The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, March 29, 1951, Page 6, Image 6

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    The Frontier Woman—
About March 1 Each Year Redbird Farm
Wife Weakens, Sends in Chick Order
Did you have ij nice Easter?
And now, almost before we know
it, March is gone and here comes
April with daffodils and tulips,
green grass and
pussy willows.
Spring has rol
led around a
gain, we’re a
year older and
from the looks
of things, not
any wiser. Oh
well, live and
learn as Sand
hill ' Sal would
Blanche Spann Did you plant
Pease some hues to
look forward
to this year? One year we en
joyed the Philippine lilies so
much but the next spring they
didn’t come up. Apparently the
winter was too much for them,
although they are supposed to be
hardy. A small regal lily comes
up every year—only to have the
Big Farmer accidently snip it
off with the power mower. It hap
pens every season. I never get to
see what that regal lily is like.
Last year I planted two ru
brum lily bulbs and waited for
weeks for them to come up. Fin
ally, I dug down and decided
they had rotted. About then they
decided to grow and grow, they
did all summer long but not fast
enough to beat the frost.
• Alas, our rubrum lily never
got a chance to bloom, so here's
hoping they survive the win
ter and give their all to blos
soms this summer.
The madonna lily was lovely
and the tiger lilies only slightly
bug eaten but it was the Russian
; lily or orange lily that really
did us proud. We have several
and they all bloomed lavishly,
making lovely bright spikes of
j color through the border for a
long season of blooming.
For the money, I think ne gets
the best returns from iris and
gladiolus. Unless you go in for
specialties, iris are reasonably
priced, extremely hardy, multi
ply rapidly and will stand drouth
and neglect. Glads give wonder
ful returns for the time and ef
fort lavished on them and repay
you in glorious dividends.
Children Demanding
Electric Freezer—
Mrs. Claude Pickering, of Red
bird, wins one of our 3-months’
subscriptions. The other goes to
“Mrs. E. W.,” of Stuart.
Dear Blanche:
I note by your column today
that you are again asking for
more letters, so will try to help
you and perhaps myself by an
extension of our subscription to
The Frontier. Always look for
ward to Thursday morning’s mail
| as it brings The Frontier with the
I “home” news and your column.
By looking at the calendar I
see that spring is just around the
corner, though the 20-below tem
perature readings we’ve been
enjoying the last few days would
hardly let one believe it.
By the time December rolls a
round and the family is so tired
of chicken, fried or otherwise,
I’ve firmly decided not to bother
raising chickens next year. Af
ter all they’re not very profitable
anyway, eggs are cheap, etc. But
come January and the baby
chick price lists begin arriving
from hatcheries far and near, as
I muse over them, I find myself
comparing prices, qualities and
kinds rather interestingly.
By February, I wonder if the
brooder house and pens would
n't seem pretty vacant and lone
some without their usual ten
ants, and I begin to check
buildings, feeders and waterers
for any needed repairs or re
Then comes a nice warm day
about March 1 and yes, there
goes an order for several hun
dred balls of fluff and if you
happen to drive in, you’d pro
bably find me cleaning and dis
infecting the brooder house and
epuipment. Before many days
the distinct cheep-cheep of ba
by chicks would start me on an
other year of adventure in the
poultry business. I do believe
fried chicken will taste good a
gain about the Fourth of July.
Such is the life of a farmer’s
wife! Yet I wouldn’t trade the
work of the farm, though the
hours are usually long and the
work tiring, for the hustle bustle
of the city. I guess I like the wide
open spaces.
We are enjoying the advan
tages of rural electrification,
though I doubt if we appreciate
it as much as some do, for we
had had our own farm light and ]
power plant for several years
and knew how convenient elec
tricity can be. Of course, we can
have greater variety of appli
ances now, providing we can af
ford them and they are available.
The children are begging for
an electric ice cream freezer
now. Guess they think it would
be nicer to snooze in the shade
' on hot summer days while the
electricity turned the freezer
: than to turn the old time hand
i model we now have.
I shou dn't wonder but what
they'll get the new one as the
old one has served well for
many years and doesn't work
as good as it used to.
