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ICKES—Mr. and Mrs. Neven
Ickes, jr., of Page, a daughter,
Teresa Ann, weighing 7 pounds
6 ounces, bom Saturday, Sep
tember 27, at the Plainview hos
pital. Teresa Ann was bom on
her father’s birthday anniversa
ry. Mrs. Ickes is the former
Charlene Park.
IRISH—Mr. and Mrs. Merle
Irish of Stuart, a son, Terry Al
len, bom Friday, September 19, at
Atkinson Memorial hospital.
HYTREK—Mr. and Mrs. Andy
Hytrek of Stuart, a daughter, Sal
ly JoAnn, weighing 8 pounds and
2 ounces, bom Wednesday, Sep
tember 17, at the Atkinson Me
morial hospital.
MILLER—A/3c and Mrs. Du
ane C. Miller of Belleville, 111., a
son, Kenneth Allen, weighing 8
pounds, born Wednesday, Sep
tember 24. The grandparents are
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Miller of
Emmet and Mr. and Mrs. Mike
Smith of Tekamah.
CASH—Mr. and Mrs. Wayne
Cash of Lynch, a son, Patrick
weighing 7 pounds, born recently
in Sacred Heart hospital, Lynch.
DIX—Mr. and Mrs. William Dix
of Butte, a son, Allen, weighing
9 pounds, born recently in Sacred
Heart hospital, Lynch.
FRIEDRICH — Mr. and Mrs.
Raymond Friedrich of Lynch, a
daughter, Janet, weighing 5
pounds, born recently in Sacred
Heart hospital, Lynch.
CRAWFORD—Mr. and Mrs.
William Crawford of Lynch, a
son, Steven, weighing 7 pounds
13 ounces, bom recently in Sacred
Heart hospital. Lynch.
HARRIS—Mr. and Mrs. Gene
Harris of Lynch, a daughter,
weighing 4 pounds 12 ounces,
born recently in Sacred Heart
hospital, Lynch.
REGAN—Mr. and Mrs. Sam
Regan, a son, Patrick Lee,
weighing 7 pounds l\Vz ounces,
born Wednesday, September 24,
in St. Catherine’s hospital, Om
aha. The infant has been named
after his grandfather. Mrs. Regan
is the former Lois Spittler of
JOHNSON—Mr. and Mrs. Roy
D. Johnson of O’Neill, a son,
weighing 9 pounds 2Vi ounces,
bom Saturday, September 27, in
the Lutheran hospital, Norfolk.
RENINGER — Mr. and Mrs.
Norman Reninger of Columbus,
O.. a son, weighing 9 pounds 1
ounce, bom Sunday, September
21. Mr. Reninger is a son of Mr.
and Mrs. William Reninger and
Mrs. Reninger is the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Porter, all
of Chambers. This is the couple’s
first child.
GRENIER—Mr. and Mrs. Vern
I,. Grenier of O’Neill, a son, Roy
Eugene, weighing 10 pounds 8
ounces, born Friday, September,
28. in the St. Anthony’s hospital;
0”Neill. Roy Eugene is their
seventh child. Mrs. Grenier is a
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy
Lanman of O’Neill.
SPRY—Mr. and Mrs. Bernard
Spry of O’Neill, a son, weighing
5 pounds 13 ounces, bom Mon
day, September 30, in the St. An
thony’s hospital, O’Neill. This is
their second child. Mrs. Spry is
the former Delores Schultz.
^ CHAMBERS— Mrs. Lela Cor
coran accompanied Mr. and Mrs.
Kieth Newnouse and family,
who were visiting relatives here,
to Lincoln. From there she will
go to Omaha for medical care ..
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Grimes
drove to Omaha Saturday to visit
their son, Gleason, who is a
polio patient at the Childrens’
Memorial Hospital. They report
him slightly improved . . . Ever
ette Wintermote went to Neligh
Monday to consult a doctor . . .
Mrs. Nick Schmidt was a patient
in the O’Neill hospital a few
days the first of the week . • . |
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Thomson
drove to Sioux City Monday
where Mrs. Thomson will have
a medical check-uD. They were
accompanied by Cleo Alderson
and Mrs. Don Dankert who also
went for medical check-ups. . .
