The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, April 05, 1951, SECTION 2, Page 10, Image 10

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    Theo. Kubart, 73,
Pioneer Hay Dealei
ATKINSON — Theo. Kubart
Atkinson hay dealer, was sur
prised tor ius Vju oirthaay an
niversary on ifriaay, Marcn 30
by a number ot relatives ana
Mr. Kubart is quite widely
known as he nas oeen buying
and shipping hay lor me past o<
years, iie was lo-years-oiu wnun
he shipped me tnsi carload ot
hay out oi Atkinson.
Cards were piayed alter which
a luncn was served.
Those present were: Mr. and
Mk». liai vey Tompson and Lar
1% of Bassett; mi. and Mis. kd
Coutai anu lairuy, mi. and Mis.
Clarence Jonnsoa and Mr. and
Mrs. Jack Strode, oi aiuart; Mr.
and Mrs. Frame keMunyan, Mr.
and Mrs. Leo ivramer ana Mari
iyn, Mr. and ivirs. Arthur Pacha
and family, Mr. anu Mis. James
Kubart, Mr. and Mrs. James
Miinar, sr., Mr. and Mrs. George
Beck and Mrs. Mary Pacha, ail oi
Other Atkinson News
Mrs. Jennie Miinar entertained
a group ot ladies at a canasta
party rtiuay, Marcn 30. 'Those
yresent were Mis. Joe Ballon,
Mrs. D. F. Scott, Mrs. Ferae kiv
Mgston, Mrs. Butterfield, Mrs.
Freddie Ziska, Mrs. Frank Hoyt,
Mrs. Mattie Welter, Glauys Wel
ler and Mrs. Joe Miinar.
Mr. and Mrs. C. k. Spence at
tended an IGA convention in
Lincoln Monday and Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. T rank Whitten and
M's. Harry Schriver, of Pine
Dale, Wyo., are visiting at the
home of Mrs. Agnes Collmer,
Mrs. Bert Freed anu Mrs. Weller
anH other relatives. Mrs. Schriver
-was formerly TiHie Barrett; a sis
ter of Mrs. Collmer, Mis. Freed
and Mrs. Weller. She moved a
way 23 years ago and this is her
.»■■■■■■ i __~ i
second time back in that time.
She was reared in the Green
Valley community.
Gary Leach, a junior at the At
* kinson public school, has been
selected as the Cornhusker boys’
state representative of Farley
, Tushla post of the American Le
gion. Boys’ state representatives
must be in the upper 10 percent
of their classes scholastically and
must be active in the school and
extra - curricular activities. His
school activities include basket
ball, football and track, glee club
and student council. This year he
was the Atkinson high school
county sheriff at Cornhusker
boys’ and girls’ county govern
ment day. Gary is the son of the
late Tony Leach, World War I ,
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Gonderinger
entertained their pinochle club at j
their home on Sunday evening, !
March 31. Mr. and Mrs, William
Dexter were guests. The two high
scores for men were Orville
Hitchcock and William Dexter;
for the ladies, Mrs Eli McCon
nell and Mrs. Orville Hitchcock;
for traveling. Tony Weichman.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Blake and
son, John, of Plainview, were
Sunday dinner guests at the H.
E. Pelcer home. Mrs. Blake is the
former Bitha Babcock and a niece
of Mrs. H. E. Pelcer,
Mr. and Mrs J. Victor Johnson 1
were Sunday dinner guests at the 1
Harley Fox home. i ]
Mrs. Tony Asimus will be a <
delegate to the Woodmen’s circle i
in Omaha April 8, 9 and 10. i
A weekend guest of Mr. ano '
Mrs. D. A. Baker was Mrs. Viola
Traver, of Amelia. I
John Carroll, of Lincoln, is i
visiting his wife and new son, i
Michael John. Mrs. Carroll is the t
former Rosemary Biglin, daugh- r
ter of Mrs. William J. Biglin.
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Stevens and 1
family, of Battle Creek, visited J
Sunday at the Norbert Clark I
Pvt. Oran Long, who is sta- c
:ioned at Ft. Benning, Ga., arriv- I
;d by plane last Thursday to v
spend an 11-day furlough with j
ris parents, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd p
l<ong. j
Erwin Robertson, of Hayward, t
ind children were guests Friday j
)f Mrs. Floyd Long.
—- c
Frontier for printing. P
3d Teacher in
Term at Celia
CELIA—If variety is the spice
of life, the pupils of school dis
trict 246, better known as the
Hendricks school, will have had
an interesting school year.
'They now have their third dif
ferent teacher this term. The first
teacher, Mrs. Roy Worth, of O’
Neill, resigned on account of her
Mrs. Orville Orr, of Atkinson,
took over until a permanent
teacher could be found. And now, :
Mrs. Donna Carson, of near Am
elia, who was teaching 16 miles
south of Atkinson, near the Char- I
les Petersen ranch, brings her
only pupil, Judy Moore, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. John Moore, up
to the Hendricks school daily,
making a drive of 30 miles to
teach the school.
