The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, June 25, 1959, Image 5

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    Riverside News
W. Bennett Falls from
Tractor; Runover by Eli
Mr*. Lionel (.(Inter
Wilbur Bennett, while eliing
com Thursday afternoon, June 18,
had the misfortune erf being
brushed off of the tractor by a
Till US JUNE 23
Family Night
The grew test spy-ring ever known!
Masters of Fear! Monsters of In
trigue! Merchants of Murder!
Dana Andrews m
Starring Dick Foran, Marilee Earle
and presenting Mel Torme.
Family admitted for two adult
ticket*—Adult* 50c, children 15c.
FRI. SAT. JUNE 28 27
Big Double Kill
Starring Jo Morrow, Jack Jones
and Guest Star George Jessel, with
the Earl Grant Trio, the Nitwits,
with Sid Millward and Waily Stew
art, Johnny Otis, The Treniers.
The one-Man Brigade caught in
a tornado-whirl of revenge! Even
the woman he saved hated him for
what he was.
Randolph Scott in
Adm. Adult* 60c, children 45c.
All children iuiIcnh in arms, must
have ticket*. Matinee Sat., 2:30.
SUN. MON-TUE., JUNE 28-29 30
Paul Newman "Now it’s every
man for himself, it’s all a rat race,
nice guys finish last."
So take off the kid gloves and
put on the claws Now it’s every
man for himself—andthe other
env'* inh—and the other euv's
Co-starring Barbara Rush, Alexis
Smith, Brian Keith, Diane Brew
ster, Billie Burke, John Williams.
"I want you to meet ‘The Young
Phi ladelphians'. ”
When 1 first saw this new motion
picture I was impressed with its
fast-moving and exciting story of
a young man growing up in the
social and business worlds of the
city of Philadelphia. And then I
suddenly realized something spe
cial was happening . . .
The young people on the screen
the law student, the debutante, the
immigrant boy, the good-time girl,
the Korean vet, the murder suspect
and all the rest <lo not belong to
any one town or city in America.
Young people like them are liv
ing right here daily facing the
same diecisions about morals and
marriage, fears, and prejudices,
jobs and ethics, parents and friends
You may recognize yourselves
when you see this picture. That’s
why I think it rates special men
tion. That’s why I think you'll all
enjoy meeting "The Young Phil
The Manager.
Adm.: Adults 50c, Children 15c.
All children unless In arms must
have tickets. Matinee Sun., 2:80.
tree limb while turning at the end
of the field and was run over by
the eli cracking five ribs. He was
taken to the O'Neill hospital for
Mr and Mrs. Floyd Napier were
Neligh visitors Friday afternoon.
Mr and Mrs. Leonard Hall,
Cleo, Alberta and Ruby Butler,
and the Leo Miller, Wendell Swit
zer and Donald Butler families
were dinner guests last Sunday at
the Ora Sw'itzer home. Sunday eve
ning callers were Mr. and Mrs.
Amos Switzer and Mrs. Margorie
Mrs. Keith Biddleeome was a
Neligh visitor Friday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Pollock
and Phil of Omaha, were weekend
guests at the Dave Pollock home.
Other guests on Sunday were the
Kenneth Pollock family of Neligh
Altha Lou Miller came Satur
day evening to spend fie vacation
at her parents home. She has been
teaching school near Denver, Colo.
Mr. and Mrs. George Montgo
mery were O’Neill visitors on
Thursday and shopped in Norfolk
Joan Miller and Sherry Switzer
went to Omaha last Monday to
spend the week at the Darrel
Switzer home.
Mr. and Mrs. Z H. Fry visited
Friday afternoon at the Wilbur
Mahood home in Orchard.
The John Miller family were
supper guests Thursday, June 18,
at the Marcella Bollwitt home.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard MlUei
were dinner guests Sunday at the
Leo Miller home.
The Wayne Fry tamily were din
nnr atwictc Qnn.'ov fat thn I ztlli<
Vandersnick horn».
Mr. and Mrs. alter Miller atten
ded the quarterly meeting at Beth
any church Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Ahlers vis
ited Sunday, June 14 at the Martin
Helmrick’s home .
