The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, June 25, 1959, Image 10

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    Bristow News
Shower Held for
Miss C. Thorell
By Rosemary Johnson
A pre-nuptial shower was given
for Miss Connie Thorell on Satur
day evening, June 13, at the Trini
ty Lutheran church parlors.
The room was decorated in the
bride’s chosen colors of light blue
and white. A w'ater sprinkler, cov
ered with blue crepe paper with a
white bow on the handle, was hung
above the bride's head It looked
as though a shower of water was
failing. Blue and white streamers
were strung from it to the plat
form on which she sat. Behind the
bride-to-be hung two blue joining
hearts with a white arrow bearing
names, Connie and Richard.
Miss Thorell was seated at the
gift table with her mother, Mrs.
Con Thorell, and Mrs. Ada Varcoe,
grandmother of the bridegroom.
Mrs. Marvin Peterson had
charge of the program Donna
Hiatt played a piano solo,
“Spring". Barbara and Linda Tho
rell sang as a duet 'My Happiness’.
A piano duet, 'Tea for Two .
Was played by Mrs Ed
gar Danielson •and Mrs. Benard
'Nelson. Two readings were given
1 by Mario Johnson. 'A June Bride
and ‘Fathers are Funny’. Mrs
Jerry Dennis sang a solo, "Every
thing I Have Is Yours’.
Miss Thorell then opend her
many beautiful gifts. Everyone
At the place located I'/« miles east of the NE comer of Atkinson
Machinery and Equipment
1948 Oldsinoltile 2-door Sedan, good condition; John Deere Model
*•»" tractor on rubber; J l> No. 3 tractor mower and sickles; IHC
Big mower; DIO 14* rake; Manure spreader; 10' disc; 2-sec
tlon harrow ; 2 wagons, one with hay rack; 2 single row drills;
Ditcher; Hay sweep for front mount on J-I) tractor; 2-wheel trail
er; Cultivator; Several crensoted posts; Feed bunk; Several wood
en gates and panels; Used woven wire; Saddle and 2 sets harness;
Pump jack; Electric motor; Pipe fittings and barrels; IHC elec
tric cream separator, pails and cream cans; several miscellan
eous articles.—A FEW STACKS OF OLD HAY.
Household Goods
Maytag electric, washer, excellent condition; Topsy stove; Living
room overstaffed set; Sewing machine; Oak buffet; 2 rocking
chairs; Floor lamps ; 3 beds, complete; Dressers; 2 wooden ward
robes; Writing desk; Throw mgs; Dishes; Baby bed; Cedar chest;
2 good finished doors; Ivor Johnson 12-gauge shotgun; Drum;
Fruit jars; Sump pump; Electric motor; Drop leaf table; Clothes
hamper; Servel gas refrigerator; Blaekstone 4-burner bottle gas
cook stove; Plus many small items.
Dean Fleming, Auctioneer Gib Schneider, Clerk
Hotel O’Neill
' New Management
We have leased the Hotel O'Neill from
Tony Asimus
Rooms for rent by the Night — Week or Month
Airconditioned — Clean Rooms — Good Beds
Reasonable Rates
From Ben Franklin's BIG SELECTION of
10 SPARKLERS (Imported). 25c
Patton-. O'Neill
?■ * M 4 « k1 ■
who came to the shower signed
their name to a rolling pm and it
was then presented to the bride.
They also wrote recipes and ad
vice for her. ,
Hostesses for the evening were
Mrs. Otto Wagner, Mrs. Howard
DeVall, Mrs William Loukota, |
Mrs. Emil Prokop and Mrs. Edgar
Paul Johnson of Hamill, S. D.,'
was a Friday supper guest of the
Melvin Johnsons.
Pastor and Mrs. Elroy Anderson
and family, Mrs Dase Landholm, J
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Maiendorf
and Steven, Mrs. Dorothy John
son and Lavonne and Mr. and
Mrs. Ray Wagner and Randy of
| Omaha spent Sunday afternoon
with Olga Bengsten.