I sometimes wonder if every
one enjoys taking pictures (snap
shots) and then looking at them
as much as 1 do. 1 quite often
spend a pleasant afternoon look
ing at pictures old and new and
reminiscing over them. Have you
ever thought of saving your pic
tures by giving them away?
Sounds contradictory, doesn’t it?
I have heard folks say after los
ing their homes by fire that it
wasn’t the furniture and house
they missed so much, because
such things can be replaced, but
they felt so badly because they
had lost their treasured pictures
of family and friends.
So when you have pictures fin
ished be sure to get some extra
prints to send to Sister Mary or
Cousin Sue. They’ll enjoy them
and some day you may be ever
so happy to have them back.
We butchered recently and I
have been busy rendering lard
and taking care of the meat. A job
I always enjoy but which leaves
my other work neglected more or
less. So a glance around tells me
I’d better bring this to a close
and get busy with broom and
dust cloth.
Hope the ladies get busy and
snow you under with letters. So
with best wishes to you and the
readers of the column,
Dear Mrs. Pease:
I am inclosing a few dessert
recipes for The Frontier Woman
and I hope you can use them:
Bake a shell, then fill with the
following. Mash two ripe bana
nas, add 1 cup sugar, one-eighth
teaspoon almond extract, and
fill pie shell with this mixture.
Chill thoroughly, then top with
Vz pint of whipped cream and
sprinkle ground nuts over top.
Bake a shell and fill with the
following mixture. Soak one
pound prunes over night, then
simmer on stove until juice is
practically cooked away, then
seed them and cut in a small
pieces, add % cup sugar and
\ cups chopped walnut meats.
Last, fold in whites of two eggs
beaten stiff. Put in baked shell
and bake twenty minutes then
cover when cooked with whipped
Cook Vz pound of dried apricots
in sufficient water so there will
be 2 cupfuls of juice. Dissolve 1
package of strawberry flavored
gelatine in the 2 cupfuls of warm
apricot juice. Chill until cold and
sirupy. Place in a bowl of crack
ed ice or ice water, and whip
with rotary egg beater until fluf
fy and thick like whipped cream.
Force the apricots through a
sieve and fold into flavored gel
atine. Pile lightly in sherbet
glasses. Chill until firm. Serve
with whipped cream or with a
custard sauce. This is sufficient
to serve ten people.
Send Us a Letter—
Did you enjoy the letters this
week? Then why not write us
ane yburself. Every week we like
to use a couple of letters from
readers in The Frontier Woman.
For each one used we give a three
months subscription to The
Write us one today and send
it to Mrs. Blanche Pease, The
Frontier Woman, Atkinson, Nehr.
Recipes of the Week—
One envelope gelatine, (or 1
tablespoon) Vt cup cold water, 4
?ggs, 1 cup sugar, % cup orange
juice, 1 tablespoon lemon juice,
% teaspoon salt, I tablespoon
grated orange rind.
Add one half cup sugar, orange
juice, lemon juice and salt to
beaten egg yolks and cook over
boiling water until of custard
consistency. Soften gelatine in.
cold water. Add to hot custard
and stir until dissolved. Add gra
ted orange rind. Cool. When mix
ture begins to thicken, fold in
stiffly beaten egg whites to which
the other one half cup of sugar
has been added. Fill baked pie
shell or graham cracker crust
and chill. Just before serving
spread over pie a thin layer of
whipped cream.
Three to 4 squares unsweeten
ed chocolate, 3 tablespoons but
ter, % teaspoon salt, 7 table
spoons milk, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 3
cups sifted confectioners sugar.
Melt chocolate and butter over
hot water. Add salt, milk and
vanilla to sugar and blend. Add
hot chocoate mixture and mix
well. Let stand, stirring occasion
ally, until of right consistency to
spread. If necessary, place bowl
in pan of cold water. Makes
enough for tops and sides of two
9-inch layers, or 13- by 9-inch !
An old maid I knew says the
only type of man she is interest
ed in is one with one foot in the
grave and the other one on a
banana peel.
If you keep your mouth shut
you can t possibly be misquoted !
