The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, October 29, 1959, Image 5

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    Page N»ws
By Mrs. Ben Asher
Supt. Vernon Linnaus of Page
high school announced the honor
roll for the first six weeks period
of the 1959-60 school year as fol
lows :
Freshmen Connie Nissen, A AB
BB. Caroline Max, AABBB, Bruce
Bowen, ABBB. Sophomores - Al
etha Rutherford, AABB, Linda
Smith, ABBB. Juniors — Bonnie
Crumly, ABBBB, Senior Connie
Riege, AAABB. Honorable men
tion, senior Louise Harris, BBBB
Mrs. Peter Sojka, Mrs. Warren
Cronk and Mrs. Pick Cunningham
attended a deanery meeting of
National Council of Catholic Wo
men. It was held at the parish
tf St. Theresa in Clearwater.
About 135 women attended Guest
speakers were Mrs. Bruce Marr
of Bancroft and Monsignor O'-1
Sullivan of O'Neill.
Mrs. Anna Thompson was a
Thursday overnight guest at the
Kmmitt Thompson home.
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Matschullat
spent the evening playing cards
at the Jay Prtiss home on Wednes
On Wednesday Mesdames Lor
enz Riege, Harold Freemeyer,
Wiliam Ragland, Robert Nissen
and George Clasey spent the day
shopping in Norfolk. They also
called on Mrs. Melvin Held.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Stewart left
Thursday for Norfolk where they
visited with some friends. From
there they went on to Ralston
where they visited with Mr. and
Mee Tcan Q ton.’a rt Thnv rnnHn
ued on to Logan, la., where they
spent a few' days with Mr. and
Mrs. Dale Asher and family. They
expect to be gone ten days.
Arthur Miller and Glenn of
Ohamliers ate supper at the Ar
nold Stewart home. Evening callers
were Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gray. |
Mrs. Miller, who has been taking
treatments at Omaha, will bo
home in a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Myers
and family who have been liv
ing in Inman for a few months are
moving back to the farm owned
hy Merle DeLong. The children
will attend district 23 school.
Rnald und Lura Grass spent
Ronald and Lura Grass spent
Thursday in Sioux City.
The Help U club met on Wed
nesday with 13 members and two
guests. They were Mrs. Clarence
Finch, jr., and Mrs. Art Sufficool
of Verdigre. The afternoon was
spent in doing fancy work and
sewing carpet rags for the hos
tess. Mrs. Clarence Finch, sr.,
Mrs. George Jeffrey won the door
prize. It was revealing day and
of the members that were there j
only two were guessed As Mrs.
Sid Falhaber and Mrs. Ora Cas
key were absent they did not
know how many more would be
Mrs. Richard Buxton and fam- j
ily accompanied Mrs. Kenneth.
Braddock of Omaha here. Mrs.
Buxton will stay with her in-laws,
Mr. and Mrs. William Buxton for
awhile. Her husband, Lt. Rich
ard Buxton has gone to instru- .
ment school at Camp Gordon, Ga.
The course will take about two
Mrs. Braddock spent Wednes- |
day night in the Alton Braddock
home and then went to O'Neill !
and spent the rest of the week
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Francis Heiter.
N.O.K, met on Thursday with
Mrs. Arthur Grass. There were
ten members present. The after
noon was spent in visiting. It was
announced that Thursday, Oct. 2S
will be pay-off day with Mrs. Ben
Asher and Mrs. Arthur Grass as
the co-hostesses. It will be held
at Mrs. Grass' home Next reg
ular meeting with Mrs. Glenn
Stewart on November 12.
Royal Neighliors met on Wed
nesday night at the IO.O.F Hall
with 19 memliers present from
Page, and 10 members from the
Golden Rod 548 at Atkinson. Mrs
Kenneth Braddock of Omaha was
a guest. Evelyn Lamason gave
a reading entitled "Growing Old"
and Mrs. Evelyn Gray enacted
"Junior's First Party". Mrs.
Claussen and Mrs. Hoyt of Atkin
son sang Dennis Cork was bal
loted on as he’s been a juvenile
member and now he's eligible to
join regular lodge. There was a
covered dish lunch.
East Side Kountry Klub met
with Mrs. Duane Sukup on Thurs
day instead of Wednesday. Mrs.
Kenneth Heiss gave the lesson en
titled "Know your Car". The ten
members answered roll call with
"Their worst failure as a bride.
Mrs. Alfred Connod won door
The Farm Bureau Annual ban
quet was held at Neligh on Thurs
day night. Marvin Stauffer of Page
was Toastmaster and Kent Stauf
fer sang "Without A Song" ac
companied on the piano by Mrs.
L. F. Knudsen. Among those
from Page who attended were Mr.
and Mrs. Darrell Heiss, Mr and
Mrs. Merwvn French, jr., Mr. and
Mrs. Edgar Stauffer. Mr. and Mrs.
Ivan Heiss and Mr. and Mrs.
