The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, July 02, 1959, Image 11

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    1 -Legal Notices
(First, pub June 25, 1959)
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby giv
en that at a special election to be
held on the 6th day of July, 1959,
Uiere will be submitted to the legai
voters of School Districts numbered
57, 110, 97, 138 and 2, of Holt Coun
ty, Nebraska, the following ques
tion: ‘ Shall the present territories
comprising School Districts num
liered 57, 110, 97, 138 and 2, of the
County of Holt, -and State of Ne
braska, be reorganized and con
solidated to comprise and consti
tute one School District, to be
known as School District No. 2, of
said County, according to a pro
posed plan of reorganization of
School Districts, as formulated and
advanced by the Holt County Com
mittee for there organization of
School Districts."
For said reorganization pram ( )
Against said reorganization plan
( )
The polls for voting at said
election will remain open from 8
o'clock A M. to 8 o'clock P.M. of
said day, and the voting place as
follows: Page Town Hall.
Voters desiring to vote in favor
of said proposition and for said re
organization plan, will mark an X
in the square following the words:
"For said Reorganization Plan”;
voters desiring to vote against said
proposition, will mark an X in the
r-quare following the words,
"Against said Reorganization
This special election has been
called for the purpose of affording
the electors of School Districts num
liered 57, 110, 97, 138 and 2 an op
Iiortunity to approved or reject the
plan of the organization, adopted
by the Holt County Committee for
the reorganization of School Dis
tricts, under which plan it is pro
mised to consolidate all of the
above mentioned School Districts
into one School District, to be
known as School District Number
2 of Holt County, Nebraska.
That said proposed plan of re
organization contemplates that said
reorganized and consolidated Dis
trict, shall have the legal outer
txiundaries, described as follows:
1 Commencing at the Northwest
corner of Section 23, in Township
28 North, Range 10, West of the
6th P.M. in Holt County, Nebras
ka, running thence two miles south,
thence four miles east, thence one
half mile north, thence one half
mile east, thence one half mile
north, thence one half mile west,
thence one half mile north, thence
one mile east, thence one half mile
north, thence one half mile west
thence one half mile north, thence
one half mile east, thence one half
mile south, thence three fourths
mile east, thence one half mile
south, thence three fourths mile
east, thence one fourth mile north,
thence one half mile east, thence
one fourth mile north to Northeast
corner of Section 24, Township 28,
Range 9, West of the 6th P.M. in
Holt County, Nebraska, running
thence two and one half miles
north, thence three miles west,
thence one half mile north, thence
six miles west, thence two miles
south, thence three fourths mile
east, thence one half mile south,
thence one fourth mile east, thence
one half mile south to the place of
2. Reasons for the cnange in
boundaries is to provide more ade
quate educational advantages for
the children in the four Class I
Districts and the Class II District.
i ^ The said plan of reorganizatior
' Proposes the adjustment of proper
, tj debts, and liabilities of the pn>
posed District as follows:
a All of the assets and pro
perty of the districts included
in this plan as of July 1, 1959,
shall become the property of
the proposed School District
No. 2.
b. All of the bonded indebted
ness existing against any of
said districts is to be assumed
and paid by the orginal Dis
trict No. 2, that is District No.
2 as it existed prior tp such re
organization and consolidation.
c. All other School Districts
debts, if any, of said Districts,
as of July 1, 1959, are to be as
sumed and paid by the pro
posed School District No. 2.'
d. The utilization of existing
school houses and school pro
perty is to be determined by
the legal voters of the proposed
School District No. 2, in the
event such reorganization be
comes effective, however this
shall pertain to school houses
and school grounds only.
4. The present school building
of District No. 2 is adequate with
the remodeling of one elementary
room as one additional elementary
teacher will be hired.
Legal school electors only re
siding within the enumerated dis
tricts shall be permitted to vote
at said election, and the legal elec
tors residing in school district No.
2, shall be entitled to vote as a
separate unit at said election.
Any electors or other interested
persons, may secure additional in
formation concerning the details of
said proposed plan of reorganiza
tion at the office of the County
Superintendent of Schools in O’
Neill, Nebraska.
ALICE L. FRENCH, Secretary,
Holt County Committee for the
Reorganization of School Dists.
(First publication June 25, 1925)
Julius D. Cronin, attorney
No. 4119
Notice is hereby given that a
petition has been filed for final
settlement herein, determination
of heirship, inheritance taxes, fees
and commissions, distribution of
estate and approval of final ac
count and discharge, which will
lie for hearing in this court on Ju
ly 15, 1959, at 10 o’clock. A.M.
