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    Bristow News
lb Rownmn Johnson
A birthday party was held at the,
Larry Bowers home Monday to
celebrate Larry Neil Bowers first
birthday Those prcra*nt were Mrs.
Thomas Bowers and Karen, Mrs.
Olga Johnson Mrs Evelyn Bat
cher. Roby and Julie and Harold
Dean Johnson.
Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Londberg'
and Shirley. Rrad and Leslie An
derson, and Bill Brandt came from
Omaha to spend the 4th of July
weekend at the Ed Dreher home.
Mr. and Mrs Vernon Johnson
and family spent the 4th of July
weekend at the W. R. Bailey home
at Valentine.
Mr. and Mrs J. E. Lightfoot and
■ Peterson 'wen dinner
guests at the Chore home the 4th.
Earnest Londberg and Shirley
and Bill Brandt returned to Oma
ha Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Lond
berg and Brad and Leslie Ander
son will stay here for a longer vis
Mr and Mrs. Earnest Chore
were Sunday evening visitors at
the Howard Anderson home.
Fourth of July dinner and sup
per guests at the Ed Dreher
home were Mr. and Mrs. Elmer
Bostrom, Mr. and Mrs. Earnest
Londberg and Shirley, Bill Brandt,
and Brad and Leslie Anderson
Carolyn Dwiquist spent the even
ing there.
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Hiatt and
Donna attended a family picnic
at the Fort Randall park Satur
Many from Bristow attended the
golden wedding celebration of
the Dave Andersons at the Rose
dale Covenant church
Harold I>ean Johnson has spent
this past week visiting at the home
of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mel
vin Johnson.
Mrs. Olga Johnson and Mrs.
««. i. . _ ..Ai>n M.inilnr Min.
ner guests at the Evelyn Boettcher
Mrs. Stanley Kocian and family,
Christine and Randy Harris, Miss
Cora Lee, and Mrs. Howard De
Vall enjoyed cake and ice cream
at the Veldon Lee home Tuesday
honoring Douglas on his birthday
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Stauffer were
luncheon guests there in the eve
Mr and Mrs. Pete Ruda and
family and Mr. and Mrs. Marvin
Peterson and Janice were Sunday
dinner guests at the Gottfred Dan
ielson home.
Mr and Mrs. Bud Snider spent
the Fourth at the Ben Nelson
home. _ ...
Callers on Mrs J. T. Olson this
week were Mr. and Mrs. Don Ol
son and family. Mr. and Mrs. Don
Lindgren and family. Mrs Eugene
Martinson, and Mr. and Mrs. Hugh
Roberts, all of Fairfax; Mr nnd
Mrs Ted Olson and family of
Spencer; Mrs. Floyd Sanders and
Mrs. Duane Sanders of O'Neill;
Mr. and Mrs Vincent Olson and
Shirley of Atkinson; Mrs. Warren
Fusselman, Mr and Mrs. Maurice
Korb. Mrs. C G. Pratt, Mr. and
Mrs Harry Johnson, Mrs Melvin
Johnson. Mrs. Dorothy Johnson
and Lavonne, and Mrs Marvin
Mr and Mrs. Dw ight McGill and
boys and Mrs. John Truman were
*- 'Sunday afternoon callers at the
John i.ightfoot home.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hafsaas, Mr.
and Mrs. Howard Harris and girls,
and Mr. and Mrs. Undimer Schein
ost and family picnicked at the
Fort Randall park Saturday.
Mrs Ray Beers, Mrs. Martha
Pah! and Larry Milacek returned
, Monday after sending three
weeks on the West Coast.
Mrs. John Lightfoot and Mrs.
Claire Van Hove spent Wednesday,
July 1, with Mrs. Bainbridge.
Mr and Mrs. Joe Mach and
family and Mr and Mrs Leonard
Mach and family of Winnetoon;
Mr and Mrs. Wesley Mach and
family of Creighton; Mr. and Mrs
Gay Hull and family of Lynch;
Miss Christina Connot. Mrs. Rose
Wilson, and MVs Josie Sedivy of
Spencer; Mr. and Mrs. Con Thor
ell and girls, and Mr. and Mrs.
Clyde Beckner were dinner and
supper guests at the Adolph Sed
ivv home on the 4th.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Baker visit
ed at the home of Mrs. Martha
Pahl. , ,
Mr and Mrs * red Kraft spent
the weekend at the Bob Carr home
in O'Neill.
itf.... lr nnrnmnflniPf]
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bruegman to
Norfolk Friday where she visited
at the Louis Novak home.