Marvin Stauffer and Kent
On Tuesday night the teachers
of both grade find high school en
tertained the school board mem
bers and their wives and husbands
for supper at the school. Cards
were played afterwards.
Tuesday night the American Le
gion met in regular session. The
commander Ben Asher invited all
legionnaires and their wives to
a Veteran’s day supper sponsor
ed by the auxiliary. Tlve Legion
will sponsor a halloween masque
red party on Saturday, Oct. 31.
All who attend must be masked.
On Friday at school district 23
the Audibon club was formed and
the following officers were elected
Linda Thompson, president; Ro
berta Asher, vice-president; Danny
YVettlaufer, secretary and James
Crumly. treasurer. The next meet
ing will be on November 20 and the
memhers will answer roll call by
naming a tree.
Mr. and Mrs. George Winkler
and Jeanette of O'Neill were Wed
nesday afternoon visitors with Mrs.
Emma Kemper.
Mrs. Dan Troshynski entertained
twelve ladies at a Stanley party
on Friday afternoon. Miss Lura
Crass and Mrs. Harold Heiss won
door prizes.
The Golden Rule Extension
club had it’s pay-off party on Wed
icsday night with Mrs. Ivan Heiss
md Mrs. A. T. Crumly as the ones,
vho did the entertaining. They
licked up all the members and
ook them to see the movie “Hole
n the Head” at the Theatre in O’
Neill. After the movie they had
tinch at Mrs. Crumly's home and
hen returned to their homes.
Wesleyan Methodist Missionary'
Society met on Thursday with Mrs.
Earl Parks. Mrs. J. E. Smith had
the lesson entitled "God Honors
the Faithful Laborer". Mrs. Wil
liam O'Brein is in charge of the
work detail and had the members
roll bandages and fix clothing.
Most of the work is sent to the
j Indians.
Mission Study course met Thurs
day morning at the Methodist
church. The name of the book is
entitled "The Way in Africa”.
Mrs. Edgar Stauffer teaches the
group. There was a sack lunch at
noon. After dinner more of the
members came and they proceeded
to clean the church. Mrs. Merwyn
| French, sr., and Mrs.* Arnold Ste
wart were the clean-up captains.
They decided not to clean the
floors until the L’.N.I.C.E F. party
scheduled for Saturday night, Oct.
On Friday night the committee
from Kings Daughters Mesdames
Darrell Heiss, Dale Stauffer, Nor
man Trowbridge and Frank Cronk
met with the committee of W’SCS
Mesdames Edgar Stauffer, Viv
ian Steinherg, Verna Wralker and
Arnold Stewart, at the home of
Mrs. Arnold Stewart. Plans were
made for their bazaar supper to
lie held on November 10. Pie and
coffee will be served beginning at
noon and the supper will start at
5 p.m.
Last Monday night the county
meeting of the American Legion
and its auxiliary met at Ewing.
Mike Coday, county commander,
Atkinson, conducted the joint meet
ing. It was voted that the Legion
would give a $25 first prize and
the auxiliary would give second
and third prizes of $10 and $5 for
the liest essays written on county
pnvprnmpnt dav William Nisson
gave an interesting talk on child
welfare and rehabilitation. At their
separate meeting the Auxiliary
heard Mrs. William Cox, district
president, give her plans for the
coming year. A get-well card was
signed and sent to Mrs. Opal Keat
ing of Atkinson who has been ill.
Mrs. Lawrence Hamik of Stuart
was appointed county chaplin. The
next county meeting will be at Stu
art on November 16.
The following juniors were elec
ted to their offices for county gov
ernment day: Jerilyn Luebtcke,
judge; Bonnie Crumly, county su
perintendent ; Dennis Ickes. attor
ney; Norman Wettlaufer, county
clerk; Fred Cronk, supervisor;
Gene Harvey, clerk of the district
court; and Rodney Kennedy, sher
They were sworn in on Friday
by Mrs. Gerald Lamason.
S.O.S. met on Friday night with
Mrs. Frieda Asher. Mrs. Ethel
Park won the mystery prize. No
vember 13 will be the next meeting
with Mrs. Elsie Cork.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Strong,
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Strong of Nor
folk, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Wettlau
fer and Gary of O'Neill and Mr.
and Mrs. George Wettlauer and
family were Sunday dinner guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wettlau
fer of O'Neill.
Mr. and Mrs. Curtiss Roberts
and family were Sunday dinner
guests of the Carl Max’s.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Fink and sons
were Sunday dinner guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Clatfde Elliott of Orchard.
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Waring
and family of Omaha and Mr. and
Mrs. Kenneth Waring of O’Neill
were Friday night supper guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Heiss.
Sunday dinner guests of Mr and
Mrs. Kenneth Waring of O'Neill
were Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Heiss
and family. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice
Waring and family of Omaha. Mr.
and Mrs Clarence Finch, sr., Mr.
and Mrs Clarence Finch, jr.. Mrs.
