The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, November 30, 1950, SECTION 2, Page 9, Image 9

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Rev. R. W. Olson, pastor
Thursday, November 30: La
dies Aid meets at the home of
Mrs. Bert Barnhart, 2 p. m. Sun
day-school teachers meet at the
parsonage, 8 p. m.
Saturday, December 2: Junior
choir, 2 p. m. Christmas program
practice for all children of the
Sunday-school, 2:30 p. m. Confir
mation instruction, 3:30 p. m.
Sunday, December 3: Sunday
school, 10 a. m.. Divine worship,
11:15 a. m.
Wednesday, December 6: Com
bined young people’s society,
7:30 p. m.
In the name of the Saviour we
bid you a cordial welcome to
this house of God, its worship, its
comfort and its peace.
Sunday, December 3
A. C. Utterback, pastor
Bible school with classes for
all ages, 10 a. m., followed by the
Communion service at 11. The
morning message will be “Words
or Marble” by th£ minister.
V The evening service at 8 o’
clock will be provided by mem
bers of the congregation with the
Bible message by Bennie Johr
ing, devotional by Mrs. Vernon
Tietsort, singing and special mu
sic. A welcome is extended for
both services at the little church
three blocks south of the city
library.—By Mrs. Donald Johr
ing, secretary.
Rev. R. W. Olson, pastor
I Friday, December 1: Meeting
of the church council and budget
committee at the parsonage, 8 p.
Sunday, December 3: Divine
worship, 9:30 a. m, Sunday
' school, 10:30 a. m.
‘Tuesday, December 5: Sunday
school teachers’ meeting, 8 p. m.
Wednesday, December 6: Com
bined young people’s society, 8
p. m.
“This is our church, come with
us and make it your church.”
Rev. R. W. Olson, vacancy pastor
Saturday, December 2: Confir
mation instruction, 10 a. m.
Sunday, December 3: Christ
mas program practice for all
children of the Sunday - school,
1:30 p. m. Sunday - school, 7:30
p. m. Divine worship, 8 p. rn.
Visitors are welcome to all ser
vices and activities of this con
at Ewing
Sunday, Dec. 3
Music By
and His Orchestra
Rev. V. R. Bell, pastor
Church school, 10 a. m., classes
I for everyone.
Worship service, 11a. m., spe
cial music by the choir.
Senior MYF, 7:30 p. m.
We are deeply grateful to
those who “took over” while we
had to be in Omaha for a few
days. We thank Mrs. E. J. Eby
for giving the fine talk on Sun
day morning. It is heart warming
to know we have so many to
step in when an emergency a
Next Sunday morning, Decem
ber 3, there will’ be reception of
members and baptism.
The Missionary Circle will
meet tonight (Thursday) at the
parsonage with Mrs. A. B. Hub
bard as assisting hostess.
The choir will practice Thurs
day evening.
The official board will meet
Monday, December 4; the Young
Adult Fellowship, Tuesday, De
cember 5, and the workers’ con
ference of the Sunday - school
Wednesday, December 6.
Come to Sunday - school and
church next Sunday and bring a
Rev. Wayne Hall, pastor
“Ye know that ye were not re
deemed with corruptible things,
as silver and gold . . . but with
the precious blood of Christ.” I
Peter 1:18, 19.
Sunday-school, 10 a. m.
Worship, 11 a. m.
Young people’s service, 7:30 p.
Worship, 8 p. m.
Bible study and prayer meet
ing at 8 p. m. on Wednesdays.
Practice for the Christmas
program will be at 2 p. m. Satur
day. The program will be given
Friday, December 22.
A Women’s Missionary coun
cil has been organized. Mrs. John
Hall was elected president, and
Mrs. Arnold Redlinger, secre
tary - treasurer. The ladies are
helping outfit a missionary cou
ple who will return to their field
of labor in Nicaragua.
Rev. Orin Graff, pastor
Unified services, 10 a. m.
Sermon Sunday, December 3:
“The Good Fight of Faith.” I
Timothy 6.
Choir rehearsal tonight
(Thursday) 7 o’clock.
The visitation program called
“Planned Education” was begun
on Sunday afternoon. After a
noon meal together at the church
the men spent the afternoon
calling on church families.
(Chambers RFD)
Rev. Ralph Gerber, pastor
Sunday, December 3: Worship
service, 9:30 a. m., sermon by the
Sunday-school, 10:30 a. m., Ray
Hoffman, superintendent.
