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    Page News
After 63 Years, Correspondent
Writes Again For The Frontier
rALit — remaps newspapering
is most f a s c i n a t ing for the
old and the young.
It was a long time ago when
Mrs Evelyn Gray. 75, first wrote
for The Frontier, and now she's
at it again.
Mrs. Gray is The Frontier's new
correspondent in the community
of Page.
"I remember when D. H.
Cronin talked to me when I was
just 13 years old,” she said. "He
said he would give me a sub
scription to the paper if I would
write for the community of Mid
dle Branch."
"That was hack in 1897 when
Middle Branch could boast of a
school, store, post office and a
grist mill,” she said fondly.
Now after 63 years she’s at it
again, calling people, getting pic
tures and reflecting the spirit of
her people in the columns.
And if you think her writing is
her only talent, all you have to do
is take a quick glance at her gar
den. It is, without question, one
of the finest in Page.
"My children are always trying
to get me to give my garden up,
but they don't understand how
much pleasure it gives me,” she
By Mrs. Evelyn Gray
The Page ball team played Or
chard at Orchard last week win
ning 12 to 1.
Ronnie Asher came home with
a broken arm but it will be taken
care of due to the American Le
gion, who carry insurance for the
The team met the Ewing team
Sunday on the Page diamond with
the score being 7 to 2 in favor of
Page team.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gray and
Mr. anil Mr*. A Hold Stewart
left early July 4 to spend some
time in the Black Hills.
Reverend Green was in Page
the past week calling on folks and
getting better acquainted in the
Mrs. Carrie Townsend and Mrs.
Dora Townsend called on Mrs. N.
D. Ickes last Friday.
The Mothers of the '56 gradua
tion class of Page school sponsored
a bridal shower in honor of Mrs.
Dean Taylor in the Fellowship
hall of the Methodist church June
31. J
Mrs. Donna Beelaert and Mrs
Florence French were in charge
of entertainment. A get-acquainted
game was enjoyed by all
Miss Faye Rutherford was in
charge of a skit, which told the
love story of Dean and Elaine. Mrs.
Taylor received many beauitfu)
and useful gifts after which a de
licious lunch was served.
Mr. and Mrs. Cordes Walker
and Mrs Evelyn Gray enjoyed a
-1th of July picnic at the lktane
Gray home near O'Neill. Mr. and
Mrs. Keith Weyer and Mr. and
Mr*. Evelyn Gray of Page remember* writing for The Frontier
when she was IS year* old in the community known a* Middle
Branch. After 62 year* she i* a newspaper woman again a* she
began as a correspondent for The Frontier a short time ago.
Mrs. Gene Baber and family, all
of Plainview joined them for the
Guests in the Soren Sorensen
home for the 4th July were then
son, Robert Sorensen of Omaha,
Miss Nina Burival, Clayton Mess
ner and daughter, Eleta, all of
The Page Improvement club,
met Monday evening in their club
rooms with the new president,
Mrs. Harry Harper, presiding
Thirteen members answered roll
During the business meeting,
some new projects were discussed
and tabled for later decision.
Lunch was served by Mrs. Leila
Snell and Mrs. Evelyn Gray.
Next meeting will be August 3rd
with Mrs. Frieda Asher and Mrs.
Beulah Park as hostesses.
Mr and Mrs. R. D. Copes went
by bus to Ainsworth to spend the
weekend with their son and fam
ily, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Copes.
They returned home Sunday.
Mr. und Mrs. Stan Silvers of
Kearney come Thursday* to spend
a few days in the I.. <<■ Itemholti
home. __
Mr. and Mrs J. W Finch and
their daughters, Marjorie and Mrs.
Larry Taylor of Scotts Bluff spent
Tuesday in Niobrara visiting in
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert
The tractor division of the Hust
lers 4-H club met at the home of
Harold Melcher with Tom and Jim
as hosts. All members were pre
Roll call was answered by nam
ing an ajustment on a plow. The
lesson was named "Hitch Your
Tractor to a Plow."