Mr. and Mrs. Ernst Schollmeyer
and family of Crofton were guests
Sunday at the John Miller home.
Evening guests were Mr and Mrs.
Robert Kreitziger and Mrs. Mar-,
cella Bollwitt.
Mrs. John Napier and children
visited last week with her sister,
Mrs. Ed Burke near Gordon.
Mrs. Anna Smith of Inman vis
ited last week at the Howard Mil
ler home.
The Duane Jensen family of
Newman Grove met the Richard
Napier family in Neligh and ex
changed girls. Janice Jensen com
ing home with the Napiers and
Nancy Napier going home with
the Jensens for a few days visit.
The I.«rraine Montgomery fam
ily entertained Mr. and Mrs Z. H.
Fry, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Napier,
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Napier and the
Lynn Fry and Richard Napier
families Sunday for dinner.
Mrs. Walter Woepple and grand
daughters and Mrs. Earl Pierson
.visited Mrs. Edith McClanahan in
j the Brunswick rest home Wednes
day afternoon, June 17.
Sgt. and Mrs Alvin Gibson jr.,
of New York and A1 Gibson visited
Friday evening at the Wayne Fry
Julie and Jody Fry spent a few
days last week at the Louis Van
dersnick home and Christy Van
dersnick was a guest at the Wayne
Fry home.
The Dean Rodcliff family of
Decatur. 111. plan to visit at the
Archie Johnston home the fore
part of this week. Dean and Archie
were buddies of W'orld War II
The Wayne Shrader family were
guests Thursday evening, June 18,
at the Archie Johnston home.
The Archie Johnston family
called at the Will Shrader home
on Tuesday evening, June 16.
Lynch News
to Meet
By .Mrs, Peter Mill hair
The Lynch alumni are having
their banquet June 27. Memliers
are expected from Florida, Cali
fornia, Iowa and South Dakota.
A dance will be held after the
banquet for eveiyone.
Plan to attend and meet your
friends and former classmates who
will be here for the occasion.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carsten and
Mrs. Ted Crooks were O'Neill
i shoppers Thursday afternoon.
L'inL Cirviiv rsttt tiro c
a dinner guest at the Herman Hei
ser's Friday.
Mrs. Levi is visiting at the Ed
Cassidy home.
Herman Heiser took Mrs. Mar
vin Schindler and Mary Ellen to
Omaha Thursday, June 18.
Mrs. Emil Micanek was a Friday
guest at the Frank Mulhair home.
Delia Hiserote spent a few days
at Bud Carsten's recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Lorie Micanek,
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Sixta and
Mr. and Mrs. Mac Brockmeier and
son were Thursday, June 18, sup
per guests at the Emil Micanek
home. It was Emil's birthday.
Mrs. Peter Mulhair was a cof
fee guest at the Phyllis Mulhair
home Friday afternoon.
Mrs. Mary Heiser entertained
the Harmony club Thursday after
noon at the Floyd Haun home in
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Havranek
ami family spent Friday evening
at the Leo Kalkowski home.
Thursday evening, June 18 call
ers at the Bill Si>encer's were Mrs.
Bud Stewart and Debbie, Mrs. Pet
er Mulhair. Mrs. Glen Hull, Mrs.
Don Kayl and children, Mrs. Les
tie Stewart and Mrs. Thomas
Courtney and family.
Several folks from Lynch were
to Spencer Thursday for the fun
eral of Carl Kayl.
Mr. and Mrs Albert Kalkowski
of Lynch and Mr. and Mrs. Her
man Shochenmaier and family
from Bonesteel were Sunday guests
at Dale Barta home.
•N. V I. ***. •»'.
Get value, lift,
refreshment, too!
Be really refreshed!
Bottled by Coca-Cola Bottling Co.f Long Pine, Nebr.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Schindler,
Belinda and Vicky Sieler were
Monday evening guests at the
Frank Mulhairs.
Mrs. Thomas Muller and chil
dren were Wednesday afternoon.