The saying that there’s no fool
like an old fool is particularly
true when the old fool is at a
Venetian blinds, prompt deliv
ery, made to measure, metal or
wood, all colon.—J. M. McDon
ald Co.. O'Neill. Htf
WD—Wm A Sitz to Milber R
Keller & wf 3-2-51 $30,000- S1^
SEy4 5- SVfeNfc- S% 7- NEy4
syiNwy4- sms a- NwuNwvi
SWViNWy4 9- All 17- NEy4NEy4
w&—R A Dvorak et al to Bar
bara Dvorak 12-5-50 $1- W Vz 16
WD—Orville Thorson et al to
Orville Thorson- no date- $3600
SEV4 25-31-12
WD—Orville Thorson et al to
Orville Thorson- no date- $5200
NW1/4 35-31-12
WD— Gustave L Obermire to
Glen Cobb & wf 3-17-51 $1250
Lots 4-5-6- Blk 23- Pioneer
Townsite Co 1st Add- Stuart
WD—Frank Enbody to Crystal
I Enbody 3-22-51 $1- NEy4- SWy4
QCD—Lena Porter Dannatt to
Charles E Porter 2-10-51 $1600
1/5 Int in SEy4 25-28-9
QCD— Mary Porter Lieber to
Charles E Porter 2-20-51 $1600
1/5 Int in SEy4 25-28-9
WD—Clarence Strong to Clar
ence A Strong 3-23-51 $2500- 134
ft x 100 ft in lot 3 Blk A Mil
lards Add- O’Neill
WD—Wm August Sitz to Her
man Gans & Alvin Gans 3-1-51
$12,160- SMj 8-28-15
WD—Wm Auguet Sitz to Her
man Gans 3-1-51 $6080- NWy4 8
WD—Fred Krueger to R E Kis
singer & Wf 1-13-51 $4230- Lots
4 & 6 Blk B- Neeley’s Add- Atk
WD—Cecil Ann Lee to Alfred
& Lloyd James 12-2-50 $12,500
sy.Nwy4- Nwy4swy4 swy4
NEy4. swy4sEy4- sy>swy4 13
SyjSVfe 14- NM*N% 23-26-15
WD—Earl Lemmer et al to E C
Weller- no date- $12,000- NWy4
4-29-14 Nondescript No 61 in
SEV4SEVi 32-30-14
WD—Nora Heyes to E C Wel
ler 2-16-51 $10,000- NEVi 27-29
WD—E H Chace to Kenneth D
Jones 3-21-51 $9600- SWy4 21
NW>4 28-31-14
WD—Fritz W Schwager to Ed
die A Kaczor & wf 3-20-51 $8000
|N%Nwy4- swuNwy4- Nwy4
SWy4 27-26-11
WD — Woodrow W. Grim to
Gustaf F Timmerman & wf 2-28
51 $4900- East one-half of Lots
il & 2 Blk 41- Riggs Add- O’Neill
WD—Elsie L Krueger to Harry
T Moore 3-22-51 $15,000- SWy4 8
NW*4 17-27-10
Golden Rod
Extension Club—
The Golden Rod extension club
met at the home of Mrs. Neil
Dawes on March 20. Roll call was
answered with an Irish joke, and
five members were absent. We
had one visitor, Mrs. Viola Dam
kroger, Holt county extension
The lesson was on the first part
of ‘Main Dish Meals,” and was
given by Mrs. Jilg and Mrs.
Our lunch consisted of the
demonstration dish and cake.
Our next meeting will be in
April. — By Mrs. Oliver Ross,
news reporter.
Named to Barb Board—
CHAMBERS—Katherine New
house, daughter of T. E. New
house, of Chambers, has been
elected a senior member of the
barb activities board for women
at the University of Nebraska.
The board unites the activities
of unaffiliated women on the
Reed Tomjack, son of County I
Sherriff Leo S. Tomjack and!
Mrs. Tomjack, has reenlisted in
the navy for six years. He re- I
cently returned from Far Eastern I
| waters.
- ■ ■ -- ---
“Voice of The Frontier,” 9:45
a.m., Mon., Wed., and Sat., WJAG. !
Pbonei: 318. 4X4, 304
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But it’s the
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