At the table, will wishes for the Indies wuro
expressed nud niter lidding two of tho ladles,
goodbye the party was nt mi cud,
Miss llloom nml Miss Rosenberg left Wed
nesday for Oinaha wheio thoy will visit for
a timu Is'foru rctiirulugcust mid the Couiukh
extends its U-st wishes for a pleasant stay at
the metro(N)lis.
Christum I'urty.
The Pleasant Hour club held their Christ
mas party Monday evening nt the Windsor
Hotel. Alsiut thirty couples wero present
uud enjoyed the terislclioremi exerclwss to
thu fullest extent. Tlio program was of the
usual length, mid thu party one of tlm most
pleasant of tlio scries. Mr. I". ( . 7-chrimg
olllciiibsl us master of ceremonies with grace
nnd affability. The costumes wero us usual
pretty nml appropriate, and the atmosphere
conducive to dancing. Refreshments were
served nt nliout eleven o'clock. Among those
present wero:
McKsr nml Mesdames W. It, Dennis, Shel
don, Mason Gregg, Myron Wheeler, Ed. P.
Kwing, II. L. Perrymun, K. IC. Ruydeii, II.
P. l-'ostrr, Mulr, Huckstuff.
Misses Walsh, Hawkiiis,Kunko, Llllihridge,
Pickett, Holm of Kansas City, Hums of
Onmlm, Hnrnnrd, Luttu, Dickey, Orunlnger.
Wells of Cincinnati.
Messrs av, Wiley, A. H. Smltli, Hnrdy,
Vnn Duyn, Mugisni, Zeluuug, Polk, I'iuist,
llrown, Phul(s, MoArthur, Rlehler, W.
Smith, E. II. Smith, Korcsmnti, Klnusley,
Helskell, Cunningham, Gruulger, Hidges of
Kansas City.
Ciieliro Part.
A very ploasant. euchre (xirty was given
Thursday owning at the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. E. It. Guthrie, Twenty-seventh
mi I M stlii'U. Tho isisy residence wus very
Imiiilsoniory decorated with beautiful Howeis,
w hose fragrance lent charm to tlm scene.
Kupjr was served at seven o'clock, mid after
this Interesting feature had received due ti-
tcntiou, curds wero brought forward, uud
thu enchanting gumo of progressive euchre
ooiuiuuncuj. At tho close It was found that
Mrs. Perrymun nnd Will Hardy had won tho
royal pri.os, mid Mrs. 1). I. Hrace mid Hert
Smith tlm gtxiso egg prizes. Following Is u
list of those present:
Messrs nnd Mosdmucs Mu-sou Gregg, El
Kwing, J. H. W. Hawkins, Henry IaiwIs.
i Frank Ijwis, II. L. Perryman, A. H. Cof
froth, C. T. Hrown, I). U Hrace, nnd Mrs. V.
Pickett of Ashlnnd.
Miss Hawkins, the Misses Alger, Clara
Funke, Clara Walsh, Muggio Mullon, Corn
Hanly, Flora Elliott, Miss Hums of Omaha,
Miss Uiwuot Omaha, Minnie Latta, Ethel
Mtrs Chas. .Vigor, A. II. I.iw, Frank
Zehning, Hert Smith, C. W. Isolds, Will
Stull, Will Hanly, A. 8. Tibbetts, I). C.
Van Duyn, Clair PlieljM, Mr. Wiloy.
Mrs. Guthrlo was asslstsl in receiving by
Miss May and Mr. Will Pickett,
Attend the great sale of dry goods every
thing goes. Oaklky & CoV.
Anoldlrnvcliff'M Idea of nnenrlhly paro
illse In n h tel wherothu hall boyii aro iloni
nnd duinb. Hotel Mnll.
lUderllnggnnl's bruin nmy nppropi lately
lw callcsl a novel apparatus. Itoohestor Post
Express, She Do liiiiiiorlnto get jxild, Charley. Ho
Oh, no, I hoy wrllo for fun, Tlio Wnter
bury. A Parisian dielci has lson "ifoundod In
thoimhuihs." .odiri't know whu' part nf
the anatomy the suburln may be, hut It Is it
great plly tlio othor fellow wasn't woundetl
In tlm contiguous nelghlKii hood. NoniKtomi
They loll of n young Lincoln man that ho
Is m able u contort lonlnt that ho cull eco
without dillleiilty the bald s)t on tho back
of his head. Lincoln (Nub.) Journal.
Santa Claus Is said to lo of German origin.
Ills favorite oath, wo presume, Is "Hy Chim
ney I" Norrlslown Herald.
Among trawling salesmen onler I heavun'i
first law. Life.