Mrs. Carson’s husband is a
teacher in the Amelia school.
Other Celia News
Celia Homemakers extension .
club met with Mrs. Milton Mc
Kathnie Wednesday, March 28, t
with 14 members and one visitor v
present. Mrs. Paul Johnson was j.
sleeted a new member. It was
/oted to give $10 to the Red t
Jross, and it was also decided to r
lold a food sale in the Morgan
lardware store Saturday, April
The leaders, Mrs. Connie
prickel and Mrs. George Beck,
lemonstrated the making of two
nain dish meals. Next meeting
vill be at the home of Mrs. Perry
Ferwilliger April 25.
Herman Frickel went to Nor
olk Wednesday, March 28, to vis
t Mr. and Mrs. Allen Marquardt
nd to help overhaul their trac
or. He returned Saturday eve
iing, March 31.
Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Hammer
erg were Monday evening
larch 26, visitors at the Frank
Hlmurry home.
Mrs. Vincent Allard and
aughetrs, Patty and Carol, of
iapid City, S. D,, who have been
isiting relatives and friends,
;ft for their home Saturday,
larch 31. Mr. and Mrs. Frank
iilmurry and daughters visited
hem at the P. W. Kilmurry home
'riday evening, March 29.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Gross, of
Irand Coolee Dam, Wash., and
Irs. William Masse, of Burwell,
were Thursday, March 29, visit
ors at the Alex Forsythe home.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Frickel
and family were Thursday eve
ning, March 29, visitors at the O.
A. Hammerberg home.
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Forsythe
and daughter, Carol, of Walnut,
la., came Friday, March 30, for a
visit with his brother, Alex For
sythe. They left late Saturday
evening for home.
Mrs. Perry Terwilliger took
her mother, Mrs. Frank Dister
haupt, to Neligh and spent the
week there with her.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilford Arp and
family were Sunday, April 1, vis
itors at the Emil Colfack home.
Clarence Focken and children
also visited the Colfack home
that afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Braun
and family were supper guests at
the Marvin Focken home Sunday
evening, April 1.
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Colfack and
;on, Dennis, were O’Neill visitors
rhursday, March 29. They
mought Donna Colfack, of O’
Neill, home with them for a vis- i
*•__ , ]
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Terwilliger
vere Saturday, March 31, visitors ’
it the Lawrence Smith home. 1
Connie and Victor Frickel and 1
he twins. Harold and Gerald, j
isited the George Syfie, jr., f
ome Wednesday, March 28.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Pease took e
heir son, Bob, to O’Neill Wed- c
esday morning, March 28, so he f
could leave on the 8:30 a.m. bus
to go back to camp in Ft Sill
Okla. ’
Wednesday, March 27, Mr. and
Mrs. Marvin Focken took Mr. and
Mrs. Gottlieb Braun and Mrs.
Henry Kahler to Stuart.
Shirley Colfax spent Tuesday
night, March 27, with her friend,
Markitta Hendricks.
Thursday, March 28, Marvin
Focken, Hans Braun and Theo
dore Braun branded cattle.
Tuesday evening, March 27,
dinner guests at the George Beck
Home were: Mr. and Mrs. Duane
Beck and Mr. and Mrs. Albert
smith and daughter, Leile.
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Focken
and family were O’Neill visitors
Friday, March 30.
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Beck ac- I
companied Mr. and Mrs. Alvin
Heiser and son, Gerald, to Nor
folk Friday, March 30.
Mrs. Feme Livingston and son,
^ane, were supper guests at the
jene Livingston home Thursday
evening, March 29.
Workmen are cutting down
rees in the vicinity for REA
ines. !
Mrs. Omer Poynts spent the
veekend at the Mark Hendricks
lome. She left Monday, April 2,
or Tulsa, Okla., where she will
oin her husband, who is looking
or work there.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Colfack <
nd daughter, Donna, were Mon- ]
ay evening, March 26, supper i
uests at the Emil Colfack home. ,
Mr. and Mrs. John Ross and
son were Sunday evening, April
1, visitors at the Marvin Focken
Victor Frickel and son, David,
were Monday evening, March 2G,
visitors at the Duane Beck home.
Mrs. D. F. Scott attended the
Ballon farm sale Thursday after
noon, March 29.
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Livingston
visited Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Kil
murry Tuesday evening, March
GAMBLES carry a complete
line of Homeguard paint and
wallpaper plus the tools to put
them on. 48-51c
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Lauridsen
and sons visited the Bill Ober
rnire family Monday evening,
March 26.
