The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, April 05, 1951, SECTION 2, Page 12, Image 12

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    rOR SALE
FOR SALE: Beautiful family
home and 8 lots, fully modem,
double-garage, priced to sell.—
R. H. (“Ray”) Shriner, O’Neill,
phone 108. 48c
Better Used Car
1949 Pontiac ‘8’ sedan coupe;
1949 Pontiac 8-cyL Streamliner
4-dr. sedan, hydramatic trans.;
1949 Pontiac 8-cyl. Streamliner
sedan - coupe, hydramatic
trans.; 1948 Pontiac 8-cyl. Tor
pedo sedan-coupe, hydramatic
trans.; 1949 Mercury Fordor,
with overdrive; 1949 Dodge
All Priced Below Ceiling
Phone 531 West O’Neill
FOR SALE; Well-improved Les
Lines farm at Page, Nebr. —
Contact: J. T. Fletcher, Or
chard, Nebr. 48-51pl25
FOR SALE: Disc harrows in 10-,
18- and 21-ft. sizes. — Wm.
Krotter Co. of O’Neill, phone
FOR SALE: Used electric ranges
and relngerators.—Jacobson’s,
O’Neill, phone 415. 47c
FOR SALE: Over 22 living room
suites now on the floor We’ll
allow up to $100 on your used
suite.—Midwest Furn. &t Appl.,
West O’Neill. 48c
FOR GOOD insurance of all
kinds see R. 1L (“Ray”) Shrin
er, phone 106. 39tf
.. . ■■■
FOR SALE: Nemaha certified
seed oats, 98 percent germina
tion. — Delbert Dick, O’Neill,
phone 7F310. 43p35
FOR SALE: Six-room modern
house with bath, 2-room apt.
upstairs with shower and stooL
Oil furnace and insulated. Ga
rage and small barn. Located
on 4 acres.—Gene Wolfe or call
238-W, O'Neill 43tf
FOR SALE: Lincoln brome grass
seed.— Clarence Donohoe, O’
Neill. 45-48pl05
NEW PATTERNS in Armstrong
12-ft. wide linoleum.—Midwest
Furn. & Appl., West O’Neill.
FOR SALE: 1 gas brooder, 500
chick size. Used one season. —
Thomas Zakrzewski, O’Neill.
FOR SALE: Purbred Yorkshire
fall boars, 3 miles west on 275,
1 north, Mi east & Mi south of
Clearwater.—James Wiegand,
Clearwater, Nebr. 46-3p3.00
For Reduced Rates on
O’NEILL Phone 218 NEBR.
With a Newer Used Car
See our advertisement In this
Midwest Mtr. Co.,
Phone 100 O’Neill, Nebr.
FOR SALE: Pure white sweet
clover seed. — Louis Sobotka,
Inman. 48-49p65
FOR SALE: Brand new Kelvina
tor refrigerators, $199.95 and
up.—Midwest Furn. & Appl,
West O’Neill, phone 346-J. 48c
FOR SALE: Late 1950 Plymouth
deluxe club coupe, like new,
low mileage. — Harold Mann
halter, Lynch, Nebr. 47-48pl00
FOR SALE: 300 bushels high
grade brome grass seed, 100
lbs. or more 28c per lb. In small
quantities, 30c per lb.—Lowell
Johnson, O’Neill. 46-48c
FOR SALE: Polled Hereford
bull, 17 - months - old, 1 mile
southeast of O’Neill on high
way 20. — Ralph Nelson, O’
Neill. _*8p35
FOR SALE: Red cedar posts, all
sizes. — See Chas. Lawrence,
O'Neill. 46-49pll0
FOR SALE: Good stock farm for
sale, located 4 miles east, 1%
south of Ewing.—Mrs. Anna
Koehler, owner, Ewing, Nebr
FOR SALE: 4-room house with
bath, northwest part of city,
$3,750. Terms can be given. —
R. H. (“Ray") Shriner, O’Neill,
phone 106. 48c
FOR SALE: Small house in sou:h
part of town, known as Lil
Hinshaw property. — R. H.
> Shriner, O’Neill, phone 106. 48c
They’re Going to Go!
Some things we’ve had long
enough. Now they’re going to
1 Gas Servel 6-ft., old but good,
Several good battery-pack radios.
1—1942 Chev. radiator.
1—Twentieth Century A.C. weld
er, 180-amp. with carbon arc
1—Perfection range, good.