Mrs. Melcher served a delicious
lunch. Next meeting to l>e with
Bruce Bowen July 16
Miss Viola Haynes, Mr. and Mrs.
Allen Haynes and Mr. and Mrs.
William Neubauer drove to Pil
ger Sunday to spend the day with
friends and enjoy a picnic dinner.
Those whom they met were Lena
Kirschmr, Mr. and Mrs. Ray
Neisius and family and Mr. and
Mrs. Marion Wolerton and family.
A picnic was held Friday eve
ning in honor of little Stauffer's
fifth birthday. Those attending
were her family Mr and Mrs.
Marvin Stauffer and brothers, Mr.
ind Mrs. Harry Tegeler, Mr. and
Mis. Allen Haynes, Mr. and Mrs.
Tipton, Mr. and Mds. Edgar Stauf
fer, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Harper,
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Prill, Miss
Viola Haynes and Grandmother
Marcia received many nice gifts.
Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Ickes went
to E. L. Miners near O’Neill Sat
urday to spend the day and enjoy
a 4th of July picnic dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hartigan
and children of Nevada, Iowa,
who have been visiting relatives
in Page and Inman, the past
week, left for home Sundny.
Lloyd Cork and his mother, Mrs.
Elsie Cork drove to Spencer re
cently and were over-night guests
in the home of his brother, Mr.
and Mrs. Harold Cork.
Mr. and Mrs. John Sorensen
and twin sons, Lloyd and Floyd.
wcic ounua^ evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Soren Sorensen
Mrs. Ix?ila Snell and Mrs. Evelyn
Gray, who spent last week visiting
their cousin, Miss Effie Lewton
and Mrs. Betty Luther in Des
Moines. Iowa returned home Fri
day, July 3rd.
The American Legion auxiliary
will hold its regular meeting Fri
day evening, July 10th instead of
the usual date July 13 as the Le
gion and auxiliary district con
vention will be held in Chambers
July 10.
Elmer Saltz has accepted the po
sition of teaching tn Osceola when
school starts this fall, lie will have
the eighth grade and also coach.
Mr. and Mrs. it. I). Stevens
drove to Valentine July 4 for a
visit and oiitinp with tlieir son
and family, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hartigan,
and children and Dick Cork from
Iowa arrived in P*.ge July 4 and
will spend some time with Mrs.
Hartigan's mother, Mrs. Vivian
Sternberg and other relatives.
They will also visit his Mother,
Mrs Mary Hardigan of Inman
Mr. and Mrs. W. Irl Todd, Lynn,
Nancy and Bonnie Heiss spent the
Fourth of July in Neligh visiting
Mr. and Mrs Todd’s parents and
attending the celebration at River
side park.
The Royal Neighbors of America,
held camp Wednesday evening in
the I.O.O F. hall with 12 members
answering roll call.
After the business meeting a
social hour was enjoyed. Mrs.
Emma Doit of Milwaukee, Wis ,
and Mrs. Laura Asher of Minnesa
ta were guesi». A delicious lunch
was served by Frieda Asher and
Pauline Nissen.
Next meeting to be July 15.
Miss Kathleen Walker returned
last Friday from a weeks visit with
relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Wey
er and Mr. and Mrs. Gene Baber
and family at Plainview.
Rev. and Mrs. Green and daugh
ter. Pamela, were dinner guests
in the home of Mr. and Mrs. El
mer Trowbridge June 28.
The Get-to-getlrftr club met at
the home of Mrs. Walter Sojka
Friday afternoon, June 26. It
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Sweep Teeth—Oak and Fir |
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West Lumber & Coal
was planted to tour O'NelU In
the near future.
Next meeting to be in the Page
park July 10 with Mrs. (.other
as hostess.
Raymond Heiss helped move
Reverend Green and family from
Norfolk to the Methodist parson
age in Page the past week
Mrs. Emma Dorr, who spent
some time visiting friends in and
a round Page, left Friday for her
home in Milwaukee, Wise.
Mr. Hailord Albright and son.
Sterling, who have employment in
Moville, la. came Friday to
spend a few nays with Mrs. Al
• bright and other relatives and
' friends.