"Kossuth Is rcmomticred In thin country by
tho hat he wore." A great many Indies hnvo
Ikimi roinoinlKirod lu Iheatreii by tho huU
they wore, but tho reiiiemhraucu did not
nffonl much pleasure, Ou the contrary,
iulto the reverse. Norrlslown Hcrnld.
A K'trl(l(sl sandwich was dug up near
Hwan Cns)k, Ills., the olhor day. Thoy put It
with tho collection at tlm railroad station
and Ihopiirchasor hMld It wan tho tuudorust
sandwich ho hnd over Ismght nt tlmt place,
Andrew G'nrneglu ndvlsen nil youiiff men
who wuut to gut rich to keep clenr of sjhjcu
Intlon. If .lay Gould hnd followed this ad
vice ho might hnvo lieen a worthy inochnnlo
icruHj, wiuKing inr vio n wis)K, insieaii or.
being u mllllounlio Milling up thu Meillterrn-
nervous wiro (to iiuMiumi who is wrlllng)
The wpusiklng of tlmt (kjii Is ilrendful, John;
what nro you writing! Huslmnd A poom.
Wife I don't wondur tho (sin wpieaks. Tho
A lndy, who Mipxrtsl n worthless liiis
ImiiiiI by k(splng Isiarders, had him erumnUxl
when death rcllavnl her, nnd nil old Issirdor
to whom sho npiled for mi Inscription for
tho cinerary urn gnvo her this:
Here rests tlm husliniid of n wife
Who kept tlin vuus that wed;
HIid enri.eil his Imnlies while lie lived
And uracil hlj ashes, ilead.
Washington Critic
Mlsirist of tho House What Is this blotch
on the wall acr, llridgutl Hrldgot That'a
mi llu (Milntlug, in'eui. Thu stoisr kim out
of the can. lliirllngton l'rco Press.
Jeuliiiisy nl 'llin Ilootnra' Drivers' 11 all.
-.-flSw-. ..,
Mr. Clay (soliloquizing) Ef tint Em Lufloy
douo knoWLsl tint dut Rahltlmo' coon drlv fur
n boss doctah, reckon she wiidn' bo quart sor
fnilsh oz ter dnrnco fob sets wlv him. Judge,
S'oiiiiiwluit Mixed.
Tho mother of two sous, twins, met ono of
the brothers lu n Held ono morning.
"Which of you two Isiys mn I speaking
tor nskisl tho mother; "Is it you or your
brother f
"Why do you ask," inquired tho lad, pru
dently. "Uecnuso if it Is your brother I will box
his ears."
"It Is not my brothor, it is I."
"Then your brother Is wearing your comt,
for yours had a holo in it."
"No, mother, I am wearing my own coat."
"Good henvensl" shrieked tho mother,
looking at him intently, "you arc your
brother after all." Arurnts llornld.
Str-t Car Incident.
Omnha Man (rending to friend In street
car) -Venoziicln has offered n prlzo of t4,000
for n process by which locusts may Imj turned
into grease or somo other useful article.
Stranger Ehl Hog (mrdon. What Is Hint
amount I
"-1 (JtX) n
"Olil Only l,000. I thought you said
f 10,000. Sorry I disturbed you. Ah I Hero
Is my street. Good day, sir."
Omuh.1 Man Who is tlmt gcntlomnn!
Friend Ho is Mr. Do Fntte, tho grout but
tcr miumfactuicr. Omaha World.
Int Wus Not h Trump.
"Poor iiuiiiP exclaimed tho lienovolont
lady to the sssly mid hnggnnl man who hod
callcsl nt her houso; "what can I do for you I
You nro suffering for food uud clothing, aro
you not!"
"Muduui," ho replied, with offended dig
nity, "I am not a trump. I havo culled to
ntk you to subscribe for this book, of which
I am tlio nuthor, nnd to tho preparation of
which I hnvo devoted uu oxtenslvu oxporlonoo
and tho best yenrs of my life,"
"Whnt Is tho Uwkr
"It is n treatise on 'How toMako Money.'"
Chicago Tribune.
The Warm Wuvo Netneils.
Merchant Come now, movo on. I'vo got
nothing for you.
Tnttcrod biKvlmon Ploaso, sir, I'm not
beggar, sir. I want to buy somethiug. lSr
got sovcuty-nino cents.
"Humph! What do you wantl"
"One of those sovwity-flvo cent thermome
ters, but I want you to fix It so it will regis
ter about CO degs. lower than it docs. I want
to linng It In front of my olllco."
"Do you mean to say you have an offlcor
"Yes, sir, I'm a coal dealer." Omaha