Pastor Benard Nelson, Larry,
Ruda. Jerry Hamilton and Lanny
JULY 19 at 2 P.M.
(North of Stuart)
Saddle Bronc
Anderson left for a week of boy's
camp at Covenant Cedars Thurs
day afternoon
Mr. and Mrs. Lawson lightfoot
and Nancy were Sunday dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. John
Sunday dinner guests at the Ray
Long home were Mr and Mrs.
Robert Whetham. Mr. and Mrs
Willard Landholm and family, Mr
and Mrs Mel Jay Long and Ran
dy, Mrs. Martha Roark and Mrs
Glen Taylor of Grand Island.
Mr. and Mrs. F.dwood Martin
son and boys. Mrs. Dorothy John
son and Lavonne, and Mr and
Mrs. Dave Landholm enjoyed a
picnic at the Bristow park the
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Hafsaas spent
Saturday at the Ladimer Sehein
ost home.
Mr and Mrs. Adolph Soukup
and family took George to Omaha
Saturday wfiere he left by train
for Long Beach. Calif.
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Peterson
went to Covenant Cedars Friday
and were accompanied home by
Lois Hamilton. Phyllis Johnson.
Shirley Ruda, Vemelle Ruda and
Janice Peterson
Mr and Mrs. Harry I .a ns worth
and Joanne. Mr and Mrs. Aaron
Boshart, Mrs. Dwight Hammerlun
and Children, Mrs Claire Van
Hove and Delores and Mrs. Goldie
Berg spent Sunday at the Arden
Berg home
Mr. and Mrs Maurice Korb and
family spent the weekend at the
homes of Marion Delfs and Harry
Delfs of Clearfield, S D.
Miss Cora I-ee spent the first
of the week at the Veldon lee
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight McGill and
boys of Center spent Sunday with
Mrs. Edith Truman.
Mrs. Veldon lee spent Wednes
day at the Harlan Holz farm
Pastor and Mrs Benard Nelson
and Lowell and Pastor and Mrs
Elroy Anderson and family en
joyed a picnic at the O'Neill park
Saturday, the Fourth.
Mrs. Emily Peterson was a Sun
day dinner guest at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Peterson
and Janice
Mr. and Mrs. Lawson Lightfoot
and Nancy, Mrs. Marguerite Rowe
and Nancy, Elizabeth Thomson,
mi , anu 1*110. u• r» vuoiv ■
and Mrs. John Lightfoot spent
July 1 evening at the Frank Brueg
man home honoring Mrs. Lawson
Lightfoot on her birthday.
Mr and Mrs. R. C. Barta of
Scottsbluff spent Saturday after
noon at the Willard I-andholm
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Gehlsen and
family were Sunday evening vis
itors at the Ledimer Scheinost
Mr. and Mrs. John Lightfoot
called on Mr and Mrs. Walt Wells
Sunday evening.
Mr and Mrs. Russ Lindsay and
son of Wayne were Wednesday
evening visitors at the Bon Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Scheinost and
l>oys spent Monday evening at the
home of Mr and Mrs. I-adimer
Scheinost and family.
The Trinity Lutheran AI-CW held
their regular meeting in the church
parlors Thursday, July 2. Pastor
Nelson led scripture and prayer.
Mrs. Con Thorell. the president,
conducted the business meeting.
Ladies were asked to bring their
old nylon hose to be sent to the
Emmanuel Home. A motion was
also made to send $10 for their
needle work.
Mrs. Evelyn Boettcher was the
leader of the program. The topics
used were: "The Christian Cit
izen”, "Government Is Our Busi
ness", and “The Obligation to
Know". She was assisted by Mrs.
Con Thorell, Olga Johnson, Mrs.
Ed Preher, Mrs. John Bowman,
Mrs. Renard Nelson, Mrs. Fred
Ruda, Mrs. Carl Nygren, and Mrs.
Harry Ruda.
Hostesses were Mrs Lawrence
Remter, Mrs. Harold Swanson and
Mrs. Art r rectrtcKson.
The Rristow Homemakers club
was held at the home of Mrk.
Frank Bruegman with 11 members
and two visitors present.
The Home Extension Creed was
read and Mrs. E. A. Chore led the
Mrs. Bill Loukota, the president,
conducted the business meeting.
