The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, July 23, 1959, Image 11

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    I -Legal Notices-1
First Publication July 16, 19591
Scaled proposals endorsed with
the title of the work and the bid
der's name will be received in
the office of the City Clerk of
the City of O'Neill, Nebraska, un
til 7 00 P.M. on the 4th day of
August. 1959, for the furnishing of
all labor, materials, use of con
tractor's equipment and plant and
for all else necessary to properly
construct ail of the improvements
uthm Paving Districts No. 17 18
19 25 26. 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, and 33
I the City of O'Neill, Nebraska.
At which hour, or as soon as pos
sible thereafter, the Mayor and
the City Council of O'Neill, Ne
braska, will proceed to open in the
presence of all other bidders and
consider the bids received for the
furnishing erf said labor, materials,
md equipment necessary for the
proper constuction of the afore
iid improvements.
The Engineer s estimate of the
t of construction of the various
districts is as follows:
Pat. No. Estimate
17 .$59,810.00
18 . 15,550.00
19 . 43,402X10
25 . 6,630.00
26 . 13,800.00
28 .17,510.00
29 . 7,585.00
30 . 5,170.00
31 . 9,460.00
32 . 12,700.00
33 . 11,875.00
All work called for in the plans
and specifications shall be fur
shed in strict accordance with the
plans and specifications prepared
b Kirkham, Michael & Associates,
; Engineers of Omaha, Ne
i tska, and now on file in the
ffice of the City Clerk of O’Neill,
Bids will be received only upon
the propsal forms furnished by the
Ci*\ through its Special Engineers,
Kirkham, Michael & Associates,
of Omaha, Nebraska.
Each bid must be accompanied
lit a Synopsis of Experience Re
cord illustrating experience in con
struction of work of this type or
of a similar nature.
Each bid must be accompanied
li\ a certified check on a bank
whose deposits are insured by the
Federal Deposit Insurance Cor
poration in the amount of five per
cent (S^e) of the total bid price,
m,I mi let Kn nnvnhlo without ffin
dition to the Treasurer of the City
of O'Neill, Nebraska, as evidence
of good faith of the bidder, and
as agreed liquidated damages to
the City of O’Neill, Nebraska, in
rase the bidder whose proposal
accepted by the Mayor and City
Council fails to enter into contract
within ten 110> days from the No
tice of the Award and furnish ac
ceptable bond to, complete the
work and pay for all labor and
materials used, said bond to be in
the amount of one hundred per
cent 1100%) of the total bid price.
Each contractor bidding upon
the work described in this Notice,
at the same time as the filing of
the bid shall file with the Mayor
and City Council of the City of
O'Neill, Nebraska, a statement
that he is complying with and will
continue to comply with fair labor
standards as defined in Section
73-104 R. S., Nebraska. 1943, in
the pursuit of his business and
the execution of the contract on
which he is bidding and there shall
he written into the contract for
the construction of the work re
ferred to herein a provision that
in the execution of such contract
fair labor standards as so defined
shall l^e maintained
Plans and specifications and con
tract documents may be examined
at the office of the City Clerk in
the City of O'Neill, Nebraska,
and may be procured from the of
fice of‘the Engineers, Kirkham,
Michael & Associates of 508 South
19th Street, Omaha 2. Nebraska,
upon the payment of Twenty Dol
lars ($20.00) which amount will not
he refunded.
The City of O'Neill. Nebraska,
reserves the right to waive infor
malities and to reject any or all
bids. .
Dated this 14th day of July, 1959.
City Clerk
Dat First Publication: July 16,
Date Second Publication: July
23 1959
Date Third Publication: July 30,
1338 12-14C
(First publication July 16, 1959)
notice of resolution of
Public notice is hereby given
nt a meeting of the Mayor
and Council of the City of O'Neill,
Nebraska, held on July 14. 1959,
the following Resolution of Neces
sity was by the Mayor and City
Council proposed for passage and
Be it resolved by the Mayor
and Council of the City of O'
Neill in the County of Holt in
the State of Nebraska:
Section 1. The Mayor and
Council deem it advisable and
necessary to construct a storm
sewer as hereinafter provided
and to pass this resolution for
that purpose.
Section 2. There shall be con
structed in the City of O Neill
a storm sewer in accordance
with plans and specifications
prepared by Kirkham, Michael
& Associates, Special Engi
neers of Omaha, Nebraska,
for the city, which plans and
specifications have been ap
proved by the Mayor and Coun
cil and are now on file in the
office of the City Clerk and
are open to public inspection
and reference is hereby made
Section 3. The storm sewer
shall be constructed of cement
and concrete pipe, vitrified
clay pipe, or other matei lals
deemed suitable.
Section 4. Said storm sewer
shall be constructed wholly
within the corporate limits of
the City of O’Neill. Nebraska
and begins at the Northwest
comer of the intersection of
Douglas and Second str®^ts;
thence South along the " est
side erf Second Street to the
North right-of-way line of the
Chicago Northwestern R a i 1
road, which will include ap
proximately 870 linear feet of
27*inch storm sewer pipe* and
750 linear feet of 30-inch storm
sewer pipe, along with various
drainage structures and other
appurtenances necessary t o
complete the work.
