The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, May 28, 1953, SECTION 1, Page 4, Image 4

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    Art Work Displayed
on Patron’s Day
Hold Demonstrations
at School
EMMET—The Emmet school
district No. 20 held a patrons’
day for the parents of the school
Mrs. Dean Perry and daugh
ters, Billie Jean and Beverly,
Mrs. Frank Foreman, Mrs. Jesse
Wills, Mrs. Elmer Schaaf, Mrs.
Herman Grothe, Miss Alice
French, county superintendent,
Mrs. William Serck, Mrs. Agnes
Gaffney. Mrs. Paul Newton, Mrs.
Wayne Bates, Mrs. Raymond
Richards and Mrs. Grant Pea
cock were in attendance.
On display were hand art,
penmanship books, stories, fair
cards, murals, posters, history
pictures and science pictures.
The school children held a
program for their mothers. The
beginner boys, Gregory Tenborg,
Hewayne Perry, Denny Richards
and Curtis Peacock, read from
c tbeir readers.
Ruth Schaaf, who is a first
grader, counted to 39. The sec
ond grade, Derold Perry, Jean
o ne Kay Foreman, Junior Grothe,
Madeline Richards and Kenneth
Peacock, told stories from their
The third grade, Karen Bates
and Mary Richards, said a poem
together. The fourth grade, Mau
reen Schaaf, and the fifth grade,
Art Wills, Donald Schaaf, Bet
ty Perry and Ronald Richards,
and the seventh grade, Bobby
Perry, Jerry Schaaf, Kathleen
Grothe and Melvin Luben, all
said poems. The eighth grade,
Linda Serck and Donna Perry,
sang a song, “America the Beau
A lunch of cookies and kool
ade was served. Linda Serck
was awarded the current event
paper gold seal for not missing
one question. Bobby and Derold
Perry and Kathleen Grothe were
given awards for not missing one
day of school.
The annual school picnic of
district 20 with Miss Helen Mar
tens teacher, was held on Sun
day with a covered dish lunch
eon at noon. The afternoon was
spent with a baseball game for
the men and boys and a softball
game for the ladies. A large
crowd was in attendance.
Other Emmet News
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Newton
and children, Dewey and Patsy
Ellen, of O’Neill were Sunday
guests of Mr. and Mrs. William
Miss Mary Janette Richards,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray
mond Richards, was a last
Thursday overnight guest of Mr.
and Mrs. Herman Grothe.
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bates and
children and AJr. and Mrs. James
•(“Jim”) Foreman and sons, Bry
an and Craig, of Battle Creek
were Sunday dinner guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Bates of
O’Neill and visited in the Frank
Foreman home.
Miss Jeanne Kay Foreman,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Foreman, was an overnight guest
Friday of the Herman Grothe
Miss Carol Leidy, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph N. Leidy of
O’Neill, is visiting her grandpar
ents, Mr. and Mrs. John Kee,
while her parents are on a vaca
Mr. and Mrs. Elwin Rubeck
and daughter, Kathy, of O’Neill
were Saturday evening visitors
of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Fox and
Mrs. George Bosn and baby
son, Chuck, Mrs. Bill Kell}', Mrs.
Charles Fox and Mrs. Fritz Bel
zer and baby son, all of O’Neill,
were Sunday afternoon visitors
of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Fox and i
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mlinar
and daughters, Judy and Nancy,
were Sunday visitors at the Alfred
Wasson home near Atkinson.
Mr. and Mrs. Fritz. Brockman
and children were Friday eve
ning visitors of Mr. and Mrs.
Harold Mlinar and daughters,
Judy and Nancy.
Robert H. Fox spent Friday af
ternoon doing some work at the
Paul Newton home.
Raymond Richards helped
with shingling at the Paul New
ton home Wednesday evening,
May 20.
George Peck of Coleridge vis
ited Wednesday, Thursday and
Friay, May 20, 21, 22, with his
brother-in-law and sister, Mr.
and Mrs. William Newton.