5—Second - hand elec, washers,
completely overhauled, new
parts where necessary.
Several car motors—Chev., Ford,
Plenty of 9.00x20 and 1.000x20
truck tires.
O’Neill 48-49c
FOR SALE: Rubber tile flooring
in stock, all colors, 30c per
block (9-in.) —Midwest Furn.
& Appl., West O'Neill. 48c
FOR SALE: Purebred Spotted
boars and gilts. —Frank Beel
aert, Page. 22tf
FOR SALE: 7 room house close
in, with 4-bedrooms. — P. C.
Donohoe, O’Neill. 48tf
FOR SALE: 4-room house, prac
tically new. Terms can be ar
ranged.—See R. H. Shriner, O’
Neill, phone 106. 48c
FOR SALE: Good combining
Boone seed oats, germination
test 98%. — Paul Zakrzewski,
O’Neill. 47-48p70
FOR SALE: 1947 Frazer, A-l
motor, good body, excellent
tires, only a few miles on this
motor, priced to sell. Also a
wood-wheel, wide tire, wagon,
fair.—Inquire Claude’s Bar, O’
Neill. 45tf
FOR SALE: Farm house, in good
condition.—P. C. Donohoe, O’
Neill. 48tf
FOR SALE: Heat lamps and re
flectors. —Jacobson's, O’Neill,
phone 415. 47c
I HAVE cash buyers for residen
tial properties in O’Neill.—R.
H. (“Ray”) Shriner, O’Neill,
phone 106. 39tf
FOR SALE: 2 residential lots on
the sewer and water. — P. C.
Donohoe, O’Neill. 48tf
FOR SALE: Bob-tailed shepherd
pups, 6 months old, working
now.— Marvin Stauffer, Page,
phone 3F2. 47tf
ing fixtures, light bulbs, fluor
escents, starters, etc., in town.
— Jacobson’s, O’Neill, phone
415. 47c
Frontier for printing.
FOR SALE: Thoene’s registered
polled Herefords at auction,
Livestock Sale Pavilion, Greg
ody, S. D., Saturday, April 14,
1:30 p.m. 25 bulls, 31 heifers
from Thoene’s Polled Hereford
Ranch, Bonesteel, S. D. Ernie
Weller, auctioneer; Logan
Thoene, Mgr. 48p80
FOR SALE: 39F-20, good condi
tion, geared suitable for sweep;
Chev. 6 hay sweep, heavy un
derslung 11x20 tires. —Gerald
O’Connor, 8 miles north, 5 east,
Atkinson. 48-51pll0
2 — MORE"--” 2
New KAISER and
HENRY J Cars 1
New 4-Wheel Drive WILLYS
Jeeps, Pickups, Station Wagons.
17 USED CARS, all bargain
priced, all taken in on new
Kaisers and Henry Js . . .
Fords, Plymouths, Chevrolets,
Oldsmobiles, Kaisers, Lincolns,
Dodges, Frazers, Buicks.
1940s to ’42s_ $225-$475
1946s to ’50s_$695-$l,500
New MASSEY-HARRIS tractors,
combines, plows, spreaders, 1
listers, discs, mowers.
GI and FARMRITE 1- and 2-row
Get our prices!
Save money!
Outlaw Impl. Co.
Phone 373 — West O’Neill
FOR SALE: Ajax seed oats. State
tested. Adapted to light soiL—
Marvin Stauffer, Page, phone
3F2. 43tf 1
FOR SALE: 1947 Dodgtt~5^pass.
club coupe. Radio, heater, sun
visor. In A-l condition. Phone
5 from 8 to 6, or see Howard “
Meyers, 3 blocks south of Chev. 1
garage. Any reasonable offer
buys it. 48p35
-- r
WILL THE party who borrowed ~
our 4-Square Book of Homes,
by Weyerhauser, please re
turn it?—Spelts-Ray Lbr. Co., ‘
O’Neill. 48-49c
all kinds and makes of auto
mobiles, trucks and tractors;
factory - trained specialists;
guaranteed service. — Wm.
Krotter Co. of O’Neill, phone I
531. 46tf 1
I HAVE a loan company that
will make farm and ranch "
loans. No loan is too large for *
this company. They will make
the small ones, too. If you need
money on your farm or ranch
or on city property, let me fig
ure with you first. See—R. H. •
Parker, O’Neill, Nebr. 44tf
L. Guthmiller '
Half-block East of
Texaco Station
SPECIALIZING in all kinds of
automobile, truck and tractor
repair. Acetylene welding.