Section 5. There shall be and
hereby is created in the City
of O’Neill a sewer district
known as Sewer District Num
ber 1. The outer boundaries of
said District shall be the same
as the outer boundaries of the
City and all property within
the City a part of the District.
Section 6. The engineer's es
timate of cost of the proposed
construction and all other in
cidental expenses is $24,510.00
Section 7. To pay the cost of
the improvements herein pro
vided for, the Mayor and Coun
cil will, after such improve
ments have been completed
and accepted, cause to be is
sued negotiable bonds of the
City of O'Neill to be known
as “Sewer Bonds’’. The Coun
cil finds and determines that
the proposed improvement con
stitutes general benefit to the
entire City and the cost there
of shall be paid by the City
and no part of the improve
ments are local improvements
and no property in the District
is especially benefited there
by. There shall be levied an
nually on all taxable property
in the City a tax which shall
be sufficient to meet payments
of interest and principal of the
bonds as the same become
due; said tax shall be known
as the “Sewer Tax’’ and shall
be payable annually in money.
Said Resolution of Necessity will
be considered by the Mayor and
Council on the 4th day of August,
1959, at 7:00 o’clock P. M. in City
Council Chambers of said City, at
which time objections to the pass
age of said Resolution will be
heard. Thereupon the Resolution
may be amended and passed, or
passed as proposed.
By order of the Mayor and
Council of" the City of O'Neill, j
City Clerk
Ordinance No. 328-A
An ordinance providing for a
levy to raise funds by taxation on ]
property situated within the cor
porate limits of the City of O’Neill,
Nebraska, for the fiscal year be
ginning the first Tuesday in May,
1959, and ending the first Tuesday
in May. 1960.
Section 1. That the City of O’
Neill, Nebraska, make the follow
ing levy for taxation for the fiscal
year l>eginning the first Tuesday |
in May, 1959, and ending the first
Tuesday in May, 1960, on the tax- j
able property within the corporate
limits of the City of O’Neill, Ne
For General Purposes 30
Mills on the dollar.
For Maintenance of Streets
3.0 Mills on the dollar.
For Maintenance and im
provement of parks 0.5 mills on
the dollar
For maintenance of the Fire
Department 0.5 mills on the
For Municipal Advertising
0.2 mills on the dollar.
For Maintenance and Im
provement of airport 1.0 mills
on the dollar.
For Street Lighting 1.1 Mills
on the dollar.
For Sewer Bond sinking fund
and interest 1.0 Mills on the
For Water bond sinking fund
and interest 0.5 Mills on the
For Park Improvement bond
sinking fund and interest 0 5
Mills on the dollar
For Street Widening bond
sinking fund and interest 0.7
Mills on the dollar.
For intersection paving bond
sinking fund and interest 3.0
Mills on the dollar.
Section 2. This ordinance shall
take effect and be in force from
and after passage and publication
as provided by law.
Passed and approved this 7th day
of July, 1959
City Clerk.
Ewing News
By Mrs. Harold Harris
The Ewing Midgets went to Mad
ison Sunday evening where they
participated in the tournament
playing the Elgin team. The score
was 4-6 in favor of Elgin.
Mr. and Mrs. John Steskal spent
Sunday at Atkinson visiting at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Stes
Guests Monday at the home of j
Mr. and Mrs. John Steskal sr
were Mrs. John Steskal jr and |
children. ,
Mr and Mrs. Lionel Gunter of j
Ewing and Mr and Mrs. Alton
Gunter and family of Dallas, Tex.,
were entertained at a six o clock
dinner Friday evening at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Roland Hord
Thursday evening dinner guests
at the Roland Hord home were
Mr. and Mrs. Dewitt Gunter of
Ewing and Mr. and Mrs. David
Barton of New Windsor, 111.
The Happy Hollow 4-H club held
a picnic at the Ewing Park Sunday
honoring Mrs. Lionel Gunter who
has been active in 4-H work and a
club leader for ten years She is
retiring this year. At present she
is the leader in the gardening proj
ects. Mrs Gunter was presented j
a lovely gift in appreciation of her i
faithful service in club work
Included in the 50 members and
families present were Mr and
Mrs. Lyle Abney of Inman. Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas Kelly and fam
ily of Wisner. Mr. and Mrs. Mar
tin Helmricks and Lynette Helm
ricks. Mr and Mrs. Willie Shrader
and family of Ewing and Mr. and
Mrs. Wayne Sawyer of Norfolk.
The Happy Hollow 4-H club held
their regular meeting at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Leland Welke :
Tuesday evening. There was a good '
attendance . w , 1
In sewing. Mrs. W timer Mosel,
leader presented seams of various
types and their uses; Mrs. Lester
Bergstrom and her group had
"Ironing ; and Mrs. Lionel Gun
ter and her group discussed gard
Lunch and a social hour was en
joyed on adjournment of sessions
Mrs. Ralph Eacker received
word Tuesday of the death of her
eldest brother. H C. King at Port
land, Ore. Mr. King had heen ill
and hospitalized for the past year.
