The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, October 09, 1952, SECTION ONE, Page 4, Image 4

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    Lynch Six-Manners
Lose First Two
LYNCH—The Lynch high six
man football squad already has
dropped two games for the 1952
season, losing to Bonesteel, S.D,
8-32, in the opener and then suf
fering a 13-40 setback at Butte.
Remaining games:
Oct. 10—Randolph, there.
Oct. 17-nSt. Mary’s, O’Neill,
Oct. 22—Niobrara, there.
Oct. 31—Spencer, here.
The following boys are out for
football: Ronnie Carson, Duane
Cassidy. Sid Greene, Gail Heiser,
Gary Heiser, Ilian McDonald.
Gary Micanek, Carmen Nor
wood, Bill Rosicky, Kent Soulek,
Bill Spelts, Dean Stewart, Keith
Stewart, Dick Truax, Garry Wil
son, Dennis Wheeler and Prank
The student managers are
Charles Mulhair, Keith Anderson
and: Willis Elassaser.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Rosicky and
Mr. and Mrs. Don Allen visited j
the com palace at Mitchell, S.D.,
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Rutledge
were O’Neill visitors 'Sunday,
September 28.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Mulhair and
family visited at the Jonas
Johnson home at Spencer Satur
day, h
Pauline Mulhair and Mrs. Bird
Melsha of Gordon visited with
Mrs. George Sedlacek at Butte
* Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kraem
er and family are spending a 10
day vacation with relatives in
Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Mulhair
attended the silver wedding an
niversary of Mrs. Mulhair’s sis
ter at Battlecreek Sunday, Sep
tember 28.
A high school party was held
in the school gymnasium Tues
day evening. A lunch was served.
Jo Ann Baker is attending a
commercial school at Lincoln.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bessert of
Mitchell are here visiting rela
tives. 5
CYN Jack Keller and family
left for their home in Groton, <1
Conn., Friday after a month’s <
furlough at the parental Guy
Keller home and with other rela
Mr. and Msr. Henry Kriz of
Grand Island spent from Satur- ;
day until Monday with the for
mer’s brother, Dr. R. E. Kriz, and
Mrs. ouis Shald and children,
Davy and Carol Sue, spent from
Wednesday, October 1, to Sun
day, October 5, with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Blake, at
Jimmy Batenhorst, who works
with the telephone company at
Wayne, spent the weekend with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bob
Mr. and Mrs. Z. X. Marshall
were supper guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Tasler Sunday. October
Mr. and Mrs. John Kramer
were Sunday, October 5, callers
at the Herman Kramer family.
Mr. Fred Tasler was notified
Monday morning, October 6, of
the death of his uncle, Joe Reisor,
of Spencer.
Tap Dancing Feature
of Aux Entertainment
A regular meeting of Simonson
unit 93 of the American Legion
auxiliary was held on Wednes
day evening, October 1, at the
Legion club with Mrs. Axel Borg,
president, in charge.
The auxiliary will serve a ban
suet for the Knights of Columbus
on Sunday evening, October 12,
to 200 guests. Mrs. Borg and Mrs.
Ann Winchell are banquet chair
men. Volunteers for help are
Numbers were drawn for a
carpet rag contest with Mrs. Neal
Clark as chairman for the even
numbers and Marjorie Shabe
chairman for the odd numbers.
Anyone not yet chosen for the
contest can still draw a number.
Mrs. H. D. Gildersleeve is city
Dues for due for the year 1953.
All members are urged to vote in
the November election.
The gift assignment for the
Veterans Hospital is 10 gifts for
ladies, 10 utility aprons and two
dolls with blankets. It was voted
to buy 2,500 poppies—the same
number as last year.
The following little girls tap
danced: Carole Johnson, Linda
daynes. Jeanette Fricke and Ja
lette Harper.
Group singing was held after
he business meeting. Lunch
committee for the next meeting
ncludes Mrs. Claresse Sullivan,
Vfrs. M. McClure, Mrs. Marie Mc
Donald, Mrs. A. L. Fritton. Mrs
Florence Schultz, Mrs. Ed Flood
ind Mrs. Gene Sanders.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Noffke,
sr., had as guests at their home
on Friday Mrs. Oscar Weinrich
and son, Duane, and Kenneth
Brackman of Sheboygan, Wise.,
and Mrs. Minnie Cronin of Ewing.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Noffke and
family of Albion spent Sunday
at the home of his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Noffke, sr. Other
guests the same day at the Nof
fke home were Mike Cronin and
children of Denver, Colo.
On Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Ar
thur Kropp and family enter
tained her uncle and aunt, Mr.
and Mrs. Francis Wagoner, also
her cousin, Mrs. Leo Kent and
children, all of Norfolk.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Kirsch
mier and family spent Sunday
with her parents in O’Neill, Mr.
and Mrs. Lloyd Brittell.
Donald Dunaway of Omaha
spent the weekend with his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Duna
Mrs. Edna Lofquest is having
an addition built onto her resi
dence which will be used as a
bathroom and utility. Rev. F. A.