Mrs. Vernon Johnson gave a re
port on the tour to Sioux Falls.
Mrs Johnson also gave the lesson
on "Mentally Retarded Children".
It was decided that no meeting
will be held in July and August.
The next meeting will be held in
September with Mrs. Dave Land
holm as hostess.
Mrs. Bruegman served lunch.
Atkinson News
By Special correspondent
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Colfack and
Dennis were July 4th dinner guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dobias.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Roth and
Doretta went to Valentine Satur
day to spend the 4th of July week
end with their son and family. Mr.
anil Mrs. Ivan Roth and to attend
the celebration.
Scott Carlson came last Tues
day to spend a few days at the
home of his grand-parents, Mr. and
Mrs. William VVefso.
Mrs. George Frohardt enter
tained the Atkinson Iris Society
members at her home on July 1
with an 8:45 breakfast. Fifteen
members answered roll call.
Mrs. Fred Jungman had charge
of the lesson on. "Do's and Dont's
in Planting Iris.” Next meeting
j will be on July 13 at the home of
! Mrs. Charles Radke. Roll call will
tie answered with a flower verse.
Laura Stahlecker. daughter of
Mr and Mrs. Henry Stahlecker
l of Naper was a guest in the Elmer
MeCturg home from Wednesday
And Ask About the New Lower
Rates in Traveler's Insurance
until Sunday, visiting her friend
Donna McClurg.
Mrs. Earl Coxbiil and daughter.
Betty entertained at a 9:30 coffee
on Thursday morning in honor of
Carol Schultz, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs Kenneth Schultz. Miss Schultz
will be married on August 16 to
Richard Cross of Sioux City.
Misses Shirley Halstead. Beth
Kuehn. Shirley Olson and Connie
Hitchcock were hostesses to a mis
cellaneous shower Wednesday eve
ning at the Park House in Atkin
son for Mrs Robert Collins. Mrs.
Collins was Carolyn Frickel before
her marriage and attended Atkin
son high school last year.
Games were played and prizes
won by Miss Mickey Gilbert anil
Charlotte Halstead. About twenty
young ladies attended. Mrs. Collins
is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs
Connie Frickel.
Dennis Colfack was an over night
guest in the home of his friend.
Rodney Dobias Saturday night
lie returned home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Kazda are
modernizing their home in east At
kinson. New cabinets were in
stalled last week and water sy
stem installed.
The Atkinson City Park was the
scene of a near capacity crowd
Sunday when many groups gath
ered at the park with picnic bas
kets. rounding out their fourth of
July weekend of activities and en
joying the accomodations of the
swimming pool.
Mr. and Mrs. Sewell Johnson
and Karen and Mr. and Mrs. Jim
Puckett and Susan were among
those picnieing at the city park
the fourth of July.
The Atkinson Civic Improvement
Garden club will meet Wednes
day at 1:30 p m. at the steak house
with Mrs. Mabel Griffin as hos
tess. A Chinese auction will be
held. Roll call will be, “Interesting
Facts About Birds."
Mr. and Mrs. George Zaruba of
Cario were weekend guests in the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Claude
Johnson. Sunday they drove to Ga
vins Point dam sight-seeing re
turning by way of Ft. Randall dam.
The Zarubas lived in Atkinson for
about two years lie fore moving
to Cario about a year ago. The
Johsons and the Zaruba families
originally came from Ogallala. The
Johnsons own and operate the
Wheel Inn Motel in Atkinson.
Mrs. Joe Hoppes of Burwell
came Thursday and spent a couple
of davs visiting in the home of
her daughter and family, Mr. and
Mrs. Don Mills.
Max and Susan Mills spent Sun
day \isiting in the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Clarence Focken sr. and
Mr. and Mrs. Orland Anson, Mr.
and Mrs. Ray Ellsbury, Mr. and
Mrs. Earl Ellsbury, Mr and Mrs.
Don Mills, all ot Atkinson and
Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Meininger of
Omaha spent Sunday at Ft. Ran
dall dam. sight seeing, picnicing
and water skiing.