The Bid-or-bye bridge club met
Tuesday, June tuh at the home
of Mrs. Jerome Allen.
High prize was won by Mrs.
Ralph Larson Mrs. Melvin Carson
was a guest.
Next meeting was to be with
j Mrs. Harold Kelly yesterday.
Word has been received that
I Ruth Evelyn Mew maw , daughter
jot Rev. and Mrs. Mewmaw of Ne
ligh has entered the Methodist hos
pital for major surgery.
Mr. and Mrs. Sid Frahm of
O’Neill spent Saturday with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd
Frahm and Mrs. Frahm s father,
Mr Carl Rabbass, who is making
an extended visit in the Frahm
home. The group drove to Neligh
(or the evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Tyler
of Fremont visited Thursday amt
Friday in the homes of Mr. and
airs. C larence Much and Mr. and
Mrs. Myrl Tyler.
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Waring and
family, who have been visiting re
latives in and around Page, left
Sunday, for their home in Fair
Mrs. Hester Edmisten, Mr. and
Mrs. Edgar Wood, Mr. and Mrs.
Calvin Harvey and Lyle, and Miss
Thelma Summers drove to Spring
field, S. D. Sunday for a visit with
Drmolil U'mdH fnrnilv
Harold Heiss took his daughter,
Mrs. Ross Kink and children to
North Platte Sunday, to meet her
husband. From there they will re
turn to their home in La Fay
ette, Wise.
Mr. and Mrs. Cloyd Kilpatrick
of Neligh were Thursday evening
visitors at the W. Irl Todd home.
Mrs Kilpatrick and Mrs. Todd are
Those attending youth camp at
Atkinson are Pat Suzanne and
Peggy O'Brion and Jim Ruther
Rev. and Mrs. Baty are the
counselors at the camp. Mrs. Ba
ty is the adult sponsor for the
camp paper.
A 4th of July picnic was held
in the Page park Saturday. Those
attending were Mr. and Mrs. Ivan
Heiss, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Heiss,
Mr. and Mrs Raymond Heiss and
Mrs. Ross Fink and children.
A family picnic was held Sat
urday in the Page park. Those
attending were Mrs. Ethel Waring,
Mrs. Alta Finch, Glen Waring and
son, Keven, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Pease and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Dale Waring and family, Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Finch, Miss Marjorie
Finch, Mrs. Larry Taylor, Mr. and
Mrs. Kenneth Waring, Mr. and
Mrs. Veldon Godel, Mr. and Mrs.
Jerry Waring, Mr. and Mrs. Ken
neth Heiss and family.
Reception Planned
The WSCS held their meeting
n the Methodist church parlors
Thursday July 2 with 27 members
present. Mrs. Emma Dorr of Mil
waukee, was a guest.
Mrs. Goldie Stauffer led the de
motions and gave the lesson on
ouilding Christian character youth.
She was assisted by several mem
oers, who explained different de
.clopments or a Youth Center.
Mrs. Nellie Finch had charge
of the meeting and called for a re
port from the treasurer. Selec
tions reported by the nominating
committee were Mrs Vivian Stein
>erg president for 1960, Mrs. Gol
die Stauffer for 1961 and Mrs. Mil
lie Kelly for 1962. Millie Kelly
was designated secretary of spiri
tual life department which was
made vacant by the resignation of
Mrs. Mewmaw.
Geata Trowbridge accepted sta
tus of Women School of mission to
be in Lincoln August 17 to 21 at
the Wesleyan University.
Goldie Stauffer reported that a
credit card had been received, on
the study of Isaiah. It was decided
to have a memorial tea and guest
day about July 16.
Florence French, Millie Kelly
I>ella Heiss and Dona Trowbridge
were appointed to plan a recep
tion for the new minister, Rever
end Green and family. A basket
dinner will be served. Cards were
sent to Ruth Evelyn Mewmaw,
Mrs. Roy Wilson, and James Park
ier. Mrs. Mae Copes and Mrs. H.
|G. Kennedy served a tasty lunch.
Girl Stater Gives Report
The American Legion auxiliary
Simonson Unit 93 met Wednesday,
July 1, in the legion hall.