Rev. John Graham, supply pastor
Sunday, December 3: Worship
service, 2:30 p. m., sermon by the
Sunday-school, 3:30 p. m. ^
Any Reasonable Offer
• You couldn’t possibly go wrong on a
proposition like this. Come in, look them
over, and any REASONABLE OFFER
will satisfy us. We want to move these
from our used car lot.
1948 KB-8 International Tractor
With 1 0 motor, in A-l condition, ready
t to go except for fifth wheel. Four tires
are newly-recapped, other 2 tires are
fair, engine is in perfect condition.
1946 KB-S International Tractor
With 7 motor, recently overhauled,
near-new rubber, ready to go except
fifth wheel.
1948 Chevrolet LWB 2-Ton
With deluxe cab, new high torque mo
tor with only 1,000 miles, very good
; * rubber.
Several Older Model Used Cars
They’re mechanically okay but some of
them need body work. That’s right . . .
any reasonable offer takes em.
Lohaus Motor Co.
Phone 16 O’Neill
Asa and Edna Wood, pastors.
Services for Sunday, December
3: Sunday - school, 10 a. m. Home
missions will be observed at this
| Worship, 11 a. m.
j Young peoples’ and junior hour,
7 p. :n. Mrs. Mark Hendricks is
supervisor for this group and they
: are learning about "Child Evan
j gelism”.
The evangelistic message will
be at 8 p. m.
Tuesday, December 5, the Wom
ens Missionary society will meet
at the parsonage.
November being self - denial
week in the church the self-denial
bank will be opened at this meet
ing. The ladies will also pack a
Christmas box to be sent to the
children of the Ozark mountain
Thursday is regular prayer ser
vice night, 8 o’clock.
Saturday, December 2. The
girls’ activity group will meet in
the afternoon at the parsonage
and Mrs. Wood says, “Mothers, do
not ask too many questions. Sec
rets, you know”.
Rev. Melvin Grosenbaeh, pastor
Reverend Cole was a real in
spiration to our congregation in
the revival meetings that closed
Sunday night. The crowds were
“good” and the last night of ser
vice the church was filled.
Prayer meeting each Tuesday
night, 8 o’clock. We are studying
in the book of Genesis.
Saturday, December 2, the
prayer conference will be held in
the Free Methodist church south
of Amelia.
Sunday, December 3: Sunday
school, 10 a. m. Worship, 11 a. m. j
Sunday evening: 7:30, “Voice
of the People”; 8, young people’s
service; 8:30, message by the pas- i
You are welcome to our ser
B. H. Cowger, lay assistant to
Rev. E. J. Seeker, of Norfolk
Prayer Sunday, 9 a. m. Sermon
topic will be; “Prepare, Make
Church school Sunday, 10 a. m.
Confirmation instructions are
continuing for a class to be con
|firmed the latter part of January.
! Adult class—Wednesday, Decem
ber 6, at the rectory, 7 p. m.
Youth class— Friday, December
1, at the rectory, 4 p. m. Every
one is invited.
Rev. Ralph Gerber, pastor
Sunday, December 3: Sunday
school, 9:45 a. m., Roy Sauers,
Worship service, 11 a. m., an
them by the choir, sermon by
the pastor.
Rev. Melvin Grosenbaeh, pastor
Prayer meeting each Wednes
day evening, 8 o’clock.
Sunday, December 3: Worship,
10 a. m.; Sunday-school, 11 a. m.;
evening service, 7:30.
You are welcome to attend all
our services.
Lions Award Prizes
for Best Windows
ATKINSON — Atkinson along
with many other towns turned on
Christmas window display lights
Friday evening, November 24.
Merchants and other business
places did their best to rouse the
feeling of Christmas in the com
The Lions club offered prizes
for the best windows in two
groups. Group A included retail
stores (those who had Christmas
goods to sell). Prizes in this group
were awarded to Hoskinson Merc.
Co; Schultz Drug Co; and the
Mary Jane Shop. Group B includ
ed all other business and honors
were won by Frohardt Produce,
Spence Market and Groff Electric.
Miss Kramer, Bride-Elect
Shower Honoree—
ATKINSON—Miss Leona Mary
Kramer was honor guest at a pre
nuptial shower held in the K. C.
hall at Atkinson Sunday, Novem
ber 26.
Mrs- Herman Gans and Mrs.
Clem Cleary were the hostesses.