Fourth of July dinner guests in
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Eli Mc
Connell were Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Zahradnicek of Scotts Bluffs, Mr.
and Mrs. Wilmer McConnell and
family and Mr. and Mrs. Richard
McConnell and daughter. Mrs. Za
hradnicek is a sister of Mrs. Eli
Richard McConnell flew to At
kinson last Thursday to spend a
long weekend with his wife and
other relatives. He is employed
by a construction company at
Newcastle, Wyo., and his wife is
spending an extended vacation
with friends and relatives. Dick
returned to Newcastle Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Krysl and
Ronnie and Mr. and Mrs. Alvin
Krysl and Jim and Ron, went to
Gregory, So. Dakota Saturday to
spend the day with Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Krysl Mr. and Mrs. Sam
Stude of Omaha, Mr. and Mrs.
Gene Krysl and Vernie Krysl were
also there to spend the 4th of Ju
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Anson and
Mr. and Mrs. Orland Anson and
family spent the 4th of July in
O'Neill with Mr. and Mrs. Leland
Anson. The group enjoyed a picnic
dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Dewayne
Anson and family joined the group
in the evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Walnofer
and family were Sunday dinner
guests in the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Oliver Anson.
Mrs Pauline Davis. Mrs. Kath
erine Freed and Mrs. Jennie Mli
nar accompanied Mrs. Beatrice
Everetts to Stuart Saturday eve
ning to watch the fireworks dis
* Mrs. Lyle Fix and children and
Mrs. Doris Baker of Amelia spent
Monday afternoon visiting at the
home of Mrs. Ethel Brown in At
kinson. „
Robert Porter of t remont spent
the weekend in Atkinson, visiting
with his brother Charlie Porter.
He also visited in the Homes oi
Mr. and Mrs. Arlan Brown and
Albert Lemmer.
Terry and Cindy Brown, children
of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Brown
went with their grandmother. Mrs^
Austin Hynes to Ravenna, to spend
the weekend with Mr. and Mrs.
Kenneth Young and family Mrs.
Young is Mrs. Hynes’ daughter.
On Monday Mrs. Hynes brought
the children to Atkinson and they
visited their other grandmother.
Mrs. Ehel Brown while she atten
ded the funeral of John Damero.
After the funeral Mrs. Hynes took
the children to their home. Their
parents, had spent the 4th of
Julv weekend at Fairfax, S. D.
Sharon Osborne, daughter of
Mr and Mrs. Richard Osborne jr.,
is spending a week with her un
cle and aunt. Mr. and Mrs Leo
nard Troshynski. Mrs. Trashynski
and Mrs. Osborne are sisters.
Nick Schmit. Mr. and Mrs. Leo
nard Troshynski. Francis Troshy
nski. Jim Steinhouser. Catherine
Schmit and Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Osborne jr.. attended the Amelia
dance on June 26.
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I Venus News
Venus Correspondent
Visits Canada on Tour
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Brookhou
ser returned June 1 to Sioux City
from Detroit, Mich., where they
were met by their son, Ray.
The previous week they had ac
companied thetr son-in-law and
daughter, Warrant Officer and
Mrs. James Border and children
of Quantico, Va., to Detroit where
they were guests at the home of
Mrs Brookhouser s sister, Mrs.
Lou Small and Mr. Small. The
weekenv was spent at the sum
mer lodg' of the Small's at Port
Huron, a distance ot about 60 miles
from Detroit. Also weekend guests
were Mr. Small's mother, Mrs.
Bess Bartick of New' York, Mr.
and Mrs Lumir Sokol and family
and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hayes and
children of Detroit. Water skiiing
and boat riding was enjoyed.
The Brookhousers and the Bor
ders were taken to Canada by Mr
and Mrs. Small where they visited
the city of Sarnia which is locat
ed on tiie St Clair river. Many
gas and oil refineries are located
1 Preparations were being made
for the visit of Queen Elizabeth
on July 3 and flags were being
displayed on many buildings.
Ships were also plying the river
harbor and one large ship from
Sweden had already come up the
St. Lawrence seaway. It was here
that we crossed the Blue Water
bridge into Canada and to meet
the friendly Canadian people.
I Another day we were taken on
a tour of th Pontiac plant at Pon
tiac, Mich. Guests are loaded into
small trains equipped with loud
speakers and taken for a half
mile tour which takes about one
hour Thirty-six were in our group.
ttMf'1 truclo; and Pontiac blocks i
were being made at the speed of
100 each hour. The cars are as
sembled from start to finish and
we were told that 12,000 people
are employed at this plant.
On June 29 we attended the In
ternational Freedom festival.