Miss Norma Lou Foreman ac
companied Mrs. C. R. Clinken
beard and daughters, Joanne and
Mrs. Wallace Shellhammer, to
Broken Bow on Monday where
they spent the day.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold McMillan
and daughters of Newport were
Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs.
Cecil McMillan.
Milo Anderson and Vernon
Brown of Omaha visited Mr. and
Mrs. Cecil McMillan on Satur
day. Milo Anderson is a grand
son of Mrs. McMillan.
Mrs. Agnes Gaffney attended
church and a farewell dinner
held at the Assembly of God
church in O’Neill on Sunday in
honor of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold
Redlinger, who left the next day
for California to make their
Mrs. Marvin Johnson, Mrs. J.
Ed Hancock and Mrs. Susan
Kubechek, all of O’Neill, were
Friday guests of Mrs. Charlie
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sauers and
Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Clauson visit
ed on Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pat
terson Wednesday evening.
Mary Holliday of O’Neill spent
Sunday visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Charlie Abart and Dercy.
The teacher, Mary Agnes
Boyle, and pupils of district 141
held a school picnic Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ziska and
children called on Mrs. Emma
Maring Sunday.
Mrs. Emma Maring spent
Monday in O’Neill on business.
Mrs. Gilbert Fox and daugh
ter, Barbara, were overnight
guests of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Tomlinson, and son,
Veldon, at Star.
Mrs. Gilbert Fox and Barbara,
Mr. and Mrs. Max Grenier of O’
Neill and Mr. and Mrs. Bill
Tomlinson of Grand Island were
Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Tomlinson and son,
Mr. and Mrs. John Pribil of
O’Neill and Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold
Dusatko were Sunday dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Donald
Allen at Lynch.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Greig
of Stuart and Mr. and Mrs. Leo
Tunender and family were Fri
day Evening guests at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey Heiter at
Miss Caroline Greig of Stuart
spent the weekend visiting Mr.
and Mrs. Leo Tunender.
Mrs. Bessie Burge and June
visited Mrs. F. S. Brittell and
daughters and Charles Harding
at O’Neill Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Fritton
visited Mrs. Emma Maring Sat
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Rich
ards and family were Friday
evening visitors of Mr. and Mrs.
Anthony O’Donnell at O’Neill.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Abart
and Dercy called on Mrs. Sadie
Schultz at Atkinson on Sunday.
Mrs. John Kee and Mrs. Guy
Beckwith visited Mrs. Fred Mc
Cart Wednesday afternoon, May
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Beckwith
and daughter, Connie, of O’Neill
visited Mr. and Mrs. Guy Beck
with on Friday.
Mrs. Ralph N. Leidy of O’Neill
visited her mother, Mrs. John
Kee, on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Beckwith
were guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Hugo Holtz Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Fox and
Barbara were last Thursday eve
ning guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Tomlinson and Veldon of
Kev. and Mrs. Lreorge Koftde
and daughter, Miss Irna Dunbar
and Miss Betty Lewis, all of
Taylor, were breakfast guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Brockman
and children, Connie and Jerry,
Monday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Focken
and children, Alvin and Ken
neth, of Atkinson, Mr. and Mrs.
Floyd Fuller of Stuart and Mr.
and Mrs. George Brainard and
children of Grand Island were
Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Floyd Brainard.
Mr. and Mrs. Mack McCoy of
Ryan Park, Wyo., and Mrs.
Maude Goos of Taylor were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fritz
Brockman and children, Connie
and Jerry, on Tuesday, May 19.
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. South of
Inman were Friday visitors of
Mr. and Mrs. John Conard and
Mary Lou, and were also Sunday
guests at the Conrad home.
Mr. and Mrs. Vem McIntosh
of Moline, 111., were weekend
guests of Mr. and Mrs. G. D.
Mrs. Harold Mlinar entertain
ed the Young Homemakers club
at her home Wednesday, May
20. Ten members were present
Rev. and Mrs. E. G. Hughes
and daughter, Judy, of Atkinson
were Saturday afternoon callers
at the Robert Fox home.