Alta Finch. Mrs. Ethel Waring
and Mr. and Mrs. Art Sufficool of
Verdigre. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice
Waring returned to Omaha and left
the boys with their grandparents,
Mr. and Mrs Kenneth Waring for
a week.
Mr. and Mrs. John Sterner of
N’el raska City spent the weekend
with Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Stewart.
I Mr and Mrs Raymond Taylor
and Mrs. J. W. Finch left Saturday
for Seotts Biuff to visit in the Lar
ry Taylor home. The Raymond
Taylors returned home Sunday but
Mrs. Finch will stay a week with
tier daughter to help take care of
her new grandson.
Mr and Mrs. John Gray enter
tained Saturday night. Mrs. Anna
Townsend. Mrs. Treffa Hunter of
Osage, Wyo., Mrs. Ernest Swift
of Allan, Mrs. Carrie Townsend,
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gray and Mrs.
Della Soukup o Lafayette, Calif,
were present.
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Mudloff and
Brenda left Saturday for Omaha
to spend the weekend with their
daughter, Leona, w'ho is employed
Mr. and Mrs. William Matschul
lat of Lincoln, Mr. and Mrs. Dale
Matschullat and Mr. and Mrs. A1
Anthony and family were Sunday
dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Otto
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Heiss ate ‘
Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs.
Harold Heiss.
Saturday afternoon Mrs. Dale j
Matschullat took Donny Melchcr, j
.jimmy aorensen, Aivin neiss, jer*
| ry Crumly, Mickie Heiss and Da-1
vid Max to the show in O'Neill to
celebrate Liouglas’ 7th birthday. |
After the movie they all returned
to the Matschullat home for cake j
and ice cream.
Mrs. O. O Wiseman accompan-.
ied her daughter, Mrs. Jack Spence
and family back to Norfolk Wed
nesday. Mrs. Wiseman went down
on Saturday and they both return
ed on Sunday.
The three extension clubs ofj
Page held their combined bake
sale on Saturday. Proceeds will j
go the Youth Camp at Halsey.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Nls«en of Ran-1
dolph, Mr. and Mrs. William Nis-1
sen of Plainview and Mr. and Mrs.
Anton Nissen of Page v'ere Sunday
dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. P.
E. Nissen. Mr. and Mrs. Robert j
Nissen and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Harold Freemeyer and Susan,
Mrs. Lawrence Haynes, Ia ellen and
Larry of O'Neill were afternoon
visitors and they all stayed for
Mr. and Mrs. Edd Stewart and
Mickie were Sunday afternoon and
supper guests at the Ben Asher
The Sunday school classes of
Mrs. Eugenia Bowen and Mrs.
Melvin Smith held their candy sale
at the cafe Saturday night and
they made over $20. The money)
will go for the purchase of Bibles.'
Those attending Holt County
Government day from Page were
District 2 Commander George
Wettlaufer, Mrs. Wettlaufer, county
president Mrs. Ruth Kennedy, Mrs.
Otto Matschullat, Post Commander i
Ben Asher and Mrs. Asher, countyI
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Harmon and!
family, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Sukup J
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and family were Sunday evening
supper guests at the Ruth Ken
nedy home.
Deloit News
By Mrs. Harry Keimer
Pheasant hunting season opened
with a bang Saturday morning.
There were many hunters and
few birds this year.
Henry Sydow of Stanton, who
is Mrs. Leonard Lai son’s father,
visited the Larson home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bartak of
West Point spent Sunday at the
Stanley Bartak s.
A friend from Omaha was a
weekend guest at the L. L. Bar
tak Iwine and enjoyed hunting.
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Reimer of
Lincoln spent the weekend at the
E. L. Sisson home.
Mr. and Mrs. A1 Gene Thramer
of Omaha were guests Saturday
evening at Keith Bartak's.
Danny Gibbs, IV2 year old son of
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gibbs, entered
the hospital in Norfolk Saturday
and had a tonsillectomy Tuesday.
Mrs. Mary Steams, Mrs. May
nard Steams and Mrs. Glenn Harp
ster attended the Holt county
achievement day program at O’
Neill October 20.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Tomjack
returned from a trip to Florida
October 20. They were guests Fri
day evening at the Henry Reimer
Mr. and Mrs. George Steams of
East St Louis spent the weekend
with Mrs. Mary Steams.
Mrs. G. A. Bauer and Mr. and
Mrs. Lew Belling and Ray of Or
chard called at me Fred Harpster
home Sunday.
Janis Bauer, 13, spent the week
end with her grandmother, Mrs.
G. A. Bauer.
A number from this community I
attended a party at St. John’s
church Sunday evening.
Joe Thoendel had a hand in
jured in a com picker accident
on his farm last week. The extent
oi his injuries is not known.
The wind Friday blew a lot of (
the com on the ground. In some
places it blew the whole stock
The Loyd Warner family of Nor
folk spent the weekend at the Bill
! Gibbs home.
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