YOU want most dollar return for .
your live stook? Then choose as
your market agent the firm that
gets results. — FRANK E. «
service and genuine parts call
at Vic Halva’s Electric Shop,
_0’Neill. 41tf
I HAVE some buyers for farms
and ranches. It is adviseable to
sell while prices of livestock
are high. Let livestock drop
in price and land buyers quit
buying. See—R. H. Parker, O’
Neill, Nebr. 44tf
DON’T WIRE until you have our
price. Be safe. Have your wir
ing installed by our skilled
workmen. We have all mater
ials and fixtures for a complete
job. All material and work.
guaranteed. Ten years of REA
wiring experience. Drop us a
card for free estimate. For a
neat job see us.
Motor Re-winding and Repairs
Ralph Simpson
_ O’Neill, Nebr. 29tf
Auction Sales
Advertising, auctioneering, clerk
ing ... let us take care of the
details. Call or see
ED THORIN, Chambers
Insurance of All Kinds
H U NT ’ S
Complete Bathroom Fixtures
2d door West Midwest Fum.
Service Phone 399, O’Neill
ATTENTION: Mullen’s Radio
Electric Service does REA and
city electrical wiring. Guaran
teed repair of home radios, au
to radios and electrical appli
ances of all kinds. We are novr
located in our new shop 2
blocks west and 1V4 blocks
south of the state garage. O’
NeilL 7tf
SEE US before you wire. All work
guaranteed.— CHAS. CHAM
BERS, O'Neill, phone 547-J, or
leave word at Gillespie’s. 40tf
4% Federal Lank Bank
Long Term
Pre-Payment Privileges
Nat’l Farm Loan Ass’n.
O’Neill, Nebr.
Lyle P. Dierks, Sec.-Treas.
er for rent. Inquire: Spelts-Ray
Lbr. Co., O’Neill.
WHETHER you wish to buy,
rent, trade or sell, The Fron
tier’s classifieds will do the
trick quickly and economically.
Generator & Motor Winding
New and Used Motors
for Any Job 25tf
F YOU WANT cheaper insurance
let me know. I can finance a
1946 and newer model automo
bile and write your insurance
for you! We need and appreci
ate vour business.
O’Neill, Nebr.
OR RENT: Unfurnished apart
ment: 3 rooms, kitchenette,
bath. Strictly modern. Avail
able now.—Hagensick Ladies’
Wear, O’Neill. 48tf
'OR RENT: 4-room apartment,
close-in.—R. H. (“Ray”) Shrin
er, O’Neill, phone 106. 48c
OR RENT: Modern furnished
apartment, close in. Available
April 1.—A. E. Bowen, phone
322-W. 47c
HEAD of Hereford heifer year
lings, branded LV or bar over
V on left hip. If you know of
the whereabouts of these
strays please inform:
45tf 1
,OST: Set of 3 keys and chain
with First Nat’l Bank, Belden,
Nebr., inscribed. Finder please
return to The Frontier office.
Reward. 47nc 1
-------- --- \
WISH to thank each and every <
one who remembered me with
cards, letters and gifts; also
those who visited me during 1
my stay in the hospital. (
48-p50 <
Joes to Lincoln— i
Mr. and Mrs. John Wells, Mr. £
nd Mrs. John Hall and Rev. and i
Irs. Wayne A. Hall went to Lin- J
oln Monday. \
MAN WANTED: If your present
job is not satisfactory and you
want to make more money, you
can have a good income from
a nearby Watkins business.
Must be over 21 and have car.
No catital necessary. There are
openings in Holt and Boyd
counties. ■— Willard F. Anson,
Watkins Dealer, Orchard,
Nebr., phone 141. 48-49pl85
New M-M truck mounted shelt
er, 1,580 bu. hour capacity.
Make arrangements for your
shelling with K. C. Hunt, at
Hunts Recapping Service,
phone 289, O’Neili.
WANTED: Work on farm by
married man with 2 children.
Write Box K, c/o The Frontier.
WANTED: Work for grader.