The occasion was to celebrate!
Olga Bengsten's and Mrs. Malen
| dorf's birthdays.
Marlin Anderson and Wayne
j Martinson stayed with Mrs. Dor
othy Johnson and Lavonne Tues
day while their parents were in
Mrs. ‘Robert Boettcher made a
business call at the Dorothy John
son home one day last week.
Mr, and Mrs. Pat Lindhorst and
sons of Council Bluffs, la., visited
Mrs. Lindhorst's mother, Mrs.
John Truman, from Wednesday
until Friday.
Mrs. Emil Prokop and girls were
Sunday guests at the C. G. Pratt
Saturday vistors at the Con Thor
ell home were Mr. and Mrs. Jim
Chandler and family of Rockwell
City, la.; Mrs. Joe Fuhr of Beat
rice: Dick Carmine of Wavne; Wen
dell Van Arsdol of Woodbine, la.;
Jack Ryan of Underwood, la-; Dave
Christensen of Omaha, and Julian
Carol Prokop of Omaha spent the
weekend with ner parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Emil Prokop.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wiley and fam
ily spent the week at the Billy
Teadtke home. They all enjoyed
a picnic at the O'Neill park Sunday
alter which the Wiley family left
for their home in Diggins, Mo.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wiley of Mis
souri called on Mrs. Vernie Bayne
and Charles Headley Wednesday
morning, June 17.
Clarence Jacobson of St. Paul
called on Mrs. Vernie Bayne and
Charles Headley Sunday afternoon.
He was an old time resident of
Mi’s. Maurice Korb and Mrs.
Harry Delfs spent Sunday after
noon visiting Mrs. Vernie Bayne.
Mrs. Harry Holmberg, Ardith
and Marilyn called on Mrs. Vernie
Bayne Sunday afternoon.
Henry Olson spent Sunday eve
ning with Mrs. Vernie Bayne and
. Charles Headley.
Mrs. Larry Bowers, Pam and
Larry Neil spent Sunday afternoon
with Mrs. Arden Johnson in Holt
conn tv.
Mr. and Mrs. John Bowman were
Sunday supper guests at the Ed
Dreher home.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dreher called
on Mrs. Fred Peterson of Spencer
Wednesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hafsaas at
tended a family dinner at Picks
town Sunday. Others present were
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Scheinost and
boys, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Harris
and girls and Mrs. James Slecta
and Dickie.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hafaas and
Mrs. James Slecta were Saturday
visitors in Niobrara.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hafsaas were
Sunday afternoon coffee guests at
the Ladd Scheinost home.
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Hiatt and
Donna and M. R. Marlatt attended
the Hiatt reunion in Norfolk Sun
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Hiatt and
Donna and M. R. Marlatt attended
the Hiatt reunion in Norfolk Sun
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Hiatt and
Donna and M. R. Marlatt visited
at the Ed McAllister home in Mad
ison Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Delfs spent
the weekend at the Maurice Korb
Mrs. J. T. Olson and Florence and
Mrs. Edith Hewitt accompanied the
ambulance home trom the Lutheran
Hospital in Sioux City Saturday.
Mrs. Olson fractured her hip, but
is now doing nicely. Her children
have been coming to help care lor
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kraft spent
Saturday night and Sunday at the
Boo Carr and Charley Carr homes
in O'Neill.
and boys were Wednesday, June 17
and boy? were Wendesday, June 17 ;
evening visitors at the Dave Land
holm home.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Chandler and
family of Rockwell City, Iowa; Mr.
and Mrs. Joe Fuhr and family of
Beatrice; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ruda
and tamily and Mr. and Mrs. Con
thorell and girls were guests of
Julian Thorell at a steak barbecue
at the Thorell home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Beckner
were Sunday afternoon visitors at
llie home oi Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Osborn in O'Neill.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Johnson
and lamily of Burke. S. D. spent
Father s day with Mr. and Mrs.