Betty Jane Schneider, who was
the girl stater from O'Neill pre
sented a very interesting report of
her activities in Lincoln during
the week of June 14.
Mrs. Dean Streeter, junior ac
tivities chairman announced that
the Junior auxiliary would meet
July 11, because of the July 4th
holiday falling on their regular
meeting date.
Mrs Robert Lowery, past pre
sident acted as Installation officer
for the installation of the newly
elected officers. Following the in
stallation the meeting was turned
over to the new president, Mary
Mrs. Verne Reynoldsen, presi
dent for the past year gave a re
port of activities and business of
the year.
Hostesses were Mrs. A1 Hamik,
Mrs. Dick Minton, Mrs. Gladys
Cunnigham. Mrs. Clyde McKen
zie and Mrs. Clyde Streeter.
Hospital Notes
Atkinson Memorial
Admitted—June 28- Mrs. Lyle
Scholz of Chambers 30—Lyle Ad
dison of Atkinson. July 1 — Mrs.
Curtis Hook of Long Pine. 2- Mrs.
Altheria Wicks of Atkinson; Mrs.
Clara Clark of Atkinson; Mrs. Vi
na Munson - Stuart.
Dismissed: June 30—Mr. William
Ulrich of Atkinson. July 2—Lyle
Addison of Atkinson. 5—Mrs. Lyle
Scholz and son of Chambers.
Ewing News
Outdoor Cookery
Lesson Topic
By Mr*. Harold Harris
"Outdoor Cookery” was the
! theme of the lesson and demon
stration for the Thursday meeting
of the Facts and Fun Home Exten
sion club when they met at the
home of Mrs. Ray Tucker west
of Ewing. t
Tlie study pamphlets included
topic on firebuilding, kinds of fire,
fire safety, tricks of the trade and
outdoor food.
Members were divided into
groups. "A coffee can meal" was
prepared using foil instead of can.
Other foods were baked beans
with a barbecue sauce, another
style of beans with wieners, "angel
on horseback" ( a one inch cube
of cheese wraped with a slice of
bacon toasted and served on a bun,
hollowed buns filled with a ground
meat and cheese mixture, then
toasted and s'mores (toasted
marshmallows and hersey choco
lates served on graham crackers I
All the food prepared was served
on a picnic table on the lawn of
the Tucker home. A relish plate,
tossed salad, coffee and iced tea
made the meal complete.
The homemakers found this les
son of particular interest with the
picnic season at its height and with
more and more families taking ad
vantage of outdoor cookery as a
group project.
Eleven members and five guests,
Mrs. Bob Jones and son, Mrs.
Lyle Tucker and Ricky and Mrs.
S. M. Burtwistle were present.
Arthur Fleming left Sunday to
itriuill iu XHiuiiLajA/uo, avanun, auci
spending the holiday weekend with
his daughters Gail and Kay Flem
ing and their grandparents, Mr.
and Mrs. Walter Woepple.
Kathy and Jo Ann Edwards were
overnight guests Thursday at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Tom
jack and family.
Miss Bernadine Rotherham of
Lincoln was a weekend guest at the
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Roy Rotherham.
A picnic dinner followed by an
informal afternoon and a fireworks
display in the evening was the
fourth of July celebration for Mr.
and Mrs. Ralph Munn and family
at their home with the following
: guests, Mr. and Mrs. Frank David
son and children of Culver City,
Calif., Mr. and Mrs. Dale Napier,
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Napier and
children, all of Ewing.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Miller and
family brought his mother, Mrs.
Anna Miller, who had l>een their
guests for about three weeks, to
| her home in Ew ing on Thursday
I and remained for the holiday w'eek
lend. The Millers returned to Oma
ha on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Urban returned
home Sunday from a western vaca
tion trip.
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Shrader
and children were Sunday dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
j Shrader and family.
Sunday guests at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. George Jefferies
were Mr. and Mrs. Mark Muff,
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cuddy and chil
dren, all of O'Neill. Mrs. Lorraine
Wright, the Misses Bethyl, Vera
Del and Sherry Daniels, all of Ew
Mr. and Mrs. George Jefferies
visited Miss Minnie Neiderheide at
Clearwater on Thursday.
