Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, December 17, 1887, Image 1

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Vol,. 3. No. 1
Intn mted to Tickle tlio Hlsllillttn or In
duco Philosophical Discussion.
? ELL, tlio Nutlonnl oitern has como
mid gone, uud t'10 nnxlety over
whether t will como or nut has boon
1Isimso(1 of. It must generally Isa
conceded that tlio iwrformnnco in ltncntircty
was by many odds the flnest wo hnvo over hnd
In Lincoln, notwithstanding that Furscli-Mndi
nnd ono or two others wero not In tho opcrn.
Tlio fact really is, thcro wero fow, If any, In
tho nudlenco who know tlio difference, for bo
It to libs Poole's credit, sho rendered tho iwirt
in ii mannor that was thoroughly sntlsfnctory
nnd seemed to plenso ovoryono.
I was pleased at tho Ixthcngrln jwrformanco
Thursday night, that Lihcoln's social leaders
turn out en muime in full evening droHS.Thoro
must havo Ikcii over ft hundred ladles In tho
fashlonnblo costume nnd tho seetio was in It
self ft pretty ono to lehold and demonstrated
clearly thnt tho capital city, llko Its moro
metropolitan neighbors, is equal to alt fiish
ionnblo occasions. Tho gontlemoii In largo
numbers, woro seen in various jwrt of tlio
largo nudlenco with costumes in keeping with
tho event; tho snowy whito front, making tho
contrast between this nudlenco nnd tho usual
ono, pretty to behold. It was n matter of
general comment nnd tho expressions heard
by tlio observer on every hand wero favornblo
In ovcry instance. It Is to bo I101.0 that on nil
occasions of ft higher class of entertainment
thnt tho custom will pi o vail and further do
voloped. Tho Observor was standing in tho pollco
court room ono morning this wook when ho
was told by a friend, a very good joko on
Councllmau Dean. It npiwnrs that n fow
daysslnco n seedy looking individual np
proached tho Lincoln councilman nnd struck
him for a loan. Mr. Dean drew bae'e at hoar
Jng his namo pronounced by such a hard
looking customer nnd said, "Who aro you f
I do not know you." Tho tramp replied, Oh,
don't you? I mot you a couple of weoksugol"
Mr. Dean's face woro n puzzled look as ho
slzod up tho stranger, nnd'replled, "Is that
so T Well I would llko to know whero I form-
od your acquaintance." Tho fa of tho
tramp woro a rnidlaut smilo as ho said, "Is it
possible you havo forgotten mo bosooiW Why,
I met you In tho Omaha Jail." Tho council'
man's face Hushed slightly as his hand sought
his pocket nnd brought forth n shining quart
er which ho gavo tho tramp nt tho samo tlmo
nfonning him that ho had no dostro to con
tinue tho acqualntntico. Moral: Nover get
in jail.
The Holy City.
Tho music loving ieoplo of Lincoln had
been on tho tip-too of expectancy for several
weeks regarding tho production of tho beauti
ful cantata by Lincoln talent, assisted by
Prof. Walter D'Enyer, of Duluth, Minn., at
tho Congregational church, Monday and
Tuesday evenings. As a cousoquunco, long
buforo tho tones of tho monster plpo organ
had pealed forth it was found nocossary to
close tho doors against a multitude of pooplo
who ongorly clamberod for admission. Every
avullnblo seat and all tho standing room was
occupied. Boon af tor tho doors woro closed
tho plpo organ sounded forth in melodious
strains which thrillod tho audience. This was
followed by solos and choruses by Lincoln's
bost musical talent.
Mrs. 1'. V. M. Raymond nnd Prof. Will tor
D'Enyer doservo great credit for tho success
of tho cantata, as they labored hard and
fulthf ully. Tuesilay evening wits n repetition
of Moudny,boUi in point of attendance nnd It
artistic success, in fact it Is clalmod that tho
cautatu was tendered fur better on tho latter
ovonlng than on Monday. The financial sue
cess of tho undertaking is certainly vary
gratifying to tho projectors.
Turn About Not Alwujs I'nir Play.
No. l-"Joy."
No. a-"Iipiilr." Oblden Argosy
Unco of tlio AVestrrn Hash IIoiihi.
English nnd asUiurnntcso: Guest (In Wood
wnnl nvenuo restaurant) Bring me u cup of
cofTco nnd n coireo cake,
Walter (vociferously) Ono in tho dark uud
door mat! Detroit l'rco Vrotsx.
Gentlemen dialling nobby uud elegantjllt
ling full suits should call on Mayer Bros., 1-J
North Tenth street ami sou their lino lino of
goods tnndo up from tho choicest nnd latest
pntU'rn fabrics, fully epial to tailor made J
L. Meyer & Co. kiwp a full lino of silks
adloV slllc drjn oorl, oilloin, om imores
muslins, plain nnd fancy dress goods, nnd in
fact, everything tlint can lie found in a first
class house, as well as tho loading brands of
choico 'nmlly flour, tens, colTeo, etc., etc.