Art Joltnson.
Ooldie Berg of Palm Springs,
Cain., came Sunday evening lor a
visit with her mother Mrs. Claire
Van Hove and other home folks.
Mrs. Melvin Rudholm and Mrs.
Earnest Chore called at the Van
Hove home Sunday afternoon.
Harold Dean Johnson returned
to Mernman, after a weeks stay
with the Melvin Johnsons. Wayne
and Donald Wiley returned with
Wednesday afternoon luncheon
guests of Mrs. Darlles Sandberg of
snenrer were Mrs. Carrie Barla,
Mrs. Oral Burnett, Mrs. Uayle
Couch, Mrs. Melvin Johnson, Mrs.
Louis Scheinost, Mrs. F. E. Lien
hart, Mrs. F. F. Martin and Mrs.
Joe Loock.
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Johnson and
Rosemary were Sunday afternoon
visitors at the Melvin Spangler
home in O'Neill.
Mrs. Lillie Pearson, Ronald and
Christy Uribe of Lincoln and Mr.
and Mrs. J. E. Lightfoot were Fri
day evening dinner guests at the
Chore home.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A Chore were
June 17 evening visitors at Mrs.
Joe Petersons
Mrs. E. A. Chore returned June
14 from a visit at the home of her
son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and
Mrs. William C. Stanton in Park
Island, Illinois.
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Rudholm
and sons, Robert and Thomas of
Parlier, California and Mr. and
Mrs. Clarence Jacobson of St. Paul,
Nebraska were Sunday dinner
guests at the E. A. Chore home.
Mrs. J. T. Olson and Mrs. Lea
nard Anderson recently suffered
hip fractures in their homes. Jones'
ambulance tranferred Mrs. Olson to
Sioux City and Mrs. Anderson to
Omaha for surgery. Mrs. Olson re
turned home by ambulance Satur
Amelia News
Missionary Will Deliver
Address, Show Slides
By Miss Florence Lindsey
Uniola Adams, a missionary
from Liberia, Africa, will show
slides and give a talk Thursday
evening, July 2 at 8 o’clock at the
Methodist church in Amelia.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pierce re
ceived word Monday morning that
their grandson, Dick Ilrau was ill
in St. Joseph's Hospital at Omaha,
suffering with ulcers. Mr. Brau's
wife is the former Radee Wick
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Clyde and
son, Daniel of Auburn, Wash.,
were overnight visitors Monday of
last week with his cousin, Mrs.
Lew Backhaus and Mr. Backhaus.
Vern Sageser went to Sioux City,
la., Monday where he had cattle
on the market.
Miss Deanna Porter of Chambers
visited Monday and Tuesday of
last week with her sister, Mrs.
Clifford Clemens and family . i
Mr. and Mrs. Levi Clemens
were guests on Sunday at a Fath
cts day dinner at the home of
their son, Clifford Clemens and
family. .
Ralph Rees accompanied his
brother- in-law, Amos N inham on
a fishing trip to Willow Lake near
Bassett Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Chapman of
Rapid City, S. D., visited his moth
er, Mrs. Effie Withers the first
of last week. They went on to
Storm Lake, la., for a few days
vacation returning here Friday
and visiting until Saturday after
Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Dierking
and Cynthia attended the funeral
of Mrs. Dierking's brother-in-law,
Kenneth Nelson, at Fremont on
Tuesday, June 16.
Mrs. Hazel Scott of Jewett, Ohio
and Mrs. Bea Trombette of Reno,
New, left Thursday morning afrer
a visit with Everett Winings, Rita
and Ronald.
Vern Sageser, Jim Gibson and
others attended the Casey Tibbs
rodeo at Yankton, S. t>., on Sun
day, June 7. The Tibb s rodeo
stock will lie featured at the Holt
County fair in Chamliers this year.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Snyder, Mr.