Grading, maintaining, land and
lawn terracing, tree and brush
removal. — Harding Construc
tion, O’Neill, Nebr., phone
386-W. 42-4p50
WANTED: Cattle to pasture. —
John Sobotka, Inman. 48-50p85
FOR PROMPT, efficient mechan
ical ditch digging, 6 inches
wide, 6 feet deep, call or write
Bonge Bros., Plamview, Nebr.,
phone 111 or 21.
WANTED TO BUY: House close
in. Leave information at Fron
tier office.. 48-49c75
WANTED: Paper hanging. —
Mrs. Charles Beilin, O’Neill,
phone 338J. 23tf
WANTED: To buy a good sec
ond-hand piano.—A. T. Crum
ly, Page, phone 16F24.
KELP WANTED: Sales lady and
bookkeeper. — Jacobson’s, O’
Neill, phone 415.
Family Moving to
Iowa Honored—
A farewell party was given at
he F. J. Gilg home on Friday
light for Mr. and Mrs. Dan Gilg.
Those present were: Mr. and
Vlrs. Ivan Gilg and Phyllis, Mr.
ind Mrs. Clarence Gilg and fam
ly, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Van
Fleet and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Roy Gilg, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence
£aup, Mrs. Mary Gilg and Woody
Jilg. The evening was spent
ilaying pitch. A late lunch was
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Gilg have
noved to Council Bluffs, la., 321
sTorth 36th st.
Mildred Haynes'
Berothal Told—
PAGE—Mr. and Mrs. Roy
laynes, of Denton, have announc
ed the engagement of their
laughter, Mildred, to Cpl. Rob
ert Robinson, son of Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Robinson, of Lincoln. No
late has been set for the wed
Miss Haynes is employed with
he Holdrege public schools. Her
’iance is stationed with the army
it Ft. Devens, Mass. Miss Hay
les is the granddaughter of Mr.
nd Mrs. Allen Haynes and had
spent all her life at Page until
years ago when she moved
irith her parents to Denton.
LeRoy Leist and
Margie Finch Are
King and Queen
PAGE—LeRoy Leist and Mar
gie Finch were voted king and
queen of sports at the annual
basketball banauet which was
given by the pep club in honor
of the basketball boys and Coach
Brostrom at the Page high school
j Friday evening. March 30.
The t^eme of the banquet was
“Victorv” and the banquet hall
was aopropriately decorated.
Margie Finch served as toastmis*
tress. Others taking part in the
program were Ronnie Park, June
ctewart, .Ter™ Terrill, Ruth
Parks. Lois Mdler, June Park,
l>na Kni<*hf Vancy Heiss and
Mr*. Ralph Brostrom.
The dinner menu was as fol
lows: Mr. Brostrom’s special
(cocktail), the eagle special
(roast beef), dead balls (pota
toe*). fouls (buns), baskets (cup
cakes), shoots (candle salad),
toss-up (peas and carrots), trav
eling (graw). captain’s delight
(ice cream) and dribble (tea).
The people of the Page com
munitv contributed 15 bags of
el nth in'* for the “Children’s Clo
th’ncr Crusade.”
The senior class at the Page
hu*h received their graduation
announcements last week.
Coming events at the Page
high school include: The fresh
man class party, April 6: the sen
mr class plav. “Mama’s Little
Bov.” April 90: junior - senior
^nquef, April 98: baccalaureate,
Mav 13: commencement. May 15.
Judge E. J. Carter, of Lincoln,
will give the commencement ad
Other Page News
The Page American Legion
sponsored a party at the Legion
hall Friday evening. Time was
spent with dancing and playing
cards. Members of the auxiliary
served lunch.
Sterling Albright, who had
been stationed with a field artil
lery unit at San Diego, Calif.,
and had spent a week at the home
of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gai
lord Albright left Monday morn
ing for Lincoln where he will
visit his brother-in-law and sis
ter, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Shane. He
left Lincoln Wednesday morn
ing, April 4, for San Francisco,
Calif., and will go from there to
Mr. and Mrs. John Sorensen
and family were dinner guests i
Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Nels
Mr. and Mrs. Don Nissen and
family were guests Sunday of j
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Anton
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Ruther
ford and family visited Sunday
afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Gai
lord Albright, Sterling and La
The Lutheran Ladies Aid, of
Orchard, met with Mrs. Melvin
Held Thursday afternoon, March
29, with Mrs. Otto Matschullat
as cohostess. There were 20 mem
bers present and four visitors.