Gentlemen who havo Ihi.hiiuo members of
tho several nuw social clubi, or thoso who ex
poet to mlnglo in social circles of Lincoln this
winter, should not fall to call nt Mayer Hros.,
1I?J North Tenth street and beo their wiperb
no of goutlouijii's full dross snlU
Wisldlng stntionory, Inviwtlons, programs
nnd nil line printing our sjtecialty. C-ll and
boo specimens of our work. WmmoI & Dob
bins, l!ll North Eleventh stivet.
Lincoln Illiiktrutud.
Wo havo about 100 copiai of this work for
nalo nt tho regular price at this olllco.
'fi is
Tlio National Open Company In "J.olten
grin" nt Fuukn's Wednesday I'.vo.
Among tho great couiM)Hcrs of modern
times, Itlchnrd Wagner stands pro-cmlncnt
us tho originator of a new school or class of
music, and whllo "rnnnhnuscr" Is generally
acknowledged to bo his masterpiece, "Luhou
Krlu" Is by ninny estceuiod but little Irss In
(lmuiatla vor nnd Interest. The muslo lov
ing peoplo of Iilurotn had tho rnro opportuni
ty Wednesday ovenltiKof seeing this latter
opera presented In a style boflltliiK the theme
mid tho author by n world-famous company.
Tho principal artists displayed both mimic
al and drnmntlo power, whllo tho choruses
showed elllclent training. Miss HertlmjPlor
son possosscs nn exqusltcly iwoet soprano
voice, a llttlo marred by nn othorwlso charm-
lugllsp, as well ns ndtllglitful stage presence
Frank Vettnns "King Htnry," nnd William
Mcrtonnstlio"IIcrnld,"cnunclatcd with bet
tor etreot than nny ol tho others. Miss Clara
I'oolo took tho part of "Ortrud, wife of Telra
urn lid," Instead of Mine. Kursch-Macll, ax an
nounced. Iter volco Is nn oxqulslto contrnlto,
pure and sweet, and, though she bad but llttlo
opportunity to show Its power, with tho pos
sible exception of tlio second net, she won
many frlonds. Klol Hylva ns "Lohengrin.
Knight of tlio Holy arnll," carried his part
most nccoptubly, though his tenor Is not so
powerful ns It onct was William Ludwlg,
ns "Count Tclraiuuud," was, In tho opinion or
tunny, tho best vocalist as well as tlio best
actor In tho company. Ho carried himself
with much graceful ease, and snug with such
feclliignud expression thalthogcnoral verdict
was that n moro charming vllllun (hero never
Tho hnuso, ntthnugh not outlroly filled, was
u very good ono. and bcsldos being a
fashionable audlonce, wiu a representative
one. Many Germans, not theatre-goers In
the accepted sonso of tho word, were present
and drank In tho beauties of their groatcst
operatic cotn,i..ui, I'.lchard Wagner. Tho
satisfaction oxprosscd by all present umply
nttost tho favor In which tho performance Is
Much ts duo to Manager l'unku for tho en
terprise displayed In securing such a compa
ny for Lincoln nnd the opportunity given
for hearing tho best music of tho great com
poser. siauhii:i.
SNOW WOODWAUD-At tho Cnngrcgn
tlonal church, Thursday ovcnlng. Decomber
IS, 1887, Mr. i:. C. Huow nnd Miss Dolly A.
Woodward, both or this city.
Doth parties aro well and favorably known
In this city having been rcsldonts of Lincoln
for some years, and nro tho contro'pf.n laraw
circle of frlonds Mr.'nniP'Mrs, &now wift'be'
at homo hereafter at KM) II street.'
WmOHT-OVKHMAN-At tho rosldcnco
of th brldo's parents, at Western, Nob., Wed
nesday, December 18, 1887. Mr. J. W. Wright,
ofthlsclty,nnd Miss Norn Overman, of West
ern, Neb., Hov. J.Luelllng, pastor of tho Bap
tist church otllclattng.
Tho abovo will no doubt bo quite a surprise
to the many friends nnd acquaintances of Mr.
Wrlght.botli in this city nnd Dorchostor.Neb.
Ho was associated with J. 'A, llriscoe In tho
boot and shoo business for some years past un
til a fow months since, when Mr: llrlscoo was
succeeded by Mr. llerger, tho firm now bolng
Wright A llerger. Tlio groom has been n resi
dent of Lincoln mr a number or years, and by
Ids upright dealings uud pleasant manners
has won scores or frlonds who nro Just now
busily oiignged In congratulating him.