County Judge
(First pub. June 18, 1959)
Kryger and Kryger, Attorneys
Estate No. 4333
JUNE 18, 1959
CREDITORS of said estate are
hereby notified that the time limit
ed for presenting claims against
said estate is October 16, 1959. and
for the payment of debts is June
18, 1960 and that on July 16, 1959,
and on October 17, 1959, at 10
o’clock A. M.. each day, I will bo
at the County Court Room in said
County to receive, examine, hear,
allow, or adjust all claims and
objections duly filed.
County Judge
Riverside News
By Mr*. Lionel iiunter
The Dewitt Hoke. Lionel Gun
ter, Hoi Herd and Dewitt Gunter
[families met relatives from Iowa,
Illinois, Plainview, Clearwater, Au
i rora and Chambers at the Neligh
park for a picnic dinner Sunday.
Mr and Mrs. George Vanosdall
of Greeley called on Paul Gunter
Wednesday evening, June 24.
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Napier met
Judy and Dixie Rickert in Grand
Island Sunday evening. The girls
are spending the summer with re
latives. Their home is in Califor
Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Gunter at
tended synod and synodical meet
ing at the Hastings college Tues
day through Thursday noon.
Mr and Mrs. Dave Pollock vis
ited in O'Neill Thursday.
Mrs. Z H. Fry. Mrs. Dale Na
pier and Mrs. Richard Napier and
girls attended Monica Munn’s
birthday party Monday afternoon,
June 22.
Jerry Jensen of Newman Grove
is spending a few days at the Dale
Napier home.
Rollie Snell of Page visited a
couple days last week with his
sister and hushand, Mr. and Mrs.
Dave Pollock.
Mary Sharon Munn visited from
Monday until Thursday afternoon
at the Dale Napier home.
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Napier, the
Alfred and Melvin Napier fami
lies. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Shelberg
and family and Mr. and Mrs. Lee
Fink and sons had a picnic at the
Niobrara park Sunday celebrating
their June wedding anniversaries.
Mr. and Mrs. Lorraine Montgo
mery and family and Lynn Fry
family were dinner guests Sunday
at the Floyd Napier home in hon
or of Connie Montgomery’s birth
day anniversary’.
Jay Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Ora
Switzer, Mr. George, the Wendell
Switzer and Darrol Switzer fam
ilies were guests Sunday to a pic
nic dinner at the Leo Miller home.
Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Ahlers re
ceived word that their son, Lewis
of LaGrande, Ore., was in the hos
pital with liver infection.
The Johnny Miller family visited
at the Richard Kallhoff home Fri
day evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Z. H. Fry and Mr.
and Mrs. Duane Jensen left Fri
day for Minnesota to visit at the
Lester Fry home and to do some
Frances and Luc|lle Rotherham
were supper guests Wednesday,
June 24 at the Bill Lofsuist home.
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Mott, Shar
on and Tommy w’ere in Norfolk on
June 24.
Mrs. Darrol Switzer and children
of Omaha came June 22 to visit
relatives in Riverside community
and O'Neill. Joan Miller and Sher
ry Switzer, who have been visiting
in Omaha came home with them.
Darrol Switzer came by bus Fri
day from Omaha to spend the
weekend with his family.
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Nelson and
Jimmy of Plainview, Mr. and Mrs.
Dewitt Gunter, Mr. and Mrs. R. A.
Hord, Mr. and Mrs. George Mont
gomery, Mr. and Mrs. Web Na
pier, Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Gunter
and Paul and Duane Spes of Cali
fornia visited Thursday evening,
June 25 at the Dewitt Hoke home.
Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Schlotman
were in Omaha Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Wetlauffer
took Alice Shrader to Omaha Sat
urday where she boarded a train
for Springfield, 111 , where she will
visit at the Verl Gunter home.
The Archie Johnston and Dean
Radcliffe families visited Gavins
Point last Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Ahlers were
Sunday guests at the Chet Tavloi
Reta Napier and Janice Jenser
visited last Saturday at the Dale
Napier home.
Mr. and Mrs. John Pennington
of Naperville, 111 . were guests
Thursday and Friday, June 25-26
at the Dewitt Hoke home.
The Happy Hollow 4-H club met
last Tuesday evening with Faye
George Montgomery was an O'
Neill visitor June 24.
The Dewitt Hoke family and Mr.
and Mrs. John Pennington called
at the Steve Shavlik home in
Chambers on Friday evening.
Mrs. George Montgomery called
at the Johnny Miller home Wed
nesday afternoon. June 24.
Larea Mott called Saturday mor
ning at the George Montgomery
Some of Wilbur Bennetts neigh
bors helped with the farm work
on Friday.