Hand and Thomas Jacobsen are
doing the work.
Word has been received from
Mrs. May Gemmill, who left
Ewing September 24, that she
was met at Cheyenne, Wyo., by
her son, Fay Gemmill, and her
daughter, Mrs. Rex Minshall, and
family, and .continued on her
way to Lander by car with them
to make her home for the winter.
Mrs. Gemmill attended the US
navy band concert held in Lan
der recently. She was accomp
anied by her son, Fay.
H. R. Porter returned Thurs
day from Sioux City where he
had gone on Tuesday to attend
the funeral of a cousin.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Pollock
and family of Neligh and Miss
Dorothy Pollock of O’Neill spent
Sunday with their parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Allan Pollock.
A family gathering was held
Sunday at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Edgar Jensen. The honored
guests were her sister and broth
er-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. K. L.
Williams, and family of Rich
mond, Va. Others in attendance ,
were Mrs. Jensen’s parents, Mr. .
and Mrs. H. C. Hanson of Verdel,
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Dryak and
family of Verdel, Miss Norma
Hanson of Lincoln, Mr. and Mrs. !
Jack Crosley and family of Cen
ter, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Jensen
and family of Meadow Grove,
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Jensen and
daughter of Ewing.
Mrs. Maud Brion came from
Ainsworth on Monday where she
had accompanied Mr. and Mrs.
Leonard Hales of Brunswick, to
visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Kenneth Hunt. Mrs. llunt is the
daughter of the Hales and is the
former Helen Hales. Mr. and
Mrs. Hunt have moved into their
new home which has been com
pleted recently.
Miss Joellyn Tacker entertain
ed the following guests at dinner
Sunday evening. Janie McClel
land and Glenna Strong of O’
Neill, Marcia Gibson and Joan
Binkerd of Ewing.
Mrs. Waldo Davis attended the
talent show at Orchard last
Thursday evening. Jeri Southern
appeared in four numbers as a
courtesy to her many friends in
her old home town. After the
snow, a party was given in her
honor at the Legion club. Her
sister, Miss Mary Herring, also
was present. Mr. and Mrs. Davis
who were neighbors of the Herr
ing family some years ago, at
tended the party.
Mr. ana Mrs. Waldo Davis went j
to Royal on Saturday where they
attended the funeral of Floyd
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Hamilton
and daughter, Gloria, went to
Lincoln on Saturday to attend
the Nebraska-Iowa State football
game. They returned to Blair in
the evening where they were
overnight guests at the home of
his sister and brother-in-law, Mr.
and Mrs. Dale Gentzler.
Mr. and Mrs. Avlin Hamilton
and family attended a reunion of
the Hines family held at Creigh
ton Sunday.
Mrs. Clara SoVinff^r of
was called to Ewing on Monday
by the serious illness of her
father. Frank V^ndersnick, wVo
died that evening.
Frontier for Drinting!
O’Neill, Nebr.
October 6, 1952
Editor, The Frontier
Dear Mr. Stewart,
We were very glad to tour
your newspaper plant and broad
casting studio, and it was very
I used to wonder if you folded
all those papers by hand.
What I liked best was the
Well, I better close for now.
Your friends,
Teacher and Pupils
of District 9
(Editor’s note: We were pleased
to escort your school group
through The Frontier, and hon
estly, Rita, our backs would ache
if we were obliged to fold 2,500
copies by hand. The folding is
done by machine a few seconds
after the printing is done. Come
O’Neill, Nebr.
October 3, 1952
Dear Mr. Stewart,
I am writing for our school to
thank you for letting us four
your newspaper office.
We appreciated touring it
very much.
We have learned to spell the
names of some of the machines in
your printing office.
One of the boys in school
brought a small rotary printing
set to school.
Sincerely yours,
Grade 6, District 5
O’Neill, Nebr.
October 3, 1952
Dear Mr. Stewart,
Our school wishes to thank you
for letting us tour your office.
Everyone said that they liked to
go through it and I wish to thank
Mrs. Sauser for taking us
through. It was very interesting.
We have been talking about it
ever since we came from there.
Respectfully yours,
District 5, Grade 5.
Mrs. Don Peterson and Pam left
Wednesday for Lake Andes, S.D
to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
^eorge Padrnos. She plans to
return Sunday.
Mrs. Elsa Redlinger left Mon
lay afternoon for Pamona, Calif
;o spend a month visiting her
two sisters, Mrs. Merle Pereboom
md Mrs. Velma Crawford.
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FHA Holds
a District
District VI Elects
Ainsworth Girl as
Its New President
EWING— The largest meeting
of the Future Homemakers of
America for district VI gathered
in Ewing on Saturday for the
annual session. The Ewing Home
makers and their advisor, Miss
Fern Pruden, were hosts.