Alvin Snyder, Richard, Donald and
Silva of Jewett, Ohio came Mon
day to visit Everett Wining, Rita
and Ronnie.
Mr. and Mrs. Kay Joy and son,
Donald Kay left Wednesday, June
17 after a months visit with Mrs.
Joy's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn
White. They were scheduled to go
earlier but could not get train re
servations. Their home is at Wal
la Walla, Wash.
Miss Dorothy Fisher left Thurs
day, June 18 for Seattle, Wash.,
where she will visit her brother
in-law, and sister, Mr. and Mrs.
Lynn Myers.
Richard Wehland of Holdredge
is spending the summer with Mr.
and Mrs. Earnie Johnston He
plans to help in the hay field. Ri
chard's mother is Mr. Johnston's
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Thompson
visited iheir son-in-law and daugh
ter, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur DeWolf
at Kimball over the weekend
Mrs. Edgar Jungman entered
the Atkinson Memorial hospital
I ci..,._in.r limn 90 fnr mpdipflfinn.
i -
Mr. and Mrs. Russel Jons ot
Bennington visited at the Marian
Dierking's last w e e k returning
home Sunday, June 21.
Mr. and Mrs. Gale If ix, Sheila,
Gaylen, Larry, Rodger, and Dan
ny of Scottsbluff visited over Sat
urday with their parents, the El
mer Fix and HMrs. Alice Prewitt
families. Sheila stayed to help her
aunt, Mi's. Walter Slaymaker for
the summer. Gaylen and Larry
are visiting the Prewitts.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Fullerton,
Bruce, Craig and Tama visited at
the Forest Maple’s home near Or
chard Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Earnie Johnston
and Richard Wehlund were Sun
day dinner guests at Lew Back
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sharp of
Kimberly, Ida., arrived the early
part of the week to visit her grand
mother, Mrs. Bertha Sammons.
Mrs. Sharp, the former Rochelle
Sammons, was married Sunday,
June 20 and the young couple was
on their honeymoon trip. A show-.
er was given for her Wednesday
evening, June 17.
Mr. and Mrs. George Fullerton
and daughter, Phillis arrived home
on June 16 from Lancaster, Calif.,
where they had attended the wed
ding of their son, Don Fullerton.
The newly married couple is ex
pected to arrive during the week
on their wedding trip.
Mrs. Bernard Blackmore and
Mrs. Link Sageser attended a Re
bekah friendship at Burwell Fri
day evening, Memebrs of the lodge
from Sargent, Ord and Chambers
were guests of the Burwell group.
Julius Belew and son, Marlin and
Miss Mary Magley of Norfolk, Mr.
and Mrs. W. E. Ragland, Vivian,
Jaunita and Royvan of Page and
We wish to thank our friends of O'Neill and surrounding com
munities for their patronage while we were in business at the
Segerwood Cafe.
In the future we will be happy to have all of you eat with us at
the Sparetime Cafe.
Opening Sat., June 27
• 0,
A. L. "Woody” WOOD
Mr, and Mi's Charles Coolidge
and Kenneth of Chambers visited
at Elmer Cuolidges on Sunday.
Harry Humphrey of Hutton'Val
ley. Mo., came Tuesday, June 16
and has been visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Elmer Coolidge.
Mr and Mrs. Frank Pierce
called at Carl Schode's Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Forbes and
sons of Fort Collins, Colo., visited
o\er Monday night of Iasi week at
Dick Doolittle's.
Mr. and Mrs. William Fryrear
visited at the home of their daugh
ter, Mrs. Ernest Gruenberg and
family Sunday. Mrs. Gruenberg
had returned on Wednesday June
17 from the hospital in Norfolk
where she hail major surgery.
Mrs. N. P. McKee of Atkinson
called on Mrs. Ralph Rees Wed
nesday afternoon, June 17.