Mrs. John Wintermote returned
Sunday from Neligh where she
had been staying near her hus
band, wjjo is a patient at the
Antelope Memorial hospital. His |
condition is “slightly improved.”
His daughter, Mrs. Herman Cook,
remained with him. . . Ralph
Brown suffered a broken ankle
Monday while rounding up cat
tle. The horse he was riding ran
into a fence. He was taken to
O’Neill for medical attention.
. . . Robert Gartner went to
Sioux City Monday to have an
other X-ray of his ankle. While
enroute he became ill and stop
ped at Randolph to consult a
doctor. He remained overnight
and returned home Tuesday.
EWING—Mrs. Martha Hill was
hospitalized in Norfolk for a
few days last week for treatment
of a toe injury received some
time ago. . . Donald and Gary
Black came home Wednesday,
September 24, from the Tilden
hospital. Gary is convalescing
from an operation for appendi
citis and Donald from a light at
tack of polio. Both are making
“satisfactory” progress. . . Mrs
Josephine Schieserecke of St.
Petersburg, who suffered a stroke
two weeks ago, is being cared
for at the home of her son-in-law
and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Schrad. . . The condition
of Stanley Bartak is reported as
“satisfactory” in Our Lady of
Lourdes hospital, Norfolk.
O’NEILL—Miss Marde Birm
ingham, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. H. J. Birmingham, submit
ted to an appendectomy Sunday
evening at St! Joseph’s hospital
in Omaha. Miss Birmingham is
a sophomore at Duchesne college.
Mrs. Birmingham and Miss Lu
Birmingham left Sunday evening
for Omaha. . . Mrs. Marlin (Le
one) Wichman was transferred
Wednesday by ambulance from
St. Anthony’s hospital to a Nor
folk hospital. . . Maurice Cav
anaugh was taken to University
hospital, Omaha, late Tuesday.
He has been suffering a stomach
STUART—Miss Lucille Mitchell
had the cast removed from her
arm Saturday, September 27,
when she was in Omaha. . . N.
E. Philbrick of Rapid City, S.D,
who was stricken with a paraly
tic stroke Thursday, September
25, while visiting here at the
home of his son, Ora Philbrick,
was taken to the Atkinson hos
pital Saturday evening in a ser
ious condition. . . Mrs. Max Karo
was dismissed from Our Lady of
Lourdes hospital, Norfolk, Tues
LYNCH—Louis Novak caught
his right forefinger in a hand
corn sheller, cutting it severely.
Local doctors dressed the injury
for him. . . Mr. and Mrs. Allan
Koscan of Butte brought their
daughter here to consult doctors
who pronounced her fever due
to chickenpox.
CELIA—Mrs. Gene Livingston,
Miss Dorothy Scott and Mrs.
Mrs. Charles Dobias visited their
father, D. F. Scott, who is in
Bassett, Sunday, September 28.
He expected to come home this
DELOIT—Patty Elliot, who has
been suffering from polio, was
dismissed last week from a Nor
folk hospital and was taken to
Omaha for further treatment of
one of her feet.
Speech for business and pro
fessional people, 111 oc. will
hold the organizational meeting
Monday, October 13, at 7 p.m.
in the assembly room in the
courthouse. This is a three hour
course and is open to any high
school graduate.
Mr. Henline from Neligh is to
be the teacher. The cost is $22.50
plus the cost of books and sup
plies.—Alice L. French, county
Mr. and Mrs. Orville McKim
left Friday for a short trip to the
Black Hills. They stopped at
Edgemont, S.D., to visit their
nephew, £Mr. and Mrs. Owen
Parkinson and family. They re
turned Sunday night.
Miss Zittella Keskenholtz, who
is employed at the M&M bakery,
returned last Thursday from
California where she had spent a
three weeks vacation.
A queue like this one greeted O'Neill bus
iness and professional men who were going at
full tilt from 1:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. at the
city's first pancake day. There were over 5.000
servings. The event was sponsored by the
Chamber of Commerce.—The Frontier Photo.