June 17 guests at the Art Norwood
home. _ ,
Mrs. Dale Audiss and Mrs. Berl
Moody had a birthday party at
the park for Diane Audiss anu
Mareelyn Moody, "'ho were three
years old June 18. The little girls
are cousins
Those present were Mrs. Don
Kayl and children, Mi's. Darrel
Audiss and children, Mrs. Delbert
Haselhorst and children, Mrs. to
ward Streit and children, Mrs.
Merle Sieler and girls, Mrs. C.
[Haselhorst and Mrs. Audiss.
Mrs. Berl Moody baked the
birthday cakes. .
Mrs. Etta Johnson, Dorothy and
Danny Mulhair were Bristow call
ers Thursday morning, June 18
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Moody and
family from Niobrara, Mr. and
Mrs. Jack Saniuelson and family
from Hartington, Mr. and Mrs.
Kenneth Fish and family, Mi\ and
Mrs. Bill Havranek were Sunday
guests at the Leonard Ha\ ranek
home. , ,, „ .
The dinner was for Mr. and
Mrs. Bill Hafranek s birthday
and anniversary which are
just a few days apart also for
Father's day.
Mrs. Bud Stewart and children,
Mrs. Bill Spencer and children
and Mrs. Leo Kalkowski and son
were down to Glen Rihanek s r 11
day afternoon to decorate cakes
for Father's day.
Russel Moffett was to Spencer
on business Saturday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Alva Cranford
from Dade City, Fla., were Friday
ovpnintr pnpsts at the Bill Spencei
Mrs. Don Kayl and children
spent a few days at the Dale Au
diss home.
Mr and Mrs. Glen were visitors
at Wallace Moffetts Monday eve
ning June 15, on business.
Mrs. Lorie Micanek was a coffee
guest Saturday morning at the
Delbert Haselhorst home.
Mr. and Mrs. Lorie Micanek
were Sioux City shoppers Thuis
day, June 18.
A card party was held at the
Don Simpson home.
Those present were Mr and
Mrs. Leo Kalkowski, Mr. and Mis.
Leonard Havranek, Mr. and Mrs.
Merle Sieler, Mr. and Mrs. Corky
Kalkowski, Mr. and Mrs. Dayton
Sieler, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wil
son and Mr. and Mrs. Gordon De
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Weeder came
up from Omaha Wednesday night
for the funeral of his uncle, Carl
Kayl. It was held Thursday morn
ing, June 18 at Spencer.
Mrs. Frank Mulhair was a call
er at Joe Micanek's home Friday
Presbyterian Camp
is Attended Here
For the past two weeks Rev.
John L. Hait has been teaching
at the Cleveland Bible Camp. The
first week was with Senior High
students from this area and the
second week was with Junior
Highs. Four of the young people
from O’Neill attended. They were
Denny and Joan Drayton, and
Linda Shelhamer and Jean Crabb.
This week at the Junior Camp
there Mrs. Guy Johnson will teach
and those attending are Jim and
John Humrich, Douglas MacKin
ley, Ellen Artus and Billy Artus
and Roxanne Rustameyer.
The Daily Vacation Bible School
started Monday Morning with 40
pupils enrolled and 8 teachers.
On June 7th the communicants
class which has been meeting
weekly since February was public
ly received into the church. Re
ceived by confirmation of their
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baptismal vows were Dennis Dray
ton. James Humnch, Linda Shel
hamer, Jean Crabb. and Tanya
Kiddy Received by baptism was
Janet Peterson. Unable to be there
but who have completed the course
were Cheryl and Diane Graves.
T. Davis Family
At Graduation
INMAN Mr. and Mrs Thomas
J Davis returned home Monday’ |
afternoon after attending the grad
uation of their son-in-law, James
E. Bridges.
Dr. Bridges was graduated from i
the University of Nebraska College
of Medicine Saturday. June 13
After which Dr. and Mrs. Bridges !
entertained all relatives present to
a huffet dinner at their home.
After a 2 weeks vacation Dr.