The funeral with military honors
was held Friday at Portland
Dr Victor Marquardt. a former
resident of Ewing, better known
here as "Skip" is a doctor at the
Providence hospital where Mr.
King was a patient
The Roy Rotherham family held
a gathering at the home of their
son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and
Mrs L. J. Rotherham in east Ew
ing Sunday, the occasion honoring
the birthday of the host A no-host
dinner was served followed by an
informal afternoon. Present were
Mr and Mrs. Roy Rotherham and
"Butch”, Mr. and Mrs. Ivan
Wright and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Jerry Rotherham and family, all
of Ewing. Miss Rernadine Rother
ham. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Woods
and family, all of Lincoln
Cathy. Cindy and Mary Jo
Woods accompanied their parents
home after spending two weeks
with relatives here.
Lt. Col. and Mrs. E D. McDon
ald and Douglas and Suzanne are
guests this week at the home of
Iter parents. Mr and Mrs. Ray
Butler. Lt. Col. McDonald and ms
family are stationed in Georgia
Sunday guests at the home of
1 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Tomjack were
her parents, Mr and Mrs. Everett
Taylor and Mr. and Mrs. Merwin
Murray and children, all of Oak
l dale.
Mrs. Elvin Hamilton entertained
at a coffte hour Thursday after
noon at her home, honoring Mrs
Richard Edwards who with her
family has moved to Bassett to
make their home. A farewell gift
was presented her Present were
Mesdames Allen Pollock. R H.
Shain. Thomas Eacker, Clifford
Hahlbeck. Archie Tuttle, Floyd
Black and Florine Black. R. S.
Brion. Ralph Munn, and Jerry
Mr. and Mrs William Hobbs and
family were shopping in Norfolk
Mrs. Earl Billings was pleasant
ly surprised Friday evening when
friends arrived to join in celebrat
ing her birthday Card games pro
vided amusement. A delicious
lunch was served by the self-in
vited guests.
Mr and Mrs. Ray Funk and
family accompanied by her moth
er, Mrs. Laura Spittler returned
home Friday from a two weeks
trip. They visited his brother and
sister-in-law. Mr and Mrs A1
Funk at San Diego. Calif., and on
their return trip visited relati\es
in Texas and at Denver, Colo. Miss
Janet Noffke, who accompanied
the Funks on the trip, remained at
I Denver.
Mrs. Myrtle Himes of Clearwat
ei came Friday to visit a few days
wi h tier son-in-law and daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Billings.
Mi and Mrs. Thomas Eacker
and family went to Grand Island
Saturday where they were over
night guests at the home of his
sister and husband, Mr and Mrs.
Jerome Fuller and family.
Mrs. Floyd Lee entertained a
group of ladies at an afternoon
party at her home Friday
Miss Bernadtne Rotherham of
Lincoln spent the weekend with
her parents, Mr. ami Mrs Roy
Art Ruroede, who is a patient at
St. Vincent's hospital in Sioux City,
underwent surgery Monday morn
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Bart os re
turned home Saturday from their
wedding trip through the Black
Hills and places of interest
throughout the western sta'es Sun
day they left for their future home
at Kimball, whore Stanley is em
ployed by the Kansas-Nebraska
Natural Gas company.
Terry Wanser, his sister. Miss
Judy Wanser of Ewing and Miss
Marlene Neibur of Norfolk sailed
on the SS America from New York
Friday for a month's tour of Eur
ope. They plan to v isit several of
the places where Terry was sta
tioned while serving in the armed
Kitty Wanser and her cousin,
Bridget O'Brien of Chicago, who is
spending the summer at the Wan
ser home, are guests this week at
I the home of Mr. and Mrs John
Walker and family at Norfolk
Mr and Mrs. Robert Tams jr
of Omaha are spending a week’s
I vacation at the home of his par
| ents. Mr. and Mrs Roliert Tams
] sr and family. Sunday evening all
■ were guests at the home of Mr
j and Mrs. Fred Tams at Clear
! water.
Mr and Mrs. James Furley ofi
i Madison were callers Sunday at
the home of her sister anil hus
band. Mr and Mrs. Marcus Snyder
ami the H. R. Harris liomo Sun
Guests Tuesday at the home of
1 Mr. and Mrs L. A. Hobbs were
her sister and brother-in-law, Mr.
and Mrs lairin Havens and family
of Rockford. 111., and Mrs Rose
: Harding and Mrs. Edna Hubert,
both of O'Neill.
Mrs L. A. Hobbs visited at the
home of her mother, Mrs. Rose
Harding at O'Neill Thursday while
Mr. Hobbs attended the weekly
sale at the pavilion.
Levi Hull of O'Neill spent Sun
day with his nephew and wife. Mr.
and Mrs Alfred IXhhI.
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