In hospital Henry Schock of
Naper, medical, condition poor;
Charles Luber of Dorsey, med
ical, condition unchanged; Mrs.
Lewis Coker of O’Neill, medical,
satisfactory; John Cerveny of
Niobrara, medical, condition the
same; John L. Bainbridge of
Bristow, medical, condition un
changed; Joseph Reiser of Butte,
medical, condition poor; WiJmer
Landholm of Spencer, medical,
condition fair; Carl R. Olson of
Bristow, major surgery, condition
good; Mrs. Katie Hrbek, of Ver
del, medical, improving; Pamela
Rihanek of Monowi, medical,
good; Mrs. Wayne Cash and ba
by boy, Patrick, of Lynch, good;
Mrs. William Dix and baby boy.
Allen, of Butte, good; Mrs. Ray
mond Friedrich and baby girl,
Janet, of Lynch, good; Mrs. Wil
mer Crawford and baby boy,
Steven, of Lynch, good, going
home; Mrs. Gene Harris and baby
girl of Lynch, good; George
Peters of Niobrara, major sur
gery, good; Mrs. Mary Elizabeth
Gallop of Lynch, medical, condi
tion fair; Leslie Jae Vraspir of
Gregory, S.D., condition satis
Dismissals: September 23 —
Mrs. Robert Kirsch of Spencer;
Mrs. Gottfrid Danielson of Bris
tow; Mrs. William Wilson of Red
bird. 24—Mrs. Alvin Vraspir of
Gregory, S.D. 27—Baby Donald
White of Lynch; Mrs. Emma
Quest of Naper; Wallace Mof
fett of Lynch. 28 — Mrs. Robert
Boettcher of Lynch.
Admissions: September 25 —
Mrs. J. L. McCarville, jr., of O’
Neill, obstetrical. 26— Sharleen
McClellan of O’Neill, surgical;
Mrs. Frank Tracy of Chambers,
obstetrical; Mrs. Louise Perkins
of Chambers, medical; Mrs. Vern
Grenier of O’Neill, obstetrical. 27
—Larry Lieswald of Chambers,
orthopedics; Mrs. Nick Schmit of
Chambers, obstetrical. 28— Mrs.
Marie Karo of Stuart, medical;
Mrs. Leona Wichman of O'Neill,
medical. 30—Mrs. Bernard Spry
of O’Neill, obstetrical: Ralph
Brown of Chambers, orthopedics;
Billy White of O’Neill, medical.
October 1—John Arthur Smith
of O’Neill, surgical; W. J. Brown
of O’Neill, medical.
Dismissals: September 27 —
Sharleen McClellan of O’Neill.
29—Mrs. J. L. McCarville, jr.,
of O’Neill; Mrs. Frank Tracy of
Chambers. 33—Mrs. Nick Schmit
of Chambers; Mrs. Vern Grenier
and son of O’Neill.
Richard Dean, son of Mr. and.
Mrs. Arnie Mace, jr., is visiting
this week in Neligh with his
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Miller plan
to leave Friday for Belleville,
111., to visit A/3c and Mrs. Duane
Miller, and their new grandson,
Kenneth Allen.
Helen Hines and Cera Corkle
spent Friday evening at the home
of Carolyn Muff. They spent
the evening making fudge.
Mrs. H. S. Moses visited her sis
ters, Mrs. Cora Brodd and Mirs.
Ben Lewis in Wayne county over
the weekend.
Mrs. Ed Davidson of Casper,
Wyo., has been here a week vis
iting at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
R. R. Morrison. She returned home
Saturday morning.
Yule Seal Leaders
Meet at Bassett
_ j
Christmas seal chairmen, coun
ty tuberculosis association board
and committee members from
six Nebraska counties recently
attended an all-day meeting at
the Bassett hotel in Bassett.
The morning session opened
with a tribute to the volunteer
workers by Lillian Sorenson,
field representative, Nebraska
Tuberculosis association. “The
great strength of the voluntary
agencies lies in the fact that
every year people like you con
tinue to give generously of your
time and talents for the better
ment of your community,” stated.