Mrs. Dewitt Hoke and Clayton
and Mr. and Mrs. John Pennington
called on Mrs. Lilly Meyers in
Clearwater and at the Lyle Swit
zer home on Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gallino and
family of Valentine were guests
last Sunday at the Grant Mott
The Bill Lofquist family were
guests last Saturday and Sunday
at the Gene Streeter home in Lin
coln. Terry and Patty Lofquist
returned home with their parents
after spending a week visiting in
Amelia News
By Florence Lindsey
Mr. and Mrs. Lew Backhaus vis
ited at the Roy Backhaus home
Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Win
terstien of Lincoln were also vis
iting there Mrs. Winterstien is the
former Pearl Backhaus, a sister
of Lew and Roy Backhaus.
Duane Sammons of Kimberly,
Ida., came last week to spend the
summer with his grandmother,
Mrs. Bertha Sammons.
Mrs. Margie Sammons returned
home last week from Sioux City,
la. She had been caring for her
grandchildren while their parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Robak were
on vacation.
Mrs. Laura Asher and daughter,
Mrs. Henry Wille and son, Law
rence Asher of Chatfield, Minn.,
were over-night guests Sunday at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Blake
Ott. They went on to Page Mon
day to visit friends. Mrs. Ott
boarded at the Asher home while
teaching school near Page.
Art Waldman returned home
Sunday from Lincoln after visiting
his relatives there.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Oetter and
daughters, Lana and Janeth at
tended the wedding of Mrs. Oetter’s
nephew, Darrel Polenske of Nor
folk and Miss Arlene Franzen of
Pierce on Sunday at Norfolk. Miss
Lana had charge of the guest book
and Janeth helped at the bride’s
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Coolidge
and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coolidge
went to Palmer, June 23 to attend
the funeral of Mrs. Lee Nicholas.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Svatos
and David spent Wednesday eve
ning, June 24 at the hometif their
parents to keep their mother, Mrs.
Anton Svatos celebrate her birth
Glenn White and daughter. Myr
tle, Mrs. Edith Andersen and Clyde
Burge went to Omaha Tuesday to
visit S. C. Barnett at the Metho
dist hospital there. Mr. Barnett is
improving and may be able to
come home this week.
Mrs. Glenn White, who had been
staying near her father returned
home, Mrs. Barnett is still with
Mr. Barnett.
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Gene Thompson spent a few
days recently here with his family
Gene does long distance trucking
and is away most of the time.
Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Waldo ac
companied their son-in-law and
daughter, Rev and Mrs Bob Kalb
of Willspoint. Texas, on a trip to
the Black Hills The Kalbs chil
dren. Katy, Kent and Karla vis
ited relatives here while their par
ents were gone.
Don Adams, who is attending
school at Blair, spent the weekend
at home. He will teach at Palmer
next term
Miss^ Beth Fullerton arrived
home Saturday night from a weeks
visit with her friend. Connie Bar
nett at Greeley, Colo Her parents.
Mr and Mrs. Harold Fullerton,
met her in Grand Island.
Mrs. Julia White has been ill,
and confined to the hospital in At
kinson the past week
Mrs. Delliert Edwards mother.
Mrs. Rosa Snelson of Atkinson, suf
fered a stroke Friday and was very
ill at this writing.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pierce re
ceived a telephone call stating that
their daughter. Mrs. Charles Rligl
is a patient in St Joseph's hospi
tal in Omaha
Mr. and Mrs Glenn White and
H. S White attended the funeral
of Theodore Moss at Chambers
Monday morning Mr. Moss was a
brother-in-law of H. S. White
Mr. and Mrs Don Fullerton of
l^aneaster. Calif., are visiting Mr
Fullerton's parents, Mr and Mrs
George Fullerton and sister Phil
lis. They were married June 20
and were on their wedding trip.
They gave a wedding dance at the
Amelia hall Saturday evening.
Mrs. Jack Sharp nee Rochelle
Sammons was given a post-nuptial
shower Wednesday evening, June
24 at the annex The shower was
sponsored by Mrs Vem Sageser.
Joan Fullerton, Marcia Widman
and Mrs. Roy Miller.
The program was a skit concern
ing Rochelle's courtship and wed
She received many nice gifts.
Mrs. 1 ton Fullerton was honored
at a post-nuptial shower Monday
evening at the annex. Mrs. Lee
Gilman, Mrs. Dick Dixvlittle and
The First National Bank is getting a lace lifting. Workmen
have been busy this week painting the east and south walls.
Mrs. Oscar Peterson sponsored the
Mr. and Mrs Edgar Peterson
\ isited John Kennedy at the O -
Neill hospital Friday evening.
Mr. Kennedy died Saturday af
ternoon Mr. Kennedy formerly
ranched in the Amelia vicinity
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