Veldon Tomlinson, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Tomlinson of
Star, is spending a few days vis
iting his brother-in-law and sis
ter, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Fox,
and Barbara.
21 Atkinson High
Seniors Graduate
(See photo above)
ATKINSON — Twenty-seven
Atkinson high school seniors
were graduated in commence
ment exercises held Thursday
evening, May 21, in the auditor
The commencement speaker
was Harold K. Douthit, superin
tendent of the state agricultural
school at Curtis.
Members of the class are:
Lodema Maye Wefso, Rolland
Gene Karr, Marjorie Lucille
Tooker, Henry Rolland Dierks,
Sharon Loree Andrus, Darlene
June Steskal, Jaqueline Arlene
Martens, Richard Dale Ratliff,
Holly Colleen Smith.
Donald Sterling Peterson, Al
ice JoAnn Focken, Richard Dean
Kissinger, Leona Rae Kazda,
Donald William Meusch, Darlene
Joy Tasler, James Niel Puckett,
Kathryn Lucille Braun, Albert
Lyle Lemmer.
Shirley Ann Kaiser, Frederick
Charles Dunn, Sylvia Frances
Rohrs, class president; Clifford
Boettcher (deceased), Zoellyn
Gilman, Gary Wayne Spence,
Mary Ann Kahler, Roland Ed
ward Everett, vice - president;
Frances Gotschall, Richard Le
roy Roberts.
Sylvia Frances Rohrs was vaj
edictorian and Gary Wayne
Spence was salutatorian. Supt.
Harold Hutcheson presented the
Eighth graders promoted in
cluded Ralph Andrus, Darlyne
Anson, Audrey Coxbill, Sandra
Davis, Sharon Davis, Charlene
Deseive, Mary Dierks, Connie
Funk, Leonard Goldfuss, Joe O’
Connor, Jeanette Osborne, Lue
von Parshall, Paul Payas, Jim
Purtzer, James Seger.
Emmet News
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Tunender and
family were Sunday evening, May
10, guests of Mr. and Mrs. Larven
Cambell at Stuart.
Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Brockman
and children visited her mother,
Mrs. Maude Goos at Taylor Fri
day, May 8.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Allen and
children, Janelle and Rickey, of
Page were Sunday evening, May
10, dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Jerrold Dusatko.
Mrs. Bessie Burge and June
were Sunday, May 10, guests of
Mrs. Dave Loy, who with her hus
band recently returned from
California and Utah.
Dean Beckwith, George Skopec,
Harold Burge and Rev. Wayne
Hall were dinner guests at the
Fred Brockman home Monday,
May 10.
Mrs. Alice Hill, Mrs. Guy Beck
with, Mrs. Leon Beckwith, Mrs.
John Conard and Mrs. Grant Pea
cock attended the northeast dis
trict spring meeting of the Meth
odist church at Randolph. Mrs.
Peacock was elected and installed
in the district office of secretary
of Christian social relations and
local church activities.
The South Side club met on
May 12 with Mrs. Henry Patter
Mis. Laurence (Larry) Tenborg
and baby daughter, Carman, re
turned home Saturday, May 16,
after spending the past week with
Mrs. Cecil Spry at O’Neill.
Mrs. Bessie Burge attended the
Presbyterian women’s meeting at
O’Neill Monday, May 11, and
heard Mrs. Smith, returned miss
ionary from China, who spoke
there that afternoon and also at
the men’s meeting that evening
Mr. and Mrs. James (Jimmy)
Foreman and sons, Byron and
Craig, of Battlecreek, were Sun
day, May 10, dinner guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Claude Bates at O’Neill.
The South Side club met with
Mrs. Henry Patterson on Tues
day, May 12, with 3 members and
nine guests present. Lesson on
tube painting was given by Mrs.
Leo Weichman with each person
taking part in the demonstration.
Next meeting will be held at the
home of Mrs. Dean Beckwith on
June 16th.
Mr. and Mrs. John Conard and
Mary Lou drove to Wayne Sat
urday, May 16, to visit the Cobb
Olson family. They watched tele
vision and returned home late in
the evening.