Miss Sorenson.
In the afternoon session, Miss
Sorenson and Lester Peterson
demonstrated how the Christmas
seal helps in the year - around
health education program.
Those in attendance from Holt
were: Mrs. Ballantyne of Page,
Mrs. Elgin Ray of O’Neill, Mrs.
James Carnev of O’Neill and
Mrs. William McIntosh of O’Neill!
The meeting was the seventh
of a series of meetings conducted
over the state this month.
The counties represented at
this meeting were Rock, Boyd,
Holt, Garfield, Brown and Keya
Reception Held for
Ewing Teacher Staff
EWING— A reception for the
teachers in the Ewing public
school was held Mondav evening,
September 22, at the Ewing
Methodist church parlors. A large
crowd of patrons and friends was
All the faculty members are
newcomers with the exception
of Miss Elsie Chase, principal and
commercial instructor, and Miss
Lena Baker of Neligh, who
teaches mathematics.
The newcomers are: Supt
Lewis Carter, Coach Dale Van
derford, Paul Cooper (who has
___ r j i • «
v-tidigc w music aepartment),
Miss Ferti Pruden (home eco
nomics), Mrs. Amber Schlotman
In the grades are Mrs. Cath
erine Carlson of Orchard, Mrs.
Marie Murphy of Emmet, Miss
Altha Lou Miller of Ewing, Mrs.
Cleta Murray of O’Neill and
Mrs. Elmer Grimm of Page.
i __
Mr. and Mrs. Levi Hull, “Grand
ma” Sarah Hull, and Billie made
an enjoyable drive to Wood
Lake Sunday where they visited
Mrs. Clyde Hull.
Sunday dinner guests at the
Clyde Streeter home were Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Farell, Gerald
McKnight, Byron Streeter, Mau
reen Farrell of Brunswick; Vin
cent jr., and Dickie Streeter of
Omaha; Mr. and Mrs. Dean
Streeter and Mr. and Mrs.
Clyde McKenzie, jr.
Mpnday, Mr. and Mrs. Jack.
Bowlby of Lynch visited in the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde
McKenzie, jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gene McDermott
of Bassett visited in the homes of
Mr. and Mrs. John Underwood
and Mr. and Mrs. Dom McDer
mott Monday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Marcellus
and Carol of Stuart visited in
the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. B.
Marcellus Friday.
Inman Prepares
for Fall Festival
O’Neill Saddle Club
Will Participate
INMAN—The Woman’s Soci
ety of Christian Service held its
regular meeting Thursday, Sep
tember 25, at the Maxcy memor
ial addition. The business meet
ing was conducted by Mrs. Clar
ence Hansen, fall chairman.
It was voted to hold the WSCS
annual bazaar the same day as
the fall festival. Plans were also
discussed for the dinner which
will be served at the festival by
the WSCS. Mrs. Herbert Rouse
conducted the devotions. Mrs. L.
R. Tompkins, secretary of Chris
tian social relations and local
church activities, introduced the ,
guest speaker for the day, Miss
Alice French, county superin
tendent of schools.
Miss French gave an informa
tive talk on her work explain
ing the various phases, oppor
tunities and responsibilities of a
county superintendent’s work.
Following the meeting refresh
ments were served by Mrs. Ira
Watson, Mrs. Ralph Moore and
Mrs. Romey South. Fourteen
members and several guests were
present, and three guests became
members at this meeting: Mrs.
Ray Siders, Mrs. Woodrow Gau
ghenbaugh and Mrs. Reynolds.
The next meeting will be Thurs
day, October 9, and will be a
birthday party for members
having birthday anniversaries in
July, August and September.
Plans are being made for the
second annual fall festival which
will be held in Inman Saturday,
October 18. The young adult fel
lowship is taking the responsibil
ity for arranging the program,
community sale, and worship
service in the evening. The youth
fellowship is planning to build
and operate concession stands
during the day where candy,
popcorn, sandwiches, etc., may
be purchased.