Tho brldolstho daughter of a prominent,
wealthy retired farmer who now resides In
Western. Hho Is the center of n host of
frlonds there, having been a resident of West
ern and vicinity tho past fourteen years. Hho
Is not only handsome, but pleasant, kind nnd
courteous,! hereby winning for herself tho title
of being tho most popular young lady In those
Tlio happy couple returned to this city at
'iX p. m. Wedncsda; and Immediately took
up their rcsldenco at No. yl North Four
teenth street whero they will bo at homo to
their friends hereaftor Tho presents wero
both numerous and beautiful, and In many
Instances useful. Tlir. CouitlKU extends its
Tlio Metropolian Hull.
Tho first of the winter scries ordanclngpnr
ties to bo given by tho now Metropolitan club
was given at Masonic Temple Tuesday ocn
lug, there beluga largo party present to en
Joy tho occasion. Tho hall had been nicely
arranged and overy preliminary prepared
comluclvoto tho comfort uud pleasure of the
It was not until after nine that dancing was
commenced, and when tlio party hud fairly
entered Into tho exorcises of tho evening,
there was noticeable, among the fifty couples
present, about n dozen couples from abroad,
namely Chicago, Omaha, Nebraska City,
Kansas City and other cities.
At ele en o'clock a march was formed nnd
after moving In a number of graceful figures,
the folding doors woro thrown open, disclos
ing an elegant spread.'and tho couples tiled In,
occupying two tables, tho entire length or the
or this portion of tho entertainment much
may bo said. Tho tables woro handsomely
decorated ani nicely arranged. Flowers iind
plants hero uudthero added to tho appearance
of tho nrray of delicious edibles, whllo the ser
vlco was comploto In overy dotnll. Caterer
I.ludsey In mil evening dress, with a corps or
waiters In snowy white, sorved tho spread .
Thoutriilrwusn vory fashionable ono, tho
gentlemen all being attired In cmtume il
rtjurur while tho ladles' dressosworo gcucrab
lyatadrenlWe. Tho music by tho l'hllliur
inonlo orchestra was up tolt un tiind
nrd of oxcollencc, and the floor was In per
rect condition for the glide of tho heol mid
toe movement.
Tho opening ball of tho Motropolttau club
may well bo termed a brilliant success and If
all future oinirtsnio equally ns pleasant, the
clubliiiiy be well satisfied that tho object of
tho club Is fully realized.
TlUiCoiruiKii's readers will bo pleased to
know that little llcssln Lane Is rapidly Im
prolug, being sble now toolt up u llttlo while
each day. During her sickness Iter friends
haenot forgotten herns Is shown by tho nu
merous callers uud mountains of floral oner
lugs which havo filled her loom. It Is Imped
she w 111 soon bo ablo to bo about om o moro.
Lincoln, Nudraska, Saturday,
l.lfn In tlm Profession. Matters Musical
and ItruiU'itle. Notes Admit i'lnynrs,
MiuitAKt. HTiionorr.
Saturday evening the Andrews Minuet
Michael Ktnigoff coinpny nppmrwl nt tlio
l'inkn to uu nudlenco that almost taxed tho
mNiclty of tlio house. Everylwdy nutlclpnt
(xl an elegant xutertalnmeut and stir oly none
wero disnpiiolutcd ns ns attosted by tho fre
quent nnd jirolougiMl applause, Tho company
is a largo ono nnd ixhhoshx some artists
of rare ability and many of tho chn meters
wero iKirtrajixl in an exceedingly strong ninii
ner, The llremou's drill wnn one of tho prin
cipal foatun and fairly captuanl tho nudl
enco. Tho music and dances wore very fine
while tho costumes and scenery wero tho
cniiM) of much comment. The management
of tho opera hotiou is to Is) congratulated on
wMjurlng such rate attractions for its Nit
rons. J. it. l-o I.K.
Tho excellent comedian, Mr. J, II
will npiHvnr nt Funku's oiwru house
Woduosdny livening in his famous
"Mixed Pickles." Tho actor and play
scon h cio last Si'iisou, mid gavo good satisfac
tion. Tho plot is n simple one, hinging on
the adventures nnd misadventures of tho two
brothers, Pickle by iiniue, (.ho one n sciiih)
grace and the other a clergyman. Theru is ii
strong nwomblnuco Is-twivn tho two, and the
neniwgrneo manages to get his reverend broth
er Into sovernl bad mess,s. Tho piny nlfords
un ovcnlng of much enjoyment, and should
bo seen by ovcry thontro-goor.
The famous American actress, MIsh Lilian
Olcott, npix-ars nt tho Kiinko on Friday and
Bntunlay evenings in "Theodora" and anoth
er play not yet announced. "Theodora" Is
undouhUslly tho mastor-plecu of tlto great
French dramatist, Vlctorieii Kardou, and has
lMXn presented with great success in Loudon,
Paris nnd tho principal American cities. An
immense amount of scenery is neoossary
to tho proper production of this great
play, and tho Olcott company is well equip
ped in this regard. Tho costumes nro very
lino nnd the mounting of the piny simply
magnificent. Miss Olcott is an actress of ac
knowledged talent, and her supporting com
pany is far abovo tho avcrtigo,
Hncrct (society Hnucn.