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Lauridsen
and family were Sunday dinner
guests at the Herbert Rouse
home at Inman.
an,d Mrs. Joe Hendricks
and family were Sunday, April 1,
hlime1” ®ues*s a* *he Jarnes Hupp
Sergeant Korab Returns
rom Azores—
S/Sgt. Melvin Korab is back
n the United States after spend
ng 16 months in the Azore is
ands, in the South Atlantic. Ser
vant Korab, an O’Neill high
chool graduate in 1944, enlisted
n the air force in April, 1948. I
lis mother is Mrs. Orville Peter
j Mr. and Mrs. John R. Osen
baugh and family and Mr. and
Mrs. Earl Ralya visited in Grand
Island Sunday at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Wayne Ralya.
Dr. Fisher, dentist.
Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Melena
spent Monday in Cody.
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Anderson,
of Page, were dinner guests at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Orville
McKim Saturday.
Venetian blinds, prompt deliv
ery, made to measure, metal or
wood, all colors.—J. M. McDon
ald Co., O'Neill. 11 if
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Sullivan
and daughter, Patty Ann, spent
the weekend in Ft. Dodge, la.,
visiting Mrs. Harold Sheker and
Mrs. Floyd R. Coe. They return
ed to O’Neill Monday evening.
i— ■ 111 i
John r. Gallagher
Pint Man Bank Bid*
OTfatB t Phono 11
1 " ——— -------
This\ drawing thows how MAGIC BLENDERS ore located In each room. In
the blender, room air it blended with freshly heated furnace air for even
comfort from floor to ceiling, then circulated back through the room.
House os cold os all outdoors? I
Here’s the way to warmer floors I I
Vm New and Revolutionary Heating and Ventilating System for New and Old Homes Anywhere
Condition your home for health as well as comfort with
BLEND-AIR, the new miracle of low-cost central heating.
Revolutionary In construction and performance — there’s
nothing like it. Pre-englneered for quick Installation.
BLIND*AIR purnaci efficiently burns all the fuel with
out waste. Space-saving, cost-saving—put it anywhere.
® 3 Vi-INCH hi at Tuns fit old and new homes, save on
installation. Flexible elbows bend around obstacles.
magic BLINDER In each room blends room air with
freshly heated furnace air, then REcirculates It.
Before you sink a single dollar Into any heating plant, see
us about BLEND-AIR. We’ll prove “Comfort costa so little
with a Coleman.”
For eetitandlng achievement Coleman hei received the first award
made In the warm air heating Induitry by the ASI6
Medeti approved by American 0e« Awaclatlon; OK Moden nited under label lervlce by Underwriter!* |iMntirlw.
at Ewing
Sunday, April 8
Music by
and His Orchestra
—- -11 i
SUPERB Fancy Cut. No. 2 Can-230 CASE OF 24 4.98
SHOESTRING BEETS doz cans .1.29
(or diced) SUPERB. No. 303 Can ..120 CASE OF 24.2.49
PEAS and CARROTS doz. cans .1.99
SUPERB. No. 303 Can.170 CASE OF 24.3.79
SUPERB Golden. No. 2 Can_l»i/20 CASE OF 24.4.29
SUPERB. 12-ox. Can.170 CASE OF 24 . 3.69
SMALL JUNE PEAS doz. cans . 2.89
SUPERB. No. 303 Can.250 CASE OF 24 . 5.69
LARGE SWEET PEAS doz. cans .1.89
SUPERB. No. 303 Can ..170 CASE OF 24 . .3.69
SUPFRR SAUERKRAUT doz. cans .1.69
SILVER THREAD. No. 2»/2 Can ....150 CASE OF24.3.29
IOMATOES 34c, Doz. Cans 3.96
Sulperb No. l/2 Can_Case of 24_7.72
Whole Peeled APRICOTS doz. cans ,
SUPERB. No. 21/j Can .33* CASE OF24 ..7,19
Halves or Sliced PEACHES doz. cans 2.99
SUPERB. No. 2 Can.25* CASE OF24..5.59
BARTLETT PEARS doz. cans ..3.89
SUPERB. Halves. No. 2 Can.35* CASE OF 24 . .7.59
SUPERB. No. 2 Can.25* CASE OF 24.. 5.19
CRUSHED PINEAPPLE doz. cans . 3.49
SUPERB. No. 2 Can.31* CASE OF 24 . 6.79
SLICED PINEAPPLE doz cans . 3.99 j
SUPERB. No. 2 Can.35* CASE OF 24 . .7.69
FRUIT COCKTAIL doz. cans . 4.59
SUPERB. No. 21/* Can.38* CASE OF 24 . .8.89
FRESH PORK SAUSAGE, in bulk, lb. . . 35c
SLICED BACON ENDS, 1 lb. package . .29c
Plump Skinless FRANKS i|Qc
Per Lb.___
39c LB, * 49c LB.
Here Is a budget pleasing buy for
the main dish on yonr dtnm-r
menu. Mighty good with bean,
kraut or la a baked meat cas
Fresh O Cc Per
Frozen fciT Pound
‘ 11