The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, July 14, 1960, Section Two, Image 14

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    Riverside News
By Mrm. IJonel < Jon ter
Mr. and Mrs Thomas Martin,
Judy and Cathy of Stockton,
Calif., Frank Agosta and Theora
Lettner of Omaha and the Charles
Rotherham family picnicked at
the Billy Lofquist home July 4.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Waldorf,
Billy and Bobby of Deerlog,
Mont , were overnight guests Fri
day at the Grant Mott home.
Mr. and Mrs Howard Miller
and the Leo Miller family sur
prised Alice Miller on her birth
day Tuesday evening.
Wilbur Bennetts, Ralph Shra
ders and Louis Shraders joined
other relatives at Orchard for a
picnic dinner Sunday for Mr. and
Mrs. Lloyd Shrader.
Jerry Meyers of Wisner, Rosella
Ahlers of Norfolk, Irene Aiders
and the Fred Ritter family of
Tilden were guests Monday at the
Rudy Ahlers home.
Mr and Mrs. Earl Pierson vi
sited Monday at the Marcus Pier
son home.
Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Ahlers vi
sited last Sunday morning at the
Robert Ahlers home near Wisner
and were dinner guests at the
Ben Meyers home in Wisner.
Sharon Johnston joined a group
of girls Friday evening for a
slumber party with Karen Wehcn
Mr and Mrs. Ernest Norwood
and Mrs. Amy Jacobson visited
one day last week at the Dave
Pollock home.
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Fry and
family visited last Sunday eve
ning at the Lorraine Montgomery
Tom Vandersnick was a guest
the past week of Jackie Fry.
Mr. and Mrs. Alton Gunter and
Mark left Tuesday for their home
in Garland, Tex. The Verl Gun
ter family left Saturday morning
for their home at Springfield. 111.
Mrs. Gerald Wettlauffer and
Gary of O'Neill were overnight
guests Thursday at the Will
Shrader home.
Joan Miller, Sharon Mott, Doug
las, Susan and Jerry Taylor vi
sited Faye Scheer Wednesday af
Mr and Mrs. Alfred Napier and
family called at the George Kel
ler home Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Pollock
joined a group Friday evening to
visit Mr. and Mrs. Dugan Libby
of Newark, Calif., and Mr. and
Mrs. Don Libby and family of
Eugene, Ore., at the Myrtle
Thorin home in Neligh.
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Hord and
Duane were dinner guests Sunday
at the Alfred Napier home.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Wettlauf
fer and Gary were overnight
guests Saturday at the Will
Shrader home.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Napier at
tended Mrs. John Juraceks
funeral in Norfolk Monday morn
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Trease
and family visited Thursday eve
ning at the Rudy Ahlers home.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Napier,
Glenda, Leroy and Dennis visited
Friday evening at the John Napier
Reed, Diana, Joan and Cheryl
Emsick returned to their home in
Omaha Tuesday.
Mrs. Earl Day and girls vi
sited Thursday at the Billy Lof
quist home.
Mr. and Mrs. George Montgom
ery were Wednesday evening cal
lers at the Wilbur Mahood home
in Orchard.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Brunner and
Mrs. Gertrude Daniels and Char
les of Norfolk called at the Will
Shrader home Saturday afternoon.
Reverend and Mrs. Ivan Turner
returned home Saturday evening
after visiting friends and relatives
in Illinois, Iowa and Indiana.
The Wayne Fry and Ralph Mum
families, Mr. and Mrs. Dale
Napier, Mrs. Kitty Fry, Mr. and
Stock Car Racing j
8:00 p.m.
August 7 8:00
August II 8:00 p.m.
September 4 2:30 p.m.
September 18 _ 2:30 p.m.
ADMISSION — Adults, $1.00; High School Age, 50c Children, 12
anti tinder — FREE, accompanied by parents.
Mrs Otto Retke, Mr and Mrs.
Z H. Fry. Dia|»a. Reed. Bill, Peg
gy. Cheryl, Joan and Dicky Em
sick were guests Monday evening
at the Richard Napier home
Reverend and Mrs. William
Ross called Monday evening at
the Will Shrader home
Barbara Johnston, Judy, John
ny and Jamey Gunter played with
David Shrader at the Willie Shra
der home Thursday.
Jerry, Roger and Dale Miller
stayed with their grandmother,
Mrs Anna Miller, in Ewing Wed
nesday while their parents, Mr.
and Mrs John Miller, Charlene,
Vicki, Mary and Ann visited at
the Joe Miller home in Omaha.
Vicki stayed for a longer visit.
Mr and Mrs. Dale Napier, Mr.
and Mrs. Z. H. Fry, Jody Fry,
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Napier,
Susan, Nancy and Reta and Dicky
and Peggy Emsick left Thursday
for a few days fishing at Picks
Mr. and Mrs. George Montgom
ery were Neligh visitors Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Mahood of
Orchard were afternoon and sup
per guests at the George Mont
gomery home Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Wettlauf
fer and Gary of O'Neill and the
Willie Shrader and Archie Johns
ton families visited with the Verl
Gunter family at the Will Shrader
home Tuesday. A late lunch of
home made ice cream and cake
was served,
Mr. and Mrs, Rol Hord and
Duane visited Thursday evening
at the George Montgomeiy home.