Tlio CouiUKH acknowledge tho receipt of
mi Invitation to attend n select Christmas
ball to lw glvc.i by Crete lodgo, No. 27, I O.
O. F., nt Hand's ojiera house, Crete, Neb.,
Fridny evening, December 23, 1887. As tho
Odd Follows of Crete uovcr do anything by
halves,, we havo no
will 1h) n grand affair. It is proluiblo that
quite ii uumlier of Lincoln Odd Fellows will
bo in attendance.
Tuesday afternoon quite a number of Lin
coln K. P.s, members bf tho uniform divi
sions, and the K. P. band in uniform, went to
Ashland to assist in tho formation of a uni
form division nnd tho presentation of ft hand
some banner to Star lodge, No. 1), of that
place, by tho Omaha knights for tho largest
number of members present at the meeting of
too grand lodge last Uctoltor. in the after
noon tho uniform divisions from Lincoln,
Greenwood and Omaha, numlieriug about
500, paraded tho streets "lid in tho evening
tho exercises wero hold 111 tho opera house,
which was filled to overflowing. Addivses
wrro mndo by n uumlier of prominent JC. P.s
nfter which n grand ball wes given.
At n regular meeting of Fnrragut tnxt, No.
85, G. A. It. Saturday evening, the following
ofllcers wcroolocted: Commnndor.O. C. Hell;
senior vico coinmnndor, W. A. McArthur;
Junior vico commander, A. L. Manchester:
olllcor of the day, Joseph Teeters; ofllcor of
thoguurd, J. W. Uowen; clinplniit, Henry
Mastermnn; surgeon, Dr. J. L. Haggard;
quarter master, Martin Howe. Messro. Hon
ton, Paliio, McArthur and Carpenter wero
chosen delegates to tho state encampment.
Afternoon Mnitiale.
Thursday afternoon a very pleasant inusl
calo was givon nt tho residence of Mr. nnd
Mrs. John Zehrung by Prof. Wnlter D'Enyer
nnd hovernl others. Tho ojiening uumlier on
thu program wiw given nt VM p. in. nnd the
closing ono was finished ntO o'clock. Alioiit
100 invitations had Itceti issiusl, nud but fow
regrets won) recclvtsl. Tho selections wero
exceptionally flno, nnd all wero thoroughly
enjoyed. Miss Edith Doolletlo, ono of our
mast accomplished plaulstes, rendered selec
tions from Liszt, Heethovon, and Chopin;
Mrs. J. P. Dorr sang in her usunl excellent
stylo Itubensteln's "Since First I .Mot Thee";
Madame Welxtr sang "I-t Me Dream Again"
by Sulllvnn; Herr Adolf Welter playml n solo
on tho violin, while Prof. D'Enyer wing sev
eral selections faultlessly, Mrs. P. V. M. liny
moud accompanying on the piano.
Lnst Saturday evening a progressive
euchre party was given ot tho resi
dence of Mr. nnd Mrs. J. A. Huckster
nt Fnlrlawn. Ten was sorved nt 7 p. in., nfter
which tlio party filled tho seats nround eight
smnll tnblos nnd plnyod euchro until nbout 11
o'clock, after which tho party ndjournod for
homo, Mrs. Kent Hnyden took tho Indies'
roynl prize and Mr. F. C. Zehrung took the
gente' royal.
8300 In Cash 1'rlzos.
This Is tho tempting olrermado by n cloth
ing house ns a 8oetnl Inducoment to their
imtrons to lay in their needs for the winter
nt once. Messrs. Mayer lirothers, 122 North
Tenth street, give to cash purchasers of five
dollars worth of goods, n ticket which entitles
tlio holder to a chance for drawing the cash,
not hoinething you havo no use for, but tho
real hard, bound legal tender coins of national
It is readily to bo so n that by purchasing
your clothing, gents furnishing goods or any
thing In their lino of them, you have the op
portunity of adding to your rlchoH without
lxiylng for tho chnueo or nny oxtru outlay.
This llrm Is known for ite excellent vulues
given the trade, lielng low class goods for
living price. If in nood of a suit or nny
t.iing eU, call on them uud thoy will demon
stnito to you tho saving problem and at tho
same time gel n chnnco nt the $200.
"Why fnvo'or starvo!" U tho itolnted
question iu.ked by the manufacturers of "Gar
land Btoves," and wo would ndds Why bnyu
poor Imitation when for tho samo pri?o you
can get tho genuine "(lai laud?"
17, t8QT
They ArsmiiIiIo Kii Mt.e at Castle Hall
and thnote an lit ruing to Honir
I'lliii Vnrl.