The Sagesers attended the Asa
Hubbard funeral at the Methodist
church in Chambers last Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Ott were
fishing at Pickstown Sunday.
Mrs. Lindsey and Florence were
Sunday dinner guests at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. George Rouse
Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Rouse,
Carolyn and Joy were also guests.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Winings,
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Winings, Jerrol
and Marcia left Monday morning
for Pillager, Minn., to visit Mrs.
Jack Winings parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Lee Terwilliger. Everett Win
ings, Rita and Ronnie are doing
chores for Jack.
St C. Barnett submitted to ma
jor surgery Thursday morning,
June 18 at the Methodist Hospital
in Omaha.
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Forbes and
sons, were visiting friends in the
Amelia Neighborhood on Wednes
day of last week. The Forbes re
cently moved to Fort Collins, Colo.
Their address is 602 LaPorte ave
nue. Gerald and Leslie do not plan
to stay here as stated in last week's
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Travers and
Harold and Mrs. Viola Travers of
Riverside, Calif., arrived here the
early part of the week to visit at
the Arthur Hiatt and Levi Clemens
The McGinnis property was sold
at a referee s sale Saturday, June
19. Arthur Hiatt brought the part
known as the Mulligan place and
Dvorak Bros, of Atkinson pur
chased the main tract.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cunningham
and three daughters of Fellows,
Calif., came Sunday and visited a
few days at the B. W. Waldo home.
Mrs. Fellows is a niece of Mrs.
Waldo and John Zinkon.
Sunday guests at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Waldo were
Rev. and Mrs. Bob' Kalb, Kathy,
Karla and Kent of Willspoint. Tex
as, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cunningham
and family of Fellows, Calif., Mr.
and Mrs. Hamp Smith and Ruth,
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Werner and
Connie of Chambers, Mr. and Mrs
Ronald Rouse of Burwell, Mr. and
Mrs. Lloyd Waldo, Roger, Darla,
Debra, Bruce and Larry, and John
Zinkon of Amelia.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Pribil and
family of O'Neill visited at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford
Clemens and family Sunday after
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Stoecker and
Cheri of Franklin \ isited Sunday
with Bill's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Joe Stoecker.
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quick results phone 788
\VI> Fred Menke to Warren F.
Roberts 6-12-59 $1 SE‘4 33-31-16
\M> R. H Parker to Charles P.
Regan and wife 6-20-59 $1200 S't
NEi4 27-27-10.
WD—Thomas S. Nightengale, et.
al., to Catherine Prussa 4-16-59
$16,000 SW>4 6-29-14.
WD—Dennis H. Murphy to V.
Darrel Adamson, et al., 6-15-59 $1
NE'4 and SW'4 Section 9-29-11.
WD—Everett M. Jarman, et. al
to Walter W. and Henry W Brown
6-8-59 $1 Lots 5 and 6 Bloch B
Chambers to replace former deed
that was lost.
I.tindbenc Memorial Hoepitai
ADMITTED: June 13-20 Patsy
AJbin of Brunswick; Mrs Anna
Reynolds of Niobrara; Pat Wintz
of Creighton: Carol Kumm ot W'm
r.otoon; Dennis Bohren of Winne
loon; William Mitteis ot Royal;
Mrs. Billie Fritz of Center; Mrs.
Byrid Buxton of Royal; Allen Mc
Carroll of Niobrara: Mrs Kenneth
Meintz of Creighton; Mrs. Ray
Uitkes of Creighton
DISMISSED: Patsy Albm of
Brunswick. Carol Kumm bt W ine
t,*>n; Pat Wintz of Creighton; Wil
liam Mitteis of Royal; Frank
Pierce of Verdigre; Mrs. Barney
l tuba iiul daughter of W'au-a;
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will be a 3-year old black Angus, registered bull on the block.
1'here will be 250 feeder pigs and hog sale will begin at 42:30 p.m.
This looks like a good sale for this time of year.
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