Mrs. Anna Miller ln»<l as her
guests on Sunday, Mr. and Mrs.
John Miller and family of Ewing,
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miller
and family of Oakdale and Mr.
and Mrs. Joe Miller and family
of Omaha.
Mrs. Wilma Daniels and family
entertained the following guests at
a barbeque picnic supper at their
home on the fourth of July; her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Jef
feries, Mrs. Loraine Wright and
Mick Rutledge.
Mr. and Mrs. James Harding
and family of Rockford, 111. spent
Wednesday visiting at the home
of his sister and brother-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Hobbs.
Weekend guests at the L. A.
Hobbs home were their son and
wife, Mr and Mrs. Dwaine Hobbs
and family of Glcnwood, la.
The Hobbs family had a gath
ering on the Fourth of July at
Niobrara park where they had a
picnic dinner and enjoyed the af
ternoon boating. Present were Mr.
and Mrs. William Hobbs and fam
. * T -V.1 X7„li:
liy, MI. ctnu mia.
family. Mr. find Mrs. John Turay
and family, Mr. and Mrs. Mick
Hobbs and family all of Ewing and
Mr. and Mrs. Dwaine Hobbs and
family of Glenwood, Iowa.
Mrs. J. H. VVunncr and Mrs.
Grace Briggs were entertained on
the fourth of July at the home of
Mrs. Bertha Archer.
Mr. and Mrs. Max Grover and
family of New Winsdor, 111, who
have 'been guests of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Dewitt Gunter,
left Saturday to visit relatives
at Ainsworth. They plan to go to
the Black Hills before returning
to Ewing.
Mr. and Mrs. Dewitt Gunter re
ceived a telephone call from their
grandson, Dennis Graver who was
in Grand Island and would soon
l>e in Ewing to visit them. He is
the son of Mr. and Mrs. Max Gra
ver. Dennis is in the navy.
Mr. and Mrs. James Gunter and
children from Illinois were Wed
nesday guests at the Dewitt Gun
ter home. , _ . ,
Mr and Mrs. Lionel Gunter and
Mr and Mrs. Alfred Napier and
children were Saturday evening
guests at the home of Mr. and
Mrs Dewitt Gunter where they
had a display of fireworks.
Mr. and Mrs. Sis Ebbengaard
returned from Omaha on Friday
where they had spent the week.
While there they also attended the
•wedding of a relative.
Mrs William Schindler of Oma
ha spent a few days at the home
Mr and Mrs. Martin Van Conet
and her father, George Burke.
Mrs. Schindler is visiting at the
home of her son, Earl Schindler
and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Gail Boies were
six o’clock dinner guests at the
home of his brother and wife. Mr.
and Mrs. Ray Boies of Plainview.
Mrs. Rose Bauer and family ac
companied Mr. and Mrs. Gail
Boies of Hastings on Sunday where
they visited The House of Yester
Guests at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Schrad during the
weekend were his cousin and wife,
I Mr. and Mrs. Emil Bigge and fam
i ily of Petersburg and Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Yokum of Elgin. Mrs. Yok
j um is a sister of Mr. Schrad.
Mrs. Wibla t'arr, Pat and Son
■ nie, IlnUlredge, and Duane Bur
ton o! kearnt ), s|»ent the holitlax
; weekend xxith her father, M. H.
Dierks and other relatives in
Paul Water of Omaha spent the
weekend with his wife and her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Dierks.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Sanders and
family of Laurel spent the holiday
weekend with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Fioyd Lee and his mother,
Mrs. Caroline Sanders and other
relatives in Ewing.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Conley, opera
I tors of the L and M Cafe have dis
posed of their place of business,
due to the ill health of Mr. Conley.
Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Cloyd, their
daughter Judy and Russell Napiei
went to Meadow Grove on Sunday
where they attended the golden
wedding anniversary of his sister
and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Joe
Buffington of Mesa, Arizona, held
at the home of their daughter and
son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne
Halsey. Mr. Cloyd remained oxer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Matts of
Norfolk were guests on Saturday
I at the home of her narents Mr
and Mrs. John Angus.