Thursday ovcnlng the inomlers of Capital
City IaxI)?!', No. (VS entertained u number of
visiting klllghls f i om I ho local lodges and
from ndjolulng nnd eastern slates. Every
Isnly was (in tho tip too of uxpectnney ns It
was rumored that w oik would Iki performed
in all tho (au sn pait of which would 1st con
ducted by P. 0. Fniuk Llndon of Gauntlet
lodge No. -I, Chicago, 111. Early In the even
ing prominent local knights liegnn to niilvo
nnd by 0 q'ulock nil four 0. O.'s elect, repro
sentlng tlm four Lincoln lodges, occuphsl thn
nwtium, whllo 1'. (. O. .Inc. Morrison sat
near by, Ills ever watchful eye on the pro-
celling. Nwirly nil tho ollleors elect in Cap
ital City ; lodge, occupied (heir seats nnd
showed that they had not Urn idle since their
election, .Una candidate was given tho first
rank nnd by the time he ncclvcd it two
moro wero In readiness to receive tho strond
nnd third.; The woik kept tho kslgo busy
until about - u in., after which nil ndjouruisl
to Drown' Cafe, and enjoyisl a f(nst such as
liono but Brown can prepare.
i no evening win long ho reuioiubensi by
those priwMiit as ono of tho most enjoy able In
tho history of the lodgo.
Among those present wero P. C. Frnuk
Llndon of Gnuntlett lodge, No. -I, Chicago,
III., Hnrrjr Harlow of lied (Jo lar lodgo, No.
8.'!, CMlnr Foils, Iowa, nnd Fred Hawyerof
Hiimmlt lrllge, No. HI, Hplnt Lake.
A Dellglitrul A Hair.
Oil Tuesday evening last, the elegant resl
donee and Mrs. Mason Gregg, 1421 II
street, w;aa tho sojno of ouo of tho most lirll
limit nntl enjoyable nlfalrs of tho wmihou", o
ing tho ocwislonof nil entertainment given by
Mr, and Mrs. Mason Gregg nnd Mr. nnd Mrs.
Frank Gregg, ton fow of their many friends
in tho way of six handed progressive euchre
jmrty. Tnblos covered with daintily iirrnng
od Japnnuoj lunch cloths were placed in order
nlxMit tho spacious and brilliantly lighted par
lors, stately imlms nud lovely flowers were
every whc)v, lending lsjauty to thu scone. At
7;!W tho jguests had nil arrived, and wero
soatcii, six at n tabic, w Hero delicious re
roshmontk wero servisl In n iKiuutiful man
ner,nf ter jvhlch tho covers wero removed and
cards ennui noxt in order. Tlio rules for tho
game closed lit I l.itO.
Crrlghtnn College Miisleale.
Tho miulcnlo at Cioightou college hall,
Omaha, Inst Friday evening, was n very bril
liant nlfnir. Tho selections weru from tho
works of iho great masters, Liszt, Rubinstein,
Hnndel mid Hosslnt, nud rapturously aiv
ilau'disl. it From tho Herald wo glean tho fol
lowing: fc
Tho foulHh nud seventh numbers woro piano
uolcw fxouiiLlMtiui'lltuk'nitteln.
plnycu by Miss May U l'otvln, a young lady
well known In Lincoln musical and social cir
cles. From tho moment shu sounded tho first
note she held eurnptthu attention of her hear
ers, and won from them nt tho close of her
pcrformanco nn applause thnt was not uu
empty compliment, Imttho genuine testimony
of delighted hearts. Hho was made tho re
cipient of a largo basket of choice flowers.
A Hiirprl'ti Turfy.
Thursday ovcnlng about thirty friends
Mrs. C. F. Murrny assembled at her residence,
1435 It street, and took K)sMfsIon of every
thing. They laid intended to surprise her,
nnd thoy did so. They soon mndo themselves
comfortable, nud ns they had provided muslo
for tho occasion dancing was soon the order.
During the evening card playing was Indulg
ed In nud dovcloixsl n uumlier of excellent
players. Refreshments wero fccrved nud
dancing resumed until nlxmt 2 n. in. when
the guests prjiarsl to tnko their deiarturo,
but not boforo gently Intimating that as thoy
had en Joy is 1 the ovonlng so thoroughly n rep
etltlon of the nlfair might lie expected at nny
Muslo Hecltal.
Bntunlay evening tho chnjiel of the univer
sity was comfoi tnbly IllUsl to hear n miuknl
recital by the music department of the uni
versity nssIsUxl by Miss Cochran, who wits
nbly seconded by Mrs, J. I). Packard of Lex
ington, 111., nud Prof. Meuzendorf. This was
the seventh recltnl given by tho department
nud was in ovcry way mioi lor to its prede
cessors Tho following pupils in tho dep-irt
ment also assisted: Mioses Taylor, Ueuedict,
Dement, Bouthworth, I.atta, Loom Is nml
llaker, and Mr.
The cutertaliiment was lllierally applauded
and thoroughly enjoyed by thoe present.
Card l'urty.
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Cntlg entertained n
numlsir of fi lends at progressive euchre at
at their cosy home, No. K!2!l P street Thurs
day uvenlng. An elegant stipiMT was sjircad,
after which cards weie brought out and the
evening royally spent. Tho occasion will Ihi
long icmembcrul by those who had tho pleas
ure of lielng present.