WO Border returned to Virginia
on June 30. Mrs. Borden and chil
dren will visit another iwo weeks
with the Smalls Mrs. Small and
Mrs. Border had planned to at
tend the celebration for the Queen
of England on July 3.
Mrs. Joseph Asher and children
of Portland, Ore., arrived at the
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs
Bryan Finch on June 25. Mr. and
Mrs. Finch met the family at
Grand Island. They visited at the
Val Pitchier home while there.
Mrs. Ora Caskey and Larry
helped at the home of her parents
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Porter on
Mr. Porter suffered a slight
heart attack the previous Satur
day He is under the doctor's care.
Larry remained with his grand
Mrs. William Buxton entertain
ed the Help-U club at her home
on July 1. Eleven members were
present. Mrs. Buxton served din
ner at noon. The afternoon was
spent in doing needle-work.
Mrs. Ethel Waring was award
ed the door prize. Next meeting
will be with Mrs. Ralph Brook
Arthur Von Seggren underwent
major surgery at a Norfolk hospi
tal June 29. Mr. and Mrs. Von
Seggren operate the Venus store
The Work and Fun club held
their annual club picnic June 28
at the Archie Cleveland farm south
west of Ewing. Mrs. Cleveland
is a former member of the club.
A nice group attended and a good
time was reported.
30 Ranchers See
Deferred Pasture
At Inman Ranch
The tour of the Nebraska Sec
tion of the American Society of
Range Management on June 24,
1959 was attended by 30 ranchers,
farmers and 4-H Club members
i7i nun
The first stop was at the Ira
Watson ranch west of Inman where
a 1958 seeding of native grass was
Mr. Winnental from Germany
was introduced by Mr. Ronald Gus
tafson, the Boyd Couty Extension
Agent. Mr. Winnental is visiting
the farms and ranches in Boyd
county for two weeks. He gave a
short talk contrasting the German
and American procedures in the
farming and dairying operations.
The next stop was at the Wal- j
ter Pick ranch south of Inman.
Hr. Fick discussed a native pas
ture that lias been deferred for
3 years. The better producing na
tive grasses were breaking up
the Blue grama sod and crowd
ing out the keeds that were tak
ing over the pasture.
The group drove to the Sylves
ter Bahm ranch north of Ewing to
inspect an experimental seeding of
native grasses in 40 inch rows
planted this spring. The shallow
furrows planted on the contour not
J only reduced the competition of
undesirable plants but also held
Ihe moisture from rains on the hill
sides. This method of planting na
tive grasses appears to be proving
out successful as the row's of na
tive grasses are growing rapidly.
The pasture had been, over
grazed in the past and after" three
years of deferment, it showed prac
tically no improvement. So to
bring the pasture back into pro
duction sooner, Mr. Bahm decided
to re-seed it to native grasses.
The final stop of the tour was
at the Harry Van Horn ranch
north of Ewing. The proper man- j
agement and deferment of na
tive pastures and meadows was
discussed by Mr. Van Horn and
other members of the group.
Refreshments were furnished by
the Holt Soil & Water Conservation
District and Mr. and Mrs. Van
After the refreshments, Gary
Fick, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Fick, gave a short speech entitled.
"As the Green Grass Grew all
Church Notes
O'Neill and Emmet
Rev* »denn Keiuilcott, minister
Thursday Prayer Circle, 10:00
ant., Claude Bates home; WSCS,
2:00 pm.
Fridav Dorcas, 2 00 p.m
Sunday Morning worship servi
ces at 8 30 a m and 11:00 a.m.
with Mr. Floyd Root, district lav
leader, as guest speaker; Church
school. 9:45 a.m
Sunday Childrens Sunday
school and morning worship 9:40
a.m. Floyd Root, district lay lead
er, will he the guest speaker.
Jehovah's Witnesses
Carl F. Andersen
Carl F Andersen, presiding min
ister of Jehovah's Witnesses, a fl
ounced July 6 that the O'Neill con
gregation of Jehovah s Witnesses
has been invited to attend a four
day convention to be held July 16
to 19 at the Pennington county
fairgrounds in Rapid City. S P.
Mr. Andersen will head the local
delegation of about seven persons
} Mr. Andersen said all local
meetings will be canceled Julv 14
First Prcsbx terian church
lie\. Juhn I.. Hart Pastor
Sunday Church School, 9:45 a.
jin.; morning worship. 11 00 a.m.