'Mrs. Alma Tegeler and Mrs. Ben- /
ard Kornock joined at this meet
ing. The birthday cake was bak
ed by Mrs. Matschullat and those
sitting at the birthday table, who
had birthdays during the month,
were: Mrs. John Buetter, Mrs.
Martin Helmrick, Mrs. P. J.
Wirth and Mrs. Verne Riege.
GAMBLES carry a complete
line of Homeguard paint and
wallpaper plus the tools to put
them on. 48-51c
The Young Adult Sunday
school class met at the Metho- ,
dist church parlors Friday eve- /
ning for a party. There were 45
present. Mrs. Roger Bowen and
Mrs. Robert Van Horn were on
the entertainment committee and
the evening was spent with con
tests and games. Hostesses were
Mrs. Lorenz Nissen and Mrs. Dale
Stauffer, who served ice cream
and cake.
Mrs. Neil Asher, Mrs. Ray
Snell, Mrs. George Park, Mrs.
Elsie Cork and Mrs. Lorenz Nis
sen and daughter, Kathie, sur
prised Mrs. Anton Nissen Thurs
day evening, when they came to
help her celebrate her birthday
anniversary. The evening was
spent playing canasta. The self
invited guests brought the lunch.
Mr. and Mrs. Russelll Soren
sen and daughter, of Creighton,
and Soren Sorensen were dinner ✓
guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Sorensen. Mr. and Mrs.
Sorensen and daughter called
Sunday afternoon at the Soren
Sorensen and Robert Nissen
homes before returning to Creigh
Twenty-six ladies met at the
home of Mrs. Jesse Kelly Thurs
day, March 29, where they spent
the day quilting and doing needle
work for the Woman’s Society
d Christian Service of the Metho
dist church. A no-host! dinner
ivas served at noon.
The Royal Neighbor Kensing
:on met with Mrs. .Neil Asher
Wednesday afternoon, March 28,
vith 10 members present and one
/isitor. The afternoon was spent
vith needlework. A covered dish f
unch was served.
Miss Lavonne Albright and
diss Genelle Park, of Wayne col
ege, spent the weekend at their
lome at Page.
• April 20 is the deadline to have your assessing done, that
time is not far off.
• Please go to your local assessor and have your assessing j
done, this is your responsibility, a 50% penalty may be
added if they are not in by April 20.
) • Getting your assessment in will help your assessor and j
save the taxpayers money.
. • Business places please have your schedule ready when
they are called for or send them to the assessor's office.
Holt County Assessor
~p> R. H. SHRINER ^
Rente Plate Glass
Wind It Tornado. Track ft Tractor. Personal Property
Liability GENERAL INSURANCE Livestock
Automobile O'Neill —i— Phone 10t Farm Piopseif
Your SNO-CREME Drive In
for the Season!
• A sure sign that Spring is here and that ;
Summer is just around the corner, the
SNO-CREME DRIVE IN has been open
ed for the season, next door to Krotters.
• Our Drive In hours are from I 2 o’clock
noon until midnight each day includ
ing Sunday.
• Make our Drive In your headquarters
for ice cream, Sno-Creme, sandwiches
and a variety of soft drinks.
West O’Neill
How Necessary Is
Will it fill your present and future needs?
If not, perhaps one of the following makes
or models could be your choice:
SAVE$$$ -- SAVE$$$
1950 Chevrolet 4-Dr. Sed.$1,495
1950 Chevrolet 2-Dr. Sed.Save $$$
Radio, Heater and Other Extras
1950 Chevrolet 4-Dr. P. G.Save $$$
Power Glide. Radio, Heater and Other Extras
Use Our Convenient Payment Plan !
Monthly or Farmers
1949 Chevrolet 2-Dr. Sed..Save $$$
Radio, Heater and Other Extras I
1948 Chevrolet 4-Dr. Sed.$1,095
1948 Chevrolet 4-Dr. Sed..Save $$$
Radio, Heater and Other Extras
1947 Chevrolet 2-Dr. Sed..$795
1946 Chevrolet 4-Dr. Sed..$649
1941 Chevrolet 4-Dr. Sed.Save $$$
1947 Ford V-8 4-Dr. Sed.Save $$$
1941 Ford V-8 2-Dr. Sed.Save $$$
1940 Ford V-8 4-Dr. Sed...Save $$$
Many other makes and models!
If you don’t see what you want ask:
Phone 100 O’Neill, Nehr.