A lllg (Surprise.
Tho following will bo n big surprise to the
friends of tho gentleman, if ilunio rumor has
furnished thu CoriilKli with correct informa
tion. Hho says, "IM Cerf, tlio big-hearted
Iwicholor clothier of this city left Thursday
morning for St. Joe, wlioro hu will tnko unto
himself a wife lit the pornon of Miss Cnrrio
Well, daughter of n prominent and wealthy
citizen of that placo. If the report is correct
tho CouniKii extends hearty congratulations,
and if it be an error, wo would say It is time
Ed r' ould be attending to such mutters, ns ho
enn never do so nny younger.
A In Our New- Olllco.
Tho CouniKii is now nicely located in Its
now quurters in tho liosomentof tho now
liurr block, corner O nud Twelfth streets, nnd
a cordial invitation is extended to nil our pat
rons to call nnd nhj us. Wo nro now prepared
todolietter work thnn over before, nnd till
nil order promptly. Our now olllco is heatisl
by steam uud lighted by tlectriclty, which
makes it ono of the most pleasant in the
state. Calls by telephoho No. 2.V1 will lie
promptly ntte'idcd to.
Dr HurniH, 1208 O stnvt, dwiros to call the
attention of tho public to the fact that his
olllco U first door east of the Coi'iiikii olllco
nnd that lie Is prexirtsl to put in now bets of
teeth at big Ixirgains, Kvorylxxly ought to
commence thu new your with xrfeot tooth,
and tiow's tho time to order them
A. Hurlbut & Co , the clothiers, nro giving
nway a lino horso and buggy vnlued at 11,000,
nnd overy person buying $10 worth of goods
get ii ticket in tho draw lug, which takes place
A I'litpoorliirNiitesiinNimierousHiildi'cts.
Mr. O, L Mnrlln, w ho has for several years
been Identified among the prominent travel
ing men of tho state, hu put aside his gilp
nml become n cltlnui ntuong us, enilKirking
In n mercliniidlso nud real estnto exchange
over II II, Nlssley Sz Co 's dry gissls store.
Mr. Marl In's ex iH'rlence In merchandise vnl
ties will no doubt i-ntik him with tho llrst In
the state, among this class of exchanges. His
list now consists of general merchandise.
hnnlwnro, drug, confectionery uu 1 millinery
stock imil numerous other business chances,
for sale or exchange for city iroioi t v or lands
We recommend hlui to nil who havo dealings
of this nature.
The II. & M, with lis usual generosity In
forms the publlu that holiday excursion rates
on that road, Isitwism stations not over two
hundred miles iiirt, will bo In effect IKk.'.
2: Id to Jnu, II, Inclusive at one fare and a
third for rou id trip. Tickets may Ihi had by
npplylngto A. 0. .eliuor, city ticket ngent,
corner Tenth nnd O streets, Lincoln, Tho
nliovo rules will encourage many to visit
their friends In the tielghlKinng towns nnd
villages nud thus lultl to their enjoyment of
tho holidays. Iut nil avail themselves of tho
opportunity to tnko a cheap ride over this fa
moils route.
Inst Monday evening quite n luimlMir of
invited guests assamblisl at tho rcsldenco of
Mr. Jnmes M. nud Miss Mnrgaret Coclirnn,
1050 K street, nud imikhisI u few hours very
pleasantly playing curds, dancing and dlsKm
lug of refreshments of which there was nu
abundance of delicate quality and flavor. An
oronosirn nt moro tiiaii usual nullity was
presold, nud as a cousiMpieucu the music wits
delightful. Those present woro reluctant to
depart for their homes when tho hour was
late, but promlwsl to return (it no distent day.
With tho lui vent of New Your Uoii Elsfeld,
who has Wn connected with tho GIoImj cloth
ing for some tlmo, w III lenvo Lincoln, going
to llurilngteu, Iowa, whero ho will ussuuio
chnrgo of his father's store. Since his resi
dence hero Iicou has made hosts of friends
who will deeply regret to hoar of his depart
ure, but who wish hint all tho success invisible
In his now undertaking nud hoist ho will not
forget to return nud liven up tho ninny pleas
ant places so familiar to him.
If you want to see tho latest nnd prettiest
designs In Jewelry go to Halletts, 1125 O
street. He has Just received un Invoice of
elegant goods that cannot be surpassed in tho
west. Ills prices nro always IkIow those, of
his couqictlters vhllu his stock Is larger and
liner than any similar stock In tho city. You
will miss it If you purchoso elsowhoro Isiforo
Mltig:)iltnAn4 gottuu prices,
under sold by nny ono which Is evidenced by
his heavy trade. ,
As mentioned in tho CouniKii last week
tlio Y.M.C. A. formed n 0. L. H. C. which will
meet ovury other Tuesday evening nt their
rooms. Tho ollleors nro: President, W. J.