Merle Angus of Lincoln came
to spend (he weekend with his
wife and family at the home of
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ixiyd
Angus and her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. \Vats<li McDonald.
Guests at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Loyd Angus on Friday were
Mrs. Rose Closson and family,
who were accompanied by her
daughter, Mrs. Clyde Crawford and
family, all from Caldwall, Idaho
and Mrs. Crawford of Atkinson.
Mrs. Irvin Cloyd and Judy were
Norfolk visitors on Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Bergstrom
had as their weekend guests their
son and wife Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Bergstrom of Wayne, also their
daughter and husband, Mr. and
Mrs. Carl Johnson and daughter
Stephanie Robin of Superior, Ne
Mrs. Bert Hagerman of Rapid
City was a caller at the home of
her sister and husband, Mr. and
Mrs. N. A. Bergstrbm on Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Bergstrom
and Kay returned home Sunday
from Omaha where they spent the
holiday weekend at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bergstrom.
Aaron Hadfield of Fullerton was
a weekend guest at the home of
his sister and brother-in-law, Mr.
and Mrs. Eben Grafft.
Sunday guests at the home of
Mr. amt Mrs. Wilbur Spangler
were Mr. and Mrs. James Au
kcr and family nl Kent, Washing
ton. Mrs. Spangler and Mrs. Knit
are schoolmates.
Kathi and Steve Tomjack were
hosts at a surprise farewell party
Thursday afternoon, July 2, from
2:00 to 3:00 o'clock at their home,
honoring Cathy, JoAnn and Danny
Edwards, who left on July 8th
with their parents to make their
home at Bassett. Outdoor games
under the supervison of Judy and
Joan Spangler, Leonora Tuttle and
Florene Black were played on the
The honored guests were pre
sented gifts. Lunch was served by
Mrs. Tomjack.
Present were Richard and Sue
Shain, Lora Lee Funk, Mary Lynne
and Laurie Jo Eacker, Gloria, Dy
ana and Mark Hamilton, Julie,
Jody. Jane apd Kevin Fry, Leon
Spangler, LaVonne a n d Linda
Thramer. Unable to be present,
were Lynne and Beth Rotherham,
Mary Sharon, Monica, Pat and
Mike Munn.
Sunday guests at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Wood were
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Heminway of
Guests on the Fourth of July,
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Au
Chase and Hazel Ruby. A picnic
dinner was served on the lawn.
Dr. and Mrs William H. Ross
left Tuesday for Smith Center,
Kansas where they will visit rela
tives of Mr. Ross. On Sunday, Ju
ly 12, Floyd Butterfield will have
charge of the worship hour during
the absence of Dr. Ross. The eve
ning service will be in charge of
Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Gunter, who
will give a report on the Niobrara
Presbytery and Nebraska Synod
and the synodial session which
Ihey recently attended at Hastings.
The annual Fourth of July pic
nic was held by the Forum group
of the United Presbyterian church
attended by eighty-two members
including their families, at_ the Mil
ler Grove. The ladies supervised
games and races and other enter
tainment for the smaller children
and visited. The boys in the group
had a baseball game while the
men enjoyed their game of horse
Mr. and Mrs. Kldred Fry, who
spent the holiday weekend with
his mother, Mrs. Kittle Fry and
other relatives, left Monday to
return to their home at McPher
son, Kansas.
Mrs. Kittie Fry and her guests,
Mr. and Mrs. Eldred Fry of Mc
Pherson, Kansas attended a fam
ily gathering at the Lynn Fry home
on Sunday.