Redbird News
By Veldeen Pinkerman
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Pinkerman
and boys were O’Neill visitors on
The Dorsey Ladies Aid met with
Mrs. Ray Wilson on Wednesday
with ten members and one vis
itor, Mrs. Guy Hull, present.
Mr. and Mrs. George Calkins
were Friday evening visitors in
the Veldon Pinkerman home.
Mr. and Mrs. Reggie Pinkerman
called at the Veldon Pinkerman
home Monday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Fay Pinkerman
accompanied Dick Ladley and
Mrs. Anna Carson to O’Neill on
Reggie Pinkerman and sons
and Eddie Krugman called at the
Veldon Pinkerman home Sunday
Mrs. Albert Carson from Chad
ron spent the weekend at home.
Mrs. Guy Hull called on Mrs.
Dale Bessert and baby Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ladley,
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Ladley and
Danny, Mr. and Mrs. Rex Car
son and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.
Albert Carson and June, .Jerry
Jensen of Gordon, Mrs. Fay Pin
kerman and Dick Ladley held a
picnic dinner in the Anna Carson
home Sunday. They all went sight
seeing at Fort Randall in the af
~ I
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temoon Mr. and Mrs. Duane
Carson were afternoon callers.
Marty and Weshe Pinkerman
spent a few days with Mr. and
Mrs. Eddie Krugman while their
parents. Mrs. and Mrs, Reggie
Pinkerman were on vacation.
Virgil Pinkerman and Virginia
called at the Veldon Pinkerman
home Tuesday afternoon.
Randy Pinkerman called at the
Rex Carson home Monday.
Mr. and Mrs Howard Oberle
are vacationing in la , South Da
kota, Colorado and Minnesota for
a few weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Redshaw
arrived at the Marvin Richter
home Friday. They ail attended
the ice cream social Friday eve
ning at the Dorsey church for
Rev. and Mrs. Hicks.
Vekior Pinkerman and Veld
een called on Mrs. Fay Pinker
man Tuesday afternon.
Mr. and Mrs. Vigo Christensen
and Mr .and Mrs. Reggie Pinker
man called on Mr. and Mrs. Ed
die Krugman Monday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ladley
and Mrs. and Mrs. Leo Ladley
and Danny, all of Gordon spent
the Fourth of July weekend with
Mrs. .Anna Carson and other rel
Eldon Sedivy called on Guy
Pinkenman Tuesday morning on
Virgil Pinkerman and Virginia
were O’Neill business callers on
Charles Luber is visiting in the
Frank McDonald home for a few
Mrs. Johnny Earnst, Mrs. Chl^e
Dill and Mrs. Dick Wilson were
Sunday evening supper guests of
Mrs. Fay Pinkerman. Mrs. Wil
son and Mrs. Earnst were over
night guests there. Mrs. Dill was
a Sunday overnight guest in the
Guy Hull home.
Mrs. Johnny Earnst, Mrs. Chole
Dill, Mrs. Dick Wilson, Mrs. Fay
Pinkerman and Mr. and Mrs.
Guy Hull were Sunday evening
vj3iu»ia iuc y ciuuii * umci moil
Mr. and Mrs. Swede Sedivy and
Dean and Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hull1
and family went fishing on Sun
day afternoon.
Monowi News
By Mrs. Mike Piklapp
U)eust 9-2520
Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Me George
and sons sipent Monday at Fair
fax, S. D. with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Sherman
and family of Sioux City, la.,
are visiting here this week with
relatives and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. John Stroh and
Betty were visitors at Fairfax,
S. D. Monday.
Fourth of July dinner guests
in the Rudy Eiler home were Mr.
and Mrs. Virgil Sherman and
family of Sioux City, Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Zach and family
and Larry Lannman, and
Jim and Dale Eiler of Verdel,
Vic Carney of Minneapolis and
Mrs. Piklapp.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lewis and
Orval and Mr. and Mrs. Charley
Kolar and daughter attended a
family picnic at the Gerald Lee
home in Lynch Monday.
Willard Davis of Verdel was |
a visitor here Tuesday.
Orchard News
Mrs. Wilbur Mahood
Phone SWS-3185
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Smith of
O’Neill and Mrs. Mae Knapp
were supper guests in the
Dick Knapp home Monday even
ing in honor of their son Scott's
eighth birthday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Howard
and Valeria of Lincoln were week
end visitors in the Marvin Ho
ward home.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Liebsack
and Dee Ann of South Sioux City,
Don Liebsack, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry
vMoore of Sioux City and Mr. and ;
Mrs. Curtis Reynolds and Rona
of Lexington spent the weekend j
at Edna Liebsacks and Mr. and
M'-s. Jen Aumans.