Dryan; vico president, Mrs. Prof. Hoose; sec
retary, Mrs. J. A. Diimmett; treasurer, Mr.
J. II. Mocket, Jr.; ciltlc, E. C. Wlggcnhorn;
commlttisi on Instruction, Mr. J. A Diini
mott, Mrs. Dr, Hniloy nnd Mrs. C. A. Atkin
son. In n few days Mr. Frnnk W. Klock, who
has Iksjii connected with Zeimer's ticket olllco
so long, will leave for Halt I.ako City, whero
ho will nssiiino nn active part In thn real es
tate firm of J, M. Knox & Co,, hu being the
comiMiny, Mr. ICIock has friends without
number, who will inks him much, as he was
ouo of thu most pleasant, gonial uud painstak
ing clerks over in the 11, & M, olllcei In tills
Monday evening Judge Parker lsstiod a
marriage license to wed to n Chinaman giving
the names of L. King Eu and Miss Corn Par
mer. Tills is the first man Inge license over
issued In this county to n Chinaman. Thu
happy jwilr Immediately sought tho services
of llev. Marino and wero made one, after
which thoy doparted for their homo In York,
Mrs. E. C. McShuno has m a guest this
week and noxt Miss May Potvln of Lincoln,
who played so acceptably a mimtter from
Lls.t at the Crelghton college muslcalo last
Thursday evening. Miss l'otvln has n brilli
ant future iw a plaulste, nud will always Ut
welcomed nnd nppreolnted in Omaha. Her
ald. Miss Clara Goldlsirg of Chicago arrived In
the city Sunday morning on thu Ilurllngten
flyer, nnd is being entertained by her sister,
Mrs. D. Wise. 152S K street. Miss Goldlwrir
nntlclpntes sending suvoml montlis In Lin
coln, nud the Cour.lKii trusts her stay may
bo n pleasant one.
Next Thursday Miss Hlnllo Hurr, accoin
lwinlod by Frank and Chnrllo Hurr, and tho
Misses Fay Marshall and Oertfo Zeliuerwlll
return from Faribault, Minn., where thoy
havo tieen attending college, to siKnd tho hol
idays. They will lesumo their studies nfter
Now Years
Miss Sarah Low-man, who was clerk in tlio
registered letter ilciitirtirMtit in tlio Lincoln
IKWtrolllco, but who Is now a resldont of Mc
Cook, hius mturncsl to tins city to hinmiiI the
winter with her aunt, Mrs. S. Schwab, This
will Ih jwlaslng news to her many friends
in this city.
Tho Willard W. C. T. U. gavo a iiouud so
cial at its rooms corner N and Thirteenth
street Tuesday, the procssU of which were
donated to the city hospital fund. The social
was as usual, a grand sueeoss and a hand
some prollt realized for the worthy object.
The second year litlu class of the Univer
sltj held n vory pleasant MK-ial nt tlio home
of MKs Iulsn Pound, comer of Sixteenth
and P streets, Thursday ovonlng. Refresh
ments, music uud similar amusement hclcd
to pass away tho evening vory pleasantly.
Mr and Mrs. J J. (llllllan are nvelvins
tho congratulations of their friends iqion tho
ndcnt of a iKiuncing baby girl ut their resl
demo Suiiihiy The llttlo btranger U of tho
ivgulitlon weight, linniUomo and a grvNit
I larold Liusoti bovered his counectloti w 1th
Andrew's Minuit. Michael Strogeir conimny
heiv and lett Monday for Cincinnati, Ohio,
where ho will play the loading part and man
age Andrew's Ikstern Michael Strogon com
puny. Wo nro not iimklng any "special drives" in
Hatsins, Nut, Figs, Citron, etc, but can sol
you nny thing in that lino at prices that lire as
cheap as good as pure, first class goods can bo
obtained, Rett & Sowed, 1120 O street.
Phioic Fivic Ounth
I'm called an osttictla young mnn,
And wudo ssiplo my 1 nm slllrl
1 onmny a woso mid a fsn,
And illnn on tlio scent of lltrt
I'm loiielied with tlio bwlo bro cttAM,
A plmpio sets my heart In a flutU,
I'm swisl nnd wcflned In my ways
In fact, I'm decidedly uttn
Yrs, litUt
In fact, I'm dccModlutU. '
I dwrss In n plctuwpsnuo itrlfl,
My costumo If slinpln nml soulful
My fnea wonlis nu csihctlo suillo
Tlinl's half Idiotic, lmlf doleful.
I've uoliltig hi cniiininn with tliosa
Wudo HHiplo who spwlng fro a I tho gutU
Ililt Hint's list olisiird to upmso 1
I'm qulta too ilcclded'y uttn;
Yes, utU)
l'lu qulta too decidedly utU.