There were over 100 guests pre
Miss Kramr will become the
bride of Charles Kubart, also of
Atkinson, today (Thursday) at 8
O’clock in St. Joseph”s Catholic
church. Rev. A. A. Lehman will
Leona is a daughter of Mr. and
Mi's. Frank Kramer and Charles
is the son of Mr. and Mrs. James
Frontier for printing!
Butte Legion
Friday, Dec. 1
Bussey's Swing Time
Given by Vincent
Reiser and Martha Beem
Dave Beck Begins
Annual Tour
ATKINSON—Dave Beck, who
for the past few years has spent
the winter months visiting his
children at various places
throughout the United States,
departed Sunday, November 2ti, j
'on the first lap of his latest jour
He will visit first at the home
of his daughter, Mrs. Jack (Gla
dys) Baker, at Crawford. From
there he will go to California
where he stays with his son,
; Merrill, and family. He travels
up the coast to Oregon, where he
stops to see another son, Lloyd,
and family.
By that time each year he
thinks the South will feel pretty
good, so he goes to Texas to re
main for the rest of the winter
with his daughter, Mrs. Frank
(June) Gapen, and family.
Mr. Beck has three other chil
dren who have their father as a
guest sometime during the year.
They are Mrs. Vernon (Grethel)
Whitehead, Orville, and Mrs.
Owen (Inez) Hayes. These three
reside in Nebraska.
Other Atkinson News
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Livngston
went to Des Moines, la., Wednes
day, November 22, to spend a
few days at the home of Mr. Liv
ingston’s aunt, Miss Leona Liv
ingston. They returned Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Radke
and son, Ron, were guests at the !
home of Mrs. Radke’s mother,
Mrs. S. A. Cossairt, at Tilden ov
er the Thanksgiving holiday.
Mrs. Matie Weller and daugh
ter, Gladys Mae, were in Nor
folk the first of the week.
Mrs. Nellie White, of Lincoln,
is visitng at the home of her son,
and daughter-in-law, Mr. and
Mrs. Elven White.
Mary Ellen Farley came from
Columbus to spend Thanksgiving
with her sister, Mrs. A. G. Mil
ler, and family. She expected to
! return Sunday afternoon.
The children of Mrs. W. L.
Schultz gathered at the home of
her son, Kenneth, for their
Thanksgiving dinner. Those
present, besides the host, his
family and his mother, were:*
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Johnston, of
McCook; Mr. and Mrs. Gerald ;
Schultz and sons, Dick and Jack, j
of Waukon, la.; Mr. and Mrs. W.
G. Schultz and daughter, Rose- |
mary, of McCook; and friends, j
Supt. John Ward, Mrs. Ward
and daughter, Doris.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Pegden and .
son, Dan, of Chapman, were j
1 guests at the home of Mrs. Fern !
Livingston on Thursday, Novcm- j
ber 23. Mrs. Pegden is the former
Ada Livingston, sister of the late
.Ira L. Livingston, who is affec
tionately remembered as "Spot.”
Other guests at the Livingston
home that day were Mr. and Mrs.
Adam Tindall.
Darius Burgess visited at the
home of Mrs. Frank Basta in
I Schuyler Wednesday, November
22. Mrs. Basta is Darius’s grand
Mr. and Mrs. John Adams and
ittle daughter, Marjorie Ann, of
Wayne, spent Thanksgiving day
at the home of Mrs. Adams’s
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Elder.
Mr. Adams returned to Wayne
Saturday but his wife and
daughter remained for a longer
Charlnte Houts, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Houts, of At
kinson, went to St. Louis, Mo.,
for the holidays. Miss Houts is a
teacher at Lincoln this year.
While in St. Louis she visited at
the home of her sister and bro
ther-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest
Green. Mr. and Mrs. Green are 1
in St. Louis preparing for the
time when they will leave for
Africa as missionaries to be sent
by the Berean Mission, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Friedrich
and son, Kirk, of Omaha, were in
Atkinson over the weekend.
They visted at the Wesley and
James Kirkland homes in At
kinson, the C. F. Small and
Lloyd Waldo homes at Amelia,
and the Frank Searles home in
O’Neill. Mrs. Friedrich is a
daughter of Wesley Kirkland,
and Mr. Friedrich is the son of
Mrs. Searles.
Mr. and Mi's. Charles Havranek
and daughter, Dotty Lou, of O’
Neill, spent Thanksgiving holiday
at the home of Mrs. Havranek’s
mother, Mrs. Dorothy Barrett.
Frontier tor printing.
American Legion Ballroom... O’Neill
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