Mr. and Mrs. Bud Edwards and
children of Lincoln were weekend
visitors in the J. W. Edwards |
Mr. and Mrs. Delos Edwards of
Rix'kford, 111. visited his brother,
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Edwards.
Mr. and Mrs. Buford Carlson
and Danny of West Palm, Fla. j
are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ric- J
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Drayton
and Mr. and Mrs. James Clifton
jr. returned Monday from a 10
day fishing trip with Mr. and
Mrs. B. Q. Haines of Omaha.
They were guests on an island
One Show Nightly 8 o’clock
rhurs. - Fri. • Sat. July 14 - J5 • 16
*>E The Limb
* .flsf • ’’T W “v'
iin. - Mon. - Tues. - Wed.
July 17 • 18 • 19 - 20
owned by Mr. and Mrs Ruy Hew
er ter at the Lake of the Woods,
Conor a, Out., Canada.
Mrs. George Wettlauffer and
son and Mrs. Louise Heese of
Page spent Friday afternoon vis
iting Mrs. Ed Sukup.
Thelma Drayton of Alvo is vis
iting m the home of her parents,
Mr and Mrs Henry Drayton.
Mrs Jeannette Green of Texas,
who has been visiting in the Ger
ald Bemey heme returned to her
h >me Tuesday.
Mr and Mrs. Harold Pospos
sil, Janet and Jerry were Sun
day overnight gjests with his mo
ther, Mrs Lilia Pospeshil.
Mr and Mrs. R. B Reed.
Mr and Mrs Jack Hildreth. Mr.
and Mrs. Baby Hsrvv of Page
and Mr. and Mrs. William Green
of Fort Larmarie, Wyo., were
Monday evening callers at the
Mahood home
Mr and Mrs. Ken Withee of
Plainvirw and Mr. and Mrs. Lis
ter Withee spent M >nday at the
Lewis and Cbrk Lake
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stelling
and Mary Elaine, Mr. and Mrs.
Richard Stelling and daughter and
Mr and M-s. Bi'l Kruger and
family were Sunday guests in the
Bib Bergman home in Elgin.
Mr and Mrs Bob LaFrenz and
Mr and Mrs Paul Shellenberg
of Ames, la., spent the weekend
visiting in the Walter LaFrenz
and Roy Goa key homes.
Mr and Mrs. Ray Sivesind vis
ited Mr. and Mrs. Elmer William
son and Dawn over the Fourth
of July holiday.
Mr and Mrs Ed Jenkmson and
granddaughter. Shirley Seger of
Aberdeen, Wash., are visiting in
the home of Mr and Mrs. Ray
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Clark and
children are visiting in the home
of Mrs Ethel Cooper
Butch Cedarberg, who is ska
tioned with the Air Force at Col
orado Springs, Colo., and Arlen
Reige. who is stationed at Den
ver. Colo., spent last weekend
in the home of their parents,
Mr. and Mrs Rudy Cednrburg
and Mr. and Mrs. Vern Riege.
Mr. and Mrs Sturrt Schleusener
and Susanne of Cedar Rapids,
la., were guests over the Fourth
of July holiday" in the heme of
their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed
Bight and Mr. and Mrs. John
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Eppen
baugh, Russel, Melody ami Alan
of Rockford, 111., spent nearly a
week in the C. E Everhart home.
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Barton
and Kevin ot Columbus spent the
Fourth of July with their par
ents. Mr and Mrs. Homer Bar
ton and Mr. and Mrs. Bernard
Mrs Howard Eppenbnugh of
Rockfiard, 111., is visiting her
aunt ami uncle, Mr. ami Mrs.
C. E. Everhart.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Mahood at
tended a family picnic at the Har
old Payne home Tuesday evening
in honor of Mr, and Mrs Ralph
Payne of Richmond, Calif. Ralph
is a nephew of Mr. and Mrs.
J W Mahood.
Mr. and Mrs. George Montgreu-1
ery of Ewing wen' Wednesday
evening callers in the J. W. Ma
hood home.
The Octette Bridge club met
with Mrs E B'uee Tuesday af
ternoon. Mrs Cecil Lee and Mrs
Lester Withee won prizes. The
next meeting will be with Mrs.
Lester Withee.
St. Piters Lutheran Ladies Aid
m t June 30 at the church base
ment with 24 members ami five
guests. The guests were Mrs. Will
iam Hill, Mrs Hoyt Sirek, Mrs.
Lester Raff, Mrs. Roy Siversmd
and Mrs. Kay ScNeusner. Mrs.
Schteuaner became a member.
The chub now has 45 members.
Mrs. Fred Knhne with our guests
sat at the birthday table
Rev Seefeldt opened the me.H
jng. The Aid voted to donate $25
to the Kruti fund The Aid also
voted to give $2U0 to the building
fund Our ilelegates, Mrs Si'efeldt
and Mrs Mosel, gave interesting
reports on the LWML Conven
tion at Omaha.
Hostesses for July will be Mrs.
Bob Sell wager, Mrs. Walter See
feldt and Mrs, Chris Stellmg.
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