Monday Bible study. 3 pm
Wednesday Choir, 7 p.m.
Bethany Presbyterian Church
Near Chambers
Rev. John 1- Hart, Pastor
Sunday—Morning Worship. 0:30
a.m.; Church School, 10:30 a.m.
1 xx illg
William II. Kims Pastor
Sunday Bible school 10 a.m.;
Sermon- "Living with Faith, Hope,
Charity", 11 a.m., by Floyd But
terfield; youth felloxvship, 7 p.m.
[Junior felloxvship, 7 p.m.; singspira
[ rion, 8 p.m. Rejiort of Hastings
! Meetings by Mr. and Mrs. Gunter.
Monday Choir practice. 8 p.m.
Wednesday Prayer and study
f Catechism, 8 p.m., Wilbur Ben
nett. leader.
Thursday. July 16 Women’s
Missionary Society. 2 p.m
Sc\ enth and (lay Streets
Rev. A. S. (inlwiilii. Pastor
Thursday Ladies' Aid meeting.
S p.m.
Sunday Divine worship. 9 am;
Sunday school, 10:15 am W
Frieke, supt.; Second quarterly
meeting of the voting assembly.
2 p.m.; "The Lutheran Hour" on
WJAG, 4 p.m.
K v. V S. (■iHlnillti, Pastor
Sunday Sunday school. 9 45
m. s. il Hrauer, supt.; Divine
worship, 11 a m ; "The Lutheran
Hour" on WJAG, 4 p.m.
Monday Second quarterly meet
ing of tlie congregation, 8 p.m.
lienionstriite Tossed Salad
Swan leakers club met Fridav
night, June 26 at the home of
Mershon Lierman. All but one
member was present. We an
swered roll call with the name or
breed of our calf
We decided _ to have our next
meeting very~“cventful: A styk
show for the girls in their 4-11
outfit and bring our calves and
show them. The junior leaders will
help to show Iho calves. After Wi
finish with the meeting we will
irtuka, Thursday. July 9, 1959
have a wiener roast, Pemonstrat
tions were gi\en by Janet Ganmod
anti Joy Thompson on measuring
anti by Mershon t.iermann an#
Sharon Watson on making a toss*#
After the meeting was adjourned
we were lead in games by our re
ct'eation leaders, Janet Garwoo#
and Virginia Bilstien. Shirley
Given and Kaye Garwood are re
creation leaders for the next mee%
,4ext meeting is scheduled !u»
August 7. A lunch of cake an#
sandwiches was served.
Shirley Green, repot ter
Wit Louis C. Harley to ltiati
K Miller X \xt 6-24-59 $4200- lob
3-4 X 5- Blk G- Attains Honie.xifcr
Wl> Emma Lidgett to Emma 1
Paul Lidgett 6-8-59 $1 tails 1-2-5
7-6-9-11M1 X 12 Blk 6- Cooke* Ad*
Wit Emma I.idgett to Ernst* A
Paul Lidgett 6-8-59 $1-SWV« 1*25-11
Wl' Emma ladgett to Krntva 4
Paul Lidgett 6-8-59 $1 South kt> 24
acres of the S\Y11 See 4-25-12
WD The ran C Bogue to Gee
trade J. West 6-22-59 Si-Lot t IU»
17- Bitneys Add-Atkinson.
Wl> Tillie Cearns to Harry W
Mlinar X wf 6-22-59 $16,(X)0-NKts
Favorite Fashions for
the 7 to 14 Size Set!
Ready For Back to School!
Easy-care polished cotton
has a novel iridescent
effect print. Solid color
cummerbund. Red or blue
Free-and-Easy Shirtwaist
Solid color cotton in red
or blue. Three-quarler
sleeves ruching trim,
Plaid 'n Solid Teammat*
1-piece dress with full
plaid cotton skirt and Ac
rilan<*> jersey top. Ited/
navy or turquoise.
Style Plus Wear Equals
These 3 to 6X Frocks!
With Easy-on-Mom Washabilityl
_ J
"Rub 'n Tub" Shirtwaist
Easy-care cotton has solid col
ored bodice front with noveily
tucks, bold plaid skirt and
B— 2-piece Sweater £>resj
Gotten knit sweater has lace <
and plaid trim to match the
colorful cotton plaid dress.
Colors: Turquoise or orange.
_ 1
o °
o o O . °
o r o