Bridges will intern at Clarkson
hospital for one year
Mr. and Mrs. Davis were ac
compained home from Lincoln by
Blanche Buxton of Arkonsas City,
Kan., sister of Mrs. Davis. She
is also the daughter of Mrs. Harry
Snyder of Inman.
Hold Vacation Church School
i Vacation Church School began at
i The Methodist Church Monday,
with morning sessions, and will
continue Monday through Friday
for two weeks. Today, there
will lie a brief program and open
house at 7:30. The Woman’s Socie
ty will serve lunch to the children
on Friday morning, the closing
i day.
Niney-five teachers and children
are enrolled, with the following
acting as teachers and assistants:
Kindergarten Mrs. Neil Dawes,
teacher; Assistants, Mrs. Gale
Dierbarger, Mrs. Tony Asimus,
Miss Ruth Ann Walker.
Primary Mrs. Clay Johnson, Jr.,
Teacher; Assistants, Mrs. Frank
Eppenbach, Mrs. Dale Perry, Mrs.
Ralph Walker, Mrs. Carl Schenzel,
Miss Barbara Sayman.
Junior—Mrs. Glenn Kennicott,
Teacher; Assistants, Mrs. Dwayne
Philbrack, Mrs. Dwight Philbrick,
Mrs. C. E. Spence, Mrs. R. R.
Ilerley, Miss Betty Fetrow.
Intermediate-Rev. Kennicott
The American Republic Insur
ance Company Plans of Protec
tion are to be made available to
county residents. This news was
brought by Mr. Alfred H. Miller,
manager of the Company.
According to an announcement
appearing on another page of
this issue of The Frontier, these
plans will be available to all
county residents who qualify.
Miller has stated that a drive
will be conducted in the county
to contact all city and rural resi
dents so that a full explanation
of the Plans may be provided.
Entomologist Speak*
St John's Purple Prospects 4-H
club met at the Clarence Schmi
ser home June 4. The state exten
sion entomologist, Mr. Robert Ro- \
selle. the conty agent and Mr
and Mrs. Charles Bartak were
Mr. Roselle gave a report on
insects and Mr. Dawes spoke on
showmanship and the parts of a
A report on shipping fever was
given by Mareene Schmiser.
We discussed 4-H camp and de
cided to have a float in the O'Neill
annual rodeo parade. Mr. Dawes
talked about the new 4-H building
to be built at the 4-H camp site
at Halsey.
The next meeting will he held
at the Alva Parks home July 12th
Lunch was served by the moth
Mareene Schmiser, reporter I
-- |
Five Join Club
Swan Laker’s 4-H club met May
29. at the home of Shirley David
and Gary Green. Four members
were absent. Five new members
joined our club. June and Mervin
Johnson, Eric Everett and David
Virginia Thompson and Marlene
Garwood gave a demonstration on
the making of a waist-band.
It was announced that those who
w ished to donate to the building of
the 4-H club camp could.
The next meeting will be June
26 at Merchon Lierman's home.
Lunch was served.
Shirley Green, reporter
Try the Frontier Want Ads. For
quick results phone 788
The Up and At It 4-H club held
their regular meeting at the Dale
Robert’s home June 14 at 2 p.m
Since it was Flag day roll call
was answered with something per
taining to the flag, with four mem
bers absent.
Douglas Roberts led the flag
pledge and Annette George led the
4-H pledge.
The club purchased first aid
books for each family and they
were handed out. All of the mem
bers are taking the first aid proj
Darlene Pierson gave a report on
the Junior Leader Conference at
Bassett May 27 through 28.
The next meeting is to lie held
at the Vincent Streeter home June
J6 at N p m Roll call Is to he a»
iwtnd with the immediate hnl
aid for different kinds of wounds.
Larry IXibrovolny made a motion
the meeting be adjourned and Jun
ior Young seconded tlx- motion
After the meeting the Roberta
hoys showed the club meml'ers the
dairy calves they have for their
A delicious lunch was served by
the Hostess, Mrs. Roberts.
Darlene Pierson, reporter.
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Rewinding — Rebuilding
Call UtW — 14-hav Serrtae
Northwest Electric
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Water Level Control Unit
I For Stock Watering Tanks