The day’s activities will con
sist of a parade led by the Page
high school band and then the
O’Neill Saddle club, followed by
floats, individual entries— nov
elty outfits, bicycles, pets, etc.,
by the children of the commun
The Saddle club will give a
demonstration, there will be
races, tug-of-war, band concert,
and 4-H program.
After dinner the program com
mittee has arranged for Dwight
Dell of Beatrice, non - political
candidate for U.S. senator, to
A community auction will be
the next event of the afternoon.
Mrs. Cecil Miller and Mrs. Bill
Miller visited Mrs. Cecil Falters
in Creighton Monday.
FOR SALE: An oil burner with
blower. — Ben Franklin store,
O’Neill. 22c
FOR SALE: A few young reg
istered and purebred Hereford
cows. See any day but Sunday.
—Fay A. Puckett, O’Neill.
ll Ml———— I—I I ■
Presbyterian Leaders
at Ewing Meeting
EWING— Out-of-town minis
ters and guests attending the
6*7h meeting of the synod of
Nebraska held recently at the
United Presbyterian church in
Ewing wrere:
Rev. R. G. Tudor and Nelson
Warner, both of Lincoln; Bruce
Buchanan of Omaha; Rev. Har
old E. Lobaugh of Topeka, Kans.;
Paul J. Smith and Rev. L. A.
Warren, both of North Bend; W.
G. Comie and Rev. R. M. Karr,
both of Pawnee City; Rev. Paul
II. Sutton and Rev. David Lar
sen, both of Minden; Rev. H. B.
Hutchinson and Rev. Ray P. Mor
ris. both of Murray; .Rev. A. J.
Connell of Summerfield, Kans.
Rev. Hugh Marsh of Summer
field, Kans.; Rev. Paul E. Carson
and wife of Canon City, Colo.;
Rev. C. H. Pease and wife and |
Rev. Elbert L. McCreery and
wife, all of Loveland, Colo.;
George B. Osterman of Bristol,
Colo.; Rev. John Smrdu and Rev.
M. E. Edson. both of Pueblo,
Colo.; J. E. Work and Eldon L.
Bennett, both of Ft. Morgan,
Colo.; Miss Esther Jones and
Rev. Arne Magnuson, both of
Colorado Springs, Colo.; Rev.
Robert O. McCastin and Rev. R.
S. Macy, both of Torrington,
Wyo.; Rev. Harold Larsen of
Tellride, Colo.; Dr. A. K. Stew
art, Doctor Hussey and Dr. Harp
er McKnight, all of Pittsburgh,
While in Ewing, the above
were entertained in homes of the
members of the United Presby
terian church in Ewing.
Frontier for printing!
Each Farmer Being
Contacted by PMA
“Every farmer in Holv coun
tv is to have an opportunity to
cooperate in the 1953 agricultur
al conservation program through
an on-the-farm visit by the local
PMA community committee
man," explained Harry E. Res
sel. chairman of the Holt produc
tion and marketing administra
“It is pointed out that the urg
ent need to take care of every
acre of farmland so that our
f->rms will continue to meet the
needs of more and more people
makes it essential to move ahead
in soil and water conservation.
This means conservation on
more acres that have not been
protected and improved in the
past and it means more effective
use of conservation measures on
all farms,” Ressel explained.
The agricultural conservation
program has proved an effective
means of getting farmers to a
dopt soil and water conservation
practices on their farms. Once
practices have become establish
ed, it has been encouraging shifts
to other needed practices. The
aim is to use the limited assist
ance available to encourage ancf
help farmers with those practices
which otherwise would not b«?
carried out to the extent and
within the time necessary to as
sure the nation’s increasing food
The 1953 program is centered
on the most needed conservation
on the the individual farm and
ACP assistance will be used
only for the most needed prac
tices. The farm-to-farm-visits by
community committeemen will
start October 1.
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We will offer our personal property at public auction, at the
old S. O. Campbell place, located one-half mile south and 3%
miles west of’Page. oft—
55 Head of Cattk
Complete Line of Farm Machinery
Good household Furniture, Etc.
CoL Ed Thorin of O'Neill. Fanner* State Bank
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