Activities began with registra
tion at 9 a. m. at the Eldorado
theatre as follows: Ainsworth—29
students and one adult; Bassett—
28 students and one adult; Crei
ghton—14 students and one adult;
Ewing—34 students and three
adults; Neligh—26 students and
one adult; Plainview—27 students
and one adult; Springview— 16
and one adult.
Norfolk and O’Neill were not
represented. There were two
students and one adult visitor
from the Chambers FHA. Each
received a FHA badge and pro
The morning session was
opened with a welcome given
by Miss Pruden, district advis
or. She also introduced Supt.
Lewis Carter, who welcomed
the group to Ewing.
The Ainsworth chapter gave
the opening ritual followed by
the devotions in charge of the
Creighton chapter. This inspira- :
tional part of the program con- ■
sisted of the reading of the 95th
Psalm, followed by “Thoughts for
the Day,” a duet, “In the Gar
den,” and closed with a prayer.
Lois Ann Bergstrom of Ewing
led the group in the pledge of
allegiance to the American flag.
The next half hour was spent
in group singing led by the music
instructor, Paul Cooper o f
Ewing, assisted by a trio from
In the six-six method of “Teen
Talk” many and various ideas
were suggested to Miss Loleta
Gilchrist, publicity chairman of
Ainsworth. She requested that all
items to be published in “Teen
Talk’’ be sent to her by Novem
ber 10. Each member was urged
to subscribe to “Teen Talk”
which covers the FHA activities
of the district.
The Ainsworth chapter install
ed the new district officers. The
following officers were installed:
Eleanor Davis of Bassett—presi
dent; Shirley Boyd of Ainsworth,
vice president; Helen Rotherham
of Ewing — secretary; Barbara
Sturek of Wheeler county (Bart
lett) — parliamentarian; Bethyl
Daniels of Ewing, historian; Lo
leta Gilchrist of Ainsworth—pub
licity chairman; Marilyn McClurg
of Bassett—recreation chairman;
Elayne Reimer of Wheeler coun
ty (Bartlett)—song leader; Pat
Squire of Wheeler dounty (Bart
lett)—pianist; Miss Pruden—ad
Meeting adjourned with the
FHA pledge at 12 oclock. Two
hundred persons were served a
noon day luncheon at the Ewing
gymnasium. This had been pre
pared by the Ewing FHA. Table
decorations were carried out in
red and white, the FHA colors.
The guest table was centered
with a bouquet of red roses. The
menu included meat loaf, scal
loped potatoes, buttered corn,
beet pickle, jello salad, hot rolls,
butter, jelly, gingerbread with
whipped cream and milk.
The welcome was given by
Miss Jeanne Welke of Ewing
and the resoonse by Harriet
Stolp of Plainview. Joe'lyn
Eacker of Ewinq sang two so
los. "Blue Moon" and "Deep
Purple", with Miss Marcia Gib
son accompanist. Miss Pruden,
introduced the guests.
Springview chapter present
ed a song, ‘‘Neapolitan Nights,”
by their girls’ quartet composed
of Janice Van Metre, Virginia
Thiede, Lucy Painter, Hazel Ha
ley, with Mr. Joel Sands at the
piano. The luncheon program was
concluded by Paul Cooper of
Ewing playing request numbers
on the piano.
The guest speaker for the after
noon was Miss Judy Willms of
Coleridge, a senior who was
chosen as a delegate to the na
tional FHA held in Wisconsin
this year. She gave interesting
sketches of the proceedings of
the convention and explained the
stamp system which is being used
to raise funds.
The recreation period was ir
charge of Marilyn McClurg. Othej
entertainment included two skits
“Toward New Horizons”, the
FHA theme for the year. The
skits were given by the Spring
view and Plainview chapters.
The FHA emblem ceremony was
presented by the Neligh chaptei
followed by the closing ritual.
Miss Pruden, then invited the
guests to make a tour of the
Ewing home-making department
in which several new imprpve
ments have been made this year.
The Ewing FHA t -eated * thj
girls to i<jfe cream bars.
Visit Iowa—
Mesdames Clyde and Dean
Streeter returned Monday eve
ning from a four-day visit in
Melrose, la. They went to Lin
coln Thursday and were joined
bv their sisters, Mrs. Bernard
Matthews and Mrs. Ray Williams,
who accompanied them to Oma
ha where a cousin and wife, Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Knowles, joined
the group. They drove to Melrose
together. -
Star Meets Tonight—
Symphony chapter, Order of
Eastern Star, will meet tonight
(Thursday) for a stated meeting.
The Jobs Daughters and their
sponsor of Ainsworth will be
guests. All Eastern Stars and
Masons are invited.
Buzz Hill of Winner, S. D.,
spent the weekend visiting his
sister and brother-in-law, Mr.
and Mrs. Dale Buckmaster.
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SEPTEMBER BRIDE . . . Mrs. James Edward Urlaub (above) be
fore her marriage was the Miss Dorothy Fae Iler, niece of Mr.
and Mrs. Sumner Downey of O’Neill. The Urlaubs were married
in O’Neill Saturday, September 27, and are now at home here.
—O’Neill Photo Co.