Miss Dorothy Sundell, RN., of
Sioibc Falls, S. D., left Monday
afternoon, May 18, for Sioux City
where she will visit relatives be
fore returning to her duties. She
spent the weekend here visiting
her grandmother, Mrs. Emma
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Burge and
family of Inman and Mr. and Mrs.
Clyde Burge and children of Am
elia were mother’s day guests of
Mrs. Bessie Burge.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Abart and
Dercy were dinner guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Keith Aibart and daugh
ters, Suzan andl Ellen, of O’Neill,
Sunday, May 10.
Mr. and (Mrs. G. Owen (Bud)
Cole were hosts Saturday even
ing, May 16, at a bridge party.
Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Dale
French, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Artus,
and Mr. and Mrs. Dale Kersen
brock, all of O’Neill.
Mrs. Frank Foreman called on
Mrs. Dean Perry and children
Monday afternoon.
At Lindberg Home—
Tne Merri-Myx club convened
Tuesday, May 19, for a dessert
luncheon at the home of Mrs.
H. L. Lindberg. The guests pre
sent were Mrs. D. H. Clauson,
Mrs. Roy Sauers, Mrs. Arlo Hiatt
and Mrs. H. C. Peterson.
The afternoon was spent play
ing cards. Mrs. J. D. Osenbaugh
received the high score for the
club and Mrs. Roy Sauers won
the high score for the guests.
Mrs. Lohaus Hostess—
Mrs. H. J. Lohaus was hostess
to the Martez and Delta-Dek
clubs at a 7 o’clock dinner Tues
day, May 19, at the Town House.
The club members spent the
evening playing cards. The high
score winners of the tables were
Mrs. Mabel McKenna, Mrs. J. B.
Grady. Mrs. Frank Froelich and
Mrs. P. B. Harty.
Phone us your news — 51.
Mrs. Sauers Feted—
Mrs. D. H. Clauson entertain
ed at a 7 o’clock dinner at the
Town House Monday evening in
honor of Mrs. R. M. Sauers of
Long Beach, Calif. Bridge was
played at seven tables. Mrs. L.
A. Burgess received high score,
Mrs. Mabel McKenna, second
high, Mrs. Dwight Harder, low.
Mrs. R. M. Sauers received ine
guest prize.
a iSa a yaHi I&Khu Si&SJ . ISiinSQB ■ Lxa ■ Kyvi ?
Wins Blue Ribbon
in Speech Meet
Miss Jeanine Backhaus,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy
Backhaus of Chambers, won a
blue ribbon placing in the state
4-H timely topics speaking con
test held in Lincoln Monday dur
ing 4-H week.
Miss Backhaus was winner of
the district four before going to
the state contest at Lincoln. Her
sister, Joellyn, won the same
placing last year.
Jeanine will be a junior in the
O’Neill public school next year.
O’Neill News
B8~,., Il!lSL!Li)'lWgr*< 'N o
Mr, and Mrs. Don Lineback and
family of Winner, S. D.. moved
to O’Neill on Tuesday. Mr. Line
back has been employed by the
Lintback Motor Co., of Winner.
Mr. and Mrs. George Whitney
of Ainsworth were Sunday visit
ors in the L. G. Gillespie home.
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Gorgen
and Dottie were Sunday guests in
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey
Harkins at Ewing.
Mrs. J. B. Grady plans to sjpend
memorial day weekend at Ft.
Dodge, la., with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. John Pray. She will re
main for a two weeks visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Don Fridley and
daughter were Sunday guests in
the home of Mr. and Mr. R. V.
Crumly at Page.
Joe Rotherham of Burlington,
la., is here visiting his mother,
Mrs. John Rotherham, and sisters,
Mrs. Matt Hynes and Mrs. M. M~
Langan. Mr. Rotherham is an
electrician on the Burlington rail
Miss Carol Pruss accepted
employment with Watson and
Strong, architects, of Norfolk,
after having graduated from the
Norfolk college of business.
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