Mrs. Kittie Fry spent Thursday
and Friday visiting at the home
of her sisters and husbands. Mr.
and Mrs. J. E. Flowers and Mr.
and Mrs. Mark Heminway, all of
Mr. and Mrs. John Rewolnski
and four sons of Omaha are spend
ing their two weeks vacation at
the home of her mother, Mrs. Ve
ra Anson and other relatives. Mr.
and Mrs. Lester Anson and family
• #
of Battle Creek were also weekend
guests at the parental home.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kline of
Norfolk were Fourth of July guests
at the home of Mr and Mrs. Gene
Zimmerman Sunday guests at the
Zimmerman home were Mr. and
; Mrs. Loy d West jr., of Creighton
Mr. and Mrs. HVlikn Aleviui
«ler s|N-nl the Fourth of July at
Scribner \ Kiting at the home of
her sisht and husband. Mr. and
Mrs. Ronald KUimni.
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Inman News
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Couch and
daughter, Conda, who are employ
ed at Araphoe, spent the holiday
weekend in their home here
Miss Mary Mueting, Norfolk,
| spent the weekend visiting in the
home of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Kel
ley and family.
Fourth of July dinner guests in
the home of Mr. and Mrs Tom
I Engel ha up i were Mr. and Mrs.
Clarence Schomberg and daugh
ters of Pierce; the Misses Pam
ela and Laima Monical of Okla
homa City, Mrs. Albina eBlik, Mrs.
Gary Sanders and Tena, Mrs. Joe
Peters and Larry, Willis Sanders
and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Sanders
and son. Afternoon guests in the
Engelhaupt home were Mr. and
Mrs. Kenneth Wettlaufer and boys
of Page.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Myers and
family, Omaha, came Friday to
visit in the home of Mrs Myer’s
i parents, Mr. and Mrs. Merle 1H*
long and Bill. Mr. Myer returned
j to Omaha Sunday but Mrs. Myer
I and family remained here for a
longer visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Young,
who are employed at Arapahoe,
spent the weekend here and with
riatives in O’Neill.
Don Kelley, who attends sum
mer school at Wayne, spent the
weekend visiting his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. W. E. Kelley.
James Kelley, ‘who is employ
ed at Madison, spent Sunday here
on business.
Mrs. Ralph Simpson and son.
Kenneth, Niobrara, and Mrs. An
son Clousson of O’Neill, were
Thursday guests In the home of
Mr .and Mrs. Clifford Sobotka and
Mrs. Clifford Sobotka spent Sun
day visiting Mrs. Clyde Wengert
and family in Omaha. She was
accompanied home by her mother,
Mrs. Lloyd Whaley, vvlio had been
visiting in Omaha
Mr. and Mrs Eugene Couch
and son, who are employed at
Geneva, spent the weekend here
with relatives.
Tom Cunningham, who is em
ployed at Geneva, spent the week
end visiting Mr and Mrs. Horace
Sholes and family.
Dick Appleby, who is employed
at Creighton. s|>ent the weekend
visiting his parents. Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Appleby.
Kenneth Kestenholtz, who is em
ployed at Valentine, spent the
weekend with his family.
Miss Gayle Noe, Waterbury, is
visiting her uncle and aunt. Dr.
and Sirs C. W. Alexander, for
a few day s
Raymond Heck. Ewing, spent a
few days this week with his sis
ter. Mrs. Kenneth Kestenholtz.
O'Neill Locals
Mr. and Mrs. A. L Eymann
were in Tilden Saturday evening
for a family picnic at the Adolph
Rittschers home
Mrs. Charles Green and children,
who have lieen visiting at the home
of her parents, the D. N. Loys, re
turned to their home In Seattle,
Mr. and Mrs W. H. Kubichek
and Dav id are here from Casper,
Wyoming, with his mother, Mrs.
Susan Kubichek.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Eppenbaeh
returned Monday from a four dav
trip to the Black Hills. They vis
ited relatives in Buffalo Gap en
Mr and M-s. Richard Loy and
family of Wood River, Illinois, vis
ited the weekend of the Fourth
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.
N. Loy.
Randy and .leff Eymann spent
several days last week at the Ray
mond Springer home in Oakdale.
Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Humrich
were weekend guests at the home
of her sister and family. Mi and
Mrs William Lyders in Minneapo
lis. Minnesota.
Mr. and Mrs I>on Maw were
Saturday guests of his sister and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Oelt
jen of Creston.
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