On wising I pwnctlcnnwlille
In fwnnt of my uilwow each mawnlng,
To catch thn expression and imlln '
Thnt Ignowaiit jveoplo are scawalnff. a
And when through thx city I pits
I set tlio gurU' hearts In n flutUi
Though soiuo of them call mo an ass,
What mattnlis It whllo I nm titlal
Yrs, uttn!
What nmltnlis It whllo I nm uttat
Poiiinryllla Journal,
Veritable lllnck Art.
"Well, I declnro,nrterIspcn'nll mymonnjr
on you studyln' nrt, you dniw n cow 'dout
any tall I" 5
"Well, inn, do Ixtok nay strlvo for offock,
an' not for dotnll." Harper's Ilnxar.
Home Hpi.rtlng Hqulbs,
Hurtson, of last year's Omaha team, will
pitch for the Docutur, (HI.,) club noxt sea
son. Heckloy thu peerless slugger of tho Western
leaguo, has signed with Tom Loftus'Bt. Louis
Sam Smith, thu Denver's big first Itasoman,
will hold down tho Initial bag for Loulsvlllo
noxt year. .
HutehrilAmi'rfho'pullSIT)eiittMolnoof 'a'
hole last season, will likely play with them
next year.
Thu Couiui'.li prisllcts that Kansas City
nud Omaha will Ir up near tho top ut tho close
of thu coming Mvison. Their pitching talent is
ihtcldodly the best.
Whitehead nnd Ebright of this year's Hast
ings team, nro playing grout ball out In Cali
fornia. A little work of the samo character
last summer would have Iio1hsI Hastings con
siderably. "Tub" Welch, "Ducky" Hemp, Joo Horr,
Tom Dolnu, Jnck Gorman, Genius, Under,
Healy and Pat Tcboau, all well known West
cm league ball tessers, aro Ntwndlng tho win
ter in Bt. Louis,
Tlio memlters of tho Detroit team havo do
mundod the rem vnl of Manager Wntklns.
Wut Is not ft howling success as u manager, ,
nnd It wns only tho intrinsic merit of tho
"chiunim" that brought them out nhoad.
Tho Sporting News says: "Dave Itowo hits
Ixihlxsl up In tho wild west. Liku Hnnquo's
ghost Dave will not down. If tho west was
full of such live fellows, luiso ball would Itoom
there nil the your round." Inasmuch ns Davo
lias been with us since the season closed wo
don't sco us hohas dono much of tho bobbing
up net.
Wocnrrytho blggekt nnd finest Hue of
Nut In the city. Alinonds.Eiigllsh Wnlnut,
Filberts, Pocnns, Hickory Nut, Wnlnut, in
fact, every kinds of Nut for tho holiday
trade. Prii-os right. Como and see us.
Hetth & Skwkli., 1120 O btrtet.
To the Trawling Public.
Pleaso note that u siqierb Hue of FREE
CHAIR CARS Is now nm lotweon Lincoln
and Chicago on trains New. 5 nud No. 0; also
1 Hint sleeping pnr lierths or drnwlng rooms on
I tho "flyers," Nos. 1 and 2 mny 1st reserved In
(uiviiuce in. uy iicKei unice, cortiur lentil
uud O Btns-ts. A. C. ZmiEit,
City Pnssenger Agent,
An O (Terror Subscript Ions,
Tlio Couuikii elsewhere III this Issue has n
display advertisement announcing tlio price
of this favorite literary ami boclety Journnl
from now until January l&0 for 2.(H. Tills
olter U also gsl to r ent Mibscrllwrs who
mny necvpt tho same by imying unwlmtmnv
j Iw lit ui rtsirs, t).eroby huving tlio paper sent
mom nearly iwo iiionius ireo or chnrgo.
Mnny have nhvady taken ndvnnbigo of the
olter, yet we nro i endy to nocommodnte as
meny more. Our objivt In niuking this oiror
is this. We me rapidly Incrtvwlng our al
ready large list, mid is order to keep tho work
Itoomlngnndtofurtherbwoll tho list.wonmko
tills offer
Tho publishers are determined in their
effort to fucrenbo tho present circulation and
fully expect to roach tho 2,000 circulation rat
ing by January llrst, lhh8. Should you de
sire to Mibscribo by taking nihantugo of thU
olter bond in two dollars or notify us by card
and our so'.Htor w 111 wait on you.
To lVopIo Who ISiiterlutn.
Society people arranging for jiartles, IwlU
wisldlngs, mvptlons or anything in this lino,
should Inspect our elegant lino of stationery
and printed noeltIo,s used on such occasions.
We have Just revolved our now fall line of
elegant ball programs, Invitations for wed
dings, parties, etc, announcements, folders,
calling curds mid In fact everything In this
Some Clieup rruporty,
A flue reoideuco lot on Twenty-tint street
near N for Kilo ut u reasonable price. Also
ono in Mechanics addition, Hyde Park and
EImwood.WIU sell chwip if sold immediately
Callouornddrcns U Wessol, Jr., caro this
. -,